PS 12-14-19 Big, Jubilee?, Stargate, Incarnations

On this Forum Thread, the OP (Original Poster) as well as several Commenters, state that they have been feeling as though “something big is coming”.
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This Forum Thread talks about something that a few countries, a few cities around the world have already done… provide a 1-time “Debt Jubilee” for their citizens. Although I’ve been hearing about this for a VERY long Time, I’m now seeing that those distance drums are getting much louder.
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This short article was Posted on December 11th. The title is: “Earth Alliance Intel Update ~ 12:12 Stargate Opens”.
  • LOVE HAS WON – Channeled By: Michael Love”
  • “Great Beings Of Light,”
  • “Something Powerful And Majestic Is Happening On Planet Earth!”
  • “A Super Wave Of Cosmic Energy Has Been Building To An Apex For Some Time Now And Is Headed Straight For The Planet!”
  • “Can You Feel It Coming?”
  • “Are You Ready For Something Big?”
  • “A Major Planetary Shift Is Underway As Light Forces Are Lining Up Around Planet Earth At This Hour In Preparations For The Opening Of The 12:12 Stargate!”
  • “Starseeds All Around The The Globe Are Feeling Energy Levels Rising As We Move Closer To The Grand Culmination Of The Event 2020!”
  • *Earth Frequency Update*
  • “Over The Last 48 Hours Light Forces Deflected Several Powerful Beams Of 40-Hertz, 5D, Gamma Light Towards Earth For The Purpose Of Strengthening The New Earth Grid!”
  • “These Powerful 5D Cosmic Beams Were Imprinted On The Schumann Resonance Graph! (See Link Below)”
  • *Exotic Particle Forecast*
  • “The Earth Alliance Reports That New And Rare, Inbound Exotic Cosmic Particles Referred To As Tachyon Neutrinos Have Been Detected Emanating From The Galactic Core And Are Heading This Way Now!”
  • “This New Cosmic Particle Dubbed ‘X17’ Is Fascinating Because It Travels At The Speed Of Light, Can Shapeshift Into Other Particles And Can Pass Through Solid Matter With No Interaction!”
  • “This Wave Of Cosmic Light Will Begin Impacting Earth In The Coming Hours.”
  • “23% Increase In Cosmic Radiation Measured Entering Earth’atmosphere Recently!”
  • “Coronal Frequency Adjustments Are Weakening The Sun’s Magnetic Field , Allowing Extra Cosmic Rays Into Earth’s Solar System.”
  • “Neutron Monitoring Stations Across The Planet, Show That Cosmic Rays Are Percentage Points Away From Reaching The Highest Levels Ever Recorded!”
  • *Planetary Earth Changes Update*
  • “Earth Alliance: Inbound Cosmic Pulse Track Issued For Dec 12Th!”
  • “Cosmic Particle Waves Of This Scale Can Trigger Large Disruptions Of The Geosphere Of Planet Earth!”
  • “The Earth Alliance Says Global, Powerful Magnetosphere, Earthquake And Volcanic Disruptions Are Possible Over The Next Several Days!”
  • “Ascension Symptom Reports Are Currently Elevated Among The Light Worker Community Across The Earth!”
  • “Great Ones,”
  • “Standby For A Super Energetic Time As The 12:12 Stargate Opens!”
  • “The Ascension Of The Starseeds Of Earth To 5Th Dimensional New Earth Is Imminent!”
  • “Let Us Know What Ascension Symptoms You May Be Experiencing!”
  • “Take The Best Care Of You And Do All You Can Do To Vibrate High!”
  • “Know That All Of These Energetic Changes Are Part Of A Grand Positive Process That Is Leading To A New You And A To A New Earth!”
  • “Great Blessings And Godspeed!”
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This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.
The title of this article is: “Multiple Incarnations In A Single Lifetime: Your 5D Existence”.
I’m sending this because, generally, it explains the current energies the Beings on the surface of this planet are experiencing… and, specifically, because part of what is mentioned reinforces what Sylvia “showed” and “told” me within hours of her crossing-over. (The fact that “I”, and now it seems that many others, will not be “crossing-over” / “passing away”, in order to get to the other side of the “Veil”.) Here’s the text I’m referring to:
  • “As souls, we have all individually chosen to incarnate during this demanding new chapter in Gaia’s book of life, and chosen different purposes in doing so. As we are now able to increasingly live in a physicality that spans 5 dimensions of density, we can consciously choose our paths and life lessons along with Soul, understanding what leads us forward, as opposed to the survivalist mindsets of our previous, denser, living experience. In doing so, we have now shifted to a new design that enables us to live what we can now call an “Incarnation Within An Incarnation,” namely to be able to choose and complete numerous Soul Paths within the same body without the need for the ubiquitous death and rebirth cycle, at least not literally. This has already occurred within our lives over the last few decades, perhaps even unbeknownst to us.”
Question everything.
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PS 10-9-16 *TheBest, *Helicopters, Cobra, Trap

*First a comment:

This morning, my mind drifted to the collective of incarnates who now occupy the various Units throughout this Universe. Some are Human. Some Insectoid. Some Reptilian. Some Avian. Some Aquatic and so on. All of these Beings are scattered throughout this vast expanse of Space. Intentionally appearing (being born) within their Body / Unit, in order to “learn”, “teach” and “contribute” according to their abilities and level of experiences and skills.

Think about this for a moment. There are Beings of all shapes, sizes, colors and materials which have entered this plane of existence just as you and I. “IF” what I’ve been reading is true, then “some” or “all” of those other planets… in those other Solar Systems… in those other Galaxies have already been freed. “IF” that’s true, then the “Earth” is the last planet to be released from the Cabal’s grip… but we all knew this going into this Mission. This means WE, all of us here on planet Earth at this point in Time, carefully selected “Earth” 2016 as our destination. This means YOU, I and all of us… Humans, bids, fish, dogs, cats, etc. are the “Best of the Best”. We have to be. Otherwise, the Cabal could never be defeated.

So if you’re having a bad day or feel useless because you’re feeling that “YOU” will never “make a difference”, remember…

  • “WE” are the strongest, bravest, most-loving and all-’round “Best” there is… in this entire Universe!

So pat yourself on the back, take a deep breath, watch-out for the distractions and don’t take any %$#@ from the Cabal!!! We have just 1 “push” left and we’ll be through the worst of this. We’re almost there.

Today, at 3:10p, 3 gray, what “I” would call “light military” helicopters flew over our home. They seemed to be about 150-feet above the treetops and flying in what “I” would call a “zigzag” pattern… The 1st and 3rd were almost inline behind each other but about 500-feet apart and the 2nd was about 200-feet to the right of the 1st but back about a hundred feet or so.

At 3:45p 3 more, of a similar but not “exactly” the same type, flew right over our home. Same “zigzag” pattern but flying about 50-feet closer to the ground.

All 6 of them were flying East to West.

Question everything.


This is a detailed update from Cobra:

  • A Major Situation Update
  • “Parts of intel released in this report may be difficult or disturbing for some, but need to be released anyway.”
  • “Clearing of the Chimera group continues. After the Chimera has opened the war front inside our Solar System, the Light forces have lost a lot of territory on the plasma plane throughout the Solar System and the Pleiadian fleet had to retreat almost completely.”
  • “Some of that territory has been regained in the last few days and the Pleiadians are returning.”
  • “What has not been known previously to the Resistance is the fact that the physical biochips have not been cleared completely. There is a certain part of the biochips that has escaped all advanced detection and removal technologies of the Resistance and unfortunately every human being still has at least three of those biochips. These three biochips are the physical anchor point for the three main plasma implants, located in the frontal lobe and above the navel.”
  • “The frontal lobe biochips are attached to the optical nerve of both eyes and connected to the auditory cortex of the brain with artificial synapses. They send a constant audio video stream of whatever you see and hear into the mainframe computer of the Chimera group. That computer constantly monitors the activity of surface population and prevents contact between the surface population and the Agartha network and/or extraterrestrial beings of Light with plasma toplet bomb retaliation mechanisms.”
  • “The above navel biochips can effectively control the behavior of the surface population with electrical current biofeedback loop entrainment.”
  • “The activity of the biochips increases during plasma scalar attacks, additionally creating conflicts and lowering the vibration of people.”
  • “Some Agarthan and SSP groups are also infected with those biochips. On the other hand, the races that have completely mastered physical-etheric body transfer (the Resistance, the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians and the positive Andromedans) are completely free of them.”
  • “As I have stated before, these biochips were developed during WW2 in Nazi concentration camps as ordered by the Chimera group to ensure that the quarantine status of the planet is maintained and the surface population controlled.”
  • “Siemens was the company that provided the technological know-how in the development of those chips:”
  • “They were spread among human population effectively after the end of WW2 , inserted in the vaccines of the WHO vaccination programs worldwide.”
  • “One huge technology upgrade of those biochips was between 1979 and 1984 and another one between 1996 and 1999. Another upgrade was in late 2009 and the new vaccines since 2009 have a newer, more powerful version of the biochips inserted into them.”
  • “Although the Resistance has managed to shut down and remove most components of the biochips circuits, one aspect remained undetected until September 1st, 2016 when it was simultaneously activated by the Chimera among the whole surface population and among most SSP factions. The Resistance is now developing technology to remove whatever is remaining of those biochips.”
  • “Also, the Chimera has ordered their remaining Draco minions to activate all remaining scalar plasma weapons which have been secretly installed by the Draco into the majority of all low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. These scalar plasma rays are now targeting the most awakened Lightwarriors and Lightworkers on the surface of the planet in full scale. The Resistance and the Pleiadian fleet can not yet shut down those weapons as they are protected with plasma toplet bombs.”
  • “Also, the Chimera has used old Nazi connections within Germany since 2001 to start constructing underground bases, where they plan to evacuate the Cabal personnel. They also use some of those bases to house the most violent „refugees“ that came with the migration wave into Europe and they plan to unleash them in the global conflict they are hoping to engineer.”
  • “The Resistance has complete control of this situation as the subterranean world is their domestic territory and they have resources to stop any of this from happening and the dark forces will be never able to use those bases or unleash those „refugees“.”
  • “If any of you are curious about those plans of the Cabal, here is the partially reliable first-hand witness report:”
  • “I am not adding the above link to create fear, but for your education and with the full awareness that those plans will NOT be successful.”
  • “Regarding current escalation of tensions between Russia and USA, Putin has received a tactical plan from the Pleiadians how to avoid a global war.”
  • “As the astronaut Edgar Mitchell has emailed to John Podesta, the chairman of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, the positive extraterrestrials will NOT allow a global conflict to happen:”
  • “Complexity wave analysis by the Resistance predicts 65% probability that Hillary Clinton will win the election.”
  • “The global financial system is NOT near the collapse yet as this website erroneously indicates:”
  • “The huge price difference between the West and East silver/gold prices is due to the fact that the Cabal has used the timing of the national holiday in China to artificially lower the gold price. That holiday is China is called the Golden Week and the Cabal just could not resist the temptation to smash the gold price right in the middle of the Golden Week:”
  • “Shanghai Gold Exchange was closed during the holiday and will reopen tomorrow. After it reopens, the East / West gold and silver prices are expected to realign:”
  • “On a more positive side, there is a lot of soft Disclosure going on about many topics in the mainstream media.”
  • “The quarantine status of plant Earth:”
  • “Potential microbial life in our Solar System:”
  • “Earth-like planet in Proxima Centauri system:”
  • “I can confirm from my own off-planet sources that there is a watery planet in the Proxima / Alpha Centauri system and it teems with positive life forms.”
  • “There is more evidence of a Dyson sphere around the star KIC 8462852 :”
  • “And another star with a potential Dyson sphere has been found:”
  • “There are plans to put humanity back to the Moon:”
  • “To Mars:”
  • “Throughout the Solar System:”
  • “And to reach the stars:”
  • “Also, there is more Disclosure in certain TV shows than most people imagine:”
  • “And finally, if you are frustrated that this is all taking too long, perhaps you could take some positive action. Here is a brilliant example what just one person can do:”
  • “If you feel so guided, you can assist that project to feed the hungry here:”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Be sure to visit the following page, in order to access Cobra’s images and links.
Question everything.

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According to the following article, the NON-release of information by Julian Assange was really a trap set by the LightWorkers, in order to get the Cabal to reveal some of their control-points as well as “which” Cabal members are involved.

I’m including this because “IF” this is real, it could also mean the many (the “infinite) delays we’ve been hearing about, regarding the “Global Currency Reset”, “Disclosure”, etc., “may” also be traps set by the good-guys, in order to get the Cabal to show themselves.

Question everything.

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