PS 6-15-19 *Birds, *TimeLoop?, *Dream?, *Moon

*First several comments:
(It looks like Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since 6-12-19)
Last night, around 1a, Sylvia and I heard  about 10 birds chirping-away outside. It wasn’t the amount of chirping that we typically hear in the morning but it was just a bit strange hearing them after dark.
The title of this article is: “Bizarre Real Cases Of People Stuck In Time Loops”.
I read this article a couple of days ago but it wasn’t until the next day that something caught my attention.
  • Sometimes when your mind is focused on a simple chore the “deeper mind” begins working on memories and facets of calculations, in order to determine whether to keep them or discard them and free-up that space.
I was at work doing some basic things when 2 pieces of information within my “deeper mind” just clicked into place… I told Sylvia: “It’s not a “Time Loop”. It’s a “Pattern Reset”!”
  • About 48-or 60-months ago, when Sylvia and I worked at the “grocery store downtown”, I remember standing by the front door of that building and noticing several “Pattern Resets”. That’s what “I” called them, anyway.
  • I wrote about this, in these Blogs, more than once (at that Time). An example of this is when I saw a woman and a very young girl exiting the building. I assumed they were Mother and Daughter. Let’s say the Mom was wearing a blue, flowery dress and fancy white shoes. The girl was wearing a pink dress with small-animal designs and a tan hat. Within 2-minutes, they re-enter the building. At least that’s what I thought… but looking closer, I noticed that they were not the same people. The “Mom” wore a blue dress but the pattern was different and it had some lace around the collar. The girl was wearing a very similar tan hat as the other girl but style was slightly different. The girl’s dress was also pink and had animals on it but these images were larger. In both pairs, the girl was on the right side of the “Mom” and they held hands. There were so many similarities, even with their general energies, that I thought they were the same people coming back into the store.
  • I began noticing these “Pattern Resets” more and more after that. Not everyday but it is one of the things I Scan for, when evaluating various situations.
  • To “me”, this wasn’t a “Time Loop”. “Some say” there is a “Master Program”, like the “Matrix” movie that controls “some” or “all” aspects of this “Reality”. “IF” that’s true, then those “Pattern Resets” are something the Master Program creates because it needs to fill a gap in its Programming or a “seam” in the Hologram. Whether it’s a “Mother / Daughter” Hologram, a dog, bird, vehicle, etc. the Master Program has to re-project that image onto this “Reality” because those objects were observed by others (the “non-Holograms” in the area) but the software had a glitch and couldn’t “remember” all the details. So it created the closest image it could find… the closest “Pattern”.
So, when I had that “insight” at work, I thought all of the people in the following article were really experiencing “Pattern Resets” instead of “Time Loops”. However, as I was sifting through these facets in my mind, getting ready to write this out, I realized that I couldn’t come up with an example of why those experiences were “not” Time Loops. So I still wrote this out here, in order to give everyone something to think about… “Time Loop” versus “Pattern Reset”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link to that article:
  • As I was about to call this Dream “strange”, I was reminded that we refer to Dreams as being “strange” when we don’t understand them… or because a particular Dream might not follow the same “energy” or “feeling” as most of the others we’ve had. With “this” Dream, it’s the last part.
Over the last 10-days or so, this happened about 3 times…
  • I very briefly remember being sound asleep and hearing the loud CLICK and the buzzing of the Alarm Clock Sylvia and I keep beside our bed. Neither of us likes to hear this. So I quickly wake-up enough to reach over and turn it off. (This particular Alarm Clock doesn’t have a “Snooze” button. So when we turn it off, it will never sound its alarm again until we actual re-activate it.) So I turned it off and laid back down. Doing my best to not fall-back asleep, within about 15-seconds, I slowly open one eye, to see the Time. The Clock shows that we still have FOUR AND A HALF MORE HOURS OF SLEEP TO GO!!! I then drift-off to sleep. The next thing I remember is the Alarm going off. I quickly turn it off. Look at the Clock and see that it’s going off exactly when it’s supposed to — 2.5-hours later than the previous Alarm. Wait! If I’m turning it off “now”, how is that possible when I turned it off 2.5-hours ago?
  • After a day or 2, it happened again in exactly the same way. A day or 2 later, it happened a 3rd Time. This Time, when the Alarm sounded 2.5-hours early, I actually checked to see if I had turned it off… I had not! This meant that I “imagined” turning it off and then I checked it within 15-seconds later and it was still activated! This also means the Alarm never sounded at the 2.5-hours-early point… but I actually heard it… clearly… and I remember turning it off!
Each experience was very real.
I have a slight feeling that these weren’t “Dreams”. I have a small Sense that I was doing something different, when sleeping (some say we work in our “Dream State”), or I was re-inserted into this Unit improperly and, maybe there was an “energy fold” or skip in the Timeline and this caused me to actually “experience” the Alarm going off and turning it off but then shifting my energy into this Timeline (or energy-fold).
Question everything.
This is one of those “Puzzle Pieces” that recently snapped together for me. Some of you may have figured this out long ago. Even “I” had all the fragments but it just didn’t “click” until I heard a Channeled message recently from a Pleiadian.
  • For a few decades, Sylvia and I have known the Moon is really a Starship.
  • About 36-months ago, I saw a video by YouTube Channel “Crrow777”, showing a “Lunar Wave”. It’s a similar effect to when someone films a television or computer screen but the “film speed’ isn’t fast enough to match the screen’s Refresh Rate and you see lines rolling up or down the images.
In the Channeled Pleiadian message, it was mentioned that there is a “Hologram” being constantly projected over the Moon. It wasn’t until the next day, at work, when it hit me…
  • What we see as the “Moon” is really a projection! So they’re projecting a “Moon image” on top of a Starship!
For “me”, this answers several questions:
  • Several years ago, NASA purposely crashes something into the Moon and it “rings like a bell”.
  • Maybe we DID go to the Moon in “Rocketships” but, because they were “under” the “Hologram” when they landed, the General Public would have seen the surface of the “Starship”. So the cabal hired a film crew to re-enact that experience and hide the non-Extraterrestrial images.
  • Some have said that the “Moon” / “Starship” looks similar to the Star Wars “Death Star”. “IF” this is true, the indented band around its Equator would be located around the top, bottom and sides, from the Earth’s perspective. This means the “Hologram” is being projected from the Moon’s “North” or “South” Pole. This would make sense as to why the Moon rotates on its side, from the Earth’s perspective… So we wouldn’t see the activity of ships flying “into” and “out of” that band around the Equator.
  • Some Native Americans (Hopi, I think) say “The Moon was rolled into place”.
  • Some have said that the Moon looks brighter than it should… As if it’s projecting its own light.
Question everything.
Here’s the link to the Pleiadian “Moon-Hologram information”” video:
Here’s the link to a video showing a “Lunar Wave”:
Here’s the link to the “Crrow777” YouTube Channel:
Here’s the link to the “Crrow777” website:

PS 5-8-19 Jupiter

*First a comment:
(It looks like Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since 5/6/19)
Around the 11:10-mark, in the following video, the Narrator shows a very brief, grayscale video of Jupiter and 2 of its Moons. Then we see 2 “waves” pass in front of, and distort, not only Jupiter but also both Moons. As the Narrator explains, this is very similar to what “Crrow777” discovered, regarding the Earth’s Moon.
The Narrator comments that this may not mean Jupiter is a “Hologram”. He says there might be a very large, cloaked Starship between the Earth and Jupiter.
My comments: I’m including this because, if this is real, then we have 2 Celestial Bodies which have shown signs of “Wave Distortion”.
So is there a Starship in front of the objects or is everything in our night sky a “Projection”? Only Time will tell.
Question everything.
Here’s the link to the video:
Here’s the link to the “Crrow777” YouTube Channel:

Here’s the direct link to the “Crrow777” website:

PS 4-14-16 Dates, Water?, TwinFLames

Although I “am” Tracking “Nibiru” / “Planet X” or whatever is an extra object in our Solar System, I don’t include much if that information, photos or videos because I haven’t seen or read anything that “I” would consider “more likely” to be real.

  • I have to being this with “IF” this is true and, in the particular case, I also have to mention that I’m including this “for what it’s worth”. (I’ll explain that below.)

Tonight, I was reading the Nibiru article on the following web page and was just about ready to move-on to other research items, when I spotted this paragraph:

  • “Daniel points to Rabbi Cordovero’s commentary on this verse in the Zohar, Judaism’s most important mystical text. Daniel claims that Rabbi Cordovero described the look of the star and even gave the date of its appearance as “the 25th day of the six month.” Counting from the first Hebrew month of Nisan, which falls in the spring, the sixth month is Elul. The 25th day of Elul this year corresponds to September 28. If Daniel is correct in his understanding of Rabbi Cordovero’s commentary, Nibiru won’t appear on March 26, but will appear on September 28.”

My comments: When I read that Date, I immediately connected it to the “price-sticker” I saw in my dream from 4/12/16. In that dream, I saw a “price-sticker” which showed: “$11.28”.

  • I have to back-up a bit here… What I forgot to mention in that Posting… actually, I didn’t think it was important… was this: Ever since that particular dream, when I see that number (11.28) I now think of “September” 28 and I did the same thin when I read the article on the following web page tonight. (Only, this Time, I reversed my mental connection to it.) It showed “September 28” and “I” thought of “11.28”.s
  • So, for some reason “I’m” not yet aware of, I’m now matching the number “11” with the energy of “September”.
  • In case this helps anyone, My Sylvia was born in “September”.

So, I really don’t know “what” any of this means or “IF” it actually means anything at all. I’m simply including this incase someone out there needs this information. If it turns-out that I’m simply missing a piece of the puzzle, and you know what it is, please contact me.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This is from the “Crrow777” YouTube channel. I’ve seen his videos of the Moon many months ago. I may have even included his findings on his filming of the “Lunar Wave”, the rippling effect seen on the Moon as if it was being projected onto the sky.

In his video from April 13, 2016, he states that, after thousands of hours filming the Moon, he’s come to the conclusion that “Space” is made-up of “water” or some type of “liquid”.

I’m including this because, “IF” it’s true, it verifies the many lies being spoon-fed to Humanity for eons AND how another person is now “thinking outside the box”. Even if you don’t believe any of his findings, think about it. Use this as a mind-opening exercise and see if your mind can jump over the walls of the box we’ve all been placed in. With each new mind-opening idea, we inch our way closer to the top-edge and, eventually, we’ll be able to peak over the top of this container.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the “Water” video:
Here’s the link to the “Lunar Wave” video:


I’m also including this as “bonus” information…

As some of you know, 2 different, very “in-touch with the energies” people, almost 261-weeks ago, told me that Sylvia and I are “Twin Flames” / “Twin Souls”.

  • I mention this because, although Sylvia and I resonate with this, it’s not something we knew about before and is not a label we’ve attached to ourselves.

I’m including this information, in order to provide some background on how “Twin Flames” work, think and just “be” with each other. As for me and Sylvia… We’ve never know a more encompassing “Love” of any kind. We totally, completely and unquestioningly, truly “Love” each other. The bond between us is seamless and unbreakable. The Love we share through each other is so powerful it simply feels like a pleasant, Spring day just floating down a gentle river.

Here are some excerpts to this article on “Twin Flames” that I found helpful:

  • “Spirit commends those who are able to stay true to themselves despite the often immense pressure from family and society to ‘fit in’ and adhere to existing gender roles.”
  • “As with the Twin couples, there is an emphasis on balance and harmony. We are here not only to reach balance as a pair, but to assist a balancing for the collective. To clear out congestion and negativity and download new programming and light codes for Union…”
  • “The great thing for Twins is that the challenging beginnings are usually set to shift into an increased sense of freedom and joy later. We come here to share love and joy, and this is what we’re assisted to experience once we’ve “understood”.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: