PS 7-16-20 Perspective, Coins, “virus”

This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).
This 19-minute video is titled: “10 Day Portal & New Galactic Year“. This information is from Clairvoyant, Aluna Ash.
I’m including this because it provides a different Perspective on what is currently happening on the surface of Earth. Here are a few of the topics she covers:
  • The “Day of out Time” is on July 25th
  • The Galactic Year begins July 26th
  • How everything “out there” is really coming from within each of us.
I just found this information under her video:
  • “10 Day Portal: July 13th- July 22nd 10 G.A.P days in a row, the last 10 day portal was in late October early November. There is an increase in Cosmic Rays, Solar Activity, spikes with Schumann Resonance with G.A.P day portals- even more so with a New Moon within this 10 day portal and the 13th day of a 13 day cycle (relates to Sun Spots & Solar cycles)”
  • “*New Moon: July 20th”
  • “*End of this Galactic Year and 13th Moon Cycle: July 24th- a time of pause, transcending the old.”
  • “*Day out of time: July 25th which means transition from the old to the new. It is a symbolic day of Collective forgiveness, release, cleansing,  purification, letting go.”
  • “*New Galactic Year, Sun rising with the star Sirius: July 26th- The Year of The Divine Sacred Twins, the polarity of the masculine and feminine, the wall built from the opposition of the ego grows to be dissolved.”
  • “I know things can feel intense at times, can be difficult to navigate or changes in beliefs and in consciousness can seem too rapid to keep up with. I know everyone is just doing their best… Humanity is one unit so one cannot be above/higher then another and no one can fail or get left behind. 100% everything is happening within. Our awareness gives reality life, our awareness animates reality. The Divine Substance. Whether we like it or not, we are in control of our fate and if things that are unwanted are manifesting- it just takes consistent desire to make a complete change in the state if awareness embodied. We manifest, experience, learn, fine tune, manifest, experience and so on. “
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


Something I included in our 7/13/20 Post ties-in with Aluna’s “Portal window” of July 13th to July 22nd. Here’s the text I included:
  • “JFK Jr. @JohnFKennedy_jr”
    “On July 22 all questions will be answered. Identities revealed. A complete timeline. No more secrets. No more contradictions. The end of one journey will be the beginning of another. This is how “The Great Awakening” begins. It is what we have all worked for. I am not alive.”
Could the above statement be true or just a distraction? Only Time will tell.
I just watched the following 1-hour, 10-minute Hypnosis video, by Alba Weinman. There were a few small facets of information I was going to Point out but when her Client’s Higher Self stated:
  • “Ascension is imminent”…

…I knew I wanted to include it. So I made a mental note of the Time-marker on the video, which was right around the 14-minute mark.

When the video had finished, I went back to 14-minutes, in order to get the exact Time and… I could not find the point in Time when Alba’s Client said those words. I even went back 5-mintues and ahead 5-minutes. So now I’m even more convinced that I need to include this video in this Blog Post. This “missing information” could have something to do with a statement, made by the Client’s Higher Self (more than once), that those watching this video were meant to watch it, because there is special information for them within it.
Question everything.

Here’s the link (The title of this video is “The Awakening – #403):

The title of this article is: “Is the U.S. Treasury trying to END currency by taking change out of circulation?“.
This article is saying that the Treasury is trying to take “Coins” out of circulation because they want to create a “cashless Society”. It’s said that the excuse they are using is the “virus”… They say germs are easily transferred to Coins and “paper” money. So they want to protect the health of everyone by removing the Coins and later, they claim, the “paper” money.
My comments: I really wish people, especially so-called “Reporters”, would dig deeper and “question” what they are learning.
All too often, I see people “predicting” / “estimating” / “forecasting” information but it’s based on “the way it’s unfolded in the past”. We are in different times. This is a very different Timeline and more facets of connected information must be considered before “jumping to the same old conclusions”.
What am I talking about? Well, in this particular case, it’s this:
  • For the last 483-weeks, I’ve been hearing about “New Money”, “Debt Forgiveness” and a “Global Currency Reset”.
  • During those moments of “announcements”, in the alternative community, we were told… The transition is being planned to be a non-disruptive as possible and, after the “Reset”, we would be able to go to our local Banks and exchange our Coins and paper money for the “New Money”.
  • Also during those “knowledge drops”, there was no mention of moving the U.S. to an “Electronic Money System”.
  • So, “IF” it’s true that there really is a “shortage” of Coins, it might mean that the White Hats are working on a different way of converting the Public’s “paper” and “Coin” money to the new System. This is just “my” opinion. So, only Time will tell.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
I don’t Post all of these but I feel that I need to Post some of the bigger ones, because some of you still know some “Sheeple” who still believe the “virus” is as bad as the “Main Stream Media” is telling them.
The following 16-minute video provides highlights of the some of the behind-the-scenes happenings around the world.
  • At the 8:39-mark, the Narrator reads some information which states that 33 Florida Labs have been manipulating the numbers… They are stating things like… There’s a “98” percent positive rate, instead of the facts, which are “9.8” percent positive rate, etc.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
Here’s another video, which also talks about the cabal manipulating “virus” information.
  • Around the 19:50-mark, the Narrator explains a story from the cabal’s “New York Times”. They printed a fake story about Liberty University opening up and said its Students had the “virus”.
  • The University tested ALL of its Students and NO ONE had the “virus”. So they are suing the “New York Times”.
If anyone out there is looking for a job, it looks like the highest-demand worker are now Lawyers and Legal Teams.
The Narrator in the following video then goes on to state that Mr. Fauci has been seen in an “InStyle” photo shoot. I thought the “Lame Stream Media” was telling everyone that we’re in a “virus” crisis? Why is this guy posing for pictures… AND not wearing a “mask”?
My comments: Remember, the only reason the cabal is desperately pushing for everyone to wear a “mask” is to keep the “Sheeple” in “fear”… and this means the cabal will have an easier task of getting the U.S. to go along with “mail-in Voting” in November. It’s not about the “virus”. It’s about the Elections.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 1-11-17 *Consciousness, Gaia, TwinFlame

*First a comment:

When I was a child, if I was out in Public with my Parents or other family members, and a coin was found lying on the ground, they would pick it up, give it to me and say it was a coin for me… that it was “my” coin.

As I went through my existence in this 3rd Dimension, any Time I discovered a coin on the ground, I would pick it up and keep it. So, my “mindset” began as “those are my coins”. Later, I felt as though some unseen force placed them there so I could have more money.

  • Uh. We’re talking about “a penny here”… “a nickel there”, etc.

As Time moved forward, whenever I found a coin, I would look around for more… because if someone dropped “1” coin, they MUST have dropped more. It was almost an obsession at times.

This went on for Decades.

When Sylvia and I 1st met, she told me: “Finding a coin means you’re on the right Path.” After Sylvia crossed-over, I use “Found Coins” as Sylvia’s way of either saying: “Hello” or that her Guidance is helping me stay on the Path we’ve both chosen.

During Sylvia and my last 2-weeks at our previous job, Sylvia instructed me that it was very important to “leave clean”… To tie-up any loose-ends, do all of my work to the best of my abilities and treat everyone extra nice and with a positive attitude. She also suggested I leave all the “Baggage” that I had accumulated from being in that building, at the Dumpster just outside the building. In other words, make it a clean-break and leave on good terms. I did all of those things.

From the 1st day on our new (current) job, I felt as though a “Light Switch” had been flipped. There was no Baggage, games or attitude from “me” or anyone at this new job… and, I didn’t realize it at the Time but, I no longer “need” to pick up any of the coins I’ve found.

…and, there was another, very important, change in my energies. Either I had “Graduated” from “picking-up “found” coins” or by no longer picking up “found” coins, I changed but what I felt is that I no longer feel “poor”. That “I’m not good enough” / “I really need that coin” energy had kept me in a “poor me” state of mind. It slipped under my radar because it was attached to the “shiny” and “more money for me” energy surrounding the simple act of picking up a “coin”.

Many years ago, Sylvia read an article that stated… Bill Gates, the richest person in the world (at that Time) would actually LOSE money if he stopped to pick-up a Hundred Dollar Bill. Looking back on those times I picked up all those coins, I feel this also but in a slightly different way… Since all of our energies are constantly increasing, each Time I stop to pick-up a coin, it actually lowers my energy.

As for using those “Found Coins” as feedback from Sylvia… I now simply acknowledge that she’s giving me that feedback but I know, deep down inside, that she’s right here with me all the Time. So those coins are a nice reminder but Sylvia and I no longer need to pick them up.

  • Sylvia’s showing me an episode of the original “Twilight Zone” series (1961) which she wants me to share here… She’s indicating that this is another way of thinking about the “poor me” mindset of picking up coins (as I’ve explained it above)…
  • (spoiler alert) A handful of criminals figure out how to steal several Gold Bars and “get away with it”. At one point, the “brains” of the outfit tells his unimportant helper that all the gold is his (“brains”). So he loads-up a bag with “his” gold. Since they’re in the desert, he tells the other guy to carry all the water. They start walking toward the nearest town. Because it’s hot and dry, the “brains” tells the other guy to give him a drink of water. The other guy responds with: “It’ll cost you 1-bar of gold.” After traveling several miles, the “unimportant guy” had ALL the gold and the “brains” had none. Neither of them made it to the next town.
  • Here’s the link to that episode:

As always, your mileage may vary.


This is from “Gaia Portal”:

    • “New Beginnings commence throughout the Gaia-supporting Cosmos.”


    • “Heaven sents make themselves visible to all.”


    • “hu-being eyes become fully opened.”


    • “The Light cleanses the toxics.”


  • “REALizations bear fruit.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I was skimming through this article, in order to determine whether or not I should include it when I read these 2 passages:

    • “It is impossible that you would be shouldering the stress and challenges of third dimensional life, let alone your Ascension into a fifth dimensional life, without the help of many, including your twin flame, your entire soul family, and any higher being you wish to call upon for instruction and guidance.”


  • “Right now, imagine signing for this, and thanking the delivery person—and seeing ships in the sky that you know contain loved ones, including perhaps your twin flame.”

My comment: The mentioning of “Twin Flames” caught my attention.

As for the rest of that information… I’ll let you decide if it’s something you need to bring within your Field. It was simply suggested that I include it in tonight’s Posting.
Question everything.

Here’s the link: