PS 7-6-18 *DebtForgiveness, Predictions, Dust, Meteorite?

*First a comment:
(It looks like Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since July 2nd. I thought it had only been 1-day since we last Posted something.)
I was writing-out the “Predictions” Section below when Sylvia reminded me that I’ve been feeling the “Debt Forgiveness” and “Global Currency Reset” energies for the last week or 2.
  • For some reason, Sylvia wanted me to be sure to mention this tonight.
It’s just been a very subtle feeling that I’ve had, off & on, for a few weeks.
This 42-second video is from “Aluna Ash”:
  • “This is a very powerful time for activations & transmutation. Physical & etheric alchemy is releasing karmic imprinting within the body from the inside out. This then alters the vibration creating a new harmonic resonance.”
  • “You will experience fated events leading you on your path. Anxiety can be felt at times with these activations. Many Twins are about to be going into union, and its going to unfold very fast so take this time to work on YOU. The DM is activated.”
My comments: Over the last month or 2, I’ve seen many people write about “DM” and “DF”, which refers to the “Devine Masculine” and “Divine Feminine”. So Aluna must be talking about activating the “Devine Masculine” energy.
Her mention of “Twins” refers to “Twin Flames”. I’m including this video’s information because Sylvia and I are “Twin Flames” AND because Aluna’s message indicates something that Sylvia and I have been waiting for since she crossed-over, 377-weeks ago… “it’s going to unfold very fast…”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

Aluna also Posted the following video information:

  • “I am seeing energy merging together, this is connected to a prior event update- it looks the same but bigger. It looks & feels like storms with a strong change in pressure or density but there’s a separate energy which looks like a photonic wave around the same time. Around July 9th 10th.”
  • “I am only being shown in the form of energy; light, sound and feeling. It feels southern or below in location… if that makes any sense. Also seeing water. There is an energy wave close to this time as well… some of you already felt this. When I am shown these waves of light there is a pulse, then 1-2 days the wave hits… it always hits in the same direction & same way.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:
This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).
In this 9-minute video, the Narrator talks about a few different Nature Events. One of them is “Dust” which is being blown around the Earth from the Sahara Desert.
I normally don’t Track “Dust Storms” but there may be something to this… about a week ago, I saw some information which stated that Mars is currently experiencing a planet-wide Dust Storm. So does a “planet-wide Dust Storm” always happen just before the “Galactic Central Sun” hits a planet with its Enlightenment energy? Only Time will tell.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
I’m also including this as “bonus” information…
In this 12-minute video, there are 2 things I want to point-out:
  • At least twice in this video, an “object” is shown burning its way through the Sky before crashing into the water. It’s fairly obvious that there wasn’t anyone “right there”, when the “object” fell, in order to take its picture. The video of the “object” flying through the Sky and crashing looks real… but it’s not. Stop the video at the 2:20-mark. Just to the right of the 12-o’clock position (around the impact point), you’ll see the “corner” of a rectangle in the water. Follow that “corner”, slightly down and to the left and you’ll see it makes a straight line with the water. From that same “corner” you can also see a water-drawn line extending down and to the right. When this “impact” was created, the 3D artist didn’t hide all of the aspects of the “impact area” that he or she used to make the actual explosion in the water.
  • It’s not a very big deal for a “Meteorite” to fall from the Sky and land in the ocean. However, there are 2 things that bother me about this particular “happening”… 1) According to the following video, “NASA” is now searching the Sea Floor for that “object”. 2) My 1st feeling on this is that this is not a “Meteorite”. Although there shouldn’t be any further “Space Wars” going on around this planet, that’s what I felt this “object” was… a small “Ship” (or “part” of one) which had been destroyed in a recent battle just outside the Earth’s atmosphere.
As always, YOUR mileage may vary.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 10-23-16 *Questions, *Angels?, Time

*First a few comments:

Over the last Day or so, the following questions have appeared in my mind, which provide the “food” (puzzle pieces) that I feel I need to work on. I’m including them here, in case others are sensing the same things or would also like to help with this Grand Puzzle:

  • If there really is a “Firmament”, a layer of water “above” or “surrounding” the Earth, then is this why babies are manifested inside a bag of fluid? When Births are done in water, the babies seem to appear in this realm “happy”… as if they are in a natural or familiar substance. “IF” any of this is true, is this why the Cabal have instructed “doctors” to “slap” new borns, in order to get them to start breathing air?
  • “IF” the Earth is really a “Sphere”, why does NASA continue to show the “world” on a flat map, when displaying the track of the Space Station, Satellites, etc? With all the computer power these days, NASA could very easily show those “space objects” on a spinning-ball simulation. So why use a “flat” model for this?
  • (This one, I’ve mentioned before…) The Cabal have whispered this phrase in our collective ears for a very long Time: “Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.”… but it’s not true. We don’t come from “ashes” or “dust”. Humans enter this “reality” through the Womb and when we enter, we are within a liquid chamber.
  • …and speaking of “dust”… Why is it that just about everything on this planet deteriorates more when it’s exposed to the “Air”? Mold enjoys “Air”. To reduce its growing, we are told to place items in an “air-tight” (airless) bag or other environment. Dust is created by, or simply spreads faster, through “Air”. Although there is a slime build-up, and even a type of moss, in non-moving parts of the oceans, rivers and lakes, “Water” seems to have a “life-enriching” property, where “Air” seems to have a “life-extinguishing” aspect.
  • “Wind”… where does it come from? Yes, I realize that hot and cold areas can create Wind but it just seems a bit odd, to “me”, that we don’t hear the Weather people “name” a pocket of Wind and just track it around the “Globe” (or “across” the lands). If Wind dissipates, where does it go? Does it eventually lose its energy and just “stop”? If it does, what happens to the Volume of air surrounding the “Wind”? Won’t it be moved in some way and maybe even move it enough to start another Wind-pocket? If 1-million people in Florida turn on a fan, it will not create a Hurricane. (Just something to think about.)

I’m not really including this next, 24-minute, video but since I’m finding it has provided some information that “I” am now using as “puzzle pieces”, to unlock this Dimension’s “Grand UnVeiling”, I felt it important to at least let others know of its existence.

  • The video itself shows a guy who explains his personal encounter with an Angel.

I’m not saying any of this is “true” or “not”. I’m simply presenting this because we really need to consider all facets of this Crystal that we have found ourselves within.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

I watched the following video just now, by “accident”. It’s not about “Angels” but it made me cry. (Yes, I’m still crying. It’s now been 289-weeks since My Sylvia crossed-over.):


This 1-hour, 18-minute video explains how “Time” is getting faster. They state that Time has now gone from “24” hour days to “16”.

My comment: Personally, I find this a bit odd. On some Days, yes, I feel that Time has “quickened” or even “jumped” but on other Days, I sense that Time has slowed down. In fact, during the last month or so, I’ve been feeling as though Time has been stretched. Maybe it’s just “me” but I feel that the Time Sylvia and I spend at work is “1 entire Day”. Then we leave and the drive home seems a bit surreal… like we’re a bit “out of Time”. Once we arrive home, even after running errands, I feel like there’s an entire Day in front of us.

This video also states… since Time has been reduced from 24-hours to 16 per Day, it means our “year” of “12” months has been reduced to “8”. They say this is because we are going back to our beginning… that Time is collapsing on itself.

“IF” ANY of this is true, then this is a very good thing, in “my” opinion, because it “may” mean we are either connecting our “Grand Cycle” to its own start point or everything is being reversed and un-done… that the injustice by various Beings of trapping Humanity within this Dimension, is being corrected.

I skimmed-through the 1st part of this video but began watching at the 42-minute mark.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: