PS 7-25-20 *Time, *Restore, Gosia, “virus”, GCR?

*First a comment:
According to the ancient Mayan calendar, July 25th is the “Day out of Time”.
Last night, I played my Drums. Although I love playing my Drums, these days my energies are a bit distorted by a slight Depression… non-Motivation… partly because it’s over 485-weeks since Sylvia crossed-over and partly because I haven’t been able to find a job in more than 28-weeks.
Anyway… When I fired-up my Electronic Drums last night, I noticed that they were only playing through 1-side of my Headphones. I checked a few things but nothing made any difference.
Today, I decided to really focus on this “1-sided energy” situation. So I examined the Drum’s “Sound Module” and checked:
  • its cables,
  • Settings
  • the sound coming out of the different Ports
  • and I even did a “Factory Reset”…
…but, again, nothing made any difference.
Running out of options, I remembered that most dedicated computers, like this, have User Upgradable “Firmware”. So I downloaded that specific piece of software and installed it into that device. Checking the Stereo Output now showed it to be correct. So it worked. (If that hadn’t worked, based on my other troubleshooting results, the problem would have been in the “Hardware”. Which would have meant buy another Sound Module or, somehow, find someone who could fix this more than 20-year old device.
I’m mentioning this because all of the energies on this planet and within every Being are currently in flux. This means… As each “Being” or “Object” increases its internal frequency, it has to find a new “Balance Point” within those new energies. As it does, sometimes the “Global” energies making-up that “Being” or “Object” become confused and need to be Restored.
  • This happened around 2018, when our Washing Machine’s motor “broke”. It was in the middle of a fast Spin Cycle when it sounded as though part of the motor broke-off and caused some rotating shaft to continually hit the front of the Washer.
  • We immediately ran to our Laundry Room and turned if off. Because it sounded so incredibly loud and desperately broken, Sylvia and I decided to never turn it on again. This also meant we’d have to buy another Washing Machine. So we did.
  • About 6-months after using our “new” Washing Machine, we heard the same “broken motor” sound. THAT’S when we realized the other Machine was not “broke”. The load of Laundry inside it had shifted and became “Unbalanced”.
  • So we sent our previous Washer to a Recycle Company because no one ever explained that Washers sometimes do this.
  • To this day, I’m still sad that we did that. Some people may call it “just a Washer”. I call it “energy that Sylvia, My Sylvia picked-out and used with her own hands. Because of her involvement with it, that Washer was extra special to me. So for me to “send it off” like that is very sad.
So I’m explaining all this so, maybe, it might help you or someone you know in the future.

This 38-minute video is a conversation between Gosia and “Yazhi Swaruu”, a former Taygetan Pleiadian, who began speaking with Gosia, in text, through Gosia’s computer several years ago.

This video is titled: “Etheric Memory Implants, Life Plan, Free Will – Extraterrestrial Communication“.
Although me, Sylvia and most of you reading this have heard that “some believe” this “Reality” to really be a “game”… an illusion. In this conversation, Swaruu provides more details into this facet.
Even if Swaruu’s information is “not” true, it allows us to use this as an exercise to keep our minds open. However, “IF” this information “IS” true, then it provides us with “Puzzle Pieces”, “Tools”, which we can use to help pull ourselves out of this 3D “soup” we currently call “Home”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 35-minute video is a Doctor explaining the Science behind “some Reports” of “isolating” the “virus”. He does a very good job of providing the details of the “Studies” that were done. His conclusion is that NONE of those so-called “Studies” had actually isolated the “virus”. This means Science cannot begin the next steps of recommending Care for those Patients and cannot move forward in creating a “vaccine”. Why can’t they create a “vaccine”?… Because if the “virus” cannot be isolated the Scientists have nothing to base their “vaccine” on. It also means they cannot “Test” for this “virus”. Why? Because what are they “testing” for?
Anyway, the Doctor in this video explains all of this far better than I can. So it’s worth watching if you want the Truth.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Along a similar theme, the following short video shows Dr. Jeff Barke speaking in front of a small crowd. This is the same Doctor who stood-up to the cabal during the initial “lockdown” and stated that “quarantining Healthy people is not very smart” (or something like that).
Here’s the link:
Here’s the page I originally found all of the above information:
GCR? (Global Currency Reset)
I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)
I started not to include this 1-hour video but there’s something important that is said around the 27:48-mark:
  • “With abundant Funds, I can benefit Humanity in infinite ways.”
It’s an Affirmation you can say each morning to yourself. Most people don’t think they deserve to be rich or even deserve to have “enough” money. So this Affirmation can help. He says:
  • “It’s not about YOU having money. It’s about you have ACCESS to the money so you can do incredible Humanitarian work.”
Another very important point in this interview is around the 21:30-mark when the person being Interviewed explains something a friend of his told him. (Both are from the U.K.) He said his friend discovered that a Loan that he had was just reduced to “ZERO”. Somehow it was “paid-off” or “Forgiven”. This isn’t the first Time I’ve heard of this happening (this year). However, it’s the first Time I’ve heard of it happening to someone in the U.K.
So “IF” this information is real, then we all need to keep checking our Loan and Credit Card Balances.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 5-30-19 *Health, *CreditCards, Predictions

*First a few comments:
(Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since 5/27/19. I do watch and read many fragments of information, every night, but there just hasn’t been anything important enough to include.)
With my poor Math skills and rough estimate, it looks like we lost $711, for being sick with “LighteningSkin”. (“Society” calls is “Shingles”.) This is from the money we didn’t make, because we had to take several days off and the money we had to spend on Acupuncture, visit to “Sister’s Of Mercy” urgent care and the medicine they prescribed.
Financially, we’ll be ok. I’m not asking for donations. I’m only mentioning all this because some people might like to know how much a “time-off-from-work” illness can cost and for those of you smart enough to put money aside, in case something like this happens to you.
Health-wise, I seem to be doing ok. I took the last of the medicine today. My right ear is still a bit numb and the right side of my tongue is a bit swollen. Other than that, there are still some drying-up patches of skin on my face that I’d like to get rid of. It would be nice to wash my face again… and I haven’t been able to shave since all this happened, over 10-days ago.
So these last 2-weeks or so have NOT been something I want to repeat.
On top of that, there were now “3” of those black, hornet-like bugs in our home in the last 4-days or so and we’re still being invaded by “mayflies” each day. (I think it’s been almost 3-weeks now and this is about how long they do this each May) …and, today, Sylvia had me check our Bank Account activity online and I saw that someone had used our Debit Card “information” to rent a “NetFlix” movie. So I phoned the Bank and they had to re-issue that Card. What a hassle and all from someone who’s in big trouble.
  • Granted, this may have happened because an “individual” or “organization” of Hackers was simply “testing the waters”. If that purchase went through without that Account being terminated, they may have planned on making a very large purchase or large Cash Withdrawal in the next few days.
  • Note: Some of you already know all of this. For others, however, it will be an eye-opener on just “how” Credit Cards work (at least this aspect of them) This is what the cabal do not want you to know…
Before My Sylvia “crossed-over”, she had 2 or 3 Credit Cards. In our family, Sylvia was completely in-charge of managing our “Income” and “Expenses”. She’s a genius at it and I’m very far away from being “acceptable” at it. Also before Sylvia crossed-over, I never had a Credit Card in my name.
After Sylvia crossed-over, I panicked and was able to easily get “5” Credit Cards. Since I had heard that “Debt Forgiveness” was just around the corner, I loaded them up and never intended to pay them off — because that one-time “Jubilee” would cancel them out for me.
Since then, I realized that those Monthly Payments were not only annoying, and a struggle to keep up with, but I was getting more and more stressed at seeing us pay $60 on a Monthly payment but only have that Credit Card Company put $20 of it against what we owed them. YES! They were taking THIRTY-PERCENT INTEREST!!!
So about 24 or 36-Months ago, Sylvia and I decided to change our financial tactics and we created a long-term Plan. (Before this, I had asked 2 of these Credit Cards to extend our Credit Limit. The 1st Time I contacted them about this, they simply refused. Although we had very good Credit, I’m sure this was laughable for them. Several months later, I asked those companies again. This Time, one of them (let’s call them “Card-B”) gave us a $300 Credit Line increase.)
  • We would put “few” or “no” new charges on any of our Credit Cards.
  • As soon as we were able, we applied for a zero-percent Interest “Introductory Offer” Card and transfer as much of the lowest-Balance Card to that one. Then pay it off and repeat.
Once we were accepted for that zero-percent “Introductory Offer” (let’s call this the “zero-Card”), we immediately transferred the entire Balance of one of our other Cards (let’s call this “Card-A”) to that one and quickly cancelled “Card-A”.
A few weeks later, “Card-B” gave us (without us asking for it) a NINE-THOUSAND DOLLAR CREDIT LINE INCREASE!!! That’s $9,000!!!
Since we weren’t using that Card for purchases, and knowing that we would soon be transferring that Balance to another zero-percent “Introductory Offer” Card, I didn’t give it much thought.
About a week or 2 later, the “zero-card” company had sent us an invitation to another of their Cards, with a very similar Introductory Offer: “zero-percent Interest for 15-months, no Balance transfer fee, etc.” This came i the Mail. When we got home, we logged-in and indicated, “yes, we’d like to accept this Offer”. Our request immediately came back: “Declined”.
  • “What? How could that happen? We already have one of their Cards AND we have this Invitation. Why would we be Declined?”
So I phoned them.
  • When talking with someone, even on the phone, you can analyze the character of their voice and quickly steer the conversation in your favor. If your “Psychic” abilities are sharp-enough and quick-enough, you can also detect what they are NOT telling you and much more.
So I got to ask a lot of questions and learned a couple of very key pieces of information.
The biggest thing I learned was… All Financial Institutions base your “Credit Worthiness” not on how much you “owe” but on how much “potential” you have to “owe”. In other words, between the remaining 3 Credit Cards we had at that Time, we only owed a total of about $4,600 BUT the “Credit Line Limits” on those 3 Cards added up to around $14,000 and THIS is what that Credit Card company looked at.
  • So, in our mind, “Card-B” raised our Credit Line Limit to $9,000 for 2 reasons:
  • 1) Hoping that we’d stay with them, because we now had a huge spending limit, and
  • 2) In order to “keep us” from getting another Credit Card, and potentially transfer their Balance and then cancel THEIR Card.
Sylvia and I then talked about this and how to fix it.
The next day, I got on the phone and had the remaining 3 Cards “LOWER” our Credit Line Limit to $50 above what we owed them. This brought our “Spending Potential” down from $14,000 to around $4,700. Then we waited about 2-weeks, in order for our newly-adjusted Credit Worthiness to get distributed to all the Financial Institutions who needed to see it.
Next, I went back online and applied for another “zero-percent Interest “Introductory Period” Card. We were instantly accepted! I immediately transferred the Balance of the 2 remaining “30-percent Interest” Cards and then cancelled them.
Right now, Sylvia and I have 2 Credit Cards and both are zero-percent Interest for an Introductory Period.
Once we pay off these Cards, we’ll be applying for a “Credit Union” Credit Card, which should come with only 5-percent Interest.
Question everything.
In this 10-minute video, Clairvoyant, Aluna Ash, explains the current energies of this planet.
  • Around the 5:33-minute mark, she states that there’s a “Portal” opening from May 31st to June 4th.
  • She also states that Humanity has recently ended a “Collective Agreement” and a new one has now gone into affect. This new one shows “a rapid acceleration when it comes to this Ascension in our Awareness and Perception of Reality”. This takes place “July into August”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 12-9-17 *Society, *Reversal, SunSimulator?

*First a few comments:

As a teenager, my parents exposed me, more and more, to the many details of how this “Society” works… or doesn’t.

  • In forming my thoughts on what to write, I just had a tiny “Insight”… In thinking about my previous “Incarnations” and how much Time I’ve spent on various Starships, as well as the many Planets I’ve lived on, I had to keep moving my mind’s focus “up” and “away” from the Earth — 1st onto the StarCrafts I’ve lived and worked on and then out past this Solar System, to see how far out those other Planets are located.
  • As I did this, I remembered the many times Sylvia pointed up, into the Night Sky, and with her finger indicating “Sirius”, she always says: “Home”. At one point, early-on when she did this, I remember telling her: “I’m from over there. I don’t know exactly where it is but I know you have to go way out in that direction and then turn right about 45-degrees and continue out even further.”
  • The “Insight” I just had is… The reason I can’t “see” or “feel” the exact location of my Home Planet is because it’s in another Galaxy. Wow! For the 1st Time, in thinking about “where” I’m from, this actually feels right. So I still don’t know the Planet’s name or which Galaxy it’s in but this helps resolve that energy within me.

So let’s continue with “my” perspective of the current Human “Society”…

When I was growing-up, it seemed like, one minute I was playing with Lincoln Logs, toy trains, Matchbox Cars, plastic Army men and baseball… and then I was being taught how to open a Checking Account, “the job market”, save money and the very twisted idea of “insurance”.

The Cabal has really made everything within “Society” very complicated.

I remember trying to buy my 1st Piano. It was a glossy, black, “Baldwin Upright” and cost $800. Even though I had a “job”, of course, the store wouldn’t a allow a 16-year old to buy ANYTHING on “credit”. I explained this to my parents and I still don’t fully understand how it all works:

  • “…but Mom, why do I have to show them I don’t need the money? If I could prove I could pay for the Piano without getting that loan, I wouldn’t need to get the loan! It doesn’t make any sense!”

Anyway, the bottomline to this “Society” Section is…

  • For the last week, I’ve been doing my best to get a “Debt Consolidation” loan. We still have 4 Credit Cards and Sylvia and I would like to pay them off. (The loan’s only for $6,000. This includes the 4 Credit Cards and 5-months of insurance payments.) However, the Cabal’s twisted “Society” says… because we’ve nearly filled-up those cards, no one is supposed to loan us any money to pay them off. Well, that’s extremely dumb on their part because we’ve been paying these Bills for MANY months now. So we have the “income” / “money” to do this. We even figured out that we can, somehow, manage to also pay for this new car and its much higher insurance payments. So if we can pay ALL OF THOSE BILLS, why won’t a Lending Company give us a loan? Since it will be at a Lower Interest Rate AND because the payments will be stretched-out far enough, we’ll be able to pay that loan off ahead of schedule. So how is that a “bad credit risk”? WHETHER WE GET THE LOAN OR NOT, WE’LL STILL BE PAYING THOSE BILLS! So why wouldn’t a Lending Company say: “Hey, they’re paying all of those Bills anyway, we’ll give them the loan and then WE can get that money.”
  • So, according to the things I’ve read recently… once Sylvia and I pay-off those Credit Cards THEN the Lending Companies will gladly give us a loan. Of course they will… because THEN we won’t NEED the loan!
  • Maybe my “seeing through this game” is because I’ve spent so much Time on Starships and Planets where everything is much simpler.

As always, YOUR mileage may vary.

Please “question everything”.

This morning, at home, just after Breakfast, I had another “Insight”. This one was pretty big…

  • While running various chores and ideas through my mind, in order to decide what needs to be done today, one of my “fears” was in the Stream that passed by my Sensors. For some reason, I noticed it and paused the Stream at that point. When I did, instead of that energy “attacking” me, it actually “protected” me… and still are.
  • They surrounded me with a clear, impenetrable “field” that looks like a (medicine) capsule. Then they placed themselves up against it on all side… but, instead of looking at me and trying to cause me harm, they are simply facing “away” from me… on alert for anything that may try to harm me.
  • I had never “seen’ or “thought about” this before. So I cautiously called-up another deep “fear” and as soon as I did, instead of folding itself “in” on me, it simply exploded “out” from me.

I’ve been dealing with these elements for a very long Time. So these changes are HUGE! When I realized their reversals, I told Sylvia: “Something HAS happened. For these energies to reverse themselves… it has to be the result of something BIG happening to this illusion.”

I’m including this because it shows that the “Veil” is getting even thinner and that Sylvia and I will be “physically” reunited with each other very soon… definitely in “my” lifetime.

I’m also including this, in order to ask if “you” or anyone you know has recently experienced a similar “reversal” of their “fears”.


I’ve heard about this many months ago. I’ve even seen photos of the “Sun Simulator” when it was created… “IF” any of this is true, of course.

The following 2 videos show the “Sun Simulator” in the Sky over the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota. The person who took the photos didn’t see this object until he looked at the photos later.

What I hadn’t “seen” or “heard” is something the Narrator of these videos points out… In the 2 photographs shown, there are 2, white “orbs” / “spheres” near the hexagonal object in the Sky. Are they UFOs monitoring this “Solar Device” or are they part of the device itself? Only Time will tell.
Question everything.

Here’s the link to his video, which was Posted on 12/9/17 (I watched this one before the one below):

Here’s the link to his video, which was Posted on 12/8/17: