PS 6-15-17 InFighting, Hoffman

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(Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday.)


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

  • I was going to call this Section: “FakeNews?” but Sylvia suggested: “In-Fighting”.

This subject is about the “alternative news” / “new age” / “Enlightened” / “Ascending” community and “some” of the recent “name-calling” and “finger pointing”.

There’s a Saying that Sylvia taught me many years ago:

  • “Small minds talk about “people”. Great minds talk about “ideas”.” (Yes, there’s a little more to it but this is how Sylvia explained it to “me”.)

When I 1st started my nightly research, over 322-weeks ago, there were various “growing pains” of who was telling the truth, who was telling “half” of the truth and who was just making things up as they went along. Being naive about a lot of “Human” and “Society” aspects, and because I was very raw from Sylvia’s “crossing”, I completely fell for everything “Drake” was stating. Several months later, it was revealed (supposedly) by his own team that his information had been hijacked and he was instantly discredited. (It was stated at that Time that those “whistleblowers” who gave him information, began giving him “false” and “half false” data.

  • Since then, I’ve pulled-back a bit and always ask everyone to “question everything”. I do my best to use my own Discernment but I still, sometimes, get caught-up in the “I really need to believe this” facet of what is “supposedly” going on behind-the-scenes.

About 3-weeks ago, Bill Ryan and “Dark Journalist” made some negative statements about “Corey Goode”. Later, Clif High said some negative things about Corey Goode and David Wilcock. A few days ago, someone else stepped forward and said a few things against Cobra.

What I’m sensing is that we are now at the very Point in “Space” and “Time” where the “energies” of this planet and her inhabitants are squarely in the realm of “been there, done that”… all possible combinations have been tested, tasted, manifested or simply thought-of… at least by “someone”, “somewhere”. When I thought about this, tonight (after viewing the videos below), I saw (in my mind) a symbolic picture of the Earth with almost everyone pointing in a different direction. This represents our Past… where everyone wanted to explore every “thing”. Then I saw a symbolic image of everyone pointing at each other. My feeling with this is that everyone is now questioning the “authenticity” and “sincerity” of each other. We’re “calling each other out”… making everyone step forward and provide proof that they’re working for “Truth” and following the “Light”.

What I’m seeing in the few videos below is a bit ridiculous… with “some” people now putting their personal background “out there”, in order to prove to everyone that they are on the Path of helping Humanity and this planet.

Tonight, I found this 42-minute video of someone defending herself against some negative “alternative news” information.

Here’s the link:

Then, on that same YouTube page, I saw this 6-minute video, by Corey Goode’s Web Master, explaining their side of things:

Then I saw this 9-minute video, from someone watching all this from the sidelines. He provides a little bit of a perspective from “outside the tangled energies”. He does make a good point… He’s coined the term: “UFO Disease”, which I’m guilty of having…

  • I KNOW I’m swinging through the dense jungle, like a monkey on tree-vines. I can see the edge of this vast Forest just up-ahead and need to get there as fast as I can… any WAY I can. So I’m always looking for solid evidence that “something” is happening and any “Date” (point in Time) that I can find.

I’m not saying any of the people mentioned or in the above videos are “right” or “wrong”. I just have a strong sense that it’s Human nature to explore, discover and experience and, because everything’s been done, we’re now facing the final equations within this Dimension… We’re pulling the mask-off… Pulling back the curtain (from the Wizard Of Oz), pointing at each other and saying:

  • Hey, this game’s finally over. What part did YOU play in all this?

In other words, I’m not really feeling that the Cabal is needing to distract everyone from their last-minute chaos. Instead, I’m sensing that we’re all going through the “funnel” over to the next Dimension and as the space between us is getting smaller, we’re noticing each other more and, just like standing in line to board a Train, we have nothing else to do except make “small-talk” with each other.

As always, YOUR mileage may vary.

Question everything.


The very next thing I found was this information from Jennifer Hoffman:

  • “Strange day and very strange energy. People are being attacked, attacking, blamed, discredited, and more for very strange reasons. I had someone write me to tell me I was violating his copyrights on my page that discusses coffee. There is no such page on my website. It’s the polarity/duality conflict where the invitation to leave polarity (the 3D either/or) and enter duality (multi-dimensionality) is being considered and decided. For some people this is a tough choice and not one they want to or are ready to make. For others, it’s something they want and are ready for.”
  • “Are you noticing this too? It has certainly been quite a strange day energy wise, even my clients acknowledge that they were facing this issue in different aspects of their lives and were struggling with it. How was your day? Mine went by very quickly, I cannot believe it’s the end of the day already.”

My comments: For “me”, her information is talking directly to the Section above. Interesting “synchronicity”.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


PS 5-28-17 Palestine, Sardines, Ascension

After decades of tensions, between Israel and Palestine, no one from my early days (the 1960s) ever thought these two groups would even THINK about “Peace”. This very short article, from today, gives me feedback that the changes Sylvia and I have been waiting for are on our doorstep.

Here’s the article:

  • “‘Thousands of Israelis have staged a protest rally in Tel Aviv to express their support for an independent Palestinian state, condemning 50 years of Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.”
  • “Israeli NGO Peace Now, one of the organizers of the demonstration, said the event was meant to denounce the lack of hope being offered by a regime “perpetuating occupation, violence and racism”.”
  • ““The time has come to prove to the Israelis, the Palestinians and the entire world that an important segment of the Israeli population is opposed to occupation,” said Peace Now head Avi Buskila.”
  • “The demonstrators also waved Palestinian flags while Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sent a message of support which was read out at the protest.”
  • ““There isn’t a voice stronger than the voice of just and inclusive peace, just like there isn’t a voice stronger than the right of people for self-determination and freedom from the burden of occupation,” the message read.’”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I wasn’t sure what to call this Section. So Sylvia suggested “Sardines”… as in “open a can of sardines and let-out what’s been hidden”.

I’m not quite sure to make of this. The link below will take you to a 35-minute video of Clif High explaining his latest “social trend” findings. Then he states that the false information, created by a couple of “alternative news” people, has interfered with his web bot prediction software. There is “language” throughout this video and especially at the very end. Here’s what he covers:

  • “Crypto Currencies”
  • gold, silver
  • Bitcoin
  • the Federal Reserve
  • The “G7”
  • the false information put-out by Corey Goode and David Wilcock. (He says “Corey Goode’s” real name is “James Corey”.)

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


I was almost finished skimming this article when I thought I’d read it tomorrow. (It’s very late right now and I thought Sylvia and I should just get some sleep. Then I read these paragraphs and I was wide-awake and knew this information needed to be included.

  • “In this video, hypnosis practitioner Alison Coe, recently received similar messages from her clients about a supernatural event that everybody will witness:”
  • ““Within the year, there’s going to be a supernatural event… a burst of energy coming from the sky and it’s going to create a split.  Basically, some people were going to stay and some people were going to go into a new dimension… a new Earth. They’re not actually leaving their location.  They’re going deeper.”
  • “People here on Earth right now, their purpose is to come into this Earth and act as lightning rods for this new energy  to come.  They’re all over the globe. They’re acting as a magnet for this energy to come in. Their job is done.  The energy is coming.  There’s nothing they need to continue to do except stay connected (grounded), keep their vibration high, (and) don’t go into fear. Fear is of a low vibration and joy, love, abundance, etc… is of a high vibration, so you want to keep your vibration high.””
  • “In a different session with a client in May of 2017, Alison was told that the energy would be coming in 8-10 months, which basically gives a time frame between January and March of 2018. While I’ve been given glimpses of the future, I’ve never been given specific dates.”
  • ““Everything is going to change.  People need to stay out of fear.  Some people are going to the new Earth (and) some people are staying (here) based on their personal choice, their soul choice.  Some people (will) want to stay to help people who are remaining here and some people are going to populate this new area.””
  • “Many people who have been doing their work, maintaining a high vibration, grounding themselves, living in the vibration of love while living in the heart can sense and feel that something HUGE and IMPENDING is on the horizon.  Many of us have received messages through various ways about what to expect and this video by Alison is basically confirmation about what we have seen, felt, and experienced in regard to the new Earth.”

My comments: A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I have a feeling that Humanity will clean up their mess in 2017 and “go home” in 2018. Her hypnosis Clients seem to confirm this. As always, though, your results may vary.

Be sure to watch the 10-minute video at the bottom of the following page.

  • I didn’t watch the 1st 3 videos on that page. Something (or Sylvia) suggested I not watch them. I don’t know “why”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 5-2-17 *MOE-Antarctica, Cobra, 99-Percent

*First a comment:

(Mind Opening Exercise regarding Antarctica)
While having Lunch at work today, I had a bit of an insight. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know but we can use it here as a Mind Opening Exercise…

  • Note: Even if these pieces are not true, using them as a mental exercise can still expand our minds.


  • Some say at least 1 city has been found 1-to 3-miles below the ice in Antarctica.
  • Some say “Beings”, maybe even “giants” or another race, is there, encased in some type of exotic Hibernation technology. (So they’ve been “sleeping” for a VERY long Time.)
  • Some say there is “water” or “firmament” above the Sky.

Putting these pieces together…

  • What “IF” all of the above is true but has a slightly wrong perspective?
  • What “IF” those Beings knew they needed to be a part of what this planet is about to experience? They timed their Hibernation Systems so they would wake-up either at a certain “Time Point” or at the start of some major Event.
  • Before entering those Sleeping Chambers, they used their exotic (highly-advanced) technologies to “shield” / “hide” their city, their Ships and their technologies. To accomplish this, they drew fresh water up from below their ground and sprayed it above their Living Space (above their city) and, at the same Time, this water instantly froze. As we would fill an attic or the space behind a wall with expanding foam-insulation, they did the same thing but with instantly-freezing water. They created this thick, ice-blanket partly to protect themselves from Natural disasters and some of the scanners and weapons of other Beings but they also knew that the inhabitants of this planet (the Humans on the surface), would not be able to detect or enter their city until they evolved to a certain frequency.
  • Then, either because the timing is right or the Event has begun, their technologies would slowly bring them back to full consciousness AND it would melt that protective ice layer. Maybe, just “maybe” this is why the glaciers on Antarctica are melting and cracking.

As always, your mileage may vary.


Cobra Posted 2 messages today. Here’s the 1st:

  • State Of Mission Report April 2017″
  • “Pandora in progress, EELA in progress. Potentially fatal Systems/Isidic security breach, grid ratio failure, Morph decrease from 150 to 126, deflection attempt in progress. Black alert/red alert at 504. HVBN  stable. M minimum requirements met.”

Here’s the link:

Here’s the 2nd:

  • Discernment and Awareness
  • “Although drastic action was taken, the situation with directed energy weapon attacks upon Lightworkers and Lightwarriors is far from being resolved and the following article still needs to go viral, translated in as many languages as possible and posted on blogs worldwide:”
  • “Here I need to repeat again that the main reason the Light forces do not intervene more directly are plasma toplet bombs:”
  • “As plasma strangelet bombs have already been removed successfully, so will be plasma toplet bombs and that will lead to the Event. As soon as the presence of plasma toplet bombs falls below a certain threshold, the Light forces will address the directed energy weapons situation very drastically if it does not get resolved more peacefully until then.”
  • “On top of those weaponized attacks, a massive disinformation campaign against the key Lightwarriors on the planet has been engineered by the etheric and plasma Archons, manipulating personality weaknesses of certain people, “suggesting” them to attack. It started immediately after I published this article about directed energy weapons:”
  • “A certain individual that „has no idea of what he is talking about“, has released a public attack against me, and there was enough awareness to quickly put that into perspective:”
  • “To put it again very simply: I have released the directed energy weapons article to bring awareness, NOT to spread fear. Only awareness can transmute such situations. Denial will not make them go away. In fact denial which led to passive allowance is the main reason why concentration camps in World War 2 were even possible.”
  • “A few days later, a similar attack targeted Corey Goode and that was quickly put into perspective too:”
  • “It is true that Corey Goode and David Wilcock were not very open to cooperation, but they still did a huge contribution towards the planetary liberation. Although together with my network I am powerful enough to positively influence the planetary situation, imagine what we could do all together if we would cooperate!”
  • “To help clarifying the issues, the Resistance has asked me to briefly provide my perspective on Corey Goode’s intel.”
  • “Through my sources I can confirm: existence of secret space programs, spheres in the Solar System, extensive ancient ruins throughout the Solar System, ruins in Antarctica (and also in Amazon delta, gulf of Aden, bay of Bengal, north of Long Island…), giants in stasis”
  • “Through my sources I can NOT confirm: existence of Anshar, Corey Goode’s recent experiences beyond the surface of this planet”
  • “I also know beyond any shadow of doubt that main Atlantis civilization was in the middle of Atlantic ocean, with precise location revealed in this post:”
  • “All this is a lesson for many people in the Lightwarrior and Lightworker community to start using discernment. True discernment is not possible on mental level, it can only appear when you make contact with your Soul, your higher self. Then you simply KNOW.”
  • “Until then, the following two articles can help:”
  • “If we focus again on the planetary situation, the North Korean conflict node still needs to be dissolved:”
  • “I would also like to bring massive abuse of basic human rights in North Korea to public awareness:”
  • “There is now a strong worldwide campaign to expose the Cabal. The following genuine testimony has reached over 1 million people:”
  • “Evidence about a child abuse ring extending all way up to UK royal family has been recently released:”
  • “Also, Russian mainstream media now talk openly about Trump being controlled by the deep state:”
  • “Jared Kushner is identified as being his handler:”
  • “Probably you already know that Kushner owns this building:”
  • “But most likely you did not know that 666 Fifth Avenue is the home address of Rockefeller Grand Lodge, the main masonic lodge of the Rockefeller faction of the Cabal (link in Spanish, you can google translate):”
  • “The Eastern Alliance is now speeding up their preparations for the Reset:”
  • “Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and Zimbabwean Dollar are NOT the key currencies in the coming financial Reset.”
  • “People are becoming more and more aware that taxation is theft:”
  • “The idea of universal basic income is getting more and more support, and now even Cabal is considering using it in their own version of the partial, fake Reset:”
  • “Needless to say, only full Reset with abundance to all humanity is an option.”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

My comment:

  • “As plasma strangelet bombs have already been removed successfully, so will be plasma toplet bombs and that will lead to the Event.”

I’m not sure I remember Cobra telling us the “Strangelet Bombs” have been removed. Even so, the thought of just 1 more obstacle before the “Event” and the removal of the “Veil” is really were my focus is.

  • “As soon as the presence of plasma toplet bombs falls below a certain threshold, the Light forces will address the directed energy weapons situation very drastically if it does not get resolved more peacefully until then.”

This means “ALL” of the Toplet Bombs do not have to be removed before the Resistance Movement will actually do something everyone will experience. Cobra’s statement also confuses me a bit… In previous Postings, I thought Cobra stated that “Toplet” Bombs were so powerful that ONE of them could severely damage this Solar System (or something like that)… but now he’s saying… once the number of those bombs is below a certain level they won’t be able to harm anyone. So I’m confused. Which is it?

Of course, Sylvia and I completely behind the idea that the big-change is now very, very close.
Be sure to visit the following web page, in order to access the many images and links provided. One of those images contains a very insightful and empowering message:

  • “If you feel like you don’t fit in this world, it is because you are hear to help build another one.”

Note: One of Cobra’s links is to a site which quotes someone named: “Sorcha Faal”. “Some say” this person is a CIA agent who “sometimes” gives out half-truth information.
Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This 5-minute video is an interview with a former Navy SEAL who has gone “off the clock” (my words), in order to create a network of highly-skilled people who are dedicated to going after the “elites” who are involved in pedophilia. He set up a non-profit organization and is now raising money to make a film which will expose what is really going on.

He says there have already been over 3,000 arrests just since January.

My comments: He looks like a Navy SEAL, a real fighter. If his team ever decides to make some of the arrests themselves, the “elites” won’t have a chance. With his team’s contacts and skill-level, the “elite” could never “run” or “hide” from these people.

So… message to those “elites” who are involved in any of this. It looks like you only have 2 choices:

  • Take a short walk off of the top of the Grand Canyon, or
  • Turn yourself in before his team knocks on YOUR door. (Turning yourself in will be the only way you’ll be protected from his team.)

Now that I think about it though, my 1st wife once told me she used to know a guy who had been in jail a few times. He told her that the inmates do NOT like it when another inmate has done ANY harm to children. He said any inmate who has mistreated a child will be severely dealt with.

  • So “elites”, it looks like you only have ONE choice after all. Just leave all your money in a small pile at the top of that cliff. I’m sure some passersby can use it for “good”.


Question everything.

Here’s the link to the video:

Here’s the link to the website: