PS 12-20-21 *Comments, Cobra

*First a comment:
Yes, it looks like our last Post was on 11/25/21. This is partially because:
  1. I just haven’t found anything worthwhile to include. (Remember, I’m looking for information which provides me with feedback on what Sylvia “told” and “showed” me shortly after she passed away in 2011.
  2. Some days I simply get very discouraged at not being able to find any new information AND I’m very tired of being the “Donkey” which is constantly being told (by the cabal) to “follow this carrot” and being led in circles of half-truths.
  3. …and because Sylvia bought me a new Electronic Drumset. So I’ve been learning how to use it and playing it when I can.
Yes, not only do I have a brand new $3,500 Drumset but parts of it are “Electronic” and parts are “Digital”… AND, Sylvia managed to buy it for about $1,300.
  • It’s a “Roland TD-27”, for those who want to look it up.
…but how did Sylvia manage to do this when I only work Part Time as a low-paid Janitor?…and already have about $8,000 in Credit Card debt?…
  • First, she had me apply for a “only use at Guitar Center” Credit Card. I was instantly approved, online but they only gave me a $1,500 Credit Limit… and the $3,200 Drumset I wanted (along with an optional, $300 Hi-Hat Stand, would cost us $3,500.
  • Next, Sylvia “nudged” me to immediately go to their “Request a Credit Limit Increase” page (online). I entered $3,500 and was instantly approved. This was about 2-weeks or so before Black Friday (November 26th)
  • So I waited for the Credit Card to arrive in the Mail… but, instead, we received a letter from that Credit Card company informing us that our “Credit Line Increase” could not be raised afterall. So I thought I would have to settle for a much less-expensive Drumset. However, Sylvia mentioned that I should ignore that letter.
  • A few days later, the physical Credit Card arrive but I still wasn’t sure how much the Credit Limit was. (Online showed “$3,500” but that letter, implying that we only had “$1,500” in Credit, kept pulling on my energy.)
  • So I did some extra Research, to see if I could find an “under $1,500” Drumset, in case we couldn’t buy the better-quality one.
  • Many months ago, Sylvia mentioned that she wanted to buy me a new Drumset. The Electronic Drumset she bought me for my Birthday, around 2006, had developed a few problems with its Sound Module (the computer part). She indicated that it would be ok with her if I sold some of her Music Gear, as long as I bought a new Drumset with the money. So, for a couple a weeks before all of this started, I dug out the boxes and dusted off the gear. When we were done, we had 2 Keyboards (one had 88-keys), 2 mixers, a vocal harmonizer, a delay pedal, a Drum-sounds module,  a Flight Case for one of the Keyboards, a PA (Public Address) System and a few other items.
  • When Black Friday finally arrived, we hurried over to our local Guitar Center after work. After taking about an hour to examine all of the gear we were selling to them, they made us a fair offer and we bought the new Drumset.
I’ve provided these details because:
  • Some people have told me they like to know the various interactions that take place (now) between me and Sylvia… and
  • because Sylvia and I want to share these small triumphs, in order to empower everyone to never give up, question everything and believe in yourself.
Today, 12/20/21, Cobra Posted the following 2 messages…
  • “Upgrade MASTERPIECE v3.4 into DREAMLAND”
The 2nd Post simply reads:
  • “”Divine Intervention Activation Countdown”
Under that title is a “Countdown Timer”. When I first saw that page, it showed “13-hours” to go. However, I have no idea what will happen once that Counter reaches “0”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link to the “Dreamland” information:
This Cobra page explains “Dreamland”:
Here’s the link to the “Divine Intervention” information:

PS 2-3-20 *Signs&Symptoms, *TouchingEverything, Goliath

*First a comment:
In our Post from 1/24/20, Sylvia and I included a section called “Signs & Symptoms”, which was sent to us by M.R. (thank you, again).
I’ve been thinking about a few of those Bullet Points ever since. Specifically, in “my” case, I don’t want to go to bed and then I don’t want to wake-up.
Without a Job, we’re only going out about once a week. We don’t even go outside and we never open a single window unless it’s 90-degrees… INSIDE our home! With no “physically-interacting” friends or family members nearby (or a Cellphone), I’m not even able to practice my “conversation” skills. So when I actually DO talk with someone it comes out as:
  • a lot of stops and starts,
  • pauses to sift-through my mind to find the correct word,
  • looking up vast blocks of energies (within my mind), in order to figure out what the other person just said, etc.
Since I left that Job, I just seem to be “stuck”. (I really liked that Job. Yes, Management told me they would hire us back but it’s cold in that building and Sylvia & I are really tired of being cold.)
This Section was a difficult one to title in just 1 or 2 words.
What I want to say here is something I’ve mentioned in a few other Posts… The surface population has “been there, done that, bought the T-shirt and is now leaving the stadium”.
If this 3D “Reality” is simply a place where Beings “experience” and “create” things then we’ve now done it all. Even if “doing everything” / “creating every possible combination” was not the goal, this is, then, ONE of the things the surface-Collective has accomplished — on purpose or by accident. It doesn’t matter.
Think about it (from my own “logic”)…
  • TONS of combinations of “insect”, “plant” and “animal” life have been modified or created. Not an “infinite” number but exhaustive enough that “we get it”.
  • Even “Humans” have been modified — on purpose or by Natural evolution.
  • Every “swear word” has been breathed into this realm that most of the Humans of this “Society” accept them as “something people sometimes say… no big deal”.
  • Most every combination of Phonetics have been forged, in order to bring-forth unique “names” and “descriptors of technologies yet to be revealed”. Look at the results in of this through other Languages and the numbers of combinations are near-infinite.
  • The parts of the Human outer Unit (the “body”) which “Society” now accepts as being “ok to reveal in public”, no longer has any restrictions. In the 1700s, it was “improper” for a Lady to even show her ankle.
  • Men and women with “no hair”, “hair extremely long”, “hair with most any color imaginable”, “hair with multiple colors”, etc.
  • There’s more but I’ll stop there.
However, there is one place I’ve also been noticing this. Especially in the last several months: The Music industry.
  • In the realm of “Musical Instruments” / “how to make musical sounds”, these days, anything goes.
  • I’ve seen Drum manufacturers adopt the  percussion Instruments of many other countries and of various Cultures.
  • Cymbal manufacturers were left to making their products thicker, thinner, lathing on both sides, lathing on one side, hammering on both sides, hammering and lathing on the same side, etc. They’ve even resorted to putting “holes” of different shapes and sizes in their Cymbals, giving them a more-harsh or “special effects” sound.
  • I’ve also seen Drum manufacturers run out of ideas and several of them have “re-introduced” Drums which “they” or “another company” produced back in the 50s or earlier.
  • I’ve seen Guitars made out of MANY different types of material. Including “Legos”! I’ve seen acoustic Guitars in various shapes and sizes as well as electronic and even MIDI (digital) Guitars. I even saw someone (maybe a Guitar magazine) ask the question of: “Does a Guitar actually need a body… a sounding chamber?” They then showed a Guitar, which was made-up of nothing more than its neck, strings and electric Pickups. They compared its sound to other “standard” Guitars. So even isolated what I’m saying down to the “Guitar world”… even THEY are examining every possible detail.
  • One of the facets that I’ve noticed, more and more, recently, is in the Synthesizer world. Several companies… Enough to catch my attention, have focused on “Wave Table” technology in their Synths. Yes, “Wave Tables” Synths have been around for several years but, lately there’s been a pretty big push to include this by several manufacturers.
  • (A typical Synthesizer, or Synthesizer Module, produces “Waves”, such as Sine, Triangle, Square and Sawtooth. Other parts of the Synthesizer modify these sounds in various ways. Sometimes to create smoother sounds. Sometimes to produce harsher, more complex sounds. A “Wave Table” is part of a digital Oscillator. [An “Oscillator” creates sound.] This “Table” is simply a “Grid”… a “Database” of “Waveforms”. Each “Cell” or “Pigeon-hole” in this Database contains a single Waveform. These are typically complex Waves. Each Table, depending on how much Memory the Synthesizer has and how that Database was constructed, may contain 20, 30, 256, 1,000 or any number of Cells. Each with its own Wave. The idea is not only to provide a lot of instantly-available, full-character sounds [Waveforms] but to also allow the User to “Morph” between various Waves. Doing this provides very interesting sounds. Some of them would not be able to be “easily” created without this technology.)
  • The reason I’m specifically pointing-out this “Wave Table” technology is because “some say” there is a massive “Wave” coming to Earth, from the Galactic Central Sun. “IF” this is true, even if those “Wave Table” manufacturers don’t know about that aspect of this Universe, they are still, on some Level, picking-up on it and passing it through in their products as a “Sign” for the rest of Humanity… Maybe.
I guess my Point is… When a “Society” exhausts every possible detail of everything they have control over, “maybe”, just maybe it’s a Sign that they’re ready to move on to their next Level.
Question everything.
Here’s the link to a “Circular” Piano:
Here’s the link to a Synthesizer which uses “Motors” for its sound source:
Here’s the link to the “Lego” Guitar:
Here’s the link to the “Marble Machine”. (A machine built to automatically, and mechanically, play melodies and rhythms):
Here’s the link to a current Drum company which makes high-quality, high-priced, “aged-looking”, “vintage-looking” Drums:
This is really “David poking his finger in the eye of Goliath”.
The title of this Forum Thread is: “Artist creates traffic jams in Google Maps with a wagon full of phones“. It’s brilliant.
One guy has effortlessly used Google’s own Satellite-mapping technologies against itself. The almost 2-minute video on this Forum Thread (linked below) shows a guy casually walking through the streets in a small city. He us pulling behind him a “little red wagon” which contains 99, second-hand Smart Phones.
What this means is… Google’s Satellite system not only saw those Smart Phones but quickly calculated that there are “99” of them in single, slowly-moving area. Google’s mapping software interpreted this as:
  • “99 people are stuck in traffic. Modify the maps, to show an alternate route.”
Every street he walked along contained almost no moving vehicles. It was a very peaceful day. He never fired a shot. Never burned down a building. He never even yelled at anyone. Instead, he simply used the technology against itself. Maybe even smarter, braver people will figure out a way to use this technique to do even more. Only Time will tell.
One Forum Member had a concern about “Emergency vehicles”:
  • “schuyler”
  • “Great idea! So the ambulance is trying to get to the heart attack victim’s house, sees the traffic jam on Google Maps and must divert to the next bridge over, arrives ten minutes later, and the victim is dead. It’s a nice little joke and all, ha ha, but here’s hoping it doesn’t become a trend.”
 This is the response from another the OP (Original Poster) who says he or she has a lot of experience driving Emergency vehicles:
  • “a reply to: schuyler
  • Your interrogations are valid but I can assure you as a 20+ years of emergency driving that we do not use Google Map traffic display to lay our path, never. You know your sector, the traffic load time wise, the road which will get icy first etc… and use the flashes/sirens to get through. The only impact imho will be on regular users. “
As I’ve mentioned in a few other Posts, this is another example of surface Humans waking-up, standing-up and taking back their “Reality”.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 9-11-17 *Sylvia, Fulford

*First a comment:

Sylvia and I haven’t had “4” days off (in a row) in a very long Time. It made “going back to work” tomorrow seem very far away (in “Time”).

The other day, I mentioned that it’s a good idea to pay yourself each week… with “money” and “Time”. Yesterday and today, I was finally able to play my Drums. Yesterday, it was with a program which is like “Music Minus One”… it has all the parts but does not have any Drums. This allows a Drummer to play with it as if he or she was actually playing with a live band.

Today, I played with a 70s album that I purchased when it 1st came out but, now, we don’t have a record player to play it on. So I listened to it through “YouTube”. The band is: “Wishbone Ash”. The album is: “Wishbone Four”. The Song: “Sorrel” made me cry while I was playing the Drums to it. (It’s now been over 335-weeks and it still doesn’t take much for me to cry.) I guess it’s just the idea of someone going on a long journey and coming home to their Loved One… only to find she has crossed-over.

Two times, while I was playing the Drums, I saw My Sylvia. Once, was just a “wisp” of energy. Just as I’ve seen of her several times but the other was out of the corner of my eye. I sometimes practice my Drums with my eyes closed. This helps me “get” or “stay” in the zone. It also helps me focus on “muscle memory”, in order to precisely hit my Drums. Especially when playing very fast.

The 2nd Time I saw Sylvia, I was playing the Drums but had opened my eyes at one point and, there, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her arm as she’s sitting at her desk. This was a “flesh-colored” part of her arm from her wrist to her elbow. I saw it clearly! The “Veil” is definitely getting thinner!

Here’s the link to the album and lyrics:

Here’s the link where you can hear the entire album:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. The title is: “High level and high stakes Mexican stand off continues despite 911 weather warfare attack on US“. Here are a few excerpts:

  • “The intense struggle at the highest levels of world power has become a Mexican stand-off with the Khazarian mafia staging weather warfare attacks on the US in a desperate attempt to retain control of the Federal Reserve Board. Hurricane Harvey, followed by Hurricanes Irma, Katia and Jose have all been associated with some sort of electro-magnetic beams emanating from Antarctica, US Navy sources say.”
  • “There was also confirmation of sorts in the so-called mainstream media that large 25 degree Celsius warm caves filled with life have been found in Antarctica. The timing of this announcement may have just been a coincidence but it seems to be a way of letting the world know that Nazi bases built in volcanically heated caves in Antarctica before, during and after World War 2 are real. This is something the Russians have long been saying.”
  • “In any case, Pentagon sources, for their part, say “Hurricanes, wars, and mayhem appear to be a failed cabal attempt to delay the global currency reset and gold-backed financial system as Irma downsized, and Katia, Jose lose their power.””
  • “The Trump administration and the military junta that backs it was using North Korea as an excuse to threaten all out nuclear war if the US government did not get funding to continue its operations past that day. Trump also used this tweet: “The United States is considering, in addition to other options, stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea,” to threaten to stop all trade with China.”
  • “As a result of all this bluster, the US government was given enough money to keep going until December in order to buy time for world leaders to come up with a more comprehensive conclusion to the ongoing US bankruptcy negotiations.”

My comments: WHAT?! This is what continues to delay the big changes. “Good”, “bad” or “indifferent” this planet, and Humanity, are long overdue for realignment to the positive energies. The “Powers that be” on BOTH SIDES have no right speaking for the “99-percent”! Both sides seem to only have “power” and “control” but the DO NOT have a “PLAN” on how to remove the “Veil” or any “WISDOM” which would guide them to making the best decisions for everyone!

This is nonsense! The so-called “Decision Makers” ON BOTH SIDES need to be removed at once and the “99-percent” needs to be “front and center” making “Collective” decisions… or just instantly remove the “Veil” and “let water find its own course”. Situations WILL naturally resolve themselves.

What’s been happening is similar to a Momma “bird” not pushing its children off the branch, so they can learn how to fly. Now it’s several years later, her children are overweight and have no clue how to get off the ground.

I’ve never seen a “bird of flight” inch its way down from the top of a tree but this is what the “99-percent” are being forced to do… BY BOTH SIDES! We were meant to fly! This is no Time to relax. We haven’t finished taking back our true “Reality” or realigning this “Timeline”.

  • “On that front, the Khazarian mob is still losing big time. “Israeli dual citizen, Rotshchild agent Stanley Fischer was booted out as FRB vice chair while goldmanite Gary Cohn was blocked from running the fed,” Pentagon sources note. The Trump regime is now going to be in the position to select 5 out of the 7 FRB governors, a situation not seen since 1936.“It may well be that the FRB will be absorbed into [The US] Treasury when the gold-backed dollar is launched, as treasury Secretary [Steven] Mnuchin has refused to drop Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill,” the sources note. Jackson, of course, was the last US president who successfully ended Khazarian mob control of the US monetary system.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 4-9-17 *Trickery, *City, Earth2.0

*First a few comments:

About a week ago, the company Sylvia and I work for told the employees that we have to call a certain phone number, in order to “buy” or “waive” our “health insurance”. It was so strongly-suggested, I began to sense a high-pressure, fear tactic on their part.

  • They never said our job depended on us making that Call but that’s the feeling most of the employees got.
  • 1st, “insurance” is 1 of the Cabal’s “fear programs”. “Some” of the people I’ve spoken with, who have “health insurance”, usually say things like: “It covers teeth cleaning and general check-ups. So those are free.” What Sylvia and I don’t understand is… “free” or “not”, why would anyone allow an outsider to their Unit (the body and its many Systems) to poke, probe and prescribe things for it?
  • 2nd, they want ALL the employees to Call because they simply want to talk us into buying “their” insurance. I don’t remember Sylvia and I ever having “health insurance”. Why should we? We’re always healthy and it’s been decades since either of us went to a “doctor”… for anything. (Yes, My Sylvia crossed-over because of the Cabal’s “cancer”. Had she known about this, with or without a “doctor”, Sylvia and I would have cured it. However, because Sylvia told me [while we were in hospice] that she had to “go”, because of “Higher Purpose”, she would have used another “dis-ease” or “accident”, in order to accomplish this. So “insurance” and “doctor” visits would not have kept My Sylvia here.)

After that phone call scam, I remembered another piece of Cabal trickery that I figured out recently…

  • This involves an online Music Store. Every once in a while they’ll hold a Drawing for some high-priced music gear. Several months ago, when they did this, I almost signed-up for it. Then Sylvia reminded me that we don’t like dealing with that company and by filling-out their form for the Drawing, they’ll have our current eMail address and phone number and they’ll start calling us again.

This morning, I saw (in my mind) that the same is true for those people who have taken themselves “off the Grid” but also sell their excess electricity to the local electric company…

  • In “my” mind… If you’re “off the Grid”, BE off the Grid. By selling YOUR electricity to 1 of the Cabal’s monopolies, your home has to physically connect to them. You also have to tie-in to their payment System. So their tentacles are still wrapped around you. In “my” opinion, you’re not off the Grid that way. Instead, the Cabal is allowing you to push your electricity back to them, simply to keep tabs on you.

The other piece of the Cabal’s puzzle that doesn’t quite “fit” with me is the idea of them:

  • Recording every video from every camera, television and computer screen, 24/7.
  • Recording every telephone, cellphone and Skype conversation, 24/7.
  • Copying every eMail ever written.

Even if the Cabal created “text” versions of those audio recordings, it would take SEVERAL Super Computers to do this in real-Time. (They have to do this in real-Time. Otherwise the backlog of audio files would be staggering in just a few days.)

By “my” very quick, top-of-my-head calculations, the amount of data produced by the Humans on the surface of this planet would “probably” fill a 1-Terabyte hard drive every HOUR. Since they’re “supposedly” spying on everyone, they can never delete any of those files. So once a hard drive, WHATEVER size it is, is filled, it’s not longer useable. It simply has to be stored “IF” they ever need to access that information again.

Plus (I just realized), the “Index” of “what” is stored on “which” drive would be mind-boggling. That database alone would “probably” fill a Terabyte drive each week! Then you’d need a “Master Index”, in order to know which “Sub Index” will point you to the files you’re looking for.

So the “trickery” here is… I’m not convinced the Cabal have been storing EVERY piece of information we can imagine.

What I’m saying is… Maybe this entire idea is just more Cabal “fear”.

Think about it:

  • They say there are 7-billion Humans on the surface of this planet.
  • Let’s say half of them (3.5-billion) have access to eMail, cellphone and video technology.
  • How many eMails do YOU receive each day? Sylvia and I average around 20 total. We don’t have a cellphone but, from what we’ve seen in Public, most people are talking on their phones for several hours each day.

So not even counting photographs or videos, these very rough numbers show that the Cabal has to deal with over 10-billion hours of cellphone audio recordings and an average of 60-billion eMails EACH DAY.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

Although I found this interested, I almost didn’t include it. Then, something about it began to suggest that I share this:

  • “What do you think the biggest issues the world faces today are? Most people would say matters of bias and privilege, right? Well what if you could go somewhere where those weren’t problems?”
  • “The truth is, you can. This utopia has existed for 50 years, even; it’s called Auroville, and is located in Southern India.”
  • “The brainchild of Mirra Alfassa, Auroville is a universally welcoming place, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, or language.”
  • “Instead, it celebrates what we all are: Citizens of earth.”
  • “Alfassa created a charter by which the city runs, and no nation can claim property of the place. Instead, it belongs to the world.”
  • “There is no authority, legal or political, nor a person of power, that the inhabitants need to respect. There are no written laws either.”
  • “Instead, there is only one supreme universal truth by which the city runs; citizens work toward harmony, love, and acceptance, and prioritize education and research.”
  • “As a result, the functioning of the town is organized in a very modern and environmental friendly way. They have implemented systems of wastewater treatment, as well as systems of ground water depletion.”
  • “Auroville uses eco-friendly methods for production of organic food, as well as technologically advanced methods for making the poor soil fertile. With the time, the town has become self-sufficient when it comes to food production and drinking water.”
  • “Starting from the seventies, they have started a process of forestation, and today the city is settled within a belt of forests and fields, making it one of the cleanest places on earth.”
  • “Even crazier, Aurovillians use no money – they have a whole economy functioning on principles of sharing, giving, and exchanging.”
  • “There is a distribution center in the city where both citizens and strangers can get a meal, but mainly, people produce what they need and exchange items with neighbors, without any aspirations of earning from the barter economy.”
  • “As a result of the cosmopolitan spirit embedded in the city, today it is inhabited with representatives from more than 50 nations.”
  • “It is protected under the authority of UNESCO, which in a way secures its future existence. The town has no restrictions – everyone is welcomed to come and to find his own peace.”

Be sure to visit the link below, in order to see the photos. One of them looks like it’s out of a “Star Wars” movie.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This hour and 41-minute video is an interview with a woman who claims to now be living between her life here and her new TimeLine, in the 5th Dimension, on “Earth 2.0”.

  • In the beginning of this video she explains her background.
  • Around the 20-minute mark, she begins explaining her current dual-life between the 3rd and 5th Dimensions.
  • “There are many TimeLines. We’re all fractal.”
  • Events which were set in motion a long, long Time ago are now playing-out.
  • The Reptilians and Archons like it here. (on “Earth 1.0”)
  • Around the 1-hour, 8-minute mark, they talk about the “Mandela Effect”. “It’s an informational artifact that let’s us know we’ve been through a quantum jump. We’ve been through a TimeLine change, through quantum jumping.”
  • “Artificial Intelligence is black magician gobbledygook. None of that stuff can really harm you.” We have to wake-up to this. “In the 50s, it was the atomic bomb now it’s artificial intelligence.” They were designed by the same people to have the same results — fear and control over us. We have to stand up to this and say “I’m not going to let you use me that way. I’m not going to be frightened of you. We all have to say: “I” am in charge. Me! Not you.”
  • “The eyes only take in light. We see with the backs of our brains. We form the patterns with our brains.”
  • We’re moving from the “3rd” to the “5th” Dimension. “The 4th was actually an energetic space that was set up by the black magicians and the Draco and the Archon and that’s a place we’re they’ve set up a whole lot of false, crazy paradigms, including “Heaven and Hell”, the whole reincarnation-cycle thing…” Gaia and others are eliminating the 4th Dimension.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

  • Note: It’s been several hours, since I watched that interview. When it ended, I felt as though “a new energy arrived” or “a portal of something new opened”. I could clearly feel My Sylvia a bit stronger. Something definitely changed within me. I later played my Drums. I started with Led Zeppelin’s 1st album. I hadn’t heard it in decades. At one point, a Song played that I had completely forgotten about. It wasn’t 1 of their more popular Songs. As soon as it started, I began thinking: “I don’t know this Song. Wait, that’s 1 of their Songs that I never learned how to pl…” Before I could finish that thought, I was actually playing the Drum part correctly. (John Bonham, Led Zeppelin’s Drummer crossed-over many years ago.) I don’t think he came here to help me learn that Drum part but I did feel a sense of some “thing” or some “one” helping me. I don’t know if that was connected to the energy from that video interview though.

Question everything.

PS 4-8-17 *Drums, Reality

*First a comment:

For “me”, “Drums” and “Rhythms” are the 2nd most important part of who I really am. Here are the top 3 facets that my very Soul cannot survive without:

  • My Sylvia,
  • Playings Drums / creating Rhythms,
  • Breathing (“Spiritually-breathing) in the Prana (the “Life Force”)

Tonight, I found some Time to play my electronic Drums. When I placed my drumsticks back in the metal, easy-access Stick Holder (attached to my Drums), Then I remembered that the most important females in my life are connected to me through “Drums”:

  • My “high school sweetheart” gave that drumstick holder to me for my birthday one year.
  • My 1st wife and I met while I was playing Drums in a Band. This Band was playing in the Night Club of one of the local military bases at the Time and her family was living on that base. That was the “positive” connection to “Drums”… The “negative” connection is… Once we got married “I” decided to quit the Band, get a “regular” job and “sell my Drums”! I still wonder… “WHAT WAS I THINKING?” I even sold my “ARP 2600” Synthesizer! (Each of these actions tells me that I had completely bought-into the Cabal’s Social brainwashing.)
  • My Sylvia bought me my current electronic drumset. She also bought me 3 Synthesizers “before” she crossed-over and has been buying me drum accessories and other music gear “after” she crossed-over.

So those were interesting Insights and it only took me from around 1971 until now to make those connections.


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

K.K. found this on an “alternative news, digest site” that I check every day. So, yes, I would have seen this while doing tonight’s research. However, I “may” or “may not” have read this particular article. Even if I did, I would have stopped, once I saw that the Author was explaining that the Cabal “created” and / or “manipulated” all “Religions”.

With that said, I stuck with it and DID read this article:

  • 1) Because K.K. sent it. K.K., and a few others, only send us information which they feel we need to know about and which is fairly aligned with Sylvia and my current goals — bridging the gap across the “Veil”, until it’s removed.
  • 2) Because Sylvia and I encountered a “Religious advertiser” while at work a few days ago.

My comments: It was an old man, walking with a cane. Sylvia and I were walking through the public part of the building when we saw 2 men talking to each other. As we reached their location, they finished talking and 1-man walked past us. The other man looked at us and started his “talk”… “Have you seen this?”… as he reached into his shirt pocket to remove a small, light-blue “Religious” pamphlet. He was just boldly give them to Customers. Please don’t do this. “Most” other “Religions” don’t feel threatened by a lack of advertising. [That’s what he was doing.] “Most” people wouldn’t go to HIS home, church or place of work and hand-out pamphlets for Hinduism, Judaism, Satanism or even the Religion of young party-goes “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll”. Handing out pamphlets is “advertising”. It’s rude and it’s childish. (In “my” opinion.)

  • It was a very “subtle” / “casual” encounter. However, when I bring that memory up within my mind now, I see him and I standing there facing each other with a very violent Wind moving past us. It’s just him, me and LOTS of very strong Wind. Although we’re less than 3-feet from each other, we have to shout. That’s how loud the Wind is.
  • As I peer deeper, to understand what is causing the Wind, I’m given a sense of “Time”… That he and I are standing in “a break in a Time Stream” / “a gap in our Realities”. That experience now seems very surreal. I don’t know what all of this means. I’m simply relaying what I saw and experienced.

Maybe this never happened. Maybe it was just symbolic… so I would make the connection that I’m supposed to include the following article.

Only Time will tell.

Anyway, the reason I’m including the following article is because I’m feeling there’s more to it than what “I” initially thought it was about. The Author does explain more than “Religions” and because all of this “Religious” energy came at us in the last few days, I think the information within this article is important.

Question everything

Here’s the link:

PS 9-30-16 *Sylvia, *Drums, *Neem, Financial

*First a few comments:

Today, Sylvia and I brought the Drumhead and Drumsticks to work, as a sort of “show and tell”. Several employees are also Musicians so we’re all interested in what each other is doing, musically, outside of work.

The 14-inch Drumhead has our “Infinity logo” on it and I’ve been working on the Drumsticks for the last 2-days or so. (I’m pretty sure I mentioned how these were made in a previous Post. So I won’t bore everyone with that here.)

At one point, I showed these items to a Cashier and when we talked about the purple Drumsticks:

  • (employee) “Purple is my favorite color.”
  • (me) “It’s also my wife’s favorite color.”
  • (employee) “What does your wife think of these?”

It surprised me that she asked that. So it caught me off guard, which was good. I instantly turned to my left, where Sylvia always stands (when she’s not behind me) and without even asking her, I could feel Sylvia… My Sylvia place these words inside my mind:

  • “Anything purple.”

In other words, My Sylvia loves anything that’s colored “purple”.

Sylvia’s reaction… My connecting with her… all of that… was so very “casual”, which reinforces the fact that Sylvia is always here with me. She didn’t have to suddenly realize someone was asking her a question and she had to stop what she was doing (on the other side of the “Veil”) and “pop-in” here to see what was going on. She’s simply here with me. Everything between her and I is just “blended” and “connected”.

When we got home, just before going into the Kitchen to prepare Lunch, my eyes just casually glanced around the room, as they always do, but this Time, I saw “Sylvia”. The image was white-on-white but not an undefined “silhouette”. The overall shape was the size of My Sylvia and I could see light-gray lines outlining various edges of clothing.

As we were eating Lunch, I saw 2 more of those “wisps”.

Humanity is either closer to having that $@#% “Veil” removed or the energies between me and My Sylvia are even stronger than ever. Only Time will tell.

…and speaking of “Drumsticks”…  After Lunch, and a few chores, I thought I’d practice my Drums AND put those newly-modified Drumsticks to the test.

During the 1st Song I played with, I knew I couldn’t use them. After that Song, I immediately switched to another pair of Sticks.

  • Because I haven’t practiced Drums for quite a while… since around May or June, when Sylvia and I got through the Songs with the more difficult drum parts… because the skin on my fingers hadn’t “toughened” or “calloused”, that thick layer of rubber was noticeably pulling my skin. It was as if I was sandpapering my skin… but with “rubber”.
  • Once I get my callouses back, I’ll test those Sticks again. My they “won’t” work. Maybe the reason I haven’t seen any Drumstick manufacturers put a thicker layer of rubber on THEIR Sticks is because the “physics” won’t allow it. We’ll see.

I’ve now had that Neem oil in my hair for 24-hours and ALL DAY I smelled like “peanut butter”! It’s not a “bad” smell. There ARE worse smells. I guess the “lingering” / “always there” smell started to get to me a few times because Sylvia and I don’t use perfumes or colognes. We used to but it’s been Decades.

  • A few Decades ago, I noticed that Sylvia has a natural, very pleasant aroma which casually seeps-through her skin throughout the day. It’s a very unique scent. I’ve only smelled this particular aroma on My Sylvia.
  • As with anything dealing with the Human “Unit” (the body and its many Systems), in most cases, allowing the Unit to work-through any disfunction is the best approach. Many years ago, Sylvia read that a bit of the Perfumes and Colognes that people apply to themselves will be absorbed by the skin and get into the bloodstream.

Question everything.


Here’s another of those “IF this is real” articles. So please absorb this information with a large grain of salt…

I’m including this because “IF” this is truthful information, then we are sitting on top of some very large, planet-wide changes… “some” of the changes we have all been waiting for.

  • “Flan-Tastic”
  • SITREP – 18:00 EDT , Friday, September 30, 2016″
  • “TRNs are now digital & all UST assets gold backed.”
  • “Recently passed 2017 Congressional budget laws are now funded by UST Republic.”
  • “Reno sub group leaders and paymasters are to be hydrated and released by midnight.”
  • “UN operational rates will now change. FOREX rates will follow next week after the private exchange period has completed by Oct. 9.”
  • “CNY to become active as an international currency at noon EST Saturday.”
  • “All sovereign and personal debts at all levels of government and finance have been paid in full.”
  • “Sovereign rate redemptions for all currencies worldwide will be allowed at the individual level for a 1 week period.”
  • “All citizens of the world are now considered independent and sovereign as equal members of the human race and planet earth regardless of birth right, location, title or lineage. We’re all sovereign royalty and children of Israel. “
  • “The new Asian Monetary Authority is ready to be born internationally as of noon EST Saturday October 1.”
  • “The European Banking Cabal has agreed to peaceful surrender terms (you read that right) and is to give over full control of the world’s financial system in perpetuity.”
  • “Federal Reserve fiat currency goes dead at the end of fiscal year 2016–which ends at midnight 9-30-2016.”
  • “General Dunford’s ghosts are currently engaged in a “full house cleaning” as of this Tuesday… and we are told he will make all necessary restored Republic, new USN currency and Federal Reserve/UST transition announcements after final tactical operations are complete.”
  • “Link to a possible future ZIM international rate that Chase and WF may be offering:”
  • “Just move the decimal point over one place if you desire to know the top sovereign rate Abbott Downing may be able to accommodate.”
  • “Performance window is any minute now that markets have closed for this week to any minute markets open for next week which is 2am Sunday (Dubai).”
  • “Analysis: Everything is Flan-Tastic!!!”
  • “God is with us.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 4-10-16 *Music, Challenges

*First a comment:

Sylvia and I have continued working on our “Time Machine” song, almost every day, over the last week or so. I’ve now done 49 “Takes” (re-recordings) of various parts… but almost all of them were “drum” parts.

I’m now at the point where I can play the entire drum part and remember how each section changes just before the song gets there. I still make mistakes and I still need to “audio clues” that I created but we’re just about down to fine-tuning some of the drum-fills and practicing the drum parts until they’re perfect.

  • The “audio clues” I made are short, fairly high-pitched drum “blips”, which I’ve placed near a song change that I want to be aware of. This is then played in my headphones and not recorded with the drums that I’m playing for that part but on a different Track. (So, 2-Tracks… 1 plays the “clue” the other records my live playing of my drums.)

So I no longer find myself “dragging my feet”, when it’s Time to work on “Time Machine”. The drum part is so complicated, it just overwhelmed me. Before Sylvia crossed-over, I could have been much more “mentally-ready” for this project, and that drum part. Each section of the drum part is not physically challenging. It’s the points where the “rhythm”, “tempo” and / or “drum sounds” change. THOSE are the challenging areas. Apple’s “GarageBand” software helps to a point. For example, although it allows us to change the “Tempo” (speed), it doesn’t allow us to indicate that this song moves from 4/4 to 3/4 to 4/4 to 5/4 to 4/4. This is where my “clues” help. Some of the “visual” changes on the screen, as it’s recording, help but the computer screen is BEHIND me. So I have to remember all the parts, which round, black, Drum Pads are set for which sounds and remember to switch between 2 different Bass Drum pedals… twice, during the song!

Sylvia and I have made a few “sonic” changes in the drum parts, since the last Time I included our progress. When we did this, I needed at least 2 more (than we have) electronic drums. So, I simply used the “drum technology” that we DO have to make this work…

  • On 1 of the Drum Pads (electronic striking surface, like a real drum), I told its “drum brain” to use 2 different sounds. In this case, it’s a “Wood Block” and a high-pitched “cymbal”, which sounds similar to an “Orchestra Triangle”. I also adjusted the settings so the Wood Block is only heard when I hit that Pad with soft-to-medium force but not to produce that sound when I hit that Pad harder. I then set the harder drum-strike, so only the Triangle sound is heard but not the Wood Block.
  • So, although 1 Drum Pad can be used as “2”, I have to be careful of how much force I use to strike that particular Pad.


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

Although you may get something out of the information on the linked page below, this is more of a message to “me” and how anyone can read the Signs around them if they simply open their mind and pay attention to their immediate environment.

  • On Saturday, while Sylvia and I were working in the grocery store, a guy came in. We saw him talking to an Assistant Manager. The guy looked like a Shoplifter I had verbally thrown out of the building at least twice, many months ago. I wasn’t completely sure it was him because he was now wearing a thick hat, eye-glasses and a beard. He’s been known to change his appearance but what caught my attention is something he can’t really hide… his “limp”.
  • I’m still not 100-percent sure it was the same person but it caused my mind to drop-down into the lower energies for most of yesterday and today. Not a place I want to spend my Time.
  • I used to be “security” for the entire building, which had 3 businesses in it when Sylvia and I started working there. Once the grocery store hired its own Guard, Sylvia suggested I not interfere with anything and to let the Guard and management handle those types of situations.
  • What bothered me was my “possibly” getting involved again… just because of the situation. On Saturday, that guy came in “I” was the only person in the building who “could” and “would” deal with that situation. So I kept thinking… If that guy comes in again and it’s the same type of situation in the building, “I’m” going to have to get involved. I really don’t want to do it. Even when I was pressured to take-on the building’s security, I really didn’t like turning on those Sensors (within me) and pulling-up those “how to deal with a bad situation” energies. It’s all negative energy and very draining.

So the reason I’m including the following link is because of this paragraph:

  • “This Symbol shows that there may be a temptation to take on issues, even to fight, but it needs to be with dignity and regulation. You may feel a need, or the urge, to step up to the plate and take something or someone on. There are rules to follow and often others will be end up being the judge of the final outcome. Make sure you possess the skills and training to defend what you believe. Remember that sometimes you need to back off if you’re not winning a contest. Question: are you more on the attack or on the defense?”

Although that link is to an Astrology article, I could clearly see that this paragraph was talking directly to “me”.

I’m sharing this because it’s something Sylvia and I are currently working on… and, to show others how to recognize the various Signs which sometimes float across our Path. There’s a saying:

  • “Out of the mouths of babes”

…which means, sometimes even the youngest or most un-informed person can provide you with the greatest pearl of wisdom.

  • Many years ago, Sylvia told me of just such a happening… She was taking a night class, in the “Science Of Mind” church, where she was the Music Director. The class was over and several people were mingling in a larger room. At one point, a guy, who appeared to be on drugs, walked past her carrying a “Urantia Book”.
  • Noticing that he was very much “out of it”, Sylvia was not only surprised that he actually spoke to her but his words provided her with a very helpful insight. (I don’t remember what that was but it made a big impression on Sylvia.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the Astrology article:

Here’s the link to the Urantia Book:

PS 1-21-16 *Visitor, *Drums, Planet, Cobra, Zap

*First a few comments:

I’ve mentioned before that Sylvia and I don’t currently have a dog, cat, fish or even a houseplant. So, when we leave work, it’s only us until we return the next Time.

However, I’ve also mentioned that we have an immediate Family member. He’s a medium-sized, stuffed bear. We’ve had him since Sylvia and I bought him while living in Florida… around 1990.

When we’re home, he likes to sit by the window in our Living Room and watch his animal friends outside.

At one point, today, I walked over to that window, to see what the weather was like and, there, on our porch… just about 3-feet from that window was a Squirrel. He was just sitting there communicating with our bear.

  • I don’t include information about “animals have Souls and Consciousness” and “UFOs are real” because, to “me” and “Sylvia”, these are a “given”… We know they exist. We know, personally, that this information is true.
  • …and when you work with “energies”… truly work with the deeper-levels of the energies which permeate every “thing” and every “one” IN and ON this planet, you can instill (bring to Life) some of those energies into a “seemingly” non-real object… like a stuffed bear. This is what Sylvia and I have done. So even HE is “real” / “contains Life-energies”.
  • Most of the Time, Humanity has done this only in the “negative” realms. Look-up “Voodoo” and “Occult magic spells”, if you want to learn about that.
  • Sylvia and I only use “positive” energies in our work and personal unfoldings.
  • Remember, “energy” is “energy”. It’s how we use it that makes “this” situation different from “that” situation. “Right” and “Wrong” are “judgements”, taught to us by the Cabal long ago… and repeated by our our Parents, and their Parents, and… etc. Just like “Numbers” (such as the number “13”), “information” and “ideas”… these are neither “good” or “bad”. It’s how we perceive them.
  • An “experience” is an “experience”.

Question everything.

I’ve mentioned, many times before, that Sylvia plays keyboards and I play drums and do sound design (create sounds that can then be played with a keyboard or drums). I’ve also mentioned many times that the world of “drums”, “drumming” and “rhythm”, for “me”, are part of my very Soul. Within my very make-up, I can “feel” and “sense” rhythmic patterns on many levels. For “me”, there is no higher, “measurable” energy than playing drums and working with rhythms. It’s the peak of my “physical” world.

…and then there are those “unseen” energies. This is where I’ve placed My Sylvia. As heavenly… as “I can soar no higher” than “drums” and “rhythms” is, Sylvia is beyond ALL of that. Our connection to each other and our complete, unquestioned Love for each other is WAY above the rhythms which feed my very Soul and the drums which bring me Breath.

  • After switching from a very old Apple Operating System, to the newest version, about 2-months ago, I realized that I no longer have room on my external hard drive for the CDs we’ve purchased over the years. I used to like to listen to music but now I don’t do much of anything. However, once in a while, I have a short surge of energy, which has me wanting to play my drums. When I do, I sometimes like to play to those songs.
  • So, today, I had an idea… I loaded some of those CDs onto my Mac’s “internal” drive.
  • At this point, usually my motivation fades or I simply side-track myself and never seem to get past 1 thought and onto its followup. Today, though, I had an extra surge of energy. So I uncovered my drums, connected the correct cables and fired-up those songs. I put Apple’s “iTunes” program on “random” mode and began playing.
  • After only a few songs, I had quickly developed a broken spot on 1 of my fingers. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve really played my drums… and THAT is criminal in “my” world.
  • Usually, Drummers get calluses on a few fingers. The skin doesn’t just “tear” like it did to me today. Because the skin on my hands has been very dry, and sometimes very cracked, I’ve been putting pure lanolin on my hands. This must have affected my skin’s ability to form a callus before forming a hole.
  • I was still motivated to play my drums. So I put a band-aid on it and continued. It was a bit awkward but not too bad.
  • I actually played for about another hour. Then, a random song started playing, which sounded like something I should know… Although all the songs on these CDs are familiar to me, there was something about this one that I knew was special. I just couldn’t figure it out. Then, after several measures, I realized what it was… I quickly reached over to my Mac’s keyboard, to stop the song from playing but I missed and hit the wrong key. It kept playing. Before I could think about hitting the correct key, the song just grabbed me. I was stuck. I just started crying. For some reason, I went-ahead and played drums to it… while I was crying.
  • All of this didn’t cause me to play the drums slower or with less energy. Just the opposite. I pulled-up a fierce amount of energy and played hard and fast.
  • This was 1 of the songs I played (from CD) at the Memorial Service I gave for Sylvia… just 1-week after she crossed-over. (I have no idea why I didn’t wait a little longer before immersing myself in those energies, and putting that Service together. It’s now been over 249-weeks and I still cry for almost no reason. So you can imagine what state my mind was in during that 1st week.)
  • I took a song by “Uriah Heep” and modified the words, which I handed-out during that Service. So everyone was hearing the original song but reading the words “I” had written, which I have added below…
  • THE WIZARD (by Uriah Heep)
  • Words modified by Paul Rego for Sylvia Rego
  • She is the wizard
  • Of a thousand kings
  • And I chanced to meet her One night wandering
  • She told me tales
  • And she drank my wine Me and my magic girl Kinda feeling fine
  • She has a cloak of gold And eyes that inspire And as she spoke
  • I felt a deep desire
  • To free the world Of its fear and pain And help the people To feel free again
  • Why don’t we listen to
  • The voices in our hearts ‘Cause then I know we’d find We’re not so far apart Everybody’s got to be happy Everyone should sing
  • For we know the joy of life The peace that love can bring
  • So spoke the wizard
  • In her mountain home
  • The vision of her wisdom
  • Means we’ll never be alone
  • And I will dream of my magic girl And her beautiful twinkling eyes That guide me with their light

These words, and the words to the other songs I used during that Service, can be found in the book I created while we were in hospice for 3-weeks. You can download it for free from our Blogsite. The book is called: “Hospice & Grief: Paul & Sylvia’s Love across the veil“.

Here’s the link to the Uriah Heep song:


I found today’s Posting by Jennifer Hoffman to be helpful in providing me with some feedback that Time is winding down and the “Veil” is about to be removed:

  • “Have you seen the news about the 9th planet in our solar system? With this acknowledgement, and ignoring Pluto’s demotion by an ignorant scientific community, and when we count the new planet Eris and Chiron, which is increasingly recognized as part of the zodiac and the true ruler of Virgo, we have 13 planets in our solar system. Uriel has always told me that the first phase of ascension would be complete when we were aware of these 13 planets and planet 9, as it’s called, was announced by the media on January 19th (a date with a value of 11). So I guess that means we have arrived? What do you think? Here’s an article about Planet 9”

Be sure to visit her facebook page, below, to access the link she provided for the full article.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Today’s message from Cobra is the “cryptic” kind:

  • “mdispersion reactivated after 96.1”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


For some reason, I forgot to include Zap’s mid-week update in yesterday’s Posting.

This particular Posting from him is a bit strange and EXTREMELY long. He talks about:

  • • “Admiralty” versus “Common” Law.
  • • Obama buying a house in Dubai.
  • • various banks, including “world” banks, etc.

Here’s an excerpt:


Question everything.

Here’s the link: