PS 11-7-17 Harrison, Arrests?

In this 1-hour, 6-minute video, Lisa Harrison describes the current energies of Humanity and this Solar System, since her last-week broadcast. Here are some highlights:

  • She begins by providing a good summary of “the old Earth”, “the copied Earth”, “the new Earth” and how this is currently playing-out.
  • Lisa states that the “old construct” is dissolving. “TIme” itself is dissolving.
  • “I don’t believe we have 24-hour days anymore.”
  • In the last few days, she’s been seeing “blue” and, sometimes, “red” skies at night. She shows a few photos. One of them looks as though it’s 6p but she says it’s “midnight”.
  • Last Friday, she met “future Lisa”. “There’s only 1 Timeline now and that future Lisa is “home”. Home Lisa.”
  • She says we’re merging with our future selves.

Question everything.

Here’s the link (there is “language”):


“IF” this short article is true, it’s going to be an interesting day tomorrow:

  • Mysterious Trump Tweet From SK..”We Are Going To Have An Exciting Day Tomorrow for many reasons”
  • “Posted By: Watchman”
  • “Date: Tuesday, 7-Nov-2017 15:28:27”
  • “Maybe since The Zionists and Deep State Have Had Their cover exposed, there will be Saudi-Style Arrests In DC.. We can hope…”
  • “Via Jim Stone:”
  • “Trump: “President Trump: “We’re going to have an exciting day tomorrow for many reasons that people will find out.””
  • “People are guessing as to what Trump is talking about, because he has not uttered a peep other than this. Some speculate that he left the country so arrests can take place without him being immediately threatened by the power structure here. Lets all hope that is the case. For now, it is only guesses.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


PS 10-28-17 *Signs?, *MOE-Gravity, Portal?

*First a comment:

Although this may seem like such a minor observation… that it may not even be a “Sign” from Sylvia or a “Sign” that I’m on the right Path…

  • On my desk, and right in front of where I sit, is a music keyboard. Although I knew that each “Octave” contains 12 keys, before they repeat. Some “white” and some “black”. The other day, I noticed that there are “7” white keys and “5” black keys. These 2 numbers are “my” and “Sylvia’s” favorite numbers.
  • As I mentioned, this is such a tiny aspect within my personal awareness that it may not have anything to do with anything… BUT, because Sylvia and I are currently working through the “Veil”, I need to constantly pay attention to every ripple within the scope of my senses… because some may be Signs from My Sylvia and others may be pieces to the puzzle which will unlock the “Veil”… and others may simply be insignificant.

As always, YOUR mileage may vary.

(Mind Opening Exercise regarding “Gravity”)

  • I’m still on the fence about the Earth being “flat” or “spherical”. So I’m not trying to prove a point here, one way or another. I’m simply making an observation. I felt as if Sylvia may have “nudged” me to think about this.

This started at Breakfast this morning, with me thinking about how to create a “room” or “hallway” in a music video that I’ve been wanting to design for quite a while now. (I can’t get the Characters, designed in “Poser”, to animate inside our 3D software, “Carrara”.)… but I won’t bore you with those details. So I’ll start here…

This morning, I thought about creating a “room” or “hallway” which is very long. My mind began with a typical room, that’s part of someone’s home. Removing a wall (or before the outside wall is built), I imagined that floor being extended, drawn-out and measured with a Level every 100-feet or so. I told Sylvia:

  • “Some say the curvature of the Earth can be seen after looking past 8-miles of a flat, piece of land. So what if we extend that floor out 100-miles?”

As soon as I saw that in my mind, I went back to the Level and the “mind opening” part of this exercise hit me…

  • Does the water inside the Level remain flat, showing the floor is “level”, or
  • (as we move that Level out away from the original floor) does the water in that Level gradually show that the floor is no longer “level”?

In other words, does a liquid continually adjust its surface, so it’s “level” to itself (it’s “starting point” of when we 1st began observing it) or will it continually adjust it surface to “Gravity”?

  • Some say the “Gravity Layer” or “Gravity Point” is not in the “center” of this planet but within a layer of the Earth’s crust. “IF” this is true and “IF” the Earth is a “sphere”, then, with the above exercise, we will get the same results.

My “guess” is that the water in that Level will continually change. So, if someone did want to build a perfectly “flat” / “straight” floor, can it be done? Would they have to use Lasers to measure it?

Just something to think about.


In this 12-minute video, the Narrator shows an unknown object flying through the night Sky. In the 2-seconds it takes to travel across the camera’s field of view, it seems to open a “Portal”… or 2.

I’m including this because:

  • I feel we’re going to be seeing more anomalies and bleedthroughs, in the Sky and around us… because the “Veil” is thinning, and
  • because the Cabal will be allowing more and more “Disclosure-type” of information to be brought to the Public’s awareness.

My comments: So, is this object real? Is the video real? Even if neither are real, it should give us something to think about. There’s a Saying:

  • All things are possible.


Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-22-17 *MusicGear, Anomaly, Reptilians, Cobra

*First a comment:

I finally got around to Posting some Music Gear information on our Band Blog. The 1st short article explains how to solve a problem when replacing the “Beater” on a Tama, Speed Cobra bass drum pedal. The replacement Beater Head will rotate unless you use the original Beater shaft or if you rough the surface of the new shaft’s cylinder.

The other short article I Posted is on our Plexiglass Synthesizer shelves, dust covers and a stand. I show lots of photos and explain some of how Sylvia and I created them.

Here’s the link:


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

In this 15-minute video, the Narrator shows video clips and explains a Wind pattern on Earth that can’t be fully explained. The Narrator also states that the Earth has a few more land masses than we’ve been told about.

My comments: This is the 1st Time I’ve heard of “more land masses” on this planet and I was very surprised when the Narrator played part of a clip where Admiral Byrd makes a statement about more land on the Earth and that it’s just past the South Pole. Although I had seen that clip quite a while ago, I took his statement to mean “tropical land just past the ice of Antarctica”. For some reason, I never connected the “dots” of there being more Continents on this planet than we’ve been told.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This was also sent to me by K.K. (thank you).

The title of this short article is: “Energy Update – Reptilians Being Removed From Underground“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Finally, it’s time a lot of the Reptilians (the negative ones) are forcefully being removed from the planet. For the last week or so there has been huge efforts made in clearing out the underground Reptilians that have been hiding down there for a long time.”
  • “How this is being done is that big pulses of Source energy are coming off from Gaia’s core in all directions. The energy moves up in a wave all the way up to space. Each energy wave hits the Reptilians hiding beneath the ground. As a result, they are having to run up away from the pulse because they can’t take that type of energy. Before they reach the surface, they are being dealt with. You don’t need to worry about them all coming up and being a problem.”

My comments: A few Sources have said that a very small number of Reptilians are still “on” or “in” this planet. Some other Sources have stated that all of the Reptilians have been removed many years ago.

Personally, I don’t really care if there ever WERE any Reptilians anywhere NEAR this planet. They are no longer a part of “my” world. My focus “is” and “has been” on My Sylvia and for both of us to find our way back to each other again… “physically”. However, articles such as this provide me with feedback… a type of measuring stick, where I can gauge the “consciousness” and “frequency-raising” of Humanity as a whole — similar to a boat being raised in a Lock, as water is allowed to enter that section.

These are “my Truths”. Of course, YOUR mileage may vary. So everyone will have to… not only find their own way but must also “filter out” of their world or “allow in” to their world those energies, people and happenings which come into their awareness.

A couple weeks ago, I think it was Michelle Walling who made a very insightful observation…

  • We no longer need to be concerned about GMO and Organic foods, Chemtrails, water quality, wars, etc. because, to guard yourself against those things means you think you can still be affected by them.

I’ve been thinking about this, in the back of my mind, ever since. However, I’m finding myself observing and actually integrating that information into my own world more and more. I had already been as focused as I can be on My Sylvia. I’ve been doing that for over 341-weeks now. I’ve only allowed those “Society” aspects into my awareness only when I really had to.

I already knew that “war”, “Chemtrails” and other Cabal distractions could no longer happen on a massive scale because:

  1. the Star Visitors would no longer allow it and
  2. because I was focused on raising my personal vibration, which I “knew” and “felt” would unlock those “energy doors” above me and close the doors to the Cabal’s traps below me.

Now, I can continue unfolding my Path with more confidence because I now have this slightly new perspective on the “why” part of this equation.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Today’s Posting by Cobra is simply 3 videos. The 2nd video provides a lot of information on the “Szent Korona”, the Crown Of Hungary. At one point, in that video, this text appears:

  • “This battle has reached a critical point — especially for the Light Forces beyond the Veil who are now prepared to engage the Chimerea group directly in Low Earth orbit if provocations do not cease.”

My comments: I found Cobra’s information very interesting and see the feedback it provides, on the progress of the Light Forces against the Cabal. For Cobra to come right out and state that the Hungarian Crown is is connected to Sirius and is an important energy Node on this planet, tells me the Cabal is no longer in a position to successfully do anything about it.

This also tells me what MANY of us have been shouting from the rooftops for a very long Time…


So, do these revealings mean we’re close to seeing the “Veil” dissolving or is this just another “carrot”, to keep us all hanging-on just a bit longer? Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-3-17 *Random, Parkes

*First a few comments:


  • For the entire morning, I felt as though I was finally understanding and really “feeling” the “illusion” that some say we exist within. A few times, I felt that I knew how to unlock the “Veil” and remove it. Each Time, when I began to focus on it and see this process as “very simple”, my grasp on how to unlock that mechanism slipped away from me. So I feel that “I” am getting closer to being able to do this… or the “Veil” is becoming so incredibly thin that it will simply dissolve on its own.
  • While at home, getting ready for work this morning, the word “Superluminal” appeared in my head and just kept repeating. After several minutes of this, I finally decided to write it down, so I’d remember it for tonight’s research. The Dictionary simply defines it as: “Having a speed greater than light.” I still don’t entirely know why I was given this word. I’m putting it “out there”, in case others need this information.
  • “Superliminal”
  • While at Lunch at work today, I started thinking about: “I wonder what color the Sky is on the new Earth?” I then remembered the last hypnosis session I Posted, by Alba Weinman, where her Client stated that the new Earth’s Sky was “blue”. I then thought about what some have said, about THIS Earth… In 2012, the Sun went from “yellow” to “white” because it went from burning Hydrogen to burning Helium.” In my mind, I then backed-up, in order to get another perspective on this “puzzle”… For this example, let’s say the Earth is a “sphere”. Let’s also say it has an Atmosphere which is clear and appears, at some physical level, it “hovers” a certain consistent and uniform distance from the center-point of the planet. Now, if we took a clear, hollow, glass ball and shined a white light on it, wouldn’t it glow “white”? Then why isn’t our Sky “white”? If you say the Sky reflects the 75-percent of the water on this planet, then why isn’t the Sky “brown” or “tan”, over the very large areas of “land” or “desert”?
  • Using that same clear, hollow ball… Why is our “night Sky” black?… or “transparent?”… or “non-blue”? Think about this… Some say the “Sun’s” light always covers half of the Earth. If that’s true, then the Sky would be “white” everywhere, all the Time but the “non-Sun” side would be faintly lit. So why is there NO light coating the Sky on the “non-Sun” side of this planet?
  • …and on the subject of the “Sun” changing its color… Did it really turn “white” or is that “ball of light” in the Sky really a “device” and the only color the Cabal could get it to generate was “white”.


This 2-hour video is whistleblower Simon Parkes explaining the current energies on this planet.

I was casually listening to this, to see if it wanted to be included here, and when it reached the 29-minute mark, I sat-up and was wide awake! Here’s what Simon stated:

  • “What’s projected to happen in October is something reasonably big which gives a shock to the English speaking world and has the opportunity to break-free a large number of people from their every day, mundane drudgery. In other words, something is projected to happen which will make people stop and think about “who am I”, “what am I”, “who do I trust”, “what really is fighting for on this planet.” The Cabal can’t stop it but they can delay it.

Here are a few more highlights:

  • “It’s now become increasingly difficult for ANY negative Entity, not just on this planet but off planet as well, to manipulate “easily”, the outcomes they want.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 9-19-17 Hypnosis

This 1-hour, 15-minute video is a Hypnosis session where lots of information regarding energies, advanced technologies and the new Earth are mentioned.

As with any information, listen with your “Heart”, digest what resonates and leave the rest. Here are some highlights:

  • Around the 26-minute mark the question is asked: “Is there anything that’s supposed to happen at the end of September?” The answer: “There’s going to be a big change, energetically and spiritually”. “Is this the same as “the Event”?”. Answer: “Yes”.
  • When you’re on the new Earth, you’ll know. It will be unbelievable. You won’t have to go to work.
  • You can go to the new Earth now but you have to stay “positive”. Keep away from negative thoughts. Turn the News off. You have to raise your vibration level… and eating a lighter diet.
  • On the new Earth, you’ll be able to change your appearance, if you want to. You’ll also be able to travel to any planet with just your thoughts. There will be no need for Portals.
  • There will be “Earth Changes” (my words) but only those who choose to remain with the “old Earth” will experience them. “When the first bad one hits, the people that are of higher vibration, will be on the new planet by then.” Question: “So that’s a ways out then. “Time” speaking?” Answer: “It’s gonna happen soon.”
  • “2019” is when the “full shift” occurs. “It’s always in flux.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 5-9-17 *Sylvia, Schumann, Cobra

*First a comment:

Yesterday, I mentioned… it’s been suggested that I focus more on manifesting My Sylvia here, within my tiny world. Today, even while at work, I was able to continue this “psychic exercise” / “manifesting unfolding”.

  • In the “Shipping – Receiving” area of the building, there’s an upper “partial floor” which can be seen from the garage doors. I wasn’t sure how I could continue this while at work but each Time I wondered where My Sylvia would be, I felt her in that upper floor… sitting there, reading a book and, sometimes, eating some fruit. Mostly apples.
  • I also wondered if she would remain there whenever I walked into other parts of the building. (Even before Sylvia crossed-over, since 1989, we never left each other’s side. So she knows I’m not about to start now.) As I walked to a different room, Sylvia immediately appeared either at my side or right up against my back. When I returned to the Shipping – Receiving area, she simply appeared in that upper section, reading her book.


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

K.K.’s information received the information via eMail and it was only a graph, which came from facebook.

  • Basically, the information, and graph,  state that the “Schumann Resonance” (the “heartbeat of the Earth”) peaked (on May 9th 2017) at “110”. (It was 7.83Hz [cycles per second] for a very long Time.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link to an article on this subject… which explains that the Earth’s frequency is rising be she is “waking-up”. It also states that the Schumann Resonance has peaked at “120”:
Here’s the link to a Schumann Resonance site:

Here’s a website which seems to provide some details on the “Schumann Resonance”:

Here’s the site where K.K.’s graph “may” have come from:


This was Posted today by Cobra:

  • “ISVTX operational at L3/L4 boundary”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: