PS 6-30-18 *Limbo, Disclosure?, Q, Cobra, Walkaway

*First a comment:
There’s a Saying:
  • “Darkest before the dawn”
Maybe the “Veil” is about to be removed and we’re all on the verge of coming out the other side of this “illusion” / “nightmare”.
Over the last week or so I’ve been feeling more and more like I’m in “Limbo”… can’t move up, down or sideways because of various obstacles surrounding my tiny world.
As I sit here and think about the darkest part of my life, I started with the timeframe when Sylvia went to Hospice… or even the year before that when Sylvia was having a constant Period — bleeding 24/7 for 1-year. I thought: “Those have to be my darkest times… but they weren’t because I was totally focused on “Sylvia” — caring for her and researching the infinite possibilities of how to get her Well again.
Then I thought my darkest moment was when Sylvia actually crossed-over… but it wasn’t because, within a few minutes of her “crossing”, she showed me something VERY special. The next day she actually spoke to me and told me:
  • “The Veils are getting thinner. I will be with you soon.”
So I was filled with hope at that point.
So now, I sit here with the only Tool left at my disposal is my Imagination. Granted, it’s very powerful and is constantly working but, at the moment, it doesn’t feel as though it can get me out of this situation…
Yes, Sylvia and I can still make Music but I’ve been wanting to explore the “Modular” Synthesizer we started buying components for. Even though there are some big sales coming up for “4th of July”, we can’t take advantage of them and buy even 1 more Module for that Synthesizer because we don’t have the money.
I thought about selling a couple of pieces of Music Gear that we bought several months ago. I talked to Sylvia about it and she says it’s ok. The problem is that we can get a better deal if we buy something at our local Guitar Center store when we sell them our Gear. However, they don’t have any of the Synthesizer “Modules” we want… at the moment, anyway. There are 2 pieces of Gear that they will be carrying but the manufacturers of those products haven’t shipped them yet. So even if we had the money, those items are not available. This is also why I feel like I’m in “Limbo”!
I can’t get another job that pays more because Sylvia indicated, recently, that I need to wait. This particular job has become stressful in the last 2-weeks or so. My Department has been added a different “type” of work AND in a type of work we had already been doing, a “restriction” has been added. So I’m just “stuck”… in a job, food, money situation… until Sylvia indicates that I can change something.
I can’t play my Drums because it’s too hot in our home. (We don’t have a good way to Cool ourselves off.) Playing Drums is a Workout — it’s a lot of physical exertion. For several months, I was taking a small Practice Pad and some Drumsticks to work and practicing during Lunch… but, a couple of weeks ago, I found myself being more Depressed, so I left those items home and decided to Clock-in a few minutes early each day from Lunch, in order to bring home a tiny bit more money.
  • This is really sad because, just about 11-months ago, a lot of people were discovering their “Private Trust Accounts”, held at the Federal Reserve, which were created by the cabal in everyone’s name. Those Accounts ARE there! “I” and MANY others used that money to actually pay our bills. That’s is… until the cabal realized what we were doing and “Reversed” (took back) those payments. Everyone who has a “Birth Certificate” has one IN THEIR NAME! I’ve “seen” and “used” mine! That money IS there! Some say there’s “millions” of dollars there and some say it’s an endless, auto-re-filling supply of money into EACH ACCOUNT! Either way, it’s a LOT more than what most of us have now.
I can’t create videos for our Music because the 3D software I use keeps crashing — partly because the company that owns it doesn’t Support it properly and partly because our Macintosh is 9-years old.
…and I think the sky’s in Limbo too… Every night, before going to bed, I check a small Weather App on my computer and tell Sylvia the temperatures for the next few days. For the last 5-weeks or so, that App has shown a “Thunderstorm Symbol” for EVERY day. The more I thought about this, the more I’m thinking the cabal have run out of “money” or “manpower” because, to “me”,…
  • either the “Master Program” doesn’t know how to deal with the lack of Satellite data or the Humans involved with the “Weather System” don’t have any cabal input to interpret any more… because they are being continually shut-down by the Light Workers.
Only Time will tell.
As always, YOUR mileage may vary.
So I’m basically just “waiting”… Waiting for My Sylvia, which means I’m waiting for either “the Event” or for that “Veil” to be removed. I’ve mentioned, in previous Posts, that “Sylvia and I” did this together. At some point in our “Higher Selves Lives”, we decided to have Sylvia go across the “Veil” before me and that I would remain on THIS side of it, while, together, we complete this “Mission” (whatever that is).
Even though Sylvia has been on the “Orientation Ship”, immediately after she crossed-over, she didn’t take the Option to simply “go home”. Instead, she’s living on the other side of the “Veil” with HER “Earth Family” and MINE. (Many months ago, I’ve “seen” and “heard” information to confirm this.)
Once Sylvia and I are reunited with each other, we will re-group, probably “Party” with the Universe (as everyone on this planet will) and then we’ll, most likely, go off on our own for a while… to my Ship and then off to visit our Home Worlds.

Is this “Disclosure”?… While watching an “alternative news” video tonight, the Narrator showed an article about a “model toy” company that recently created a “Nazi UFO” model. I’ve included more information about this below.

Question everything.

This is Jordan Sather video is where I 1st learned of this “UFO”:
Here’s a video of someone putting that model together:
Here’s a short article of that “UFO”, with a few photos:
I learned about the following, 13-minute video from the Jordan Sather video above. The video below starts out slow and shows what the cabal have been up to but it then gets better and builds into what the Light Workers “have been doing” and ARE doing for this planet. This is well-worth watching. Yes, it does talk about “Q”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This was Posted today for the “Resistance Movement”:
  • “ISS/ASCOM L2 transfer sequence complete, PL/ASCOM MOSS integration in progress”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This is not a “Rabbit Hole” I Track. I discovered it while doing tonight’s research.
I’m including this 6-minute video (from May 26th) because it shows that people have HAD ENOUGH!… AND they are doing something about it! They’re not just mumbling under their breath, while driving home, alone, from the grocery store. No. They are asking question, giving a LOT of thought to what is REALLY going on around them and then THEY ARE TELLING PEOPLE HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT IT!
The Narrator in this video was involved with the “democratic party” but explains what he is now seeing and encouraging everyone to just “Walk Away”.
I’m guessing that a LOT of other people are also Waking Up because that video’s Channel has only 4-thousand Subscribers BUT this particular video has now had over 163,000 views!
Question everything.
Here’s the link: