PS 11-12-17 *Dream

*First a comment:


  • Although this is a “Dream” that I had, it’s a part of my own inner-working-through-things. I really didn’t want to include it but I was really “nudged” by Sylvia to Post it.

Although I know I’m having Dreams on “most” nights, I don’t remember them. However, I did remember last night’s Dream…

  • I was in my home. It looked nothing like any home I’ve ever lived in though. The room I remember (probably the Living Room) is large, rectangular and made out of cement — the floor, walls, etc. (Probably the ceiling, also, but I don’t remember looking at it.) It’s about 90-feet long, 35-feet wide and at least 12-feet high. There are 2 or 3 Steps, which go up into the adjoining room. On 1 end of the 35-foot-wide wall, are the Steps and the opposite wall has a large window and a door to the outside.
  • Me and a female are causally talking. An older male, Father-like person, enters the room and begins looking for his gloves. He’s very stressed and about ready to “crack” (in anger). Within seconds, he finds the box his gloves are supposed to be in. It’s 2-inches high, and square with 11-inches on each side. It weights several pounds and contains dirt, dust, scraps of metal, stone, etc. However, his gloves are not among the contents. Quickly bringing his anger to a “boil”, he says something that I can’t remember and then he slams the box straight down to the floor. The contents immediately disintegrate but produce a thin dust-dirt cloud in the room.
  • Feeling very detached from his negative outburst, I’m noticing how calm I am. Even deep within me, I realize I’m actually “ok” with this situation. I have no particle of me that wants to “contribute” to his anger. In fact, I simply want to help “him” and “the situation”.
  • I look at him and causally say: “I’ll clean it up.” I then walk over to him and carefully get close-enough to give him a hug. Just as I touch his shoulder, I see a very quick “twitch” go through his body.
  • That’s all I remember.

My interpretation:
This was feedback on a Lesson that Sylvia has been guiding me through. I feel that she’s been working on me, with this, for several months and this Dream is what I’ve been sensing lately — that I’ve “passed” this Lesson.

  • Sylvia and I have now been working for this company for 1 Solar Cycle. During our last job, at the grocery store, I seemed to always be caught-up in the many social interactions and dramas throughout the handful of businesses that had offices within that building. For a Time, I was “Security” for the entire building. So I was “supposed” to be involved with various pieces of “inside information” but as Time moved on some business happenings overflowed into their personal lives, which sometimes made solutions “muddy”.

With our current job, Sylvia and I are not part of those “Security circles”… and don’t want to be. I find myself comfortable in the job we’re doing and feel an urge to “know what’s going on”. It’s just nice not to be involved with the drama.

So this Dream is feedback that I’ve “evolved” / “resonated” past those types of “re-actions” and “he-said, she-said” happenings. In other words, I’m very comfortable simply existing within my own world.

The facets of this Dream are symbolic representations of the Lesson I’ve been working on. The cold, hard, gray, cement room in this Dream is the “non-emotional” / “non-Heart-based” energy that people get pulled-into when they jump inside that type of negative-energy pool.

The “twitch” that the “Father figure” displayed was a mild short-circuit by the “Master Program” running this illusion or by that part of me which simply couldn’t believe that I was no longer affected by the game it was playing.

As always, YOUR mileage may vary.

  • As for the “details” that I provide… I’ve always had a very good Sensor of “image capture” within me. Even though I spend most of my energies “on the other side” / “in an unseen Realm”, when something is send to me as an “image”, I seem to be able to recall it clearly and in full-color. At least “most” of the Time. I believe anyone can do this. Maybe start with a “memory” that you have about a situation or object. Without having that object within your current eyesight, look into that memory of it and write down or describe as much of it as you can: color, size, shape, temperature, material, texture, weight, smell, etc. I would think that the more you do this with your own “memories”, the more you will be able to “hold” and, later, “examine” your Dream images and videos.
  • Everything is “energy”. We sometimes need to “learn”, or “re-learn”, how to use those Psychic muscles.


PS 10-14-15 *Funeral, *Lesson, Hoffman, Zap, History

*First a few comments:

On our way home from work today, Sylvia and I saw a funeral procession. In fact, we were the 1st car stopped, so they could drive by. I didn’t count the cars but, I would guess, there were about 35 of them.

As we sat there, I felt a bit sad for those who lost their friend, co-worker or family member to the other side of the “Veil”. My mind filled with the question of:

  • “Do they know that their Loved One is not going to decay in a box in the ground?
  • “Do they know their Loved One is probably right there with them, experiencing their “good-byes” to him or her?
  • “Do they know their Loved One will be reminded of life on the other side of the “Veil”?
  • “Do they know that this is not the end for that Being but a new beginning?”

Of course, who am I to tell someone else what to believe in.

With that said… even “science” states that matter cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed… Ice-to-water, water-to-steam, for example.

…the Soul unlocks the Portal in the body and leaves it. Most who see this happening only see the “physical” portion of that event. We see the body go limp and fall to the ground. The Soul turns and wonders why those left behind are crying. “I’m continuing on my life Path. I’m still “me”. I’m right here.”

Today, Sylvia gave me a double Lesson. It was the same Lesson but it happened in 2 different ways. I sort of “got it”, when it happened the 1st Time, but REALLY “got it” when the 2nd version appeared…

1st Lesson
While Sylvia and i were cleaning things for the grocery store today, the owner of the building walked through. He doesn’t come in every day or even every week. He asked if we had a minute… Basically, he told us he bought the house next door to that building and wanted to know if we would consider working for him and cleaning it about twice a week. (It’s an old, 2-story house, which has been divided into about 12 apartments and 2 bathrooms.)

  • I really don’t want to do it because:
  1. Sylvia and I have never been there
  2. A few of the people living there have health issues… either being drunk a lot or not being able to make it to the bathroom in time.
  3. and because my mindset is not ready to take-on more clutter.

So I told him we would think about it.

Almost immediately, Sylvia and I started a conversation about this… She reminded me that I said I wanted us to get out of that building and by taking this new job, we’d still be attached to a common denominator to it — the building owner.

I mentioned that it would be nice to have some extra income and Sylvia reminded me that this is a “lack” energy and not something I need to reinforce (drag along with me).

  • When we “settle” for whatever life hands us, it’s a delicate balance between “go with the flow” energy and wallowing in the “I’m not good enough, so I’d better take whatever comes along” energy.
  • If we find ourselves in that “negative mud”, it can be helpful to take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and say: “Hey! I’m better than this. I have a right to be happy.”

So, although I haven’t seen him since that Talk, Sylvia and I have decided not to take that job.

2nd Lesson
About an hour later, I noticed the brand of cereal on the shelf that we eat. Since this is a “salvage” store and that particular brand, “Purely Elizabeth”, is very high quality, with good ingredients, that grocery store very rarely offers that brand.

I looked at the expiration date and it showed “December 2015”. So it was doable… but then I remember that I don’t like all the tiny seeds that put in this particular version (apple cinnamon pecan).

At one point, after having lunch (at home), I saw the same bag in our cupboard and told Sylvia:

  • (me) “Oh. I guess we’d better go ahead and buy a few bags of this cereal.”
  • (Sylvia) “DIdn’t you tell me you don’t like those tiny seeds?”

She must have also provided me with some “understanding” (of the situation) energy because I paused for a few seconds and… “got it”!

  • (me) Big Insight!… “That’s the same Lesson you brought me this morning… with that job offer. You told me… No matter what I decide, I will always be provided for… and this is the same thing… Since I really don’t want that particular version of the cereal, buying them would reinforce a “lack” energy and I would be stuck in that hole for a while… but because I now recognize this AND want to “follow my Heart” / “be true to myself”, I can now move-on from this negative blanket… because I KNOW everything will be fine. I will seek “opportunities” and stop looking for the “lazy” / “easy” way out by taking “whatever comes along”.

I’m not doing that “moment” justice but the “Insight” WAS really big for me. A real breakthrough.


Today’s feedback from Jennifer Hoffman tells us that October 15th is an important day:

  • “What a mix of energy today. I still think that the 15th, tomorrow, is an important day energetically but don’t know what is going to happen on a material level. That is up to us because the energy isavailable for us to use, we control the outcome we want to have. I know the energy is extremely responsive and creative today — I was dialing my bank to talk to them about a problem I was having when the phone rang. It was my bank, calling me to see if I was having any problems. It’s exciting when the energy is that responsive, so I’m going to use it to create everything I can think of, and few things I haven’t imagined yet. And I’m going to add a few intentions for world peace, compassion, love, and abundance for everyone. It has been a brilliant day so far!”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:


This is Zap’s mid-week report. Here are some excerpts:


Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

Although there were several articles that I read tonight, which I almost included, they just didn’t have the right energy for “me” to place them in this Posting. Then, I was just about to send this out when K.K. sent the following link. It’s to a 2-hour video of a lecture by Harald Kautz Vella.

I still don’t know if any of his information is true and it’s too late for Sylvia and I to watch this video right now. I’m including this, sight-unseen, because of what Harald presented in his other information… that I included yesterday. So if anyone wants to know more about what this person has to say, just follow the link below. Sylvia and I will do our best to watch this video tomorrow.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: