PS 12-2-18 *Sylvia, *Dream, Predictions, Harrison

*First a comment:
(It looks like Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since 11/30/18)
I realize that most of what I talk about some would consider “strange”, “weird”, “out-there” and “sci-fi” but this is my world and Sylvia’s world and we have meshed with each other within it.
What I’m going to mention now is part of that weirdness but if we focus on the “energy” of these things, I believe they all tie-in together…
I’ve mentioned before that Sylvia and I don’t have any Children together but we do have a (stuffed) Bear that we bought when we lived in Florida (around 1989). He’s perpetually 5-years old, enjoy anything that’s “fun” and loves all types of animals. He’s part of our family. He has an interesting Vocabulary, which is made-up of shortened words, modified words and, sometimes, images.
When we’re home, he likes to sit on a desk and look out the window, so he can see his animal friends. When Sylvia and I are home and about to make Breakfast, Lunch or Supper, he sits on the Kitchen Counter and watches us cook. If we’re going to eat at my desk, we ask him if he wants to sit there with us or go back to the window.
Yesterday, Sylvia and I had finished preparing Lunch. So I asked him where he wanted to sit. Usually, he’ll say “window” or name an animal that he’s been talking to, such as “bird”, “dog”, etc. This Time he sent the word “Lion” to me…
  • (me, talking to our Bear) “Lion? What Lion? There’s no Lions here.”
  • (me, talking to Sylvia) “He showed me the word “Lion” but I’m not sure. He may have indicated “Lyra” but he doesn’t know that word.
  • (me, talking to our Bear) “Do you mean “Lyra”?”
  • (me, talking to Sylvia) “He says “yes”.”
  • (me, talking to our Bear) “The Lyrans are “Cats” not “Lions”.”
  • (our Bear) “There.”
  • (me) He then showed me an image of a very large Lion leading a LOT of Cat people. They were headed “towards us” / “towards the Earth”, I’m not sure which.
Lately when I talk to him, if he doesn’t send me any words or images, I’ll place a few of his simple words in the air between us, to see if he wants to pick one. This technique has produced a lot of interesting results.
Later that day, Sylvia and I were in the Kitchen working on Supper. I asked her if she wanted me to season the meal “this way” or “that way”. I then remembered how I interacted with our Bear. So I opened my energy to her in the same way. When I did, I could almost hear Sylvia talking in my physical ears. Not quite but it was a wonderful connection.
So, did I imagine all of that?… or am I truly finding new ways to exercise the Psychic muscles we all have? Only Time will tell.
  • A few weeks ago, I believe it was Lisa Harrison who mentioned that the “Lyrans” were the 1st Beings to break-through the Control Grid surrounding this planet.
This morning, while sleeping, I had a very short Dream.
  • I don’t remember the scene but I was seeing several different people. It was like looking at a medium-sized room where a party was going on.
  • While I’m focused on this image, a piece of paper slides in front of my view. The paper was yellow with blue, horizontal lines. Similar to what Grade School students use. The writing on the paper was Cursive and done with blue ink.
  • The paper slide from left-to-right but it didn’t just “slide” or “float”. It moved across my view in such a way… I KNOW it was My Sylvia who did it.
  • In the top-left corner of that paper I saw Sylvia’s full name and I think the letter “I” was to the left of that, as in: “I, Sylvia…, “
  • This happened within a few seconds. As soon as I realized it was from Sylvia and written by Sylvia, I desperately did my best to focus on it, in order to read more of it but I couldn’t bring the image back.
  • At that point, I woke-up.
This 5-minute video is an energy update by “Aluna Ash”. Here are a few highlights:
  • She begins by saying the Sun is currently “Electric”, which represents the “Divine Masculine” but it’s about to turn itself inside out and become “Magnetic”, which represents the “Divine Feminine”. She says this transition completes in 2021.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


In this 37-minute video, Lisa Harrison provides an update on the energies leading up to Ascension. Here are a few highlights:
  • Around the 10:30-mark, she mentions that the “Codes” are stored in our “bones” and “teeth” and that, recently a lot of people have complained about aches and pains in these areas. Lisa says this is a “release of the old Codes”.
My comments: This information is of particular interest to me because, last week during Lunch at work, I think part of a Filling in one of my teeth broke off. At 1st, I thought it was just a hard piece of Tortilla Chip that I was eating. I crunched-down, very hard on something that sounded like I was biting a small rock. I then pulled 2 pieces of “something” out of my mouth, which were about an eight-inch in diameter each. I haven’t had any pain from it.
  • Lisa says some of her best “Seers” (Psychics) are “blind” at the moment and haven’t been able to see (Sense) anything for several weeks. She believes this is because some part of them is working on something very, very big and are not allowed to “see” it on this level.
  • “Bit by bit by bit” the blinkers are being switched off.
  • “There’s an assessment or review for some” happening.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 7-22-16 *Sylvia, *Music, Gaia, Quantum, Lion

*First a few comments:

Tonight, while focused on reading an article in this on-going research, I heard My Sylvia “yawn”. It was quick and partially faint-sounding but I know that was Sylvia’s “yawn”.
… and just as I’ve mentioned in previous Postings, looking deep into a memory, or in this case, a specific sound, you can learn quite a bit.
For Sylvia to “yawn”, she would have to be “calm” (little or no stress) and “comfortable” (stress-free, healthy and in-resonance with her surroundings).

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned the exact idea Sylvia and I have had for the “candle” we have been trying to get made, for this album, but it now looks as though it’s not possible.
Many months ago, Sylvia and I talked about offering a candle that people could purchase separately. This candle would burn for “approximately” the same Time as the album (70-minutes) and it would have scented layers, which would be “approximately” timed with each song.
Since this is a “concept” album, its “theme” is the story of someone losing their “Significant Other” and the songs take the Listener from those raw, chaotic emotions through the pain and anger into confusion, understanding and out into hopefulness. The scents would begin as very harsh smells and mellow-out into  fresh, pleasing, calming aromas by the Time the album is finished.

We finally found a local CandleMaker, about a week ago. After talking this over with her and contacting a couple of candle-supply companies, it seems that even the smallest candles burn far too long. The CandleMaker showed us a half-inch high “tea candle”, which burns for 4-hours!

In the last 24-hours though, Sylvia’s been working on “Candle: Plan B”. She sent me some information this yesterday but I assembled it wrong in my mind. Then, this morning, she sent me a few more energies on this and then I realized what she was showing me.

We still don’t want to say what form the Lyrics will take but I CAN say we’ve now spent 23-hours designing that printed information.

Sylvia’s “3D” birthday is coming up — September 22, 1936. For the last week or so, I’ve been sweating about getting this album released on that date but, today, Sylvia mentioned that we could launch our “crowd-funding” on that date. We’ll see. I haven’t been too good at being motivated-enough to move my energy these last few weeks.


Today’s message from “Gaia Portal”:
“Incursions of Light Beings into darkened realms increase in effectiveness.”
“Stormings continue with Higher Energetic intent.”
“Former contrasts are harmonized.”
“Letterance of timelines proceeds.”

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


The title of this article is: “Death Is an Illusion – Quantum Physics Proves This “.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

I realize there’s something in the bible about “the lion shall lay down with the lamb” but I don’t want to Read religious energies into this…
The following 23-minute video shows and explains a female lion capturing but not harming a small deer.

I’m including this because it shows “me” yet another facet of this “reality” that has changed… in a BIG way. This is feedback (for me), which shows that the frequencies of this planet, its population have raised even more.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Leopard attacks a baby deer but then does not want to kill it!