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*First a comment:
I think it was yesterday, when I first noticed this…
While looking through Job Listings, I saw that the restaurants are going to make their Employees wear “masks”, “gloves” and will take their Temperature before they can enter the building! Can you imagine having to wear a “mask” for an entire 8-hour Shift?
This nonsense has to stop and the “Sheeple” really need to WAKE-UP!
In this 20-minute video, the Narrator provides an alternative news update for today. Here are a few highlights:
  • At the 11:04-mark, the Narrator talks about some States wanting to keep their Citizens under “Lockdown” for many more months. He also says that some States have sent out millions of “Vote By Mail” Ballots. President Trump is now telling those States that “Vote By Mail” is illegal and if they go through with it, he will withhold Funding to that State.
  • At 13:25, he reads an article where more than 600 Doctors are telling President Trump to end the “Quarantine”, because it’s causing more harm than good.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


This 40-minute video is from the “X22 Report”, where the Narrator explains the alternative news of the day.
I was almost all the way through this and thought there was nothing worth including then, at the 37-minute mark, something was said that made me stop and need to include this…
  • The Narrator shows information about the “CDC” (Center for Disease Control) changing its mind and now saying that the “virus” doesn’t spread very well on surfaces.
  • This actually starts at the 36:19-mark… The Narrator plays a very short video clip where members of the cabal’s Main Stream Media are talking. One of the “News People” talks about (Trump, I think) and says He may even try to control what people thing. “That is our job.”

You can’t make this stuff up. Go watch this for yourself.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 16-minute video is an interview between former CIA Agent, Robert David Steele, and an alternative news Researcher.
The Researcher had been banned from YouTube, PayPal, etc. and decided to fight back. His efforts have developed into a “Movement” where more and more people who have also been Banned have now joined him. Even businesses are standing behind him.
He has setup a way for “White Hat” content creators to not only get their messages out but also get paid for doing it.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
I’ve been thinking about this yesterday, after watching a Jordan Sather video where he talked about being sensored and now being careful about what he “can” and “can’t” say on his YouTube Channel. Hopefully, he’ll find out about the above organization.
What I want to mention here is this…
I’m going to call this: “How to say whatever you talk about whatever you want on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and not get sensored”. There are 2 versions of this idea…
If you “have” your own website:
  • Figure out which “terms” or “keywords” you might be sensored on and place them on your website.
  • Figure out a “codeword” or “abbreviation” for each of those and place that information next to each of those sensored terms.
  • > For example: If you think you might get Banned for talking about HydroChloroquine, simply tell your audience (on your personal website) that you’ll be using the word “birdseed” instead. So, now, your message will look like this: “Birdseed is the best cure we have right now and it’s very cheap to make.”
  • Now, when you “talk” in a YouTube video or “type” in a Facebook or Twitter Post, simply use the “codeword”.
  • Of course, you’ll need to always make a note in your videos or in any Post that Readers should first visit your website.
If you “don’t” have your own website:
  • This is similar to what I outlined above but “instead of” or “in addition to” listing the “codewords” on your “website”, you can simply add them to your video or Post.
  • In a video, you do this by holding up a piece of paper or showing a Whiteboard with all of your “terms” and associated “codewords” for each. You might be able to use a Video Editing program to place these words on top of your video. However, you must be sure they cannot be “Highlighted” or clicked-on.
  • In a “typed” Post, you do this by first typing your “terms” and “codewords” in a Word Processor and then taking a Screenshot of them or saving them as a “Graphics” File (if your Word Processing program allows this). The main thing here is to convert all “text” into “Graphics”.
Right now, the cabal has software which can identify any “person”, “location” or “product”. Don’t believe me? Here are 2 links to website which do this now… for free:
However, from what “I’ve” determined, the cabal cannot “currently” identify text when it’s embedded in “Graphics” — especially if it’s a “Script” Font, turned sideways, flipped, etc.
So if anyone out there knows of any alternative news sources, such as Jordan Sather, Red Pill 78, Deception Bytes, etc., please contact them and make sure they know about this. I don’t need to take credit for this. We all need to help each other. Especially against the “cabal”.

PS 4-29-20 *Jobs, *Information, *cabal, Dreams

*First a few comments:
A couple days ago, Sylvia mentioned that it’s Time for me (and everyone) to start thinking about connecting with “your ultimate” or “a better” Job — one that YOU select directly.
What I see is that the world is about to open again. When it does, the lights will go on with all the businesses and all the machines, everywhere, will begin turning again. There will be a mad rush for every business to bring onboard all the Employees they will need. Employment Services will be jammed, trying to keep up with the massive task of connecting Employers to Employees.
Well, NOW is the Time for each of us to look around at those “Jobs” that we’d like to do and those “Businesses” we always wanted to work for… Approach them NOW. Talk to their Management with your Resumé in your hand and tell them you’d like to work there and once they can re-open, for them to contact you.
By everyone approaching the “Jobs”, it will not only help everyone get a Job they might enjoy but it will also help those Businesses get up-and-running that much sooner. Everyone wins.
  • I haven’t applied for any Jobs in a while because, aside from medical workers a Drivers, I haven’t seen any “new” Job Listings. However, I did a Listing for a Restaurant Job yesterday. So I applied. This was through Snag-a-Job. I really don’t think they will contact me because they are looking for someone to work “nights”, which I don’t want to do because I want to start a Band. This is the first Time I applied through Snag-a-Job and found it a bit strange. I had to fill-out a few pieces of personal information and then all they did was send me to the webpage of the Restaurant. Then, I didn’t know it was a “night” Job until I had completely filled-out their Application.
Today I began wondering about some of the Information which is presented by various alternative news Researchers.
With the intense Censorship by YouTube, facebook, twitter, etc., I would think some of these Researchers would have MOST of their Information removed… or had their Accounts closed… but they haven’t — at least not as heavily as I would have thought, considering the Content of their Presentations.
So I was thinking… What “IF” some or all of those Researchers simply “mis-state” some of the Information presented to them by their Sources… so they could avoid being banned from various websites or to keep from being harassed by the cabal’s idiot slaves.
Ok, cabal, listen-up…
Several months ago, I told you that we had begun the “beginning of the end” of your Reign. This has already come to pass. This was your initial “Fair Warning”.
You are now past the point of No Return. Most of you will not be simply placed on “the other side of the Veil”. That would be too good for you. So many of you will soon find yourselves facing something which is inescapable and your ultimate Fate is now in their hands.
So this your final “Fair Warning” and I will now explain how things are about to unfold for you…
  • Information has recently been placed within the Mass Consciousness. It is now spreading like the Winds.
  • Soon, the surface of this planet will be opened once again — un-quarantined. However, the Mass Population… the “99-percent” will be pre-occupied by something else… something YOU are directly responsible for.
  • Because of this new information, some of Humanity will not be enjoying themselves and going out to eat or even going back to work… not right away, anyway.
  • Instead, they are going to storm every tunnel… in every city. They’re looking for answers. They’re looking for what their own Children experienced, at your hand… and, they will be looking for YOU.
  • Those cabal members who are not part of the “tunnel idiots” will be hunted down and captured.
  • At this point, no amount of “talking” will save you. No amount of running can hide you.
  • Your best way out of this is to plead with the Alliance to Arrest you. However, I don’t really think a jail cell will stop the SHEAR OUTRAGE that is about to be unleashed on you.
  • Remember what your “idiot bush senior” once said: “If the people ever found out what we’ve been up to, they’d string us up at the nearest lamppost”. THIS is where we are now.
There is only one lynch-pin left in the Floodgate… and it’s about to be pulled out.


The title of this Forum Thread is: “Cell Phones In Dreams”.
Basically, the OP (Original Poster) asks a question:
  • “I was just curious, does anyone else ever remember having a cell phone in your dream? Did you use it to make or receive a call? “
Of the handful of Commenters, none of them could remember ever using a Cellphone to actually “talk” to someone within a Dream.


My comments: I didn’t think much of this at first but then I remembered that “communicating with a telephone”, in a Dream, is Symbolic of “communicating with the other side”.
So I wanted to include this because there may be even more to this than I realize right now and want everyone to keep this in mind… add this to your “Puzzle Pieces”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link: