PS 9-9-19 *Water, Weather, Predictions

*First a comment:
This morning, Sylvia and I found a message on our Answering Machine from the Cities’ Water Management Division. It stated that they are currently removing sediment from some new pipes they recently switched to and were asking Residents to report any problems they may find.
What Sylvia pointed out to me was the pipes they changed “from” and those they changed “to”. The recording stated that the old pipes were 24-inches in diameter and the new ones are 32-inches. This, of course, means “higher capacity”… more water can now be moved into the Cities’ Water System.
In the past, Sylvia told me that, symbolically, “Water” equates to “Spirit” / “Spirituality” / “Source” / “Flow”. So, by now using larger pipes, the people in this City area have raised their vibration and are now “taking-on” / “moving with” more Spirituality.
Just some thoughts.
During the beginning of this 11-minute video, the Narrator explains that the Sea Ice on Alaska has now melted. He says it’s the first Time in recorded history the ice has pulled away from the Alaska shoreline and now starts 150-miles out.
My comments: I’ve mentioned, in previous Posts, that the Earth is waking-up and just like any Being who sleeps, when they wake-up their “body” (the physical part of them) becomes warmer.
So this is feedback for me which re-affirms that this planet is becoming “self-aware” / “free” and this means Ascension is close.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

This 23-minute video is an energy update by Clairvoyant, Aluna Ash. “IF” this information is real, the next few months are going to be VERY interesting and “maybe” SOMETHING tangible will FINALLY be revealed!… Maybe.

  • She talks a bit about “physical” Earth changes that are “supposed” to happen around February.
  • Around the 17:30-mark, she talks about the Sky becoming a “Rainbow-colored” Sky.

Question everything.

PS 3-1-18 *Soon, Water, EarthChanges?, Astrology, Cobra, Hoffman

*First a comment:

I feel as though there’s a “theme” running-through tonight’s inclusions…

Last week, several alternative-news sources, online, have either been banned from various  Social Media sites or a LOT of their Subscribers were “somehow” un-Subscribed.

A few months ago, I was seeing several people go out of their way to write articles or create videos which, basically, pointed a finger at an alternative-news source and said bad things about them. Trying to discredit them.

In the last few weeks, I’ve seen a few of the alternative-news sources that “I” Track, very subtly change course… Before that, they were putting out high-energy in their quest for “finding” and “sharing” the details of what’s going-on behind-the-scenes on this planet. They swore that the information being Posted by “Q” was the best intel they had ever seen and practically pledged to “follow” and “Post” all of “Q” information as soon as it was Posted. However, in these last few weeks, I’ve only seen them Post other types of stories. Although “Q” has Posted several messages, these few people have not “covered” or “commented” on them.

Is all of this “coincidence”? I don’t think so.

In the last few days, I’m feeling a build-up of stress from the alternative-news community, the behind-the-scenes “good guys”, etc. It’s as if the Light Workers have flipped a “Switch”, in order to corner and capture the top-level of the Cabal and are quietly waiting in the shadows before they pounce on them and finally let us know what’s really going on.

So, from 1 perspective, everything feels like it should be interpreted as “the end of the world” with lots of hardships for Humanity… but from another perspective, it feels like this is the “beginning” of the largest positive change this planet has seen in a VERY long Time.

I’m sensing that part of this “black & white” and “black or white” swirl of energies right now is coming from the Light Workers and the Cabal as they lock-horns for the last Time… and part of all this is coming from everyone’s Higher-Selves tapping them on the shoulder and saying:

  • “It’s Time. You must decide now, whether you’re evolving and going to the new Earth or if you’re going to remain with 3D Space and go through your experiences again, over the next 26,000-years.”

Only Time will tell.

As always, YOUR mileage may vary.


In the following 1-hour video, the Narrator goes over some “Q” Posts and reads various Comments about them.

My comments: I can feel her stress as she walks down the Path of “fear” while interpreting all of the information presented as a “woe is us” scenario.

  • At the 5:33-mark, the Narrator reads a Post by an unknown Poster. (I can’t include it here without typing it myself. So be sure to visit the 1-hour, video-link below.)
  • At another point in the video, the Narrator mentions something “Q” Posted a few weeks ago. It has to do with “10 days of darkness”. An anonymous Commenter suggested this is referring to 10-days without the Internet and explains that the “good guys” have to shut down the Internet, in order to contain most of the corruption on this planet and arrest the criminals.
  • The Narrator also covers the topic of “no Water” / “poisoned Water”.

My comments: I’ve been seeing videos of “disappearing Water” for several weeks and, recently, “Q” has mentioned “watch the Water”. I’ve also read, lately, that a few very rich people and some companies have been buying land which holds large areas of Water. I don’t know if any of this is true but I’m still using the “if it generates “fear”, it’s not part of my Path” as my personal guiding energy.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the 1-hour video, which reads and explains the twitter message:

Here’s the link to the twitter message:

Here’s the link to the “Water disappearing” video (There are more from this same YouTube Channel):


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This was written by someone named: Aug Tellez…

  • “”I will tell you this now and I won’t repeat that anymore. Be sure to put water and food aside for reserve including matches, candles gas or wood – for at least three months. Nothing what is based on electric power will not work. Don’t forget this. And good luck to all of you.”

The following was also in the eMail that K.K. sent. It appears to be a comment, by someone, on the above information:

  • “This is the general guideline. That and staying away from coastlines and heavily populated areas. Not fear or panic, this is just a message from someone that I shared. I was first informed of Earth changes years ago. This is something that likely must happen at a certain point. There are a series of ‘trigger’  events that contain the recipe for the collapse of society to instigate greater overall change. The icing on the cake is Earth changes whether natural or artificial. All wars are weather wars.”

My comments: I’m including this because, as I mentioned at the top of this Post, “I” believe it’s Time for eac of us to decide which Path we will walk on. Even if someone “remains behind”, after “the Event”, that term (“remains behind”) is a “judgement” on our part. There is no “right” or “wrong”. If someone decides to continue within the 3D realm, it’s THEIR personal choice… for whatever reason THEY may have. So those who “move on” may look at the above “Earth Changes” information and interpret those energies as “negative” but the Higher-Self of those “remaining behind” would interpret that information as “lessons” and “experiences”.
Question everything.

There’s no link to this information. However, K.K. did send the link to the Author’s facebook page:


This was also sent to me by K.K. (thank you).

This is Carl Boudreau’s Astrology Reading for March. Here are a few excerpts:

  • “Everything about this chart increases the likelihood of sudden dramatic change in favor of the higher spiritual, moral and ethical values represented by the Galactic Center.  Objections based on inferior knowledge or values will tend to be overridden.”
  • “The era of exasperatingly slow progress in dismantling the global oligarchy and reversing its excesses and abuses is coming to an end. This chart strongly and clearly suggests that the foundations of oligarchy will begin crumbling and be swept away.”
  • “The Galactic Center makes the chief difference in this chart. The chart suggests that it will no longer be a matter of careful thought, detailed, fact-based dialogue and reforming or rectifying patterns. It will no longer be about agonizingly slow and ineffective change processes. Instead it will be about defective patterns and slow change processes swept away, as if in a fit of Divine impatience, by overwhelming spiritual energy pouring directly into the chart from the Galactic Center.”
  • “So I see the transit of Taurus by Uranus as an end to the aggravatingly slow pace of change and the beginning of much more forceful and radical change. Things we never thought would change will suddenly change. Things we thought would go on forever will suddenly stop, or alter course.”
  • “The change process we are now used to is so slow as to be tedious. It proceeds without the promise that goodness will triumph. Uranus in Taurus will usher in highly eventful time of of sudden, radical, even chaotic change in which higher values are likely to sweep aside lesser values and block the efforts of those fighting on behalf of lesser values.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


In looking at Cobra’s Postings for today, it looks like there’s a LOT going on, within the Resistance Movement:

  • State Of Mission Report FEBRUARY 2018″
  • “Pandora in progress, EELA in progress, B96 removal in progress, Wipeout sequence in progress.  741L50 recovery, VTX realignment in position, minimum hyperphasic requirements not met, minimum VTXPOS requirements not met, contact established at VTXPOS = 1.8. PB clearing attempt in progress, clear timeline lock secured. M minimum requirements met.”
  • >>>
  • “Merge Pandora / B96 removal, merge EELA / VTXC”
  • >>>
  • “Evaluate contact risk”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Today’s Post, from Jennifer Hoffman, also seems to reinforce the “theme” I mentioned at the top of this Post:

  • “Here’s a wonderful article about this full moon, active this week, by Henry Selzer of Astrograph. Note how much activity is happening — we have a lot of energy at our disposal now. How will we use it? It depends on our intention and the energy we choose to align with — it is our choice. We can align with a little bit if we don’t want too much transformation or a lot, if we are willing to soar into the unknown. Exciting times!”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:

Here’s the link where the above information came from:

PS 5-16-17 *Sylvia, Antarctica?, Cobra, Frequencies

*First a comment:

If I ever need proof that My Sylvia is not only here, always by my side, but also helping me “whenever” and “however” she can, I only need to look at how the synchronicities line-up within my tiny world…

  • I didn’t realize it until just now… I was entering the Receipts from today into our Checkbook Register and saw that we overspent on the groceries we bought today. With only $34 left until Pay Day and needing $20 worth of gas tomorrow and needing $10 a day for Breakfast, for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (the $10 includes the tip)… I told Sylvia we ran out of money. However, while I was stuck in “woe is me”, Sylvia triggered a memory that I created just about an hour before… I saw the coupon we printed-out for a free Waffle House waffle. Then she reminded me that we get paid on “Thursday morning”. So we only need money for gas and a couple of dollars for coffee, to go with the waffle. (Thursday and Friday will be covered by that next Paycheck.)

(We’re on the Waffle House eMail list and they rarely send out eMails. Today they did and included that coupon. Funny “coincidence”, right?)

In “my” mind, this is Psychic energy. It’s a muscle. The more we “use”, “recognize” and “appreciate” it, the more those connections will flow. It’s like looking for “yellow” cars. Most people rarely see any but as soon as someone brings that color of automobile to your attention, most people will begin to see several.

Question everything


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This 4-minute video shows an “anomaly” coming from Antarctica and moving up the ocean and stopping west of California. This “anomaly” is, what looks like, a series of energy “waves”.

My comments: I’m including this because something doesn’t look right… I’ve personally studied sound waves, through my explorations in Synthesizers. From “my” experience, when a “sound” or “energy” wave is 1st manifested within air or water, it begins with the shape it was designed as. Then, as it moves through various materials (air, water, dust, etc) it becomes affected by those obstacles and its shape becomes distorted.

  • In other words, let’s say we start by producing a “Sine” wave. this is a sound wave which looks like the letter “S” on its side. It’s clean and symmetrical and curved. As this sound wave travels through a room, part of it may hit a chair, a book, etc. This will weaken the energy of that wave and the wave itself may begin to breakup and look distorted.

Look at the “anomaly” in the following video. It’s a series of “waves”. However, those waves BEGIN as an almost random grouping of particles AND THEN, as it travels across the ocean it BECOMES smoother and more uniform. This is just the opposite of what “I” would expect. So, to “me”, that part of the video “may” have been reversed. Doing so would allow the Cabal to let us know what they’re doing but we would  have the “wrong end of the stick”.

  • In other words, instead of everyone thinking “it’s coming FROM Antarctica”, “maybe” it’s really GOING TO Antarctica.

The Narrator of that video does say that the video he is showing is a “composite” — a video loop, which contains layers from more than 1 other video.

I’m not saying the Narrator adjusted that video. I’m saying the “Cabal” adjusted it, in order to throw everyone off track.

These are just “my” observations.

Just something to think about.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

The following link was also sent to us by K.K. (thank you).

In this 10-minute video, the Narrator explains that a Farmer in Michigan has started seeing “no flies” and “no ants” on his Farm. He’s been a Farmer for over 20-years and knows his animals, their behaviors and the Nature surrounding this Farm.

The Farmer’s video can be seen within the video below. In it, you’ll see Ducks and a Pig but no flies.

Here’s the link:

When I explored the Narrator’s YouTube Channel, I found this 8-minute video. In it, he “may” have tied-in the above 2 videos… saying that the Sun has changed its behavior lately and that Ultraviolet Light (UV) can harm small insects.

Plus, the Narrator talks about the “anomaly” from the 1st video above.

Here’s the link:

Question everything.

  • I just remembered something… When Sylvia and I were working on the plexiglass shelves this last weekend, at one point I saw a fly land on the rail near where I was working. I commented to Sylvia at that Time: “A fly just landed here on the rail. It looks as though it’s just watching me.” A few seconds later, it flew away.


Today, Cobra Posted 1 of his “cryptic” messages to the Resistance Movement:

  • “BSMOSS (L3/L4 boundary)”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This was also sent to me by K.K. (thank you).

This article is titled: “High Gamma Rays Coming In”.

I’m including this because, “IF” it’s true, it explains some of the strange “energies”, “thoughts”, “health situations”, etc. that several people around this planet are currently experiencing.

My comments: I’m also including this because it sheds some Positive light on these current aspects of “change” that a LOT of people are now noticing.

I also want to say that the “Rabbit Holes” I Track, as well as the Comments I make, are based on “our” Truth — mine and Sylvia’s.

In the 70s, when I 1st learned of the “Earth Changes”, in the back of my mind, I prepared myself for “survival” and MASSIVE change on every level: financial, food, health, dwellings, travel, etc. I spoke directly with a few local (at that Time) Psychics and Sylvia read a lot of books… all of them pointed to “end of the world” scenarios.

However, as Time moved through the 90s and into the 2000s, Sylvia and I felt that those “Earth Changes” were not going to happen… or not going to happen as severely as we were told.

After My Sylvia crossed-over, she indicated that massive problems with the Earth, food and Humans were no longer going to happen. Plus, as I’ve stated in several Posts, If “I” was going to suffer by myself, on THIS side of the “Veil”, Sylvia and I would have planned “her” crossing-over to be “our” crossing-over. In other words, if world starvation, massive Earthquakes, nuclear wars and all-out chaos were approaching, Sylvia and I would have crossed-over at the same Time.

I’m still using “fear” as my personal “compass”… If something forces me to create “fear” within me, I know it’s not real and that I should drop that energy immediately. Otherwise it will suck me down with it.

  • Sylvia and I believe the large, conscious-shattering, negative events, such as “911”, “Sandy Hook”, the “Aurora shooting”, swine flu, ebola, Fukushima, and many others, were “anchor” / “node” points for the Cabal’s negative brainwashing of Humanity. In other words, if they felt they needed to tighten their control of the mass consciousness, they would create such an event, knowing we would generate fear and be sucked down into their dark groundings.

Also… at this point in the game, it’s almost impossible to reliably know which “author” or “video channel” is really telling the Truth. There are some authors I don’t look into because I’ve never been made aware of them. At the same Time, there are authors who I no longer read because my “gut” / “Heart” tells me their energy is not honorable.

With all of this, I’m saying: “Our Truth is “our” Truth. Truth itself is a moving target.” What we believed in when we were children may not be the Truth we carry today.

I believe we are now on a different TimeLine. Because of this, I have to leave those old Psychic Readings of the 70s behind and adjust my mind to the energies coming into this Solar System in THIS “now”. This is why I do my best to only watch and read recent videos and articles.

I also believe the Cabal (the entire group of “bad guys”) is basing their current “words” and “stories” on our memories of those old “Earth Changes”. This make their fear campaign easier to spark.

Again, these are just “our” Truths. Your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the article at the link below:

  • “by Tiffany Stiles”
  • “Over the next three days, (5/15- 5/18) we will experience high gamma rays coming in. These oscillate​ all within, and turn one’s thinking around, inside out and upside down to gain higher perspectives through the higher self.”
  • “Understand that through these high vibrational frequencies change occurs; emotionally, physically, spiritually, through DNA rewiring and connections. You can expect things in your life to “change” through this energy signature; residential moves, relationships, your job or career may take a different form and shape in your coming days. Be open to the new as gamma rays oscillate in and through, they allow you and assist you in releasing density. A feeling of lack will change to a feeling of abundance as the connection​s keep taking place for you, and the dots will keep connecting.”
  • “During this time, downloads and upgrades happen rapidly! Through meditation you gain great insights, and may experience downloaded information, and messages from the Akashic Record….and the spirit realms. During dream state, you obtain answers to past lives and karmic clearings.”
  • “Gamma ray frequencies relax you and allow you to ponder with clarity vs. scattered thinking. Gamma Ray frequencies also allow one to manifest blessings into their lives. So it is very important to remain positive as these auspicious changes take place for your highest good. Focus on your here and now…. BE present. Don’t look so far into your future that you miss the bliss of your todays. Remain open to all the Divine Blessings the universe has in store for you. It shall soon be revealed, if you quiet your mind and listen. Close your two eyes and focus with your 3rd.”
  • “Here we go loves! More timeline jumping is also in store with this high vibrational gamma frequency blowing in!”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 5-2-16 *Psychic?, *Bear, Nibiru, Sun, Fulford, Happenings

*First a few comments:

I didn’t realize this a few days ago but now I’m really starting to sense it… A few days ago, I felt as though ideas, energies and happenings are now unfolding “exponentially” across this planet and maybe even throughout our Solar System.

I’m mentioning this because “I” feel it shows that the “Veil” is again getting much thinner and is now either allowing us to wake-up to who we truly are (with superhero-like abilities) or the energies of “thought” and “manifestation” are now more-easily transmitted “to” and “from” their intended destinations.

  • Ever since I was very young, I knew I wasn’t from this planet. I don’t know “how” I know. I just “know”.
  • Ever since I can remember, most of my “mental processes” and / or “energies” have been “somewhere else”. Yes, we all “Daydream” from Time-to-Time but I, like MANY others on this planet, seem to be somehow “attached” / “attracted” to energies beyond the world of the “seen”.
  • Up ’til now, though, my “Psychic” abilities almost always are the opposite of what they should be sensing… “I sense that your favorite color is red.” “No, my favorite color is green.” “I feel that you live in a rooftop apartment.” “No, I live in the basement.” etc.
  • I don’t usually “tune-in” to people, in order to learn more about them. Things just come to me and usually when I least expect it. In other words, I’m usually occupied with some other “physical” or “mental” task and not thinking about that “person” or “idea”.
  • Last week, while mopping the floor where Sylvia and I work, I heard 2 employees talking while walking across the large grocery store room. I looked up and saw that they were at least 50-feet away. In that split second, I saw the energy surrounding the female employee as “Baking, Baker, Bakery”. I thought it was a bit odd but that’s all I received.
  • A few minutes later, I mentioned all this to her. As I go to the “Bakery” part, her face grew a very big smile and there was energy in her eyes. She then said: “I love to bake.” That’s the 1st Time I knew my insights were actually correct. (I still feel that our “Psychic” abilities are like an “energy muscle” that needs to be used. With “Right” or “Wrong” results, the main thing is to keep practicing.)
  • This happened again today… I was talking to another employee about stocking shelves or something and, during our conversation, I felt as though I was pulled slightly out of “Time” (out of the “TimeStream”). It was almost surreal. I kept receiving Sensor information which held these words in my mind: “Model”, Beauty”, “Radio”, “Public”. I then explained what I sensed and interpreted what “I” thought they meant… I asked if she had ever thought about becoming a model. She told us she loves working with Fashion and, especially, working as a Hair Dresser. Next I explained the “Radio”, “Public” part by asking if she thought about starting her own, free, Internet radio station and getting her voice out there to the public. She then told me her and her boyfriend go out Busking (playing in public for tips) fairly often. He plays guitar and she “sings”.

I was almost stunned that I was actually correct with both situations. This alone adds to my feedback that “the “Veils” ARE getting thinner”, just as Sylvia told me, within hours after crossing-over.

Again, I’m mentioning these things to help others understand how the world of “Energy” can sometimes work AND to encourage everyone to do this for themselves.

Each day, as we get closer to “Enlightenment”, is another opportunity to test what we have. At some point, we WILL break-through the wall of forgetfulness and remember who we truly are.

I’ve mentioned before that the only immediate family Sylvia and I have is a (stuffed) Bear. (I’m still not giving out his name.) He’s part of our family, he loves nature, especially small animals, loves “fun” and only sees the “Positives” in the world around him. He goes with us everywhere. (He’s been to Disney World and Epcot Center.) He even has a few words of his own that he uses to describe the people, objects and ideas around him. Two of these words describe “me” and “Sylvia” to him. It’s his “label” for us, in relation to him.

For decades, Sylvia and I have had an Answering Machine connected to our home phone. Sylvia recorded the “Outgoing Message” many years ago. It’s about 15-seconds in length. We never answer the phone unless we know who it is. This means “Telemarketers” don’t stand a chance. We can always tell when a new Telemarketer employee gets our phone number. They always listen to the entire message. Then, as the days roll-on, they hang-up earlier and earlier during that Outgoing Message.

  • Normally, our Bear sits near our Living Room window, when we’re home, so he can watch the animals outside. When Sylvia and I are home making Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, he sits on the counter near us. So he can see what we’re doing and everyone can interact with each other.
  • Today, while making Lunch, the phone rang. Somehow the situation lined-up a certain way or I just don’t remember the phone ringing while preparing a meal… but when the phone rang, we both heard Sylvia’s voice. I stopped what I was doing, so I could hear her golden voice. I never get tired of her voice. While we were listening to Sylvia talk, I glanced at our Bear and saw him use his word for “Sylvia”. (I’m starting to cry again.) As soon as he said it, I just began to cry. Yes, now it’s been over 264-weeks since Sylvia crossed-over… and, “no”, it STILL isn’t any easier!


I’d like to thank the Blogsite: “Out Of This WorldX” (OOTWX) for Posting the following, very helpful, information…

Note: Please keep an open mind. “IF” the following information is NOT true, then we can still use it as a mind-opening exercise… something to think about in the land of “all things ARE possible”.

I’ve mentioned, in previous Posts, although I do Track “Nibiru”, I don’t include many photos because I haven’t seen very many which “I” consider to be not Photoshopped.

For the last few weeks, I have been checking the information presented by the “WSO” (Wormwood Systems Operation) YouTube Channel. They present LOTS of Nibiru photos during each video but, again, I don’t include those videos.

With that said, the “Out Of This WorldX” Blogsite Posted the latest video from “WSO” today. Since Sylvia and I are “Following” OOTWX, I thought I’d briefly look over this May 1st video. It’s 46-minutes long and features an interview with Samuel Hofman  — a former Cabal scientist who is now a whistleblower.

“IF”… and some of his statements break several laws of physics… So we have to keep an open mind… but “IF” his information is correct, then this places some very different puzzle pieces into the game.

After just watching the following video, off the top of my head… hear are just some of the nuggets he presents:

  • Yes, there is a “Nibiru”.
  • “OUR” Solar System has entered the “Nibiru” Solar System and not the other way around.
  • A giant planet named “Hercolubus” is traveling through Space and pulling the Nibiru System with it. OUR Solar System then follows those planets with all of these Space objects spiraling through Space.
  • The reason some people can’t see “something” in the sky is because we’re looking for a pea-sized planet. Hercolubus is just beyond our Moon and is so large, it sometimes fills our entire sky.
  • The reason all the planets in our Solar System haven’t been thrown off by the closeness of Hercolubus is because we’ve been lied to… He states that there is no such thing as “Gravity”. Instead, there is an electrical “attraction” by 1 object and a “repelling” by another object, which keeps things together.
  • He states that the half-truth, Physics model provides 1 set of rules for planetary bodies and a different set of rules for subatomic bodies but there has to be 1 rule for all of this. So when we apply the subatomic laws to the planetary bodies it makes more sense and we don’t have Einstein’s “Gravity Wells”.

My comment: Most everything he stated made sense to me or at least gave me a few new facets to think about.

As for a planet filling our entire sky… I HAD thought of this a few months ago but, so far, still have not been able to see ANYTHING odd in the sky.

In this video, he does mention that people should be prepared for some type of “Earth Changes”. As Ive mentioned many times, I still feel that we are on a “Positive” TimeLine… AND, as I’ve mentioned many times, Sylvia would not have left me on THIS side of the “Veil”, in order to experience a violent change in the “Earth” or my “existence”. I do know that Sylvia and I, “together”, agreed to do whatever we are currently doing… With her on THAT side of the “Veil” and me on THIS side. So Sylvia and I don’t blame each other for our current situation.

So as far as a huge “disaster” happening… I’m not feeling it. Plus, let’s think about this for a second… “IF” there really was a great “crossing-over” of many Souls, due to massive “Earth Changes”, where would those Souls go? They would go to the other side of the “Veil”… but what happens to those Beings, like My Sylvia, who are already ON the other side of the “Veil” when “Earth Changes” happen? They can’t “cross-over” again. They won’t… because their vibrations have been raised. I believe THIS is why we can’t “see” or “hear” them. This is why they are not affected by “Earth Changes”… and this, I believe, is 1-reason why those of us on THIS side of the “Veil” won’t be affected by “Earth Changes” “IF” they happen. Another reason “may” be because Humanity and the Earth is becoming “Enlightened” and about to “Ascend”. “IF” this is what is currently unfolding, it “may” be like walking off of a sinking ship before it sinks… just in Time to place both feet on solid ground.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the video:

Here’s the link where I 1st saw the above information:

My comments: I watched that video early this afternoon and have been thinking about it ever since. Here are a few puzzle pieces, which “I” sense “may” be connected to the above information:

  • In the video, the “linking” / “interacting” between the planets are electrical connections Samuel calls “Tethers”. What if our “Higher Self” is “located on” / “living on” 1 of the planets in the Nibiru System and we “can more-easily” / “are allowed to” send our Soul to a planet in our current Solar System (such as “Earth”), when the Nibiru System is very close by (every 3,600-years or so)?
  • What if the “Rapture” (in some religions) is simply the returning of our Soul to our Higher Self, through that “electrical Tether” between the planets?
  • In the “Coral Castle” (in Florida), it’s been said that 1 man carved-out EXTREMELY HEAVY coral blocks, lifted them out, transported them to his nearby land and placed them precisely where he wanted… all by himself. Its been said that the person who did all that work studied electricity and magnetism. Did he use these to overcome the massive weight of those coral blocks?

There’s more but I can’t remember all the pieces to this puzzle that my mind worked on today.


Although I’ve included NASA Satellite photos in previous Posting, I haven’t done this for quite a while because I haven’t felt that the information provide was strong enough. Today’s Posting by 1 YouTube Channel seems to be worth examining.

In the 5-minute video, at the link below, you’ll see an image containing 2, very straight beams of light touching the Sun. To recreate this for yourself, do these Steps:

  1. Visit the NASA page below.
  2. For “Image Type” select “LASCO C3”
  3. For “Resolution” I used 512
  4. For Start Date I entered: “2016-05-01”
  5. For End Date I entered: “2016-05-02”
  6. Click the “Search” button.

The strange image only appears on 1 frame: “2016/05/01 17:18”

Question everything.

Here’s the direct link to the 5-minute video which explains this “Sun anomaly”:

Here’s the link to NASA’s “SOHO” Satellite page:

Here’s the link to the “Out Of This WorldX” Blogsite where I 1st saw this information:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. Here are a few excerpts:

  • “The gnostic illuminati and the US military have both told the White Dragon Society that Pope Francis must resign because of his friendship with former Argentine dictator Jorge Videla and his involvement in Argentina’s dirty war. The resignation will be the trigger for a series of dramatic changes in how this planet is run, the sources agree. “They will be writing about this thousands of years from now,” predicts gnostic illuminati grandmaster “Alexander Romanov.””
  • “Romanov also said that Khazarian top Mafiosi Heinz (Henry) Kissinger had died and that there was nobody to replace him in the Khazarian power structure. We been told many times in the past that “Kisssinger is dead” only to have him appear in public shortly after we published the information. So, Mr. Kissinger, if you are still alive, please appear somewhere in public to be photographed and filmed. If he really is dead though, this would be a huge breakthrough because Kissinger has been the man behind the 60-year Khazarian mafia hijack of funds meant to be used for the benefit of this planet.”
  • “This could also be why veteran career CIA and State Department officials are now handling the gold negotiations with the Dragon family in Asia, WDS sources say. The gold is already available so, the delay comes from the people controlling the dollar printing (or inputting) facility. There are multiple meetings going on about this issue, especially in Washington DC, and these in turn are connected with the talk about having the Pope resign and Kissinger removed from the scene. More meetings on this issue continue this week.”
  • “There will be an Asian Secret Society and WDS meeting this week where this will be a major topic of discussion. The WDS will propose issuing an ultimatum to the dollar controllers to either accept the future planning agency and gold deal or else be hit with financial Armageddon. Of course, in order to prevent world war 3, the US armed forces and agencies will continue to be financed in such an event. However, they will be asked to clean out the criminal filth infesting Washington DC and New York.”
  • “In fact, Pentagon sources tell us that the White House was under lock-down April 26 and 27th “as special forces led by [General Joseph] Dunford entered via tunnel to demand resignations.” We can confirm there was a lockdown of the White House those days, officially because of a “fence jumper,” but President Barack Obama has been in public since that time so we are not quite what resignations were demanded. Since Obama is just a house slave, this possibly this ties into the Kissinger information above. Time will tell.”
  • “In any case, there are signs financial Armageddon is coming anyway. On May 2nd (today) the US de facto state of Puerto Rico is about to default on a bond payment, which will trigger a systemic breakdown if it is allowed to happen. No doubt there will be some last minute kick the can down the road maneuvers on this. However, Atlantic City is lined up to be the next to default. After that will come others until the dyke can no longer be plugged.”
  • “It also appears the Khazarians have already stolen whatever they could from Saudi Arabia. That is why workers from the Saudi Binladen construction company torched buses last week in frustration over not being paid wages for over 6 months.”
  • “There has also been a 90% drop in the number of foreign mercenaries working for ISIS for the same reason, lack of pay.”
  • “If this is true then the next big Panama Papers data dump may expose many senior Germans as well as the Bush clan. Perhaps even the general public will finally be told that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter. This exposure by the Americans may be one reason why the Germans are looking East to Russia and away from the US.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


In the following 6-minute video the Narrator explains what’s been happening in the United States, what “Jade Helm” really was about and various pieces of the “corporate” government. So “IF” this information is real, it ties-together several pieces of the puzzle.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: