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*First a comment:
There’s been more continually-appearing “alternative news” information in the last 3-weeks than I’ve ever seen. This is why our recent Blogs have been so long.
These 12-weeks of Job Hunting have been very frustrating. Part of the problem is my own pickiness… but another part of the problem is what “some” of the Companies except from their Employees.
This is “mostly” for “Employers” but does cover some information any Job Hunter may not know yet…
My requirements for the next Job I will align with is really more “practical” than being “picky”. As I read-through every Job Description, I calculate what is expected and then I look at my “requirements” and “restrictions”.
  • Requirements:
  • I need a “Day” Job. I still want to “start” or “join” a Band. To do that, I need my “Nights” free and being a Musician, most Performance Jobs require those Performers to entertain until midnight, 1a or even 2a in the morning. Then there’s some wind-down Time and a late-night meal. I’ve done this before. I was in a real “working Band” for 2-years in the 70s. I even did some Recording Studio work. So I know what’s involved. All of this also means I can’t take a Job which begins before 8a. For “me”, Clocking-In at 8a means Sylvia and I would have to get up at 4:30a. During any Night we had a Gig, we’d be “going to bed” between 3a and 4:30a.
  • Restrictions:
  • > Travel – With my previous Job, I was only traveling 6-miles to work. So I’m a bit spoiled on that aspect. However, I’m willing to travel about 15-miles for my next Job. (The bulk of the “Warehouse” Jobs seem to be about 18-miles from our home.) The town we live in is only 11-miles across. So there should be “something” for me without traveling very far.
  • > Temperature – I don’t mind working in “warm” or even “hot” environments. Sylvia and I hate being “cold”. This would eliminate “Cooler” work, “Freezer” work and any Job working outside or in a Warehouse which keeps their doors wide open in the Winter.
  • > Job Type: Although I’m looking for “Stock”, “Warehouse”, “Cook”, “Dishwasher”, “Office” Jobs, etc., I really can’t do “assembly line” work. Constant repetition like that is just not for me.
  • > Number of Hours: I don’t mind working 8-hour days or less but some of those Job Listings are for 10 and 12-hour Shifts!
I’m writing all of this out so anyone who’s interested will understand “why” I haven’t been able to connection with another Job for 12-weeks… AND to help those of you who may “now” or “soon” be looking to switch Jobs.
  • DO NOT do what “I” did… Do not quit your current Job, in order to focus more Time on looking for your next Job. That decision has been a disaster for me and Sylvia — even without the “stay at home” situation.
I would advise you to outline your own Requirements and Restrictions:
  • What hours are you “able” and “willing” to work?
  • How far from home are you willing to travel for that Job?
  • What is the minimum “Pay” and minimum number of “Hours” you are willing to accept? etc.
Very few” of your Job Listings actually provide the information a potential Job Hunter might need. If you’re responsible for creating a Job Listing, please:
  • Don’t just state: “Day Shift” or “First Shift”. Some Employers call “4a” the “First Shift”. Please be specific. “Hours: 7a to 4p”.
  • Spell-out just how many hours a new Employee is required to work. Don’t just state: “Part Time” of “Full Time”. Some companies hire people as “Part Time” but if you dig long enough into their work practices, you might see that their current Employees are always calling in Sick, which means other Employees will have to fill-in those Jobs and Hours. So a “Part Time” Employee might have to work 40-hour weeks… or more. So please spell this out: “This is a “10-hour Shift”, etc.
  • Stop Listing your Jobs MULTIPLE TIMES! Yes, it’s true that a new Job Researcher might not see a Job you Posted last week but if every Employer only Listed their open Jobs ONCE, the massive List we currently have to sift through would be much smaller and more potential-hires would see YOUR Listing. It’s very aggravating to see a Job Title that you’re interested in, only to click on it and discover it’s the same Job you Researched 2-days ago.
  • I’ve read SO MANY Job Listings now that I can sometimes read the mind of the person doing the Hiring. Sometimes they seem frustrated or confused that “no one” or “very few” people are even responding to their Postings. This is because your location is either too far from those who “might” apply or they see that they would have to work 12-hour Shifts. So, in “my” opinion, you can fix this by doing 2 things: 1) increase your Pay Rate for those Jobs. This will give Potential Employees an incentive to travel a little farther. 2) Stop abusing your Employees! A “Manufacturing” Job is not for everyone. The constant repetition can be mind-numbing!… AND when you then make your Employees work 10 and 12-hours a day, this only compounds the problem.
  • > “Well, we’d rather have ONE Shift… Where our Employees work ’round the clock but the laws and the Unions say we can’t do that. Having 8-hours Shifts means we’d have to double or triple our current overlap of handing-off to the next Crew, checking the machines, explaining where everyone left-off, etc.”
  • > No. It’s still not right. What you’re describing is a good use of “Robots”… “Automation”. When you run people in a repetitive environment AND make them sustain that work-level for more than 8-hours, you will experience “sleep” / “rest” deprivation and this, in-turn, leads to mistakes in Production and Safety concerns.
  • And stop stating that your new Employees must have “Day”, “Night” and “Overnight” availability. Most of those Jobs are “Part Time”. Making themselves available for pretty much any part of the Day or Night, those people will not be able to get a 2nd Job, if they need one. This is why we continually see Jobs available for these companies. You’re not “getting” or able to “keep” Employees because this is not fair!
This 18-minute video, from March 24th, is from “Gosia of Cosmic Agency”. She’s a Contactee of Beings from Taygeta Pleiadian.
Here’s what caused me to stop the video and write this out:
  • At the 13:42-mark, she explains that the “Federation” has reacted to the Earth’s current situation. They have placed some of their people and resources on the ground in strategic locations. “The use of force has been authorized for surgical purposes, involving regressive Reptiles in contact or coordinating or controlling the satanic genocidal camps.” Basically, since this is a war between “Humans”, the Federation of United Planets is removing the non-Human Entities, in order to take away this unfair advantage. (In her next video, she explains that this attack on the “dumbs” (underground Bases) and Reptilian Arrests have been going on since 2009. It’s just that “now” they are doing this on a much greater scale.)
  • This is a battle of Consciousness.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Here are a few highlights from her 2nd video (from March 25th):
  • Around the 16:45-mark, Gosia reads Swaruu’s notes… Many of those who are there (on Earth, I think) are also here, onboard the Ship or on other Planes. So it is from this expanded point-of-view lead to the decision for the Federation to intervene.
  • Things will not go back to the way they were before. “Paranormal activity is greatly accelerated.”
  • “Humanity IS Reality. They must live as they want to be.”
  • Barriers (between 3D and 4D) are dissolving. “Reality is breaking.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:
There’s more…
This Gosia video is from April 1st. It’s 2-hours long and was done Live. During this video, “Aneeka of Temmer”, a Taygetan aboard an Earth-orbiting Starship, “text-chats” with Gosia in real-Time.
Here are a few highlights:
  • She says the Taygetans scanned several Hospitals around the planet and saw that they were empty.
  • They also saw that some Doctor’s offices were broken into and the only thing noticed was that their “Death Certificates” were changed, so that they indicate the coronovirus as being the Cause.
  • Around the 51-minute mark, Gosia states that there is NO “virus”. (This is from Research, including “boots on the ground”, done by the Taygetans.) She says, if the cabal release a “Virus” they would have no control over it. However, if they simply used their “Media” to “create” a “virus”, then they CAN control every part of it — “where” it hits and how “lethal” it is supposed to be.
  • Around the 57-minute mark, Aneeka responds to a question about the incoming Comet. Aneeka says these are Code Words. Any time you hear “Asteroid” or “Comet” they are passing messages. “Asteroid large Starship approaching”.
  • Someone asked if they can see the Earth’s Energy Field. Aneeka says: “Yes and it is rising fast.”
  • There are more Extraterrestrial Crafts surrounding the Earth at this time. More than ever before. They referred to this as looking like a Walmart parking lot.
  • Aneeka says the “virus” is not the problem. “Focus on “why” this is happening.”
  • Aneeka is asked: “Is the Event a trial run for another Event?” Her answer: “If referring to the “virus”, yes, this is a cover-up for other things we are still looking into. If referring to “the Event” (that everyone is talking about), you ARE in full progress. It is NOT a trial.”
My comments: As I’ve mentioned several times, over these last 468-weeks, once “the Event” begins “just before” or “during” that Time, “some” or “all” Beings on this planet will see, hear, feel and Sense “Anomalies” and “Bleedthroughs”.
  • Someone asked about the “Flu Shot”. Aneeka stresses: “Avoid the Flu Shot. Data suggests that most people falling sick now have taken the Flu Shot. So that relates to Remote Activation using 5G or even 4G.”
  • The “False Alien Invasion” may be to cover-up the real Extraterrestrial presence here, like the Federation but, also, could be part of the cabal lies to control the people. It is a possible scenario and has been known since the 1970s.”
  • Someone asked about the Moon. Aneeka: “The Moon is still there. Nothing new with the Moon. Hologram is failing, though. You may catch the glitches, if you watch closely.”
  • The “virus” Tests are “bogus and part of the scam.”
  • “If you have “Flu” symptoms, quarantine yourself and treat it as the “Flu” because that is what it is.”
  • Someone asked if this is a cover to stop the “Ascension”. Aneeka: “This is lowering everyone’s vibration and frequency. So we can say, it is to stop “Ascension”. Yes.”
My comments: That’s the big one. Right there. That’s a HUGE “puzzle piece”. It fits in nicely as to “why” the cabal have unleashed this “virus”, “accidentally” or “on purpose” and why do it “now”?
We knew “fear” lowers people’s frequency. We know it’s Time for the Earth and all Beings “on” and “inside” this planet to “Transition”… to “Ascend”. So it makes perfect sense that the cabal would try to stop this with their old “fear” tactics. However, their timing tells me that “the Event” is EXTREMELY close or they wouldn’t have wasted this last big “Ace up their sleeve” at this point in Time. So, I’m still thinking “the Event” will happen this year.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 11-minute video is from Contactee and Experiencer Lisa Harrison. Up front, Lisa says these are a few things she forgot to mention in her last video. Here are a few highlights:
  • “Light will be shown in all the dark places.”
  • “The world is not getting worse. You’re just seeing what it’s always been.”
  • “Now the real work begins.”
  • “Many of us have come here for this moment.”
  • She’s seeing lots of people who, in the past, have fought the System but who have now thrown-up the White Flag and are believing all the Propaganda that’s being thrown at them now. All because of “fear”. “I’ve seen people who have been Light Workers… Light Warriors, for YEARS, dropping the ball. Right now. THIS is the moment you came here for. THIS is the moment you fought for.”
  • “Every time you do a renovation, the place looks bad before it looks good.”
  • “Your job is to not be in fear. Your job is to NOT question yourself. Your job is to not doubt your knowing… and be that Voice, that presence of calm and peace and truth for everybody else around you who is.”
  • “We’re at a Tipping Point. It’s only going to take one more little movement to tip the scale either way… Although, I do believe we have the upper hand.”
  • “I do believe this is done and written and whatever. Even having said that… It means you did what you’re questioning, whether or not you should do. You did it. So move forward, knowing that you’ve already done what you, right now, might be scared to do. That you already did and you succeeded at what you’re questioning is the right thing. As long as it’s coming from your Heart. As long as it’s coming from a place you know is right. Stand your ground. The scales are about to tip… and what is about to follow YOU will be needed for… if you stand your ground now.”
My comments: Thank you, Lisa, for all the work you do.
As I’ve mentioned many times… We are almost there, people! We are in the “darkest before dawn” stage right now. We are seeing History in the making. We are seeing our true and positive Timeline slide into place before us. Once these next few steps are complete, each of us will not only regain our True “Reality” but we will be facing some VERY POSITIVE opportunities — to go move to the New Earth, to go back to our work on a Starship, to return to our Home Planet with our Family and Friends, etc. I know everyone is tired. I know the battle here in 3D has been unexpected and thick but we are almost there. This is not the Time to give up or give in.
Eye on the prize!
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This is from Cobra, today:
  • Cobra Interview with Sisterhood of the Rose and a Short Meditation Update
  • “Energies for our mass meditation are already building up and you can listen to this new Cobra interview, which brings some clarity into the current situation:”
  • “Or read the transcript here:”
  • “Pleiadian fleet has communicated that they will drastically increase their presence in Low Earth Orbit, stratosphere and atmosphere near the planetary surface in the next few days for our mass meditation.”
  • “For the next few days, if you look at the western sky after the sunset, you will see a powerful conjunction of Venus and Pleiades, which will be exact about one day before our mass meditation:”
  • “Pleiadians will be using this conjunction as a very powerful portal that will permanently secure the presence of the Pleiadian fleet in the inner Solar System.”
  • “My credible sources have communicated that “three days of darkness” internet blackout will definitely NOT happen until Easter.”
  • “You can check the current status of global internet here:”
  • “Certain areas on the planet may experience internet slowdowns because of intense internet usage so it might still be a good idea to print the instructions for the meditation or take a screenshot with your cellphone:”
  • “You can also write down the exact time of the meditation for your time zone:”
  • “Thousands of  people are sending me emails stating that they would like to participate in the meditation. It is NOT necessary for people to send me emails to sign up for the meditation. They can simply do the meditation at the exact moment and they can find all instructions here:”
  • “And everybody can find promotional and guided meditation videos in about 40 languages here:”
  • “Victory of the Light!”
Be sure to visit the following link, in order to see the images and access the Links provided.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Here are some excerpts from Cobra’s Interview, from April 2, 2020 (“Debra” is the Interviewer):
  • “Cobra: The dark forces have initialized this pandemic a few months ago as you have said to promote dystopian New World Order society. Now the lights forces are using the situation, especially the situation of global mass quarantines, to further their plans for the Event. Actually, this quarantine situation is a great opportunity for the Light Forces to evaluate the behavior of the surface population and to create much better module models of how the surface population will react when the Event happens. So they are gathering precious, valuable intel right now which will make the Event operation much, much easier when it really happens.”
  • “Cobra: First, the good news is that all plasma entities are basically gone. We are now dealing with etheric and lower astral entities which are much easier to deal with. The Light Forces are using this quarantine status on the planet with people self-isolating as a wonderful tool to drastically accelerate the clearing of all those entities. Some of those entities have been around the surface of the planet for thousands of years; jumping from generation to generation, from mother to her children, and then to grandchildren. The same entity was possessing the family line for many centuries and now, as you have said, energy fields of people are not overlapping anymore because of social distancing so those entities are being starved.  “
  • “They need interaction, physical interaction, physical proximity of other entity-infested people to sustain themselves, to maintain their presence. They’re being starved out, and to a certain degree, the spread of those entities is similar to infection with a virus. It is actually a type of energy virus which has infected humanity 25,000 years ago. Not only the physical coronavirus is being removed, also all those entities and energetic viruses are being removed, which will drastically improve the state of humanity. So regardless of the fact that this coronavirus is not a pleasant situation, it can be quite scary sometimes, but the outcome will be dramatically positive from the evolutionary perspective. Much of the old archon infection will be simply starved out and will be gone when those mass quarantines are over.”
  • “Cobra:  Jupiter Pluto conjunction happening now is not yet the synodic cycle. This Jupiter Pluto conjunction is seen from the surface of planet Earth. Synodic cycle of Jupiter and Pluto conjunction comes on July 31st; this is when you will see Jupiter Pluto conjunction from the center of the Sun. But this actual conjunction as seen from Earth on April 4th and 5th is a very powerful trigger. It is basically the most powerful trigger since January 11/ 12th when we had our last mass meditation, and this energy has a huge potential for a breakthrough of light. This is the moment where the Light Forces can take the lead, can take hold of [inaudible], and they can actually start dictating what will happen in this dynamic situation.”
  • “Cobra: I would say that Easter of this year is another quite powerful energy portal. I cannot comment on what will happen there or what might happen then. But I would say the timing of the galactic superwave is not yet determined to the degree that could be released publicly.”
  • “Cobra: OK, we are still in a war. Light Forces are doing whatever they can, and the dark forces are doing whatever they can in their one way. The basic positive timeline has been secured, so that means that there will be the Event, there will be Ascension, there will be the liberation of the planet. That is secure, but we would like to make our journey to that particular moment as smooth as possible, as positive as possible. By reaching the critical mass we will ensure that this goes much easier. But again, we are in the war and there are surprises so I will not make any predictions about what will happen. I am sure that if we reach the critical mass, our future will be much brighter and our way to the final goal will be much easier.”
  • “Debra: Ben Fulford states that Project Blue Beam is in the works for a last attempt fake Armageddon show. Do you see this happening?”
  • “Cobra: No. There are people who have plans, factions that would like to do this, but it is not technically viable. The Light Forces have too much power and too many resources to prevent this from happening. So it’s not realistic. I am not expecting this.”
  • “Cobra: Yes, this plan is being implemented to a certain degree. The dark forces are making some progress in installing those 5G networks on the surface and in orbit. But the Light Forces are also developing technology to counteract it directly. So again, it’s a war.”
  • “Cobra: Actually the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the process towards the Event because the Light Forces in their effort to stop the virus have accelerated the clearing of the plasma plane so much that the Event will basically happen sooner than expected.
  • “Cobra: As I said, the Event is expected to happen before the end of 2025. That is the goal.”
  • “Debra: The Event, but not necessarily Ascension.”
  • “Cobra: Ascension is a process. It is not something that would happen overnight.”
  • “Debra: Right. Is the plan still to have three waves of ascension?”
  • “Cobra: Yes.”
  • “Debra: How long after the event will the first wave occur?”
  • “Cobra: It is expected, I would say, one or two years after the Event.”
  • “Cobra: Yes, conditions on higher planes have improved. It is not as dark as it was. So for those who have transitioned from the physical existence, now things are getting progressively better.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 11-minute video is an “alternative news” update. Here are a few highlights:
  • At the 3:43-mark, the Narrator shows a photo of a Hospital scene, supposedly onboard one of the newly-docked Hospital Ships. A nurse comments that the I.V. (Intravenous) Bag on that Patient’s mobile bed is for “Nutrition”. The thinking is that the White Hats are rescuing captive Children from various underground tunnels and, because they may have been starved, or worse, they have been immediately taken onboard those Ships for treatment.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 2-11-20 *JobSearch

*First a comment:
I’m going to write this out as I go, in case it can help others in their Search for another Job… or even for your 1st Job… and, as always, I’m explaining the details because it shows that Sylvia is still interacting and guiding me through every step of my journey on “this” side of the “Veil”.
  • I think I previously mentioned that Sylvia and I were going to start a Band, instead of looking for another “Job”. I did some initial groundwork into this and quickly realized that I would need to buy a new electronic Drumset. The one that Sylvia bought me for my Birthday one year is a bit worn and the Cymbals don’t always Trigger (activate the sound) when I hit them. New Drumsets cost money. So I first have to find a “standard” Job.
  • Then Sylvia had me look at some of my “Inventions”. (These are ideas I had come up with over the Decades but never formally ‘Patented”. I thought, maybe that would be a great way to have an “Income” and work for “us” doing something we love. However, after checking on how much it costs to file a “Patent”, for just ONE Invention, I, again, realized it costs a LOT of money. So I first have to find a “standard” Job.)
  • So, no matter which Path we travel along, Sylvia and I have to get a standard “Job” before we can move forward with either (or both) of these ideas.
I’m still looking for a new Job and this “journey” is a learning experience for me.
Sylvia and I haven’t had to look for a Job for a few Decades, because we had our own computer company. We didn’t make a lot of money but with Sylvia’s natural magic with finances and us living very simply, we didn’t really need much money.
So, now, I’ve been plunged into the “quest for a Job” Job again. Yes, finding a Job which meets “most” of your (“my”) picky requirements, is a LOT of work.
  • After giving our previous Employer a “3-week Notice”, Sylvia and I quit. Without the Heaters on the Loading Dock working properly, the cold really started to get to us. So we’ve been out of work for 4-weeks now.
Because of the Vacation Time I had accumulated at our previous Job, Sylvia told me: “I gave you 2-months” to find a new Job. Because my “Reasoning” is still not what it should be and because I haven’t really been motivated to do anything since she crossed-over (461-weeks ago), I figured I really had “2-months” before I had to “start” looking for another Job. Today i realized that’s not true.
  • Even if a company hired me today, Sylvia and I wouldn’t see that 1st Paycheck for almost 2-weeks.
  • When I simply walk into a company, to ask basic “possible new Job” questions, the 1st thing I’m told is: “Did you fill out an Application?” Most employers won’t even talk to their possible new employees until they’ve had a chance to view that person’s Job Application.
  • The foundational idea of an “Employment Service” is to connect Employers with possible Job Applicants. The faster the “Service” can get someone hired, the quicker they make money. So it was a surprise to us when I filled out online Applications with 2 or 3 different “Services” and never heard anything back. Not even a “We’ve hired someone else” courtesy note. The best response I’ve seen is when one of them sent me an eMail saying: “I see you’re interested in our “Assembler” Job…” I wrote back saying: “I never applied for an “Assembler” Job but I did apply for…” Her response was: “Oh. Sorry. That’s job’s been filled. Let me know if we can help with anything else.” (or something like that)
I don’t want to say:
  • “Things were better when I was young.”
…but the “Job Market”, the “Hiring Process” and what’s expected of each employee is MUCH different than when I was working my 1st handful of Jobs back in the 70s.
With this current Job Search, my thinking is to determine my “limits” / “requirements” and check possible Job Listings, to be sure they fit within my guidelines. (This is why I haven’t simply applied for every Job I see Listed):
  • Full Time or Part Time?
  • Day Shift or Night Shift?
  • How many hours per week would be the “minimum”?
  • How many miles from home?
In “my” case, I also need to know if the Job location is close to a Restaurant.
  • It’s not that I’m “bad gaging Time” (well, not “real” bad) but things just “happen” when I’m doing my best to get to work on Time… Breakfast takes longer than usual to cook, have to defrost the car, lots of traffic, road detoured, Traffic Lights not working, etc.
So what I’ve been doing is… having Breakfast as close to our workplace as possible each morning. Yes, this adds-up to a lot of money BUT I’m almost never late any more. (Once or twice the Restaurant was extra busy or had smoke fumes from a faulty grill.)
I’m not late for work because I looked at the “Variables” that I was dealing with:
  • “my” Cooking Time,
  • Bathroom Time,
  • Car preparation Time,
  • Amount of Time in traffic, etc.
…and move all of those Variables to something “I” could control: “the Time it takes me to eat Breakfast”. (I’m a very slow eater but it can be done.) So if there’s unforeseen traffic, on the way to work, I simply have to eat a little faster. Because our workplace is within a mile of the Restaurant, there’s really no “traffic”, or other things which might make us late.
Of course, this also means we have to find a place of employment which is near a Restaurant… and one that is open at least an hour before having to Clock-In. This is why I’ve ignored LOTS of good-paying Jobs, simply because they require you to start at 7a. Most Subway Restaurants, around here, open at 7a. Of course, Waffle House is 24-hours. (Actually, they NEVER close.)
Sylvia and I realized, long ago, that the next “work day” really begins the night before. It doesn’t help when you go to bed at 3a only to realize you have to get up at 5a. Because Sylvia and I still want to start a Band, we know we have to keep our nights free. So any Job we accept has to start at either 8a or 9a. For “us”, a Job starting at 7a (and many do) means we’d have to get up around 4:30a, in order to be at the Restaurant around 6a. (Remember, we’re very slow eaters.)
Sylvia’s Guidance?
This whole process is extremely draining. I spend countless hours sifting through online Job Listings and wracking my brain, to see if there’s a business close to home that I can “possibly” work for. (“Closer to home” saves Time, gas and means we could sleep longer.)
Yesterday, I told Sylvia:
  • “I give up. I’m just going to let YOU do it. YOU show me where you want us to work.”
I may have seen 3 pieces of feedback to this, this morning…
  • The 1st “possible Job” we went to today was a Shoe Retailer. Everything looked good in their Job Description and when we got there, I asked an employee some basic questions. We spoke for several minutes, waiting for a Manager to come out of their Loading Dock, to talk to me. The energy was good. Everything was looking very favorable. When I finally spoke with the Manager, one of the 1st things she mentioned was that ALL of their employees had to run the Cash Register — including the Warehouse workers. This instantly dissipated that energy and Sylvia indicated that it was Time to leave. Nothing more could be said. (I’m not “dyslexic” but, if I have to count-out Change, especially when it’s someone else’s money, I have to count it several times. Sylvia has always told me… Because I spend so much of my energy “on the other side”, I “jump” between various events and, sometimes, miss some of the information. “Jump” is Sylvia’s word for what I do, in this case.) So this instant deflation of the energy that was building between me and that business was “Sylvia” indicating that I wasn’t supposed to work there… because, in checking the Job Listing for that business (for a few weeks), I never read anything about their employees having to run a Cash Register.
  • The 2nd business we went to today, to ask a few “pre-apply” questions, was a Restaurant. I spoke with a Manager about a Cooking position. He was a tiny bit surprised and told me they don’t have any Job Listings on “Indeed”. He said they’re only looking for “FOH” (Front Of House) employees: Hostess, Servers, etc. I was a bit stunned because I had been following their Kitchen positions for several weeks and this was one of my “sure bet” Jobs, along with the Shoe Retailer! So we just left. When we got home, I looked it up and… not only DID they have Listings on “Indeed” but they also have them on THEIR OWN WEBSITE! So, was this Sylvia telling me: “This is not the energy I want you involved with at this point in Time?”
  • After that, we drove nearby to another “Job option” I had looked at last night (online). It’s a Retail Chain. Two employees, on the main floor, told me to go upstairs and use their Kiosk, to fill out an Application. I was then near the Kiosk room but still a bit lost. An employee walked by and asked if I needed some help. She then took me to the Kiosk and got it setup, so I could fill out their forms. She then introduced herself… Her 1st name is the SAME 1st name as the person who hired me at the Job I recently quit. Is this Sylvia’s way of telling me: “This is where I need you to work.” or maybe it’s just a “Sign” from Sylvia, telling me that I’m on the right Track… “Keep going”. Only Time will tell.
I guess my Point with all this is that “Job Hunting” is a slow-motion process. Each Time I apply for a Job, I have to wait a few days or more, in order to give that business enough Time to gather their recent Applications, look them over, discuss which Applicants are suitable and then contact the most promising people.
  • My goal for today was to speak with someone in Management, at 4 different businesses and, if those didn’t pan-out, drive to an “Employment Service” (that we picked-out last night) and see if they could help us find a “Temp-to-Hire” Job. However, our 3rd contact today proved to be a “possibility”. Now that we’ve filled-out that Retailer’s online Application, it’s only polite to give the Manager enough Time to review our Application. So we simply came back home after that. Now we have to wait a day or 2. If we don’t hear from them in, say, 2-days, we’ll have to call them.
This is stressful, frustrating and very “slow-motion”.