PS 8-5-18 *Prosperation, *Connected, Agartha

*First a few comments:
  • I opened this file and knew what I wanted to write about. I then moved my mind into “what should we call this Section?” and the word “Prosperation” appeared in my mind. I started to move it aside, in favor of something better-suited but it continually floated back. So that’s what I used.
  • I realize that “Prosperation” is a person or company that receives a continually-dripping amount of wealth, which doesn’t apply to Sylvia and I at this point in Time, but I’ll go ahead and use it anyway.
Sylvia and I have been living “paycheck to paycheck” for QUITE a while and the new car we were forced to buy at the end of last year has NOT helped our financial situation. We ARE able to pay all of our Bills without being late but we’d like a little more breathing room. So I’ve been looking for a job which would give us just a few extra hours per week, in addition to the job we currently have. (We only work 28-hours a week right now.)
So, even though our financial situation would be classified as “Society normal” or “struggling”, last Thursday, I had a great sense of Prosperity wash through me and it’s remained ever since. I just feel as though there’s a lot of “money” or “financial relief” coming our way… or coming to the entire population on this planet. (I’m not sure.)
In think about all of this, I was wondering (again) about how the upcoming “Global Currency Reset”, “Debt Forgiveness” and “New Financial System” would be manifested. So here are “my” 3 financial scenarios I would like everyone to give some thought to…
Situation 1: A Drop In Inflation
  • Prices for all Products and Services will drop to those of 1950. For the Products which weren’t invented during that time-period, their costs will be calculated from the raw materials. For example, the cost of a basic “Zero Point Energy Generator” and the home version of the “Food Replicator” would be calculated from the metals, plastics and Earth Elements used in 1950. Then, those costs would be further factored by the processing and sub-Elements derived from those foundational materials.
  • So the “Minimum Wage” would be 75-cents per hour and everything would be fair around it… AND this scenario would do away with “Inflation”. Think about it… There would be no more “I have the only one of these in town. So I can raise the price to whatever I like.” If a Product is running-out, due to Demand or ANY reason, no one would be allowed to raise their price because of it. If a Product runs-out, it runs out. If a company wants to make more money, they will have to improve their Product or Service, or provide different Products or Services.
Reference for “Minimum Wage”:
Situation 2: A Giving Of Equal Money
  • In this scenario, a global, 1-Time “Debt Forgiveness” is activated — zeroing-out everyone’s Mortgages, Bank Loans, Student Loans, Credit Card debt, etc. Maybe all prices, worldwide, for all Products and Services will be frozen at that point. Then, every Human on the surface of this planet will be given 10-Million dollars. Every country will be issued 1-Trillion dollars. This will pay for each country’s basic upkeep — roads, water, electricity, etc. Each country will maintain its basic upkeep by its Citizens paying a very small 1-percent CC (Country Contribution) on the Products they purchase. (Under the old “Society’s” ways, this would be called a “Sales Tax”.)
Situation 3: No Money
  • Think about the logic here for a moment… Right now, “Society” says each Human must pay money into “the System”, in order to exist in that country without being locked-up. Each musth “pay their way”. So, in order to “have” money, most Humans must have a “job”. They then “earn” money and then “Spend” (give) some of that money to the Grocery Store, the Electric Company, the Landlord (or Bank), etc.
  • Let’s say someone has a job that pays them each “Day”. They work for 8-hours, receive some money and then give some of that money to the Grocery Store and the Gas Station. So, this situation could be rearranged a bit… Instead of that person “directly” receiving some money for that work, they would be given a “Credit” or “he’s ok with me, give him whatever he wants” with the Grocery Store and Gas Station. It’s the same end result… A “reason” was given for “some money” to be given-out. (That person did some “work”.) and a “need” was given for the Grocery Store to give-out some groceries. (That person needed some food.) So why not simplify this System and have the Employer issue a “Credit” to all of its Employees, to be used anywhere?
  • …and, if we extend this idea further, why couldn’t this be factored-out to EVERY Product and Service? Afterall, the Grocery Store is only going to give most of their money to those companies it buys food from… and THOSE companies are only going to use some of that money to buy more raw materials to make more food and pay their Employees, who will, in turn, buy shoes for their Children and furniture for their homes. So why couldn’t everyone simply agree that “no money is needed”? Yes, in the beginning a LOT of Humans will simply say “I don’t have to work any more” but, after a while, most Humans will feel the need to “better themselves” or to simply “find their Purpose in Life” and will find a way to contribute.
  • Humanity, this planet and this 3rd Dimension are quickly coming to an end. Our Collective new and wondrous beginning is just around the corner… and it’s all good… VERY good! Although the celebrations, throughout this Universe, will go on for some Time, Earthers (those remaining on this planet after Ascension) will have to realize that the current financial “System” was created from the mind of the cabal and that the new “Collective Way” needs to be more inline with universal guidelines. So a new method of exchanging Products and Services will have to be adopted.
Think about it.
“All things ARE possible.”
I actually took the Time today to play my Drums — I think, for almost 2-hours.
Over the last few weeks, I’ve been wondering if I had allowed “Time” to place an energy “shell” around me, in order to protect me from feeling too much pain when thinking about My Sylvia. For “me”, the quickest way to test this is to bring up a Memory of something Sylvia and I have experienced together… and these do swell-up within my mind sometimes… but the most powerful test of this is to listen to a Song that describes our Life together or, simply, “hits that nerve”.
So, while I was playing Drums to some of the Songs I like, I thought about this. Near the end of those 2-hours, I got really bored with the choices that Spotify’s “randomness” was making. So I switched to 1 of my favorite 70s Bands: “Uriah Heep”. I played a couple of their Songs and saw the Song from them that I used in Sylvia’s Memorial Service. (It’s called “The Wizard”) I modified the words but the Music was unchanged. (I hadn’t listened to ANY part of it since that moment in Time.)
  • (me) “Do I dare play it?”
  • (me) “I can’t play it. The pain will be too great. I don’t want to go through that again.”
  • (me) “…but I have to know. I have to know if I’ve placed a wall between me and Sylvia. I have to know.”
So I clicked on that Track…
  • Within THREE SECONDS I was crying so hard, I couldn’t move.
  • I think it took 20-seconds before I could move again.
So, my answer… to myself is:
  • Yes. I am still 100-percent connected to My Sylvia… and
  • I cannot listen to that Song until Sylvia and I are reunited.

This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This 44-minute video provides a good overview and a few new (to “me”) details of “Inner Earth”.
Sylvia and I have known about “Inner Earth” for quite a while. I’m including this information in case some who are reading this don’t know about it.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:
If you’d like to listen to some incredible Music, which tells the story of traveling to the “Inner Earth”, then listen to Rick Wakeman’s “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” (I bought this album when it was released in 1974. The story I heard about this recording is that Rick Wakeman, keyboardist for the Progressive Rock bank “Yes”, wrote the entire Score, handed it to the London Symphony Orchestra and told them we start recording “live” in a few minutes. I don’t know if thats true but that’s what I read somewhere in 1974.):
This album, also by Rick Wakeman, is called: “Return to the Centre of the Earth” and is Narrated by “Star Trek’s Captain Picard” Patrick Stewart:

PS 8-5-16 *Sleep, Hoffman, Wilcock

*First a comment:

I’m mentioning this in case others are experiencing a similar situation…

  • This morning, I partially woke-up, saw that the clock by our bed showed we were now about 45-minutes late in getting up. The alarm never went off. So we got up, did a few things and then I walked by the only clock in our home that Sylvia and I have set to the correct Time. It showed that we were actually a half-hour EARLY! So we laid back down for about 15-minutes.

It was almost surreal. I don’t remember that happening, since Sylvia crossed-over.

Question everything.


Although I check Jennifer Hoffman’s facebook page almost every day, I haven’t found many entries that I feel are providing me with some feedback of how Humanity is feeling. Today’s entry, however, is providing me with the type of information I’m looking for.

  • “Isn’t it an unusual day. Are you feeling empowered and confident? It’s the energy shift that we are working with now. Something significant happens on the 7th of August, I don’t know what but we’re leading into it now. This is another one of those “rubber meets the road” times, when people who have done their work are going to feel the changes in an empowered, flowing way, and those who have not done it yet are going to be panicking.And when I say ‘done their work’, that is a very broad term used to describe many different aspects of the ascension path, covering everything from awakening to the potential of a different kind of life to having a full on spiritual awakening experience (which can be a rather tough process). Everyone does their work at the right time and in the right way, there is no ‘wrong’ way to do this. But if it has been ignored and shoved aside, the repercussions may be happening now.”

“How are you feeling the energy today?”

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


This recent, 2-hour video is a presentation by whistleblower David Wilcock. He covers:

  • the Secret Space Program
  • the “Progenitors”
  • the hollow Moons and planets in our Solar System
  • The 100-foot tall race of Beings
  • The 12-foot tall Beings who have been in “Stasis” (Suspended Animation) all around this planet for a VERY long Time.
  • the 3 very tall Beings who are STILL in Stasis, in Ohio, where a Crystal technology keeps them in a Time Bubble, which the Cabal cannot pierce.

Is all of this part of “Disclosure”. Is “he” part of this unfolding?

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 5-21-16 Agartha

This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

Just as in “Star Visitors”, “UFOs”, “re-incarnation”, “alternative realities”, etc., I don’t Track or include information on these or “Hollow Earth” because Sylvia and I feel that these are “a given”, something already known and accepted.

With that said, I’m including this 11-minute video of the “Hollow Earth” because it came to my attention today and because it’s the most level-headed and detailed information “I” have seen so far. This will allow those who DO know about this to refresh their understanding of it and those how have NOT heard about this… and opportunity to gather some information, so you can do your own research.

Cobra talks about the “Agarthans”, who live in Inner Earth and how they are working behind-the-scenes to help free Humanity and this planet from the Cabal.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the video:

Here’s the link to the Blogsite where I first learned of that video:

Here’s the link to Cobra’s website:

PS 10-20-15 *Manifestation, *Music, Gaia, Fulford, Alternatives

*First a few comments:

A few days ago, I told Sylvia we’re about to run out of the pre-cooked rice-packets we use for lunch.

  • Several weeks ago, the grocery store we work in had lots of them in stock. So we bought all of them.

Every day that we work, I look through the store, to see if more have arrived (to see if they’ve “manifested” yet). Even just before leaving work yesterday, there were none in the store.

We were just about to leave when I noticed 2 employees unpacking a palette of new products for the freezer. I looked-over what they were stocking and saw 2 cases of “Amy’s” veggie burgers.

  • Sylvia and I have been vegetarians since that late 80s.

That grocery store, being a “salvage” store, almost never gets a quality brand like “Amy’s” in stock. So we bought 1 whole case.

  • They were discounted from what they sell for in other stores AND we get an “employee’s discount”. So buying an entire “case” is a very good idea.

Sylvia and I actually spent several hours working on 1 of the songs for our album today. (It was our day off.)

I think I mentioned this song a couple days ago. I referred to it as “Song 2” on the album, just after the 1st song, which is totally chaotic.

We worked on the lyrics today and, right now, it looks as though this 2nd song will be called: “Guided-Aligned”. (We still haven’t written any portion of the 1st song but we know the structure of the album.)

The music is “chaotic” on its own and when the female voice of “Cyber Diva” sings, there’s even more “clashing” of sonic textures a musical styles. It still has a way to go but at 1 point I told Sylvia:

  • “This is NOT as chaotic as the 1st song? How twisted is that opening song going to be?”


This is today’s Posting by “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Flares of recognition are in place.”
  • “Standards of the past are dropped.”
  • “Wrigglings cease.”
  • “Heaven Sents are viewed with delight.”
  • “Sustenance follows.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly update. Here are some excerpts:

  • “On all of these fronts a lot has been happening. There was a lot of controversy generated over the report on this newsletter last week that the Federal Reserve Board had been nationalized. This claim was not just based on the (disputed by some) notion that the Federal Reserve Board had changed its home page to .gov from .org indicating it was now part of the government. The report was based on information provided by US military intelligence. In any case, the fact is that in analogue paper phone books, that cannot be altered (as the internet can), the Fed is not listed as a government institution. In future phone books in the United States at least, it now will be.”
  • “Sources at the Pentagon say that since the Fed has now fallen under government control it will soon start issuing funds to the government at 0% interest rate to finance a massive rebuilding program for decrepit US infrastructure. Other nationalized Fed funds will pay for university scholarships, scientific research, nature conservation, the domestic operations of the US military and much more. This can now be done with zero debt and zero taxation. There will also be asset backed money made available to rebuild US industry.
  • “In any case, a massive campaign to cut off all remaining sources of Nazionist finance is continuing. The Taliban in Afghanistan is aiming to shut down their heroin business. The South American drug lords are no longer supplying funds to the Nazionists, according to Vatican sources. Visible proof of this was seen last week when top Bush and Nazionist agent in Honduras, Jaime Rosenthal, was indicted by the Treasury Department for laundering drug money.”
  • “Pentagon and CIA white hat sources are saying that both Citibank and the Bank of America will be “taken down” for laundering Bush CIA money.”
  • “In the Middle East, meanwhile, revenue from stolen oil, the other main Nazionist source of financing, continues to be shut down. Bush CIA and ISIS drug, weapons and slave bases in Syria and Iraq continue to be destroyed even as their oil facilities are being confiscated. This is the ongoing work of a Pentagon, Iranian, Russian, Syrian and Yemeni etc. coalition.”
  • “The cleansing continues: last week a missile destroyed 17 Saudi F-15 aircraft and 9 Apache helicopters as well as killing 66 high ranking officers and injuring 300.”
  • “Here is some good advice for the Saud royal family: invest in camels because that is all you are going to be left with unless you surrender.”
  • “The Rothschild family, the original founders of the misbegotten project to send brainwashed Europeans to the Middle East, have already jumped ship and are busy currying favour with the Chinese.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This 1-hour, 15-minute video is called: “Stewart Swerdlow – CERN, Blue Beam and the Portal to Hell”.

So of this information is helpful and some of it is based on a “negative” TimeLine… in “my” opinion. I’m including this so you can use your own Heart to discern and take from it what you will.

Here are a few things he talks about:

  • Alien species
  • Time travel
  • Kuiper Belt Beings
  • CERN
  • The hole at the North and South Poles (Hollow Earth)
  • Nazis of today
  • Project Blue Beam

Question everything.

Here’s the link: