PS 3-12-21 *”masks”, *Song, *Helicopter

*First a few comments:
As of March 10th, Texas no longer has to wear “masks”. However, there must still be a lot of people asleep in Texas because Sylvia’s Daughter lives there and she works at a large grocery store Chain.
  • She told me, on March 10th, the Customers in that store were STILL wearing “masks”.
  • That’s like opening the door to someone’s jail cell and telling them they’re free but they remain inside. Hello people. It’s Time to wake-up. Turn off your Televisions and walk into the Sunlight.
I asked her about it just now (through eMail) and she responded by telling me: “Almost everyone wears masks everywhere here.”
  • Yikes! Come on, Texas, sleep-time is over.”
This morning, while getting ready for work… for some reason, I was thinking about a Band (called “Bread”) from the 70s that I really like. They had several Hits but, this morning, I was thinking of their Song called “If”. I was doing my best to remember the words. At the same Time, I could feel Sylvia nudge me… to, not “go there”.
I rolled the first few lines around within my mind and thought… “It’ll be ok. These Lyrics are harmless.” Then I reached the very last line and… just started crying.
Here are the Lyrics:
  • “If a picture paints a thousand words
  • Then why can’t I paint you?
  • The words will never show
  • The you I’ve come to know
  • If a face could launch a thousand ships
  • Then where am I to go?
  • There’s no one home but you
  • You’re all that’s left me too
  • And when my love for life is running dry
  • You come and pour yourself on me
  • If a man could be two places at one time
  • I’d be with you
  • Tomorrow and today
  • Beside you all the way
  • If the world should stop revolving
  • Spinning slowly down to die
  • I’d spend the end with you
  • And when the world was through
  • Then one by one the stars would all go out
  • Then you and I would simply fly away”
Here’s the link to the Song itself:
  • I listened to it, in order to be sure it was the version I remembered hearing on the radio in the 70s. It was but, again, when I got to that last line I just cried… hard. I couldn’t move for several seconds.
If you listen to that Song and like it, they have several others that are just as good. Most of them are like “If” — soft, gentle, Love Songs.
At one point today, Sylvia and I were at work but outside. I was throwing out some trash when we heard a Helicopter in the distance. As it got closer, we could see that it WAS a Helicopter and not a Plane. We kept watching it and I found it very odd that it was… coming right at us! You could not have planned its Flight Path any more accurate. It flew EXACTLY over our heads… AND it had 2-Propellers. It wasn’t very high but it wasn’t too low either. I could almost read the numbers on the bottom of it.

PS 11-23-16 *FireLies

*First a comment:

A few days ago, someone at work mentioned that there are a few large fires burning in North Carolina. I thought the neighboring residents were simply burning their Fireplaces but the thick outside, smoky air should have told me something was wrong somewhere.

I’m not a Firefighter but “putting out large-scale fires” seemed to be my “puzzle for the Day” for the last few days. Tonight, something ‘clicked” when a few ideas formed on this subject.

So let’s think about this…

  • We’re taught that “water” extinguishes “fire”. This seems to be true. We can all prove this.
  • When dealing with a large-scale fire, however, I’m beginning to think that there are different “variables” or even a “Natural” physics that comes into Play.
  • Think about it… Let’s say there’s a very large forest fire with flames 10-to 30-feet high or more. That huge water-container under a helicopter is going to seem like a “thimble” in size compared to that fire.
  • Dropping (by helicopter) or spraying (by firehose) water on a large forest fire, to “me”, looks as though the water is “partially” or “mostly” turned into Steam before it hits those flames. The result is a lot of effort for very little results. (“IF” that’s true, then that’s the Cabal’s “fire lie” making us believe “water” will do the job.)
  • I’m sure there are chemicals that can be used in those situations but they can be costly and dangerous for the Firefighters and the environment.
  • Once I realized all of this, I began thinking about the idea of a “Fire Break”. Even in a large forest fire, when given the opportunity, the Firefighters will create a “Fire Break”. This is usually a dirt line between the fire and where it’s heading. The ground where the Fire Break is created is cleared of trees, leaves, grass and anything that might burn quickly. The idea is to put enough raw “dirt” between the fire and where you want it to stop.
  • So if that idea is to use “dirt” to stop the fire, why aren’t Firefighters dropping and spraying raw, moist “dirt” on those fires?
  • In “my” mind, when a helicopter drops a container-full of “dirt” onto a fire, it will not lose its effectiveness before reaching the flames. Plus, “dirt” is fairly dense and will smother the fire more-easily than water.

Just some thoughts.

Question everything.

Here’s a link to a 3-minute video on “Fire Break” basics:

Here’s a 2-minute video of a helicopter trying to put out a fire with a large water container:


(Wow. I can’t believe I “read” and “viewed” lots of information tonight but ended-up with nothing to include. It’s rare for me to not include outside (of me) pieces of information but it happens. I wrote the above information before beginning tonight’s research.)