PS 11-2-18 *MOE-Introspection, *Adjustments, Cobra

*First a comment:
*MOE – Introspection
(Mind Opening Exercise regarding “Looking Within”)
Yesterday, while at work, 1 of the employees had a quick idea… He said:
  • (him) “Someone should make a Documentary of you.”
  • (me) “Of ‘me’? I don’t think anyone would want to watch a Documentary of me.”
  • (him) “Oh, I think they would.”
So, yesterday and today, off and on, I thought about this. As I did, it became interesting as to exactly “what” I would want to “put out there, formally” and “which facets” of my “life” and “my way of thinking” others would want to know about. I then realized that this “exercise”… this “thought process” would make a good “Mind Opening Exercise”…
So think about it. What if someone contacted you and said they’d like to make a Documentary about you. What type of information would you supply?
  • Would you tell them how you can talk on the Phone and juggle 3 books at the same Time?
  • Would you explain the Invention you created which would help heal the planet but never finished?
  • Would you reveal… each Time you look up into the night sky how you have a sense of “Home” on one of those twinkling lights?
  • Would you tell them how you sometimes “hear”, “see” and “feel” things that others cannot?
  • Would you offer your personal insights and 1st-hand experience on how you know what happens to Beings after they “cross-over”?
Several decades ago, I realized that “I”, and probably everyone else, have moments when I’m absolutely quick-thinking and full of wonderful ideas and, at other times, I can’t even figure out how to turn-on the facet in our Kitchen Sink. Since then, I’ve referred to myself as: “Genius the Idiot”. This means we all have thought-processes which run the gamut from “unbelievably wonderful” to “keep moving, nothing to see here”.
So just which ideas, accomplishments and thought-processes would YOU make-known in your own, personal Documentary? How much of YOUR life will the world want to know about? How much of “what makes you YOU”, would you reveal to the masses?
Although I’ve mentioned a LOT of deeper-level pieces of my life to co-workers, when he posed the idea of me telling the world, through a video, it just got me thinking about “what” and “how much” would I really want everyone to know.
  • During our 3-weeks in hospice, Sylvia told me to: “Tell our story”. Since then, I’ve realized that I’m here, on THIS side of the “Veil”, to help others “wake-up”… to realize that there’s more to “Reality” than we can “see” or even “Imagine”. So one purpose I have right now is to help open Humanity’s mind… without lying to do it. Even if I only manage to get some people to think of me as the “strange one”… the “weird guy”… that “crazy person”, it will help.
  • As I’ve mentioned to a few co-workers, it’s important for me to be known as “that crazy guy” because, in “my” world, “something” IS going to happen, which will affect this entire planet and when that finally happens, if those who know me or have heard about me remember that I was the one spouting “those crazy stories”, maybe, just maybe it will help them to stop and think about their situation and not “re-act” to it. Maybe it will help them “be still” long enough to hear what their own Heart has to tell them and THAT will help them unlock the door (the “experience”) they will be facing.
So think about it. Think about this from YOUR perspective. What WOULD you state in a “YOU” Documentary?
Well, THAT was interesting…
Early this morning, I was sound asleep when something happened. Two “pieces” of “something” entered my nose. I’ve never experienced this before or have ever heard of anyone else describing this in this way.
  • I felt as though I, very slightly woke-up just as this was about to happen. Maybe a split-second before.
  • Although my eyes were closed, my Senses were working and I have put together a simple “picture”, in my mind, of what happened… There were 2 “pieces”. The 1st was about the size of half a grain of Rice but not as dense. The 2nd “piece” traveled behind it, about 2-inches later and was a bit smaller and lighter than the 1st.
  • They both “appeared” / “manifested” about 1-inch in front of my nose. They entered fairly quickly, not really “fast” though, and seemed to have been “blown” / “puffed” / “floated” into my nose.
  • Once they hit the curvature of that air channel, they just disappeared. I didn’t feel them actually “hit” my nose or any part of the inner walls.
  • I then laid there in bed going through a self-diagnostic routine, to determine if there was any damage or continuation of those energies. There wasn’t.
  • I know they weren’t “insects”. (I just know.)
  • I still feel I’m protected, especially from energies of exotic technologies. So this was not an “attack” on me. Because of the way those “pieces” appeared and immediately dissolved, I feel that this was done by Sylvia. I feel that she needed to “adjust” or “upgrade” me for some reason and maybe she knew the cabal was monitoring “her” or “me”. So she couldn’t simply contact me or walk through the “Veil” and hand me some “vibration raisers”. Maybe she couldn’t send that energy into me without it being manifested on my level. So she figured-out that she could bring those 2 elements through right before my nose and energetically fly them into me. Only Time will tell.
  • I’ve been monitoring those 2 “pieces” throughout the day today and have not sensed anything more about them “directly” or “indirectly”.
  • If Sylvia did this… and if she did this to adjust my frequency, it means “the Event” is VERY close… very, VERY close.
Very strange.
  • Remember, “strange” is simply something we don’t yet understand.
Cobra Posted this for the “Resistance Movement” today:
  • “CITA ANNABELLA v9.3 operational”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: