PS 8-23-17 Antarctica, Cobra

This 50-minute video is an interview with Clif High.

  • They mostly talk about “Bit Coin” and “Cryptocurrencies”.
  • Around the 16:35-mark they talk about Antarctica.
  • The workers in Antarctic just finished laying the 2nd Fiberoptic cable (from Brazil). It’s the highest bandwidth ever.
  • “Conditions have changed.” Instead of workers being signed-on for 3-months, or a “Season”, they are now having workers stay for 1 or more “years”.
  • Around the 25-minute mark, he explains that the “pulsed rings” we’ve seen on animated Weather Maps is from a piece of advanced technology in Antarctica.

Question everything.

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This is Cobra’s message from today:

  • Unity Meditation Report
  • Our meditation was the turning point in the liberation process of our planet:”
  • “A few million people were informed about the meditation with more that a quarter million actually participating, so it was our strongest meditation ever.”
  • “The unity and the resonance we have achieved was remarkable and was a signal for the Central Race that the awakened part of the human population will be able to hold the Light in unity when the Event happens and that it is now time to put this planet through the Ascension process. This means that from now on, the energies from the Galactic Center will exponentially intensify until all darkness is purified and the planet is liberated.”
  • “During the meditation, the critical mass of the New Atlantis energy grid around the planet has been completed and from now on this grid is strong enough to handle the energies of the Event. From now on, the New Atlantis energy grid will be used by the Light forces to transmit mission activation codes in the form of revelatory dreams, impressions and visions to the awakened part of the human population.”
  • “More that half of the remaining plasma anomaly of the Yaldabaoth entity was transmuted, and the East Coast plasma anomaly vortex is virtually gone. What is remaining are smaller fragmentary decomposing plasma anomaly vortexes in Washington DC and New York. The Archons were occultly using the East Coast plasma vortex to protect the Cabal and with this protective cover now nearly gone, many actions of the Cabal, including their extensive child abuse networks, will be soon exposed to the general population.”
  • “The Light Forces were very active in the last few months to remove the Black Stone, and our Unity Meditation gave the needed energy support for the final push, and now the Black Stone is nearly gone. It will be completely cleared within a week, and all anomaly associated with it within a month. When that happens, the RHIC collider on Long Island will lose any meaning for the Chimera Group and they will stop using it. Thus it will become just one of many colliders around the world, incapable of doing serious harm to humanity.”
  • “All this has put around 80 remaining members of the Chimera Group into the panic mode. Two groups of them have already left Long Island, feeling that their location is now too notorious.”
  • “The first group is now concentrated around here:”
  • “The second group here:”
  • “And the third group remains at the cloning facility below this lab:”
  • “The main obstacle that still needs clearing before the Event happens are the remaining plasma toplet bombs.”
  • “EARTH EX exercise that is taking place today is now giving extremely valuable intel to the Resistance about how to maintain the infrastructure when the Event happens:”
  • “Certain Resistance agents are involved in this exercise in a certain way and this will bring us another step closer to the Event.”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

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Question everything.
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PS 8-15-17 *Snake, Harrison

*First a comment:

Today at work, an employee spotted a Snake. I was immediately Paged, to deal with it, but because Sylvia and i were at Lunch, 2 Supervisors were sent instead. After about 10-minutes, Word got back to us that the Snake had gotten away behind a stack of Floor Tiles, which were sitting next to a wall in the Loading Dock area.

After Lunch, Sylvia and I went to that part of the building to do some work. I looked for the Snake but didn’t have Sylvia’s eyeglasses on. So I didn’t see it.

About an hour later, an employee walked into that area and asked if we found the Snake. I said “no” and described where the Snake had last been seen. While Sylvia and I were still working, about 20-feet from there, the employee said: “There it is.” We walked over to look and the small Snake was lying in a 1-inch-wide, 4-inch high gap between a vertical, wooden shelf and some glass shelves, which were leaning against it.

I had already found a 4-foot, metal pole with a large, curved end on it and set it aside, in case the Snake was found and could be picked-up by it.

  • I think this “curved-end pole” is used to reach-up to Display Units and “place” or “remove” clothes and other products.

Seeing that the Snake’s diameter was only about the thickness of my Index Finger and about 14-inches long, I knew it would easily slip out of the curved part of that pole. (The Snake was very dark brown, with yellow markings on its back and a tan underside.)

I found a cardboard box that was almost 2-feet deep, 2-feet wide and about 8-inches front-to-back. I carefully laid the open part of the box on the floor and slowly slid it in front of the gap the Snake was in. When it saw me, it moved back at least 4-inches.

Thinking “this isn’t going to work, but I’ve got to do “something””, I slowly moved the curved end of that pole into the gap and kept it above the Snake. When I thought it was back far enough (I couldn’t see back that far), I quickly moved the curved part down and dragged it towards the box. I didn’t feel anything but when I looked in the box, there was the Snake.

I quickly picked-up the box and took it outside.

In order to not have the Snake wander easily back into the building, I walked across the Parking Lot to the dirt and trees. As I was quickly walking, I kept an eye on the Snake. Of course, it was constantly trying to move up the box, so it could get out. I kept tapping the box on the ground, in order to gently knock it back down to the bottom.

(Here’s the interesting part)

At one point, I spoke directly to the Snake:

  • “Stop doing that! I’m trying to help you.!”

I then noticed the Snake had stopped trying to climb “up”. It simply turned around and was trying to poke it’s head through a pinhole of light that was coming in from a corner of that box. So I know the Snake heard me and understood what I said. Coincidence? Maybe… but “I” don’t think so.

I’m mentioning all this because it’s the same as when I talked about communicating with the “Weather”. So “IF” we’re all experiencing the inside of an “illusion”… a “computer simulation”, then think of the movie “Tron”… Don’t be a “piece of Code”. Instead, be a “User”… the person who controls the computer. Talk directly to it. It couldn’t hurt. So far, I’m at least 1-person who has had a little success with this. So we know it’s possible for EVERYONE to also do this.

Question everything.


This 1-hour video is Hosted by Lisa Harrison. She covers various “Energy” topics, which surround Humanity and this planet at this Time. Here are some highlights:

  • Around the 28:20-mark, someone shares her Dream. It has to do with “Gold” and “getting everything that’s owed her” and it’s very interesting.

My comments: For most of this video, the conversation is focused on “Gold” and the “Anunnaki”.

  • Some say the Anunnaki live on a planet which travels through our Solar System once every 26,000-years and is in our Solar System now. Some also say the Anunnaki have destroyed their atmosphere but have figured out that… by placing Gold Dust in their atmosphere, it can protect them from the harmful energies of the Sun. So they came to Earth to mine the Gold. However, because Mining Gold was dangerous and a lot of work, the Anunnaki then created Humans to do this work for them. So they used Humans to harvest their Gold.
  • Some also say the Anunnaki have cut themselves off from their own “Heart” energies for so long, they can no longer connect with their own Souls and this keeps them from Ascending.

What “IF”…this story is sprinkled with a few half-truths? What “IF”, as someone in the following video mentions, the “Humans” are the “Gold”? What if the Anunnaki need the “Golden Light” carried, naturally, by Humans, in order to re-gain their Souls and Ascend?

So what “IF” the “harvesting of the Gold” isn’t done through the Mines in the Earth but through the Hearts of the Humans? I bring-up this question because… think about it… If your entire planet was so incredibly dependent on “Gold Dust”, why would you use your “Time” and “precious Gold” resource to build statues, walls and, in some cases, an entire city out of Gold? Why waste that Gold when your “planet” needs it?

Question everything.
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PS 7-24-17 Fulford

This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “The road to Rome leads through Mecca and Jerusalem“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The rogue states of Saudi Arabia and Israel are under massive attack from a Russian, Chinese, Pentagon and Iranian alliance and will have no choice but to surrender. It is only a question now of when, not if. When these rogue regimes surrender, their leadership is going to be forced to expose who gives them their orders and they will point to Rome and the black sun worshippers at the P2 freemason lodge. These are the self-appointed social engineers behind most of the world’s troubles. Once they are exposed, it will be game over and a world revolution leading to world peace will take place.”
  • “The US military is now concentrating its military in the Middle East on annihilating Daesh, which is an Israeli and Saudi Arabian front. So the US military is de facto in an alliance with Iran and Russia against Israel and Saudi Arabia.”
  • “So now we see Germany, Israel and Saudi Arabia all in the crosshairs together. What do these countries have in common? They are controlled by Khazarian mafia bloodline families, including the old Roman families who control the P2 Freemason lodge.”
  • “The bloodlines are fighting back against this ongoing purge with their “Russia did it” campaign. Thus, last week Susan Rice, former President Barack Obama’s security adviser, was giving secret testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee on “Russian interference” in the US election. “Russian interference,” is a Khazarian bloodline family code name for the gnostic Illuminati. Now their pet politicians in Congress (who are supported by less than 10% of the US population) are trying to place a new set of sanctions against Russia that are tantamount to a declaration of war. Of course the US military will ignore these bribed actors but what they really should be doing is rounding them up and putting them in jail. And jail is what they deserve.”
  • “The bloodline families think they are doing God’s work by forcing Islam and Christianity to mix and merge so that they can unify monotheism, according to various P2 officials I have interviewed. They also want to create Eurabia, ruled from Jerusalem, as a step on their road to creating a fascist world government.”
  • “Their plan is now unravelling in Asia as well as in Europe. In Japan, the Tokyo Electric Power Company has sent yet another robot into the Fukushima reactors only to have them once again find nothing. That is because the official story of a reactor melt-down is a lie. The reactors were blown up by atomic bombs placed there by the Israeli company Magna BSP. This is going to be public knowledge soon because the CIA and the Pentagon have decided to expose Fukushima for the P2 directed mass murder attack that it was, according to CIA sources in Asia.”

My comments: With as much energy as there is behind the “Private Trust Accounts”, I’m really surprised that Benjamin Fulford hasn’t mentioned any of it. Even though he now lives in Japan, the information “I’ve” seen, shows that “some” people, in several countries, are doing their best to access their Accounts. So this information should have touched Japan by now.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 7-10-17 *MoneyChalk, Fulford

*First a comment:

Usually when Sylvia and I get home from work, one of the “chores” I have to do is DEDUCT the bills we created that day from our Checking Account. (Breakfast at Waffle House, groceries, gas, etc.) Today, I got out the Checkbook and Sylvia reminded me:

  • “We don’t do it that way any more.”

What a relieve that is to not see your very hard-earned money flying out of your Checking Account every day. When I realized what Sylvia said, I told her:

  • “Oh. I forgot. It’s all taken care of. There’s actually no bookkeeping to do!”

Ok, Sylvia and I just checked our Credit Card status with one of our Credit Card companies. They didn’t send us a 2nd eMail saying “It’s now really paid” but we Logged-in just now and it shows:

  • Payment -$1,296.67″
  • “Current Balance: “0”

That’s 2 of our Cards completely paid-off.

I then checked on another Credit Card, which also didn’t send us a 2nd “paid” eMail, and it shows:

  • “Payments and Credits: $1,106.98”
  • “Running Balance: “0.00”

That’s now 3 of our 4 Credit Cards… COMPLETELY PAID OFF!!!

On our 4th Credit Card… We initially used it to “test the waters” and made our usual $26 payment on July 7th. We didn’t receive a 2nd “paid” eMail, so I thought it hadn’t gone through yet. I checked it just now and it is paid. So now I’m going to just pay it off… which may take a few days to verify. Although… their website shows this payment was actually “paid” on that same day. So I may be able to verify a “paid” from them tomorrow.

I just went back to another of our Credit Cards and set it to “AutoPay”. Now “paying Bills” really IS easy! Sylvia and I could NEVER have even THOUGHT about “AutoPay” before this. We were on Food Stamps for a couple of DECADES and about 24-months ago, I finally got us off of them… and now look at where we are… All of our Debts are “automatically” being paid… on Time and we don’t even have to keep track of the paperwork or Log-In!

  • Also… Here’s an update on “my” idea of how to get “cash” out of our “Private Trust” Account. Sylvia and I have been paying for groceries with our “Debit” card and, each Time, we are asked (by the Credit Card Reader) if we want “Cash Back”.
  • Before work, this morning, we went to the nearby (work) grocery store, bought a bottle of “real” Maple Syrup and paid for it with our Private Trust-connected “Credit Card”. The machine never offered us an opportunity to get “Cash Back”. So I asked the Casher about it and she said “Credit Cards” don’t offer Cash Back.
  • So, the only way you can get “cash” from your “Private Trust” is to us the Credit Card company’s “Cash Advanced” feature. However, this means most of us will be charge $10 or 3-to-5-percent for each transaction!

Here’s some very helpful feedback we received today from “SoulSpeak”:

  • “Hello Paul and Sylvia”
  • “I paid 2 bills off… One Capital One for $3,857.00 and one Discover for $1,050.00 all so far so good..GREAT!!”
  • “Yes,”
  • “The power and water bills have been being accepted as well. I saw personally 3 that had been paid 20 days ago and they are still paid…the people even got their new bills for the following month and it shows the LAST payment posted which was from the Fed ACH account. Also car insurances are being paid…i have not seen if any reversed yet…so …we will see. I am dedicated to research on this and watching updates as well.”
  • “I want to thank you from the entire heart for the fine research you do and continue to do…for all… I am so glad to get your email also…I had lost so many when my phone and tablet rebooted…. I will keep you posted on my cards and see if all accounts stay paid.”
  • “Also”
  • “So happy for YOU…”
  • “This is a very immense indicator of the lifting indeed dear friends”
  • “Blessings”

I almost cried when I read: “This is a very immense indicator of the lifting indeed dear friends”. SoulSpeak does understand, like me, Sylvia and a LOT of now-Awake people out there, that the “Veil” IS now being removed!


This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “Out of 20 G20 leaders 19 are fraud endorsing bankster slaves“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Meanwhile as the warmongers are removed from power around the world, signs of a construction boom are emerging. WDS sources in Indonesia say the Indonesian government is planning to build a new capital to replace the overcrowded and sinking city of Jakarta.”
  • “Once Khazarian rule ends in Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Ukraine, the world will be ready to enter a new golden age.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 7-7-17 *MoneyChalk

*First a comment:


  • This Section is probably going to be on-going, until Sylvia and I can access the funds in our Private Trust Account. At that point, we’ll probably find a website, or create 1, with all the details and “how-to” information.
  • Also… Sylvia suggested… since, in the very near future, we may just decide to refer people to these “financial” entries in our daily Posting, it would be a good idea of using a Section title that’s fairly unique. So “MoneyChalk” (all 1-word) popped into my mind. So if this is the “very near future” and you found THIS entry by searching for “MoneyChalk”, then you’ll want to see our Postings from 7/4/17 and 7/6/17 and look in the “Money” Section. Those will get you started.

This morning, I realized something the Narrator of yesterday’s videos said…

  • In 1 of the videos, he was helping everyone understand what someone had been told when they tried to make a payment with their Private Trust. They were told that a “lien” would be placed on that account. The Narrator said no business or person can put a lien on a Private Trust… because it’s “private”.
  • What I remembered this morning was his explanation of how the Cabal’s “banking system” really works (in “Part 1”). He said there is a “public” / “commercial” YOU and a “private” YOU. The “public” version is what we’ve all been sucked into. It’s what the television shows, news and movies feed us. Then they’ve setup “social networks” so we can continue to “share” / “keep everyone’s noses glued to the illusion” for them. That’s right. Most of Humanity is doing the Cabal’s work for them… “most” people are still reinforcing the “illusion”.
  • Anyway… What I realized is that the Narrator meant our “Private Trust” is part of the “private” YOU. It’s not connected to the “public” YOU. All of the Cabal’s businesses and governments operate in the “public” YOU. THIS is why they cannot put a “lien”, which is part of the “public” system, on ANYTHING in the “private” arena.
  • This is also why he mentioned (in a previous video)… If you buy a vehicle, get the “Manufacturer’s Certificate Of Origin” and then never “Title” that vehicle. When a vehicle, home, etc., is “Titled”, you are placing it back into the Cabal’s make-believe system. Once you do that, they CAN put a “lien” on those items. (That’s “my” interpretation of what he said.)

Ok, this took a while — even this morning when Sylvia and I dove back into this. Here’s what we did…

  • The “Search” for the list of Federal Reserve “Branches” begins on this page, especially if you don’t know which Federal Reserve branch your Social Security card was issued from or if you’re using the “letter” on the back of your Social Security card to determine this. (A = 1, B = 2, etc.):
  • My Social Security card doesn’t have a “letter” (followed by a “number”) on the back. So I started with this Federal Reserve page:
  • Last night, I used the “Federal Reserve” bank “Routing Number” for the area my card was issued. This returned a “This account is not eligible for online transactions” by the Credit Card company I was trying to pay. So I couldn’t even get past “setting up a new method of payment”.
  • This morning, Sylvia suggested I use a “non” Federal Reserve “bank” and, instead, use 1 of their “branches”. So, from the above page, I clicked: “Search FedACH Participant RDFIs” and entered the State and City where my card was issued. I simply started with the 1st Routing Number on that list. (Their system asked for the “type” of this account. “Trust”, of any kind, was not on that list of options. So I chose “Personal Savings”.) This Time, it worked! I was able to get past the “new method setup” and was able to actually make a $100 payment on that Credit Card. We instantly received a “Confirmation Number” for this. (We had already paid this month’s bill for this Card. We just wanted to see if this would work.) Now, many people have said that it takes 3-to-10 days before you’ll know for sure if that payment will stick. If it’s “Reversed” (not paid afterall), then simply use another Routing Number from that list. Also try paying other bills. Some people have said that their payments go through just fine with some businesses but not others.
  • Sylvia and I are going to completely pay-off all of our Credit Cards. We simply wanted to start small, to see if we have the correct Routing Number.
  • I just remembered that we haven’t paid this month’s bill on another Credit Card. So I went to their site, setup a new payment method, using our new “Private Trust”, and it was successful. We then made our regular monthly payment, which is $26 and instantly received a “Confirmation Number”.
  • Now, we wait.

Harvey’s info:
This information is from the Narrator I’ve been following for the last few days…

  • The Narrator (Harvey) said someone tried to buy a new “Tesla” (car) and the Salesperson remarked… all of a sudden a LOT of people are wanting Teslas.
  • He didn’t get his 2-million dollars in “investment CDs” afterall. He thinks it’s because you cannot buy new products with your “Private Trust” account. You can only “pay Debt” with it.
  • The trick to buying “new” things is to buy whatever you want with a “Credit Card” and then use your Private Trust account to pay THAT account. I mentioned this to Sylvia a few days ago… and as your Credit Card “limit” is raised, you’ll be able to buy higher-priced items. I would be sure to pay that Credit Card off… either each Time you use it (daily, maybe) or “monthly”. This will ensure that if something goes wrong, you won’t have accumulated too much Debt that must be paid in a different way.
  • He says for those of us who “work” for a large company, like Time Warner, are probably being paid from our own “Private Trust” account.
  • In the 2nd video (below), the Narrator explains… If a payment from your Private Trust is “Reversed” / “Returned” AND you are paying a “Debt”, like a Credit Card, then it means the Debt doesn’t exist because it was already paid (by the your account at the Federal Reserve). So you need to tell them you are trying to pay them from the “account of record” and that they need to “prove the Debt”. The Credit Card company needs to “speak to the Origin”. (That would be the Federal Reserve.) “If they don’t understand that, then ask to be transferred to someone who does.” Otherwise “If I can’t settle the Debt through this account then there is no Debt.”
  • In the 2nd video, a Commenter stated that he or she paid a $50,000 IRS Debt. The Narrator says the “Private Trust” was created, in order for us to pay our “Debts”.
  • He says there has to be a “3rd Party, between your “Private Trust” and business you want to pay. This is because your “Private Trust” is “real money” (probably backed by gold) and the banking system, as well as businesses are operating in the “public” / “commercial” Sector. So there has to be a 3rd Party which will convert the “real” (Trust) money into “fake” money. He says this is what Credit Card companies and Escrows do.
  • He says you can’t use your “Private Trust” to pay a Mortgage because as soon as you signed those documents, the bank got their money from YOUR “Private Trust” account. So they’ve been paid. (I guess the only way to clear this Debt is to make the bank prove there IS a Debt… which there isn’t but that might be a lot of work.
  • He just said you can pay on a home that you owe money on. So I’m confused. (Later, he says “I didn’t say don’t pay Mortgages with this.”
  • Now on to the 3rd video (below)…
  • He says he was just on the most important phone call of his life today.
  • He says most of the people behind this movement of knowing about the “Private Trusts” “are ecstatic”. He says the “Reversals” are coming because “we are  catching them off-guard” and, soon, the Reversals will stop. (If “they” are “ecstatic”, maybe the Lightworkers are behind all this and this is part of our “Prosperity Packages”. Only Time will tell.)
  • He then says “I also have it on very good authority that you will soon have more flexibility with your “Treasury Direct Account”. Not a “Trust”. It’s actually Property, held in Trust in your name.”
  • He says the bankers at the top, know what we’re doing and are happy about it. They’re also happy that we’re not going after them with pitchforks.

So, the odds are VERY good that the “accidental figuring out” of these accounts was planned by the Lightworkers and “maybe” these “are” or “are a part of” our “Prosperity Packages”.

Sure, having all your Bills paid is a great thing but Sylvia and I are “Pleasantly Positive” because it means all those “arrests” we’ve been hearing about were real and this access to our “Treasury Direct Account” is the 1st BIG “domino” to fall. So very soon now, that “Veil” will be removed.

Here are the 2-videos I watched today:

  • Wow! After watching those 3-videos, especially that very short 3rd video, Sylvia and I were so encouraged, we logged into 2 of our Credit Card accounts and just PAID THEM OFF!… and it felt really good to do that. We still need to pay off 2 other Credit Cards. We couldn’t do it now because the small, test payments we made earlier today haven’t been in their System long enough for them to verify them and to change the amount we owe them. So we’ll have to wait 3-to 10-days before paying them off.

Question everything.

PS 6-26-17 Fulford

This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “Historic changes in central Europe Asia and elsewhere as old order implodes“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The power struggle elsewhere is also going against the Satanists. In the Middle East, King Salman named his son Mohammed Bin Salman as crown prince and fired his half-brother Nayef, who is well connected to the US establishment. Since the King Salman who has appeared recently in public is visibly younger than the senile Salman who took over the throne it is safe to assume he is just a body double and that the 31 year old Salman Jr. is now King of Saudi Arabia.”
  • “However, Pentagon sources say “this is just a futile attempt to delay the global currency reset.” Furthermore, “Saudi Arabia is isolated by the Russian/Iranian/Qatari cartel, and may soon be forced to sell what little oil it still has for yuan and non-dollars,” the sources say. Right now only the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and Israel support the Saudi regime.”
  • “The Pentagon sources also say US President Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner was sent on orders of the US military/intelligence establishment to Israel to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to demand regime change there. It is no coincidence the Iranian and Hizbollah forces, protected by a new Russian air base, have arrived at the Israeli border to give notice to the criminal Netanyahu regime that it is militarily isolated from the world. The US military is not going to fight to protect the criminal Netanyahu regime, the Pentagon sources say.”
  • “A similar move is being made in the Ukraine where President Petro Poroshenko has been summoned to Washington “to discuss regime change,” the sources say. These moves are part of a worldwide effort to end all conflicts and prepare the way for a new financial system, they say.”
  • “In Asia as well, there is a lot going on. Last week South Korean President Moon Jae In had a conversation with his North Korean counterpart Kim Jon Un where the agreed to unify the Korean Peninsula in the near future, according to Japanese right wing sources close to the emperor. This move, like the incipient revival of the Habsburg state, is possible now because the post 1913 Federal Reserve Board secret government is collapsing, WDS sources in Asia say.”
  • “In Japan, meanwhile there was a bizzare incident in which the USS Fitzgerald, a state of the art missile destroyer, was rammed by a Philippine registered cargo ship. Pentagon sources speculate it “may have been a false flag e-hijacking by Israel, unable to use its submarines, to frame North Korea just a few days after the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.””
  • “The other possibility, the sources say, is the “the Fitz may have been immobilized by emp or electronic warfare, forcing the US military to disclose its base on mars, suppressed technology, and the secret space program (ssp) which is good for humanity.””
  • “There has been definitely some sort of futuristic secret technology deployed in Japan in recent years. The Japanese underground military hardware stockpiles and bases in Kyushu were destroyed recently by some secret weapon. Also, the radiation around Fukushima has all vanished after a huge fleet of unknown aircraft flew over the region, according to Japanese military intelligence.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: