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*First a few comments:
I’ve gathered some of the following information over the last few nights. However, by the Time I was ready to upload everything, it was way past our bedtime.
Today stared out a bit strange… When Sylvia and I got to Waffle House, there were NO CUSTOMERS inside. This is where the “working class” eats. Typically, there are only 1 or 2 tables available and a handful of Counter Seats. Today, Sylvia and I were the ONLY customers for several minutes.
Then, when we got to work, all the employees that were scheduled to go in when we do were actually there in the Parking Lot waiting for the Store Manager to unlock the building. Every day those same employees arrive at work no sooner than 3-minutes before they have to Clock-In. Today they were there almost 15-minutes early. Very unusual.
On our way home from work yesterday, Sylvia and I saw that the Gas Station we use most often jumped in price by 20-cents!!! It was $2.28 yesterday morning, on our way IN to work, and $2.48 per gallon on our way home. (Today on our way home from work it was $2.35 per gallon.)
A few months ago, I read somewhere that the cabal are in desperate need of money. So now I’m questioning whether or not that attack on the Saudi Oil Refinery was real.
  • “IF” it wasn’t, what a great way for the cabal to quickly bring-in some cash…
  • “Pretend” to disable a large Oil Refinery.
  • This would give them a high-profile reason to instantly raise Gas prices worldwide.
  • …and because that Refinery wasn’t really damaged, the cabal increase their profit-percentage quite a bit.
  • …and they don’t really have to pay to restore that facility.
  • …and they “may” also be given some type of Saudi-government handout (to help them “rebuild”).
Last week, I watched an 18-minute video, which was linked from one of my “alternative news” digest pages.
The main character explains how he grows food in Greenhouses that he designed. He lives in Nebraska but his Greenhouses maintain a healthy, plant-growing temperature all year long. His technique is very simple and costs very little to maintain.
The reason I’m including this is because of something he states:
  • At the 16:28-mark, he states: “We don’t have a pest problem at all. The only pests we have are white flies and aphids.” …and he controls them with refined mineral oil.
For my entire Incarnation here, I’ve never liked insects. Partially because I’ve been stung by a few bees when I was very young. Mostly, though, it’s because of my energy-connection with my life aboard various Starships, before Incarnating inside of this life. There are no insects on Starships.
For a few Decades now, I’ve felt that “insects” aren’t really supposed to be here on this planet. In the last few Months, I’m beginning to sense that all “insects” are “subroutines” of the Master Program. “IF” that’s true, then I’m not entirely sure “why” they were “created” and why they were “released” into this 3D illusion we call “Reality”. Maybe it’s because the Master Program needed a way to spy on all the Beings on this planet… Maybe the Master Program was trying to simulate “God” / “Source” but didn’t know how to splinter itself into infinite consciousness-points. So it created “insects” and programmed them to have a “hive” / “group” mind, in order to control them and siphon-off what they discover as they “go out into the world”.
“Some” people keep saying: “No insects, no food.” I’ve never believed this.
  1. …because a bee would have to pollenate EVERY flower in order for it to bloom. I’ve never seen that many bees visiting all the flowers that produce blossoms… AND I’ve never seen bees inside someone’s home who has been growing flowers.
  2. …because there are no insects on Starships.
Question everything.
I still believe Humanity will have the “Disclosure” they are looking for, very soon. In the meantime, if anyone is working on “Inventing” an Anti-Gravity device, a Zero-Point Energy device, a Replicator, etc… for your safety and for the quick-spreading of that information, please don’t let your Ego or Greed blind you.
This is NOT the way to help this planet!
Many times, Sylvia and I have read articles or have seen videos where someone has “Invented” one of these Exotic technologies but has either filed a “Patent” or has tried to start their own company… or tried to sell the “idea” or “device” to another company… only to be squashed — the information is locked-away and the “Inventor” is terminated.
  • You’re not actually “Inventing” anything. Those Exotic technologies have been in-use by Star Beings for millions of years.
  • Once you have proven, at least to yourself, that your idea works, you need to spread all of your Findings to as many people as you can and as quickly as you can. To do this, you should begin with the “low-tech” method of sending printed pages through the mail to everyone you trust. If you have “photos”, print them out and send them also. If you have “video” or other computer-based, non-printable information, place “copies” on a Flash Drive and send that along with the paper information. If you’ll be sending any material, other than “paper”, such as a Flash Drive, metal samples, etc., place them in a cardboard box that’s larger and/or heavier than the Post Office will accept. This will make sure the Post Office doesn’t run your package through their Scanners, if it’s handed-off by FedEx or UPS. Then personally carry those packages to a Carrier you trust — FedEx, UPS, DHL, whatever. Inside each box, provide instructions that each of those recipients should duplicate everything they can and then send that information to as many people as “they” trust as quickly as possible.
  • Confirm that at least a few of those people have actually received a package from you. You should also include “code words” on various aspects of what you sent. This will allow you to answer a few questions over the phone or through eMail without the cabal’s Sniffers learning what you’re doing.
  • The goal with all this is to GET THE INFORMATION OUT to as many people as possible before the cabal learns what you’ve been working on. Those receiving your packages should also be encouraged to build a working model or complete working device.
  • Once all of that has unfolded, then you go “online”… but not with your local news station or any “Social Media” outlet. Not yet. Again, you’re looking for people you trust… Send the information to anyone you trust who also has a personal web page or personal Blog. Don’t use your name or other personal information. It will be known who you are, once all of this hits “Social Media”. Just tell these people that you received this information in an eMail from someone you don’t know. You successfully built a working model and want them to put this on their website or Blog.
  • When at least a few strangers have seen that information, then you can spread it out to “Social Media”. I would still keep your name and other personal information out of it. Someone WILL discover that it was “you” who “Invented” / “Discovered” this “new” technology. So you will receive credit in the end but you need to be on THIS side of the “Veil” when that happens.
If the cabal starts following you, or knocks on your door, be confident and tell them that you have sent out your Findings to a LOT of people and they have instructions that if you don’t check-in with key people at certain times, they have been instructed to “flood the world” with your Data. (Do not indicate that those people have already been distributing your information.)
Remember, the goal here is to help Humanity and to keep the “Inventor” alive.
Just some thoughts.

This 12-minute video shows “Sky phenomenon”.

The reason I’m including this is shown within the first 2-minutes and 10-seconds. A Viewer of this YouTube Channel sent the Narrator a short video of 2 Suns in the Sky. I’ve seen LOTS of “photographs” of 2 Suns and very few “videos”, which make me wonder if those images are real.
In the following video, 2 aspects caught my attention:
  • The person taking the video could not see the “2nd Sun” with his eyes. He could only see it on the camera’s screen.
  • A bird flies in front of the 2nd Sun and the Narrator points out that the tip of the bird’s wing “glows” when the bird crosses the Sun’s path.
My comments: What I don’t understand is… Why didn’t the “entire” bird glow when it was “in front of” the 2nd Sun?… and… If both Suns are emitting light, why doesn’t the bird glow all the Time?
So does this video actually prove there are “2” Suns in the Sky… at least “some” of the Time, seen from “some” locations around this planet?
Question everything.

Here’s the link:
This 1-minute video from Lisa Harrison states the following:
  • “Are we really living in a simulation? Who are we? Where are we? WHEN are we? How do we navigate our way out?”
  • “After 7 years of publicly researching the nature of our Reality and coming to the conclusion that we are living in a Holographic Virtual Reality, something remarkable happened. A Being from outside this Construct made contact with Lisa in October 2016, a Being she subsequently named “Leeloo”.”
  • “Leeloo confirmed many of these conclusions about our Reality but also provided much more information about our history, current situation and potential future.”
Her webinar will be held this Sunday, September 22, 2019. Lisa’s in Australia. So check the video, in order to calculate viewing times in your area.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Although this article covers more of a “Society” level of happenings, it does include a tiny bit about the recent Oil Refinery “fires”.
I’m including this in case this article turns out to be true. “IF” it is, then the “RV” (Revaluation, Global Currency Reset) “may” be about to take place… FINALLY. Only Time will tell.
  • “The Real Deal, it’s on!” by BladeScott – 9.18.19″
  • “Good morning everybody! So good things come in 3s, correct? We had a huge day today, uber major verifiable Action. Actually there were 4+ major events and I assume the chaos we are looking for is here to cover the RV. As follows ~”
  • “1) the Federal Reserve had to step in this morning and bail out the banking system as the repo rate, which is the overnight rate Banks pay to borrow money from each other, roared from 2% to 10% and the system would have locked up if they didn’t inject 53 billion dollars, the same metrics as what happened in 2008, almost to the day. This means there is no liquidity in the banking system , I think they need the RV worse than we do . Hard evidence:”
  • “2) Benjamin Netanyahu lost the election in Israel. This signals a major shift in global power on all levels and all fronts, especially economic. What this means, is that the banking cabal has lost their nuclear weapons. This is HUGE!”
  • “I might be wrong…but I don’t think so, we tracked this very carefully and I am very connected in this Arena . We should see total chaos, then BAM!”
  • “3) Trump ordered declassification to commence immediately on the very invest on the various investigations that have been ongoing. Of course this means we might see some sort of Justice soon. Press release Here -“
  • “4) As a bonus, shortly after Trump landed in LA this afternoon, Ed Buck, the notorious pedophile drug dealing money bundler for those who opposed the RV, was arrested in LA on an airtight case. He will be doing time, I take this as a signal that the arrests will be starting now. Here:”
  • “These are key trigger points that had to happen prior to release of the RV. In addition, we are seeing very strong indicators around the globe that all the obstacles to implement GESARA are fully positioned and ready to activate. We hear the deals are cut and on standby . The attack in Saudi Arabia was a false flag, they are already back to full production. I was told this was to get the price of oil up how to trigger the contract rates and it worked. There is a lot more I will share but be encouraged, I am!”
  • “Blessings, BladeScott”
Be sure to visit the following web page, in order to access the links provided.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 7-3-16 *CandleMaker, *Album, Gaia, Holographic

*First a comment:

(I didn’t Post anything yesterday. I just couldn’t find anything “I” thought was important.)

(Sylvia and I may or may not actually do this.)

This album is 70-minutes long. Our idea is to have a candle created which would:
…burn “about” as long as the album,
…contain 9 different scents, one for each song,
…change each scent “around” the same time a song is about to begin,

We also think this could be done with “stick incense”.
The point to this is to give the album Listener an opportunity to enhance this experience by associating “aromas” with these particular songs.
In researching “crowd-funding” information, what we’re learning is… in the world of “Musicians raising money for their upcoming album’, there are not a lot of “different” gifts for those who might contribute. Most of the time, Musicians will offer a poster, t-shirt, etc.
Because our band, “Infinity”, is very unknown, we will be looking for ways help put us on the radar of the general public and this “candle” and “incense” idea may do this in a tiny way.

These special candles could then be given to those people who contribute a certain amount of money to our upcoming “crowd-funding” campaign. (We may also want to make them available for sale after this album’s release.)
Sylvia and I learned this recently, when we tried to start our crowd-funding for this album… The moment you ask those people for contributions, you must already have your “incentives” ready to be shipped. This means, using “Posters” as an example, we would already have:
designed the Poster,
had them printed and paid for
had them shipped to us
purchased Mailing Tubes, so we can send them out, etc.

So our question is… do you know anyone in Asheville who is willing to create such a candle?
We did research this online, generally, and quickly looked through what the “Grove Arcade” offers, but could not find anyone.

At first, we think we’ll want about 10 of these candles. If they begin to be proven and maybe even “sought-after”, we may want more made.

We feel this could be a good project for a “candle hobbiest” or someone willing to learn how to create them, in order to make a little extra money.

Our 1st layer to this is to find someone in Asheville, NC but if this doesn’t work-out, we’ll move our senses further out to other cities and states. So if you know of anyone who is willing to do this, let us know.

Today, Sylvia and I touched-up 2 of the songs on this album. (Maybe NOW it’s finished.)

Our goal for today was to work on the artwork for the CD cover. We worked on it for almost 3-hours but made very little progress!
As some of you know, I carry Sylvia’s “Wedding” and “Engagement” rings on 2 chains around my neck. This chain also holds an Amethyst Crystal that Sylvia and I bought for me a few decades ago. During those 3, horrible weeks in hospice, Sylvia’s hands swelled-up at one point. So the nurse removed her rings. I was standing right there and can still see and hear Sylvia scream “NO!!!” Without her saying anything else, I knew exactly what she meant.
I immediately jumped-in and took those rings and began placing them on my neck-chain. I told Sylvia I will keep them with me and when her swelling goes down, I will place them back on her finger. (She’s now in perfect health and her swelling HAS gone down but I’m still holding her rings. This illusion just isn’t fair!)
Anyway, early-on, with the 1st insights I was sent by Sylvia for this album, I saw that chain, crystal and rings on the cover. Around that Time, I also received the album’s title, which we’re still not revealing. Not just yet.

Because those silver chains were dirty — black in some places, I had to clean them. This took a lot of Baking Soda, hot water, aluminum foil. I did this 3 times and they still weren’t completely clean. I then used a Silver Polishing Cloth and lots of muscle and they still aren’t completely clean! This took about 2-hours!

I then laid them out in different positions and took some photos. Then we had to select 1. Then it was Time for supper and for us to switch gears for the evening.

So it took about 3-hours to get to the point where we now “maybe” have “the” photo we’re going to base the artwork around.


This is the latest information from “Gaia Portal”:
“Arraignments of misguideds commence in full.”
“Forces of Inner Light greet.”
“Softness of contact releases the Healing Intention.”
“The Rose of Gaia blossoms.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

The following article is the best “I” have seen in a very long Time, regarding the structure of this “illusion” and how we perceive this “reality”. Here are some excerpts:
“The holographic self is basically a matrix persona that can operate within the holographic reality. When an organic being enters a holographic reality, it automatically takes onto a holographic suit. Without this suit, the organic self could never exist within the matrix. It is this artificial body that basically binds the organic to the holographic world.”
“In a sense, the holographic self is the interface that allows us to interact with the matrix and be part of it. It is the intermediary between the organic universe and the holographic universe.”
“This was a complete contradiction to our truest nature, and it caused a great deal of internal conflict. A conflict that caused deep trauma, and in turn led to our dissociation from our organic inner selves. Our true eternal nature was too painful to remember from such a limited condition, so we chose to slowly forget who we truly were, and began to identify with our holographic egos instead.
Our relationship with our internal organic thoughts, feelings, emotions became highly dysfunctional also, and we began operating mostly from a place of fear and pain. A fear that stripped us of our self-confidence, and love for sovereignty. It became easier to allow others to make our decisions for us, than to have to take full responsibility over our holographic roles.”
“The matrix might have been imposed upon us in an unfriendly manner, but that’s literally the extent of the imposition. The experience itself that we have within the matrix is humanity’s decision. Nobody can control the way in which we choose to participate within the holographic reality. How we choose to behave and express ourselves is our own responsibility. How we choose to address our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and interact with one another, is solely on us. There might be an ongoing effort to keep us in a dysfunctional, self-loathing state, but whether we allow that effort to succeed or not is up to us and us alone.”
“If the majority of humans were to remember their true eternal nature, and were to heal the relationship between the matrix ego and the organic self, and return to a place of authenticity and sacred relationships, our reality would be very different. The systems of control would dissolve, the matrix would begin to dissolve too, and we would slowly return to the true organic universe.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the article:

Here’s the link to her website: