PS 10-24-20 *Job, *Rush, Financial

*First a comment:
*JOBAfter 39-weeks without a job, Sylvia and I are employed once again… but now, instead of being “Home” 99-percent of the Time, we’re at work 99-percent of the Time. Last week, Sylvia and I worked 56-hours. This week, we worked 57-hours. We’re working 9-hours Shifts, 6-days a week. (8-hours on Saturdays) By the Time we make the 30-minute drive home and fix something to eat, it’s Time to go to bed, wake-up and do it all over again.
Even at work, there’s no Time for much of anything… Breaks are strictly 10-minutes long and Lunch is 30-minutes. Sylvia and I are both slow eaters. So I really have to concentrate to eat, put everything back into our Locker, go to the Rest Room and then walk back to our work area before those 30-minutes have passed.
So there’s been very little Time to do my nightly Research.

*RUSHTonight, 10/22/20, while at work, Sylvia placed a Song in within my mind. It was “Tom Sawyer” by Canadian Rock Band, Rush. Although “Rush” is our favorite Band, I told her I can listen to it.

  • Years ago, before their Drummer, Neil Peart, crossed-over, I read, somewhere, that he had tapped into some negative energies. So I stopped listening to their Music, because I didn’t want those energies to interfere with mine. (On certain levels, negative energies like this can coat an Artist’s “Music” and, by listening to it, those energies can interfere with someone’s inner Resonance.)
  • Neil was the Lyricist for the Band, as well as being voted “Best Rock Drummer” for many years.

Sylvia then sent me some information which explained that, at that moment, Neil Peart had Resolved those negative influences and he had them lifted from this Life of his and his Songs.
This means I can now played my Drums to “Rush” Songs again!

  • When that information came through, I almost felt “relieved”, somehow.

Thank you, Neil Peart, for bringing the world your wonderful Lyrics and amazing Drumming.
FINANCIALThis 1-hour video is an information update by Financial whistleblower, Charlie Ward, and 3 Researchers.

  • I’ve been waiting for Charlie to provide updated information on “when” everyone will be given their own “Quantum Financial Account” with money inside it and this is the closest I’ve seen to “new” information.

This is some of what they cover:

  • The “Global Financial Reset”,
  • a few Arrests,
  • how empty New York is, etc.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 9-19-20 *LeeKerslake, CharlieWard

*First a comment:
This really has nothing to do with my nightly Research, looking for information which provides me with feedback on what Sylvia told me within hours of her crossing-over.
While I was skimming through one of my “news digest” sites, I saw a the following title:
  • “Uriah Heep and Ozzy Osbourne Drummer, Lee Kerslake Has Died”
Uriah Heep is one of my favorite Bands. Sylvia also likes them. They were a huge influence on my musical taste and Lee Kerslake’s drumming style still has a huge impact on the goals I’ve set for my own drumming character.
  • Was Lee Kerslake the best Drummer in the world? No.
  • Was he as good as the Drummers from the other great Bands that Sylvia and I admire (Yes, Rush, “Emerson, Lake & Palmer”, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, etc.)? Not from what I’ve heard.
  • So why did I immediately start crying when I saw that title?… It’s because Lee Kerslake has a “drumming style”, an “energy”, a “rhythmic character” that I have never felt from another Percussionist. Maybe I’m the only one who hears the subtle additions he’s added to many, many great Songs. It’s almost a “spice”. It’s a background ingredient which is almost not detected but without it those Songs wouldn’t be as great as they are. I can’t explain it

Maybe I cried because Lee Kerslake is more of my “Drumming Idol” than I realized and now that he’s on the other side of the “Veil’, I feel as though I’ve lost that direct connection I had with his energy… or maybe it’s my own laziness that keeps telling myself:

  • “Yeah, I’m going to work hard and sound just like him some day.”
…and now that he’s crossed-over, maybe, inside, I feel like my “goal” of learning his technique can never be achieved.
Lee Kerslake is one-of-a-kind.
  • “Rock-on, my friend. I know “I” will miss you.”
At least his inspirational drumming style has been captured in the many wonderful recordings that he took the Time to create.
Lee Kerslake, thank you for pointing the way.
(I’m still crying as I write thsi)
Here’s the link:

  • Looks like I forgot to include this on September 15th, when I initially gathered this information…
In this 50-minute video, Financial whistleblower Charlie Ward and Charlie Freak talk about the current happenings around the world.
The biggest facet of information, for “me”, in this video is near the end of it when Charlie Freak explains that the new “Quantum Financial System” will not be revealed to the general Public until AFTER the Election. He said this is being done so people won’t think it’s “buying Votes’.
Charlie Freak also mentioned that MANY, many people have contacted him… saying that their personal Debts have been cleared. “IF” that’s true, it means that “Debt Forgiveness” is currently being rolled-out. So everyone should check their:
  • Car Payments,
  • Mortgage,
  • Student Loans, etc.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 3-7-17 Trends, Cobra

*First a comment:

Yesterday, I added to Postings to our WordPress “Band Blog”. One is about the “Novation Ultranova” synth and the other is about adding “tackiness” to a Drummer’s drumsticks so they won’t slip while playing.

I didn’t want to include them in THIS Blog because they’re not really appropriate.

Here’s the link (“Infinity” is the name of our Band):


(I don’t really know what to call this Section. In the past, I’ve simply used the name: “Clif High” but, just now, as a title entered my mind, I kept feeling: “That doesn’t cover the topics”… “It’s too broad”, etc. So, for now, we’ll just call it “Trends” because that’s mostly what his software detects — current conversations and emotions and points to a direction where Society will be involved in the near future.)

Anyway, this 43-minute video is an interview with Clif High. I was only 2-minutes into it when I had to stop and include it. Here are some highlights:

  • Right off, he explains that the “Deep State is dying”. They’ve lost control of us because people are waking-up.
  • In the months ahead, people will be going back through various advertisements and realizing that there were subliminal messages and wrong-doing towards children and the people will begin suing those companies for doing that.
  • For the rest of this year… “regional derivatives bust” (around the world). The regional banks won’t be absorbed by the big guys because they won’t have the capacity. Nor will the regionals be able to absorb each other. There won’t be enough “FDIC” (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) money to pay everyone off. So some people will lose their money.
  • “The chaos, as we now know, starts in mid-March… or escalates in mid-March and runs very aggressively through May.”
  • The “paper shares and 401Ks” will crumble as Trump’s rebuilding continues for the long term.
  • About 30-percent of our broadcast media personalities will either be arrested or flee the country (because of pedophilia)… either due to their own actions or supporting others who have been involved with this.
  • The “power elite” are going to pull some “economic dirty tricks” but those will backfire on them.
  • His “data sets” show a connection between “Mars” and “Antarctica”.

My comments: In “my” opinion, this is worth listening to. He covers a few more topics and a lot more detail than I have indicated above. There were simply too many long-connections of information streams for me to write-out.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


Today, Cobra Posted links to 2 interviews — one is a video and the other is in text form. I didn’t want to watch the video but I did read the text interview. However, it seemed to only contain only basic pieces of information. So I won’t “excerpt” it here. Instead, if anyone is interested in that information, they can visit the following link.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: