PS 5-20-19 Timelines, UFOs

This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).
This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.
This 30-minute video is titled: “Timelines, Economic Reset, 5D UFOs – Extraterrestrial Contact (Taygeta-Pleiades)“.
I’m including this because, around the 15-minute mark, she provides a fairly clear explanation of how “Timelines” work. “IF” this information is true, then it shows the difference between “Collective” and “Individual” Timelines
Question everything.
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This is also “bonus” information…
In this 9-minute video, the Narrator explains that the person who videoed the “UFOs” actually invented the “technique” or “device” which allows his camera to see them. He also states that those “UFOs” are perfectly synced with the Earth’s orbit, posing as parts of various Constellations. Because of this, he says, they must be 2.5-Lightyears away.
My comment: What if they’re not that far away? What if these Space Objects are just outside the Satellite layer?
Just something to think about “IF” these images are real.

Question everything.

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PS 3-23-17 Evolution

In this 2-hour video, a Hypnotherapist takes a man into a psychic journey where he learns many things that are happening to the Earth and Humanity right now… “IF” this is real. Here are some highlights:

  • Lots of Beings are here at this Time, in order to witness the Evolution of Mankind. This doesn’t happen very often and the last Time was very long ago. He says Humanity is being forced to evolve because they were supposed to evolve sooner. Humanity was held back because of “distractions”, such as our ego and greed.
  • So many are making the choice to come here now and help. Incarnating.
  • He’s from another planet. To get to Earth he “travels without moving” through the use of the mind.
  • The concept of “Time” is an illusion. His people can fold Time.
  • “Earth takes much energy to get here.”
  • The Earth is “important, it’s unique”.
  • The Earth was a Creator experiment to see how far away from the Light can people survive.
  • Many are blind here… Blind to their full potential because they forget where they came from, which is the Creator.
  • The Evolution of the Earth is happening now. “I can see it.”
  • The new Earth is already here. “It’s our creation.” It’s in another Dimension.
  • To get to the new Earth “we make a choice… Simply create it.”
  • There are infinite other Earths.
  • “We all have the Veil. It’s being lifted.” “Some will go insane. Some will see it for what it is and evolve there.”
  • “The constellations in your sky are not by accident. They are there as your guide. Each Age has its lesson of evolution and the Age of Aquarius will spill out.” Pieces… the fish will spill out on to the land. “When the veil is lifted, all perception for this reality will change. Man will perceive what he has been kept, shielded from seeing. He will be spilled out from this comfortable ocean.” “Many will be lost. Many will reside in the false lap of fear. They will not evolve. They will be thrown back into the mix.” (Lose their bodies and go back to Source.) The rest will be on the new Earth.
  • Every Being matters, man, insects, animals, etc.
  • “God seeks companions, not followers.”
  • (Patient) “There is no death as you perceive it to be.”
  • (Hypnotist) “What happens when we lose our body?”
  • (Patient) “You make an amazing discovery.”
  • (Hypnotist) “What’s that?”
  • (Patient) “That your Soul survives. You will fall into your expectations.”

Question everything.
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