PS 3-31-18 *Research, *Diet, TheEvent?, Guardians?

*First a few comments:

Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since March 26th. That’s the largest “gap” we’ve ever had.

As I’ve mentioned with previous “gaps”, I watched a lot of videos and read several articles but nothing was what “I” would consider “feedback” as to what Sylvia and I are currently working with.

If anyone’s interested, here are just a few of the “videos” and “sources” I looked through (in no certain order) over these last few days:

…and more.

For what it’s worth… Last week, Sylvia had me buy a head of Cabbage, so I could at least introduce a few other Nutrients into my Diet.

So “Cabbage” is a very big deal for me.


On March 22nd, the person below had a Dream about “the Event”. Here is his Dream:
My comments: In the video version of the Narrator’s telling of this Dream, he mentions that he was standing in a “Hallway” when it happened. He very casually included that word. For “me”, that word is very helpful. A “Hallway” is a “narrow” (or “focused”) “connecting room” where someone can move (travel) from one Room to another. In the case of this “Dream”, the “Hallway” is the connecting point between the 3D space of where he “was” (where Humanity is right now) and the raising of his consciousness of where the incoming energy wave is about to take him. In other words, “IF” his Dream was really indicating what is about to happen, then Humanity has been raising its collective vibration and is now on the verge of experiencing “the Event”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the article:

Here’s the direct link to the video where the Narrator explains a bit more of what he experienced:


This article is an interview with Corey Goode by David Wilcock.

Here are a few excerpts:


  • “Corey: And as usual, he had me great them “in the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator.””
  • “And they began to have me address everyone present and to state that the new Guardians were coming, and that the Solar System had gone through enough of the transition to where the Blue Spheres were not needed anymore. And they were beginning to just disappear.”
  • “And the same was occurring with the barrier around our Solar System. It had phased out. It was basically gone.”
  • “And the Guardians stated that if it wasn’t for the Galactic Federation, which seemed to be something different completely, and their blockade around our Solar System, they said that after the barrier fell, the Reptilians and other groups would have escaped through ships if there had not been a blockade formed there.”
  • “Corey: …Things have changed in our timeline to a point to where there is no way there could be open rule by the Reptilians.”
  • “Corey: …Now, while we were having discussions, and the different groups were . . . after they had met, you know, the Sentinels after they had met the Guardians, I was told to tell everyone to prepare for the coming of the new Guardians.”
  • “And all of a sudden, there was what I’ve seen before, felt before, but it was a little bit different, a major flash. But it was like a flash, but the light when it flashed, it went woo, woo, WOO, woo – kind of like that. It was a bright white blue flash.”
  • “Corey: It is. Teir-Eir said humanity is going through their Great Awakening, and that we are at the precipice of our very own consciousness renaissance.”
  • “And that’s what we are about to go through right now.”
  • “And it was stated that the new Guardians were here to assist us in acclimating to being managers of our own destiny and to assist us in working together with not only the local 52 star representatives, but the members of the Super Federation that were allowed to stay and to help manage everything.”

Question everything.

Be sure to visit the web page below, in order to view the many images provided.

Here’s the link:


PS 11-1-16 Republic, Guardians

This 4-minute video explains that the Clintons are trying to take-over America but several government agencies are now working to stop them.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)


  • I “thought I would give you an update from our neck of the woods.”
  • I” saw the guardians moving during the day and then they left at sundown and headed west.”
  • “Male Relative told me there was a battle with the Guardians (dragons) against the living Fears which are in spirit form.”
  • “He helped get the lower level and other threats to the Guardians while they battled.”
  • “He saw  all the sparked souls “light up”  all around the Earth essentially zapping the fears and nightmares.
  • “The majority of them were wiped out (not all) but the ones left are trying to hide (he said they are trying for the CC).”
  • “These are the ones who can be eliminated by telling them ‘You do not exist”.”
  • “Remember to ask for the good stuff to enter the area instead.”
  • “Nature dislikes a vacuum and SOMETHING will try fill the space.”
  • “It is all going in the positive direction.”
  • “The healers were working overtime helping those wounded in the spirit battle and “injected” with the black goo.”
  • “The Guardians we had here that he worked with decided to stay in larger population areas because, they told him, there was a greater potential for a negative attack.
  • “Male Relative reminds us to “Lead with your heart”.”
  • “– MICHELE A”

I’m including this because of these 2 sentences:

  • “These are the ones who can be eliminated by telling them ‘You do not exist”.”
  • “Nature dislikes a vacuum and SOMETHING will try fill the space.”

This is the same as the “energy work” that Sylvia taught me a few decades ago…

  • Basically, when clearing physical pain from the Unit (the body and its many Systems), you either use a Crystal or the tips of your fingers clustered together and pointing at the “pain area”. You then move your Crystal or fingers in a spiral pattern “up” and away from the problem area. This clears the negative energy from that location on the Unit but leaves a gap of energy. So, using the same Crystal (or fingers), you sweep it across that same location… moving back-and-forth (side-to-side) while slowly moving across that area. This re-aligns the energies on that spot.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-18-16 *Song, *Path+, Hoffman, Republic, Guardians

*First a few comments:

The moment I woke-up this morning this Song was in my mind. It’s called: “You Can’t Change That” by Ray Parker Jr. and performed by Raydio.

These are the lyrics which kept repeating in my mind:

  • “You’re the only one I love”
  • “And you can’t change that”
  • “You’re the only one I need”
  • “And you can’t change that”

I felt as thought it was My Sylvia giving me a nice message.

Here’s the link to the lyrics and video:

I can now explain, at least a little, about my generalizations in last night’s “Path” Section…

  • For MANY, many months, I’ve been asking Sylvia to open the next “door of opportunity” for us, so we can be done with the energies in the building where we currently work. I had asked Sylvia MANY times to find us another job… that, all we need is to have our bill paid on-time, etc. but the energy needed to draw me out of there was not available. When I went to a local Psychic, several months ago, I asked “her” if I should change my job. She said “no”. Of course, things always change.
  • I’ve also mentioned in previous Postings that my feeling is… “I”, or “everyone”, is sometimes tested by a “Boss Monster” before moving to the next level. Usually, this feels like it brings all of our personal, but recent, Lessons together, places them in a chaotic ball and dumps on our Path. If we remain Heart-centered and carefully unfold those pieces and reconnect them in the proper way, “without Attitude” AND with “good Intension”, then we get to flow into the next level.
  • Although I’ve encountered my share of “Boss Monsters”, since 1st going to that building, I believe the last “monster” was the “Customer” I spoke with the other day.
  • Anyway, last Saturday, I had dug-into the world of “Survey taking”. I spent many hours on Saturday and Sunday, and some on Monday, taking online Surveys, filling out forms and reading a LOT of questions. So far, we’ve made a grand total of $4.30.
  • Basically, Sylvia and I fall through the cracks on this… We don’t have children. Don’t have health issues. Don’t eat junk food. Aren’t younger than 50, etc. If we were in any or all of those categories, we would be offered better-paying Surveys. Some of these websites will even pay $50 to $150 for your Time, to participate in “telephone” or “Skype” Surveys, which we are not willing to do.

Sylvia’s indicating that I’m straying too far from my main Point.

  • Ok. So. I guess completing the “Boss Monster” test and pouring a lot of energy into “making more money” (by taking those Surveys) built-up enough energy for Sylvia to be able to open our next “door of opportunity”.
  • So, after work on Monday, Sylvia and I drove to a company that I mentioned I would like to work at. (I mentioned this several months ago.) “IF” I still have to work for someone else, then this is 1 of the types of jobs I’d like to be involved with.
  • When we got there, there were other businesses with similar job categories. I turned “right” because that’s the job-company I wanted to work for. However, “logic” told me to turn “left”, because I knew from their online Job Guide that they didn’t pay enough and weren’t offering the type of job I wanted.
  • We walked-in. I asked an employee if their Job Applications were only online and she said “no” and immediately called for the Assistant Manager.
  • Anyway, to shorten this adventure… I went back today after work and, in total, I spoke with 2 Assistant Managers and the main Manager and probably for about an hour total. Most of it was today in 1 block of Time.
  • After supper, they phoned and offered us the job.
  • So, very soon, Sylvia and I will no longer be working in a cold grocery store and dealing with homeless people doing their laundry in the Rest Room sinks, Shop Lifters or Drunks. (Sylvia and I hate being cold.)
  • The driving will actually be 4-miles less each way. So we’ll save 8-miles of driving each day and make a little more money than we make now. However, the choices for nearby “Lunch” options are more limited than Sylvia and I thought. So we’ll have to figure that part out.

As with the other of our personal “stories”, that I pass-along, I’m including this recent experience because it shows that “I” feel I was Guided by My Sylvia to do this at this point in Time and with this particular company… all without forcing the energies. Every part of this just “flowed”.

No I just have to get used to the next “change”… and I don’t do too well with “change”. Right now, I feel as though I’m about to lift my foot from the canoe I’ve been riding in and place it firmly on another canoe… all while both float “gently down the stream”.


I found the following message from today’s Posting by Jennifer Hoffman to almost reflect what I just went through in getting this new job:

  • “Whew, what a day, I feel like I have been in battle all day and I’m exhausted, even though it was a 2 nap day. But I am still here! Alive and kicking and ready for the next steps. We have some interesting energies rocketing in tomorrow, with the Mars/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, and the Uranus/Eris conjunction activated by Mercury, Venus & Jupiter in mutual reception. But there’s something else that applies to those of you born in the late 1950s to early 1960s, with Pluto in late Leo.”
  • “You have had Saturn, Venus & Mars square Pluto ( a very hard transit) since 2013 with the Scorpio aspects, and Mars and Pluto since 2009.”
  • “The Pluto square action is and has been your battle, as light beacons, light workers, light bearers, for the heart & soul of humanity. If you have struggled with every possible life challenge — physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental, it’s because you have been fighting this battle every day during that time. And with this week’s aspects that battle comes to a close. Which is why I was awakened last night to do energy work (I told you I’d find out later) as many of you did, why this past decade, and longer, has been so challenging, but especially the 7 years since 2009.”
  • “This Mars/Pluto aspect is the 6th of 8, the first one was in January 2009, the last one is in February 2022 but it’s at 15 degrees, right in the middle, which has alway.s been a transition point. We are at that crossroads and we have chosen, and so has the rest of humanity. It’s interesting that the 3rd presidential debate (debacle is a better word) is also on Oct 19, the date this all ends Let’s see what comes up in the next few days, it should be interesting as the resonance of the Oct 15 full moon is still ringing in the cosmos and this just adds a few more layers to the mix. Shine on, fun times ahead, and you don’t want to miss any of it.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


“IF” this information is real, it means many, very positive, things have just happened. Of course, once again, “I” can’t find any proof of this.

  • Republic Sovereignty Party
  • “A Republic party broke out on an Indian Reservation in Reno last night after Chinese Elder appointee interim Republic of the United States President Joseph Dunford peacefully and legally passed over the Republic Presidency to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for the following two reasons:”
  • “1) President Obama and Vice President Biden were made to resign when Pope Francus released the United States Of America Corporation from Vatican ownership in September 2015.  The Speaker of the House therefore is next in line for said Interim Presidency per the Constitution.”
  • “2) Also last night in Reno, Chinese Elders including Grandfather were present to sign off TRN/USN control under full Republic monetary authority  and implement a new Republic government operations budget.”
  • “This means that the long awaited TRN/USN combo is now controlled by the Republic’s own UST, not the privately owned FED, and our currency is both activated and internationally recognized at this hour, as are all gold backed currencies worldwide in the Republic banking domicile for unencumbered investment and movement globally.”
  • “No small feat, hence the celebration.”
  • “This means we are right now simply waiting on Republic leadership to release the RV on their own terms, by their own hand, among their own sovereign territories–less any foreign nation oversight.”
  • “It’s also no small feat that the American people have regained control of their own government, currency and country all in the same historic moment.  Which adds up to our restored good standing skiing all nations in the international community and thus declares our sovereignty again as a free and democratic Republic of the United States!”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


“IF” the information in this 28-minute video is true, I’m not sure it’s more than a summary of what most of us have already heard. However, I’m including it because I’m sensing that some people who are reading this may find this helpful. At least on an “energy” level. The title of this video is: ““The Guardians Have Received and Announced The Green Light Has Been Given”!“.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: