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*First a comment:
On Christmas Day, someone used our Debit Card. We received 4 automated messages on our Answering Machine, because of this. We didn’t answer those Calls and did not Return them because we thought THEY were the “scam”… We thought… If we Call them back, they may try to get some personal information from us and use that to get money, etc.
We couldn’t Call our bank because they were closed for the holiday. So we phoned them 1st thing the next morning. We were told that someone had ‘swiped” our Card, in another State, trying to buy something in a restaurant for $6.30.
Of course, the bank immediately issued another Card and told use to stop using the one we had. Even though they mailed it on December 26th, we still haven’t received it (as of January 5th). Between Christmas and New Year’s, the delivery of this Card must have hit a few stalls.
In my panic, I explored the various options Sylvia and I had. I then discovered that our bank would allow us to send money from our Account to another bank, where we still had a rarely-used Checking Account with a Debit Card associated with it. (Without access to that money, we wouldn’t be able to eat Breakfast at Waffle House before work or buy groceries.) So we transferred just enough money to get by. (There was a delicate balance of “how much” money we could transfer because we hadn’t paid this month’s Bills at that point… and the Landlord must be paid.
With all of this going on, and our Job, I’ve been pretty stressed lately.
(I was going to write this out but I’m sensing the timing isn’t right yet.)
This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list). Thank you.
This article is an Astrology forecast for January 2020.
I’m including this because of the following pieces of information:
  • January 8, 2020: “At the time of the conjunction, you may feel depleted of faith, joy, and optimism, and feel like there’s nothing left to believe in.”
My comments: I had a sense of this this morning. Because of my Job situation, I had a few minutes of “What was I thinking?”… “Why did I leave a Job before getting another one?”, etc. Maybe this was the “energy of the Planets” pulling on the splinter I was about to experience. Only Time will tell.
  • January 12, 2020: “Apart from the Sun and Mercury conjunction, Saturn and Pluto are not involved in any other aspect with any other planets.” “There is a feeling of imminence associated with this aspect.” “The first planet to conjunct Saturn and Pluto is Mercury (just a few hours before the exact Saturn-Pluto alignment). A news of some sort, or some stimulus from the outside world (Mercury) will create a powerful reshuffling of the order of things. As a result, a new order will emerge – at micro, social and macro levels.”
My comments: Will this activate “the Event”?… or, on a “Societal” level, the unsealing of the Indictments and the mass arrests they lead to? Only Time will tell.
  • January 13, 2020: “We will understand the consequences of this new “order of things”, and what kind of person we need to be from now on.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This was also sent to me, today, by K.K. Thank you.
In this 36-minute video, the Narrator covers a few different topics. The main one is about the Earth’s shield being tampered with and that the Sun may throw some high energy at us in the next couple of days.
My comments: I found her information very helpful. For your friends and family members who continue to “buy-into” the Society-level distractions, she points out that those are nothing compared to what is really happening… what we’re not being told. There is no “world war 3”! The Time for “us versus them” is OVER. The cabal can no long alter or influence the timeline. It’s over for them. The cabal are circling the drain and trying everything they can to pull us down with them. It won’t work.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 7-11-17 MoneyChalk, Hoffman

This link was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you!

That page contains a LOT of information, as well as a nearly 3-hour video (audio only) of several people, including the “Harvey Dent” that I 1st learned all this from. Most of the information in that video is written-out on the page above.

Since the important information from that video is on the above page, I won’t “excerpt” it here. However, there are 2 quotes which I find particularly EMPOWERING:

  • “The boundaries are imaginary. The rules are made up. The limits don’t exist.”
  • “Your Social Security Card is an ATM Card without the magnetic strip.”

They are saying… The amount of money in each person’s Account is… ENDLESS!!!

One of the things the above site is stating is not true in every situation… They are telling people… if you don’t have a “letter” and a “number” on the BACK of your Social Security Card then you need to apply for a new one. “I” don’t have any letter-number combination on the back of “my” Social Security Card and our Bills are completely paid.

Ok. Just so this information is leaning heavily towards one side, here’s a better look at the “big picture”. This is what someone sent us today:

  • “Even though the account says 0 balance…it can still reverse up to 14 days. I have so far today…seen proof of this online from 3 reliable people showing their results. They are abandoning the method.
  • “Many asleep trying this…to get money from these accounts to buy stuff when this is to eliminate debt only…it is causing systems to ALERT these accounts…also”
  • “Many are paying off massive debts at once…and this also sends these special ALERTS
  • “We are right on this tipping edge of expansion, to eliminate the old matrix methods of commerce…yet…”
  • “This so called “test”…in public…shows…too many asleep to actually bring this method into actual form and standard.”
  • “There will be another “test” of this…yet…it will be released much differently.”
  • “My accounts, the 2that I paid, say 0 balance, yet..I am watching for the 10 days before progressing.”
  • “This is our money yet…its like it’s the REAL money ON OUR HEADS…”
  • “Its an energy that must be elevated and aligned to this higher elevation. It is still vibrating in the lower density in the hands still of the Cabal…Draconian indeed….more light…more patience…more intentions…and above all LOVE AND UNITY…
  • “Peace Out”

We also received this today:

  • “Today…both account payments were blocked.”
  • “So…indeed…I am seeing this much today..where those that bought CD’S through Barclays…have federal eyes on them and this “test”.”
  • “This was indeed a very dense energy  “test” release. TOO MANY mad for money…”
  • “Patience will bring us much farther. There are many looking at this from the Higher elevations…much has been learned. This entire month is immensely “OPEN” and yes…even some Lightworkers, are navigating in a much higher observance of the “results” of this…shall I say..small “leak”…..”
  • “Much intel, is being communicated.”
  • “Observance as this unfolds, is wise from a “CLEAR VIEW””
  • “I called and reported the fraud on my accounts this evening and they happily accommodated me, reversed return check fees and issued me new cards…due to, they said, possible banking errors or fraud..but either way..They assured me…they were there to help…”
  • “I was and am Grateful….that I called……one had JUST denied the payment..and the other would have tomorrow….and then extra fees on the card due to the return check….and since it was a bank error or fraud…we are protected…..but not if you do not call in time…..”
  • “Stepping out into an opened energy of movement….in complete faith..of our sovergn rights….indeed breaks through much “red tape” and the response is freedom and UPLIFTING …yet…see who over-filled the testing grounds the most????…NOT LIGHTWORKERS…this test was not revealed from a higher ELEVATION of HUman Being….”
  • “Blessings dear friends…”
  • “Namaste’”

With all of the feedback that “I” have now “read” or “heard”, it seems like no one has accessed their “Private Trust” Account before the middle of June 2017. Although Sylvia and I HAVE heard about 1 or 2 people, a few decades ago, discover their Account I believe those stories were the ones used as examples in that 3-hour video.

  • They state that a few people had discovered how to tap into their Account but were confronted by the Cabal and told… “Sign this document, take your $300-million and never access this Account again.” So they did. They were bullied into believing they had struck it rich but, what really happened is that they left “billions” (or an “unlimited” amount) of dollars behind.

So, from everything I’m hearing about the “Lightworkers” and “Star Visitors” now having control of this Solar System, “I” feel it’s them who have “allowed” these “Private Trust” Accounts to be accessed.

Question everything.

Here’s the direct link to that 3-hour video:


This was Posted by Jennifer Hoffman today. For “me”, it’s current feedback that we need to pay attention to and seems to tie-in with the current “MoneyChalk” information:

  • “I was doing great until about 20 minutes ago, when I suddenly got hit by a wave of energy that made me so tired I had to lie down. Feeling better now but there is a big energy shift happening right now, some of it from the full moon we just had. It’s a big timeline shift too, a 3D re-set and there is a lot of re-arranging going on with those who have decide they are going to interfere with the 3D/5D integration or who do not want to shift at all. Look for news over the next few days and more people deciding that their journey is done and they’re leaving. Did anyone else feel this shift? It was so strong it made me feel quite nauseous?”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 7-10-17 *MoneyChalk, Fulford

*First a comment:

Usually when Sylvia and I get home from work, one of the “chores” I have to do is DEDUCT the bills we created that day from our Checking Account. (Breakfast at Waffle House, groceries, gas, etc.) Today, I got out the Checkbook and Sylvia reminded me:

  • “We don’t do it that way any more.”

What a relieve that is to not see your very hard-earned money flying out of your Checking Account every day. When I realized what Sylvia said, I told her:

  • “Oh. I forgot. It’s all taken care of. There’s actually no bookkeeping to do!”

Ok, Sylvia and I just checked our Credit Card status with one of our Credit Card companies. They didn’t send us a 2nd eMail saying “It’s now really paid” but we Logged-in just now and it shows:

  • Payment -$1,296.67″
  • “Current Balance: “0”

That’s 2 of our Cards completely paid-off.

I then checked on another Credit Card, which also didn’t send us a 2nd “paid” eMail, and it shows:

  • “Payments and Credits: $1,106.98”
  • “Running Balance: “0.00”

That’s now 3 of our 4 Credit Cards… COMPLETELY PAID OFF!!!

On our 4th Credit Card… We initially used it to “test the waters” and made our usual $26 payment on July 7th. We didn’t receive a 2nd “paid” eMail, so I thought it hadn’t gone through yet. I checked it just now and it is paid. So now I’m going to just pay it off… which may take a few days to verify. Although… their website shows this payment was actually “paid” on that same day. So I may be able to verify a “paid” from them tomorrow.

I just went back to another of our Credit Cards and set it to “AutoPay”. Now “paying Bills” really IS easy! Sylvia and I could NEVER have even THOUGHT about “AutoPay” before this. We were on Food Stamps for a couple of DECADES and about 24-months ago, I finally got us off of them… and now look at where we are… All of our Debts are “automatically” being paid… on Time and we don’t even have to keep track of the paperwork or Log-In!

  • Also… Here’s an update on “my” idea of how to get “cash” out of our “Private Trust” Account. Sylvia and I have been paying for groceries with our “Debit” card and, each Time, we are asked (by the Credit Card Reader) if we want “Cash Back”.
  • Before work, this morning, we went to the nearby (work) grocery store, bought a bottle of “real” Maple Syrup and paid for it with our Private Trust-connected “Credit Card”. The machine never offered us an opportunity to get “Cash Back”. So I asked the Casher about it and she said “Credit Cards” don’t offer Cash Back.
  • So, the only way you can get “cash” from your “Private Trust” is to us the Credit Card company’s “Cash Advanced” feature. However, this means most of us will be charge $10 or 3-to-5-percent for each transaction!

Here’s some very helpful feedback we received today from “SoulSpeak”:

  • “Hello Paul and Sylvia”
  • “I paid 2 bills off… One Capital One for $3,857.00 and one Discover for $1,050.00 all so far so good..GREAT!!”
  • “Yes,”
  • “The power and water bills have been being accepted as well. I saw personally 3 that had been paid 20 days ago and they are still paid…the people even got their new bills for the following month and it shows the LAST payment posted which was from the Fed ACH account. Also car insurances are being paid…i have not seen if any reversed yet…so …we will see. I am dedicated to research on this and watching updates as well.”
  • “I want to thank you from the entire heart for the fine research you do and continue to do…for all… I am so glad to get your email also…I had lost so many when my phone and tablet rebooted…. I will keep you posted on my cards and see if all accounts stay paid.”
  • “Also”
  • “So happy for YOU…”
  • “This is a very immense indicator of the lifting indeed dear friends”
  • “Blessings”

I almost cried when I read: “This is a very immense indicator of the lifting indeed dear friends”. SoulSpeak does understand, like me, Sylvia and a LOT of now-Awake people out there, that the “Veil” IS now being removed!


This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “Out of 20 G20 leaders 19 are fraud endorsing bankster slaves“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Meanwhile as the warmongers are removed from power around the world, signs of a construction boom are emerging. WDS sources in Indonesia say the Indonesian government is planning to build a new capital to replace the overcrowded and sinking city of Jakarta.”
  • “Once Khazarian rule ends in Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Ukraine, the world will be ready to enter a new golden age.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: