PS 4-15-20 Checks

I’ve almost gone through all of my Research resources tonight and thought I had nothing to include in this Blog. Then I remembered something I had seen earlier tonight:
  • An Indiana Fire Fighter discovered $8.2-MILLION DOLLARS in his Bank Account.
  • He went to an ATM, in order to get enough money to pay his Rent. The Receipt that the machine printed showed he still had a Balance of $8,200,000.00. He showed the Receipt to a friend; “I didn’t know you were rich?” “I’m not. I’m poor.”
  • He did this last Weekend. On Monday, when he contacted his Bank, they noticed that the $8.2M was removed and’ $1,700 was now showing in its place.
My comments: I checked a couple different websites and they show the same information. They seem to imply that the $1,700 was his Stimulus Check. I thought everyone was getting “up to” $1,200.
So, what I realized tonight is something I had heard MANY months ago… That the worldwide collection of all the cabal’s money would be re-distributed to the Humans on Earth… and this amount would be “at least” $1-Million for each person.
We know President Trump and the White Hats are “conditioning everyone” as they continue to make progress in defeating the Deep State and Resetting this planet’s Financial System. Is that “accidental” Deposit, into that Fire Fighter’s Account, a “mistake” or part of the “conditioning” of what’s about to happen to everyone?
Think about it.
  • Society, around the world, is examining in great detail, EVERYTHING. Plus, “IF” the cabal is still in control of most of the Banks, would they allow a “mistake” like that?… and, since the Democrats and Watchdog Organizations are looking at every detail that the Trump Administration does, do you really think this could be a “mistake”? Maybe, just “maybe” there could have been a “computer glitch”… but not for $8.2-MILLION DOLLARS! Yes, to a “computer” it’s just another “number”… but really think about it. Why did this happen?… and why did it happen “now”?… and why did it happen to a front-line Fire Fighter?
This is the 14th week that I’ve been out of work. I look, online, every day for a job. It takes me almost an hour to go through all the sources I’ve gathered. I’ve Registered at local Employment Services. I’ve even Applied for several jobs but I’m still unemployed. Sylvia and I are not rich. Even we I HAD a job, we were living “paycheck-to-paycheck”. Then we heard about the “Stimulus Checks” but when I researched it, I learned that Sylvia and I probably won’t be getting one, because I forgot to File our Taxes in 2018.
With all of that burden, I don’t feel any “fear” or that we’ll be thrown out of our (rented) Home… but why?
In fact, tonight, I calmed myself a bit and checked, “internally” / “Psychically”, to see where my energy stands on this. Not only didn’t i feel any urgency about “getting a job” but I actually felt a bit calmer, more relieved in some way. When I mentioned this to Sylvia, I found myself saying:
  • “Oh. There’s no need to be concerned about “having a job” or “having that Stimulus Check” because something much better is coming.”
Only Time will tell.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 2-11-20 *JobSearch

*First a comment:
I’m going to write this out as I go, in case it can help others in their Search for another Job… or even for your 1st Job… and, as always, I’m explaining the details because it shows that Sylvia is still interacting and guiding me through every step of my journey on “this” side of the “Veil”.
  • I think I previously mentioned that Sylvia and I were going to start a Band, instead of looking for another “Job”. I did some initial groundwork into this and quickly realized that I would need to buy a new electronic Drumset. The one that Sylvia bought me for my Birthday one year is a bit worn and the Cymbals don’t always Trigger (activate the sound) when I hit them. New Drumsets cost money. So I first have to find a “standard” Job.
  • Then Sylvia had me look at some of my “Inventions”. (These are ideas I had come up with over the Decades but never formally ‘Patented”. I thought, maybe that would be a great way to have an “Income” and work for “us” doing something we love. However, after checking on how much it costs to file a “Patent”, for just ONE Invention, I, again, realized it costs a LOT of money. So I first have to find a “standard” Job.)
  • So, no matter which Path we travel along, Sylvia and I have to get a standard “Job” before we can move forward with either (or both) of these ideas.
I’m still looking for a new Job and this “journey” is a learning experience for me.
Sylvia and I haven’t had to look for a Job for a few Decades, because we had our own computer company. We didn’t make a lot of money but with Sylvia’s natural magic with finances and us living very simply, we didn’t really need much money.
So, now, I’ve been plunged into the “quest for a Job” Job again. Yes, finding a Job which meets “most” of your (“my”) picky requirements, is a LOT of work.
  • After giving our previous Employer a “3-week Notice”, Sylvia and I quit. Without the Heaters on the Loading Dock working properly, the cold really started to get to us. So we’ve been out of work for 4-weeks now.
Because of the Vacation Time I had accumulated at our previous Job, Sylvia told me: “I gave you 2-months” to find a new Job. Because my “Reasoning” is still not what it should be and because I haven’t really been motivated to do anything since she crossed-over (461-weeks ago), I figured I really had “2-months” before I had to “start” looking for another Job. Today i realized that’s not true.
  • Even if a company hired me today, Sylvia and I wouldn’t see that 1st Paycheck for almost 2-weeks.
  • When I simply walk into a company, to ask basic “possible new Job” questions, the 1st thing I’m told is: “Did you fill out an Application?” Most employers won’t even talk to their possible new employees until they’ve had a chance to view that person’s Job Application.
  • The foundational idea of an “Employment Service” is to connect Employers with possible Job Applicants. The faster the “Service” can get someone hired, the quicker they make money. So it was a surprise to us when I filled out online Applications with 2 or 3 different “Services” and never heard anything back. Not even a “We’ve hired someone else” courtesy note. The best response I’ve seen is when one of them sent me an eMail saying: “I see you’re interested in our “Assembler” Job…” I wrote back saying: “I never applied for an “Assembler” Job but I did apply for…” Her response was: “Oh. Sorry. That’s job’s been filled. Let me know if we can help with anything else.” (or something like that)
I don’t want to say:
  • “Things were better when I was young.”
…but the “Job Market”, the “Hiring Process” and what’s expected of each employee is MUCH different than when I was working my 1st handful of Jobs back in the 70s.
With this current Job Search, my thinking is to determine my “limits” / “requirements” and check possible Job Listings, to be sure they fit within my guidelines. (This is why I haven’t simply applied for every Job I see Listed):
  • Full Time or Part Time?
  • Day Shift or Night Shift?
  • How many hours per week would be the “minimum”?
  • How many miles from home?
In “my” case, I also need to know if the Job location is close to a Restaurant.
  • It’s not that I’m “bad gaging Time” (well, not “real” bad) but things just “happen” when I’m doing my best to get to work on Time… Breakfast takes longer than usual to cook, have to defrost the car, lots of traffic, road detoured, Traffic Lights not working, etc.
So what I’ve been doing is… having Breakfast as close to our workplace as possible each morning. Yes, this adds-up to a lot of money BUT I’m almost never late any more. (Once or twice the Restaurant was extra busy or had smoke fumes from a faulty grill.)
I’m not late for work because I looked at the “Variables” that I was dealing with:
  • “my” Cooking Time,
  • Bathroom Time,
  • Car preparation Time,
  • Amount of Time in traffic, etc.
…and move all of those Variables to something “I” could control: “the Time it takes me to eat Breakfast”. (I’m a very slow eater but it can be done.) So if there’s unforeseen traffic, on the way to work, I simply have to eat a little faster. Because our workplace is within a mile of the Restaurant, there’s really no “traffic”, or other things which might make us late.
Of course, this also means we have to find a place of employment which is near a Restaurant… and one that is open at least an hour before having to Clock-In. This is why I’ve ignored LOTS of good-paying Jobs, simply because they require you to start at 7a. Most Subway Restaurants, around here, open at 7a. Of course, Waffle House is 24-hours. (Actually, they NEVER close.)
Sylvia and I realized, long ago, that the next “work day” really begins the night before. It doesn’t help when you go to bed at 3a only to realize you have to get up at 5a. Because Sylvia and I still want to start a Band, we know we have to keep our nights free. So any Job we accept has to start at either 8a or 9a. For “us”, a Job starting at 7a (and many do) means we’d have to get up around 4:30a, in order to be at the Restaurant around 6a. (Remember, we’re very slow eaters.)
Sylvia’s Guidance?
This whole process is extremely draining. I spend countless hours sifting through online Job Listings and wracking my brain, to see if there’s a business close to home that I can “possibly” work for. (“Closer to home” saves Time, gas and means we could sleep longer.)
Yesterday, I told Sylvia:
  • “I give up. I’m just going to let YOU do it. YOU show me where you want us to work.”
I may have seen 3 pieces of feedback to this, this morning…
  • The 1st “possible Job” we went to today was a Shoe Retailer. Everything looked good in their Job Description and when we got there, I asked an employee some basic questions. We spoke for several minutes, waiting for a Manager to come out of their Loading Dock, to talk to me. The energy was good. Everything was looking very favorable. When I finally spoke with the Manager, one of the 1st things she mentioned was that ALL of their employees had to run the Cash Register — including the Warehouse workers. This instantly dissipated that energy and Sylvia indicated that it was Time to leave. Nothing more could be said. (I’m not “dyslexic” but, if I have to count-out Change, especially when it’s someone else’s money, I have to count it several times. Sylvia has always told me… Because I spend so much of my energy “on the other side”, I “jump” between various events and, sometimes, miss some of the information. “Jump” is Sylvia’s word for what I do, in this case.) So this instant deflation of the energy that was building between me and that business was “Sylvia” indicating that I wasn’t supposed to work there… because, in checking the Job Listing for that business (for a few weeks), I never read anything about their employees having to run a Cash Register.
  • The 2nd business we went to today, to ask a few “pre-apply” questions, was a Restaurant. I spoke with a Manager about a Cooking position. He was a tiny bit surprised and told me they don’t have any Job Listings on “Indeed”. He said they’re only looking for “FOH” (Front Of House) employees: Hostess, Servers, etc. I was a bit stunned because I had been following their Kitchen positions for several weeks and this was one of my “sure bet” Jobs, along with the Shoe Retailer! So we just left. When we got home, I looked it up and… not only DID they have Listings on “Indeed” but they also have them on THEIR OWN WEBSITE! So, was this Sylvia telling me: “This is not the energy I want you involved with at this point in Time?”
  • After that, we drove nearby to another “Job option” I had looked at last night (online). It’s a Retail Chain. Two employees, on the main floor, told me to go upstairs and use their Kiosk, to fill out an Application. I was then near the Kiosk room but still a bit lost. An employee walked by and asked if I needed some help. She then took me to the Kiosk and got it setup, so I could fill out their forms. She then introduced herself… Her 1st name is the SAME 1st name as the person who hired me at the Job I recently quit. Is this Sylvia’s way of telling me: “This is where I need you to work.” or maybe it’s just a “Sign” from Sylvia, telling me that I’m on the right Track… “Keep going”. Only Time will tell.
I guess my Point with all this is that “Job Hunting” is a slow-motion process. Each Time I apply for a Job, I have to wait a few days or more, in order to give that business enough Time to gather their recent Applications, look them over, discuss which Applicants are suitable and then contact the most promising people.
  • My goal for today was to speak with someone in Management, at 4 different businesses and, if those didn’t pan-out, drive to an “Employment Service” (that we picked-out last night) and see if they could help us find a “Temp-to-Hire” Job. However, our 3rd contact today proved to be a “possibility”. Now that we’ve filled-out that Retailer’s online Application, it’s only polite to give the Manager enough Time to review our Application. So we simply came back home after that. Now we have to wait a day or 2. If we don’t hear from them in, say, 2-days, we’ll have to call them.
This is stressful, frustrating and very “slow-motion”.

PS 2-2-20 *JobSearch, *Dream

*First a comment:
I’ve been looking for another Job for a few months now. Sylvia and I are tired of being cold and want to find an Employer with a warm building to work in. (So we quit our current Job 3-weeks ago… because the cold was really getting to us.) I’ve looked at “Cook” Jobs and climate-controlled “Warehouse” Jobs but none of them match all the criteria we’re looking for. Some of them even defy logic.
I have gone to a few Interviews but most of my Job “searching” has been done online. All of those Jobs that “I’ve” looked at want you to be available to work: “Days”, “Nights”, “Weekends” and “Holidays”. One basic Stocking Job at Home Depot even stated that you have to be available to work “Overnight”. What?!
All of the Jobs I’ve seen also want you to work “Part Time”. This means, “Financially”, most of us searching for Jobs these days, will need 2-Jobs… but we can’t get a “second” Job because we have to agree, up-front, to ALWAYS be available to that one company.
The “Warehouse” Jobs I’ve seen get a bit stranger… They all seem to state that you must be able to “lift” and “carry” up to 50-pounds. One Job description stated that you had to lift 50-pounds over your head! I even saw 2-Jobs which required you to lift 75-pounds! (So they really should be advertising for “Only Body Builders Need Apply”.)
  • 50-pounds is the weight of a case of standard Copier paper. (Each ream weighs 5-pounds and there are, typically, 10-reams in each case.)
Today, I spent a few hours looking at Job listings online. Several of them specifically mentioned that their Warehouse Job was “not climate controlled”. I also saw a Job for an “Order Puller” in a Warehouse. I’ve done this type of work before and liked it. This particular Job, however, was for a grocery store, distribution Warehouse. Their Job description stated that you’d be working partly in an area which was -22-degrees!!! That’s MINUS 22-degrees! (They had this type of extra large Freezer in the “Order Pulling” Warehouse I worked in previously. Fortunately, “I” didn’t have to work in there.)
Most of these Jobs were also “Part Time”. I’ve also learned something else, over these last months… The term “Part Time” means different things to every company. Where Sylvia and I used to work, “28” hours a week was “Part Time”. Other companies call “25”, “20”, “15” or even less hours “Part Time”… and they still want you to be available for their “flexible” Schedule ALL of the Time!
Then comes my learning about what “Time” these companies want you to begin your Shift. Where we used to work, Sylvia, myself and a handful of others would go in at 9a and work until 5p or 6p. (It opened to the public at Noon.) Last week, I went across town to its Sister Company, to see about transferring to that store. They open at 10a but require their employees to start a 7a. It’s a “Warehouse” Job. There’s really no reason for the Dock Workers to go in that early. Of course, “these days”, they want everyone to wear more than 2 “hats”. So this means doing a lot of other things before the store opens, when they should have a Team working specifically on those tasks.
  • For Sylvia and I, going to work at 7a would mean getting up around 4:30a. This means we wouldn’t be able to start a Band. Depending on the Gig (where you play), a Band doesn’t typically finish playing until 1a or 2a. I’ve been in a successful Band in the mid-70s and, usually, when we’d finish playing there wouldn’t be anything open except Denny’s (when there was a “Denny’s. We’d always go there to get a bite to eat, unwind and talk about the crowd, our music and how we might improve things.)
I then saw a Job listing at Michael’s Art Supplies. They open to the public at either 9a or 10a but their Truck Crew has to go in to work at 3a! That’s THREE IN THE MORNING! The same is true for some of the restaurant Jobs. Baker’s typically go in around 3a. Cracker Barrel opens at 6a, which means their Kitchen Staff has to be at work around 4a. Sylvia and I don’t have a problem working “Weekends” or “Holidays” but we don’t want to work “Nights” because we want to start a Band. Bands “rehearse” and “perform” at… “Night”.
Sylvia and I had our own business for decades, when she was on THIS side of the “Veil”. (It was Macintosh-only, training, troubleshooting and consulting.) So I realize that it’s been quite a while since I explored the Job Market but I really didn’t think things had changed this much.
For these last months that I’ve been looking, I’ve seen several Job listings which are always Posted. Yes, sometimes this can be due to bad Management (can’t keep employees) or the Job Seeker not fully understanding the Job’s requirements but, mostly it’s because people do not want to devote their every waking minute to a single company! Especially when they’re not being paid properly.
So, if you’re an Employer, please think about what you’re asking these potential employees to do for you. Some are going to school. Some have families. Even those who are on their own, it’s very mentally and physically challenging to work the Day Shift one Day and the Night Shift the next… and when you throw-in having to lift 50-pounds… what you should be looking for are “Gorillas”.
  • Me and at least one other person were in a small Village “some” “where”. I think the time-point was in the Now but the Village and the building we were exploring were from “days gone by”.
  • This was a very large “House”. Not quite as large as a Castle but very big, with at least 3-Floors and possibly an underground layer or 2 and maybe even some lower passageways.
  • The wood used was very dark in color but I don’t if this is the natural color of the wood itself or if it was stained. I remember seeing the edge of a wall, or side-view of an open door, at one point and I measured my hand against it, in order to make-note of just how thick the wood was. I made a fist and put it on the end of the wood. I even showed this to whoever was with me: “This wood is almost an inch wider than my fist.” (So around 4-inches in thickness.)
  • I don’t know “why” we were exploring this “House” or much about what we saw. However, there is one room that I distinctly remember, although it was only in details of its outer door…
  • I don’t remember if this “House” had glass windows but, while in this particular room, I could see outside. Maybe through a crack in the wall or door. I’m not sure.
  • I could see that it was a clear, sunny afternoon. There were trees and a dirt Path, which was about 4-feet wide. Probably wide enough for a small, horse-drawn cart to travel. On the other side of that Path was a small “merchant stand”. It was almost 10-feet wide, 4-feet deep and 8-feet tall. It was made out of wood but I couldn’t see if they were simply tree branches covered with cloth or actually “finished wood”. There was a board across the front opening, which served as their “counter” — where they would place their Goods for sale and the customer could present them with money.
  • Getting back to the “door”… We noticed that it had a Lock on it… On the “inside”. We didn’t think much of this when we first discovered this. The Lock was made of metal and was a yellowish color… almost a pale Gold.
  • To the left of the door was a small table. Sort of like a free-standing ashtray… but a “table” with a flat top, not a “bowl” for cigarettes. On the table itself was a Key. It was made of metal and when light hit it, its bright silver and gold colors looked “fluid”. The Key itself was “L”-shaped. The shorter part, almost 2-inches from edge-to-corner was fairly flat with a slight curve at the edge. The edge itself contained a “curve” which was made-up of 3 connected straight lines. About 1-inch in total. The longer part of the “L”-shaped Key was designed as a “Lizard”, laying on its back and with its tail just reaching the Key’s “corner”. This part of the Key was almost 4-inches from its edge to the “corner”.
  • I then looked at the Lock on the door and saw that it also contained a “slot” which was identical to the 3-segment “curve” in the Key.
  • We talked about using the Key to open the door and go outside. We’d been exploring for a while and wanted to take a break… but a new thought entered my mind… Why would anyone put a Lock on the INSIDE of a door?… Unless… it doesn’t actually open the door to the “outside”. Maybe the door opens a different way or maybe that Key unlocks something else in this room and opens a passageway to an otherwise un-explorable part of this building? I don’t remember what happened next.
  • The next thing I do remember is that we were now “outside” this “House” and walking along that dirt Path. As we came up on that “merchant stand”, I told the person with me: “Oh, that’s the door we were at before.”
  • I don’t remember any more to this Dream.
Later, I don’t remember even “half” waking-up but this next part is from that space in-between the “here” and “there”.
  • A word was placed within my mind: “Kwen”. (Pronounced as it looks.) This was someone’s “name”. I looked at it and as I began to wonder about it, the “Guide” / “person” / “whoever” that was helping me with this, explained (in “feelings” and “Sensings”) that this was a very old name but if you go back a lot further… before Ancient times, this same name was spelled:”Qaweignan” and was pronounced: “kah-WEE-nan”. It means the same thing and refers to the same person.
  • This was so important to my “Guide” that I had to keep repeating both of those names in my mind and visualizing their spellings while I quickly got out of bed, went to the bathroom, turned on my computer and wrote this down.
  • No other information was provided with this “energy”. just that it’s important, somehow.
  • Maybe this is related to that “House” Dream or maybe it’s not and will simply mean something to somebody reading this… or maybe this energy will be activated at a later date.
  • Only Time will tell.

PS 1-5-20 *DebitCard, *Job, Astrology, TheAwakening

*First a comment:
On Christmas Day, someone used our Debit Card. We received 4 automated messages on our Answering Machine, because of this. We didn’t answer those Calls and did not Return them because we thought THEY were the “scam”… We thought… If we Call them back, they may try to get some personal information from us and use that to get money, etc.
We couldn’t Call our bank because they were closed for the holiday. So we phoned them 1st thing the next morning. We were told that someone had ‘swiped” our Card, in another State, trying to buy something in a restaurant for $6.30.
Of course, the bank immediately issued another Card and told use to stop using the one we had. Even though they mailed it on December 26th, we still haven’t received it (as of January 5th). Between Christmas and New Year’s, the delivery of this Card must have hit a few stalls.
In my panic, I explored the various options Sylvia and I had. I then discovered that our bank would allow us to send money from our Account to another bank, where we still had a rarely-used Checking Account with a Debit Card associated with it. (Without access to that money, we wouldn’t be able to eat Breakfast at Waffle House before work or buy groceries.) So we transferred just enough money to get by. (There was a delicate balance of “how much” money we could transfer because we hadn’t paid this month’s Bills at that point… and the Landlord must be paid.
With all of this going on, and our Job, I’ve been pretty stressed lately.
(I was going to write this out but I’m sensing the timing isn’t right yet.)
This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list). Thank you.
This article is an Astrology forecast for January 2020.
I’m including this because of the following pieces of information:
  • January 8, 2020: “At the time of the conjunction, you may feel depleted of faith, joy, and optimism, and feel like there’s nothing left to believe in.”
My comments: I had a sense of this this morning. Because of my Job situation, I had a few minutes of “What was I thinking?”… “Why did I leave a Job before getting another one?”, etc. Maybe this was the “energy of the Planets” pulling on the splinter I was about to experience. Only Time will tell.
  • January 12, 2020: “Apart from the Sun and Mercury conjunction, Saturn and Pluto are not involved in any other aspect with any other planets.” “There is a feeling of imminence associated with this aspect.” “The first planet to conjunct Saturn and Pluto is Mercury (just a few hours before the exact Saturn-Pluto alignment). A news of some sort, or some stimulus from the outside world (Mercury) will create a powerful reshuffling of the order of things. As a result, a new order will emerge – at micro, social and macro levels.”
My comments: Will this activate “the Event”?… or, on a “Societal” level, the unsealing of the Indictments and the mass arrests they lead to? Only Time will tell.
  • January 13, 2020: “We will understand the consequences of this new “order of things”, and what kind of person we need to be from now on.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This was also sent to me, today, by K.K. Thank you.
In this 36-minute video, the Narrator covers a few different topics. The main one is about the Earth’s shield being tampered with and that the Sun may throw some high energy at us in the next couple of days.
My comments: I found her information very helpful. For your friends and family members who continue to “buy-into” the Society-level distractions, she points out that those are nothing compared to what is really happening… what we’re not being told. There is no “world war 3”! The Time for “us versus them” is OVER. The cabal can no long alter or influence the timeline. It’s over for them. The cabal are circling the drain and trying everything they can to pull us down with them. It won’t work.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 7-22-19 *Jobs, Predictions

*First a comment:
(Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since 7/20/19)
Last week while at work, I walked past an employee who was talking to a Customer. They had been talking about the Customer’s daughter and, as Sylvia and I were walking by them, the Customer mentioned that her daughter is going into “medical school” to be a “nurse”. “Oh, now THAT’S a good career!” the employee said.
I wanted to explain Humanity’s current “Reality” but I didn’t.
  • Why don’t they see that LOTS and LOTS of people want to train for jobs in the “Health Care” arena? (Hasn’t that Job Market become over-saturated by now?)
  • Why don’t they see that “big pharma” is an industry controlled by “big money”? There ARE alternative cures to cancer but when I asked the “doctor” (who told us that Sylvia had “stage 4 cancer”) for alternative treatments, ideas… ANYTHING, she just looked at me and moved her hands out in-front of her and turned her palms up. (As if to say: “I don’t know”.) She didn’t actually say anything at that point but what I “Read” from her was: “I know there are cures for cancer but this hospital doesn’t support them. So I can’t tell you any of that information.” So much for “Health Care”… So much for actually “helping” people.
  • Why don’t they see the behind-the-scenes energies, like I do, and know that “big pharma” is about to be dismantled and “Health Care” will go back to being what it was intended to be before the Rockefellers paid those “higher learning institutions” to teach what the cabal wanted them to teach.
  • Why don’t they see that “some” of that training is a joke? (Last week, while at work, one of the employees, who is going to “college” to be a “nurse” was doing her homework. I asked her why she had “colored pencils”. She said she was doing “Math”. “Math?” “Yeah. I solve the Math problems and that tells me what color to use on this paper with the scribbled lines.” When she finished, those colored-in, scribble lines showed a repeating, colored pattern. Maybe it’s the Instructor’s way of getting the Students interested in doing their homework but “I” simply saw a “college” Student using the motivation and techniques of a “First Grader”.)
  • Why don’t they see that “Disclosure” is coming?… and when Zero-Point Energy devices and Replicators are revealed, the “big boom” in Jobs will be in the “new sciences” and “computer programming”. (Replicators will only create matter from a “recipe”… a pre-set “program”. Society will need a lot of Creative Thinkers and Programmers to put the new technologies to good use.
We’re on a different timeline from when I was growing-up. Lately, I’ve been feeling the exponential increase in the many frequencies  being manifested and used on the surface of this planet. So we can’t simply say “training to be a nurse” has always been a sound job-choice and always will be.
Question everything.
This 30-minute video is from Clairvoyant and Channeler Aluna Ash. The title is: “Cosmic Merkabah, Central Spiritual Sun Activation”. Here are a few highlights:
  • On July 26th, we will begin a new 13-year cycle and a new 13,000-year cycle. She says her information (her Channeling) indicates that we are “now” / “officially” (I guess) entering the “Divine Feminine” cycle.
  • “We’re getting out of the 12/60 timing frequencies.” (12 months in the calendar and 60 minutes on a clock.)
  • “1,260-days of Venus cycles creates a pattern… a Sacred Geometry… a mathematical formation… a frequency that’s the fabric of this Matrix… or part of the fabric of this Matrix… and it creates the density of this Reality.”
  • Energy shifts are taking place and some people are having a difficult time adjusting to when they go to sleep, when they go to work, etc.
Question everything.
Here’s the link: