PS 9-23-16 *MacOS, *Work, *Video

*First a few comments:

Yesterday, Sylvia and I learned that Apple’s just-released Operating System, Sierra (10.12), will not work on our “early 2009” Mac mini. (It requires a Mac mini of “mid 2010 or newer”.) I was hoping to jump to the newer System, in order to fix some of the glitches we’ve been having with “El Capitan” (10.11). For quite a while now, I’ve been saying that some of these small problems are because this particular model of Macintosh is not fully compatible with El Capitan. If this is the case, then, of course, moving up even higher would not “solve” problems but simply introduce more. So we’re stuck at this level until we can afford a new iMac.

Although I didn’t really notice it today, for the last 2 or 3 previous days, I’ve felt a little “psychically” sick and almost “physically” sick while at work. I’m feeling that the energies there have built-up enough where they are now pushing us out of there.

  • This new sensation has been almost “surreal” for me and it’s a bit ironic (I think that’s the word)… For the last several months, I’ve had “energy impressions” of “some” of the new employees to work where we do. I would sometimes initially sense that a certain person’s energy isn’t meshing with the energy in that company. Days or a week or 2 later, I would receive a little more information and it “may” sometimes show that this person’s energy is not fully committed to working there. A few of those people didn’t last 2-months working there.
  • So now I’m having the same feelings… but for “me”. It’s a strange ball of energy. It’s almost similar to what some Humans feel when they perceive themselves in a reflection for the 1st Time. You’ve seen many other types of Beings (Humans, animals, etc.) but to actually view the “shell” that’s been doing the Viewing… can be difficult to explain.

Although My Sylvia knows a lot about various types of technology and how to troubleshoot problems, she’d rather not get involved with those kinds of things if she doesn’t have to. So I’ve been digging into the video-conversion issue that struck us yesterday… which is, trying to find a way to convert a 2GB (gigabyte), 13-minute video to something more manageable. Apple’s “iMovie” software is supposed to do this but it keeps displaying an error.


(As always, I checked my usual “alternative news” sites but, tonight, there was nothing “I” felt “wanted” or “needed” to be included. A few things were very interesting but didn’t fit the type of information I’m Tracking.)

PS 8-14-16 *Music, Keshe

*First a comment:

Today, Sylvia and I began switching gears and start working on the videos for this upcoming album. Right now, it looks like we’ll be filming “me” here at home… we’ll, “part” of me anyway. I won’t be showing my face in any of these videos because this represents the “symbolic” me… who’s “physically” (and temporarily) separated from Sylvia at this point in Time. I have “no face”, “no world”… “I don’t belong here without her”.

Then, to represent “Sylvia”, we “may” be using Human-figure software called “Poser”.

Both the videos of “me” and the video files of “Sylvia” will be laid over each other in Apple’s “iMovie” software. I didn’t have iMovie installed on my Macintosh. So I did that today. When I launched it, a message appeared stating that there’s a newer version and asked if I wanted to download it. This was a “whole-number” upgrade and, usually, companies make you pay for that type of level-change. (We had version “9” and the new version is “10”.)

So, 1 of the things I did during the “over FOUR HOURS” of the new software downloading, is play 1 of our synthesizers.

  • What I noticed about this is that I played the keyboard like I always do… crude, the same simplified “melodies”, the many “hitting 2-keys at once”, etc. THAT’S the way “I” have always played any keyboard… because I’m a “Drummer”, not a Keyboardist.
  • Today’s playing tells me, or actually “reinforces”, what I discovered while Sylvia and I were “Streaming” the songs on this album through the “Veil”… and that is… Sylvia DID send me those songs. She wrote them over THERE and, somehow, pushed them through the “Veil” to me over HERE. When she did, I noticed a “casual assurance” of knowing what I was playing, which I didn’t have today. The melodies and harmonies Sylvia sent me were typically “on-purpose” with very few wrong notes or pauses to “figure out what should be played next”. My playing today, and most every Time I get behind a music keyboard, is uninteresting melodies, predictable harmonies, sloppy playing, etc… just about the opposite of what I experienced while working with Sylvia on those songs for the album.

Here’s the link to the “Poser” software page, if anyone wants to see what this is capable of:


This 57-minute video is of M.T. Keshe, the Iranian Physicist who created Zero Point Energy generators and has been giving away those Plans. So everyone can make their own.

Last year, he made a presentation where he announced these Plasma Generators and had given some away to any country who would agree to stop being involved in “war”. The U.S. did not receive a unit at that Time.

In the following presentation, from August 12th, Mr. Keshe states:

  • “Obama’s Time is up. Not in November, with the elections…”
  • “Energy, food and material, in the next few weeks, will be continuously released around the world.”
  • We are working on a pocket-size, energy pack unit… 2-to-3 kilowatt.
  • “If anything happens, on the way, in the next few days, we will release the technology in such a rapid way that paralyses the whole Western economy.”
  • “August 14th is the turning point for the planet.”
  • “In the next 2 or 3 months, I see oil between $8 to $10 a barrel. In the next 12-months, you see a lot of empty fuel stations.”
  • “In the coming months, one after one, Nuclear Power Generators will be slowing down and shut down.”

My comments: “IF” any of this is true, I’m not sure what Mr. Keshe hopes to accomplish… going to the White House, knowing Obama is on vacation (that’s what he says in the video).

He seems to be giving the “U.S.” and / or the “world” an “ultimatum” / “deadline”… to do “what?” I don’t know but this will be something I’m going to Track as the information becomes available.

About 24-months ago, he also mentioned a type of “deadline” but nothing happened. (That “I” could tell.) So “IF” he can follow-through this Time, he just might succeed in changing the world and “maybe”, just “maybe” THIS might raise Humanity’s frequency enough to start the “Event” and remove the “Veil”. Only Time will tell.

  • Hmm… I was just looking at the “Countdown” information I’ve been including. The Farsight Institute’s latest Remote Viewing indicates that “something” will happen in “August” which involves “hovering craft and something from the sky traveling very fast, extremely hot and hitting the Earth”. That report also states that Obama goes on television to explain what’s happening but “he’s not saying everything he knows”, is what the “Remote Viewer” saw.
  • “My” interpretation of that report would be that the Cabal stage a False Flag “alien invasion” and linking this to what Mr. Keshe is currently doing, I would also say the Cabal started that False Flag, in order to divert our attention away from those Free-Entery devices. Again “IF” any of the Keshe information is true, then “maybe” this part will also unfold.


Question everything.