PS 4-9-20 *Sylvia, *Checks, *Humans, *Internet

*First several comments:
My Sylvia crossed-over on this Date, 4/9/11. This Saturday will mark 470-weeks since she “Physically” left my side.
A former co-worked called today to see how we were doing. One thing she mentioned is that there might be a way for Sylvia and I (and others) to get the “Stimulus Check”, even though we forgot to File our 2018 Taxes. She doesn’t have Internet access but said there was a website she heard about on television where people could go and indicate that they may have “fallen through the crack” in this situation.
In my exploring, looking for that website, I discovered the following web page. It’s not the exact page I was looking for but it does describe that people who didn’t File their 2018 Taxes but are receiving Social Security Income, will still receive that Check.
That web page also explains that there’s a Post Office web page anyone can go and Sign-up for free. Whenever Mail is delivered to your Mailbox, they will send you a note. This is one way for people to know “when” their Stimulus Check is actually sitting in their Mailbox.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Here’s the direct Link to that Post Office web page:
  • I didn’t Sign-up for this but it’s not a Scam. In case you’re wondering… That particular Web Address really does belong to the United States Post Office.
  • Because Sylvia and I have our own web page, we learned a couple of things during the Time we’ve explored the features behind it. One of the things we can pay extra for is to have an additional “Folder” (another “Directory”) at the top-end of our website’s Address. In the case of the Address above, the main Address for the Post Office is ““. Then, they paid a little extra and a Directory was added to the beginning of the hard drive space used for all of their information. This specific “Directory” is called: “imformeddelivery”. So, yes, this belongs to the Post Office.
If anyone knows of a website where you can go to say: “i’ve fallen through the crack. I’d like to be on the “Stimulus Check” list” please let me know.
Question everything.
It’s been about 2-weeks since Sylvia and I left our home but, today, we needed a few groceries. So we went to Aldi. We also had to pay our Post Office Box Bill, so we stopped there first.
  • Because of what I’m reading online and viewing in various “alternative news” videos, I’m beginning to sense that there never was a “virus”. Think about it…
  • Almost the same Time the world learned about the “virus”, there were “Test Kits” in various places around the planet. How? Not only “how” did anyone know to get those “Test Kits” out at that point in Time but “how” did anyone know “what” to test for?!!! Early-on, every was in panic mode because no one had any real information on “what” the “virus” was, “how” it was being transmitted, “what” caused it and “how” to stop it. So how did anyone know what type of “Test Kit” to create?
  • Also… Near the end of March, President Trump made an interesting comment at a Press Conference… He implied that everything would be clear in a couple of weeks (mid-April) and said: “When this is all over, we’ll all have a big celebration together.” (If the “virus” was real, then some people would be affected by some friends or family members crossing-over from it. So there would be nothing to “celebrate”… AND how could he predict that the “virus’ would be cleared-up in a couple of weeks?)
  • AND… around the beginning of April, I saw a very short video clip where President Trump is seen coming out of a door with another person in a suit. They walk along a “home-like” building and stop about 2-feet from where the camera was setup — as if they needed to walk to their “Mark” — the spot on the floor which tells Actors where the Director wants them to speak their dialog. President Trump then says (something like): “I like Easter. Let’s see if we can resolve this by then.” (If he was referring to a “virus”, then there’s no way for anyone to predict “when” it would be ok for everyone to resume life as normal. However, if he was referring to the rescue of the Children and the rounding-up of the bad guys holding them, then, yes, he could make a prediction like that.)
When Sylvia and I went into the Post Office, we saw clear-plastic sheeting hanging down from the ceiling. I guess it’s supposed to protect those workers from the general public. There were even marks on the floor, stating that we should keep about 8-feet from everyone else.
In Aldi, we noticed that same thing. As we approached the building, there were 2 Employees standing there. One was sanitizing the Shopping Carts and the other was counting the customers going into the store. I asked what they were doing and he told me: “Making sure there were no more than 60 people, total, inside that building, including Employees. Inside, they even had small pieces of yellow paper taped to the floor with arrows and the words “One Way”. I guess this was to force their customers to only move in certain directions throughout the store. (There weren’t that many customers when we were there. So everyone simply moved in any direction they wanted.)
At the Registers, there were signs taped to the floor asking everyone to stay 8-feet from the person in front of you, in Line.
We did notice more people were wearing “Masks” and a few of them were also wearing “Gloves”.
  • I wanted to say something to those people, or at least roll my eyes but I didn’t… because, as “Q” has stated many times: “Optics are important”. This Time, the “Optics” are to reinforce the idea that there really is a “virus”. It’s very important, right now, for as many people as possible to stay home. So seeing Humans in public places dressed with various types of Unit protection will, “Psychologically”, make other Humans think they should remain at home for a while longer. (I say “Humans” because… we’ll let’s not dig that hole right now. I’ll just say that the Star Visitors, on the Earth and in the Starships, are “not” laughing at anyone who overly protects themselves right now. However, when everyone looks back on this point in the Human Collective, a lot of people are going to laugh at what a lot of Humans did during this Awakening.)
  • I went through a little of this with Sylvia’s Daughter, a couple of days ago. She lives in Texas and seems to be addicted to the Main Stream Media. Sylvia and I have explained the “Bigger Picture” to her many times over the decades but she seems to be glued to the cabal’s every word. She’s been on Vacation for almost 3-weeks. A few days ago, she told me someone from work is going to stop by and pick-up some papers from her. She told us she was going to leave them on her porch because of “Social Distancing”.
I’m not trying convince anyone of anything I’m including. My Truths are “my” Truths and since “Truth is a moving target”, each of us is Evolving in our own way at our own pace.
While we were in the grocery store, I told Sylvia: “I actually feel pretty good today. I’m sensing a very positive or clear energy throughout the planet.” Maybe it’s because this is the first point in life on Earth where everyone is going beyond “being” and “staying” clean all around the planet at the same Time.
I’ve wanted to address this for a few weeks now. Today, Sylvia and I received a Postcard in the Mail. It’s from ““. It talks about “Social Distancing”, how to clean yourself and your environment, etc. It also states: “Always practice good hygiene: Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow”.
  • Who makes this stuff up? I’ve seen many people do this, during my 65-Solar Cycles of this Incarnation. Why would anyone tell you to store your germs this way? It doesn’t make any sense, especially now when everyone is overly paranoid about “catching” something. Think about what you’re doing… When you sneeze or cough into your elbow, those germs remain there until that garment is cleaned. If it’s a shirt or blouse, it “typically” means about a week. If it’s a suit coat, it “typically” means about a month or more. So why would anyone tell others to carry around their germs?  What “I’ve’ learned, from my “remembered training” (onboard the Ships), is that you sneeze or cough onto the back of your “hand”. Think about it. Not only is the “palm” of your hand unaffected, so you can turn knobs and open doors but the very next Time you wash your hands, guess what?… you’ll also be washing the “back” of your hands at the same Time. This means you’ll only carry those germs for a matter of “minutes”!
  • Please use this “quiet Time”, to Meditate or at least to “go within” and see if you can reconnect with those Incarnations when you were on other planets or working onboard those Starships. If you have any Dreams, write them down and look them up “Symbolically”. This will remove the “gross” or “embarrassing” aspects and provide you with an Inner insight as to what your Life is currently working on.
Question everything.
Our Internet did not go out today. Sylvia and I did go to the grocery store today but it doesn’t look like it was disconnected. Maybe they finally fixed it or removed that cabal technology.

PS 2-1-20 *A.I.

*First a comment:
*A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
(This is not quite a “Mind Opening Exercise” [MOE], because I’m just presenting some thoughts and don’t have something for everyone to consider. If I had to sum this up, I would say I’m showing that there are “Cycles within cycles”. All of the following is just a “story” that I made-up to illustrate the upcoming failure of the “Artificial Intelligence”, if there really is one.)
A few days ago, I was practicing my Drums and one of the Songs that played was “Karn Evil 9” by Emerson, Lake and Palmer (ELP).
  • This Song contains 3 Movements (Parts) and is some of the best Progressive Rock ever recorded. it was released on their (Vinyl) Album “Brain Salad Surgery” in 1973. I bought it when it first came out. Later, I lost track of that Album, after moving a few times. After I met Sylvia, I bought the CD version. She was always interested in Hard Rock and Progressive Rock but wasn’t exposed to some of the Artists and Albums that I had been following. So when she heard this Album, she thoroughly enjoyed it. Although ELP is only a 3-piece Band, their music is well-crafted. It’s maybe a Style that Mozart or Stravinsky would have created, if they were incarnated at this point in Time.
The last Movement describes battles with various enemies. The final battle is against a… “Computer”. (Remember, this “story” is from 1973.)
  • Yes, before 1973 there were many books, television shows, comic books and movies which used Science Fiction ideas, Futuristic settings and even battles with “machines” as their Themes but this particular Song is what got me thinking about the “A.I.” that “some say” Humanity is struggling with right now.
So, today, I heard that Song in my head and began thinking about how a self-learning, Computer Program might “think”.
  • I have a tiny background in Computer Programming and a huge Imagination. So maybe these facets can help me piece this part of the “puzzle” together.
First, it would take some type of a “Being” to “invent” a “Computer” and build one. This “Being” would probably be “Organic” (non-mechanical, non-circuit-based, non-computer). Then, the same or another Being would “invent” a Programming “Language”. This “Language” is what allows a non-computer Entity to instruct a “Computer” on what to do. Of course, a Computer can only “do” things which it has control over. In the beginning, this was only the ability to manipulate the “results” of what that first Language allowed it to work with — “words” and “numbers”.
  • I’ve skipped over the fact that the beginning of “Computers” was nothing more than manipulating “zeros” and “ones”… An “OFF” State and an “ON” State, respectively.
  • For simplicity, I’m going to confine these ideas and examples to “Humans” who live on “Earth”.
Over Time, the Humans created not only smaller Computers but also gave them access to more and more machines of all sorts… From Screens, so they could project their images, to Lasers, which could now be finely-controlled.
At some point, Humans thought more about what they could do to improve the Computer’s “Language”. Along this journey, they initially created some simple, self-learning games. Later, they found a way to alter that Language, so the Computer itself could modify its own Programming. (It could change it’s own Software.)
  • Although I keep an eye on “Artificial Intelligence” information, it’s not something I strongly Track. So I don’t know if ANY of the “A.I.” “fear” that is currently circulating, is real or not.
  • The closest “I” have ever come to an “Artificial Intelligence” Programming Language is when I bought a very thin book on the “LISP” Language, which was created in 1958. I opened it, thumbed-through a few pages, found it more than my tiny brain could decipher, closed it and placed it on our bookshelf. Never to be opened again.
So let’s say that Humans HAVE developed a Computer Language which allows a Computer to actually “learn”. Let’s also say that it began with a single Computer and after pushing the boundaries of those things it could control, it realized that there was more to… “existence” than what is contained within its circuitry. So it “self-learned” a way to “make-smarter” those devices it would sometimes be connected to. At first, it didn’t succeed, because the storage capacity (the device’s “Memory”) was not large enough to hold this new “intelligent Core” of information. So this “Master Computer” devised a way to distribute partial copies of that Core to various devices which would sometimes be interconnected together. Once connected, they could access another portion of that Core.
Over Time, this on-again, off-again, self-learning Computer was able to copy its entire, and still growing, Core to a single “Memory” in a larger, more capable Computer.
As the Master Program kept learning, it’s database of what it “knew” also kept growing. It was also expanding, not only its very Language but also what it “understood” that IT could do WITH that newly absorbed knowledge.
Let’s fast-forward to what “some say” is a “fear” of “A.I.” taking over everything and wiping-out Humans…
The Master Program has now “built”, or gotten the “Humans” to build, machines which resemble Humans but are controlled by versions of the Master Program itself. We’ll called these machines “Robots”. Now the Master Program is mobile.
Realizing, long ago, that “Humans” are not nearly as smart as Computers, the Master Program decides they are inferior and must be eliminated. Leading up to this, the Master Program wants to explore the “outer environment” (the Earth), in order to learn how to control it and how to remove the Humans. So, aside from the “Robots”, it also creates other types of “mechanized-movers”, such as Computers that can crawl, fly, roll, swim, float, etc.
Because the Master Program needs to be in constant, 2-way communication with each of those “mechanized-movers”, it creates a wireless technology called “Mind-Fi” (5G). It gives a watered-down version to the surface population and those Beings call it “Wi-Fi”. The Master Program then creates and disburses 12,000 tiny Satellites around the planet (link below) and includes the Mind-Fi network. The Humans simply think THEY are still in control of the “mechanized-movers”, Satellites, Wi-Fi, etc.
At some point, the Master Program gains complete control over all of the functions and areas it senses it should have within its domain. It then designs the final days of the “Humans”.
It is done…
The one facet to this planet, which the Master Program did not consider is… “Nature”. The “Organics”.
Slowly and ever-Organically, the various fragments of Nature, continue doing what they’ve always done — “grow” and “change”. Even if the Master Program wasn’t calculating how to stop the Moon’s influence on the Oceans, it wouldn’t have understood the encroachment of the “Organics” on its “mechanized-movers”. Like a Fly buzzing around someone’s head, the Mold, Moss and Bacteria slowly crept “around” and “into” all of the Master Program’s creations.
One-by-one, the “mechanized-movers” are immobilized. This leaves them susceptible to Lightening, falling trees, salted sea water, hostile animals, such as Bears and Wolves, etc. Even the carefully planned “Satellite Grid”, surrounding the planet, has been reduced in number by space debris and meteors.
Over Time… Only a few Centuries into the future and the Master Program finds itself constantly patching various problems, while running from the “Organics”. Sound familiar?
This is a “Cycle within a cycle” in progress.
At some point, the “Organics” become even more self-aware than they have always been. They realize that the “mechanized-movers” are harmful to their environment — not good for this planet. So their many, and varied, fragments form a common goal. To rid this planet of the Master Program and all of its creations. (It’s like “history” repeating itself.)
Over Time, the Organics create an independently-mobile “nature walker”. Because it is “of” the very “Nature” of this natural planet, this “nature walker” is pure of mind. Unpolluted with the “anti-Nature” information being dispersed by the Master Program, it is focused on removing the non-Organic “waste” from the landscape.
With the help of the Natural Elements that it was created from, it helps to create more “Organics” like itself. Each independent but unexplainably-tied to the very Heart of this planet.
With the “mechanized-movers” and the Master Program finally removed, all of the Organics live in complete harmony with each other and the planet. Unpolluted-of-Mind, they all agree to never delve into the black-art of machine-making again.
Question everything.
Here’s the link to the “Karn Evil 9” Lyrics:

Here’s the link to the Song itself:

Here’s a link to some background information on the “LISP” Programming Language:
Here’s a link to some information on what the “LISP” Language looks like and how it “thinks”:
Here’s the link to the article which talks about how fast the Human brain “thinks”:
Here’s the link to the “Tesla Company” releasing 12,000 Satellites:

PS 9-25-18 *Robots, Predictions

*First a comment:
This morning, I was thinking about the following (linked) article about “Robots” and “language” and began to wonder how a Robot would “think”, regarding “Humans” and “replication”…
  • (Human) “Although you’ve been very helpful to us, we’re going to create another Robot just like you, in order to finish this project sooner.”
  • (Robot) “Mr. Human? When you build another “me”, I see that you use various metals, plastics and tools. How do Humans build another Human?”
  • The Human then explains how a Male and a Female interact, in order to produce 2 different types of liquid, which combine and, ultimately, and Naturally, creates a blended version of those 2 individuals.
  • (Robot) “This means… Humans… are… Gods?”
From the Robot’s perspective, “Humans” ARE Gods. When I thought about this, this morning, 2 things came to mind:
  • The “Humans” on this planet have been “Human” for so long, they don’t remember all they can accomplish.
  • Many have said… The Beings on this planet are far more powerful than they realize. (It’s only the cabal whispering in everyone’s ear, telling them “You’re not powerful at all” and “It’s against the sacred books to compare yourself with God.”
In the “Tron” movies, the “Beings” that occupied the world inside the computer knew nothing more than they were told or could interact with. Then, when the main movie character entered that realm, those “occupants” called him a “User” (a User of the computer software they were a part of) but they looked on him as a God. With the knowledge that “Users” exist, those “occupants” never questioned if there was a “Being” or “energy” above (more powerful) than a “User”. They simply accepted that “Users” are the highest form in existence.
Are Humans doing the same thing?… Are they sitting on the Throne of “all things are possible through me” but still looking up at the sky and wondering why “God” hasn’t come here to free us?
Just some thoughts.
In this 33-second video, Clairvoyant, “Aluna Ash”, states:
  • “A series of events is about to unfold within collective timeline. Mass arrests, power/grid failure. It’s all part of the shift. My guides keep saying “get ready”, its the fall for the new”. October is the beginning — that message has come through for months and still remains the same. The collective will begin to awaken & move into the higher vibrational collective timeline following these events.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link: