PS 3-6-17 *Archetypes, Parkes, Gaia, Fulford, Ascension

*First a few comments:

Instead of starting with “this” Section, I began today’s research with a Simon Parkes interview I had put aside until we had more Time to listen to it. (Normally, I start with “this” Section and then branch-out to the Sections below.)

During Simon’s interview, he mentioned the ancient Beings “Enki” and “Enlil” and described a few things about them. I don’t fully understand “why” but, somehow, that must have been important to some part of me because my mind pulled it up later.

  • During these few days-off that Sylvia and I had, I wanted to make some Time to play my drums. After a few chores and even diving-into a Synthesizer that I didn’t quite understand, I finally pulled the cover off of my electronic Drumset and began playing.
  • After a few songs, my mind brought-up the “Enki and Enlil” information and kept trying to bring it to the front of my “thinking” in-between each song I was playing to.
  • Then, in more of a “feeling” than any other “sense”, I felt “the TimeLine” / “my Path” that’s just “up-ahead”. I don’t have all the details and maybe this is simply “symbolic” but I feel that there’s a great battle… the last battle that this “Dimension” / “planet” may go through. It has to do with “Archetypes”. I don’t know if “Enki” and “Enlil” are directly involved or they are the closest (most recent) Entities my mind could latch on to but this feels like a very ancient energy that is coming forth and will clash with another “pool” of energies… similar to a “weather” situation when there’s cold air in the area and warmer air moves in and where they meet creates a lot of wind.

Then another random song started playing. I had to look at its title on the computer screen because I didn’t remember ever hearing it. It’s part of a CD that Sylvia and I bought many years ago. I just don’t remember that song. The song is called: “I’ll Keep On Trying” by Uriah Heep (a popular “Metal Rock” band from the 70s).

It was a bit of a strange “beat” for this particular band but I played with it anyway. Then the Song reached the “Bridge” and when the Lyrics: “Well I remember everything” reached my ears, I just started crying… hard. I had to stop playing and turn everything off. It was THAT powerful. (It’s been 308-weeks since My Sylvia crossed-over and it STILL doesn’t get any easier.)

  • At that point, somehow, I felt that “I” (and maybe others) are involved with “dealing with” these Archetype energies that are coming. Some part of me knows that I’m going to be dealing with them directly. This may not even manifest here… It may be happening on another “level” / “Dimension” or maybe these are just feelings from the last Time this Galactic Cycle reached this point. I don’t know.
  • In the middle of my crying, I kept telling Sylvia that I need her here “physically”. Some part of me knows I “can” deal with these energies but I kept telling Sylvia: “I don’t want to do this without YOU “physically” HERE with me!”

I’m writing all of this out because I truly feel there’s more to this than “some words sparking a memory” within me.

“IF” this situation manifests, I don’t sense that there’s any real danger to Humanity. Again, all of this may just be “symbolic”… or, when the Time comes, those of us involved directly will somehow, automatically know what to do. Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the Lyrics:

Here’s the link to the Song:


This 2-hour, audio-only video (from March 5th) is an interview with “supposedly” whistleblower and Reptilian family member Simon Parkes.

  • I’m not saying any of this information is real. I’m simply making it available. So even if it’s not true, we can all benefit from it by using these “ideas” as “tools” to help keep our minds “flexible”. A good way to keep our minds “in-shape” is to allow them to digest alternative facets. In this way, we’ll be more-prepared to “think outside the box” if the need arises.

Here are some highlights:

  • It begins by repeating what we’ve been hearing in the “alternative news” circles lately… That an alien spacecraft crash-landed in Antarctica a VERY long Time ago. They choose Antarctica because there was already ancient technology there and they could make use of it. They used their own spacecraft to build a city.
  • He then talks about the Oroville dam burst and says the rushing water has washed away some of the surrounding dirt and “gold” has been discovered there.
  • There’s been a nuclear accident in a nuclear submarine, somewhere off the coast of Sweden and some of its radiation has reached parts of the U.S.

My comments: I’m still sensing that Humanity and this planet is now firmly on a “Positive” TimeLine and that nothing “negative” “on a major scale” will happen. Plus, I feel that the Earth and its inhabitants have raised their frequencies enough to not be “as susceptible” to various negative forces.

  • The Teamsters have recently seen a drop in their finances. He mentions that they’re going bankrupt.
  • “There is a probability of something coming back on this planet in the near future…I do believe there is something that It IS in the Solar System, on hold at the moment that will come through.” The Anunaki are here. They are the ones who have been running things since the Pharaohs and Summaria. There is another group coming who the Anunaki have to answer to.
  • Recently, he was at a meeting with many other decision makers and it was about “Disclosure”. Simon feels very strongly about have Disclosure “NOW” and not waiting any longer.
  • Someone asked a question about his dreams… He has conversations with Reptilians in his dreams whenever he “doesn’t” eat meat. Simon gives 2 answers, one “positive” and one “negative”. The “positive” explanation is telling the Dreamer that “eating meat” is a Control Mechanism and when you don’t eat meat, you are being set free. Simon thinks it’s his Higher Self sending him a message (to not eat meat).
  • Around the 1:30-mark, he explains that “Banks” and “money” have “black Spells” on them and how 2-percent of the population can control the other 98-percent. This “Spell” is coming in from off-planet.
  • He says the color “Purple” can be used to kill cancer cells. This color is also approaching “super-luminal travel”. The colors “blue for a boy and pink for a girl is so mind-controlling…”.
  • Its very exciting times. Literally, every morning in 2017 something is happening… “I just can’t wait to get out the other side. Let’s just get through. Get out the other side and then have the life we really should have… and just be happy.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “External evidences are no longer necessary for those who question.”
  • “Foresights are accepted, yet claims are delayed.”
  • “Promissory stances clear from those of lower mindsets.”
  • “Handicaps are removed.”
  • “Peace tomes are read.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “Desperate counter attack by Satanic mafia failing on all fronts as human liberation nears“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “We are witnessing desperate attempts around the world by the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia to reverse recent defeats and remain in power. However, these efforts are failing on all fronts and more and more prominent Satanists are disappearing.”
  • “The fiercest battles are raging in Washington DC where the Satanists are pushing “the Russians did it!” story to remove attorney General Jeff Sessions and prevent arrests of child killing politicians. Pentagon sources confirm that over 1500 pedophiles have been arrested since Donald Trump took office as President of the United States and that a grand jury is preparing indictments against a whole swath of DC and New York establishment figures.”
  • “The counter-attack by the Satanists in the US is being orchestrated by the Rothschilds and the Bush/Clinton mafia who have unleashed their top servants like former President Barack Obama and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos against the Trump regime.”
  • “Bill Gates is now being actively hunted down and the US military has been advised by the White Dragon Society to seize his Karuizawa bunker ASAP. Gates properties in the US also need to be seized ASAP. Bill Gates’ mansion near Seattle, Washington, has a room filled with skeletons and dedicated to the worship of death, according to a high-tech Oligarch who has visited there.”
  • “Another Satanist seeking shelter is Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for protection after Israel was threatened with the destruction of all its nuclear facilities if it did not act against the Satanists, Russian FSB and other sources say. This protection will not be granted, the Russian sources say.”
  • “US arch-traitor John “Daesh” McCain sought protection from Turkish President Erdogan and will also not get it, Pentagon sources say. Humanity will soon be free.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


The title of this short article caught my attention: “The Imminent Demise Of The Archonic Grid As Crystalline Light Codes Sweep The Surface Population“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The dismantling of the Veil continues as crystalline light codes sweep the surface population. During the last two eclipses, much was pushed up to the surface that needed to be dealt with and released for good.”
  • “The original DNA incursion that shut down humanity from our multidimensionality tens if not hundreds of thousands of years ago has begun to be repaired. The information of the ancients that has been blocked from manifesting in our stunted DNA has no incursion into the flow from the past anymore. What is happening because of this, is ancient modalities, ancient awarenesses and understandings are beginning to become manifest. These are no longer the doctrines that people look at longingly, wishing they had the willpower to fulfill these commitments to a pure way of life. These are becoming the new way of life.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 1-16-17 Wilcock, Parkes, Fulford, Hoffman, Cobra

*First a comment:

On some days, I can’t find anything worth including. On other days, like today, there are so many details, it’s difficult to keep track of all of them…


I wasn’t sure what I was reading. This is a VERY long article / interview, so I skimmed through it when it 1st arrived in our eMail. Then I got to this paragraph and had to stop and include the entire block of information:

  • “Linear time is an entrained human thought form synched by some esoteric ancient tech (now offline) and time lines, loops and junctions have been resolving themselves every since that tech went offline in the effects known as “the mandela effect” when memories (awareness exists outside of time) do not match archives in the materium. There are only two timelines left, this current one and that of the Complete Earth.”

This appears to be someone’s Comments on an interview that whistleblower, David Wilcock, had on radio show “Coast to Coast” recently.

Most of this information covers “Antarctica” and the “Cabal”.

Here’s the link to that article:

Here’s the link where I originally found this information:

Here’s a link to several “Bullet Points” that were talked about in that interview. There’s also a link to the interview itself:

  • According to that web page, David said: “Timeline given for things to start happening is very imminent”.


This 2-hour video (audio only), from January 15th, is an interview with whistleblower Simon Parkes.

  • He claims to have been born into a family with “Mantiss” (Insectoid) and “Draco” (Reptilian) Beings.

He covers various topics. Some of them are:

  • Trump and the Inauguration.
  • Buried “Pirate” treasure, which was placed there a long Time ago by the Masons, in order to keep the reason buried item a secret, which was a stolen, Mason, sacred object.
  • the “Main Stream Media” (MSM)
  • Dark energies.
  • the “Greys”
  • Reptilians don’t need “oxygen” but they do need “heat”.
  • Recently, 2 underground, Reptilian bases near the North Pole were “taken out”.
  • The “Money System” on this planet is a “Babylonian, spell-based System”.
  • Parkes and another person have developed a “Barter System App”, which will allow everyone to indicate that they have, for example, a few extra eggs and see that someone nearby has an extra bottle of milk. You can easily do a Trade with that person.
  • (1:27-mark) People have been feeling low energy lately. He says this is because the “Physical” is being “energized” as much as the “Spiritual”.
  • “2017 is a time of conscious movement where people say: “I’m not having that. I can see what that is” “If they did the Twin Towers now, there would only be a few people who would buy the Establishment’s lie”.
  • The “Waves” coming into the planet can’t be stopped. They are doing what they can to block them with Wi-Fi and they bombard us with HAARP they try everything they can to try to disrupt this natural, God-type energy but they can’t. They are slowing the process but they can’t stop it.
  • Recently, when the Cabal spray “Chemtrails”, they will later send a HAARP pulse through it, in order to spread them out and more.
  • He says “Building 7” was taken-down (during “911”), it was so the Bushes could steal the gold that was secretly stored there.
  • (1:50-mark) “March is key for Great Britain. I’m expecting some considerable changes.” (Probably the 18th or 25th.) “A lot of things are going to come to fruition in March. Financial, political, military and energy-wise. So if there was a great fleet of alien spacecraft, that flew over a major city, some point in March and the established news ran with that story, I wouldn’t at all be surprised.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is whistleblower Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “Will it be World War or World Government as Trump Presidency Approaches“. Here are a few excerpts:

  • “Make no mistake, the Trump Presidency is a second American revolution and it will deeply affect the operations of the international secret rogue government. Russian intelligence operatives contacted the WDS last week to seek reassurance the Trump presidency will be allowed to go ahead. They were told by the WDS that Trump was not going to be another assassinated leader like Kennedy because, unlike Kennedy, Trump has the backing of the US military. Here is what Pentagon Sources had to say about the matter: “A CIA plot to whack Trump is unlikely since the military has read them the riot act. There are no Geneva conventions for domestic enemies of the state and military justice is swift and lethal.””
  • “However, Trump is not going to be allowed to do everything he wants, especially when it comes to Israel, the Pentagon sources say. “The UN Security Council may vote on January 17 to impose 1967 borders on Israel enforced by sanctions,” they say. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and Trump “may be forced out if they oppose the will of the international community, as peace and settlement of all conflicts is needed for a global currency reset,” the sources add.”
  • “Even if Trump is killed, the revolution will continue because there has been a fundamental shift in the power structure of the West that has become unstoppable. The unelected, corrupt, Khazarian mafia owned EU is going to be replaced by a democratic European Union that includes the largest country in Europe, which is Russia, according to the gnostic Illuminati. This grouping will be allied with North America and will negotiate a 50/50 win-win new relationship with Asia when the dust finally settles, they say.”
  • “In any case, the real mess that needs cleaning up in not in China but in the US where a major purge is continuing to unfold. The pedophile and related blackmail network in the US power structure continues to be dismantled in the so-called Pizza gate scandal. Also, the artificial drought and attempted grab of California farmland by Khazarian mobsters has been ended with geo-engineered storms. There are also over 150 FBI agents in five cities, working in tandem with the New York Police Department, probing the Clinton foundation for money laundering and financing so-called Islamic terror organizations, Pentagon sources note. The Clintons, in response, have been singing like canaries about their former patrons the Bush family and their Saudi and German allies.”
  • “In any case, the current logjam in world events will break big time once the Trump presidency starts on January 20th. Those who cling to the old structure will be flushed down the toilet of history along with it. “It is visibly falling apart and even the people in the old corporate media are starting to report this,” one Illuminati source noted. Those who embrace the coming revolution and wish to save the planet will get a chance to help in the job of starting a new golden age.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I found the following Posting today by Jennifer Hoffman to provide some good feedback on what is happening with the energies on this planet right now:

  • “I can officially announce that the 5D grids are firmly anchored in our 3D reality. That’s what we were working on last week and I knew it would be finished last night (another sleepless night for me but I was warned that I would not be sleeping so at least it wasn’t a surprise). Now, that doesn’t mean we’re done, it means that we have access to a continuous inflow of 5D energy. And the joy can begin (I didn’t say ‘work’ on purpose) which also means that we now have to work on the duality aspects, being multi-dimensional, in two worlds, integrating 5D into our 3D realities and raising their frequencies. We have moved out of polarity (being polarized) into duality, embodying multiple dimensions.”
  • “Polarity is an either/or energetic conversation and it is limited to a single expression and is exclusive. Duality is an ‘and’ conversation, it is expansive and inclusive of everything. We are collaborative, not competitive; in community, not separated. It is also the week of the US presidential inauguration and today we celebrate MLK Jr’s birthday, a light for connection who made a huge difference in the world, which is also why his life was ended.”
  • “How are you going to use the presence of the 5D energy grids in your life, to be energetically whole and embrace your Divine Congruence?”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


These 2 Postings from Cobra, today, are of the “cryptic” variety and are aimed at the “Resistance Movement”:

  • “10k96M detected”
  • “96Alters detected”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Also, 1 of the Commenters provided a website which has an animated image of the “supposed” Octopus that’s surrounding the “Earth” or this “Solar System” and keeping us from being free. The animation shows how much progress the Resistance Movement has made in removing its tentacles.

“IF” that information is real, how do they know the Resistance Movement’s progress and how do they know the Octopus’ “tentacles” are being removed?… as opposed to the Octopus simply being attacked directly and destroyed at its core.

Here’s the link to that animation. (Note: the text is in Italian):

PS 1-4-17 Cobra, Arrests, Anatomy

This was Posted by Cobra today:

    • New Atlantis
    • “New Atlantis is the codename for the energy grid around the planetary surface that will support the Compression Breakthrough and also the codename for the New Society after the Event.”


    • “In Old Atlantis, before the polar shift 75,000 years ago, the position of equator was different and thus the position of the whole planetary energy grid was different also.”


    • “75,000 years ago and earlier, the energy gird around the planet was complete, under full control of the Ascended beings and with many sacred temples positioned around the equator. You can see the old Atlantean equator on this picture as a red line crossing South America and Africa:”


    • “It is interesting to note that many energy vortexes around the planet are still positioned around the old Atlantean equator:”


    • “The New Atlantis project actually aligns the vortexes of the Old Atlantis with the new energy grid that is about to be completed soon.”


    • “New Atlantis is a project of the Light forces that is already ongoing for millennia. Saint Germain is one of the main beings working on this project. He has revealed parts of this project to humanity in his incarnation as Francis Bacon in a novel called New Atlantis, where he described an utopian society based on meritocracy. In his next incarnation as Comte de Saint Germain he attempted to co-create a new Society in America by assisting in the independence of the USA and by being the main spiritual force behind the Constitution.”


    • “Here is a very good article about the past developments of the New Atlantis project that is a must read for everyone interested in New Atlantis, as it puts many occult doctrines in the right perspective:”


    • “Here I have to add that Comte de Saint Germain has formed a secret mystery school in Paris in 1775 that was the hidden hand behind the independence of the USA.”


    • “That mystery school was comprised of members of the Brotherhood of the Star that have then joined three main positive masonic lodges in Paris, influencing their members and thus consequently the global course of events.”


    • “One group joined the Les Neuf Soeurs masonic lodge in Paris and through Benjamin Franklin, who was a member of that masonic lodge, influenced the creation of the United States:”


    • “The second group joined the Philalethes masonic lodge in Paris, through which the Brotherhood of the Star tried to disseminate true occult knowledge. The occult knowledge from that lodge is the source of a vast portion of modern Western spirituality and occultism:”


    • “The third group joined the Cagliostro’s Isis lodge in Paris. That lodge is the main source of Isiac mysteries that were later fragmentarily preserved in some Memphis Misraim lodges.”


    • “Cagliostro was one of the very few people on the surface of the planet that had an understanding of a certain aspect of mysteries of Isis that must remain veiled for now. Nothing more can be said about that matter before the Event.”


    • “Now Comte de Saint Germain has asked me to assist him in completion of the New Atlantis project. The planetary energy grid of New Atlantis is namely the energy tool that will manifest the Compression Breakthrough, the Event and the New Society.”


    • “Cintamani grid around the planet is one of the major tools in manifesting that aim. Whenever a Cintamani stone is planted in the soil somewhere around the planet, a huge angelic being is anchored in that spot, creating an energy vortex miles in diameter:”


    • “When the critical mass of those angelic beings are anchored around the planet, the head of the Yaldabouth entity will begin to dissolve.”


    • “Cintamani stones are the famous Blue Stones of Atlantis. Blue Stones, called also Blue Apples, were used by Cathars to open portals:”


    • “Needless to say, the Cathars have received their Cintmanis from the Templars who have received their first specimen from Hubertus Koch from Untersberg. He has received the stone directly from goddess Isais ( an aspect of Isis) at Nineveh near Mosul in Iraq. Nineveh is one of the most important Goddess vortexes on the planet:”


    • “It is not a coincidence that Daesh wants to destroy it:”


  • “It all boils down to the battle for the energy grid. And here, Light will be victorious and New Atlantis will shine as never before.”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Be sure to visit the following page, in order to access the images and links provided.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


According to the following information, there are now 2 Sources saying the “Mass Arrests of the Cabal” have now begun.

My comments: So we now have Benjamin Fulford and this other person saying the “Mass Arrests” have started and Cobra saying that the “Atlantis Grid” is almost finished… and when it is, the head of the giant octopus surround the Earth (or the Solar System) will dissolve and THAT’S when “the Event” will begin. I recently said that we are now in “exponential” times and, “IF” any of today’s information is real, then it looks like something REALLY BIG will happen within the next 30-days. Sylvia and I can’t wait.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


According to the following article scientists just discovered a “new organ” in the Human body.

My comments: Ok. Humans have been intensely studying Human anatomy for centuries and NOW we realize that ALL OF THEM missed this organ? I don’t think so.

In “my” opinion, this “may” have something to do with the “Mandela Effect” (look it up). One of the things mentioned in that “rabbit hole” is that the Human “Heart” is now in the center of the Chest and that the Stomach is tucked up some of the Ribs.

So for all those Researchers to miss an organ “may” simply be explained by the idea that some of us are in a different TimeLine.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 2-22-16 Ascension, Key, Grid, Fulford

The part of this article that I’m particularly want others to understand is this:

  • “A lot of people are aware that something big is happening here but I don’t think most people have any idea how big this “event” really is. This is not your run of the mill “ascension.” This is not just about saving man kind and the planet earth. This is a healing of massive proportions that involves more than one universe and the entire Tree of Life. It is possible that the Tree Tenders are even involved”

I’m including this because it shows yet another person sensing something that is about to happen. We must keep our mind open to whatever is about to unfold. If we “see”, “feel” hear” the actual “Event”, once it begins, and still have a knew-jerk re-action, pulling into “religion” or “Society’s thinking”, most people will be confused. Remaining open-minded means we will “more-easily” and “more-quickly” be able to run the puzzle pieces through our mind and select the closest ones that match whatever is happening at that Time. Then, we can calculate the situation and move forward. Once each of us understands what is happening, we can then help those around us who may still be confused.

  • Note: I’m not 100-percent sure if the LightWorkers have dismantled enough of the Cabal’s “trickery” to keep them from “moving to the front of the line” when the “Event” happens and releasing their false “Project Bluebeam” (or something similar). This is why we must pull into ourselves and examine the “Event-situation” through our “Heart”. That’s the only true way to determine if we are experiencing a “Positive” or “Negative” happening.
  • “IF” the Cabal do manage to activate their false, global System, from what “I” have been reading, they won’t be allowed to continue that for very long. It may have to “play-out” for a long-enough period of Time, in order to satisfy off-world agreements before the Star Visitors can step-in and stop it.
  • Again, “think” with your “Heart” and keep an open mind. We WILL get through this.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I don’t know if this information has been “Channeled” or if it’s someone’s “dream”. The title is: “The Last Parade… And Skit… Leading To The Gate“.

I’m including this because I’m feeling a sense of “urgency” within these words… and feel that this message needs to be shared… that, on some level, it holds information which Humanity needs at this Time:

  • “The parade leads up to the gate”
  • “The symbols I saw were keys”
  • “There are those who each have part of a key to open the gate”
  • “There are twelve keys”
  • “For the 12 tribes”
  • “That make one key … the thirteenth”
  • “The master key”
  • “That is the key formed by twelve keys … It is the 13th key … The first and last key”
  • “They get handed in at the gate”
  • “Once joined the gate opens with the one key”
  • “The parade is a meet and greet”
  • “Before the skit”
  • “It’s symbolic of life”
  • “The journey beginning and ending”
  • “Is the tree of life 12 tribes …”
  • “12 planets”
  • “Each started with a seed … the flag”
  • “Each ruled for a time … Aeons”
  • “Flowered … Now together at the gathering”
  • “To be reseeded …”
  • “For the next season/life anew”
  • “Birthed through sources gate”
  • “Womb”
  • “These are the flags”
  • “Returned”
  • “By consent … FREEWILL”
  • “Thus ends the book Of LIFE”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


The information on the following web page is from “Lightlover”. She’s calling this information “downloads” and, for “me”, has her finger on the pulse of Humanity. So I’m including this because she seems to be in-touch with the True “Now” and because her 52-minute video may help others understand what the energies on this planet are currently going and how we can all work together to float, more-easily, up to the next level. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The message I get from Within is that the archon grid has COMPLETELY fallen away fully, as the negative alien agenda matrix does not have enough energy to maintain the life force of the denser off world entities which feed off the human collective.”
  • “The off world burritos can’t hold the new frequency as it feels like we are going up a whole octave, so they have fallen away from all ascension timelines. : )”
  • “Free Will has been restored to our worlds as those that interfered can no longer stay at this frequency and affect the human collective.”
  • “The incoming Source Crystalline Evolutionary Energies are combining with the 2/22 AND full moon energies, which overlapped the energies of Valentine’s Day, which anchored the Twin Flame energies across all grids.”

My comments: Just watching the video on the following web page will lift your energy. She is truly following her Heart and is enjoying herself on this new journey.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly update. The title is: “Did a Chinese banker just announce the biggest event in human history“. Here is an excerpt:

  • “The fact is that 84% of the US workforce is in the service sector (banking, government, retail etc.), meaning they do not actually make anything. In other words, the Americans do not make enough stuff to pay for the stuff they are getting from the rest of the world. The corporate propaganda media still cling to the lie that the US is the world’s biggest economy and China is number two. That is outright fiction. The Chinese, for example, produce 11 times more steel than the US and, in the last 3 years alone, have produced more concrete than the US used during the entire 20th century. The Chinese have decided enough it enough and demanded real payment for their goods, not so-called US dollars.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 2-9-16 *Technology?, Gaia, Revolution, Fence

*First a comment:

There’s an employee in the grocery store where Sylvia and I work who is also a Drummer. (Several employees there are Musicians.) He and his wife have some good ideas about some of the songs Sylvia and I have listened to but they’re lacking a few good musical-gear tools. One of these tools is a “DAW”, a “Digital Audio Workstation”… a piece of software which allows you to record musical parts, arrange them into musical structures, mix their volume levels and create a finished song.

Last week, Sylvia suggested that we give them an old iMac that we have, which we haven’t needed for several months. It was given to us by 1 of our customers Clients. So, yesterday, while a work, we asked him if he’d like to have that computer. We told him it was given to us and we are giving it to him. If he ever feels he doesn’t need it anymore, we want him to also “give it” away. He agreed.

So, yesterday and today, we worked on clearing its hard drive and installing fresh software. Some of Apple’s updates were taking a long Time, so I thought I’d “simply” use the Router that we haven’t used for a while. Then we would have both Macs connected to the Internet at the same Time.

I’ve done this before, many times… I’m a “Tech” (computer technician). I know how to do this! (Well, I USED to.) Really it’s very simple… Move 1 cable, connect a 2nd cable and go into the Modem and set it to “Bridge” mode.


In the middle of all this, I saw that both the Modem and the Router had the same “IP Address”. (Think of it as the street address for your home. You can’t have 2 different homes, on the same street, with the same address.)

So I found a link to the “Knowledge-base”… “Oh, it’s online… but we can’t get “on line”.” Then I found the manual… “Oh, it’s also “on line”…


So I called AT&T Tech Support and, 30-minutes later, we were back to where we were 3-hours ago… with only 1 computer online… but at least it was working.

  • While talking to Tech Support, I saw an extra page of settings for the Modem and realized that THIS was “probably” where I needed to change the “IP Address”. At that point, I was too burnt-out to do any more testing.

While going through all that, I noticed that I became highly stressed and explaining to Sylvia how “Modems” and “Routers”, as well as “MIDI” (computerized music gear) never works the way it’s supposed to!

I’ve mentioned this before… No matter what the “things” in my Life “do to me”, “I” have to take personal responsibility for those “negative” AND “positive” things happening. In other words, “I” brought those “challenges” to my tiny world. If I don’t like it, I can’t simply call the Modem a lot of names and replace it… because similar “challenges” will continue to happen. Instead, I have to look within myself and solve the problem face the issues there.


From “Gaia Portal”…

  • “Nova Gaia grids descend.”
  • “Implantations of foreigns flee.”
  • “Stagnations are cracked as Higher Elements impress.”
  • “Stresses of Higher Energetics clear the way.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

Here are 2 excerpts:

  • “That which is unfolding is a revolution on and rebellion against those in power, not by ones who hold arms, not by ones who would go and battle their enemy, those in power, but rather the many who are on this Earth plane of existence at this  me because they are here to participate in the actual shift  in consciousness. The revolution of Spirit that is now underway on this planet and in this realm.”
  • “That this Awareness has been speaking of the events that are to unfold in 2016 especially in the first quarter of 2016, especially in the middle of March 2016. That this Awareness does say that there will be an event in the middle of the month, around March 15th which is known as the Ides of March, that will be very challenging to many. That this is the  time of preparation as one is experiencing already the convoluted energies on this planet, the inner, the inner connection to events on the astral, that inner knowing of things taking place beyond human comprehension.”
  • “That this time is of critical importance, this  me here, now, in this month of February in preparation for the events in the  me of March, in the middle of the month. It is seen that one of the plans of those in power is that which would be a false extraterrestrial invasion or false extraterrestrial contact, what is o en referred to as “first contact”.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link. (This will take you to a page, which offers a “PDF” (text) version and an “MP3” (audio) version of this information):


The title of this message is: “Fence Is Down”. This is an 8-part video, each 15-minutes in length. I watched the 1st video and they seem to be an “update” (the “fence” is now down) and a “summary” of what is going on behind-the-scenes on this planet.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 12-15-15 *Cooperation, *Music, GridShift, 3D, Hoffman, Nidle

*First a comment:

I’ve noticed this before but didn’t think much about it.

Sylvia and I had to do laundry today. As we were taking our clothes out of the Washer, I noticed that it’s been many, many months since our shirts would turn their sleeves inside-out. Has anyone else noticed this?

I’m sensing that this is part of the “cooperative” energies of the 5th-Dimension.

I’ve mentioned in a previous Posting that I was going to do my best to move most of my Musician-based Comments to our new “Infinity” Blogsite but someone else just started “Following” our Blog today and when we read their Musician’s-stuggle with technology, Sylvia and I could both relate to that situation.

We found this on their “About” page:

  • “Some of the dogma out there teaches habits that eat up creativity, in fact, focusing on word cosmetics and technical things like verb selection, sentence structure, clever twists of phrase, and an endless list of negatives that shut down creativity.”
  • “I used to write and record songs at home. The technical aspects of recording gear and software require logical, analytic thinking that smothers creativity with a plastic bag. It’s impossible to create a song while you’re struggling with a technical issue. Creativity in music requires a non-analytic environment where subtle feelings come out and the artist forgets herself.”

This person has pinpointed “today’s Musician” — caught between creating music and wanting to use the latest technology to draw from more sonic possibilities.

Sometimes when Sylvia and I watch those very old, black & white movies of Times gone by we almost get dreamy-eyed. Not because of the “good old days” or the fancy clothes everyone wore or the 12-course meal for $3… but the idea of watching a Musician walk onto a Stage, open a case, remove their Trumpet, Guitar or Saxophone and “just start playing” is now almost a magical idea.

Even as a “Drummer”, I just “bang on things” but with “technology” I can’t simply do this. Instead I have to “configure” my electronic drum set… make sure all the wires are connected to the correct ports, make sure the extension cord is long-enough, make sure we listen to the sound before the audience hears it, in case the drum computer is not setup properly or if it’s going crazy… and THEN we can start playing. Oh wait! I forgot to turn on the amplifier!

When Sylvia writes a new song, the “melody” or “harmonic structure” will already be inside her head… typically. She’ll then turn on her trusty, portable, cassette recorder and her 88-key Korg keyboard and play. Once it’s recorded, she’ll go back and write-out the notes on paper.

When she’s finished with her “paper writing” and “cassette recording”, she’ll let me listen to it and we’ll work on the drum part. When that’s done, we’ll record her part and my part into Apple’s “GarageBand” software.

When “I” create a new song, I’ll go right to GarageBand and record the audio (sounds) and MIDI (computer information) onto different Tracks. (I “play by ear” and Sylvia “reads & writes sheetmusic”) The MIDI information allows GarageBand to create a piece of sheetmusic that I print-out and give to Sylvia.

Here’s the link to their Blogsite:

Here’s the link to our band Blog (It’s very new and won’t be changed very often):


Thank you SoulSpeak for finding this important information…

This helpful Insight comes from another WordPressor:

  • “Intense Gate in Progress-ALL HEARTS ON DECK”
  • “Intense Gate in Progress”
  • “Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,”
  • “Gatekeepers can use your assistance this day. We have a very intense Grid shift in progress – shifting to New Earth grids as the 3D/duality grid fully disconnects. All hearts on deck and greatly appreciated to create stability. Remember not to impede/prevent the process. Intentions for highest interests of all concerned, expand out AS the Highest Self and let the Light do the work. No astral tripping or electri-frying the Grids, thank you! More updates after the Gate (through December 15) on what is unfolding. Thank you for dropping everything to do the good work!”
  • “In Love, Light and Service,”
  • “Sandra WaltER”

My comment: Last night, just before finishing that Posting, I had a wave of disorientation flow over me. It was almost “vertigo”. It was almost “dizziness”. It lasted about 30-seconds before fading. “IF” the above information is real, maybe this is why I had that “energy fluctuation”. Only Time will tell.

I’m including this, not only to let everyone know what “may” be happening around this planet but to also keep you informed about changes in the energy fields which flow “through” and “around” everything. So if “you’ or someone you know is suddenly feeling a bit “odd”, mentally or physically, this “may” be the cause. So running out to get an “opinion” from an outside source, such as what your Society calls a “doctor”, may do more harm than good.

Be sure to visit  the link below, in order to see the chart which accompanies the above information.

Question everything.

Here’ the link:

This is her other website, where you’ll find more information:

Here’s the link to SoulSpeak’s Blogsite:


This is another Posting by Zuniverse. Since it’s fairly short, I’m including all of it but be sure to visit her Blogsite (below), for more Insights:

  • “Clarity on 3D Drop-off since September”
  • “The 3D drop-off is not to be confused with a material expression of 3D, it is the dimensional expression of duality, the polarity of judgment, fear, and disharmony which is no longer energetically supported. It is the 3D experience of duality which fueled lower agendas and denser expressions of consciousness. Higher sight will give way to the demands of an enlightened heart; let the Higher Self show you the new reality. Let go and notice the higher changes; your perspective will shift. Veils lift revealing higher possibilities, energetic support drops off for re-creating the old reality. This is why you feel that everything has changed, and yet you are still walking in this reality. The light transforms everything; the form shifts to accommodate the consciousness.”
  • “The Christ consciousness is key to stability and spiritual disclosure: the revelation of all that HUmanity is capable of. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with love, peace and conscious actions of the highest integrity. The Light Tribe does not wait; we have other missions in this Shift. We move into creating the New, without permission from those who do not serve the greater good. True Wayshowers see the risks, and step forward anyway. The opening of this doorway means that strange sensation of hang time – the void between old reality and new reality – will soon be over.”

My comment: As I was reading that, 2 very important items jumped-out at me:

  • “Veils lift”

Which is what Sylvia has told me the 1st day she crossed-over:

  • “The veils are getting thinner. I will be with you soon.”

That single statement from Sylvia is the 2nd most important things she provide me with after she “crossed”. It keeps me going.

…and the other statement from Zuniverse’s Blog that caught my attention is:

  • “The opening of this doorway means that strange sensation of hang time – the void between old reality and new reality – will soon be over.”

This is 1 more piece of feedback, which tells “me”… we are almost home.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

  • Note: Sylvia and I are now “Following” her Blog. We don’t do this lightly. We studied several of her Postings before deciding to do this. So you may see more of her information included in “our” Postings in the future.


I found this Jennifer Hoffman Posting for today very helpful:

  • “Two things are happening now, first is the current geomagnetic storm, second is a 9 day major energy shift that started on 12/12 and ends on 12/21. We’re in day 4… I noticed a lot of technical issues going on last night, we’re in a geomagnetic storm that is creating a lot of disruptions, I could not log into my email service provider and could not send out the newsletter, which is going out shortly (that’s why it isn’t available yet). The geomagnetic storm is also why you’re feeling a little frazzled, anxious, maybe even dizzy or nauseous, and why you may have been up last night, something I heard from many people, even those who don’t know anything about ascension or energy or downloads.”
  • “I’ll post a video explaining more in detail in a few minutes but you may want to gather your favorite comfort items, find time to do some grounding work or meditation, do some breathing exercises, which help with grounding, and pay attention to your pets and small children, they feel this energy activity more strongly than we do. This doesn’t end until the 21st of December and it may get a little worse before it gets better, just a heads up.”

My comment: This is particularly helpful because, at one point today, I had Booted my Macintosh from a different drive, in order to check something. When I Restarted back to the original drive, the computer switched to a 3rd drive AND it went into “Restore” mode! I was able to stop it before it over-wrote anything.

When this happened (twice), I told Sylvia: “This must be “Solar Flares” or the “Grid Shift.””

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:


This channeled message is through Sheldon Nidle. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Many good things are now happening in your realm. The funds that you have waited for in great frustration and worry are here!… these monies are to signal the end of the fraud-laden privately owned “US Federal Reserve”. There is a major last-ditch struggle between those who are losing the battle to save this onerous institution and those who desire to bury it… Despite this, the funds are being released at the appointed time (NOW). We are urgently insisting upon this as the only remaining alternative. It has been sheer folly for all who somehow wish to delay the inevitable!!!”
  • “Long ago, this surface reality was captured by a group of dark rebels called, in ancient Sumerian, the Anunnaki… We are to oversee your transition to a period first filled with truth, freedom and prosperity! This operation has currently passed into a new phase and certain deeds need to be done. One of these is to quickly destroy the political and financial system that has illicitly ruled over you… Therefore, this time is one when a magic moment is to happen, which changes everything… Be brave and enjoy the last part of the ride!!!”
  • “A great process is occurring to bring you in full contact with the Light… We are therefore strongly asking for the swift and secure release of these funds. It is disheartening to see how the evil web of the dark still has even a minute say in what is happening… This project is a humane one that is to bring all of you a freedom and means to change this world.”
  • “Procedures unlike any you have seen in your lifetime are getting ready to take place.”

Here’s the link: