PS 11-4-18 *TheOtherSide, *Earth, cabal

*First a comment:
In yesterday’s Section “The Other Side Of The Veil”, I mentioned that Edith went to New York. I forgot to make a Point about that:
  • First, I said she wanted to see the “neighbors”. I meant to say she wanted to she the old “neighborhoods” she used to live in.
  • She went to New York for her mother-in-law’s Birthday.
  • After Edith crossed-over, I realized a part of her really went there, in order to simply “say goodbye” to those old energies. I also realized that she didn’t need an armed guard because her vibration was getting to cross-over and anyone who would have harmed her simply couldn’t see her. They never knew she was there.
This morning, just as I was about to re-enter this physical Unit and wake-up, I received a quick “Knowing” that “something has changed with the Earth”. It was something good.
While Sylvia and I were making Breakfast at home, this morning, I mentioned this to her. As I did, I scanned my Sensors, to help me re-call the energies that told me about the Earth but I couldn’t find them. When I explained this to Sylvia, she said “she” had told me about this, just as I was waking-up. So it wasn’t a “sensor Reading” on my part it was a message from Sylvia.
  • As always, I mention these “energy processes” for those who want to understand how Sylvia and I interact with each other and to help everyone understand that THEY can also do this. It’s just a matter of paying attention to the “Unit” you occupy (the “physical body and its many Systems) and then observing how you receive the various pieces of energy — seeing, hearing, knowing, smelling, emotionally, etc. Once you begin doing this, pay attention to the coincidences, synchronicities and message which be brought to you from any “one” and any “thing” — another person, an animal, a book, a sign on a wall, the letters and images which can be sometimes seen in clouds, etc.
According to this 9-minute video, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, will not run for re-election. “Some say” she is Hitler’s Daughter. “IF” she is, then this means she is giving up control of that country and that the Lightworkers are about to begin the arrests of the cabal’s most-active players. Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 8-26-16 *Sleep, Parkes

*First a comment:

This is getting very old… very fast. It was another night of sleeping where I could have sworn I woke-up, turned OFF the Alarm Clock and…

  • I just noticed something… As I’m tuning into what happened, so I can write it out, there must be 2 different happenings because I can’t connect the 2 scenarios that I know I had last night… and most nights, for the last 2-weeks or so.

So if there were “2” happenings, here they are:

  1. At some point while sleeping, I wake-up and reach directly for the Alarm Clock and turn it OFF.
  2. At some point while sleeping, I wake-up just enough to see that it’s Time to get up. I start to relax but knowing I would go back to sleep (instead of getting out of bed), I take another, more detailed look, at the Alarm Clock. I then see that it’s about 3:30a or 4a. I simply go back to sleep. I wake-up again about an hour later… and go through the exact same things… I see that it’s 4a or 4:30a and know that it’s Time to get up. Then I look closer at the Clock and see that it’s still not Time to get up. So I go back to sleep.

Both of these “happenings” have been happening to me almost every night for about 2-weeks now. Have “you” or someone you know had similar happenings?

Question everything.


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This 2-minute video is of whistleblower, Simon Parkes. He states that we have not been told the truth about “why” Germany has told its people to stock-up on food and water. He “claims” the real reason is because the Cabal in the U.S. are going to use a German “target” as a false flag to start a 3rd world war.

My comments: “IF” this information is true, maybe it ties-in with the recent Remote Viewing of the “Farsight Institute” where 2 of their people, last month, saw into this month (August) and saw a “meteor” or some other type of “rock” or “projectile” hitting the Earth.

I believe those Remote Viewers also saw “hovering craft”, which “could” be our Star Visitor friends and families making sure that Cabal attack does not become widespread.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: