PS 1-9-21 Arrests?, Internet?, Software

In this 9-minute video (from January 9th), Financial whistleblower, Charlie Ward provides a few updates to what is “supposedly” happening behind-the-scenes:
  • The Military has been mobilized yesterday and Arrests will be taking place this week.
  • The “Inauguration” might be pushed out to March… maybe March 21st.
  • (From Charlie…) “Within the next 3-to-4-to-5 days, everything will start to become very, very clear. Sit back, enjoy, relax and don’t be scared… Keep an open mind. You’re going to learn things that you could not believe.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
In this 3-minute video, former CIA Agent, Robert David Steel, states that in the early hours of Sunday (or sometime Monday), the Internet will go down. This will include the ability to process Credit Card and ATM (local cash machines) transactions.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
  • NOTE: Because my Desktop Computer gets its Internet Access from our iPhone, I have to watch as many videos as possible on the iPhone itself. Otherwise, we will exceed the “Personal Hotspot” allotment of “data transfer” for that month.
  • So after watching this particular video, I forgot to Copy that Internet Address from the iPhone and transfer it to my Mac, where I assemble our Blog Posts.
  • When I went back, to locate that video and Copy its Address, I couldn’t find it.
  • So I can’t include the link to this video.
My comments: Yes, we’ve all been hearing about the “3-days of darkness” for quite a while. We’ve also heard about top-level Arrests happening “at some point”.
So is this information real “now”? I have no idea. We won’t know until it actually happens. However, in order to err on the side of “it’s a good idea to be prepared”, please think about these things:
“IF” there really is no Internet:
  • lt means no “online” transactions. This means no Credit Cards can be used “electronically”… and because most businesses process Credit Card payments “electronically”, they will not be able to operate. Although “a few” businesses are able to drop-down to a manual, “Credit Card and carbon paper” method of payment, their Cash Registers are still “digital” and require Internet access in order to process every transaction. So without Internet access, probably 99-percent (in “my” opinion) of businesses will have to close until the Internet is restored.
  • Without Internet access, no one will be able to “access the Internet”. Yes, that’s an obvious statement. However, some of you are using “Web Mail” for your eMail. This means you are using a “Browser” to access the Internet and then the “Browser” displays the page where your messages are stored. Without Internet access, you will not be able to see New messages AND you will not be able to access older messages “unless” you have downloaded them to your phone or computer. How do Sylvia and I, and most expert computer Users, manage our eMail? We use a dedicated “eMail program”. In our case, Sylvia and I use Apple’s own “Mail” program. All of our eMail messages are pulled into our computer through that program. Once we see a message we could actually disconnect that computer from the Internet and still read its contents, see older messages, write new eMails, etc. “WebMail” might be “easy” to use but think of it as learning to ride a bicycle which still has “Trining Wheels” and “computer-based eMail” as driving a luxury car. So if there are ANY eMails that you want to have access to “IF” the Internet was not available, you’ll need to download those messages NOW.
  • So, aside from “some” Games and “some” other types of programs, most every piece of information “which is gathered for us”, uses the Internet to find and pull-in that data.
Remember, we’re only talking about “Internet” here. Cell Phones us “Cellular” technology, which CAN connect your phone to the Internet but it can also make Phone Calls and Send and Receive Text Messages, which don’t require the Internet… unless, of course, the “blackout” also affects that technology.
Of course, it’s still possible that the “blackout” is not going to happen. I’m simply providing a little insight, just in case.

The following Forum Thread shows a message from Attorney, Lin Wood. He explains that Apple is about to release an iPhone update which will disable the “Emergency Broadcast System” in those phones. He urges everyone to immediately go to your phone’s Settings and TURN OFF “Auto Update”. Do not update your phone’s software until this is over. (This will “probably” be after the big Arrests take place or after January 20th.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 6-23-20 *Internet, *Completion, Cobra

*First a comment:
Our Internet went out “again” today for almost 4-hours. This Time, we also did not have a Dial Tone on our home phone, which was one of the rare times this has happened.
Sylvia and I had to get some groceries today and as we drove out of out neighborhood we saw 2 AT&T trucks doing some serious work next to the road. It looked like they were digging in the ground. I told Sylvia:
  • “It would be nice if they were installing Fiber Optic Cable but we’ve already been told by AT&T that they’re not going to do that any Time soon.”
While checking the Music-Gear websites today, I saw a listing for Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). It was a 2-hour, 49-minute video. I haven’t watched one of those in a VERY long Time. Sylvia and I had heard that Apple was working on their own CPU (Central Processing Unit) Chips over 12-months ago. Knowing that SOME DAY I “will” have a job, we wanted to see what Apple’s upcoming computers will contain. So we watched it.
They announced iOS 14, their new CPU and “Big Sur”, the evolution of Mac OSX.
  • It looks like “Big Sur” will be Apple’s exit from OS “X”, because Big Sur is OS “11”. THIS is also “history in the making”.
At one point, the camera “flew into” the Auditorium. When it did, it showed: “Steve Jobs Auditorium” above the door. I started to cry.
  • Yes, Sylvia and I are completely immersed in “Apple energy”. We’ve been “Apple” from our 1st computer, the “Apple ][+” that we purchased in 1981.
When they announced that all Apple products will contain Apple’s very own CPU, beginning the end of this year, I almost cried again. I told Sylvia:
  • “This is what Steve wanted from the beginning.”
So, the reason I’m including all of this off-topic information is because it’s not really “off-topic”. Instead, I see this as “Completion”… as coming “Full Circle” in the energies that Humanity has been dealing with for Eons. This is just one more facet that is being tied-off as being fulfilled. This is very important and very powerful.
Here’s the link:

Today, Cobra Posted an update to the recent “Age Of Aquarius” Meditation.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:
About a week ago, Cobra was interviewed by the “Sisterhood of the Rose”. The video (audio only) and the transcript can be found on the following web page.
Here are a few excerpts (Debra is the Interviewer):
  • “Cobra: This timeline stargate is a multidimensional doorway which is shifting the evolution  of this planet from the old timeline, which we have all experienced in  the new Age of Aquarius timeline. So we’re actually transiting between  two different timelines, different evolutionary patterns. And this year  2020 is the year when this transition is happening on higher levels and  it starts to manifest towards the physical. The purpose of this stargate  is to shift the course, the current evolution, on this planet. And the  turning point on June 30th is actually the critical moment where we  start to manifest this new timeline. It’s not manifested yet; we are  shifting towards it. Of course, as you can see we are still in this old  paradigm, the planet is still experiencing the last moments, the last  phases of decay of the old society. But this moment of June 30th, we can  actually plant the seed. We can start triggering the change and this  can start manifesting in the second part of this stargate, in the second  part of this year.”
  • “Cobra:  It’s an opportunity to seed the seeds of the new beginning. The new  beginning will not manifest yet, but we can start triggering it. We can  start visualizing it. It’s actually a trigger; it’s like when you light a  fire, the first spark which lights a fire. This is June 30th.”
My comments: The idea that the new timeline “hasn’t manifested yet” is the opposite perspective from what Lisa Harrison and a few others have stated in the last few months.
I’m not saying either one is “true” or “false”. I’m simply presenting the information. Each Being must think through their “Heart”, in order to find their personal “Truth”.
  • “Cobra: This time when we reach  the critical mass, there will be a flash of energy coming from the  Source through the galactic core, through the solar system, and into the  planetary energy grid, which will make the intervention of the light  forces so much easier. So one part of the matrix will be deconstructed  and it will be much easier for the light forces to enter with their  energies into the energy field of the planet. And as I was speaking  before about the emotional healing, emotional healing will become  easier, and this is one of the critical aspects of the transition that  needs to happen.”
  • “Cobra:  …I would also need to say  that the situation, the surface of the planet, will only get better just  before the Event. People are expecting big changes to happen any  moment, but I would say big changes on the physical plane are only  possible just before the Event, when the critical mass of power is lost  by the dark. So as long as they control the surface population, we  cannot expect big breakthroughs. But just before the Event, or quite  close towards the Event, we will have a cascade of events that will  surely and quickly move towards liberation. But at the same time on the  energy planes, on the nonphysical planes, we might experience positive  breakthroughs even before that.”
  • “Debra: Okay, good. I’m glad you addressed that because I’ve had a lot of  people that wanted me to ask you how much longer will this madness go on  and all of that. What can we expect might happen when the Age of  Aquarius timeline stargate closes on December 21st?”
    “Cobra: This is something that I cannot talk about at this moment yet.”
    “Debra: Okay, good. I’d like to speak to you a little bit about the situation  on the nonphysical planes, like the status of those planes being  cleared. You said that most of the plasma anomalies have been removed.  Does this mean that many of the plasma scalar weapons have been removed?”
    “Cobra:  The plasma anomaly has been almost completely removed. What is  remaining is etheric anomaly, which has basically the same scalar  weapons, the same technology. And this has also been cleared to a  degree. So I would say there is substantial progress in the last few  months.”
    “Debra: Right, supporting each other. And what can you tell us in terms of hope for the future?”
    “Cobra:  Well, the situations beyond the planets are improving drastically, the  situation of solar system is so much better. The cosmic energies coming  in are huge. The cosmic cycles which are completing, cosmic cycles  ending and cosmic cycles beginning, are huge. This all just needs to  manifest towards the physical. It takes some time—it takes a lot of time  actually—and we’re all very tired, but we’re getting there slowly.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 5-26-20 *Positives, *Technology, Updates, OpenNow!, “virus?”

*First a comment:
This morning, I began having a very “Positive” feeling throughout this Unit. As I look at that energy now, it seems to have spread-out from within me to encompass our home.
This may be because Sylvia and I finally received our Stimulus Check or it could be because I rid our home of a “negative” Presence.
  • Two nights ago, I was sitting here, working at my computer when I thought I heard something behind me at the other end of the room. (About 25-feet away.) Even with these “open back” Headphones one, on a good day, I can hear a Fly walking on the wall.
  • I heard a slightly “building creaking”, as if someone was slowly walking across the floor. I could feel the energy of the “weight” of that “person”.
  • I quickly got up from my chair and walked to that part of the room. As I did, I could feel a “selection of energies” appearing within me. The first one to surface was “fear” but I instantly brushed it aside. I shielded myself, pulled-in my energies and became very focused.
  • All of that took place in about 3-seconds.
  • I caught a “shadow” / “faint silhouette” of a Figure out of the corner of my eye. I couldn’t tell if it was male or female and the shape itself looked to be at least 6-inches taller than me.
  • Still being very firm in my energies, I stated:
  • “If you’re supposed to be here, it means you’ve been approved by Sylvia and you are welcome here… but if you are here to spy or harm me, then you are not welcome here and better leave. NOW! If you don’t leave immediately, you will be dealt with. I’m not playin’. You have been warned.”
My feeling is that it left right away. I’ve gone through this with a few other Entities in the past and, sometimes, I have to go into the next part of my “explanation”. (Keep in mind that I’m not Human and I am aware of “some” of my Protections.)
  • If you insist on remaining, I would advise you to carefully look around you… and above you. Look closer and you’ll see that I am not alone.
  • (There’s a little more to it but I’m not going to give ALL my secrets away.)
Always start by protecting yourself. Never make any statement that you cannot backup. This includes communications with Beings that you can “see” and “not see”.
It’s really “best” to have some real training in all this before attempting any of this. With that said, I’ll go ahead and outline a bit more…
  • If you have a trusted Friend or Family member who knows about the “Psychic Arts”, talk to that person and decide which of you will take “Point” (the Lead) “IF” either of you has to deal with an unknown “negative” force. Although having more than one person direct energy at a “situation”, it would be more flexible to have one person be the “Communicator” / “Main Contact” and the others send energy to that person. It’s also a good idea to have at least one person constantly examining a wider scope of energies. In this way, they can foresee any other Entities trying to ambush the Main Contact person.
I finally got around to calling AT&T’s Billing Department, in order to get a discount on the Internet outage we had earlier this month. It was out for over 25-hours. Last month, it was out for over 90-hours!!!
Not only did he give us almost double the discount that the previous Billing person issued, we also talked about current Technology.
Sylvia and I have been out-of-touch with most Technologies, especially when it comes to “Cellphones”, for over a decade. We’ve never had a Cellphone but, even if we wanted one, we had heard that the costs were over $200 per month!
During this conversation, he told us that they have the iPhone 8 for “free” and the Service “Plan” would only be $75 a month! What?! We’re paying over $97 a month for a standard Telephone (Land Line) and Internet. He told us that Cellphone Technology would not only be a LOT faster than the “DSL” Technology we’re currently using but we would not have experienced any outages!
I checked their website and discovered, even an iPhone SE (2020) would only cost us $65 a month for the “Service” and $20 a month for the “Phone”. That’s still LESS EXPENSIVE than what we’re paying now!!!
I just dug a bit deeper, on the AT&T website:
  • It looks like we can get a new “iPhone SE (2020)”, and the “Service”, for $70 a month and they want $38.50 up front.
Why didn’t someone tell us that the Earth had turned sideways?
Question everything.

This 18-minute video provides some updates on today’s happenings.

I pulled-up this video, in order to watch it… to see if contains any information I need to include here.
When I opened that page, the “Splash Screen” (the first image seen in the video) is a photo of President Trump talking to Obama. The caption on that photo reads:
  • “I assume you’ll want a Cell facing Mecca.”
When Sylvia crossed-over, my humor went with her. So I don’t do “funny”. When I saw that caption, I almost laughed. I told Sylvia it’s worth including this link, just for that.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:

This 17-minute video is from the ‘X22 Report”. Here are a few highlights:
  • What caught my attention is at the 9:37-mark… There’s text on the screen, from President Trump, which reads: “Stock Market up BIG, DOW crosses 25,000. S&P 500 over 3,000. States should open up ASAP. The Transition to Greatness has started, ahead of schedule…”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Over the last week or so, I’ve been checking a local “newspaper”, to see when the restaurants are going to open their Dinning Rooms. Today, a title of an article caught my attention: “Coronavirus: Buncombe’s COVID-19 death count nearly doubles over holiday weekend“.
A few minutes later, I took a break and looked outside our Living Room window and realized something that I had overlooked before…
  • The guy who lives across the street, probably 60-feet away, actually works for a Cemetery. He drives one of those light-blue trucks which has a steel frame in the back, which looks like the outline to an “A-Frame House”. Those trucks are used to pull-up and move-off “caskets”.
  • What I realized is… If the number of “deaths’ from this “virus” are a high as the cabal wants us to believe, then our neighbor would be working night and day… but he’s not. He would also have knocked on our door, to ask if I’d like to make some extra money helping him “dig holes” or in some other way… he never did.
  • He would also be driving that truck home, for Lunch, because he works nearby and wouldn’t feel right, under this situation, to drive it into a restaurant parking lot… but he never did. Sylvia and i haven’t seen that truck since last year.
  • Instead, he’s been having, what seems like a regular work schedule.
What bothered me about that article is them saying that “double” people have died over this last weekend.
So I went to the County’s website and found a page which has “the numbers”:
Here’s the link to that page:
Notice that this is for the entire “County” and that there have now been “19” deaths TOTAL. This was last updated today (May 26th).
So why did the so-called “news-paper” use the word “doubles” in their title?
Question everything.
Here’s the link to the “doubles” article:

PS 5-4-20 *Internet, *Airplanes, *Sylvia, *Understandings, Hypnosis, Fulford


*First a comment:
Our Internet went out again: May 3rd at 3p.
When we phoned Tech Support, we learned that this keeps happening because the Service we’re using is “DSL” (Digital Subscriber Line) technology. AT&T told us that they’ve been using Fiber Optic technology, more and more, and that it’s much more reliable than DSL.
The Technician told us, because a LOT of people are home right now, they are using their Internet and Television MUCH more than when everyone was working. This has put a huge strain on the DSL equipment. Their Fiber Optic technology isn’t feeling this surge in use. So it keeps knocking-out their DSL Services.
That’s the basic explanation.
We were also told that they won’t be installing Fiber Optic cable in our neighborhood any Time soon because there’s some holdup with City Rules or something.
So Sylvia and I are hoping that our Outages will go away, once things open up and everyone goes back to work.
I talked to Sylvia about switching to “Cable Technology”, which we don’t like, but she reminded me that we may not be able to keep our current Telephone number and having 2 different companies handle similar but different-use technologies may simply add to our monthly costs. We’ll just have to wait and see how this unfolds.
In our Post on May 2nd, I included a Section called “Airplanes”. I described our experience from that afternoon where Sylvia and I saw 3 Aircraft flying over our home — a large Plane and 2 smaller ones.
Yesterday, we received an eMail from H.G. (who’s on this list) thank you!
Along with that eMail, H.G. sent us 2 photos and the Aircraft in those photos are exactly what Sylvia and I saw yesterday!
  • “Dear Paul and Sylvia,”
  • “My wife and I were out walking this morning when we heard, and then saw the jets. It took a little while to see them, they were pretty high and far—You’ll have to search to find the one you described. I blew up the one below to highlight the planes. I saw, but did not photograph, the other two big jets with 5 fighters each behind them—the big birds were B-757 seized planes, and the small jets were the Blue Angels fighter jets!”
  • “They were flying around the country to honor the people in the health care and related professions who are risking so much of their own health by providing aid and comfort to the Corona virus victims. I understand, but didn’t hear it all, that in a few places, these guys are dropping rose petals over hospitals that serve the COVID-19 victims!!”
  • “I didn’t know all that when I saw them, but it was a stirring sight!!”
Two days ago, we were experiencing a nice, sunny day here. At one point, I was walking across our Living Room and I noticed something shiny out of the corner of my eye. I looked down and, on my shirt, I saw a Hair. It was glistening in the Sunlight.
I pulled it away from my shirt and noticed it was about 10-inches long and thinner than “my” Hair. I told Sylvia:
• “This looks like “your” Hair. The color is richer than mine and it’s thinner.”
I immediately compared to my Hair… It was easily “half” the diameter of mine. I now knew this was from My Sylvia. Maybe I’m still too stressed for her to send me another type of message. So she found a way to say: “Hello” by sending me one of her Hairs.
Here’s another facet of Human thinking that I don’t Understand…
The discounts for increased Production.
  • Let’s use the “Printing Press” as an example.
  • I realize that before the Printing Press was invented, Scrolls and Books had to be written-out, by hand and usually by one person. Then, after the Invention of the Printing Press, one person could take a pre-etched block of wood and produce an entire sheet of text in less than a minute. However, for this example, we’ll start with the “modern” Printing Press. The high-speed, computerized version…
  • Let’s say a business wants a Printing Press company to Produce 1 Poster. They are charged $X and receive 1 Poster.
  • The Printing Press company explains that a Hundred Posters could be Produced for a much less cost (for each Poster).
  • Why? Why is the cost to Produce “multiple” Poster less expensive than it is to Produce “one”?
  • Think about it… The Printing Press has to be run for a longer period of Time. If it’s run at a faster speed, their cost of Electricity will be increased — not because they’re running it longer but because, sometimes, the cost of Electricity increases whenever a facility draws more Power at once, after a specified amount.
  • Then there’s the factor of “workload”. Maybe one person could operate a large, modern Printing Press, when it’s only Producing a lower quantity of Posters but once their Volume increases, let’s say to 100, then they need 2 or 3 people to run that same machine.
  • So the cost of Electricity and manpower has increased but the Printing company is giving a discount.
  • This is the same “Discounted” formula when dealing with a lot of different Industries. from manufacturing Cellphones to weaving Clothes and Rugs… it even applies to a lot of made-by-hand industries, such as Furniture Makers and Home Builders… but Why?
  • If you go to a Building Contractor and ask them to build you a House, you would be quoted a certain price. If then asked that same company to, instead, build you 100 Houses, they would quote you a “Discounted-per-House” price. Why? It makes no sense.
As usual, I’m spelling all of this out in case you know someone who “you” think is a “slow thinker”. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with their Mind. Maybe they are simply still in-touch with something that’s beyond this 3D illusion and if “you” do your best to Understand “them”, maybe you’ll realize they may not know much about “this” but they may have a HUGE Understanding about “that”.
Just some thoughts.
Question everything.

This 1-hour video is from Hypnosis Practitioner, Allison Coe. Her Client’s Session was in late March – early April. Here are a few highlights:

  • Her Client sees a new Earth on a screen. The Collective population become very angry at one point in the future, because they learn that they didn’t have to be in as much fear as they were being told. Allison asks how the population learned about this. The Client says its was through the “Main Stream Media”.
  • The Client says it takes “5 weeks” for the population to learn about all the horrible things that were done and to react to them.
  • At that point, 2 Portals open. These are choices for the population. In the first Portal, can be seen the purple and gold new Earth. The other Portal “is just dark. There’s no really fear in it but it’s just bland. The same stuff happening over and over.”
  • The people simply have to turn away from the dark, in order to choose the better life.
  • Even if someone chooses the “dark”, they can still choose the “light” later. A smaller Portal will then open and they will pop-over to the other timeline.
  • “2021 is when it opens it. 2021 is when it anchors.”
  • “A lot of confusion, between now and October.”
  • “There’s no hiding anymore. Everything comes up at once.”
  • The “virus” is receding as people don’t buy into it and focus on love. The more the Collective focuses on love, the faster the vaccines will fade.
  • “The more that individuals find out about this, the more that it anchors to a new timeline.”
  • The Client’s Higher Self verifies the “Earthquakes”… the “happenings” of clearing-out the underground facilities.
  • Allison asks if there will be “an Event”. The Client’s Higher Self states: “If we stay on a timeline of fear, the Event will come with a Lightwave, that’s at the beginning… At the end of the 5-weeks of “roar”, they will feel lighter versions of this Wave… If the Collective chooses this anger, the Wave will come in 2021… If they choose this Light and Love, it may happen MUCH faster.”
  • “The Veil is very thin.”
  • After the Event, “the Earth will be a place of instant manifestation.”
  • “It will be easy because the darkness will be washed out.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:
This is Benjamin Fulford’s “partial” weekly report. (The rest will be available on Thursday.) The title is: “Will the Scamdemic flush out the Secret Space Force?“.
I’ll let you read the rest of this article but I wanted to include this part, which I found VERY interesting:
  • “Although there may seem to be a stalemate on the surface as the battle for Planet Earth rages on, something huge is coming, multiple U.S. government-linked sources agree.  The secret space program is about to be unveiled, NSA sources say.  For their part, NASA sources say some sort of anomaly is “affecting the very fabric of reality.””
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 5-2-20 *Airplanes, *Understandings, *Internet

*First a few comments:
  • I thought there was going to be some “real” information to include tonight but, after watching several alternative news videos there wasn’t. I had already written-out the following earlier today. So I’m sending this along in order to not have too much to say in tomorrow’s Post.
About 1p today, Sylvia and I heard a fairly large “Airplane” flying over our home. I went to the window and noticed that it was taking long than usual to appear within our view.
When we could finally see it, we saw very slow-moving Airplane about the size of a Passenger Plane. It looked dark-gray in color. The odd thing was that there were 2 small Aircraft flying beside it… and only on its left side. Each was about the length of one of the larger Plane’s wings away from the larger Plane and each other.
The smaller “Planes” were very small in comparison to the larger one. I would say they were only about 1-third the length of the larger Plane. They seemed much more streamlined than the larger one. My “guess” would be that these were “fighter jets” but they looked too small for that.
This group of 3 Planes were not flying in the typical pattern for where we normally see ‘flying things”. Instead of the typical East-West route, these 3 Planes were flying to the South West and from our location, this would have them flying “to” or “over” Atlanta, Georgia.
A few days ago, I began thinking, again, about a few things that don’t make sense to me. These are Human – Society facets that I don’t Understand…
  • This one is a recent change in the way the “Weather” is calculated…
  • Why is it that our computer’s Weather  predictions, as well as those at, show the highest temperature for any Day to be around 3p, 4p or even 5p?
  • When I was growing up, we learned how Native Americans were in-touch with Nature and knew, when the Sun is the highest in the Sky, that was “mid-Day”… and the warmest temperature of the Day.
  • It just doesn’t make sense. Why would the outside temperature be “warmer” AFTER the Sun has moved from being directly overhead?
  • This one is just me not understanding why some Human technologies don’t work the way I thought they did…
  • When I was growing-up, I noticed… whenever I turned-on a “Hot” Water Faucet, it would take several seconds for the water to become hot enough to meet my expectations. In my mind, I figured the water was simply cold because it wasn’t used for a while and then had to get hotter and hotter to meet the temperature that I set the Faucet to.
  • This was a bit slow but the engineering of that scenario seemed to match (somewhere within me) my own memories of being aboard the various Starships.
  • Then, about a Decade ago, I realized what was actually going on with that water-temperature System… and this was reinforced after Sylvia and I bought this portable electric Heater for our home, several months ago.
  • What I realized is the water in the Water Heater is constantly kept at a pre-set temperature, say 140-degrees. When a Hot Water Faucet is turned on, the water in the pipe, which has now cooled, has to be pushed-out before the Hot Water in the tank can appear at the Faucet. Of course, during its travel, that “Hot” Water has to first heat the pipe before its 140-degree temperature can be felt (or measured) at the actual “Faucet”.
  • A similar thing happened with this Portable Heater… There are Temperature Settings on it, which can be set by the User. However, you’re not actually setting the “Temperature”. You are really setting a “Threshold”. You’re telling its internal Sensor to turn that Heater off when the temperature its sensing reaches that particular temperature. What I’m saying is I don’t Understand this because the Heated Air is not getting “hotter”. The heat being produced is constant but that device is only concerned about getting the temperature in the “room” to the temperature that is set by the User.
  • Some Stoves, Ovens and other devices still work this way.
  • The technology I’m used to actually creates the temperature set by the User. In other words, if I dial-in “70-degrees” on this Portable Heater, that’s the temperature it would produce.
Since I’ve mentioned “Water Heaters”, let’s “go there”, because I haven’t Understood THAT part of Human engineering since I realized what was happening (which would be Decades)…
  • Let’s skip over the beginning of the Invention because I do Understand that “Hot Water” was initially used by boiling water outside on a log fire and then carried in buckets to where it was needed, inside a home. I get that.
  • Then came the Invention of the “Water Heater”. These were large, bulky and expensive. So let’s skip over this, also.
  • However, in the last few Decades many technologies have improved and become faster, cheaper and smaller. So who’s bright idea was it to put “one” Water Heater in a building or home? Think about it. Let’s say the Water Heater is 20-feet from the closest Sink but because you can’t simply run Water Pipes in a straight line to the Sink, you have to go up over the Ceiling, down under the Floor and around corners, through the walls. This means that same Water Heater must use about 30 or 40-feet of Pipe… but we’re not done, because there is a “Hot” Water Pipe and a “Cold” Water Pipe. So you have to run TWO SETS of Pipe for EVERY Sink! Now you’re running 60-to-80-feet of Pipe for ONE SINK! Why?
  • Why not run ONE “Cold Water” Pipe into the home and up to the Sink. Then, AT THE SINK, divide that Pipe, using probably 2-feet of Pipe, to bring Water into a small, “Instant”, Water Heater?
…and why are Humans using 2 sets of Pipes for this?!
  • Starship technology, for heating OR cooling personal-use Water has just one System. The technology is AT THE FAUCET and controls the exact temperature of the Water being drawn out of that Faucet. It can “heat” or “cool” the Water. It’s instant and minimal.
Our Internet went out again, today May 2nd at 3:40p. I quickly phoned AT&T Tech Support and was told that there have been a LOT of Outages along the East Coast recently.
About an hour later, our Internet just “came back on”.

PS 4-19-20 *Internet, *Mindset, *cabal, Predictions

*First a comment:
Our Internet went out again — at 3:15p, 4/19/20. When we phoned Tech Support, their automated system stated that it would be fixed by 6p tonight! That’s a huge change from the 3-to-4 days they’ve given us in the past — just about 10-days ago, in fact. So maybe they’re now able to more finely tune-in to exactly what needs to be shutdown, in order to perform whatever work they’re doing.
A few days ago, when Sylvia and I were outside (which we almost never do), we spoke to a neighbor who was walking her dog. I asked if her Internet had gone out lately. She said “yes” and that the woman who lived next to her also had ‘her” Internet go out. Both were out about 5-days before that.
So, are the White Hats still removing the cabal’s “spying Nodes” from the Internet? Only Time will tell.
  • Our Internet finally came back on at 1a. It’s now been off over 69-hours this month.
  • I had to scramble to do tonight’s Research and it’s now after 4a. So I’m going to wrap this up.
  • This does lead-up to explaining the energies of the “Mindset”. (Well, “my” Mindset.) I’m using a current situation of ours to provide the background, which is a bit slow getting to my Point.
Yesterday, I opened the Synthesizer Module that was “lost in the Mail but suddenly appeared in our Mailbox, 10-days later”. I wrote an eMail to one of the companies involved in designing this particular Module. I told him my situation will either make him laugh or begin biting his fingernails (as in: “Why did he buy “that” Module?”).
  • I didn’t notice this until I opened the bag but the Module I selected was designed with “Surface Mount” components. (Instead of “Through-Hole” components). This means each component is almost microscope — about an eighth-inch long and about a sixteenth-inch wide and a sixteenth-inch tall.
  • Only someone with a lot of Soldering experience will be able to place the hot, melted Solder (liquid metal) onto the precise spot on the Circuitboard. Since this is the very first thing I’ve ever tried to Solder, this Module was not a good choice as a “first build”.
He responded and was polite… saying, without experience it will be challenging. I was a bit sad that I might not be capable of Soldering this properly.
A week before this, I had started to prepare things… I re-found my Soldering Iron and Solder. I bought both around 1974 from Radio Shack. I noticed that the tip of the Soldering Iron was a bit wider than I thought the components would be. So I got a Metal File, went outside and filed-down the tip. I knew it was dirty but I had no idea that it should have been this shiny. Actually, it’s made of Copper. So I did a really smart thing. The tip is now narrower, completely clean and all “Copper”.
  • I then went online to research a few things about “Soldering”. I quickly saw that YOU”RE NOT SUPPOSED TO REMOVE THE OUTER IRON LAYER OF THE TIP! It’s made that way on purpose — Copper tip, coated with iron.
  • So the “smart” thing I did turned out to be very bad.
  • (I did try to remove the tip, so I could replace it but when I pulled on it, it felt like it was pulling wires with it. So I stopped and started filing.
So now we have to buy a new Soldering Iron AND a Module that’s more-geared towards “Soldering for Beginners”. (Once I have a lot more Soldering experience, I can go back to this Module and build it correctly.)
I’m explaining all this so everyone can see how “my” mind works. Maybe this will help others whose Minds works in a similar way… or may help some of you who know someone is seems a bit “out there”.
  • I’ve been saying, for a long Time… I’m not from this planet. I’ve also mentioned that my Parents, when I was very young, also noticed my “spaciness”. They didn’t understand my energies completely and that was their way of at least recognizing that my thinking processes were different. Sylvia has always understood what my mind is doing. Sometimes more than “me”. She always describes my Mindset as “in-touch with something else”.
  • Sometimes, it’s very frustrating because my energies will be more “on the other side” for most of the day (I don’t realize this when it happens) and whenever I tackle an idea or complex project, I come out the other side of it with the wrong scenario.
  • On other days, I’m actually brilliant. I can keep up with Einstein. “Wow! Look at me. I’m in the Zone, quick, what was that difficult project I wanted to get into?” I then jump into something else and, somewhere along the way, my energies must trip-over something or just short-circuit because, a lot of times, I’m back to having the wrong perspective.
  • This is why, most of my life, I’ve referred to myself as: “Genius the Idiot”.
So if “you” or “someone you know” is going through similar thought processes, they’re probably not “crazy” or “mentally slow”. They may just be in-touch with something that’s currently beyond the grasp of anyone anchored in this 3D illusion.
Question everything.
This morning, I was thinking about one facet of the cabal that I don’t understand…
If they are ruled by the “Draco Reptilians”, as “some” say, then why does the cabal use the “Goat” as their god’s Symbol? Think about it.
  • If I remember correctly, the oldest drawings I’ve seen of their “god” was a guy with horns on his head.
  • Over Time, this has been exaggerated into a Goat’s head and Hooves instead of hands.
  • However, “IF”, as “some” say, the cabal is actually controlled by the Draco Reptilians, why didn’t those Beings force the cabal to worship “them”?… Why didn’t the cabal show images of “Reptilians” as their “god”? I’ve even heard stories of the cabal holding ceremonies where they would “summon” a Draco Being into a circle on the floor, in order to “ask” it to do something for them. Why didn’t they just “summon” their “Goat man”?
  • …and, I would think… if the Draco were all that powerful and greedy for “control”, why would they even “allow” the cabal to worship something other than “them”?
Question everything.
This 54-minute video is an update on the upcoming “Global Currency Reset” and those energies surrounding it.
I haven’t heard of these 4 people before but “they say” they are connected with various White Hats around the world. One is a Financial expert, one seems to be a Horoscope interpreter, one is a Psychic and one is also involved in Finances and other aspects. Here are a few highlights:
  • Around the 5-minute mark they state that the information “Q” is getting is “not from this Earth”.
  • Two of them have met, recently, with David Wilcock and filled him in on some of what’s happening.
  • Around the 17-minute mark, they talk about the “Solar Event”.
  • Now they’re explaining that there will be a transition period for the new Currency where our current, cabal “funny money” will be traded-in for the new, Gold-backed paper money. Eventually, though, everyone will be transitioned to electronic money.
  • This is the 2nd Time they’ve mentioned “the Summer months”… that something will be happening… either the “Solar Event” and / or major announcements from the Government.
  • CEOs of Financial Institutions “have” been Arrested, according to the Psychic.
  • In 2016, they started clearing out the Underground Bases. The “Earthquakes that are popping up everywhere” is connected to those Bases being cleared.
  • The Extraterrestrials have broken up Comet Atlas, so it wouldn’t harm the Earth but they said that some pieces “would” hit the Earth. They then said a piece hit somewhere in Russia.
  • The White Hats are also coordinating “super advanced technology”. One of them mentioned “new cellphones” that will be coming out.
  • The Finance person is explaining that the new Financial Model is based on an off-world system.
  • The new communications technology is “6G” and based on using much less energy and it won’t be harmful to life on this planet, like “5G” is.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

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I just updated the “Links” listed in the Menu on the left.

These are Links to our “Infinity” Band site, and where you can find our Music, as well as links we use every night for our Research. There’s even a couple more sites which show Real-Time Internet outages.

PS 4-9-20 *Sylvia, *Checks, *Humans, *Internet

*First several comments:
My Sylvia crossed-over on this Date, 4/9/11. This Saturday will mark 470-weeks since she “Physically” left my side.
A former co-worked called today to see how we were doing. One thing she mentioned is that there might be a way for Sylvia and I (and others) to get the “Stimulus Check”, even though we forgot to File our 2018 Taxes. She doesn’t have Internet access but said there was a website she heard about on television where people could go and indicate that they may have “fallen through the crack” in this situation.
In my exploring, looking for that website, I discovered the following web page. It’s not the exact page I was looking for but it does describe that people who didn’t File their 2018 Taxes but are receiving Social Security Income, will still receive that Check.
That web page also explains that there’s a Post Office web page anyone can go and Sign-up for free. Whenever Mail is delivered to your Mailbox, they will send you a note. This is one way for people to know “when” their Stimulus Check is actually sitting in their Mailbox.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Here’s the direct Link to that Post Office web page:
  • I didn’t Sign-up for this but it’s not a Scam. In case you’re wondering… That particular Web Address really does belong to the United States Post Office.
  • Because Sylvia and I have our own web page, we learned a couple of things during the Time we’ve explored the features behind it. One of the things we can pay extra for is to have an additional “Folder” (another “Directory”) at the top-end of our website’s Address. In the case of the Address above, the main Address for the Post Office is ““. Then, they paid a little extra and a Directory was added to the beginning of the hard drive space used for all of their information. This specific “Directory” is called: “imformeddelivery”. So, yes, this belongs to the Post Office.
If anyone knows of a website where you can go to say: “i’ve fallen through the crack. I’d like to be on the “Stimulus Check” list” please let me know.
Question everything.
It’s been about 2-weeks since Sylvia and I left our home but, today, we needed a few groceries. So we went to Aldi. We also had to pay our Post Office Box Bill, so we stopped there first.
  • Because of what I’m reading online and viewing in various “alternative news” videos, I’m beginning to sense that there never was a “virus”. Think about it…
  • Almost the same Time the world learned about the “virus”, there were “Test Kits” in various places around the planet. How? Not only “how” did anyone know to get those “Test Kits” out at that point in Time but “how” did anyone know “what” to test for?!!! Early-on, every was in panic mode because no one had any real information on “what” the “virus” was, “how” it was being transmitted, “what” caused it and “how” to stop it. So how did anyone know what type of “Test Kit” to create?
  • Also… Near the end of March, President Trump made an interesting comment at a Press Conference… He implied that everything would be clear in a couple of weeks (mid-April) and said: “When this is all over, we’ll all have a big celebration together.” (If the “virus” was real, then some people would be affected by some friends or family members crossing-over from it. So there would be nothing to “celebrate”… AND how could he predict that the “virus’ would be cleared-up in a couple of weeks?)
  • AND… around the beginning of April, I saw a very short video clip where President Trump is seen coming out of a door with another person in a suit. They walk along a “home-like” building and stop about 2-feet from where the camera was setup — as if they needed to walk to their “Mark” — the spot on the floor which tells Actors where the Director wants them to speak their dialog. President Trump then says (something like): “I like Easter. Let’s see if we can resolve this by then.” (If he was referring to a “virus”, then there’s no way for anyone to predict “when” it would be ok for everyone to resume life as normal. However, if he was referring to the rescue of the Children and the rounding-up of the bad guys holding them, then, yes, he could make a prediction like that.)
When Sylvia and I went into the Post Office, we saw clear-plastic sheeting hanging down from the ceiling. I guess it’s supposed to protect those workers from the general public. There were even marks on the floor, stating that we should keep about 8-feet from everyone else.
In Aldi, we noticed that same thing. As we approached the building, there were 2 Employees standing there. One was sanitizing the Shopping Carts and the other was counting the customers going into the store. I asked what they were doing and he told me: “Making sure there were no more than 60 people, total, inside that building, including Employees. Inside, they even had small pieces of yellow paper taped to the floor with arrows and the words “One Way”. I guess this was to force their customers to only move in certain directions throughout the store. (There weren’t that many customers when we were there. So everyone simply moved in any direction they wanted.)
At the Registers, there were signs taped to the floor asking everyone to stay 8-feet from the person in front of you, in Line.
We did notice more people were wearing “Masks” and a few of them were also wearing “Gloves”.
  • I wanted to say something to those people, or at least roll my eyes but I didn’t… because, as “Q” has stated many times: “Optics are important”. This Time, the “Optics” are to reinforce the idea that there really is a “virus”. It’s very important, right now, for as many people as possible to stay home. So seeing Humans in public places dressed with various types of Unit protection will, “Psychologically”, make other Humans think they should remain at home for a while longer. (I say “Humans” because… we’ll let’s not dig that hole right now. I’ll just say that the Star Visitors, on the Earth and in the Starships, are “not” laughing at anyone who overly protects themselves right now. However, when everyone looks back on this point in the Human Collective, a lot of people are going to laugh at what a lot of Humans did during this Awakening.)
  • I went through a little of this with Sylvia’s Daughter, a couple of days ago. She lives in Texas and seems to be addicted to the Main Stream Media. Sylvia and I have explained the “Bigger Picture” to her many times over the decades but she seems to be glued to the cabal’s every word. She’s been on Vacation for almost 3-weeks. A few days ago, she told me someone from work is going to stop by and pick-up some papers from her. She told us she was going to leave them on her porch because of “Social Distancing”.
I’m not trying convince anyone of anything I’m including. My Truths are “my” Truths and since “Truth is a moving target”, each of us is Evolving in our own way at our own pace.
While we were in the grocery store, I told Sylvia: “I actually feel pretty good today. I’m sensing a very positive or clear energy throughout the planet.” Maybe it’s because this is the first point in life on Earth where everyone is going beyond “being” and “staying” clean all around the planet at the same Time.
I’ve wanted to address this for a few weeks now. Today, Sylvia and I received a Postcard in the Mail. It’s from ““. It talks about “Social Distancing”, how to clean yourself and your environment, etc. It also states: “Always practice good hygiene: Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow”.
  • Who makes this stuff up? I’ve seen many people do this, during my 65-Solar Cycles of this Incarnation. Why would anyone tell you to store your germs this way? It doesn’t make any sense, especially now when everyone is overly paranoid about “catching” something. Think about what you’re doing… When you sneeze or cough into your elbow, those germs remain there until that garment is cleaned. If it’s a shirt or blouse, it “typically” means about a week. If it’s a suit coat, it “typically” means about a month or more. So why would anyone tell others to carry around their germs?  What “I’ve’ learned, from my “remembered training” (onboard the Ships), is that you sneeze or cough onto the back of your “hand”. Think about it. Not only is the “palm” of your hand unaffected, so you can turn knobs and open doors but the very next Time you wash your hands, guess what?… you’ll also be washing the “back” of your hands at the same Time. This means you’ll only carry those germs for a matter of “minutes”!
  • Please use this “quiet Time”, to Meditate or at least to “go within” and see if you can reconnect with those Incarnations when you were on other planets or working onboard those Starships. If you have any Dreams, write them down and look them up “Symbolically”. This will remove the “gross” or “embarrassing” aspects and provide you with an Inner insight as to what your Life is currently working on.
Question everything.
Our Internet did not go out today. Sylvia and I did go to the grocery store today but it doesn’t look like it was disconnected. Maybe they finally fixed it or removed that cabal technology.

PS 4-8-20 *Internet, *Sign?, Predictions

*First a comment:
Our Internet was out for another 7-hours today. This is very stressful for me because I can’t do the online Research that I normally do, during those “down” times. Then, once our Internet connection is reestablished, I have to play catch-up and some of the videos that appear each day are 30-minutes to 2-hours long!
I was doing some Synthesizer work this afternoon, wasting Time until our Internet was back up. It was getting later and later and I didn’t know whether to just go to bed or wait a bit longer. Now that it’s back up, I decided to have “Supper” and it’s almost 11p. This is the way it’s been since last Friday. So, by the Time I get all my Research done, Sylvia and I end-up going to bed around 3a or 4a in the morning, which forces us to get up late and repeat the same routine the next day!
Between yesterday and today, I have had 3 “near connections” with a “Job”. That’s the closest I’ve been to another Job, since I started looking over 13-weeks ago.
  • Yesterday morning, I saw a Job Posting online that I thought would be a fairly good fit for me. I immediately phoned the local Employment Service, to tell them I want to be considered for that job. The woman on the phone was a bit surprised. She said: “We just Posted that Job. It came in this morning and we haven’t even finalized the paper work yet.” She said she’d add me to their list but that they had 2 other “potential hires” to present that Job to first. (I checked that Listing this morning and it indicated that this Job was already filled.)
  • Also yesterday… Someone from a “Merchandising” company left a message on our Answering Machine. She also sent us an eMail. I had applied to this company about 3-weeks ago. Her message stated that I would be a good fit for that Job and that she would call us back tomorrow (which would be today). I replied to the eMail but haven’t heard anything back.
  • This morning, someone from an Employment Service in Iowa (or Idaho) left a message on our Answering Machine. He said he has a Job that I might be a good fit for. He said it’s a Warehouse job and pays $15 an hour! He also sent an eMail but looking it over, I saw that it requires a “Certified” Forklift Operator. I only have a tiny bit of experience on that machine. So it didn’t work out.
I’m writing all of this out because, “maybe” this is a Sign that my next Job is about to Materialize. Only Time will tell.
  • It’s now 3:40a and I’m almost finished with tonight’s Research but I had to stop because, while in the middle of the “Predictions” video (below), I had this intrusive feeling that everyone is about to go back to work but “I” still won’t have a job! (I just heard Thunder. It wasn’t even supposed to rain right now.)
This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you. I would not have known about this otherwise.
This 25-minute video, from March 30th, is Narrated by Experiencer / Channeler Elizabeth April.
Although her information is interesting, the facets which caught my attention begin around the 12-minute mark:
  • She describes the “2 Earths” and how we move between them. She says one is the “old, 3D Earth” and the other is “the new, 5D Earth”. This is very similar to what Lisa Harrison describes, when she explains how the “old Earth” was “Copied” and used to create a “new Earth”.
  • Elizabeth April also explains… because we’re moving back-and-forth between these 2 Earths, “this” is why we’re experiencing the “Mandela Effect”.
  • She mentions a “Fireball” hitting the Earth, which was shown to her by the Galactic Federation. When she asked them what that was, they explained that it was a burst from the Sun and that it “may” knock-out electricity but it will shutdown the Internet.
  • She also talks about there being no Internet for 3-to-10 days… so the “White Hats can reset things”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: