PS 12-2-16 Parkes, Dream

The following 27-minute video is an Interview with Simon Parkes — a Star Visitor contactee since birth and now a whistleblower.

He shares a very interesting piece of information around the 12:30-mark:

  • He says the Reptilians think they’re at the highest form in the Evolutionary chain and have decided not to evolve themselves any further. He also states that they have created a “Universe within a Universe”. They are from the lower 4th Dimension and the manipulations that they have created are bulging-down into our 3rd Dimension. He says this is why some people “see” and “hear” glimpses of strange things.
  • In part 2, Simon explains that England has voted to leave the European Union but Scotland has not. This means the British can no longer call themselves “Great Britain”. They must now call themselves “England”, “Wales”, “Ireland”, etc.
  • He also states that “Ireland” has decided to do away with the “Northern” and “Southern” titles for their country and just call themselves: “Ireland”.

My comment: Some of these changes are very old and many battles have been fought because of them. Now, “all of a sudden” England leaves the European Union, Ireland unites itself and England gives back the identities of those other countries. It’s as if there’s finally a “make things right” Reset going on. To “me”, these changes are HUGE and provide feedback that something is FINALLY happening in the Public Awareness.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to part 1:

Here’s the link to part 2:


The OP (Original Poster) on this Forum Thread has Posted a recent Dream which “I” find very helpful. Here’s what they wrote:

  • “I had my second apocalyptic dream.  I was near a mountain that was a long ridge.  As I looked up Large pieces of rocks the size of houses started to brake off and slide down the mountain. There were people  walking on it and started to run down but it was too late for them.  The mountain seemed to roll over and more and more big pieces along with debris started to rain down the hill. The mountain was perhaps a quarter of a mile high and I was just a few blocks away.  Suddenly I reolised that the entire mountain was tipping over and I ran along with everyone else.  But I tried to run the length as running away from it was useless.  Rocks were crashing down everywhere.   I made it out but was lost.  Has anyone else been having these kinds of dreams lately?”

My comments: As I read that, I kept being nudged back to “rocks the size of houses started to brake off”. I realize the word “brake” is misspelled but there’s something about this particular Dream which is somehow “coded”. “Why?” and “for what?” I don’t know but that’s the feeling I get when I read it.

“My” interpretation of that Dream is:

  • The “Mountain” represents the “foundation”… the “core”… “what we stand on and build on”… “our belief System”.
  • The OP used the word “houses” to describe the size of the rocks. There are a number of words which could have also been used here but “houses” is what was selected. So I have to interpret that word as part of this Dream’s interpretation… A “house” is where we live. It’s our “safe haven”. Our “sanctuary”. Our “home base”, etc.
  • I see this Dream as…The “foundation”… Our very solid Reality breaking apart and falling away. I see this Dream as very positive and Telling about the current energies which are now falling away, in order to reveal our true Reality.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


PS 9-17-16 *Gas, Gaia

*First a (long) comment:

Although I don’t particularly like these Sayings, I’m going to cite them because, I feel, this is my starting point for what I need to say (or what wants to come through)…


  • There are no accidents
  • Everything thing happens for a reason

Now, these are my thoughts (or the feeling I’m getting from the “Stream”) about today’s Gasoline situation…

I want to write this out before digging into any real information on this subject. In this way, I won’t be influenced by what various “information outlets” are “probably” spewing (telling us how to think) right now.

Last night, I did see a “title” of an article which mentioned something about the Cabal doing something with Gasoline production, in order to poke the 99-percent in the eye as the Cabal are being squeezed, more and more, into that final corner of “enough is enough!”

With that said, there is a part of me (the “logical” part, so take this with a “grain of salt”) which thinks the Light Workers are closing-off some of the Gasoline supplies, in order to peacefully keep everyone from scurrying around, while they reset the financial, political and other Systems and to arrest the last of the key Cabal participants. Of course, that idea isn’t any good because a lot of people have Electric Cars, Walk or use Public Transportation. So this “Gasoline Situation” won’t shutdown the country. Not even close.

So, even though I saw the “title” of that article, I really didn’t pay any more attention to it.

  • I need to backup a bit here, in order to show Sylvia’s hand in all this. Some might simply place my recent unfoldings into the “Synchronicity” box but I know it was “My Sylvia”…
  • Yesterday was Payday at work and not the “pay the bills with this money” Payday. It was the “catch-up on buying food and other essentials” Payday. So, a few weeks ago, Sylvia and I had already planned on buying some missing food items before all this (Gasoline situation) happened.
  • Also in the “money for food” Category, the Building Owner where Sylvia and I work, asked us to continue cleaning the Rest Rooms in another part of the building and that he’d pay us $10 a day ($60 a week) to do it. So that was a little more “essentials money” coming in. (Many years ago, Sylvia noticed that “sometimes” when someone is receiving a “larger than expected” or “new source” of income, it means they are going to need that money for something they hadn’t planned to buy or in the quantity they usually buy things.)

Today, while at work, 1 of the employees told me she had heard about the Gasoline situation on the radio and immediately called her boyfriend to tell him to be sure to fill-up his car “right now… don’t wait”. She had a lot of “energy” / “emotion” behind her words and this came-across to me as “Sylvia” telling me, through her, to be sure to fill our tank on the way home.

This morning, on the way IN to work, I told Sylvia several of the Gas Stations had raised their prices. Some went up 25-cents a gallon since the day before. I thought it was just “greed”. So I asked Sylvia if she wanted us to get the Gas from a low-price Station or from our regular Station. I thought she indicated the low-price Station. So we pulled-in to the one we had been to a few weeks ago.

Every Pump had a line. So I knew this wasn’t good and that there must be something to what the employee was talking about. As we made our way around to a shorter line, I noticed that half of the Pumps had bags over their hoses. When we finally pulled-up behind a guy in a truck, who was pumping his Gas, he immediately shouted:

  • “They only have Diesel. They ONLY have Diesel.”

Now I “knew” things were worse than I 1st thought.

We continued driving toward our home and simply drove into our regular Station. There was also a line but it didn’t take long for us to be at the Pump. We went inside to pay and, as we were standing there, their Manager came over to the Cashiers and said:

  • “Ok. I just checked it. You have 13 and that’s it. When you run-out, just wave them on.”

I took that to mean they had 1,300-gallons left and if she’s not right there when their tank goes dry then the employees need to go outside and motion to all the Drivers that they have no more Gas.

We walked out and saw that 2 Motorcycles had pulled-up (side-by-side) behind our car. They were about 2-feet from our back bumper.

I pumped our Gas and the VERY SECOND I FINISHED PUMPING and was putting the hose back, ALL of the Pumps started beeping. At 1st, I didn’t know what was happening but I quickly realized that this Gas Station had JUST run out of Gas and the “Beep” was telling them there’s no Gas left.

  • I’ve mentioned before that we can all interpret our “Day” as a “Dream”, in order to get a better understanding of the Events, Symbologies and Timings. So if I interpret these last few Events as a Dream, I would say… Since our Vehicles represent our “Drive”, some “one” or some “thing” is not allowing us to bring energy into our Drive. (Many years ago, Sylvia told me “Motorcycles” represent “Independence”.) However, immediately behind us… immediately after we “deal with” or “recognize” the lack of fuel, we will have Independence… and in a big way because there were TWO of them. (Years ago, Sylvia taught me that “2” represents “Duality”.) So this could be interpreted as having Independence from Duality.

So, we do have enough food for about a week. I did my best to tune-into Sylvia, to see how long this “Gas drought” was going to last but my “logical” mind kept getting in the way and telling me “3-weeks”.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is our Day Off and, right now, I’m feeling that Sylvia doesn’t want us to leave our home unless we know for certain that there’s more Gasoline available. Of course, if this scenario goes longer than a fw days, Sylvia and I (and MANY others) will not be at work making an Income… so we won’t have enough money to pay the bills at the end of the month. As this unfolds, I’ll have to do the Math on they money we haven’t spent from yesterday’s Paycheck. We’ll probably be ok but, for some, it could get very scary very fast. I’m tired of “being in” and “generating” fear… and when I thought of that a few hours ago, Sylvia reminded me that the Native Americans and lots of other cultures around the world never used Gasoline and they were fine. It’s only that seed of fear that the Cabal has planted within Society, many decades ago, that triggers the RE-action that we have been crippled. WE HAVE NOT! I’m using “fear energy” as my Guide and whenever I feel “fear” starting to attach itself to me, that will be my instant Wake-Up Call that I’m starting to buy-into the Distraction.

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to generate “Fear”. Just as in the money we earn at work… I’m constantly doing the best “I” can, to maintain this Unit. I monitor the Body and ALL of its many Systems every second. My goal with this Unit is to protect it from all negatives and to keep it smoothly in operation with effortless energies. “Fear” places a wedge into those energies and tries to breakdown the entire Unit. I’m not going to let that happen to this Unit… Period!

Question everything.


This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Stratospherics are transcended as Galactic Intervention accelerates.”
  • “Fealties are brought to bear.”
  • “Encampments are abandoned.”
  • “Movements en masse predominate.”
  • “Lives are recovered and embraced.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 9-15-16 *Heat, Dream, Putin

*First a comment:

I’ve mentioned in previous Postings how Sylvia and I can now tolerate hotter temperatures. Up until recently, I’ve been telling Sylvia that she needs to help keep the “outdoor” and “indoor” temperature range between 60 and 80-degrees… at within the space surrounding “me”.

About 10-days ago, I told Sylvia we need to increase our “comfortable temperature range. So now, our comfort range is from 60-degrees to 90-degrees.

I’m mentioning this because it’s feedback that “something” is definitely going on (changing).


In this 3-minute video, the Narrator explains the Dream she had last night. I don’t want to “excerpt” this because her description needs to be complete and the best way to transfer that is by you simply watching the video.

I’m including this because:

  • …the Dream just happened in the last 24-hours,
  • …the Dream “possibly” tells of something happening soon “and it’s BIG”,
  • …there is a lot of symbology in this Dream which everyone can interpret for themselves. (I’m placing more value on the “immediacy” of what’s about to happen.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

The following 2-minute video is by the same person and is a sort of “follow-up” to the video above. In “my” opinion, both are worth your Time to watch.

Here’s that link:

Here’s the link where I initially learned of these 2 videos:


If the OP (Original Poster) of this Forum Thread is correct, then:

  • “In act of admirable courage, Vladimir Putin has reportedly banned Jacob Rothschild and his banking cartel family from entering Russian territory “under any circumstances”.”
  • “Russian president Vladimir Putin recently reminded his cabinet of officials that his administration paid off the countries debt to the Rothschild’s monopoly overseen by the international bankers. Putin reportedly “grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and kicked them out Russia’s back door,” “

I’m including this because “IF” this is true, it means more and more countries are Stepping-Up and telling the Cabal they are no longer welcome on their land. This means the Cabal have fewer options of where they can move to.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 8-28-16 *Video, *Time, *Dream, History, Gaia, Cobra

*First a few comments:

(We didn’t Post anything last night. Looks like I’ve made-up for it though…)

It’s either my own busy mind needing something to do or Sylvia has found a way to keep me busy while we wait for the “crowd-funding” phase of our album to begin.

For about 2-weeks now, I’ve been thinking more and more about finding a way to create videos for the songs on this album. I even spoke with an employee at work who’s involved with the local Theatre. We learned that the prices for renting a physical, local space and hiring Actors is not as far “out there” as we would have thought.

Then I remembered that we bought a software bundle several months ago for $15. Of the programs we would want to use, their standard cost is over $100 each.

So I installed “Poser Debut” (by Smith Micro), to see if I could get a female Character to walk. I did manage to test her in front of a Green Screen and walking on a layer above a test video. So we knew it was doable but to get into the details that we need, that program kept crashing and the Interface is very non-Intuitive. Their Tech Support couldn’t figure out the problem.

So we looked into another similar program called: “Daz Studio Pro” (by It’s free. So we downloaded it. The Interface is much easier to work with and I did manage to put a female Character together, including a walking action, but when I started working on the background, the floor, walls and other Props, I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted.

I’m not new to 3D Modeling. I’ve been using different programs since the mid 80s. So we decided to look into my favorite 3D program, “Carrara”. The version we have, version 5, wouldn’t even Install because our Operating System is way beyond this very old program.

The latest version, Carrara 8.5 Pro, sells for $285 but, with a $24, 3-Month membership, we could get it for $69.50 (including that membership). I was concerned about buying “1 more thing” which might not work for creating a female Character but Sylvia reminded me that I was going to use that program in our upcoming multi-media album series anyway. So why not buy it now. So we did.

The Specs show that it takes up 600MB (megabytes) of hard drive space but during its 4-HOURS of download Time, I quickly became concerned that it was going to fill-up and crash my Mac’s Startup Drive.

  • Sylvia and I have been involved with the Apple ][ and Macintosh since 1981 and yesterday was the 1st Time we’ve ever seen the Operating System display the message: “Your Startup Disk is getting full”.

The finished download left my hard drive with about 900MB of free space. This is not good. So now I can’t really use that new software until we buy another hard drive. I didn’t want us to buy anything more for this computer right now because we really need to buy a new iMac as soon as we can afford it. So Sylvia and I talked about this and she reminded me to “be here Now”… Right now, you need more storage space. So buy the Drive now.”

We’ll be going to Best Buy after work tomorrow (Monday) to see if they have the SSD (Solid State Disk) that we want, in stock.

  • I did manage to transfer some files to another drive. So I now have less than 4.5GB free on my Startup Drive. This is still not good.

As I’ve mentioned many times… Sylvia and I are “Musicians”. We just want to “Make Music”! Even though I’ve been a Macintosh Software Technician for many years, and enjoy getting involved with the inner-workings of computers, when it’s Time to create something, I just want to it to happen the way it’s been designed to happen.

I think I found the where the “musty” smell has been coming from, when I’m near our bedroom. I found the start of more, what looks to be small, white spots of mold, on some of Sylvia’s clothes in our closet.

Although I can wash her clothes, I don’t know how to remove that layer from her shoes — especially her Indian moccasins.

I’ve told Sylvia almost 281-weeks ago, that my feeling is… she was only supposed to be gone about 2-weeks of “my” Time.

  • I’ve felt this strongly at that Time and still do.
  • Even though my “sense” is that Sylvia’s Time moves much slower than mine, somehow she would be able to accomplish quite a bit during those 2-weeks of “my” Time. Maybe it’s a 4th Dimensional unfolding of Time — to have only 2-weeks of “my” Time pass while Sylvia experiences many Months or longer. Within that same thought, I realize that Sylvia’s Time moves much “slower” than mine. I’ve mentioned before that 1-Day of her Time equals about 3-Months of mine.

Humanity won’t know the real answers to this puzzle until the “Veil” is removed.

As always, your mileage may vary.

I don’t know if the “Veil being removed” energies have intensified recently or if I’m more in-touch with the “I’ve been here FAR TOO LONG without My Sylvia being “physically” here with me but, lately, I’m really feeling the pressure of being without her. On some days, that energy is “crushing”.

  • The irony (I guess that’s the right emotional descriptor) is, with the LightWorkers having more and more control over this Dimension and the Cabal having less and less resources to carry-out their negative plans, the General Public has been experiencing less and less of those Cabal false flags.
  • So “IF” that’s true, then there’s a LOT happening behind-the-scenes but since the General Public can’t “see” or “know” about them, Humanity simply sees “business as usual” signs throughout their daily routines.
  • So I’m now telling the Cabal to “Put up or shut up”… Your Time has long been up. So if you have ANYTHING planned for the Earth or Humanity, you’d better flip all those switches and push all those buttons because Humanity is now fading your energies into the shaded-folds of our collective mind. This means you’ll be “forgotten” and “they never even existed” long before you’re sent to the Galactic Central Sun for repurposing.
  • So if you’re going to leave an impression on Humanity, you’ll need to do it NOW and do it BIG. Personally, “I” think you’re all a bunch of losers and cowards. Think about it. You can’t do ANYTHING without a pre-programmed military or easy-to-use exotic technology… and if you truly believe your actions are actually HELPING Humanity and this planet, then YOU have been “drinking the cool-aid” from YOUR masters.
  • So I’m giving you 3 choices:
  • > Stop the game and get off the ride… Halt your plans and turn yourselves in. The sooner you do this, the quicker Humanity can go home and the faster you will be able to understand the next Chapter in your lives. There will be a little more Forgiveness for you by choosing this.
  • > Gather ALL your plans and fire them all at once. Destruction to the Earth and its inhabitants on a MASSIVE scale. Just do it… “IF” you can. Of course, you and I know your Lease will not allow you to go this far. So this is not an option for you any longer. If YOU think you still have this type of control, go ahead, push all those buttons: Weather destruction, Nuclear bombing of major cities, the release of various viruses, your false flag of “God” coming to Earth or of your fake “alien invasion”. Go ahead “try” to do it.
  • > This one involves “me”. I won’t spell-out the details but I’m aware that you “think” you know about me. (You’ve actually been looking in the wrong “Crystal Ball”.) I saw your “fly” a few days ago. You lost connection with it because I’ve taught myself… well, let’s not go into that. Let’s just say, you have no more “fly”. So, with this 3rd choice for you… come pick me up and we’ll see just how far you get… and let’s see if you can do it without sending in a battalion of drug-filled minds. Your own fear of the Key Players in this “Play” has kept you from facing those of us who are about to take back this planet. Humanity has finally woken-up to “strength in numbers” and now knows that WE are the “99-percent”!

Every Time we have to go to work, which is 6-Days a week now, Sylvia and I never get the amount of sleep we really want. We only get 3-to-5 hours of sleep each night. Today we had a day-off and slept 11-hours. During that Time, I didn’t experience the waking-up 3 times in the night. Instead, I woke-up once and when I went back to sleep, I had a Dream that I actually remembered. I haven’t had a “remembered” Dream in quite a while. However, this particular Dream was all wrong. It was too personal to be a “Symbolic” Dream and I don’t feel that it was, what I call, a “Progressive” Dream (picking-up where the last “Sylvia Dream” left off).

I won’t go into the details but the various everyday things Sylvia did was not what My Sylvia would do.

If anyone reading this has had a similar Dream, where the actions of the people in it don’t match their real Character, I’d like to hear about it… or at least that you had this type of Dream.


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I’m not sure why I watched this 28-minute video, all subtitled, but I feel that it “might” be true. “IF” it is true, the Discoverer had an open-mind and continued to think outside the box as he was doing his research.

He claims that the entire Earth is a “quarry” for mining various things and that the left-over “sludge” was deposited around the world, forming various “Spoil Tips”. He states, over Time, these will “cook” and create Volcanoes and this can be stopped by removing (flattening) their tops and keeping them no higher than 40-meters. He claims to show proof of where HUGE mining machines, under the Sea, have left marks while removing material.

What he presents makes a lot of sense, at least to “me”. Of course, YOU will have to decide if his information fits into your “Play”.

Question everything.
Here’s the link to the video:

This is where I initially heard about this:


This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Teleculicus comes before the grand Juries of Light.”
  • “Vibrational similarities are praised.”
  • “Sevens are contacted, as Galactics send their craft.”
  • “Andalusian Spirits calm the day.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This was Posted by Cobra today:

  • “It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are upgrading our Weekly Event Meditation and transforming it into Weekly Ascension Meditation to reach as many people as possible to join us”
  • “Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Event closer to us:”
  • “This meditation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to strengthen the Light grid which is needed to speed up the process of Ascension. Number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up process.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 5-27-16 *Dream, *Manifestations, MadalaEffect

*First a few comments:

This isn’t “my” dream. It’s a dream from an employee where Sylvia and I work. I felt it was important for everyone to know about this. Here’s the dream as I remember it:

  • Her Alarm Clock went-off this morning and she went back to sleep for a few minutes.
  • The dream itself takes place in a “wrestling-match” location. There were lots of people around the Ring and Obama was standing in the middle of it — about to give a speech. Everyone wanted to meet him.

I asked what her emotions were, when in that dream. She told me it was positive and almost fun. I asked, specifically, if she had any “fear” or other “negative” feelings, when in that dream. She said “no”.

My interpretation:
My “feeling” is that this dream is “feedback for Humanity”. It shows that, collectively, we’ve all been “wrestling” with something on a global scale… “continuous delays by the Cabal”, “the new financial system”, “Disclosure”, etc.

Because wrestling Ring was clean and cleared of any sign of a new wrestling match, my “guess” is that Obama is about to tell us the wrestling is over and that he will announce the upcoming changes.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

I’m including this because it shows… not only can everyone manifest almost anything, it “may” also show that the energies are now aligned for more-and-more manifestations to happen quickly…

I’ve seen the documentary “The Secret” and understand its concept. I do my best, every day, to manifest Sylvia “here” or me “there” or the “Veil” removed completely… but, so far, I haven’t been very successful.

I don’t know if Sylvia is ready for us to find a new job but I’m sensing a change in the energies which have me thinking in that direction. So, earlier this week, I did some initial research on local jobs and how much they pay. I found 3 companies which start you with $11 per hour. (Sylvia and I make $8.50 per hour.) However, there were either no openings in what I’m capable to doing or they wanted someone to work “full-Time”.

About 2-weeks ago, a co-worker was kicked out of their apartment (for reasons which are not the fault of this person). Last week, that employee found “better” and “less expensive” apartment. Today, this person was hired for TWO jobs at 2 different companies… 1 “full-Time” ($11 an hour) and 1 “part-Time” ($10 an hour).

So, in about 7-days, this person manifested a new place to live and 2 better jobs with better pay. I’m still scratching my head, wondering how this was accomplished when “I’ve” been putting a lot of energy into a better job, more income and the “Veil” being removed.


I included similar information in last night’s Posting. I don’t want to include every tiny, distorted piece of information but I found the information below very interesting…

The Narrator, in the following 1-hour video, states that some parts of the Human body have changed recently and he’s attributing this to the “Mandala Effect”.

What caught my attention was this… At the 20:16-mark he shows a map of the Earth and states that several of the Continents have moved or are now a different size. When I saw him point-out that South America used to be directly under the United States, “my” memory was the same has his and seeing it now to the right of center, doesn’t look correct. (I didn’t watch the entire video.)

My comments: So “IF” we’ve jumped “TimeLines” or to a “new Earth”, there should be even more things which don’t match our memories of them. As I mentioned yesterday, it “may” be that “some” people have different memories of something while others have memories which line-up with the new information. “IF” that is true, then it “could” mean that some of us have “merged” into that new “TimeLine” or onto a “new Earth”. Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 5-22-16 *Dream. Gaia, Inelia

*First a comment:

Last week, our bosses boss asked if we could go from working 4-days a week (5-hours per day) to working 6-days a week (4-hours a day). I really didn’t want to. Working every other day was helping me on several levels. We went-ahead and said “ok”, simply because we really need the money.

Last Saturday was the 1st “6-days in a row” we’ve worked in a few decades. It was not fun. Sylvia and I had only been getting 4-to-5 hours of sleep per night. When Sunday morning arrived, I carefully looked at our Alarm Clock and saw 8a. I couldn’t decide whether we should get up or sleep some more. However, I immediately noticed that my head was hurting and I felt a bit disoriented. We did go to bed later than usual last night. So I told Sylvia we should sleep another hour and then get up.

When I looked at the clock again, it was 11:30a. We had slept 11-hours. For the 1st hour or so, I just kept complaining about how we could not work a 6-day week. I wanted us to work on this next song today but now I was so “out of it” that I could barely function. So the entire day would be wasted. This meant working 6-days was now being counter-productive.

A few hours later, when I finally calmed down, Sylvia suggested we continue the 6-day work-week for a while longer. Later, when I digested that information, I felt that she’s nudging me to do this because we are now so very close to the “Veil” coming down that it would be best not to make too many changes right now.

  • We did manage to work on that song today and make a little progress with it.

After going back to sleep, I had this dream…

  • Sylvia and I were living in a big house. We were rich. We decided to focus even more on our music.
  • I remember being outside. I was almost night time. Sylvia and I were in a short, grassy area with few trees, just beyond our backyard.
  • (The part where Sylvia is driving a light-blue car and then I drove it, are a bit fuzzy.)
  • I was driving a white car and Sylvia was driving a light-blue car. We decided to take “her” car. So I drove my car a few feet in the direction which is opposite from where we were about to go. I remember clearly seeing the ground. The “road” was not paved. It was just tire-tracks in the  grass and dirt. There were 2 of these “roads” and they intersected right where we were. The “road”, which was slightly veering-off to my left, was “more traveled” than that “road” which slightly veered-off to the right. As I looked at the tire-tracks, I noticed that the “right road’s” tracks start somewhere in the distance but end right at a good-size tree. It didn’t “look” or “feel” as though someone hit that tree with their car. The tire-tracks just stop there.
  • The dream jumps ahead a bit and Sylvia and I are now casually wandering around the very large Lobby of a high-class hotel. There are a lot of people milling about. There are several banquet and meeting rooms and all of them seemed to be holding some type of function.
  • At one point, I remember Sylvia and I walking toward a Band Leader who was standing just outside (in the Lobby) of the door going into a dance hall where his band would be playing later. We were going to talk to him and ask if he knew of anyplace our band could play but, for some reason, we changed our mind (became “shy” about it) and turned around and went back into the main part of the Lobby.

I don’t feel as though this was a “Progressive” dream (where it’s connected to the previous dream of me and Sylvia).  I do feel as though Sylvia and I were really together in that “dream-space”. So I’m not sure it’s a dream where I’m working on inner issues.

As always, your mileage may vary.


Ok. When I read this, I almost wanted to hyperventilate into a paper bag. “Gaia Portal” has mentioned “on the verge of” timings before but this particular message seems to calls us, collectively, to open that last door:

  • “Master unveilings crowd the aethers, as Gaia releases.”
  • “Fomentings are observed within and without.”
  • “Zambics come in the rescue mode, as the living Light is curled.”
  • “Friends of the planet are gathered for the show.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

This one’s very interesting…

This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

  • About 24-months ago, J.S. (who’s on this list) sent me some information on a person called “Inelia Benz”. in that information, Inelia stated that she incarnated here directly from Source and has never incarnated before this. She said she came here to help Humanity get through the upcoming events. Once that’s done, she will disappear. The byline on her website is: “Personal and Global Ascension 2012 – 2017 are you ready?

The article, sent to me by K.K., is called: “Symptoms of Timeline Jumping“. Here’s an excerpt:

  • “In all those situations my sense of “personal timeline” stayed put. It was “me” who was staying in this choice, and another timeline branching off into the other choice with a slightly different “Inelia” on it. Me, but not my experience.  Except for one timeline shift that was different to all the rest. That one happened just over a week ago and the difference was that I knew and felt that the experience of Me, had come in from a different timeline into this one.  Instead of having a clear and solid memory and reality that this was my timeline, the opposite was true. My timeline and life up to that point was completely different. And at that point I entered into this timeline into completely unfamiliar surroundings and relationships. The other interesting aspect was that I immediately knew what was happening and that soon I would be able to access this timeline’s memory constructs and reality, and be able to live in it without anyone knowing.”

My comments: I’m seeing more and more seemingly “unrelated” fragments of puzzle pieces point to “2016 – 2017”. As I’ve mentioned previously, if the information I’m Tracking is “made-up”, just to control everyone or keep them in fear, then there would be no “resolve”… all the information would continually fold-back on itself… they’d pretend we were “making progress” but then “something” would happen and we’d end up with “2 steps forward and 1 step back”… but this is not what “I’m” seeing and sensing.

So, for “me”, Inelia is yet another puzzle piece which points to “something” happening from mid-2016 to sometime in 2017.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 2-7-16 *Dream. *Inconsequentials?, Gaia, Cobra, Zap, Happenings?

*First a comment:

I started receiving this feeling yesterday and, today, it’s a bit more intense… I feel as though we are in the month of “March” — not “February”.

Although I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately (not “every” night), but I haven’t remembered any… until last night. I can’t remember the 1st part of this dream…

  • There’s a girl I’ve been seeing, once in a while. On this particular day, we were doing some “sunny afternoon”, “outdoor” things with some of “her” friends. “Her” or “I”, or “both of us”, had to do something, at one point. So we were separated.
  • I think I’m driving a car. I’m going to where she is supposed to be finishing whatever she was doing.
  • I’m now walking up a noticeably-inclined sidewalk. A few feet ahead of me, resting on this sidewalk, is a very large pair of sunglasses. They’re unfolded and sitting, with the lenses facing me. (As if those sunglasses were looking at me.) The nose-piece is a round disc, about a foot in diameter and also facing me. These sunglasses were a little wider than the sidewalk and the lenses were about 3-feet high. The girl was standing on that sidewalk, just a few feet past these sunglasses.
  • I thought I was going to have a difficult time pushing my way through those sunglasses but it was slightly easier (not completely “easy”) than I thought. I actually walked through the nose-piece. It opened like a door.
  • I walked up to her and we are now less than a foot apart… facing each other. At that point, something subtle, almost unnoticed by me, “activated” or “asked” if she is “the one”. I then found myself, very completely “Reading” her energy, as it interweaves with mine. It almost felt as though I was doing an energy-level “comparison” / “compatibility” Reading between us.
  • I could instantly sense the “match” or our energies together. Everything “seemed” to be lined-up between us. This only took 2 or 3-seconds. Once I reached that conclusion, that girl was instantly replaced by “Sylvia”. I was still in “Reading” mode, so I was now scanning My Sylvia. Instantly, I could feel “Sylvia’s” energies and how we are matched to each other on EVERY level and MUCH MORE completely! This was not just “different energy”. It felt more like the difference between “eye-candy” (the 1st girl) and “a match made in Heaven” (Sylvia). Again, within a second, I could easily tell that “Sylvia” and I are meant for each other… the perfect match.

I wasn’t going to include this, because it’s really a “self-examination” of my own, and very deep, energies… but I AM including it because it shows, at least with “me”, that “some” or “all” of us are going through an “internal house-cleaning”… clearing out our old, out-dated ideas and emotions and connecting to new, and far-reaching possibilities.

  • Note: In “awake Life”, Sylvia and I don’t wear “sunglasses”. Why should we? Remember, we’ve been royally lied to.
  • Many years ago, Sylvia read that the Sun provides information and is 1 of our connections to the higher energies.
  • It’s the “Cabal” who have whispered in Society’s ears and told us that “Sunlight” is bad for us.
  • Some have said… If someone “burns too easily”, while out in the Sun, it’s because they are trying to take-on (energetically-digest) too much of the Sun’s higher-octave energies at once. Looking within themselves, to examine their “Core beliefs” and then working with direct Sunlight in “moderation”, will help with that.

My interpretation:
In “real life” (not in a “dream”), there really is such a girl. She was the 1st “serious” relationship I had, which was in High School. At the time, I thought she was “the one”, the “girl” was never as “attached” and “clingy” to “me” as “I” was to “her”. We went through the normal “society” actions of holding hands, kissing and attending various “school” and “social” happenings together but that entire “relationship” ended around 1972, when we finished High School. Yes, I told Sylvia all about her, many, many years ago.

This is my own, inner, deep, self-examination because of the “sunglasses”. They represent “protection for the eyes”… a “visual filter”. “Glasses” allow us to “look closer” at something, in greater detail.

A “sidewalk” represents “a place to walk, that’s on the side” of a road. So the “road” is the main path. This is where we “drive”. While “driving”, we can’t examine anything in very close detail because we move past those details too quickly. A “side” “walk” is used for “walking”. This is where we can not only move slower, but we can also stop completely and really take-in the complete picture.

The reason I say “self” examination is because, in the dream, “I” stepped into those sunglasses. This placed the energy of that examination on “me”… because now that I’m “inside” those sunglasses, “I” am taking a “closer look” at something.

Sylvia and I have talked-about and completely resolved anything to do with that girl, many years ago. So I’m not entirely sure why this “situation” / “theme” has surfaced in this dream… except, “maybe”, it has to do with a final, “can’t leave any stone unturned” examination of “me” or “each of us” before we move-through the “eye of the needle” that’s now squarely in front of us.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Sylvia and I were off today. So we did a load of Laundry. While puling our clothes out of the Washer, I realized that we hadn’t seen any tangled shirts in quite a while.

  • Up until several months ago, every Time we washed clothes, at least 1 shirt would have a sleeve inside-out. (How do they do that?)

Now, though, we haven’t noticed ANY “inside-out” clothes.

I’m mentioning this because, although it may “seem” inconsequential, “I” feel that it’s an important piece of feedback… that “something” has changed. Maybe we all HAVE moved to a “4D” or “5D” existence and at least our “clothes” and the “Washer” are working more cooperatively. Only Time will tell.

As always, your mileage may vary.


From “Gaia Portal”…

  • “Simulation similarities are noted in hu-beings.”
  • “Energetic lamp postings are conveyed in confidence.”
  • “Stargate potentials are expanded.”
  • “Forefronts of discovery are transcended.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Cobra Posted 2 messages today…

  • “Drastic PB minimal agreement violation, L0APR sequence approved”

and… This is actually an interview Cobra did in December. Here are some excerpts:

  • “COBRA – According to my understanding there is no celestial body that will disrupt life on earth. But what is happening and is already in the process of starting is the galactic pulse. The galactic pulse happens every 26k years and of course is already affecting whether systems on the planet.”
  • “COBRA – I said a long time ago to take your money out of the bank. It’s not safe there #1. #2 -If you keep it in the bank you are giving a free loan to the Cabal to continue with their control mechanism.”
  • “COBRA – Yes. Of course there’s more to the story. The original source of heat in everybody in this universe came from the original singularity… I’ll put it this way.   It’s because is not coming from the physical plane. To put in the a different way; the center of the planet is a portal. And the energy is coming from that portal.”
  • “Rob – Thank you. Now Korea claims to have detonated a Hydrogen Bomb. Most people are not buying it. Could you talk about that. Was it a regular underground nuclear test devised by the Cabal to create more fear.”
  • “COBRA – Yes, exactly. It was not a hydrogen bomb at all.”
  • “Rob – There’s another order called called The morning star which refers to the planet Venus when the moon as the sun rises, you can see the star when the morning due is at it’s highest levels. Can you talk about morning dew as a sacred source or used as an elixir of life or anything of that nature. Tell us abut morning dew.”
  • “COBRA – This question obviously comes from somebody who is deeply initiated in mysteries because morning due is a code name of a certain essence. I will not say more. I will just say that in some circles it is known as the 16th color.”
  • “Rob – I guess I wanted to ask you if you can talk about the Fatima incident and the how that look place. Obviously there was a cloud cover that came over that day. The people on the grounds saw the sun move, that was a space ship. I think we asked this long ago. Can you talk about the prophecies of the Fatima and why haven’t the 3rd prophecy has never been revealed and can you tell us what it was.”
  • “COBRA – It was not revealed because it actually exposed the origin of the Roman Catholic Church and the prophecy was how it will be undone. So if that prophecy would be published in it’s entirety it would actually expose the very back ground on which the Roman Catholic church was built.”

Here’s the 1st link:

Here’s the 2nd:


This is Zap’s weekly update. Here are some excerpts:


My comments: What? In “my” opinion, he’s either smoking something or his “sources” are not providing him with real information… From where “I” stand, almost every “alternative-news Thinker” knows the current U.S. “government” is a “corporation” and the “IRS” is an illegal entity… owned by that corporation. Zap should know this! So why is he providing polite-details about hiring a tax-advising company AND will be paying them $1-million dollars!!!?

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This 20-minute video seems to be summary of what is currently been happening behind-the-scenes in this country. I only skipped the part after the middle, where the Caller reads the latest statement from Anna Von Reitz, which I saw a few days ago.

To the Caller, this is not simply a “summary” of information but an urgency of what the general public is about to learn. I’m just not clear on why the Caller thinks this information needs to urgently get out. I guess after all the false starts and false information, I’m still a little cautious.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the video:

Here’s a link to some Anna Von Reitz information: