PS 12-31-20 *Summary, *Fireworks, *Stimulus, Epstein

*First a comment:
Now that “2020” is behind us, I just want to say “Thank You” to those people who have read at least one of our Blog Posts. Sylvia and I find it comforting to know that there are so many open-minded people on the surface of this planet.
We’ve never wanted to “convince” anyone of our personal experiences or of the information we include. “I” am merely sharing what “Sylvia” has sent to me — energy, thoughts, feelings, nudgings, insights, Dreams, etc.
I’ve mentioned this many times…
  • Within a few minutes of My Sylvia crossing-over, she placed images within my mind. Then, several hours later, she actually spoke to me and I heard her voice clearly as if she was sitting right next to me. She said: “The Veils are getting thinner. I will be with you soon.”
  • It’s those 2 personal and wonderful experiences that started me on this journey of heavy Research — gathering any type of supporting feedback from any Source imaginable. I’ve been collecting those “Puzzle Pieces” ever since. Once in a while, 2 might fight together. I simply add them to the group and keep going.
You can “read into” Sylvia’s message whatever you like but “I was there”. It was custom-made especially for “me”… and my interpretation is this:
  • “Sylvia” is coming “here” or, technically, the “Veils” between us will be removed and we will be re-united with each other. This means “I” am not “crossing-over”. Instead, “within my lifetime” (and I’m 66), those “Veils” will be removed. I know this to be true and real from within my very Core. I just don’t know “when”… and THAT is what I am constantly searching for in my nightly Research. I am looking for any indicators which tell me the “Date” or even the “Timeframe” of WHEN Sylvia and I will be “physically” with each other again.
So, while Sylvia and I wait for those “Veils” to be dissolved, I post some of the experiences we have as well as some of the insights, Dreams and messages Sylvia wants me to share. We have always wanted to empower others.
Some of you have wondered about what happens when someone “crosses-over”. Through these Posts, we have also been sharing Sylvia’s personal journey with that. Of course, her information is interpreted by “me” but I’m doing the best I can in presenting everything she wants to reveal. Just keep in my that the information we Post is from “our world”… “our Truth”. As with everything along your Path:
  • …take what Resonates and leave the rest.
During the various Holidays throughout the year, especially the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve, Sylvia and I typically see and hear a lot of professional Fireworks right from our Living Room window. Tonight, New’s Year’s Eve, however, just as our clocks were approaching Midnight… there was nothing. There’s usually “one” source of those Fireworks but, tonight, we saw none.
I mentioned to Sylvia… more people than we realized must have “bought into” the “virus” and “lockdown” propaganda.
Then our clocks stuck Midnight and the loud, Firework’s “booms” began to interrupt the calm night air. We opened our Blinds and saw not “one” but 3 sources of Fireworks, heard lots of “booms” and even some “Celebrating gunshots”.
There weren’t a lot of Fireworks but they were very much appreciated. Thank you!
The people hadn’t lost their way afterall. They were simply conserving their money and stretching the few Fireworks they were able to find.
So, yes, there is still hope for the Humans on the surface of this planet.
We are now ready to leave “2020” behind us in the dust and embrace a new and positive 2021.
Around 2:15a, January 1st, Sylvia and I saw that our Stimulus money was deposited into our Checking Account. Everyone should be checking their Bank Accounts until they see their money appear.
I also Logged-In to our “Debt” Accounts — our Leased Car and 2 Credit Cards. With each of those companies, we had a difficult Time getting past the “Log-In” screen. We did finally see our Account information but none of it was “zeroed” out… yet. I realize it’s still, technically, “New Year’s Eve” but I find it very suspicious (in a “good” way) that 3 major companies had Log-In problems at the same Time. I even tried to Log-In to the Social Security website but could not. It stated that we should try again during business hours and presented a list of them for each Day.
This 30-minute video is from the “X22 Report”.
I’ve heard this particular piece of information from several Sources, over the last several months. I’m including this because, around the 23-minute mark, the Narrator reads something from Lin Wood and “he” states that Jefferey Epstein is still alive.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 8-29-19 Fulford, GaiaPortal

This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. The title is: “Pentagon plans to deport Zionists as global financial reset looms“. Here are a few excerpts:
  • “While the Pentagon and its allies are quite eager to take on Zionist control, even central bankers and G7 leaders meeting last week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Biarritz, France admit that an economic paradigm shift is needed. These moves are related to talk of a global financial reset that would end Zionist control of privately owned central banks, the sources say.”
  • “A whole slew of establishment bigwigs are all now publicly calling for a financial reset.”
  • ““The trade war is a front for the global currency reset,” Pentagon sources confirm. U.S. President Donald Trump has been calling the CEOs of JPMorgan Chase Bank, Bank of America, Citigroup, and others to gain support for his stance on the trade war, the sources say. The cancellation by JPMorgan Chase of all credit card debt in Canada, the implosion of Deutsche Bank, the General Electric fraud exposure, the yuan devaluation, and a gold-backed dollar were all a part of the ongoing horse-trading for the new system, they say.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
The “EirePort Group”, known as “Gaia Portal”, sent the following to our Inbox today. “They” / “she” / “he” usually writes in a Poetic style and seems to Channel their information or has direct communication with Star Visitors.
This is what they Posted today:
  • “The ÉirePort Group has connected telepathically with select extra-terrestrial Higher Dimensional Elements who have communicated the following information.”
  • “The message that we, collectively, have been cleared to communicate is that it is essential, for the Earth Planet Ascension process to proceed, that individual Earth “Light Connectors” (aka, “Light Workers”) begin to also “connect” with each other in ways to facilitate a more effective and efficient and accelerated increase in the Planetary Vibration.”
  • “Much progress has been made in this regard, in certain groups, yet more of such will be very helpful for the planet to release various “prison paradigms” and paradigms (ideas) which are no longer helpful for the spiritual growth of humanity.”
  • “Increasing nodes of connection and communication is key for Planet Gaia at this moment.”
  • “Each will know their role in this effort, and will find their way as needed.”
  • “ÉirePort Group”

Question everything.


PS 8-17-18 *Debt, Hypnosis

*First a comment:
(It looks like Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday. I thought we had.)
As each of us interacts with the world’s financial “system”, we learn things and sharing those things with others will, one-day, help everyone break the chains of the cabal’s illegal, controlling and slavery-making ways…
I mentioned, in a previous Post, that Sylvia and I had applied for a Loan from a “Credit Union”. (It was for 9.75-percent Interest and we asked for 5-years to pay it off, so the payments would be smaller and we would have some chance of paying a little more each Time.)
Last week, when we checked our Account with them, online, we saw that our Loan Request had been denied. So we applied for one of their “Credit Cards”. (I think the Interest Rate was 9.99-percent. We currently have 4 Credit Cards, with the cabal’s more “main stream” companies and each are charging us around 29-percent!!!)
Let’s see if I can shorten this story a bit…
In talking to their Loan person on the phone today, I learned a few things:
  • When someone applies for a Loan, Credit Card, etc., they pull your “Credit Report”.
  • If you apply for a different Service, they only pull a “different” Credit Report after 90-days. In other words, when we applied for that Loan, they pulled our Credit Report. Then, because we applied for their Credit Card just a week or 2 later, they DID NOT pull our Credit Report again. Instead, they simply looked at the exact same one that they used for the Loan. In our case, it means they did not “see” or “consider” the fact that we actually cancelled one of our Credit Cards a few days ago.
  • The person on the phone also told us… Even though they’ll pull a new Credit Report after 90-days, it’s best to re-apply for a Loan or Credit Card after “6-months”.
It’s a “racket”… a criminal racket!
…and, for those of you using “Macintosh” computers, like me and Sylvia, there is still a strong “hatred” / “snobbery” from some of the stubborn “PC” users out there. Sylvia and I were hoping we were all past this by now.
  • At one point during that conversation today, I ran into a problem while accessing our Account on their website. Although it was a new Account and we had never used this company before, I still basically knew how to navigate their website. The woman on the phone was guiding me through the various options but nothing either of us could do would get me past this one web page. She put us on Hold and spoke with the Tech Support people. She came back online and told us: “Are you on a Mac? Which Browser are you using?” I said we’re using Macintosh and using Apple’s “Safari”. “Oh. Tech Support says you should use “Chrome”… or you can us “Internet Explorer”. (Both “google” and “microsoft” seem to be strong “anti-Apple” companies.) I told her: “We’re not going to use either of those but I’ll go ahead and test this with Firefox”. “Well, I’m not sure if that will work.” I then explained for the 2nd Time that I was staring at a web page which displayed a long “Internal Error” message. (This means the problem is with their company and not with our Browser.) I finally convinced her to call Tech Support and tell them it’s not only an “error” number but an “Internal” error number. She was hesitant but did it. She came back on the phone and said, “They do see an error and told me they have to look into it. We will contact you, once we know the results.” (So don’t let anyone tell you you have to use a certain Browser.)
The cabal’s financial “system” is designed to keep most of “Society” in Debt.
It wasn’t until Sylvia crossed-over that I received a “Credit Card”. I used to think it was something to be proud to have…
  • “Hey! I’ve got a Credit Card!”
…but it’s not. It’s a sign that you’ve been “branded” by the cabal and that you’ll be paying them a LOT of money for a VERY long Time, if you use it.
This 1-hour video is an interview with Hypnosis Practitioner Allison Coe.
  • Lots of Beings across the Universe have incarnated on Earth at this Time, in order to help it reach the next level. One of Allison’s Clients went back to a previous life and had a chance to satisfy her urge to “go home”. When she did go back to her home planet, however, there was no one there. All of THOSE Beings had left and gone to Earth (to help).
During the last 10-minutes or so, she describes a very small part of “the Event”, which came through 2 of her Client’s Sessions.
  • The energy needed has already been sent from the “Galactic Central Sun”, through a Portal and is currently being stored inside our Sun.
  • Basically, this is up to the “Collective”… As each Being on this planet raises their vibration, it also raises the vibration of the Earth and when this reaches a certain point, “the Event” will be triggered.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
I found the following 19-minute video on the same page Allison’s was displayed on. I believe her name is “Lauren” and is also a Hypnosis Practitioner. I think Allison mentioned Lauren’s name in the above video.
Here’s the link (Lauren describes “the Event” around the 13-minute mark):

PS 7-10-17 *MoneyChalk, Fulford

*First a comment:

Usually when Sylvia and I get home from work, one of the “chores” I have to do is DEDUCT the bills we created that day from our Checking Account. (Breakfast at Waffle House, groceries, gas, etc.) Today, I got out the Checkbook and Sylvia reminded me:

  • “We don’t do it that way any more.”

What a relieve that is to not see your very hard-earned money flying out of your Checking Account every day. When I realized what Sylvia said, I told her:

  • “Oh. I forgot. It’s all taken care of. There’s actually no bookkeeping to do!”

Ok, Sylvia and I just checked our Credit Card status with one of our Credit Card companies. They didn’t send us a 2nd eMail saying “It’s now really paid” but we Logged-in just now and it shows:

  • Payment -$1,296.67″
  • “Current Balance: “0”

That’s 2 of our Cards completely paid-off.

I then checked on another Credit Card, which also didn’t send us a 2nd “paid” eMail, and it shows:

  • “Payments and Credits: $1,106.98”
  • “Running Balance: “0.00”

That’s now 3 of our 4 Credit Cards… COMPLETELY PAID OFF!!!

On our 4th Credit Card… We initially used it to “test the waters” and made our usual $26 payment on July 7th. We didn’t receive a 2nd “paid” eMail, so I thought it hadn’t gone through yet. I checked it just now and it is paid. So now I’m going to just pay it off… which may take a few days to verify. Although… their website shows this payment was actually “paid” on that same day. So I may be able to verify a “paid” from them tomorrow.

I just went back to another of our Credit Cards and set it to “AutoPay”. Now “paying Bills” really IS easy! Sylvia and I could NEVER have even THOUGHT about “AutoPay” before this. We were on Food Stamps for a couple of DECADES and about 24-months ago, I finally got us off of them… and now look at where we are… All of our Debts are “automatically” being paid… on Time and we don’t even have to keep track of the paperwork or Log-In!

  • Also… Here’s an update on “my” idea of how to get “cash” out of our “Private Trust” Account. Sylvia and I have been paying for groceries with our “Debit” card and, each Time, we are asked (by the Credit Card Reader) if we want “Cash Back”.
  • Before work, this morning, we went to the nearby (work) grocery store, bought a bottle of “real” Maple Syrup and paid for it with our Private Trust-connected “Credit Card”. The machine never offered us an opportunity to get “Cash Back”. So I asked the Casher about it and she said “Credit Cards” don’t offer Cash Back.
  • So, the only way you can get “cash” from your “Private Trust” is to us the Credit Card company’s “Cash Advanced” feature. However, this means most of us will be charge $10 or 3-to-5-percent for each transaction!

Here’s some very helpful feedback we received today from “SoulSpeak”:

  • “Hello Paul and Sylvia”
  • “I paid 2 bills off… One Capital One for $3,857.00 and one Discover for $1,050.00 all so far so good..GREAT!!”
  • “Yes,”
  • “The power and water bills have been being accepted as well. I saw personally 3 that had been paid 20 days ago and they are still paid…the people even got their new bills for the following month and it shows the LAST payment posted which was from the Fed ACH account. Also car insurances are being paid…i have not seen if any reversed yet…so …we will see. I am dedicated to research on this and watching updates as well.”
  • “I want to thank you from the entire heart for the fine research you do and continue to do…for all… I am so glad to get your email also…I had lost so many when my phone and tablet rebooted…. I will keep you posted on my cards and see if all accounts stay paid.”
  • “Also”
  • “So happy for YOU…”
  • “This is a very immense indicator of the lifting indeed dear friends”
  • “Blessings”

I almost cried when I read: “This is a very immense indicator of the lifting indeed dear friends”. SoulSpeak does understand, like me, Sylvia and a LOT of now-Awake people out there, that the “Veil” IS now being removed!


This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “Out of 20 G20 leaders 19 are fraud endorsing bankster slaves“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Meanwhile as the warmongers are removed from power around the world, signs of a construction boom are emerging. WDS sources in Indonesia say the Indonesian government is planning to build a new capital to replace the overcrowded and sinking city of Jakarta.”
  • “Once Khazarian rule ends in Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Ukraine, the world will be ready to enter a new golden age.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 7-9-17 *MoneyChalk, Whistleblower, Astrology

*First a comment:

Today, I did some quick checking on the “cash advance” option offered by most Credit Card companies. One of our Cards has a “$10 or 3-percent, whichever is higher” fee and the other is the same but with a “5-percent” fee. It’s criminal. This is the “age of computers”. All the Credit Card company has to do is access your account, enter a Routing Number and some type of verification number… enter the dollar amount being transferred and click “Activate”. If someone were transferring $10,000, they’d get paid $300. How does that kind of work validate a $300 fee?

  • Once you verify, to yourself, that the “Private Trust” is real and IS going to pay your Debts, don’t go “spend-crazy”. Even if there’s several million dollars in your account, you really don’t want to buy every dress or pair of jeans in the store “just because you can”.
  • This would be a good Time to remember the movie: “Brewster’s Millions”. Richard Pryor’s character inherited $300-millon BUT he couldn’t get it until he spend $30-million in 30-days. The person giving him the money knew he would go “spend-crazy”. So his Will stated that he had to spend all of that $30-million “without anything to show for it” and do it in 30-days… and, he couldn’t tell anyone why he was spending money like it was water. At one point, he’s in a hotel in a big city. He opens the window and sees a small crowd of people casually walking along the sidewalk. He shouts to them: “Hey, up here! Anyone want some shrink cocktail?” He phoned the hotel’s restaurant and ordered 1,000 shrimp cocktails. So this is NOT the Time to act like that character.

As a matter of fact, I haven’t heard from anyone on this list or reading these Blogs… that THEY have even “tried” to pay-off at least 1 of their Debts. So if you’ve at least tried, let me know. I’m just curious.

So far, we have all 4 of our Credit Cards “confirmed” as having “scheduled” our payment. One of them (within 24-hours) has already sent a 2nd eMail stating that they have now Posted our $1,869 to our account. I then logged-in to that account and saw that they now show: “PAID” next to that entry. So we have 1 Credit Card completely paid-off at this point.

  • Remember, it “typically” takes 3-to 5 business days for a financial institution to verify (accept) a payment.

Early-on, in these last 326-weeks, I mentioned that I’m not changing anything in our home. All of Sylvia’s things are just where she left them. I had to throw-out a few things, because of mold and other pieces of clothing were washed at least once. I need as many of her energies here as possible… for as long as possible.

So when I talked to Sylvia about what WE could buy with this new “Private Trust” account… I kept reaching a non-resolve:

  • Although we Rent a Mobile Home, we can’t move until Sylvia is here “physically”.
  • We don’t want to watch television or use a microwave oven or automatic coffee maker. So we won’t be buying any of those products.
  • I can’t even hire a Cleaning Service to come in here to clean the thick layer of dust that’s on a lot of things (because I don’t want anyone but My Sylvia in here, until she’s “physically” here.
  • Although our car is a 1997 (Honda) model, we can’t sell it and buy a new car because 1) it’s “Sylvia’s” car and 2) I can’t change anything that Sylvia and I bought together unless it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary.
  • Although I’d like to have a more advanced set of electronic drums, I can’t sell the electronic drumset I currently have because Sylvia bought it for me for my Birthday 1 year. Plus, we don’t have any room in this Mobile Home for another drumset.

So, until is here “physically”, I’ll have to settle for buying a couple of new shirts, some much-needed socks and some new shoes… and I can now buy groceries without stressing about the cost.

One thing Sylvia did remind me about, a few days ago, is that we can go-ahead and start that business I talked to her about some Time ago.

  • It looks like it might require 10,000 to 20,000-square feet of space. I won’t say what it is but it’s a combination of things. It has something to do with a “restaurant”, “inventions” and “music”.
  • K.K., when we’re ready to start this massive project, if you’re available, we’d like to hire you to be our “Restaurant Advisor”. Of course, if you’re not starting your own business, we’d like you to be the “Restaurant Manager”. (We’ll talk later.)

So I’ve started doing some very rough, very casual research on “buildings” and “properties” in the Asheville area. So far, nothing has said; “start with me”.

Once we have a location, Sylvia and I can start buying some new, larger pieces of music gear. There are a couple of Modular Synthesizers I’d like us to have and, today, Sylvia suggested… if we “Soundproof” part of our business space, I can use it as a Practice Room and buy REAL, “acoustic” drums. I really enjoy the versatility of playing “electronic” drums but there’s nothing like the “energy-connection” and “nuance” of playing a traditional drumset.

We’re also going to buy a new “iMac Pro” when they’re released in December… AND, I’m so tired of waiting for this slow Internet speed, we’re going to get faster access soon. We’ll “probably” just get the fastest access they offer. That, coupled with an iMac “Pro” and our computing experience will be almost as fast as a Human can think. (The “iMac Pro” has 18-cores… it’s like having 18 computers inside your computer.)


This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you.

Here’s part of what was sent by M.R. explaining this:

  • “This testimony comes from a man who’s had Cosmic Top-Secret security clearance since the mid-1980s. He advanced from the military to security for the Department of State to the umbrella organization that appears to control everything often called “The Cabal.””

Question everything.

Here’s the link (on the following page, click on: “Deep Throat Testimonies”.):

  • On that page, the article ends just above the photo of Buzz Aldrin.


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

The following page contains more information, from Carl Boudreau, regarding the current “Full Moon” and it’s affect on our energies.

My comments: I read some of it… skimmed-through the rest and was about to just delete it when Sylvia sent me a “feeling”. With it came some additional information…

  • Basically, I felt 2 streams… 2 Timelines. The one we’re all currently on and the one the Cabal tried to trick us into using. (This “trickery” feels to be fairly recent.) Probably, unknowingly, Carl and some other Sources of various pieces of information, “accidentally” or “was steered to” the energy of the Cabal’s Timeline. The Cabal desperately need the Collective Consciousness on this planet to resonate with “their” Timeline. However, MORE THAN (I was just told) the majority of Beings on the surface of this planet are now “Awake” and will no longer “fall for” or be “bullied into” ANY of the Cabal’s games.
  • It’s finished. Their game is now over. Just like rolling a ball, the Cabal’s energies are simply moving on “Momentum”. At some point, very soon now, that ball will stop rolling.

We like Carl but in this Reading, he paints a fairly negative picture of the energies currently surrounding everyone. However, from “my” perspective, I’m seeing a WHOLE LOT of PARTIES about to happen!… and I’m not talking about the “all at once, all around the world” Parties. Those will begin once full “Disclosure” takes place. Instead, I’m talking about the individual, more private parties everyone will have, once they see for themselves that THEY can now EASILY pay-off their Debt.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 7-8-17 *Bleedthrough, *MoneyChalk, Harrison, AscensionSickness

*First a few comments:

At one point on Thursday, while at work, I was working near the back area of the Loading Dock (where the trucks “load” and “unload”). I was fixing Vacuum Cleaners. About 10-feet from where I was sits a Cardboard Compactor.

Although I was intensely doing my work, for 1 moment, I looked up and about 2-feet on the other side of that Compactor, I saw a guy walk through the wall, in front of the Compactor and disappear as he continued walking about 10-feet further. (So he walked from my right to my left.)

I remember what he looked like because I remember hearing myself tell him:

  • “I saw you! Male. About 6-foot tall. Wearing a medium-blue dress shirt.”

There was no one buy me and Sylvia in that entire room. I know it wasn’t “Sylvia”.

I’m mentioning this because these types of “bleedthroughs” are going to increase exponentially from this point out.

I just watched an earlier video from “Harvey”. He makes a good point about “Social Security Benefits”. So he made a 12-minute video explaining that the “Social Security Retirement Money” does not come out of our “Private Trust”, which is held by the “Federal Reserve”.

  • In yesterday’s Posting, the Narrator of those videos (Harvey), said the Federal Reserve “Private Trust” is really called the: “Treasury Direct Account”. This tells “me” that the Lightworkers have done a lot of work behind-the-scenes, in order to wrestle those accounts away from the “Federal Reserve” and place them under the control of the proper Agency… and THAT tells “me” that we are all getting a LOT closer to everything… every-thing being revealed.

Here’s the link to his video explaining “Social Security Benefits”. It’s very encouraging. (Yes, all of his videos have “language”):

This morning, while having Breakfast, I was thinking about the $2,300 electronic drumset I’ve been wanting to buy and how we can now afford it. Sylvia then showed me a piece of electronic-drumset gear that’s recently been released. (This is the “Mimic Pro” made by Pearl drums and retails for $2,200. Here’s the link to it:)

I immediately realized what Sylvia was telling me… As long as we can put a “purchase” on a Credit Card, there IS NO LIMIT on how much something costs. So we can now afford that cutting-edge technology… Plus, we can now afford the recently-released, top-of-the-line electronic drumset (by a different company) and it retails for $7,500!!! Here’s the link to it:

  • Although how we all tap-into our “Private Trust” accounts may change (for the better), right now it looks like having a “Credit Card” is the key. If you have a Credit Card, pay it off before beginning your “buying binge”. In this way, you’ll be assured that you’re accessing your Trust account correctly and that it DOES work. If you want to buy something that costs more than your Credit Card limit, contact that Credit Card company and ask them to extend your Limit. If they say you’ll have to fill out a form or just “tell them” what your income is (how much money you make), tell them they don’t need that information, in order to extend a Credit Card Limit. They may then say: “We’re require by law to have this information updated before we change a Credit Card Limit.” Tell them that’s not true and if they don’t raise your Limit, you’ll simply use 1 of your other cards from a different company.
  • (We have 2 Credit Card companies that are constantly asking us (when we log-in to our account) to fill out a form, updating our Income situation. They state they cannot issue a Credit Card Limit increase without this information… and yet, we have another Credit Card, from a different company that’s already given us 3 Credit Card Limit INCREASES [over the years] without EVER asking us to give them an update on our Income situation!) Their lies stop here. Don’t put up with it. Watch “Harvey’s” videos. He says some of the Banks and financial institutions will tell you: “We can’t talk to you about that account. We only deal with “Banks”. He explains that WE are the “Bank” for that account.)
  • If you don’t have a Credit Card because of the Cabal’s “bad credit rating” System, simply sign-up for a “pre-paid” card. Open it with the minimum amount they allow. You’ll have to use your own “paper” money to do this… BUT, once you have that card, go buy something with it. Anything. Then use your “Private Trust” to pay it off… completely. Repeat this process a few times and then contact that company and tell them to look-into your pre-paid account. Tell them to notice that you’ve been using it AND have been paying it off. Then ask them to raise your Limit. To get into the Cabal’s System, you may have to start very small but continue to pay it off, “daily” if you have the Time (you already HAVE the money). The more transactions you make with that card AND the quicker you resolve that Debt, the quicker you can get them to raise your Limit. (These are just “my” opinions. I’m NOT a financial expert. You MUST do your own homework.)

Our “Mac Mini” is about 9-years old. So I was also think about us buying a newly announced iMac ($1,500) but, today, I quickly realized that we can now buy Apple’s most powerful Mac — arriving in December — the “iMac Pro” (over $5,000). Here’s it’s link:

  • Sylvia and I received a Tracking Number for a “Modular Synthesizer Case” we purchased on June 10th. It was backordered. On that same order, I added a pair of Drumsticks. So I phoned the local Guitar Center today, to see if our Drumsticks had arrived. (We have everything we buy there shipped directly to that store. Then we go there and pick it up. In this way, those items won’t sit on our doorstep if we’re not home when they’re delivered.) The Drumsticks are on backorder.
  • After hanging up the phone, my mind drifted to the “weight” (“depth” and “seriousness”) of what Sylvia and I had recently tapped-into. I thought about the different “efforts” Sylvia and I made, over the years, in order to buy what we “needed”… AND, sometimes, just to buy “food”. I thought about the hardships my Mom went through to raise her only child (me) after my Father crossed-over (when I was 3). This was a Time when women “typically” stayed home while their Husbands went to work and made the money. So a lot of women weren’t encouraged to get an extended education or learn a Trade. My Mom didn’t even know how to Drive a car. After my Father crossed, my Mom knew she had to do something to bring-in some money. I remember her putting me in the backseat of the car and saying I’m going to teach myself how to Drive. (There were no “Seatbelts”, “Airbags” “Power Steering”, etc.) She knew she’d get a ticket if she was caught. So she only drove through the backroads of the small town we lived in. She eventually got her license and got a job as a Salad Prep Manager in a very fancy restaurant.
  • All of that flooded my mind this morning. It was just too much for me. I started crying. I couldn’t move. (I’m crying again now.) I began thinking about all the extreme living conditions… the many, many sacrifices a LOT of people made, just to put food on the table. So I cried even more.
  • The Cabal has hijacked our lives and this very “Reality” for a VERY long Time. They “eliminated” those Bankers in the early 1900s by luring them onto the “Titanic” (which was really the “Olympic”) and then sunk it. All so they could hijack the world’s financial system, create the illegal “Federal Reserve”, turn us into “Property” by manipulating our “Birth Certificates” and create those “Private Trust” accounts for everyone.
  • I cried even more when I told Sylvia: “It’s done. The Cabal are now defeated. It’s over!” Hearing myself say that, I cried more.
  • It’s done. I feel that Humanity and this planet have just… either jumped Timelines or gone through a few layers of the “Veil”.
  • We are almost home!

Please think hard about all of this “MoneyChalk” information I’ve been including, over these last few days. Think about it… If the Cabal was still in-charge of anything significant on this planet, they would simply lock-down those “Private Trust” accounts or make an example of someone who used theirs by sending the IRS after them. The Cabal are finished. It’s Time for everyone to stand-up and breathe. The days of every Human being enslaved, “financially” and “mentally” are over.

Please do your own homework and get yourself out of Debt. Be sure to “Question Everything”.

I watched a Clif High video last night. It was Posted about a week ago and, so far, he hasn’t mentioned ANY of this “Private Trust” / “Prosperity Package” information.

  • His computer software scours the Social realms of the Internet for keywords and the “emotions” attached to them. He then puts together 1-month to about 1-year predictions as to which way Society will move. These include Social Trends and any large-scale and high-emotional events.

With LOTS and LOTS of people, in the last week or so, paying-off their Debts and LOTS of people trying to buy “Teslas”, there should be a TON of information for Clif High to harvest.

(It’s been several hours since I wrote all of the above information.)

Sylvia and I just received an eMail from 1 of our Credit Card companies and it showed “Thank you for your $100 payment”. I immediately logged into our account on their website, to verify this, and it showed “$100 PAID”.

  • I’m crying… It DOES work! It’s only been less than 24-hours and we now have 1 Confirmation of payment through our “Private Trust” account! THIS IS HUGE!!!

So, I told Sylvia, we’re now going to just pay it off! So I did… all $1,869.

Initially, I told Sylvia we’ll get rid of 2 of our 4 Credit Cards but we talked it over and she showed me that having those 4 Cards means… if we can’t pay for something, because we reached that Card’s “Limit”, we can simply use a 2nd or 3rd Card to pay the remainder. So we’re going to keep all 4 Cards. In a few days, I’ll go into each of them and set them all to “Autopay”. If they allow “Daily” Autopay, that’s what I’ll use. In that way, we can just “spend” without the hassle of “paying”. What a great feeling THAT is!… To finally be able to buy something that you “want” or “need” without the hassle of “compromise”… Buying a lower-quality product because you can’t afford “the good stuff”. Think about it. Now, when you shop online, you can Sort the options by “HIGH price to low price” instead of always choosing “LOW price to high price”. It’s empowering.


This 1-hour, 32-minute video, from July4th, is of Lisa Harrison providing her weekly update on the energies she’s sensing around this planet. Here are some highlights:

  • At the start of this video, she explains something she’s talked about before… She provides a few more details on how “we” (“Humanity as a whole” or “the Lightworkers”) created a “Copy” of this Timeline, at the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013 and how 5-waves of “Volunteers” jumped onto this new Timeline, in order to help us all move forward. Once everyone was here, they destroyed the old Timeline and closed this one. This trapped the Cabal here with us, so they could be dealt with. (It sounds better when Lisa explains it.)
  • She says it feels like… The Cabal has lost the ability to “repeat things” / “control this Timeline”. “As things are being cleared, they’re cleared. They’re not coming back.”
  • Before arriving here, the “Volunteers” have encrypted some important information that they need and placed it, energetically, into “locked boxes” within their Field. These are not only “Event Driven” but can only be activated by someone else… the person who “they are intended for” or “who needs to work with that “Volunteer” for some purpose. So the more we all get out there and interact with others, the easier it will be to release that information.
  • Around the 1:10-mark, she explains that there are aspects of this, which, once deleted, will never have happened.

My comment: That’s similar to what some have said about the “bad guys” being sent to the “Galactic Central Sun”… It will be as though they never existed.

  • There’s also a lot of talk about “Time”, “Time Jumps”, “Timelines”,etc.
  • She says we do a LOT of work in “DreamTime” and some people are actually meeting their “DreamTime” co-workers, here, in this “reality”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

The following article, by healer, empath, and intuitive, Michelle Walling, explains the different things you can do for the energy-adjustments entering the Solar System at this Time.

I’m including this because some people, especially our co-workers, are continuing to develop “health changes”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: