PS 2-23-17 *Signs, Ascension, Astrology

*First a comment:

This is not directly from “me”…

  • This morning, while having Breakfast at Waffle House, 2 women came in and sat in the Booth next to us. I didn’t look at them (I do my best not to look at anyone, especially females) but I noticed them there and out of the corner of my eye, I also noticed that 1 of them was completely bald. My feeling was that she was dealing with cancer and going through “chemo-therapy”. (There’s 2-words which shouldn’t be hinged-together.)
  • Anyway… At one point, the bald woman told the other about a Dream she I. (I think she had it last night.) I couldn’t hear most of it but I did clearly hear: “…the pyramids in Egypt were being destroyed…”

Whenever someone tells me a Dream, either “directly (“Do you want to hear my Dream?”) or “indirectly (such as when I overhear someone explaining their Dream), I not only pay attention but I instantly interpret (overlay) it as feedback of what is currently happening to this planet, Humanity and this Dimension.

Since I could only understand that part, I quickly ran it through my mind, doing my best to match it up to current, behind-the-scenes happenings… but I couldn’t make anything fit.

As I was digging deeper into this, and thinking she tapped-into what the Cabal “were going to” do, Sylvia mentioned the most obvious aspect, which I never thought of…

  • She received feedback that SHE is battling her own cancer and winning. In her world, the great pyramids of Egypt represent the most solid foundation of an immoveable manifestation, which is also how she used to feel about her cancer. Now, though, she sees that foundation being destroyed and no longer able to block her health progress.

With a powerful Dream providing her with such obvious “Signs”, I was very surprised that she laughed the entire Dream away as she was telling it. So, to “me”, she no only didn’t honor her own Dream but she also failed to examine the Signs it offered AND she didn’t her herself ridicule “that process” / “those tools”.

Could I be completely wrong about this facet of this woman’s life. Of course. Could I have misunderstood Sylvia’s message? Maybe.

It doesn’t matter if “my” interpretation of all this is correct or not. The reason I’m sharing this is to show that many things we take for granted can “sometimes” be the “tap on the shoulder”, “look over here” message from those unseen Beings who love us.

  • As an example of how you could think about this…
  • Let’s say you’re cleaning out a closet or the garage and pick up a box of old papers that you no longer need. You toss it across the room but inside, there’s also a small “bell” that you had forgotten about. You hear a metallic “click” sound and then notice that you just broke the bell.
  • Maybe you used to do Meditation, interpret your Dreams, etc. but haven’t for many years. Your “Guides” or “Higher Self” is telling you about the “broken bell”. Alexander Graham Bell is credited with patenting “the 1st practical telephone”. The “telephone” represents “communication”. So your Guides are telling you to re-establish your communication with them.

That was just a very quick example. The Signs and Symbols from “the other side” don’t have to be so cryptic. It just depends on, in “my” opinion, how they are able to get a message through to you and how your mind will interpret the sights and sounds within the immediate world around you. Maybe a message from your Guides could be very straight-forward… Maybe someone you’re talking to says: “I bought a kite” but you hear: “Call your wife”.

As always, your mileage may vary.


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This 2-hour, 7-minute video is an Interview with Lis Ana by Alexandra Meadors. (The Guest begins speaking around the 10:50-mark.) The bulk of what they talk about are the “tools” and the “mechanics” of how “Ascension” is unfolding and how each of us can adjust to the new frequencies.

Here are some highlights:

  • Around the 31-minute mark, Lis Ana says: “I can see the Finish Line… The light at the end of the tunnel… It’s right there. We’re tired. We gotta do that last push.”
  • “If you are embodied in your work… If you’re here, on purpose, and there’s such peace in purpose, If you’re on purpose, I promise you, you will be supported. It’s only up here. Your doubts will shut it down. Your beliefs will clog it all up. Let it all go. Walk in that trust of who you are.”
  • Alexandra says that, yesterday, she heard that “all of our Star Families are waiting in anticipation… They are in such joy. There are parties going on up stairs because they know that we’re really getting close.”
  • “If there is ANYTHING that you are reading or hearing, that is causing you fear, then don’t read it. It is NOT the truth.”

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


I’m also including this as “bonus” information…

This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is Carl Boudreau’s Astrology information. In this article, he seems to be mostly focused on the upcoming eclipse.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to Carl’s facebook page:

PS 2-21-17 *Dream, *Frequencies, *Health, Hoffman

*First a few comments:

This morning’s Dream…

  • Sylvia and I were working on the inner-workings of an old-fashioned Clock. I could see all the gears and components that make it work.
  • (I think we were either adjusting Sylvia’s sense of Time, so she can wake me up each morning at the right point, or we were Calibrating “her” Time with “mine”.)
  • Just before the Dream ended, Sylvia triggered a recent soundbite (memory of a sound) within my mind. Although this was the voice of a (female) Manager at work, saying my name, I know Sylvia caused that sound to activate inside my mind. I heard my name being called 1.5-seconds (that’s 1 and a half seconds) before our Alarm Clock sounded this morning. (I know it was 1.5-seconds. I’m a “Drummer”. It’s what Drummers do — keep track of “Time”.

My “sense” is that Sylvia “couldn’t” or “wasn’t allow to” actually speak to me but she wanted me to not be jarred by our bedside Alarm Clock. So she, somehow, knew she could simply set-off a very similar sound from a memory that I have stored within my Field.

I’m not sure I can explain this properly, without it sounding the wrong way…

It’s been said that Apple co-Founder, Steve Jobs, almost always wore blue jeans and a black turtle neck shirt and has a closet full of these. Although I haven’t worn “blue” jeans in decades, I do wear “black” jeans all the Time. Unlike Steve Jobs, I do wear different styles and colors of “shirts”.

When Sylvia crossed-over, 306-weeks ago, several things in our life became “locked in stone”. Not wanting to change any of the energies or frequencies that Sylvia and I have created together, I stopped buying clothes. However, this Dimension has a strange entanglement of “frequency rules”. One of them states:

  • If you wear, operate or, otherwise, continually “use” or “energize” any manifested item, it will provide an interaction and longevity based on a gradual slope of decay (or deterioration). However, if no Being is energizing that item, the rate of decay will “naturally” (automatically) decrease exponentially.

In other words, everything everyone owns is fine but when they’re left without any attention from a Human, animal, etc., those items will breakdown and create mold (when possible) faster than we can imagine.

Anyway… The black jeans Sylvia and I had bought together had become more and more deteriorated and even developed holes from normal wearing — knees, pockets, etc. One by one, I had to throw most of them out. Finally, I had no choice but to go looking for another pair but styles had changed and I just couldn’t find ANY jeans that “would fit” and that “I like”. I searched the Internet and various clothing manufacturer sites.

I finally found “loose fit”, black jeans and bought 2-pairs online. They’re black and they fit but they pulled my frequencies down. I didn’t like myself when I was wearing them. I felt like I was wearing balloon-type, Ali Baba pants.

  • During my “growing-up” years, I started becoming aware of the Social world around me in the 60s but I really am part of the 70s. The 60s had loose-fitting clothes and bell-bottom jeans. Although the 70s kept the bell-bottoms, they switched to more tight-fitting shirts and pants… for both males and females. These were the frequencies I was after.

That was at least 4-months ago and I’ve been wearing them ever since.

In the last few weeks or so, I’ve mentioned all this to Sylvia several times. I checked the Internet again but the closest I could find were “design your own jeans” companies. However, even these didn’t allow me to completely customize what I wanted… AND the prices were $60 to $200… for ONE PAIR OF JEANS!

Last Friday, Sylvia and I had to run several errands after work. One of them took us to Target (Department Store). At this point, I had completely forgotten about my search for jeans and was beginning to just give up.

Right after we entered the store, Sylvia suggested I look at their jeans. I said: “We can but this will probably be a waste of Time.” Without going into more details that no one needs… We looked the jeans in the “Men’s” department but found nothing. Then Sylvia mentioned that I always buy my pants in the “Boy’s” department. I didn’t think I was going to “fit into” or “like” a “slim-fitting” pair of jeans but these pants are perfect! They’re 99-percent cotton and 1-percent flexible material. They’er tight, black and they are warmer than the loose-fitting jeans I was wearing. We bought 2-pairs and may go back for more. As for “cost”… The closest “Men’s” jeans were $40. These were $20.

Here’s my point…
This is not about “buying jeans”. Yes, I understand that a new shirt, shoes, pants, etc. can make us “feel good” but ever since we bought these jeans, I feel as though… I don’t want to use the word “Ascended” because it’s too strong for what I’m sensing… but I almost feel as though I’ve Ascended… and not just when I’m wearing those jeans. I’ve been wearing these new jeans since last Saturday and I just feel as though all of my frequencies have increased a noticeable amount.

Another point here is that I was looking for “perfect”. I had a number of “jean attributes” that I wanted and I refused to settle for anything else.

  • This type of “Spiritual Journey” Lesson has been taught many times for probably more Centuries than anyone knows… When we’er in the process of Manifesting something, if we get trapped in the “details”, the Manifestation will either never appear OR it will come with “baggage” — chaotic, going-against-the-flow energies.
  • Instead, if we fill our Heart with the “basics” of what we want or need, and allow “The Universe” / “Spirit”, etc. to fill that request, the result will almost always be MUCH better than WE could have EVER imagined.

So I put it out there and let it go, mostly because I was getting discouraged. Then Sylvia helped me, on some level, to Manifest the “best” jeans for “me” in “this” Now.

  • Yes, that’s what many people would call “New Age Talk” but this is the process and the mechanism that we are currently operating within. I have a feeling that the principles will be the same in the 4th, 5th and higher Dimensions but we may be a LOT more aware of the surrounding energies and will be able to Manifest things much easier. Right now, some of us are still dealing with the “Cabal’s whisperings” in our collective ears.

As always, your mileage may vary.

For those of you “keeping notes” (in other words, if anyone cares)… For at least a month now, Sylvia’s had me eating a “pack” (maybe 4 or 6-ounces) of packaged, keep-it-cold, Guacamolé, non-GMO tortilla chips, Iceland Spring water and a granola bar for Lunch every day when we go to work.

For almost a week now, she’s been asking me to switch to mostly “Salad” for Lunch. Tomorrow, we’ll be starting that routine.

Also… My energy has been fairly high for the last few days. I’ve also played my Drums twice in the last 5-days.

  • In the last 306-weeks, I have probably played my Drums (not counting working on our album) probably 8-times. So twice within a week is a pretty big deal for me.

You may be thinking: “He’s just coming out of his “loss of Sylvia” shell.” You can “think” that but it wouldn’t be correct… and the new jeans has nothing to do with it. Instead, my “sense” is that, I can feel My Sylvia closer than ever. On some level, I know that the “Breakthrough” (to the other side of the “Veil”) has already happened and is about to happen to the “me” here. THAT’S why my energy has skyrocketed.

  • When I played my Drums yesterday, that age-old problem of the Drumsticks slipping out of my hands came up again. I’ve looked into this many times over the years with no satisfying results. For decades, Drummers have used wax, special drumstick-wrapping tape, gloves, drumstick “glue”, etc.
  • About a week ago, I thought about using the “finger moistener” that Secretaries use, when handling a lot of papers. So I did some research and then more research on “drumstick glue” and then Sylvia mentioned: “You know that partial tube of lip balm that’s on your desk? What about using that?” So I tried it. It works! I need to test it more but, aside from your hands becoming a bit tacky, it does seem to keep the sticks from slipping.

I’m sharing this because, again, it shows that Sylvia and I are not only very near each other (her on THAT side and me on THIS side) and that we can still communicate very precisely… especially when I’m not stressed.


I just read Jennifer Hoffman’s Posting for today and, to “me”, it reads like she was looking over my shoulder when I wrote the Sections above — especially “Frequencies”. Her mention of “Ascension” seems like she’s talking about “me” and what I’ve been feeling lately:

  • “Big things are happening, I am so excited today. My message about ‘the unveiling’ from earlier this week (one of those messages that arrive at 4AM when I’m doing energy work with all of you and can’t sleep) is happening now. If you’re feeling in between dimensions today it’s because that 5D portal is now wide open. No turning back now, the very narrow 3D window is closing and everyone is choosing where they are going to be. Focus on what is happening to you right now, don’t worry about anyone else. You can’t spread your energy that thin and what happens with you and your ascension path is supporting the overall ascension path. Stay in your own energy space and bring that higher frequency into your life, that’s how you shine more brightly.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:

PS 1-30-17 *Magic, *Dream, *Drawings, *Sylvia, Hoffman, Fullford

*First a few comments:

Starting a few weeks ago, I’ve been having the “feeling”, and sometimes “imagery”, that Humanity is currently in the middle of a “Magic” energy realm.

  • To me and Sylvia, “Magic” is the Human version of “Wizardry”. “Magic” being the scientific, logical, psychological way of presenting the “in-touch with Nature” energies to the masses… fooling them into “believing” what they are showing them is real. In other words, it’s a Cabal mind-game which keeps people focused on the “physical Sight” of their experience and to keep them from going within and sensing their outside world through their Heart.

When I see the imagery, explaining this, I see lots of people scattered throughout a vast Forest. Slowly and carefully making their way to a “place”, a “new world” they have never seen but, in their Heart, they “know” it’s there, somewhere.

With each “crackle” of a stepped-on twig… with each “bird call”, they hesitate, evaluate and then continue their Heart-lead journey. They must guard their physical senses, because they know these can be easily tricked by the Cabal, especially in this Magically-created illusion they have been living in for so long and are now, finally escaping from.

Up ahead, not far from their current Path, I see an open field where the true “Nature” and the “Wizards”, who respect and work, interwovenly, with those energies, are excitedly-waiting for Humanity to step from those “trees of darkness”. They know we have to do this by ourselves… and we’re almost there. (I’m crying.)

  • In other words, I’m sensing that Humanity is currently feeling the Cabal’s last attempt to stop us from finding our way out of this illusion. They are doing this by playing their last card: “psychological warfare”.

I remember a very small part of a Dream I had last night…

  • I could see a few rows of small, colored “boxes” in front of me on a table. Each had some writing on it. As I tried to read this writing, I realized I didn’t have my eyeglasses on and everything was blurry. Just after that thought, however, I felt a different energy from within me kick-in. I could see and feel my eyes “remembering” or “focusing” on what I was seeing and everything quickly came into focus. I could not only read all the text but everything within my view was sharp and clear. Just as it was before I started wearing glasses.
  • Within a second or 2, however, my brain, or an “I not supposed to be able to do this” energy, must have realized what I just did and changed my eyesight back to “blurred vision”.

That’s all I remember.

This morning, just as we were getting out of bed, Sylvia reminded me that I hadn’t updated our personal Band page, to reflect this new “Music-Gear Drawing” Project that we started yesterday. So I made some changes to that page and updated the Banner at the top of our “Patreon” (crowd-funding) page.

Here’s the link:

The 3 products we placed in that photo are on our “we’d like to examine these products” list. From left-to-right, they are:

  • “MatrixBrute” synthesizer, made by Arturia: $2,000
  • “Lifeforms Evo” modular synthesizer, made by Pittsburgh Modular: $3,800
  • “TD-50 V-Drums” electronic drumset, made by Roland: $7,500

After getting out of bed this morning, I had to go into Sylvia’s Bathroom for a second. We almost never go in there… well, not in the last 303-weeks, anyway.

As I got to the sink, I noticed a small, droplet of water sitting on that Counter, right next to the sink. I saw it as I “approached” the sink, so it didn’t come from “me”. I touched it and it “felt” and “responded” as “water”. I looked and touched the ceiling right about that spot and it didn’t fall from there. The ceiling wasn’t wet, damp or discolored.

That droplet had to have just “appeared” there before I entered that room. I say that because I went back there to check on it, a few hours later, and it was almost completely gone… from evaporation, I guess. So it wasn’t there yesterday or even last night before we went to bed.

The only conclusion “I” can find within my mind is that “Sylvia” placed that droplet there, somehow knowing that I would find it.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Here’s the link to our crowd-funding page for the Music-Gear Drawings:

Of course, anyone can still listen to our album, “Perfectionately Yours”, for free from our BandCamp Page:


I found this Jennifer Hoffman Posting, from today, very interesting:

  • “More light pillars from’s page, this one was in Wyoming. I know the ‘official’ story is that they arise from light reflecting on ice crystals but they are too straight, too even, and I believe they are a representation of energy flowing to us.”
  • “This is the official story: ALTERNATE AURORAS: On Jan. 24th, photographer Dave Bell of Pinedale, Wyoming, witnessed a display of colorful lights in the sky. They looked liked auroras–but they were not.
  • “They’re light pillars, caused by ice crystals in the air which intercept urban lights and spread them into colorful columns. Sometimes called “false auroras,” no solar activity is required for the phenomenon. The only ingredients are ice and light pollution.”

My comments: In “my” opinion, she right. Even when I was a kid and began explaining the world around that “I” was experiencing, I heard LOTS of “he’s crazy” comments as well as various styles of “rolling the eyes”. Now, as the Cabal pulls that last card… that “sleight-of-hand” / “psychological trick” card from their sleeve, “I” and many others can clearly see-through their lies and twisted double-talk. In other words, the tables have been turned!

So now we have “Science” (actually it’s the “Cabal’s brain-washed science”) telling us that “ice crystals” can create “perfectly vertical”, “single-color beams” of light from the ground to the sky. R-i-g-h-t.

  • Hey, Cabal! How’s it feel? For eons, you’ve been talking-down the Truth each Being carries into this 3D realm at birth. Twisting our true perceptions until we actually believe what we’re “told” and not what our Heart is showing us. We now instantly see-through your lies. Please continue with your own extinction. The more you explain things, the faster everyone will see you for what you really are.


Question everything.

Here’s the link:

I then did a quick Internet search for something similar and found this website:

They explain this light-show the same way Jennifer Hoffman’s source did — light coming from the sky. However, the person who took the photo on the above page, states that the light was coming from the “Earth”. Not the “sky”.

Then, while on THAT page, I saw a title which even “I” couldn’t believe: “Solar wind is blasting Earth’s oxygen onto the surface of the Moon“.

My comments: Really? If “I” wrote that same article, EVERYONE would continue to say “I” was crazy. So now we have a “Science” website saying:

  • “Scientists have discovered that oxygen ions from Earth’s atmosphere are transported to the Moon once a month…”

Sure it does.

Before this, the Cabal’s Scientists were spoon-feeding us the idea that Space is a “Vacuum” but now, that same “Science” / those same “Cabal-payroll employees” are telling us that “Oxygen” can travel THROUGH that Vacuum and reach the Moon.

I’ve actually heard better ideas from 3-year olds. So, to “me”, this is feedback that the Cabal is truly using every resource they have left.

“Oxygen” reaching the Moon… now THAT’S funny.

  • Please seriously consider what all of this means… As the “Cabal” / the “Bully in the playground” uses its last weapon, “talk”, it means it has no other options left. If we continue to see-through the Bully’s lies and laugh at his every word, at first, he will become angry. However, if we continue to deflect his energies, he will eventually short-circuit and destroy himself.
  • I feel we are truly almost Home. So it’s extremely important for every Being on this planet at this Time to understand this last “war” the Cabal is forcing on us. Most of us don’t even see this tactic as a “war” but it is. The Cabal’s energy is quickly being extinguished. Those of us on the sidelines, not playing the game, must hold strong in our belief that WE are helping the Earth and our fellow Travelers on this part of our collective journey together. So must continue to not only energize the “Light” but also shine it on the “Dark”.


Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. Here are some excerpts:

  • “For the Trump regime, fixing the Middle East will be the easy part. Trump has announced he also plans to take on the hard part, dealing with the Federal Reserve Board, by hanging of portrait of Rothschild (Fed) nemesis Andrew Jackson in the White House, Pentagon sources note. This is not something the US military government will be able to solve merely by marching into Fed headquarters and rounding up central bankers or even by bumping off members of the Rothschild family. It will rather involve dealing with China.”
  • “Here is how a source close to the Rothschilds described the situation. “The Rothschilds are embedded in China, and have been for many years. All of their gold and liquid assets are in China…Everything that happens is well thought out and planned long in advance.””

My comments: This is a short article for Benjamin Fulford. At the end of it, he mentions that he hopes to get more written later today.

A lot of what this particular report mentions is the moving of troops and the dividing of some parts of the world, at least on “paper”. When I hear someone talk about “war”, “troop movements” or types of physical control over another country, I do my best to see beyond the “surface words”… doing my best to look-into their real reason for doing what’s being described. I still feel as though Humanity and this planet are currently on a “Positive” Timeline and, sometimes, when it “appears” that something “Negative” is happening in the world, it’s either a distraction or a secret because the Light Workers need to do some work without the Cabal knowing about it.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 1-12-17 *Veil, Cabal

*First a comment:

This morning, as with each morning during these last few weeks, I woke-up 2 to 4 times very briefly and quickly went back to sleep. For quite a while now, I’ve been asking Sylvia to wake us up 1-minute before our Alarm Clock goes-off, so I can turn it off… so we don’t have to listen to it. Lately, she’s been doing a pretty good job of getting me to re-enter this Unit (the body and its many System) about 3 to 10-minutes before the Alarm sounds.

This morning, after waking-up at least 3 times, I did wake-up almost 10-minutes before our Alarm. However, I quickly went back to sleep for 1 or 2-minutes. During that Time, I saw what I would describe as a symbolic representation of the “Veil” that stands between me and Sylvia. I saw a huge, black “sheet” which probably extended from the Earth to above the clouds. Everything I saw was black-on-black. So there were no real details. Only a “sense” of what I was being shown.

The “Veil” itself had extremely large holes in it. They were teardrop-shaped, as if something big had been pulling on them… all in the same 45-degree direction, with the larger part of the hole located in the upper-left (or 10 o’clock) position and the smaller part of each hole pointing to the 5 o’clock direction.

My interpretation of this image is…

  • Either this was all Sylvia was able to send me — showing, symbolically, that the “Veil” is barely able to do perform its function or some part of “me” had shown me this image, in order to provide me with a little “Status” on the progress of the “Veil’s” removal.
  • Either way, “I” feel this is very good feedback.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

This article explains that an Oregon Rancher recently received a letter from the “Government” asking for permission to “survey their land”, in their research regarding the “yellow legged frog”.

I’m including this because here is yet another couple standing up to the Cabal’s undermining tactics. They not only refuse the “Government’s” request but do so in a brilliant letter, which is worth reading.

My comments: Who knows what the Cabal’s ulterior motives would have been in this case. Maybe they were planning another “Bundy property” takeover or the disruption of Native American sacred lands.

It’s just nice to finally see the “99-percent” turning the tables on the Cabal.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 1-10-17 *Reality, *Puzzle=, Venus

*First a few comments:

The following is from C.Y. (who’s on this list) thank you for this. It’s in-response to the “*Weather” Section I included on January 8th.

I’m including this because I found this information to be very insightful and it shows how anyone can stand-up from the Collective of Humanity and question those things most of us take for granted. This is good food-for-thought:

  • “Hi Paul.”
  • >[From my Posting] (Society) “Well, that’s easy. It’s because the Earth’s is tilted on its axis and the Sunlight hitting the Northern Hemisphere is coming in at a steeper angle.”
  • >[From my Posting] …”Society” is saying that a ball of intensely-hot fire, about 93-million-miles away is going to lose enough of its heat within a 6,000-mile span to cause “Winter”? Really?
  • [from “C.Y.”, from here down]
  • If you think about this alleged “tilting,” you will see that the tilting should have the same effect own the north pole and south, but the average temperature of Antarctica is 60 degrees lower than that of the Arctic.”
  • “If you view the sun through safety glasses (don’t directly at the sun) and watch the sun go from noon to sundown, you will see that the sun appears to get much smaller; however, the difference in distance from where the sun was at noon and where it is a sundown cannot be more than 4,000 miles (approximately one radius of the earth). So if the sun is 93,000,000 miles away, then 4,000 miles is 0.000043 of that distance (43 thousandths of one percent), yet the sun appears to shrink to half-size and then continues to shrink on down to nothing when it finally “sets.””
  • “Now imagine the Eiffel Tower in France (or any other high object). The Eiffel Tower is 1,063 feet high. If we stand 1,000 feet from the Eiffel Tower (that means right at the river Seine’s edge on the far side of the tower as it runs directly in front of the tower), and move about one-half inch farther from the Tower (that is 0.000043 of 1,063 feet), we do NOT expect the tower to get much smaller, not even perceptibly smaller much less 50% smaller or more. And that’s true: the sun should NOT appear smaller to us simply because its distance is 4,000 miles farther away than it was 6 hours ago; there is not enough difference between 93,000,000 and 93,004,000. That said, the sun would appear to diminish in size (eventually to imperceptibility) if it were much closer and much smaller itself.”
  • “There is much evidence that the sun is only 32 miles in diameter and only about 3,000 to 4,000 miles above the earth. Likewise, the moon.”
  • “Inexplicable Moon Anomalies Reveal Deception About Outer Space : Waking Times  You might like this article because it closes with “If You Want the Truth, Question Every Little Thing You Were Ever Taught””
  • “If you look around YouTube, you will find people documenting that the moon has been almost two hours out of sync with established schedules that have upheld for centuries, and there was even a couple days when it was 3 days behind schedule (if you believe what they prove).”
  • “Tens of thousands of people have posted videos of clouds passing behind the moon. Search for “clouds behind sun and moon” in YouTube. Just scrolling through the thumbnails of the results is very illuminating when it comes to the sun and moon. I’ve seen clouds behind the moon quite a bit, and behind the sun a couple time, but I’m waiting to determine which pair of eclipse-glasses is the best to allow safer study.I can think of some other reasons why clouds would appear to go behind the sun, but that explanation does not hold true for the moon.”
  • “Basically, everything that astronomers, astrophysicists, geologists, oceanographers, and other “earth and space sciences” people is false. One good rule of thumb is that anything they say that includes a number with more than four zeroes after it is probably fabricated.”
  • “”Scientists” use big numbers to explain things that cannot be known or about which they have no knowledge whatsoever, because such numbers are unverifiable, and that allows them to make up just about anything with complete confidence that no one will be able to contradict them… They lie so much because their so-called “discoveries” and “theorems” generate millions of dollars of grant money and/or government funding.”
  • “Note: If big numbers won’t work to obscure their cluelessness, then they make up words like “Libration” to explain the wobbling back and forth that the moon exhibits from time to time, which might really be happening simply because whatever is projecting the image of the moon experiences some sort of “bump.””
  • “A significant group of researchers are postulating the the moon might be a second “burned out” sun or an earlier sun that was replaced by the current sun when the old one burned out. But a much larger group claims the moon is something related to a hologram. Crow777 has some very compelling videos on YouTube showing the hologram of the moon resetting itself (“Lunar wave”), and people all over the earth have verified his findings. Just search Crow777 on YouTube; he has more than 30o videos documenting his findings.”

This link will take you to a “Crrow777” 7-minute video on “Satellites”. (Well worth watching.) From there, you can click his YouTube “Channel” name and see all of his videos:

I added the Equal Sign (=) to the title because I put a puzzle piece together today…

The Background:

  • A few months ago, I read somewhere that the light shining on the Moon doesn’t always match the direction of the Sun. Since then, I’ve been examining the Moon’s light, whenever Sylvia and I are outside and can see the Moon, which isn’t very often.

The “Puzzle Piece”:

  • After work, Sylvia and I drove to Best Buy, in order to buy a replacement for the UPS (surge-protector with a battery) that recently stopped working.
  • When we came out of that store, the sky was fairly dark and we could clearly see the Moon. It was almost a “Full” Moon. I looked at it and started to calculate where the “Sun” was when Sylvia indicated that it’s nearly a Full Moon. Before I could say: “So what?”, a “Puzzle Piece” clicked into place. I told Sylvia: “We’ve got ’em! This is proof that we’ve been lied to.”

Now, I’m sure there have been MANY Beings on this planet who have figured this out long ago but, for “me”, it was like discovering Ali Baba’s cave of treasures…

  • Let’s say the Moon is half-lit. When we look to see where the Sun is located, we should be able to draw a line from that side of the Moon straight to the Sun. No problem.
  • Now let’s say we’re looking at a “Full Moon”. This means the entire surface of the Moon, FROM THE EARTH’S PERSPECTIVE is completely bathed in Sunlight. If we draw a line from the center of that lit area of the Moon to the Sun, we’d have to go… THROUGH THE EARTH! If the “Sun” is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Moon, HOW CAN ITS LIGHT REACH THE MOON?

(I’m being reminded of the television series: “Columbo” with Peter Falk.)

  • It would be wise for the Cabal to simply give themselves up because we are now in the Time of “Columbo”…
  • What I can remember of this television series is that the Detective, Peter Falk, always seemed too sloppy, too unaware and too forgetful to be taken seriously by any of the criminals he was investigating. However, he was MUCH sharper than any of them ever gave him credit for. Through the entire episode, it always looked like the crooks were “getting away” with whatever crime they had committed but at the very last moment, Columbo would stop just before leaving and say something that the criminal would see as just a lot of nonsense but he would bring it back around and tie-up the entire investigation with that last, insignificant piece of information, which would catch the crooks completely off-guard and, finally, in handcuffs.

This is where I feel Humanity is now. To the “Cabal”, Humanity may look like it’s not working in a coordinated effort to bring them to justice but each of us is doing our part. Whether we’re “physically” gathering-up all the crooks or “energetically” aligning the Light through Meditation or our inner Intentions. We are all in this together and working toward our upcoming freedom from this illusion.

Here’s the link to the “Columbo” information page:


In this 9-minute video, a woman explains a “Dream” she had recently. She says she made contact with Higher Dimensional Beings from Venus and saw some very different Symbols.

A day or 2 later, her 8-year old daughter painted those same Symbols, without knowing about the ones in her Mom’s “Dream”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 1-5-17 *TimeDream, *Sadness, Gaia, Hoffman

*First a few comments:

This wasn’t quite a “Dream” and there aren’t really any details…

  • Every night, I tell Sylvia to wake us up 1-minute before our Alarm Clock goes off, so I can turn it off and we won’t have to listen to its annoying BLAST of sound.
  • I mentioned in a previous Posting that Sylvia and I must be doing a lot of work or are involved in a lot of Meetings because, for the last few weeks, we’ve been waking-up about 3-hours before the Alarm and 1-hour before. Sometimes, we also wake-up another 1 or 2 times. Usually, after only being asleep for an hour or so.
  • This morning, was slightly different… I’m pretty sure we did wake-up our typical “3-hours” and “1-hour” before the Alarm but I remember also waking-up 15-minutes before the Alarm Clock sounded. Instead of slowly waking myself up, I immediately fell-back asleep… deep sleep. I must have spent more than 2-hours asleep from that Point. However, the next thing I remember is waking-up about 1-minute before the Alarm went off, which means, in my awareness, I was only asleep for 15-minutes but some part of was asleep for a couple of hours… or I went somewhere for at least 2-hours but came back through a Time-fold. So I would only miss 15-minutes of this, 3rd Dimensional Time.
  • Anyway, I remember talking with someone… or just “listening”. I’m not 100-percent which. This person was explaining the things that are about to happen on this planet and WHEN they are going to manifest. However, the ONLY thing I can remember is “…something, something, something 2017”.

Although my “Enthusiasm-level” was 1-plateau up from my typical:

  • “Oh well. It’s just another day.”

I noticed that I was feeling very sad.

When this happened at work this morning, Sylvia reminded me what Cobra Posted yesterday…

  • …that the “Atlantis Grid” was almost complete and when it’s finished, the head of the giant Octopus will fade away and THEN the “Event” will begin.

So during the 4 or 5 times today, when I felt really sad, I kept repeating Cobra’s information. At one point, it just hit me…

  • (talking to Sylvia) “We are so incredibly close to that “Veil” being removed…”

I just started crying. No one was near me at the Time.


This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Sterilizations of negative embodiments commence in full.”
  • “Salacious hu-beings cancel appointments.”
  • “Strays are collected and returned to Light.”
  • “Florescents Illuminate the dark corners.”
  • “Marks of Inner Light are emplaced.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Today’s message from Jennifer Hoffman, comes with a 13-minute video.

Basically, she explains the “Draco” energy and that she’s released everyone on this planet from that negative Contract. She also explains, because of this “contract release”, we can now use ALL of our Light when shining it out into the world for all to benefit from.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:

Here’s the direct link to the video:

PS 12-2-16 Parkes, Dream

The following 27-minute video is an Interview with Simon Parkes — a Star Visitor contactee since birth and now a whistleblower.

He shares a very interesting piece of information around the 12:30-mark:

  • He says the Reptilians think they’re at the highest form in the Evolutionary chain and have decided not to evolve themselves any further. He also states that they have created a “Universe within a Universe”. They are from the lower 4th Dimension and the manipulations that they have created are bulging-down into our 3rd Dimension. He says this is why some people “see” and “hear” glimpses of strange things.
  • In part 2, Simon explains that England has voted to leave the European Union but Scotland has not. This means the British can no longer call themselves “Great Britain”. They must now call themselves “England”, “Wales”, “Ireland”, etc.
  • He also states that “Ireland” has decided to do away with the “Northern” and “Southern” titles for their country and just call themselves: “Ireland”.

My comment: Some of these changes are very old and many battles have been fought because of them. Now, “all of a sudden” England leaves the European Union, Ireland unites itself and England gives back the identities of those other countries. It’s as if there’s finally a “make things right” Reset going on. To “me”, these changes are HUGE and provide feedback that something is FINALLY happening in the Public Awareness.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to part 1:

Here’s the link to part 2:


The OP (Original Poster) on this Forum Thread has Posted a recent Dream which “I” find very helpful. Here’s what they wrote:

  • “I had my second apocalyptic dream.  I was near a mountain that was a long ridge.  As I looked up Large pieces of rocks the size of houses started to brake off and slide down the mountain. There were people  walking on it and started to run down but it was too late for them.  The mountain seemed to roll over and more and more big pieces along with debris started to rain down the hill. The mountain was perhaps a quarter of a mile high and I was just a few blocks away.  Suddenly I reolised that the entire mountain was tipping over and I ran along with everyone else.  But I tried to run the length as running away from it was useless.  Rocks were crashing down everywhere.   I made it out but was lost.  Has anyone else been having these kinds of dreams lately?”

My comments: As I read that, I kept being nudged back to “rocks the size of houses started to brake off”. I realize the word “brake” is misspelled but there’s something about this particular Dream which is somehow “coded”. “Why?” and “for what?” I don’t know but that’s the feeling I get when I read it.

“My” interpretation of that Dream is:

  • The “Mountain” represents the “foundation”… the “core”… “what we stand on and build on”… “our belief System”.
  • The OP used the word “houses” to describe the size of the rocks. There are a number of words which could have also been used here but “houses” is what was selected. So I have to interpret that word as part of this Dream’s interpretation… A “house” is where we live. It’s our “safe haven”. Our “sanctuary”. Our “home base”, etc.
  • I see this Dream as…The “foundation”… Our very solid Reality breaking apart and falling away. I see this Dream as very positive and Telling about the current energies which are now falling away, in order to reveal our true Reality.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: