PS 10-14-17 Disclosure?, Astrology, Timelines

In this 10-minute video, the Narrator states… The “European Southern Observatory” (ESO) is going to hold a Press Conference on October 18th to reveal “an astronomical phenomenon that has never been witnessed before”.

Although this may simply be another: “We just discovered water droplets on the rocks in the Kuiper Belt”, I’m including this because it “may” be something of real significance, which may be part of the “Disclosure” most of us have been waiting for. Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

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This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

Although I included yesterday’s Astrology information from Carl Boudreau, he sent out the following information today:

  • “A few thoughts on this weekend’s energies.”
  • “Just a note to alert my readers to a ‘problematic’ aspect that is, most probably, already affecting us noticeably. In my opinion it’s one of those stealthy aspects you might not realize is affecting you until someone mentions it.”
  • “I’m talking about Mercury’s opposition to Uranus. It will be exact this Sunday morning, 3:51am New York time. These energies will be especially intense.”
  • “Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. Both of these energies, each in their way, stimulate the mind and the nervous system.”
  • “So, Mercury and Uranus will be simultaneously reinforcing and opposing each other’s energies in our minds and nervous systems. This will powerfully affect both our minds and nervous systems.
  • “Moon, Jupiter and Neptune, Pluto and Uranus will form minor positive aspects in the hours and days surrounding the Mercury/Uranus opposition. This opposition itself also involves the Sun and Jupiter, flanking Mercury and also opposing Uranus. The opposition occupies the center pole of a Kite. It’s a potent and complicated set of placements.”
  • “Suffice it to say, this weekend, a really complex mix of energies will be directly affecting our nerves and our minds.”
  • “Some of this energy will deeply inspire some of us. Some of it will stir up deeply embedded, repressed patterns and structures. We could be feeling overstimulated, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, deeply impatient with patterns that we feel confine us unfairly. There could be interpersonal outbursts and generally rebellious behavior. We could also feel inspired, even visionary and, just perhaps a little crazed.”
  • “Based on what I have seen of related charts, this weekend, we are seeing a preview of things to come. There will be time to look more deeply into these energies and their likely effects.”
  • “For the time being, be aware that you are probably a little more hyper than you realize you are. The energies are affecting you more strongly than you realize, too. And you are probably considering and implementing greater changes – with more varied and complex implications – than you realize. Don’t burn any bridges.”
  • “Try to stay grounded. Try to remain calm and patient with what is going on around you. If it feels like you’re having one of the best days of your life, think things through. Your judgment might not be as reliable as you think. Or it might!”
  • “Our minds and nervous systems are not yet used to energies like these. Go slow, steer clear of confrontations, until you have a reliable grip on what’s really going on and you have learned to reliably navigate energies as intense, penetrating and subtly transformative as these.”
  • “It’s going to take awhile, probably months, to get a handle on these and other energies like them. And in the end, they might get the better of us.”

Question everything

  • Note: There’s no “link” because it looks like Carl only sent this information through his eMail list.


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

This was also sent to me by K.K. (thank you).

This seems to be a Channeled message. Here are some excerpts:

  • “We continue to give guidance on the movements of the timelines because these few weeks are so critical that everything can loosen and fall away, while there is a little tuning with timeline # 42. Although seen from a human point of view, the fact that we have a few months before they finish separating. After that it will be very difficult to move from one timeline to another.”
  • “Why this tone of “hurry” that imbues the energy of this discussion? Because those who control the planet are doing everything possible to prevent peoples shift to line 42, because they can not reach it in any way, hence the efforts to keep the maximum number of people on timeline 33, which is based on their control over the populace…”
  • “It’s too, they told us, too toxic and harmful — the “etheric” accumulation around the planet, even for them, all that has accumulated on Earth that is like that because they feed on negative energy, but which makes them lose strength and vitality from doing it. Like eating every day at McDonald’s and getting addicted to it by the additives, knowing that it’s making you sick and unhealthy, so something is happening to them.”

Question everything.

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PS 10-13-17 Hypnosis, Disclosure?, Astrology

In this 17-minute Hypnosis session, the Client provides a “message from Gaia”. Here are some highlights:

  • “It’s ok that we don’t feel that we come from here because we’re not.”
  • “She let’s us be here on top of her. We’re not inside, like we’re supposed to be. Some of us come from far away and don’t want to be here.”
  • “The ants bite because they are mad at us. They have more respect for Gaia than we do.”

Question everything.
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This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

In this 21-minute video, the Narrator shows information and video clips from “Tom DeLonge” (guitarist for a pop band) and explains why his new company, “To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science”, is really a government-funded, government-approved, “partial” Disclosure operation. She explains that the Cabal are simply trying to control the flow of Disclosure information, in order to bend Public Opinion to their advantage.

I’m including this because I’m suspicious of the same things she mentions and question the same facets she points-out.

My comments: As I was thinking about this, part of a Bugs Bunny-Daffy Duck cartoon entered my mind. In this particular part, Daffy is trying to hold-up the “backdrop” / the “reality” but he can’t. It’s so thick and liquified that it continues to droop.

I then searched for this cartoon and watched it, to make sure it was the correct one. As I did, I realized this “entire” cartoon is what I’m now feeling about the “Cabal”… This entire cartoon is what is happening to those who “think” they control everything on this planet. “Daffy” represents the “Cabal” and “Bugs Bunny” represents the “99-percent”. If you haven’t seen this cartoon, then please watch it and, as you do, please envision the “Cabal” as “Daffy Duck”. Here’s the link:

(The “liquid reality” part begins around the 4:40-mark.);_ylt=AwrBT8w0QuFZusgAYqZXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTE1djVubDRlBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDVUkwMkM1XzEEc2VjA3BpdnM-?p=duck+amuck+cartoon&fr2=piv-web&fr=aaplw#id=3&vid=f040c86cfd6d571948bfb7512116aaad&action=view

Question everything.

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This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is Carl Boudreau’s Astrology information, released October 12th, called: “The Path Ahead”. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Essentially we are now experiencing a disruptive but frustrating era. We are enduring effects of the end of the beginning of the breakup of the oligarchic alignment. This break up has been characterized by profound and growing dissatisfaction and impatience with the oligarch’s questionable accomplishments during the decades of the great oligarchic alignment.”
  • “In fact in this particular post I want to talk about a possible end to the turmoil stalemate confusion delay and frustration a time when new patterns and structures will start to take shape and start falling into place – a time when the oligarchic agenda stalls out and we begin to unwind its highly questionable achievements.”
  • “To my eye the multi-composite chart for January February and March of 2018 points to a shift out of this stubborn and deeply uncomfortable status quo. It clearly suggests that the highly aggravated stalemate we are enduring will be coming to an end.”
  • “Let’s now turn our attention to another, closely related feature of the multi-composite chart for January, February and March of 2018. The apex of this T-square is actually imbedded in a thicket of: squares, sextiles, and trines.”
  • “These aspects don’t rightly connect up to form a single larger, cleanly unified Astrological structure like a T-square.”
  • “They do, however, add up to what I think of as a ‘cauldron.’ In my experience, such ‘cauldrons’ produce a great deal of turbulence, which produces friction, which produces ‘heat,’ which intensifies and facilitates the work of any astrological structure associated with it – like this T-Square. The T-square is already powerfully transformative. The heat from the cauldron will increase its transformative power.
  • “Even established patterns and structures that have resisted change for decades, or centuries, will most likely give way under this kind of Astrological pressure.”

Question everything.

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PS 10-12-17 *Sky, Cobra, Fulford

*First a comment:

(Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday.)

I forgot to mention this… Last weekend, Sylvia and I noticed that the Sky is now “bluer” than it has been in a long Time. Even when there are several clouds, the Sky just seems to be a tiny bit richer in its blue color.


This was Posted by Cobra today:

  • Situation Update
  • “Since October 11th, the Light Forces have begun to open decompression valves of the Tachyon membrane (outer barrier) at the heliopause.”
  • “This means that Ascension energies from the Galactic Center have begun to enter our Solar System for the first time since 1995 and the Light Forces are now focusing these energies into the sublunar space, thus accelerating the purification of the remaining plasma parasite entities that are still clinging to the surface of planet Earth:”
  • “Some of you might remember that before 1996, sublunar space was full of motherships of our positive space bother races, full of angels and positive beings of Light. Now the parasite plasmoids near the Earth surface have been cleared enough that a certain amount of the Pleiaidian fleet has returned to the sublunar space (hopefully permanently), without any possibility of triggering the remaining toplet bombs:”
  • “A large segment of the Chimera group has been removed from the planet in the last week and the remaining members are beginning to realize that their defeat is possible. One of their plans now is to allow limited Disclosure and limited space travel for humanity, allow the mass arrests of the Cabal, but hide any traces that would lead to them, leave the planet and hide somewhere in the Kuiper belt. Needless to say, this plan will not be successful.”
  • “They are now trying to control the Disclosure process through the following project, behind the scenes, without some members of the project even being aware of that:”
  • “Tom DeLonge, the leader of the project, is cooperating with John Podesta, and we all know what that means.”
  • “Diminishing power of the Chimera group is the main reason for many initiatives currently being carried out that will break the quarantine status of planet Earth sooner or later. The first one that succeeds will trigger an avalanche of more breakthroughs that might well be synchronized with the timing of the Event.”
  • “This is the most promising one as it could become reality within less that a year:”
  • “There are many initiatives that could make travel beyond the surface of the planet more affordable:”
  • “When a certain critical mass of surface humans goes beyond the Veil, the Chimera will not be able to control the Disclosure and First Contact process anymore:”
  • “You can start piercing the Veil right now if you put your name on Mars:”
  • “Speaking of Mars, there are many initiatives that are attempting to put humans on the red planet in a few years:”
  • “Here on Earth, until then, there are many mass meditations in which you can participate:”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Be sure to visit the following page, in order to access the images and the many links provided.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Benjamin Fulford Posted the following article last Monday but it wasn’t made available, publicly, until today. Here are a few excerpts from the newly-Posted portion:

  • “The mass killing operation in Las Vegas and the accompanying corporate media BS storm about a single, now-dead killer being responsible was a fatal mistake by the Khazarian mafia, many sources agree. The Internet is full of videos showing that multiple shooters were involved, and calls for comprehensive revenge are being made. By promoting this obvious lie, the FBI, nominally in charge of the Las Vegas investigation, has made itself a target of the U.S. military and other agencies.”
  • “It has already been leaked all over the Internet by insiders that casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and former Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff were planning to make a fortune by using this incident as an excuse to make metal detectors manufactured by a company they own mandatory at all concerts, bus terminals, etc. Instead, both men are now hunted, if not already dead.”
  • “A different CIA source says that Las Vegas is run by the Chicago Mob and that even honchos like Adelson and Chertoff are just front men for the Italians. “It is Florentine nobility running the Chicago Outfit and the remnant of the Jewish Mafia. The Chicago Outfit is involved in weapons, drugs, and human trafficking across the U.S.-Mexican border. John DiFronzo is a top boss of the Chicago Outfit along with his brother Peter DiFronzo,” this source says. In other words, it is the fascist P2 Freemasons who were ultimately behind the Las Vegas Gladio-style operation. The FBI is a P2 subsidiary and you can expect tanks at their headquarters soon.”
  • “The big reason for the rise in tension in the U.S. is that the Washington D.C. Corporation—not to be confused with the Republic of the United States of America—missed a payment deadline that came due on September 30th, its fiscal year end, say MI6 sources. The U.S. government’s budget had a $1 trillion shortfall and the situation has reached the point that, by its own estimates, its net worth is minus $65 trillion.”
  • “Another sign seen last week that something big was about to happen was a fire burning on the roof of the New York Federal Reserve Building.”
  • “If you want, you can believe the Fed’s story that a generator caught on fire, but a good guess is that they were burning evidence before the U.S. military makes their long-overdue move to occupy that criminal institution.”
  • “This autumn we have a real chance to permanently end criminal Khazarian rule of the planet. If you are in a position personally to take action, please do so.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-9-17 *Postings, Fulford, Water

*First a comment:


  • Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday. I’m finding this very interesting. It’s very rare that we don’t Post something every day but, in the last 10-days or so, there were probably more days that we “didn’t” Post than all the non-Post days (combined) since I started this Blog. This isn’t “good” or “bad” it’s just “noticeable”.
  • I was talking to Sylvia about this a few days ago. My thought was… Are we not finding information that supports our current mission because there “isn’t any” (information) or maybe because the large flow of information had been from the Cabal’s “puppets” and now most of them have been arrested or frightened-off?… or is there another reason? Only Time will tell.


This is Benjamin Fulford’s “partial” weekly update. It’s the largest portion of his article that I could find. The entire article will be released on Thursday. The title is: “Suddenly MI6, Mossad, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Yakuza and Others All Say Something Big Is Coming“.

  • “”Suddenly all sorts of people who dropped contact after the March 11, 2011 Fukushima terror attack are trying to contact the White Dragon Society (WDS) through this writer. These include a top Yakuza assassin, a senior MI6 operative, an NSA representative, a representative from a new CIA faction, and others. They, together with our regular contacts, all agree that something big is coming.”
  • “The most colourful character to renew contact was a Mr. K, who was introduced to this writer years ago by Japanese military intelligence as the top assassin for the Yamaguchi-gumi mutual protection syndicate (this was before it splintered into three factions). The diminutive and serene-looking Mr. K says his job consists of chopping peoples’ fingers off, one knuckle at a time, until he extracts the information he needs. He then wraps the bodies in lead and dumps them in the ocean, something Takamasa Kawase of Japanese military intelligence independently confirmed. Mr. K also says that he has done work for the Mitsubishi banking conglomerate (presumably helping them locate missing funds).”
  • “It was an associate of Mr. K, the daughter of former Yamaguchi No. 2 boss Masaru Takumi, who insisted on meeting this writer on March 10, 2011 to set my mobile alarm to ring at exactly 11:00 AM on March 11, 2011, the day of the nuclear and tsunami terror attack on Japan.”
  • “Trucks were also spotted bringing large amounts of emergency relief supplies to the Yagamaguchi-gumi’s headquarters in the days before the January 17, 1995 Kobe earthquake, according to Kobe residents who live near their headquarters. As a result, their gang was far faster than the central government to provide relief supplies to quake-stricken residents of Kobe.”
  • “Now Mr. K says his group has become “spiritual in nature” and that starting in late October, the world will experience “earthquakes, storms, and other disasters” that will result in a large drop in the world’s population before “a happy new era” begins. Mr. K was evasive about details, but did say something could happen in Japan just before the October 22nd Japanese general election that Asian secret society sources say will result in the ouster of Khazarian slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.”
  • “Japanese gangsters have told this writer on numerous occasion that they get billions of dollars in payments from the Khazarian-controlled Bank of Japan in return for acting as their enforcers. It is clear they have been told to do all they can to keep Khazarian proxies like Abe in power, under threat of new attacks on Japan with earthquake weapons.”
  • “The WDS conveyed a message via Mr. K and others that should the P2 Freemasons and their bosses in Zug, Switzerland try another stunt like Fukushima, there would be serious retaliation. There are three nuclear weapons that have been placed in top Khazarian power spots by the Gnostic Illuminati with the purpose of reminding them that mass destruction is a two-way street, Illuminati sources say. It has also been recommended to the U.S. military that they physically occupy the Bank of Japan and round up the people distributing its money to gangsters. They know exactly who they are and where they are. Crown Prince Naruhito is ready to point out all of them if asked, say sources in the Three Legged Crow secret society.”
  • “In any case, Mr. K is not the only person predicting that something unusual is about to happen. The world’s media, for example, have taken note of U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent hints of ominous things to come.”
  • “Pentagon sources explain that, “After the Las Vegas massacre and an Israeli ambush that killed 4 U.S. special forces troops in Niger, [White House Chief of Staff General John] Kelly summoned the Joint Chiefs of Staff and combatant commanders to the White House on October 5 to bring all hands on deck to back Trump against the NFL, Antifa, the deep state, and the cabal.” The source continued by noting, “Even NSA boss Admiral Mike Rogers and Pacific Commander-in-Chief Admiral Harry Harris were invited, as Trump said cryptically that this is ‘the calm before the storm.’” The “storm” would take place in the form of mass arrests, the issuance of a new currency, and the launch of a global currency reset, the source said.”
  • ““‘Calm before the storm’ means the swamp is about to be cleaned out and they are all scared sh#tless, so we better take a picture,” a CIA source confirmed.”

My comment: Let’s look forward to this information being real and that those involved will actually follow-through with what they’re saying here. The “games” and the “giving-in to the Cabal’s delays” need to stop!… NOW!

Question everything.
Here’s the link to his website:


In the following 11-minute video, from today, the Narrator shows images of very a low water-level in the Mississippi River.

I’m including this because I’m feeling this information needs to be included… that this information needs to be brought to a wider population.

My comments: My opinion is that this low water-level is connected, in some way, to the low water-level seen “just before” and “during” some of the recent Hurricanes.

So, as the Narrator in this video states… “Is the water getting lower or is the Earth expanding?”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 9-17-17 *Dream, Disclosure, Predictions, Sun

*First a comment:

Last night, very briefly, I had this Dream…

  • At some point, I was talking with a female. (I don’t know if this was My Sylvia.) I clearly remember her saying: “You’re going to turn yellow”. She didn’t really “whisper” it but her energy, when saying it, was very casual.

My feeling and 1st thought, when she said it, was… “Do you mean I’m going to become Golden Light?” but I never said it to her. I feel as though she said it just as I was coming back into this Unit from Dream State.

I wish just ONE of these “contacts” / “rememberings” would provide me with a “Date”… a “Timeframe” of WHEN something is going to happen!


This 1-hour, 24-minute video is a presentation, by different people, of the Beings recently found in Peru. The video is in Spanish but there are Subtitles.

I had read a few “titles”, weeks ago, about Beings that were found but I didn’t know those Beings were “Extraterrestrial”.

I didn’t have Time to watch all of it but I watched enough to know it wants to be included here.

The reason I’m including this is “IF” this information is real, then it “IS” part of “Disclosure” — the “official” release of information, stating that Star Visitors are “real” and are “here” on Earth.

My comments: In “my” opinion… “IF” this information, and the photos presented, are real, the Cabal would have sent its “puppets” to that location and retrieved everything and then threatened everyone who knows anything about it.

So what “I’m” feeling in this video is that these Beings ARE real and that this presentation is part of the Cabal’s delay-tactics of “Soft” Disclosure” (“Soft” because they are “spoon-feeding” us with on small pieces at a Time. Either to stretch things out or to lead us all down a Path they have setup with a “false flag illusion” of some sort, at the end of it.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This article is titled: “World Predictions Until 2050 By Remote Viewer E.M Nicolay”. Of course, “I’m” going to include only those Predictions that I feel attracted to. So be sure to read the article yourself and see which items resonate with “you”:

  • “Man is in the process of moving from a 3rd dimensional plane to a 5th dimensional one, skipping right over the 4th dimensional realm — and all this is within a 12 dimensional sub-level structure within a 12 dimensional universal structure.”
  • “While our soul may never stop learning and growing, this 5th dimension has no need for cellphones or the internet connecting us to each other.”
  • “Goodbye Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google. Funny, but it appears all our mobile devices and the internet are just a dress rehearsal getting us ready for total telepathic communication with everyone and everything.”

My comment: “Telepathy” is one of the facets Sylvia and I have been working on, for these last 336-weeks.

Anyone can practice this now. Some people have been doing this without realizing it.

  • For example, some people have talked about receiving a phone call from someone they haven’t spoken with for quite a while. Then, one day, they just start thinking about that person and the phone rings… and it’s that person calling them.

There are an infinite number of ways to practice Telepathy. A simple way is to start with something which can be “50-50” predicted. In other words, something which only has 2 outcomes. Such as flipping a coin in the air and seeing which side lands face-up.

You can also do this with people… Call a friend or family member, who you haven’t spoken with in a few days and see if you can “Sense” which of these (or make-up your own) “50-50” situations they actually did:

  • Did they have a meal at a restaurant yesterday? (yes or no)
  • Did they put Fuel in their vehicle yesterday? (yes or no)
  • Did they wear a shirt (male) or blouse or dress (female) which had “yellow” on it yesterday?

Those are just top-of-my-head, random examples. The main thing is to believe in yourself and to practice this “Telepathy” / “energy-sensing” as often as possible.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

In this 8-minute video, the Narrator explains the colors of the Sun as well as a tiny bit about Ascension.

I’m including this because the Sun is 1 piece of feedback that we can all take advantage of AND we can use it to help those who may be unaware of this to at least “notice” the world around them.

My comments: For some reason, the Narrator didn’t notice the Sun going from “yellow” to “white” in “2012”. “He” says it’s “now” starting to turn “white”. He then states that the Sun will move from “white” to “blue”. Several months ago, I realized that the Sun will now begin to turn “blue”.

So another reason why I’m including this is so everyone will go outside and see that the Sun is very “white” and that we need to pay attention to its upcoming color-shift to “blue”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 8-2-17 *Preparations, *Ascension, NASA

*First a few comments:

Early this morning, partly while getting ready for work and mostly while at work… my mind wandered. For several minutes, it was almost as if I was going through “Ascension Preparations”. I noticed that my mind was quickly going through the various situations I might encounter, once Ascension begins:

  • Ok. I can do this… What if someone is feeling dizzy or disoriented?
  • What if someone is feeling “physical” sensations or problems within their Unit (the body and its many Systems)?
  • What if people are stuck watching 2 Suns?
  • What if people are experiencing highly-energized multi-colored sparks surrounding them? (I was just informed that this is “loving energy that’s extremely happy to see them in their new “home” space”.)
  • What if people are confused about what their “Reality” is now supposed to be?

I felt as though I had trained for this and was quizzing myself “before the big test”. I felt like part of me was sensing that this information might be necessary… and soon. My vantage point was from the other side of the “Veil” and that I was assisting people as they “appeared” on THAT side of it — freshly-arriving in their new home on the new Earth.

I’m mentioning this, in case others are having similar thoughts.

A short while after “testing myself” on “Ascension Preparations”, Sylvia mentioned something about the recent SURGE a lot of people did with their “Private Trust Accounts”.

  • Although this has been known for a few decades, around the end of June 2017, a few people not only figured out how to access the “Millions” (or “Billions”) in their “Private Trust Accounts” but some of those people were actually explaining (to everyone) “how” anyone can access those Accounts, in order to pay their Bills. Within a few days, however, the Cabal had closed those “loopholes” and Reversed “most” of those payments.

What Sylvia pointed-out was… Had the Cabal “allowed” everyone to access their Accounts, a lot of people may have been trapped and remained here, when the “Ascension Event” happens. She showed me that “some” people would have been so happy to FINALLY have some big money that they would have made the decision to remain here on THIS side of the “Veil” once the “Event” takes place. The “Collective Reflex” would have been:

  • “What? I FINALLY get some serious money and NOW it’s Time to go home? I’m want to remain here a bit longer, so I can enjoy myself spending all this money.”

The Cabal is so incredibly stupid, it’s just amazing. They actually did the “opposite” of what they so desperately want… for all of us to remain HERE, so they can continue to control us. Now, because Humanity WON’T experience instant, massive wealth, once the “Event” is noticeable, 99-percent of the “99-percent” will just leave.

So. Here’s a comment for the Cabal…

  • Way to go, Cabal. You refer to yourselves as the “Elite”… as the “Gods” of this realm… as the “controllers” of this world and all who reside here… and yet, you are so absolutely STUPID, you can’t even get your own agenda right. You so desperately need Humanity to remain here but instead of grounding them in the thrill and greed of “Personal Wealth”, you lock them out of it… AND you did this AFTER some of them became alerted to their personal Accounts and could almost “smell” the scent of their own financial superiority. Once some people had access to their Accounts, they would have traded their true freedom for the experience of being Wealthy. Yes, even when standing within the influence of the upcoming Portal home.
  • So “Thank You”, Cabal… because what you’ve done is to epically-fail your own Agenda and follow ours. We will now be able to easily guide many more Beings to the new Earth.
  • (…and, “yes”, I have used the Codes.)


The title of this Washington Post article is: “NASA is hiring a ‘planetary protection officer’ to guard us against alien life — and vice versa“.

My comments: I found this on a different website and only skimmed-through the information.

I’m including this because, in “my” opinion, this has nothing to do with NASA hiring anyone. Instead, it has everything to do with “soft Disclosure”. (The “official” revealing that Star Visitors not only exist but they have been on Earth for a VERY long Time.

In other words, “I” feel this is another way the Cabal are preparing everyone for “1st Contact”.
Question everything.

Here’s the link: