PS 2-10-19 *Health, Happenings?

*First a comment:
(It looks like Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since January 6th)
  • I’m not providing these details to show “hey, look at me. I need some attention”. I’m including this information in case someone you know is living alone or has lost the “love of their life”. I’m also including this to show that “Society” does not train us in these things. If someone is living alone and they get very sick, if they don’t prepare something to eat, they will starve. If they choke on something, they may not even remember to call 911. In one of the Songs Sylvia wrote for our album, “Perfectionately Yours”, there’s a line: “We’re never taught how to grieve.” This planet needs more Neighborhood Bonding and it needs to teach its citizens how to “think outside the box”.
I haven’t been this sick in decades! It looks like this is what happened…
  • Last week, I spent 2 solid days painting the Ladies’ Room at work. On the 3rd day, an employee told us she was coming down with a “respiratory” thing but covered her mouth all day and did her best to avoid being around too many people. On the 4th day, I painted the Men’s Room. Even though the paint used was “low odor”, after 7-hours in those closed rooms, I could really feel it filling my lungs. What I think really hit my Immune System was when I needed to cover some bad rust spots on some metal. Although I used googles and a breathing mask, those spray-paint fumes were REALLY strong!
  • After work on that 4th day, Sylvia and I went to a nearby grocery store and, a few times, I thought I was going to pass-out. We did make it home but it wasn’t fun. I was a bit disoriented and lightheaded through that night. We went to bed early and I slept for 12-hours.
  • Friday morning, I nearly crossed-over from choking. The hot coffee and warm cereal must have dislodged a large ball of mucus in my throat (that I didn’t know was there) and I could NOT get it to move! Finally it cleared-enough where I could breathe and swallow.
  • It’s very rewarding, comforting and empowering to have your Loved One… you Significant Other “right there” by your side all the Time… but, as we me and Sylvia, when that very “part of you” crosses-over, it can be very scary at times. Being smarter than me and outside the immediate problem I was dealing with, Sylvia would have know exactly what to do and what to say to me. My stress-levels were already extremely high and every Cough hurt my head. So I was in no condition to “think” myself out of that situation. So I just kept forcing the Coughs, in order to break the mucus. It was almost like using chocolate to clean a stain from a tablecloth. My mind just wasn’t able to cope with that situation.
  • Anyway, I slept 12-hours, Thursday-into-Friday, Friday-into-Saturday and Saturday-into-Sunday.
  • I’m still not “100-percent” yet but today had to be “chore day” — put away Thursday’s groceries, pay some Bills, wash several loads of laundry (including the sheets on our bed) and take a shower.
Although these facets are very interesting, they don’t provide “me” with concrete “happenings”. So I’m not spelling them out (excerpting them). I’m simply including a reference to them, in case anyone wants to keep informed of this level of information…
Here’s a link to a 40-minute interview with former CIA Operative Robert David Steele (He talks about doing away with the IRS, taking over the Federal Reserve, a new gold-backed Currency and “something” happening, possible, on February 16th):
I found this 2-minute video on Benjamin Fulford’s website. Here’s the text that accompanies it:
  • Video of Black Sun statement by Vincenzo Mazzara
  • We received this short video from Vincenzo Mazzara of the Black Sun organization that was blocked by YouTube.  They seem to be calling for world peace and a new age.
The guy in this video doesn’t sound too happy and, near the beginning, I think he mentions that the “agreement was broken”. I feel like he’s talking directly to the “Leaders” or “other factions” of the cabal.
If you know where I can find the complete video, let me know.

This next video is 30-minutes long and the Narrator covers recent “Q” Posts. I’m including this because, around the 14:25-mark, he explains the “Q Clock”, which I had never heard of:

PS 3-26-17 Awakenings

The following web page presents the text below as well as a 3-minute video, which goes into slightly more detail.

This information briefly explains the symptoms of Humanity’s current awakening.

I’m including this because 1) some of the people that Sylvia and I are near, on a weekly basis, are experiencing some of these and 2) because, a couple of weeks ago, the backs of my hands became very itchy, which is something mentioned below.

So this is mostly to help others understand what they may be going through.

  • Awakening Our Truth”
  • “Published on Mar 25, 2017”
  • “Examples Of Dimensional Upgrade Ego Layers Shedding by Chloe Hudson”
  • “a pause in mundane career goals”
  • “digestion goes off-line (stomach problems)”
  • “skin/organ overload (breakouts, rashes, etc.)”
  • “detox initiated (feeling achy, cranky, etc.)”
  • “entities stifled/regression patterns activated (you notice your negative patterns more often – hyper awareness)”
  • “depression symptoms (system reboot)”
  • “EMF interference (electronics go haywire)”
  • “old patterns sloughing off (suddenly choices to be “a better you” are easy and obvious
  • “internal body clock shifts (healthy wake/sleep cycles)”
  • “anger resistance mode de-scrambling (manifests as an internal argument with anger and bliss/emotional seesaw)”
  • “loss of future goal orientation (one higher truth surpasses more shallow goal desires)”
  • “path awareness stifled temporarily (integrating of ascension and uprooting shadow patterns, entities, etc.)”
  • “uplevel – next veil activated (bouts of déjà vu, epiphanies, etc.)”
  • “postponement of bliss, clarity (feelings of numbness/blasé as recalibration occurs)”
  • “activated resistance/confusion core matrices come up to be recalibrated/transmuted (annoyance, frustration, exasperation, etc.) as truth of self uplevels”
  • “World Peace Projects is a template of an ever evolving platform that is consistently and unconditionally supported and run by an infinite amount of heavenly and galactic hosts. We have one aligned goal to awaken the masses and usher in and flourish the New World. This is our unified mission. Welcome Home!”
  • “Blessings!”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 11-19-16 *Health, *2017, *Mindset, Hoffman, WebBot

*First a comment:

I hesitate in including this because it shows that I’ve not monitored this Unit (the body and its many Systems) properly recently and it caused me to damage it. I didn’t even know what was wrong until this morning… Right when I woke-up, Sylvia placed an image within my mind which showed me “how” I damaged this Unit.

I’m mentioning this because… even though Sylvia has indicated that “I” will not be “crossing-over” (as she has), this Unit can still be damaged… which means, as all of us go through our Day-to-Day participations, we still need to monitor those Systems within you and gather your energies before tackling a non-typical, very physical task. I was just caught off-guard and didn’t even notice it right away.

Let me backup…

  • Around the Time Sylvia and I began this new job (November1st), I noticed that 3 of the fingertips on one of my hands were numb. Initially, I thought I had slept crooked or something. So I monitored it but mostly ignored it.
  • After a week with no change, and feeling more pain when placing my fingers under hot water, I thought I remembered burning 1 of my fingers somewhere… but I couldn’t connect that “idea” with a current “memory”. So I began to be concerned that there was something wrong with this Unit’s Electrical System. Then, a few days later, I spoke with an older woman at work, who told me she lost the feeling in her fingers years ago and provided me with the medical term of what it’s supposed to be called. (The medical “establishment” has a way of doing that to people… give it a name, so people can instantly refer to it and everyone will not only know what you’re talking about but will also feel sorry for you. A few decades ago, Sylvia told me… “this is called Name it and claim it”.
  • Anyway… Right when I woke-up (was aware of this Unit) this morning, I felt a lot of pain. Most of my hand and arm and part of my shoulder and neck were NOT happy. This is when Sylvia showed me an image of “me” at work on that 1st day. At least once a week, some of the workers have to “throw” or “toss” certain objects which can weigh from 5-to 25-pounds. This is usually done with both hands together and twisting at the Waist. (This “throwing” can last, off-and-on, for the entire 7-hour day.) These objects need to land 5-to 15-feet away and, usually about 10-feet off the floor.
  • I just didn’t pay attention to “exactly” how to get this Unit to accomplish that task without damaging it.

So I’ve been babying my arm “most” of the day. I couldn’t wait to start working on the Stand (see “Mindset” below), though. So I may have set its healing back a bit.

This afternoon, while having Lunch at home, I was thinking about the “energy” of the year-number 2016. Although I’ve sensed this before, I didn’t quite put it into a connected package with “2017”.

  • When I place the year-number “2016” within my mind, I see “dirt” and the general color “brown”.
  • When I do the same thing with the year-number “2017”, I see golden-yellow Light.

This is just a quick observation on my part. Of course, Sylvia and I really don’t want our reuniting to be delayed any longer… and I’ve mentioned before…

  • …around 2014, I told Sylvia… if we are not physically reunited with each other by 2017, I’m going to ask that she re-enter this realm as a “Walk-In”. There are only 42 more Days until Humanity’s Time-measurement system reaches the year “2017” for this TimeLine. So we’re about to be in for a bumpy ride, unless something “major”… something “in the face of the General Public” unfolds.

I found this fascinating (almost mindblowing) and I started not to include it but because this has to do with Humanity’s “mindset”, or maybe just “my” mindset”, it shows how the unfolding of ideas lead to various discoveries, or even inventions, in “some” people. In other people, their “mental-evolution” may turn toward a completely different Path. Although I’ve created a few things in the past, my mind takes some of the simplest “trails” of thought and just goes in a different, “nothing to see here”, direction.

I’ve mentioned this to Sylvia, a few decades ago…

  • After we watched “an old Western” movie, I started thinking about the typical “Buckboard” and “Covered Wagon” of the early “Pioneer Days” of settling this country. I placed myself within that TimeFrame and thought about improving their transportation. Instead of connecting the idea of the “motor” (when it came along), my mind drifted in a straight line and kept thinking of ways to improve the Suspension, remove the squeaks, add cushions to the seats, etc.

The same thing happens to me, “sometimes”, when examining the current “Now” we live in — especially when I need to make something but don’t have the money for the proper tools of the workspace to put them in.

  • Yesterday, after work, Sylvia and I went to a local Hardware Store, in order to buy a piece of sheetmetal. We picked-up our new “Korg Volca FM” the day before and want to make a slanted Stand for it. Similar to the one I made for our “Roland JP-08” synthesizer.

Here’s the link to the “JP-08” Stand that I made:

I was really wanting to make that Stand. So even with numb fingers, I decided to see what I could accomplish. The shorter version is… I tried to Score (scratch) it with a 3-inch nail-like tool but lost patience with it and decided to just bend it. It finally snapped but now there’s an “S” curve where I wanted an “L” shape. So I have to wait ’til tomorrow so I can take it outside and bang it flat with a hammer.

Anyway… When I made the JP-08 Stand, I was faced with the same situation — how do I bend it? In doing that research, I found a tool called a “Brake” or “Metal Brake”. This is a short video of a large Metal Brake and how it works:

Somehow, today, while looking for a better way to Score this piece of metal, I discovered a hand-tool which “rolls” over the metal, in order to “bend” it. This is one of those times where the evolution of someone’s brain went in a completely different direction. I’ve seen several videos in the past of people creating their own, low cost “Metal Brake”. None of them (that “I” saw) ever “looked outside the box” and said “maybe this roller idea is better… or at least cheaper”.

Take a look at this short product video of a “roller hand-tool” which really does bend metal:

A typical “Metal Brake” starts at over $200 and goes up quickly to over $1,000. That “roller” version retails for almost $500. So it’s not really “less expensive”… BUT for those, like me and Sylvia who don’t have the room for even a small “Metal Brake”, that “roller” version could come in real handy. For “us”, though, we’d rather spend the money on more music gear. So I’ll be bending the Volca’s Stand by hand with a board and hammer. I also have to make the same type of Stand for our “Arturia BeatStep Pro”.

As I mentioned, this Section was more of how the Human mind follows certain criteria and experiences, in order to achieve a certain outcome. Sometimes our minds connect things in a straight line and other times they make a 90-degree turn.


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I found Jennifer Hoffman’s Posting for today to be very insightful that the Earth is waking-up and “Humanity” along with it. Here’s her message:

    • “Did you know that the German word for heart is herz, which is very similar to the word hertz, which is used to measure electromagnetic frequency? I was thinking about the earth’s vibration today, the Schumann Resonance which is the measurement of the earth’s electromagnetic field, the energy at which the earth vibrates and we know it doubled in March 2015, moving from 7.85 hertz to over 16 and it has been steadily increasing ever since. Schumann Resonance monitors now register up to 50 hertz and they will have to go up again as the planet’s frequency increases. The word hertz is used to measure electromagnetic wave energy cycles, named after its founder Heinrich Hertz. The German word for heart is herz, a rather interesting coincidence, don’t you think.”


    • “The Schumann Resonance has been called the heartbeat of the planet and we share those frequencies with the planet. If the earth’s SR is rising it is because our energetic frequency is increasing. The more we intend to be in higher frequencies, we assist in and participate with the rising SR rates. That gives me a lot of joy, knowing that when I pay attention to my frequency and keep it high, I am boosting the herz (heart) of the earth by raising the hertz (electromagnetic cycles & frequency of the Schumann Resonance).”


  • “Keep those lights shining, we have a very big week coming up energetically and it’s also Thanksgiving, what better time to ‘raise our vibes’ and get that heart energy flowing and going.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m also including this a “bonus” information.

This 47-minute video is an Interview with Cliff High, the creator of a piece of software which, he “claims”, can gather information from the Internet and “indicate” certain moods or trends in Society.

One reason I’m including this is because some of his information is current and includes Cabal thinking patterns. Around the 18-minute mark, he states that the Cabal is made-up of “Sociopaths” and are sort of “programmed” to continue to scheme against Humanity, in order to maintain their control over everyone. However, Cliff High also states… each Time the Cabal create a new “control scenario” for the masses, more of the masses actually wake-up to what is really going on. This means the Cabal are now at a point where they are manufacturing their own demise.

My comment: I’m not saying any of this information is true. I’m simply presenting this as yet another “measuring stick” of the type of energies Humanity “may” be involved with.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 1-25-16 *Vitamin-A, Fulford, Goode

*First a few comments:

Over these last 250-weeks, I’ve mentioned the various changes Sylvia has made to my diet and overall health, such as:

  • No “store-bought” shampoo: Instead, she suggests I make my own using “Baking Soda” (to wash my hair) and “Vinegar” (to condition my hair). (Recently, Sylvia suggested I use “Honey” in my hair, with the Vinegar-conditioning Step, in order to provide shinier hair and to help heal my short [1-inch or so] hairs, due to fragile breakage. Right now, when I ponytail my hair, it’s about 18-inches long.)
  • No “store-bought” toothpaste: Instead, she suggests I make my own using “Coconut Oil”, “Baking Soda” and “Sea Salt”. (I’ve been doing this for many months. Recently, Sylvia has suggested I look into “Oil Pulling” as a better way to clean my teeth.)
  • Use “Coconut Oil” for cooking, instead of the “Olive Oil” we were using.
  • Add “Rosemary” to my diet.
  • A couple of weeks ago, Sylvia suggested I add “Blackstrap Molasses” to my diet, at least for a short-term health-boost.

A couple of weeks ago, Sylvia asked me to look find foods which are high in “Vitamin-A”. So, yesterday, we bought some “Paprika” and “Carrots”. (I told Sylvia, “It’s been a long Time since we last had carrots.”

At that Time, Sylvia indicated that this “Vitamin-A” boost will help my eyesight, so I can see better.

Tonight, Sylvia added an extra detail to the reason she wants to boost my eyesight.

  • It’s not merely to help me see inside this “illusion” better but to see “Sylvia”.
  • Right now, I can see subtle “wisps”, out of the corner of my eye… once in a while. I know I’m seeing “Sylvia” when this happens.
  • As the energies on this planet increase, “my” (and every one’s) vibration will also increase. In order to make sure I see Sylvia the instant my energies are raised high-enough, she’s asking me to increase my “Vitamin-A” intake.

I just thought her reasoning on this was a bit “surprising” and “most welcome”.

For the last 2-months or so, I’ve had a noticeable amount of energy moving on my back. These have taken many forms, such as: itchings, dull-throbings, single pores being annoyed, deep points within a muscle needing to be pressed, etc.

  • Many years ago, Sylvia read somewhere that we take-in “information” through our back.

“I” interpret all this to ONE of many ways this Unit (my body and its many Systems) draws-in various energies. In “my” tiny world, some of these energies are absorbed and processed with this Unit. Other energies are stored and “projected” / “passed-along” to those “people” and / or “situations” that need them. (I’m pretty sure everyone does this.)

  • As I keep mentioning… I’m sharing this information and other similar fragments because some people reading this have asked me to do so.


This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. This is titled: “Beijing envoy says all US dollars will have a Chinese signature on them by 2018“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The shift in the center of global power is accelerating with a strong push being made to ensure all oil and other international commodities are traded in Chinese dollars or Yuan and not Khazarian so-called US dollars, multiple sources agree. All “US dollars” will have a Chinese person’s signature on them by 2018, according to a special envoy sent to the White Dragon Society by Chinese royals based in Beijing. He promised to send a photograph of these dollars to this newsletter after he returns to China.”
  • “…For this reason the US military got Presidential Spokesperson Barack Obama to call Russia’s Vladimir Putin on January 13th. In that conference, the Pentagon and Russia agreed to increase military to military relations beyond the fight against ISIS in Syria and make it one against the Khazarian mafia worldwide. Defense Intelligence Agency Chief General Mike Flynn is now a back channel for communications between Russian Military Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov and General Joseph Dunford, the de-facto US Commander in Chief. With the backing of the Russian and Chinese military, as well as the Pentagon, the overwhelmingly strongest military force on the planet, Dunford then met last week with the heads of NATO in Brussels to tell them that Turkish President Recep Erdogan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel would have to go because of their involvement in creating the ongoing European refugee crisis, among other things.”
  • “Meanwhile in the US, the attack on Khazarian mafia rule continues to accelerate with the ongoing takedown of Hillary Clinton and other Khazarian mob pseudo-politicians. As a Pentagon source put it “Hillary is toast,” with 100 FBI agents plus another 50 retired agents on her case. A special prosecutor is being appointed to charge her with treason, espionage and “using the Clinton Foundation to run a shadow government,” the source said. To help prepare the US public for the takedown of Hillary, neo-con General David Petreaus will soon be demoted for selling US state secrets to Israel, multiple sources say.”
  • “The attack on world stock markets, meanwhile, has taken a pause but is expected to continue as part of the campaign to remove the main pillar of Khazarian mafia power: the control of stock markets via foundations.”
  • “That is the background to a meeting IMF director Christine Lagarde had on January 18th with Pope Francis. At this meeting, according to US military intelligence, Pope Francis agreed to transfer Vatican assets for a global debt jubilee and then retire. The IMF will continue to exist but only be in an advisory role, since it will not have the power to create and distribute money, a source at the Asian Development Bank said.”
  • “CIA sources, meanwhile, sent this writer e-mails last week saying “Khazarian rule will end within a month.” Many such predictions have come and gone without anything happening but, a cursory look at world news, both on the internet and in corporate media, make it clear something very big is coming down.”

My comments: “2016” is the year we’ve been waiting for… “At the speed of Love”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


The following link is to an interview between David Wilcock (DW) and  whistleblower Corey Goode (CG). The title is: “Cosmic Disclosure: Ubuntu and the Blue Avian Message Part 1‘.

  • “CG: Yes. And the Secret Space Program Alliance, it is– their major goal is to bring, what they call, full disclosure to the population of the Earth. And full disclosure is not just, there are aliens.”
  • “We’ve been lying to you for the last 80, 90 years. OK. Move on with your lives.”
  • “The full disclosure event will be a data dump from Edward Snowden’s information, a few of these other major hacks that we’ve heard just a little bit about. All of this information has been decrypted and collated, handed over to the Earth Alliance and to the Secret Space Program Alliance ready for a massive data dump at a certain point. And what they want to do is reveal all the crimes against humanity that these syndicates have done in order to prevent, not just the fact that there are ETs, non-terrestrials out there, but to cover up technologies that would have changed our lives in a dramatic way and would have collapsed their corporate regimes and their Babylonian money magic system– slave system– over the Earth that they use to control everybody on the surface.”
  • “CG: Or you’re using the word paid. That would denote that there’s money involved. When everyone has everything that they need– I mean if you really want to have money or gold, the replicators have the ability.”
  • “You could synthesize a little bit of gold or synthesize an old 20th century $100 bill and carry that around in your pocket if that makes you feel more secure. But you’re not going to need it because everything is going to be based off of bartering skills, people sharing their knowledge and abilities with each other as a community, and it’s going– and everyone’s going to have what they need through these technologies. You’re not going to need to work 9:00 to 5:00 to pay an electricity bill– free energy. I mean you’re not going to need to have to buy groceries– replicator technology.”
  • “CG: … there was going to be a catalyst event. There was going to be a full disclosure event. And after the monetary system is gone and capitalism, all the isms are gone, this is going to be the type of system that we’re going to move into and use as we’re a transitional civilization moving to be like a Star Trek civilization.”
  • “And as we’re integrating and learning all of these new technologies exist and integrating them into our lives. And they said that they have been following this movement with great interest. And I thought it was very interesting.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: