PS 2-20-20 *Bond

*First a comment:
I was watching a music-gear Podcast today and in this week’s Episode, the Guests mentioned a Song for the new “Bond” film. I don’t keep up with much within the “Society” realm these days, so, after the Podcast, I listened to the Song. I didn’t find it quite as powerful as the Guests described.
Then I began thinking about the actual “title” of the new James Bond film: “No Time To Die”.
  • “Some say” the cabal provide Humanity with clues as to some of their Plans for harming the surface population. However, with the “Light Workers” gaining more and more control of this “Reality”, maybe this particular “title” (or even the story of this film) could be a message from the “Light Beings”, telling us to not give up… that this is “no Time to die” because “the Event” / “Ascension” or “something special” is about to happen. (A couple of days ago, “Q’s” message was: “Game Over”. Does this all tie together? Only Time will tell.)
Note: I’m taking this title as “this is not the Time to give up”. The movie company is “probably” wanting us to think of this title as “there’s no Time to let anyone down”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the new James Bond theme Song, sung by Billie Eilish:
Here’s the link to the James Bond movie page, where you can watch the Trailers:
Regarding the Section “Signs & Symptoms” in our 2/3/20 Post:
…and, regarding Signs, Feedback and most every possible combination of things has been thought about or manifested… Today, I saw a new “off the beaten path” product being announced by Guitar pedal, Synthesizer company. This product contains a technology called: “Granular Synthesis”.
  • Basically, you send some type of Sound into a “Granular Synthesis” product… ANY type of Sound. It could be a melody, a bird chirping, someone talking, water bubbling… anything. Using a Granular Synthesizer, you can isolate a very small part of that Sound… down a very small “blip” (or smaller). These small Sounds are called “Grains”. You then use the features of that product to modify that Sound. Stretching its Pitch, adding-to or removing some of its Harmonics, reversing its Envelope, etc. With these modifications, you can actually create almost ANY other Sound. So it’s possible to change the Sound of someone coughing, into a Violin… or the Sound of a Squirrel barking into a Timpani drum… and these aren’t limited to “short” bursts of new Sounds. You could create sustained Organ Sounds, the Sound of a boulder rolling down a hill, etc.
  • “Granular Synthesis” is not something Sylvia and I like to use in our Song-writing, music-making work because we feel as though it “cheating”… why start with a Sound which is probably going to be changed into a completely different one when you could have simply started with that “end-result” Sound? Maybe it’s just my “old school” background with Synthesizers… I was taught to use the various Sound sources and modifiers within a Synthesizer to bring-out and shape the final Sound that you’re after. “Granular Synthesis” technology was never within my scope of awareness when I was learning how to use Synthesizers (back in the early 70s).
My Point here is that this is yet another piece of Feedback (for “me”) that Humanity on this planet is running out of ideas of who to be creative… how to dissect something, in order to come-up with something “different”… or just “new”. So, here, the technical, music-gear engineers have gotten down to a very tine (the smallest?) portion of a Sound, taken it apart and have provided tools for anyone to piece it back together in a whole new way.
This technology has been around, at least in “my” awareness, for at least 36-months but, again, I feel this is another way of being told “it’s no time to die”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link to a 14-minute video which explains “Granular Synthesis” (I didn’t watch all of it but it should provide good information):
This video also explains “Granular Synthesis” but using a different piece of music gear from the link above. (29-minute video) This one may be illustrated a little better, at least at the start of this video:
Uh… then on the other end of the spectrum we have Feedback that tells “me” there are either several people “deeply asleep” (like “Sheeple”) or the MSM (Main Stream Media) is really hard at work “spinning” this story…
The following article, from February 21, 2020 states: “Supreme Oreos are selling on eBay for over $10,000“… and that’s for a pack of THREE!!! WHY!? They’re “red” in color and they’re just “OREOS”!
So, “IF” this story is real, some of us will have to drop-back and help those still-asleep Humans, before we go through the exit door of this “Game”.
  • I’ve mentioned before that the Time of “forcing” or “directly Guiding” our friends and loved ones through this “illusion” is over. However, we can still “teach by example”… Show your family and friends that “you” don’t listen to the lies and distractions of the MSM… That you “question” and “research” all of the “news” that crosses your Path… That you continue to remain Positive by keeping your “eye on the prize”, etc. From “my” perspective, if we don’t all contribute to this now, some of us will have to help the “sleepers” when “the Event” happens, by clearing the “fog” which will confuse their minds.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 1-14-16 *Clocks, BlackStar, Hoffman, Fulford

*First a comment:

I’ve mentioned this a few months ago and it looks like our “clock cycle” has started again. Yesterday, we sold 1 “Clock” and today we sold “2”…

  • Every now and then, Sylvia and I sell another “Clock” from CaféPress. I created that SouthWestern design many years ago, along with several other “drum”, “Star Visitor”, etc. designs. However, the only thing (if I remember correctly) that Sylvia and I have ever sold from our many designs on CaféPress is that Clock.
  • When people find it, they do so through the CaféPress “Search” feature and pay $20 to $25… and we make either $1.06 or $1.25 per Clock. If they were to go directly to our Clock page, they would only pay $17 for the same Clock.

I’m sure there’s some “hidden”, “symbolic” or “synchronistic” meaning behind this but, the only thing “I” can think of is the symbology of “Time”. Since people are buying our “Clocks” or our “Time”, I could interpret this as “moving through Time”.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Here’s the link:


(I wasn’t going to dive into this but, after looking at several facets, maybe there’s something to it…)

A few pieces of the “Puzzle” have appeared on the table recently. Each piece, on it’s own, would probably never be noticed but seeing them all manifest, almost at the same Time, I have to wonder if “any” or “all” of them are interconnected. Here’s what “I” see:

  • Almost 248-weeks ago, I 1st heard about an object in Space, known as a “Brown Dwarf”. They say it’s called this because it’s a burnt-out Star and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Some say it’s in the infrared part of the Spectrum.
  • Some say this “Brown Dwarf” Star is within our Solar System and is pulling 6 or 7 objects along with it. (Remember, the Cabal have been lying to Humanity for eons. The “Great Flood” and other Earth-changing happenings “may” have been caused by other things and not objects in Space. This means, a large planetary object near the Earth will probably NOT cause any harm.)
  • Some say this new Planetary System is now close-enough to Earth that we can see some of those planets and that this is why the Cabal have been filling our skies with visually-blocking material.
  • Some say the “new Earth” is now complete and ready for those of us who are moving to the 4th and 5th Dimensions.
  • A day or 2 ago, “M”, a Contributor to the Blogsite: “Out Of This Word X”, mentioned that the new Earth was waiting for it’s 1st Human, in order to test the System.
  • During 2015, David Bowie writes and records his last album. It’s called: “Blackstar”.
  • This album was timed for release on his birthday… January 8th.
  • David Bowie, born “David Robert Jones, crossed-over on January 10th at age 69.

Today, the following 2 messages appeared on that same Blogsite:

  • “David Bowie’s video Blackstar has a visual cipher showing a large black star with 6 fragmented stars underneath….and on the side is a sun being eclipsed by a planet..”
  • “According to M, the Nibiru star system’s sun is named Nemesis and has 7 planets of which Nibiru is the largest…. 4x size of earth.”
  • “The term Blackstar may refer to this sun Nemesis, which actually is a dark star or brown dwarf, and the eclipsed sun in the cipher may be referring to the eclipse of our sun by Nibiru as it enters our solar system.”
  • “The rest of the Blackstar video’s macabre imagery may have to do with the destruction of the earth by Nibiru, as foretold in the 3rd secret of fatima and confirmed by the Pope.”
  • “So David Bowie seems to be M’s ‘first volunteer’ who made the transition to the new earth on jan.10, just 2 days after releasing his Blackstar video and album. And now Bowie awaits the transition of the rest of us there shortly.”
  • “The timing of Bowie’s elaborate album release followed shortly by his exiting the planet, leaving us with this Blackstar riddle as his legacy… and our future…….in correlation with M’s synchronistic prose appearing on the scene just in the last couple weeks has given me a strange feeling that we’re witnessing a fairytale merging with reality.”
  • “The “starman waiting in the sky” which Bowie referenced in the following 1970s track….. turns out to be… David Bowie Himself.”
  • “There’s a starman waiting in the sky”
  • “He’d like to come and meet us”
  • “But he thinks he’d blow our minds”
  • “There’s a starman waiting in the sky”
  • “He’s told us not to blow it”
  • “Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile”
  • “He told me:”
  • “Let the children lose it”
  • “Let the children use it”
  • “Let all the children boogie”

“Is this real, or have I gone mad-hattered?.”

Here’s the link to that Posting:

Here’s the link to David Bowie’s website where you can watch the 10-minute video of the song “Blackstar” (That page also show the “black Star” with 6 “objects” under it, as mentioned above.):

My comments: Today, I read the lyrics to Bowie’s “Darkstar” song and decided to look-up a place mentioned in it. That place is called: “The villa of Ormen”

  • Just as I typed those last words, I felt a type of “energy echo” and “saw” and “felt” an energy that I mentioned many, many months ago. At that Time, I had the same feeling and IT also triggered an unrelated energy. Both Times, however, I felt as though someone was holding 2 large mirrors, 1 on each side of me, reflecting everything about that moment back to itself… through “me”. Not a “Deja Vu”. Similar but I just can’t explain it.

So, continuing on…
When I looked-up the “Villa of Ormen”, I found this web page:

For “me”, it has the same flavor of “disturbing”… same style of basic energy that Bowie’s “Darkstar” video has.

In the “Darkstar” video, Bowie is seen wearing a type of burlap “wrapping” around his head, covering his eyes but “over” his eyes, there are 2 holes with short, black tubes sticking out. At the same Time, Bowie is holding a book which has a large black star on its cover and he’s waving it around like someone with a “bible”.

  • To “me”, this is telling us that the “black star” is here but, even though we are all clouded-over by the “Veil”, we really can see “through” that “Veil” and experience that new Star.


Here’s today’s 2nd Posting from that Blogsite:

  • TIME PAUSE :)))))))))))
  • “FYI”
  • “Those holes across the sun all join and ignite; the whole sun shatters across with a pulse of light … Those pics are still from Dec when the explosion happened … so no change yet”
  • “REASON ……….. Because the sun cannot explode until we are gone or until we are almost gone”
  • “TIME PAUSE :)))))))))))”
  • “The sun’s light is being generated by our energy and light. We are leaving. No more light. No more energy.”
  • “So … Keep the LOVE VIBES going :)))))”

My comments: Do “all” or “some” of these pieces fit together? I don’t know. If nothing else, it would be a good idea for all of us to add these facets to the mental puzzle some of us have been working on for a very long Time.

For the last several months, I’ve seen more and more Sources “mention” and “explain” the various aspects of a handful of pieces of information:

  • Nibiru
  • the new TRN (Treasury Reserve Notes)
  • the Global Currency Reset
  • debt forgiveness
  • Disclosure
  • a redesigned political System
  • the removal of the “Veil”
  • the release of “advanced” / “exotic” technologies, etc.

In the last month or 2, I’ve been seeing people move away from those details and, instead, provide more and more “Timing” information as to “when” the “Event” will FINALLY take place.

Now, with this “1st Human (David Bowie) through the new System” information… “IF” this is real, it means we are all SO VERY CLOSE to “something” happening that we should now be able to smell and taste it!


  • All things ARE possible!


Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Part of today’s Posting by Jennifer Hoffman is below. “IF” this information is true, it will be very helpful to some of the people reading this. It’s helpful to “me” because I use it as a “gauge of Society”. Like a Directional Compass, I use some of these pieces of information as “tools” to help me understand where Society’s energy is currently located: “fear”, “anger”, “follow me”, “Sheeple”, etc.

Here’s what she said:

  • “As I wrote earlier this week, the 3D energy is now fully integrated, there is no more solid 3D energy on the earth, so the people who aren’t interested in shifting are out of the energy loop now, they have a couple of choices available to them, and not transforming is not one of them.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:


Here’s the full article from Benjamin Fulford. (Published on “Monday” but not allowed to release the entire article until “Thursday”.) Here are some excerpts:

  • “Meanwhile, in an effort to salvage their collapsing pseudo-Muslim Khazarian kingdom, Saudi Arabia sent Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman to Pakistan to seek military protection. All he got, despite offering huge bribes to key Pakistani officials, though, was lip service. The fact is the Pakistani people will not fight a war to protect pseudo-Muslim, terrorist sponsoring Wahab Khazarian Saudi criminals.”
  • “More to the point, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon issued a statement that Saudi Arabia’s indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Yemen constituted a “war crime.” War criminals usually face the death penalty or life in prison.”
  • “The use of double books, one with uncountable trillions worth of dollars for the cabal and another of perpetual debt and financial shortages for the masses, is thus being exposed.”
  • “The recent British, Japanese announcement of enhanced military ties is also a sign the British have promised to help the Japanese fight against the Khazarians. This is important because of the close personal links between the British and Japanese royal families. It means James Bond types are already in Japan hunting down the Khazarian agents involved in the 3/11 nuclear and tsunami mass murder attack against Japan. There is obviously stuff going on now that we cannot report in more detail in order not to endanger ongoing operations.”
  • “The ADB and Pentagon sources also agreed that stock markets may be abolished because they have been used as instruments to centralize all corporate power and control in the hands of a tiny elite. They are also talking about making everything open source and freely available.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: