PS 9-22-19 *Sylvia

*First a comment
Today would have been My Sylvia’s Birthday (9/22/36). I remembered this yesterday… and a few days ago but forgot about it today. Then, while playing my Drums and looking at Sylvia’s photo on the wall in front of my Drumset, I realized… her Birthday was “today”.
I stopped playing because my energy just drained away from sadness…
  • (Sylvia) “Don’t stop. You love to play drums and I love watching you enjoy yourself, playing your drums.”
  • (me) “I can’t. I just don’t have the energy now… Yes, I want to celebrate your Birthday but it doesn’t seem right, because you’re not “physically” here… and I can’t celebrate your “crossing-over”… your “coBirthday” (4/9/11) because it would be celebrating your leaving me (at least “physically”).”
Sylvia would have been 83-years old today. She was 18-years older than me. After she crossed-over, she adjusted her energy to be 18-years “younger” than me. This means she’s currently 47 (if I did the math right). She did this not only to be younger but so I would be able to Track her energy a bit easier. (It’s one of many facets that connects her and I together.)

PS 7-29-16 *NCE, Cabal, Victory?

Since I don’t like to (or believe-in) the “D” word, I’m calling this: “Nearly Crossed-Over Experience”.

I’m including this article for a few reasons:

• The jeweler, who is designing the necklace with our band’s logo, told us she nearly crossed-over 3 times, while being operated on, many years ago. She told us about this article and it begins with her story.

• For those who are curious about what “some” have experienced “near” the “other side”.

• I know there’s at least 1 person, who “Follows” this Blog, who is preparing to place herself on the “other side”. So I thought she might also like to read what some have already experienced. So she can be prepared.

Many years ago, Sylvia read that the “tunnel of light” is a trick by the Cabal. When you’re near that tunnel, they speak to you and try to convince you that you’ve been bad. Then they force a negative “life review” on you and tell you to go with them through the tunnel, where you’ll account for your mistakes and will have to do better in your next incarnation.
It’s a trap.
“IF” you encounter this situation (not everyone does), simply look straight up, above your head. You will see a few bright spheres of light. these are your “Guides” / “Guardian Angels”. Ask them to show you the Truth. Then “think” through your “Heart” and you will know the correct decision to make.
For this person, and others who may be thinking about moving to the “other side”, in your own timing… Keep this in mind… From my personal experiences with a few family members, who are on the “other side”, and what Sylvia has shown me AFTER she crossed-over, yes, it’s “different” “over there”… but, basically, think of yourself as being a grain of sand in an Hourglass. Moving from the top part of the glass to the bottom might seem like a great change but you’re still in the same container… UNTIL the “Veil” is removed.
Sure, I’d also like to take a giant step off a very tall building but Sylvia has indicated that I need to stay here for now. She’s let me know that we need everyone on BOTH sides of the “Veil” to ground the “Light” and to focus their Intentions on removing the “Veil”. At this point in Humanity’s progress, if I (or anyone) were being selfish and crossed-over before their Soul Agreement indicates, Humanity and this planet would have to work that much harder, in order to dissolve that “Veil”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).
“The Real Picture Of The World Economy”
“Japan is bankrupt.”
“Germany has billions in derivatives(Big gambles).”
“The US is just printing worthless paper and 80% of the jobs that have been created since 2008 are associated with these words ” Can I take your order sir.””
“Wall street is way over evaluated with false figures to cover it up and this means main street is in Big trouble too.”
“Saudi Arabia is running out of money because they can’t make a profit on oil.”
“China’s economy has slowed way down and they can’t feed their people anymore.”
“Russia can’t make a profit on oil anymore.”
“the European dollar is in big trouble.”
“Two billion people in the world don’t even have pumbing or one meal a day.”
“Brazil is broke because it can’t make a profit on oil and polluted.”
“Insurance companies are bailing out of ObamaCare.”
“War is usually the distraction to take people’s mind off the economy.”
“Stay grounded and create from within.”
“storing some food and water is a good idea.”

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


“IF” this is true, this 15-minute video explains that the Cabal has been defeated. There will no longer be any more delays in announcing “Disclosure”, the “Global Currency Reset”, “new governments”, etc.

It also mentions that we will be reunited with our Loved Ones “who have gone before us”. We will see them “step off the Ships”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 3-31-16 *April, *Credit, *TimeLines, Gaia, WarpDrive

*First a few comments:
As we collectively step-out onto the next month we call “April”, it’s not very good energy for me… It’s not a month I care to think about.

April 9th is when My Sylvia crossed-over.

Those 3-weeks in hospice were only the beginning of this nightmare I now call my existence.
I don’t like to swear. So I’ll put it this way:

The Cabal are the stupidest bunch of floaters I’ve ever seen in a toilet.

This, of course, makes the LightWorkers and Star Visitors, who control the timing of our freedom, EVEN DUMBER! (“Dumber” because they’re still allowing the Cabal to control their actions and timings.)

Here’s just 1 example:

One of our Credit Cards is from 1 of the Cabal’s larger banks. For the last 4-months or so they’ve left notes in our Account, asking us to update our Income Information, so they can consider us for a higher Credit Line. They say it’s the “government” that’s made them ask us to update our info, before they can even “consider” give us an increase.
Today, another Credit Card company simply sent us an eMail stating: “We just raised your Credit Limit by $300!” There were no games to play or paperwork to fill-out… AND, a few times, we’ve even spent a little more money than our “limit” allowed.
So “why” did they raise our limit? I know some Humans would love to know that formula (used by the Credit Card companies). For me and Sylvia, “I” think it’s because we’ve never been late on a payment AND because we DID slightly spend more than allowed. This told them:

“Hey, this family HAS the money, because they’re always on-time, but could use a little more spending room. So let’s increase their limit.”

Right now, except for this raised limit, all of our Credit Cards are full. We’re simply waiting for “Debt Forgiveness”. So the LightWorkers can remove those debts and leave the Cabal “holding the bag” (paying the bill). Credit Cards are the invention of the Cabal. Propped-up by laws made by the Cabal. In order to pay those Credit Card bills, we have to use another invention of the Cabal, called: “Money”, which they print and control. However, before we can pay those Credit Card bills, we have to take advantage of ANOTHER Cabal invention, which is called: “work for your income”… and THAT completes the Cabal’s circle.
So once “Debt Forgiveness” is officially announced, Humanity will switch over to real “money”, which is backed by real “things” and the Cabal’s fake, criminal “money” will be worthless. Maybe there will be a HUGE bonfire… and maybe the Cabal will light it FROM THE INSIDE!
(Sorry. That was more of a “gotta get it out of my energy sphere”.)
On 3/29/16, I included a “Timelines” Section, which basically stated that the positive Beings will soon go back 80,000-years and correct our hi-jacked Timeline and this will give us an 80,000-year “do-over”.

I’ve been thinking about this. Keep in mind that “good” and “bad” are “judgements”. They are taught by “Society” and learned by the new incarnates, who are arriving daily to help Humanity and the Earth.

What I’m puzzled about, with this, is… If a group of Beings (such as the Reptilians) can go back in Time and change things… we call it “bad”. When a 2nd group of Beings (such as the Star Visitors) goes back in Time and changes things, why do we call this “good”?
(1 thought): “That’s easy. The 1st group caused a lot of suffering to the Earth and to Humanity. So when the 2nd group goes back to change things back, it will be as though all that pain and suffering never happened.”
(2nd thought): “So all of the challenges we faced, obstacles we’ve overcome, the compassion we’ve learned, the helping our fellow Man and all the pure Love that was generated in the face of those very trying times will never have been learned? How is that a “good” thing?”
Here’s the link to that previous article:
Another encouraging message from “Gaia Portal”:
“Heralds of amplifications present.”
“Storm fields relinquish, as dregs are removed.”
“Waters of emerging Higher Energies wash the planet, and hu-being consciousness.”
“Nothingness appreciates.”
Question everything.

Here’s the link:

I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)
The following short article explains that “Warp Drive” technology is right around the corner and that we’ll be able to travel Light Years in just a few days.
My comments:
The reason I’m including this is because of something that “felt wrong” about this idea, when I heard it several months ago. I just didn’t feel that “wrong-ness” as heavily as I’m feeling it right now. So I want to share my personal thoughts on this idea:

Having a Starship with “Warp Drive” capability is only part of the full equation. Let’s think about this… You’ve just built a StarCraft which can move through Space faster than the speed of Light. (Faster than 186,000 miles per second.)

At that speed, a grain of sand, floating in Space, would either disintegrate upon impact with the Ship or go right through the Ship’s outer Hull.

So, along with a very fast Drive System, your Ship must have an incredibly fast-thinking computer and far-reaching Sensors. In fact, your Ship’s Sensors will have to scan in a “cone-shape” out in front of your Craft a MINIMUM of 1,860,000 miles ahead… constantly! This will only allow a 10-second TimeFrame for your Ship’s Sensors to detect an obstacle, figure out the best maneuvering path to take and then control the Ship to make those changes. (Remember, flying through Space means we’re dealing with 360-degrees of maneuverability. it’s not like driving a car and deciding whether to turn “left” or “right”. So a Starship has to constantly “sense” and “control” the energies within the entire “sphere” around it.)

As you can see, this is not something that seems very practical.

Yes, the Ship could be designed to have Force Field (Shields) technology but these will only deflect small to tiny objects. If there’s a situation where your Ship is heading directly into a planet so large that it will take several seconds to go around it, Shields will not protect your Ship from a direct impact into a planet. Not at those speeds.

So, to “me”, “Warp Drive” technology is “linear thinking”… We have taken what we now know and simply improved it. We haven’t really made a “leap” in technology. This is similar to something I told Sylvia many years ago… I was thinking about how Humans went from the “horse and buggy” to “automobiles”. I told Sylvia I would have never thought of that (‘automobiles”). My mind would have continued to improve the buggy… changing the suspension, installing more comfortable seats and maybe testing different materials for the frame and wheels but I don’t think I would have thought about replacing the “horse” with a “motor”.

So instead of making an engine which will move your Ship faster through Space, let’s backup and see what the real goal is… We really just want to move “people” and “materials” from “Point A to Point B”. Why don’t we simply use what is already available? “IF” the ideas I’ve read-about are true, all we have to do is use the man-made Portals, called “Star Gates” or the Natural “jump points”, such as Wormholes and Suns. Enter “this one” and exit through “that one”.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

PS 12-28-15 *Cabal, Transformation, Hoffman, Awakening

*First a comment:

This had entered my mind a few weeks ago, and I may have mentioned this once or twice in the Past, but the Cabal are not trying to send the majority of Humanity to the other side of the “Veil” — not trying to “cross-them-over”.

For the last several months, the “Chicken Little” part of Society has been trying to get Humanity to believe that the Cabal wants to cause 3/4ths of the world’s population to “cross-over”. In “my” opinion, “war” is not designed to cause those participants to cross-over. It’s designed to cause all of Humanity to “fear”…

  • …fear of war in general.
  • …fear of war coming to their city.
  • …fear of “us” versus “them”, etc.

Think about it… If the Cabal were trying to rid this planet of 3/4ths of its population…

  • …missiles would be fired at every major city on this planet on an almost daily basis.
  • or
  • …this planet’s food supply would be rendered un-consumable. So Humanity would either cross-over from starvation or because the Cabal want to make us eat their “technology-enriched” “food”.
  • or
  • …they would be spraying chemicals in our sky which would cause millions of people to cross-over “instantly”.
  • …or any number of other ways to accomplish this.

Think about it… If someone tries to force their own “crossing-over”, Society is designed to stop them. We lock them up and put them on a round-the-clock Watch. The Cabal really doesn’t want them to cross-over.

  • Question everything!… EVERYTHING!

The “Cabal” are done! The only thing they can now throw at us are “ideas”. Because we are all currently walking across the fragile ice of tomorrow, we must remain Positive and stay on our true Path — the road “home”, out of this illusion, through the removal of the “Veil”. So if any of us starts feeling “stress”, “fear”, etc., please remember THAT energy is not where Humanity is heading. Those negative energies will only side-track us. If the Cabal’s mind-tricks catch any of us, at this late stage of this game, it will cause that person to step away from our true Path and he or she will find themselves in an echo of illusions with the Cabal whispering in their ear.

Break this by knowing that each of us deserves better… We deserve to be free… We deserve to know the Truth… We deserve to be happy. Positive energies rule the day. Ignore the Cabal and they will fade.


(Thanks go to SoulSpeak for finding this and Posting it on her Blogsite.)

I was skimming-through the following Channeled information and, with each sentence, I felt a subtle pull to go-ahead and include that information. Then I reached the 3rd paragraph and I had to stop, come back here and make room for it. That 3rd paragraph begins with:

  • “By/near January 17 many of us will have entered a completely new phase of our journey.”

Here are some excerpts:

  • “We are embodying several dimensional layers in a fully conscious process, and yes – things get incredibly and beautifully intense. Keep your psyche, heart and body well cared for, Beloveds. Write down the experiences, interaction, different races, messages and guidance for later. We’ll be assisting the next wave – later. The Tribe will be fine, and we need to unify in showing them this is not busy-ness as usual. For now, everyone upstairs is saying to step away and focus. They are also advising getting away from interference (extended internet/wireless exposure, digital media, etc.). This is an organic Mastery process; apply that wisdom as necessary. If you’re in this phase, you get it.”
  • “The New Christed grid system came online in December. Remember when the merge of grids happened in late November 2014? Now the old one has dropped. Gone. Many adjustments were made mid-December (rough week for Gatekeepers), and we have a much easier multidimensional access now. Experiences may get stranger, clearer, for many of you.”

My comment: This ties-in with 2 or 3 other sources that I’ve read in the last few months… that have indicated the same thing — a new Grid was forming or merging with the old one.
As I read the following paragraph, I thought: “I know we’re “close”. I feel that everything is now coming to a Point. I’m getting a strong sense that “2016” IS the year we’ve all been waiting for.” The further into this paragraph I read, the stronger my feeling of “get ready because we’re about to do this” became… and then I just started crying. (…and I’m doing it again).

  • “If you’re not in this phase, support those who are by staying heart-centered, kind, compassionate, and calm. Stop any negative recurring thoughts in their tracks and focus on love, peace, and positive creations. It’s important to keep the vibe up there, Beloveds. Serve the Ascension as best you can.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Here’s the link to SoulSpeak’s Blogsite:


Today’s late Posting by Jennifer Hoffman may help others understand what is happening around the planet at this Time:

  • “Simultaneous spontaneous combustion and alchemy, where energy is being vaporized and repurposed (from 3D to 5D) is right for today and we had a 45+ minute M2 solar flare to help us along. So you can expect the next couple of days to be a little frazzled or very high energy, it depends on how you receive, integrate, and process energy. Whatever you do, it will probably be a little wild and crazy for the next couple of days, just letting you know. Shine on everyone, we’re not finished with 2015 yet, a few more days.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:

  • Also…
  • I’ve noticed that facebook sometimes asks you to Log-In before allowing you to view someone’s page. This happened again, just now and then I remembered some of Safari’s powerful tools…
  • For this, you need to have Safari’s “Develop” menu showing in the Menubar. Do this by opening Safari “Preferences”, clicking on “Advanced” and then putting a Checkmark in the box at the bottom: “Show Develop menu in menu bar”.
  • Now, when you visit a page that has a lot of clutter or the restriction that facebook just displayed, pull this menu down and choose: “Disable Styles”. All the images and information will still be there but the entire page will be unformatted (chaotic) and, in this case, that restriction will be ineffective.
  • Select “Disable Styles” again and the page will appear normally.


(Somehow, this information looks very familiar but, since if was Posted on November 29th, I know I didn’t include it before. If I read it at that Time, I would have included it then but I know I didn’t.)

The OP (Original Poster) on this forum thread had a dream…

  • “Last night I had a dream that an angel visited me in my dream and gave me a vision.
  • This vision was of man’s awakening to another plane of existence, not life after death but life beyond life as we know it. “
  • “I know this sounds weird, but stay with me on this.”
  • “In the dream I was an old man and the angel came in disguised, she asked me if I knew who she was and I replied no but that she did look familiar somehow. She laughed and then looked at me and said you have seen me twice before, but would not say when I saw her. Only after she said that I started to get a very strange feeling in the pit of my stomach and she came closer and told me to relax. She then touched my forehead and I immediately had a vision of a world beyond what we can comprehend. I am having difficulty remembering exactly what I saw but from what I can remember it was a glowing field and in the distance I saw very tall buildings that looked to be made of gold.”
  • “She then removed her hand and told me to tell of this land and that soon it would be the home to the men and women that were ready for the awakening. When I asked her how long it would take she just smiled and said as long as it has too, but that it would be within my life time.”
  • “Before she left I asked her if that was the place that people went when they died and she said that people don’t die, there bodies do but their souls live on in this dimension until they are ready to return.”

My comment: “…it would be within my life time”. This is 1 of the most difficult things “I” have seen people struggle with, whenever I explain the situation Sylvia and I are currently in.

  • I explain that the “Veil” will be removed and that “I”, and most of the world’s population, will not “cross-over”. Once the “Veil” is removed every “Being” (including animals) who is now on THAT side of the “Veil” will be reunited with their Loved Ones on THIS side of the “Veil” and that all of this will happen “in my lifetime”.


Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 11-30-15 *Bulb, *Puzzle=, Gaia, Cobra, Iceland, Fulford

*First a few comments:

We’re still not able to receive eMail at our “” address. So if anyone has sent us a message to that Account, we haven’t received it. Our Hosting company told us the problem seems to be with 1 of their Servers. They are currently looking into it.

Last week, 1 of my LED desk lamps stopped working. We’ve had it for about 200-weeks. I was going to simply buy a new bulb for it but, when I took it apart, I saw that there wasn’t a “bulb”. Instead, it used some type of illuminating “circuit” to produce light.

I was going to buy another desk lamp. Then Sylvia mentioned we could just buy an LED bulb for our Living Room ceiling light. So after going to our local hardware store, and spending almost a half-hour examining the options, we bought an LED bulb which is the 60-watt equivalent of a standard incandescent bulb. This particular LED bulb produces “Natural Light”.

The reason I wanted to mention all this is to show how much the Cabal have conditioned us over these last eons of Time…

  • Most of us have grown-up with “incandescent” light. We take it for granted and it looks fine. That’s the way things are.
  • Every Time we turn our Living Room light on, the light it emits seems very strange. If we notice that LED light in the room, it feels as though there’s a “floor” or “table” lamp without its lampshade. If we don’t look at the lighting fixture and only notice the “color” of the light itself, it seems as though it’s always the middle of the afternoon and the Sun is shining through a Sky Light in our roof. (We don’t have a Sky Light.)
  • While that light is on, if we look at the light being emitted from any of our other lamps, their incandescent light just looks very “yellow” in comparison.

This clear-white, almost-bluish LED light may also diminish my occasional depression energies.

I added the Equal Sign (=) to the title because I “may” have put a couple puzzle pieces together today.

  • Note: Even if none of this is real, it’s a good opportunity to use this information as a “mental” / “psychic” exercise.

These “puzzle pieces” are part of the “big picture” of facets which explain the illusion we’ve come to know as our “reality” and maybe how to remove it.

Here are the mental ingredients I used to create the merging of these puzzle pieces:

  • The information in this video, which I included on 11/25/15, which in states that Admiral Byrd saw a “large land mass” beyond Antarctica. This video also states that the U.S. sent military troops and equipment there and they saw a dome over that land area. They then tried to punch a hole in it with nuclear missiles.
  • How things “resonate”. Especially how Humans “attract” and “are attracted to” things and other Humans.
  • The “Hundredth Monkey Effect”.
  • I’m working from Sylvia and my interpretation of that information… As someone discovers something, typically an Insight to an idea, this energy “somehow” and “automatically” is placed in the “Grid” — that invisible pattern of energy lines which surround the Earth and contain knowledge. Any Being can tap into the “Grid”, in order to learn something already discovered by another Being.
  • What some claim as the Cabal’s “technology” that can capture a Soul when it leaves the Unit (the body and its many Systems) and place it (re-incarnate it) back into another Unit.
  • The “Near-Death Experience” and “Out-of-Body Experience”. My theory is that people who are about to “cross-over” AND see their Loved Ones who have crossed-over previously, will be taken to the other side of the “Veil”. Those who cross-over but do NOT see their Loved Ones waiting to guide them across, will experience the “tunnel of light”. Some say this tunnel is the work of the Cabal… because they can’t simply grab your Soul, they must yield to your Free Will. So they do their best to trick you by showing you a tunnel of light.
  • When My Sylvia crossed-over, her parents, who crossed-over many years before, had come to guide her to where she needed to go. She did not see a “tunnel of light”.
  • Some say “1” of the original inhabitants of this planet were the Annunaki and that they are responsible for creating the modern Human.
  • The Cabal’s “lies” and “half-truths” over the many eons that Humans have existed on this planet. Some claim the Cabal leave clues of what they’re up to. Some claim the Cabal present lots of their information in plain sight but “backwards” or “reversed”.
  • The story of “Santa Claus” places him and his workshop at the “North” Pole.

So, the puzzle-pieces I “may” have fit-together today involved all of the above ingredients. This is how “I” feel these pieces are connected. Please keep an open mind:

  • The Cabal placed the location of Santa at the “North” Pole to keep our attention, our collective and powerful energy, off of the “South” Pole.
  • For those Humans who are resonating with “fear”, “religion” (not “Spirituality”, there’s a difference), doubt or any other idea which pulls our energies down, the Cabal uses their “technology” to “sense” or “keep track of” when those people are about to cross-over. Since they can’t interfere directly, they then present that person with a “tunnel of light” and allow their “Free Will” to choose it. When they do, that person is taken to “Heaven”, which is inside the Domed area beyond Antarctica.
  • If the person who is about to cross-over is “Aware”, the Cabal “can’t” or “don’t want to waste their Time”, so they don’t display their “tunnel of light” or otherwise interfere. This allows the natural process of “previous Loved One” to come and guide that person across the “Veil” and to “Hell”. I only use that word because we’ve been taught (by the Cabal) that any place that’s deep down in the ground is called “Hell”. Within these pieces of this puzzle, that below-ground area is “Inner Earth”, which is also referred to as: “Agartha”.
  • In this connect-the-dots scenario, the Earth, its many Systems and all the Beings who live on her are existing within a closed System. This means, even when someone crosses-over, they are still somewhere within the realm of Earth. Initially, I had 3 possible places Sylvia could be living right now: 1) Within the Moon, 2) On a StarShip, 3) On the surface of the Earth but with her energies out of phase with my senses… making her here but not noticed by anyone. With these new puzzle pieces, I’m saying those who have crossed-over are either in that Dome or in Agartha.

So, “IF” this is how these pieces fit-together, I’ll be looking to buy a serious Earth-boring machine. Of course, I’m not going anywhere unless Sylvia suggests it… because, right after she crossed-over, she told me to “Hold our space”.

While at work, thinking about all this, I felt as though someone told me:

  • “You put a large hole in the Veil today.”

…meaning… my linking of all these elements has placed that information into the Grid and because its energy is focused on the “Veil”, it placed enough psychic pressure on that ever-thinning concept and caused it to crack even more.

Is ANY of this true? Only Time will tell.

Question everything.


We must be getting close to “something”:


  • “Crystal elementals descend from above.”
  • “Magic points are noted by all Gaia beings.”
  • “Unification becomes priority energetically.”
  • “Life paths are unveiled as individuals relax.”
  • “Portentions are released, as collectives embrace.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Here’s some new information from Cobra:

  • “Event Meditation Report”
  • “Our Event Meditation was a huge success and we were very close to reaching the critical mass. Dragon sources have communicated that positive timeline has been deeply stabilized and the Resistance has communicated that one huge layer of strangelet and toplet bombs has been removed. Since the meditation, there are intense negotiations taking place behind the scenes for full Disclosure and for complete and unconditional surrender of all Cabal factions, including the Chimera.”
  • “Due to the success of this meditation, the Light forces have asked to change our former Weekly Liberation Meditation into Weekly Event Meditation each Sunday at 7 pm UT.”
  • “It is not a coincidence that many positive news have been released in a few short days after our meditation.”
  • “The Islamic State organization in Syria is almost destroyed:”
  • “Turkish downing of the Russian military plane has backfired and now Turkish connections to the Islamic State are being exposed:”
  • “The Jesuits are very well aware that the plans to start WW3 will not be successful and that Islamic State project is doomed to fail. This is why Jesuit-related cabalists are distancing themselves from that situation in order to save their own skin:”
  • “The Light forces have communicated that by using name ISIS for the terrorist organizatoin you are actually supporting them energetically, because it is the name they have chosen occultly to strengthen themselves. If you use other names (ISIL, Islamic State, Daesh) instead, you are weakening their position:”
  • “A petition has been created to help spread awareness of this and you can sign it here:”
  • “In a few short days after our meditation, several seemingly unrelated events have happened that will bring us much closer to disintegrating the Veil and towards Disclosure.”

My comments: That sentence makes it seems as though the removal of the “Veil” will happen before “Disclosure”. That makes me and Sylvia VERY happy! I was thinking it had to happen the other way around but if “Veil removal” happens 1st, that’s good with us! I’ve mentioned many times… all Sylvia and I want is to be reunited with each other. This is our goal… our main focus and purpose.

  • “First, Blue Origin has successfully launched and landed a reusable rocket. This will drastically reduce the cost of space travel:”
  • “Second, NASA has found an indirect indication of Tunnels of Set surrounding the Earth:”
  • “Third, a Canadian team has developed a project of launching a crowdfunded satellite that will search for extraterrestrial craft:”
  • “People who will contribute to the project will have access to the satellite’s data. This is the first satellite ever publicly launched that will actively search for extraterrestrial presence in Earth orbit, and what is even more important, it will be in the hands of the people and not NASA. Imagine being able to take photos through a crowdfunded satellite moments after NASA cuts off live feed from ISS:”
  • “The Light forces have asked people who are willing and able to support this satellite project financially, to do so here:”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This forum thread states:

  • “Not only did they jail their bankers, but now the Icelandic government has pledged 30,000 Icelandic K’s to each and every citizen after their 2008 banking scandal—a payout offering for the sale of one of its three largest banks, Íslandsbanki.”

I’m including this because, according to various sources, this is 1 of many “positive”, financially-related scenarios that will be happening all over the world.

My comments: Iceland continues to show the world how to stand-up to the Cabal.

A Commenter stated that 30,000 Icelandic Ks equals about $225. This is still a giant step forward in taking back this planet.

Question everything.

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This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The Illuminati, through their “grandmaster” Alexander Romanov, promised a surprise for Thanksgiving this year and even gave us a hint of what it would be by showing a map of Turkey on his website. Now Pentagon sources are saying that Turkey is going to pay for its funding of ISIS and its aggression in the Middle East by having large areas of its territory confiscated. The same is going to happen to Israel, both Illuminati and Pentagon sources say. Saudi Arabia, for its part, will cease to exist as a Saudi family private property playground, they say.”
  • “The Illuminati and the Pentagon sources both say that many of the Rothschilds, Benyamin Netanyahu and the Erdogan family are now “high value targets.””

My comment: Hey, Cabal! How’s that “control the people” thing working out for you?

There’s a saying: “When we own things, those things own us.” (something like that). So, Cabal, as you’re running off to hide, be sure to load your pockets with a lot of gold. Oh, wait. Where will you be running to? Your “Jump Room” (teleportation) technology has been shut down… and your underground and underwater bases have been sealed… and those reverse-engineered Ships you’ve built will never get past the Star Visitor’s advanced weapons.

So “where” will you be running off to? You “could” stay here with me and Sylvia. We’ll make sure no one ever finds you. We’ll be happy to “help” you.

  • “In any case, once Turkey is finished with, the Russians and Syrians are expected to carry out a joint military campaign to wrest the Golan Heights from Israel. Following that, Israel will be forced to make a permanent peace with its neighbors in exchange for the return of stolen land.”
  • “Inside the US as well, a purge of the Khazarian mafia is continuing. Jeb Bush for example, is now widely reviled as part of the traitorous gangster family that was complicit in 911 and countless other crimes. As a result, he has virtually vanished from the corporate media where, until recently, he was talked about as if he were an anointed Presidential candidate. Neo-con traitor John McCain for his part is showing signs of mental instability, CIA sources say. The rest of the Khazarian mob in the US is also terrified because the sources of their power, the Federal Reserve Board and the corporate government of the United States are bankrupt. Major European allies like France, Germany, Italy, England, Switzerland etc. have already abandoned them.”
  • “Now a Canadian group is now trying to negotiate a friendly take-over bid of the United States Corporate government. The Canadians are offering good government, friendly foreign policy and a fair economic playing field for all Americans if their bid succeeds. The Pentagon, the Chinese, the Europeans and others have shown an initial positive reaction when asked to support this bid. This is all very preliminary though, sources close to the bid offer say.”

My comments: What? This is news to me. Sylvia and I have known that the U.S. “government” is really a “corporation” but having another country “bid” on taking it over? I was under the impression that… once the “Event” happened, responsible people would step-in to our government’s roles and work FOR the people.

Question everything.

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My Energy Levels

Sylvia suggested I Post this, because it may help others who are going through the loss of a Loved One or depression. It may also help those who know someone who is experiencing these situations. This is a personal look inside my “state-of-being” and, hopefully, this information may be of some help to others.

  • NOTE: I’ve Posted an exact copy of this information on our menu, called: “My Energy Levels”. Since the information below may help others for longer than the Posting of THIS message today, it will remain in that menu for everyone’s future reference. I have Posted this “here”, on our daily Blog page, in order to use “Tags” to let everyone know it’s available. (Of course, “Tags” can’t be added on Weebly. So if you want to “Follow” or “Like” any of these entries, please visit our WordPress Blog:)

Although I may add a few more levels of my core stability read-out to this list, this is what I’ve experienced so far in my daily “how are you feeling today?” question (whenever someone asks). The top of this list is the “ultimate” / “Sylvia and I are now physically together” and the bottom of this list is “rock bottom” / “crash-and-burn” / “complete chaos” / “no direction or purpose without My Sylvia”:

1 – With Sylvia

  • The ultimate experience for me and My Sylvia is to be “physically” with each other. Once we achieve this level, EVERYONE will know it because Sylvia and I will not only be arm-in-arm, 24/7, like we’ve been for OVER 21-years, but we will both have the BIGGEST grins on our faces.

2 – I’m on FIRE!

  • I can feel doorways opening and energies changing… lining-up… Sylvia and I are about to be “physically” reunited with each other

3 – Pleasantly Positive

4 – Cautiously Hopeful

5 – Holding my own.

  • It’s taking an effort to not dwell in the negative energies surrounding me at this time. Although I can still have moments of chaotic sparks of energy within me, I’m able to control most of this. (Sometimes, there are long stretches of days… even weeks, were this is as good as it gets for me.)

6 – Blah.

  • I’ll usually just make a noise, when asked how I’m doing. I’m doing my best to interact with “society” but, at times, I get a bit depressed, disoriented and have a little bit of chaotic energy. I do my best to keep these energies under control but it’s EXTREMELY difficult.

7 – Crash-and-burn.

  • I have completely shut down. Although I may look as though I’m going from “point A” to “point B”, I really don’t know how I got there or what I’m supposed to be doing… and this is the “good” part of this state. Typically, I’m disoriented, and don’t understand much more than simple instructions. I do not understand the details of basic “conversation” and I mostly want to just cry. Several months after Sylvia crossed-over, I spent a lot of time within this state… a LOT of time.

8 – (Yes, there’s another level lower than number 7. I really don’t want to describe this one because it means I have to reach inside those energies. Even as an “observer” this is painful.)

  • So, number 8 is “Meltdown”.
  • This state actually started WHILE Sylvia and I were in hospice… for 3-weeks! Now, I’m a loud talker anyway… so picture me in the hallway of a quiet, hospice setting. The patient’s are in their rooms resting and their loved-ones are by their side, feeling lots of stress. As I’m “talking” to the chaplain, nurses and other staff members, they urge me to go out to the hallway, so “I” wouldn’t bother Sylvia. I get to the hallway and begin to cry… a LOT. As I “talk” and “cry” at the same time, I get even LOUDER. Everyone urges me to go to the end of the hallway and go into that “waiting room”, where there’s a door they can close, but I refuse:
  • “I”M NOT LEAVING THIS ROOM!!!” (pointing to the door of Sylvia’s room, which is just a few feet from me.)
  • Because I was interacting with several other people at the time, I only really noticed my “outward” physical pains and energies, during those “Meltdowns”. When I was by myself, during those 1st 12-months, especially the first few DAYS after going home by myself, I could truly feel the “inner” pains and energies… and this was NOT pretty. I’d rather lose an arm or jump off a cliff than go through that feeling again. I would not wish this on anyone. The best way I can describe this feeling is that it’s like having a sword or arrow pierce through your heart and the tip stops just after slightly piercing your very Soul. The PAIN IS ENORMOUS! I’m not much of a linguist but I cannot find a word that describes just how painful this is… When it happens, I wrap my arms around myself, trying to contain it or at least settle it down… but this has no affect. There’s sometimes a sharp pain near my heart and it’s difficult to breath. My mind is foggy, my overall energies are very chaotic and my stress level is unmeasurable.

No matter which of the “negative” states I’m in, there is no cure. I simply have to work through it myself. If I’m about to knock something over or unknowingly harm someone else, then, yes, an extra pair of eyes on “me” will be appreciated.

…and, no matter which state I’m in, it sometimes doesn’t take much to immediately send me to ANY one of the other states… I don’t have to “go through” the next one in line.

Sometimes, I have to fool myself, in order to get myself through to the next “minute”… and the next… and, eventually, over the hump in the day, which can then bring me to the next day. Of course, it’s still bad when Sylvia and I leave the building we work in. At that point, I’m alone… all alone. It’s just a raw “me” and My Sylvia. The drive home is stressful and annoying because I’m not at work where things are familiar and we’re not home yet, where things are very familiar. Instead, we have to brave the lunacy we know as “driving in public”. Where some of the people are on cellphones and have no clue as to what’s happening around them… and there are others who tailgate everyone because they’re better than everyone else and can’t understand why there are ANY vehicles allowed on the road besides THEIRS! (Don’t believe me? See if you can drive 5-miles per hour slower than the speed limit without someone tailgating you — even if there’s a completely empty lane available, where they could easily enter and drive around you!)

Many people that “I” talk to still don’t “get it”. They just do not understand the situation Sylvia and I are in AND the way WE are handling this. When I tell them Sylvia crossed-over 240-weeks ago, they cannot comprehend that much Time passing, and yet, “I”, at least on the inside, am still extremely sad, sometimes depressed, mostly stressed and WILL NOT BREAK MY “LOOP”! (…of ‘eat, sleep, go to work, rinse, repeat)

PS 11-11-15 *Thinning, *Manifestation, Gaia, Cobra, Goode, Reality, Meadors

*First a comment:

I’ve mentioned this in a few previous eMails. This doesn’t happen every day but it did happen just now. So I’m including this experience, in order to make a point that… in “my” opinion, the “Veil” is getting thinner every single day:

  • Tonight, while sitting here doing this research, I can clearly and solidly feel My Sylvia sitting right here beside me. The energy is thick and almost tangible (I think that’s the correct word).

When I do experience moments like this, it does help me A LOT!

I’m sharing this to show that anyone can do this. I’m not any “more” or “less” special than any Human on the surface of this planet. I may simply be more focused on a lot of alternative energies. During my away-from-home days, I see a lot of Humans caught in the Cabal’s trap of “technology”. Some Humans are like a moth to their cellphone’s flame… they can’t escape whatever it will do next and are so focused on THAT they forget the immediate world around them. Don’t they understand that they’re pushing away “Nature” and diving deep into the Cabal’s purposely-harmful technologies?

Sylvia and I, but mostly “me”, used to also be caught-up in “some” of the Cabal’s traps. However, since Sylvia crossed-over, I completely withdrew most of my energies from what Humans perceive as a “Society” and have focused on “the inner Me” and “My Sylvia”… and only interacting with “Society” when I really have to. I can’t even tell you who’s the current “celebrity of the week” or “who’s running for the Cabal’s artificial presidency”… I can tell you who will be the next President and Vice President but these Beings are not on most Human’s radar. When I tell you their names, most people will simply say I’m even crazier than they thought I was… but if everyone were to put down their cellphones, switch-off the Cabal’s television, radio and newspaper propaganda and take a giant step back, you’ll see how Humanity’s current Timeline is rolling out in front of us.

Several months ago, I mentioned 3 or 4 projects that Sylvia and I will be working on together. One of those is the album we are currently working on. Another project is an “adventure game” that I’d like to create:

  • Although this would be a “game” for the User, it will tell the story of me and Sylvia and our life now “across the Veil”. It will also ask those User’s to provide me with any information, ideas, dreams, etc., which may help me figure out how to remove the “Veil” or how to walk through it like Carlos Castaneda’s character “Don Juan” did.

There are 2 main pieces of software that I’ll need, in order to create this User-paced “game”:

  • Carrara, a 3D modeling program that I’ve used in the past but need the newest version.
  • SuperCard, a computer programming environment, similar to Apple’s HyperCard (which I’ve programmed in many years ago).

Yesterday, E.R. (who’s on this list), sent me a link to a Macintosh-based software bundle which contains… SuperCard… AND you get to pick the price you want to pay for the 8 programs offered. So, instead of paying $279 for SuperCard, Sylvia had me buy their 8-program bundle for just $15.

As for “Carrara”. We do have an older version (version “5”) and they’re currently on version 8.5…

  • The company that owns it has not updated it in a very long time. I checked the Forums for that software today and discovered that the company has just recently… as in a week or 2 ago, started working on version “9”!

I’m including this information because it shows that “I” or “Sylvia” manifested these 2 experiences.

Here’s a link to Carlos Castaneda’s books:

Here’s the link to the software bundle:


“Gaia Portal” has released this encouraging message today:

  • “Nodes of sterility have released.”
  • “Activities of Light permeate the multitudes.”
  • “Paradigms of new life come to the forefront.”
  • “Essential views are now allowed.”

My comment: Once again, “IF” this information is true, it is very encouraging and very powerful.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is Cobra’s Posting from today:

  • “It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, on November 21st. On that day, an important cycle will end and another one begin. This is the turning point where we can utilize our collective power of manifestation to use it as a pivot to trigger the changes we are all waiting for. Masses will gather on that day and invoke the presence and intervention of positive extraterrestrial Star brothers and sisters and subterranean beings of Light that will assist us in the process of liberation of our planet from the tyranny of the dark forces so that for the first time in our history we will have the chance to create our own destiny as free citizens of the Earth.”
  • “Our mass effort on this day will be the trigger that will help to activate the Plan so that it may come to its fruition. Our activation on that day is our declaration of Victory of the Light. Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people dong this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.”

Be sure to visit Cobra’s webpage below, in order to access the images and links he has included.

Question everything.

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This is the latest message from Corey Goode, regarding the SSP (Secret Space Program) and meetings between the Cabal and the Star Visitors. The title is: “Negotiations for Disclosure, China Canceling Debt, SSP Alliance Pushing for Full Disclosure, David Wilcock’s Comment”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

The OP (Original Poster) on the following forum, questions how we perceive “reality”. This is just part of her or his idea:

  • “The reason for this initial conversation was due to my partner recovering from a severe psychotic episode within the last 2 years. She literally awoke one morning and it was like someone had flipped a switch. She had become totally delusional where she believed and would see things no one else could. She would experience these delusions on every sensory level. She could no longer differentiate her delusions from reality.”

I’m including this because, “IF” this theory is correct, it may provide some Insights and clues into the “Veil” and how it makes more of Humanity perceive the world around them.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m also including this a “bonus” information…

This message is from Alexandra Meadors, owner of the Galactic Connection website:

  • “If you haven’t already noticed it seems that EVERYONE is having some sort of crisis, interference, or intensity in their life in some way, shape or form right now. I have one friend who went away on a short vacation only to find out that their house caught fire. Another has such bad vertigo that he hasn’t been able to lift his head off the pillow for over 3 days, despite alternative therapies. And still another with incessant computer problems even though her computer is brand new and was working brilliantly until recently. This began at a meteoric speed on Halloween Night and is actually a good thing, however while we are moving through this transition things don’t feel that way…they feel resistant, challenging, almost monumental in scope.”
  • “You should notice that we are in a reorganizational mode and many changes will appear over the course of the months to follow. But for now, all of us at GalaticConnection are asking all of you to hold the space for us. Send us Golden Light and Protection.”
  • “Another thing we have noticed is can you feel the difference between those that are implanted and those that are not? Wow has it become apparent to those of us that are unimplanted! Medussa is truly rearing her ugly head!”
  • “Have you noticed that ever since the Mike Harris interview we have had let’s just say “glitches” with our site? I have already been told who is responsible and we know that the call for truth and disclosure is behind it all.”
  • “Please be patient with us as we transition through a electronically challenging period…PLEASE COMMAND that the hub for alternative news remains in tact through this massive shift on Planet Earth.”
  • “I call on ALL GUARDIANS…be alert, aware, and on stand by. The stage has been set and the curtain is about to be pulled…”


I’m including this because it provides feedback on what a lot of people are going through right now and this information may be helpful to anyone who may be experiencing similar things.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: