PS 9-26-18 Cobra

This is what Cobra Posted today:
  • Situation Update
  • “There is increased activity in the Galactic Center, leading to the final purification of all darkness and to completion of the Galactic network of Light, the Central Race bringing galactic high culture even to such backward places as planet Earth.”
  • “The Galaxy is a multidimensional mandala of Light and our Solar System sits at one of the more important intersection points of this mandala. “
  • “As a result of increased activity of the Galactic Central Sun, the tectonic plates in the Earth’s crust are becoming restless:”
  • “And the wealthy “elite” are becoming increasingly afraid of the Event:”
  • “Throughout the Galaxy, in our stellar neighborhood and inside our Solar System, Galactic Confederation fleets are positioning themselves for the final liberation:”
  • “Unfortunately, the dark forces are masters of deception, and they were able to funnel anomalous plasma from the Galactic halo located in the outskirts of the Milky Way galaxy through plasma filaments (tunnels of Set) into the implants of beings inside our Solar System, since the Archon invasion of 1996 until very recently. This was one of the main reasons for many delays and one of the main reasons why many things went wrong:”
  • “This problem was recently taken care of and things will now proceed more rapidly.”
  • “What is now remaining are plasma toplet bombs close to the surface of the planet, remnants of plasma Yaldabaoth head and remnants of many lesser plasmoid entities, especially spider plasmoid entities that correspond to cities of surface human population.”
  • “Spider plasmoid entities are energetically connected with castles, palaces and leaders of Black Nobility:”
  • “Many Black Nobility castles have huge cellars and vast underground tunnel networks close to the surface that are used as child abuse centers.”
  • “They are using Khazarian negative vortex, which is located between Black Sea and Caspian Sea, to build facilities for Adrenochrome harvesting (warning, graphic material):”
  • “Chimera- and Archon- controlled Negative Military is still also holding many extraterrestrials captive in extremely harsh conditions, thus enforcing one aspect of the Quarantine Earth:”
  • “The Archon Black Nobility families are using Trump to artificially polarize the public into the left/right paradigm, and to focus them away from the real source of the problem:”
  • “Trump is being partially controlled by his Jesuit/SMOM/Gaetani handlers:”
  • “Partially, he is (rarely) also listening to guidance of the Positive Military Intelligence, and the Positive Military Intelligence is tactically stroking his ego by encouraging Trump worship in alternative media through QAnon and other alternative channels, as opposed to Trump criticism in the Rothschild controlled mainstream media. This makes Trump more willing to follow the suggestions of Positive Military Intelligence.”
  • “Left/right paradigm is artificial. Both parties are controlled by the dark forces. As I have already said years ago, the Black Nobility families and the Jesuits are throwing Rothschild and Rockefeller factions under the bus to survive the transition intact, and current political divide is serving exactly that purpose.”
  • “Political left (Rothschild-controlled) is more inclined towards libertarian Luciferianism which is based on deep occult misunderstanding on the use of free will (Thelema), which they interpret as the permission to do whatever they want for selfish purposes. Luciferians are outcasts of mystery schools that did not pass the initiation tests.”
  • “Political right (Vatican-controlled) is more inclined towards Satanism, which occulty worships darkness as a principle. They believe in free will as a sacrifice to that darkness.”
  • “There is a brilliant plan of the Light Forces to end all this, and they have requested absolute radio silence about that Plan since the end of January 2018.”
  • “That request was not respected for the first time in late August when QAnon leaked intel about hacking of the spy satellites (Operation Keyhole). Later, David Wilcock released a few breadcrumbs about the Plan in his latest article, thankfully nothing significant. The Light Forces have communicated that they understand enthusiasm which comes when important operations are completed, but it is not over until it is over, and we all have to keep absolute silence about operations of the Light Forces that are underway.”
  • “This nightmare will be over, soon.”
  • “Victory of the Light!”
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Question everything.
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PS 11-21-17 *Nibiru, Harrison, Cobra

*First a comment:

A couple of “puzzle pieces” entered my mind this morning which don’t make sense…

  • Some say there is a planet called “Nibiru” which travels into, through and out of our Solar System every 26,000 (or so) years.
  • Some say the inhabitants of this “planet” / “Brown Dwarf Star” / “Machine” are called: “Archons” and that they possess technologies which are far beyond what is currently known on Earth.
  • Some say the Archons almost destroyed their planet a very long Time ago but have saved it by placing gold dust in its atmosphere.
  • Some say the Archons needed more gold than they could find on their planet, so they came to Earth and created “slaves” / “Humans”, in order to mine the gold.

What doesn’t make sense to me is… “IF” any of this is real… If the Archons are so advanced, why don’t they simply “create” gold? They can do this through “Alchemy” or, if they have “Replicators”, they could use those machines to manifest as much gold as they need.

Just some thoughts.


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

  • Note: The majority of the topics covered are not what I typically Track. However, their energies are good, it’s easy to follow (mostly) and I’m feeling more empowered by the new “Tools” (information) he provides.

In this 2-hour video, Lisa Harrison interviews John Lamb Lash. (Sylvia and I have never heard of him.) He seems to be a “Gnostic Practitioner”. These are some of the highlights:

  • The Earth, and how she has placed a field around her, in order to protect Humans from the disruptive frequencies aimed at us by the Archons.
  • The bible stories, including who “Lucifer” really is.
  • The Holy Grail.
  • Gaia / Sophia
  • Lisa asks him to comment on “Nibiru”. At the 1:12:50-mark, he states: “If you were to imagine that the true form of the Earth is not flat or not round but that it is more like a globular mass like an ameba. Then the ameba is dividing.”
  • September 26, 2017 was a significant date. The bad guys can no longer operate under the cover of deceit any more.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Here’s the link to part 2 (I found the energy in this particular video to be “different” from part 1 above):


These are Cobra’s “cryptic” messages for the last 2-days:

  • “Tuesday, November 21, 2017: Black alert at 504”
  • “Monday, November 20, 2017: Drastic Isidic/systems security breach, red alert at 504”

(“Black alert” is worse than a “red alert”)

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 6-15-17 InFighting, Hoffman

*First a comment:

(Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday.)


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

  • I was going to call this Section: “FakeNews?” but Sylvia suggested: “In-Fighting”.

This subject is about the “alternative news” / “new age” / “Enlightened” / “Ascending” community and “some” of the recent “name-calling” and “finger pointing”.

There’s a Saying that Sylvia taught me many years ago:

  • “Small minds talk about “people”. Great minds talk about “ideas”.” (Yes, there’s a little more to it but this is how Sylvia explained it to “me”.)

When I 1st started my nightly research, over 322-weeks ago, there were various “growing pains” of who was telling the truth, who was telling “half” of the truth and who was just making things up as they went along. Being naive about a lot of “Human” and “Society” aspects, and because I was very raw from Sylvia’s “crossing”, I completely fell for everything “Drake” was stating. Several months later, it was revealed (supposedly) by his own team that his information had been hijacked and he was instantly discredited. (It was stated at that Time that those “whistleblowers” who gave him information, began giving him “false” and “half false” data.

  • Since then, I’ve pulled-back a bit and always ask everyone to “question everything”. I do my best to use my own Discernment but I still, sometimes, get caught-up in the “I really need to believe this” facet of what is “supposedly” going on behind-the-scenes.

About 3-weeks ago, Bill Ryan and “Dark Journalist” made some negative statements about “Corey Goode”. Later, Clif High said some negative things about Corey Goode and David Wilcock. A few days ago, someone else stepped forward and said a few things against Cobra.

What I’m sensing is that we are now at the very Point in “Space” and “Time” where the “energies” of this planet and her inhabitants are squarely in the realm of “been there, done that”… all possible combinations have been tested, tasted, manifested or simply thought-of… at least by “someone”, “somewhere”. When I thought about this, tonight (after viewing the videos below), I saw (in my mind) a symbolic picture of the Earth with almost everyone pointing in a different direction. This represents our Past… where everyone wanted to explore every “thing”. Then I saw a symbolic image of everyone pointing at each other. My feeling with this is that everyone is now questioning the “authenticity” and “sincerity” of each other. We’re “calling each other out”… making everyone step forward and provide proof that they’re working for “Truth” and following the “Light”.

What I’m seeing in the few videos below is a bit ridiculous… with “some” people now putting their personal background “out there”, in order to prove to everyone that they are on the Path of helping Humanity and this planet.

Tonight, I found this 42-minute video of someone defending herself against some negative “alternative news” information.

Here’s the link:

Then, on that same YouTube page, I saw this 6-minute video, by Corey Goode’s Web Master, explaining their side of things:

Then I saw this 9-minute video, from someone watching all this from the sidelines. He provides a little bit of a perspective from “outside the tangled energies”. He does make a good point… He’s coined the term: “UFO Disease”, which I’m guilty of having…

  • I KNOW I’m swinging through the dense jungle, like a monkey on tree-vines. I can see the edge of this vast Forest just up-ahead and need to get there as fast as I can… any WAY I can. So I’m always looking for solid evidence that “something” is happening and any “Date” (point in Time) that I can find.

I’m not saying any of the people mentioned or in the above videos are “right” or “wrong”. I just have a strong sense that it’s Human nature to explore, discover and experience and, because everything’s been done, we’re now facing the final equations within this Dimension… We’re pulling the mask-off… Pulling back the curtain (from the Wizard Of Oz), pointing at each other and saying:

  • Hey, this game’s finally over. What part did YOU play in all this?

In other words, I’m not really feeling that the Cabal is needing to distract everyone from their last-minute chaos. Instead, I’m sensing that we’re all going through the “funnel” over to the next Dimension and as the space between us is getting smaller, we’re noticing each other more and, just like standing in line to board a Train, we have nothing else to do except make “small-talk” with each other.

As always, YOUR mileage may vary.

Question everything.


The very next thing I found was this information from Jennifer Hoffman:

  • “Strange day and very strange energy. People are being attacked, attacking, blamed, discredited, and more for very strange reasons. I had someone write me to tell me I was violating his copyrights on my page that discusses coffee. There is no such page on my website. It’s the polarity/duality conflict where the invitation to leave polarity (the 3D either/or) and enter duality (multi-dimensionality) is being considered and decided. For some people this is a tough choice and not one they want to or are ready to make. For others, it’s something they want and are ready for.”
  • “Are you noticing this too? It has certainly been quite a strange day energy wise, even my clients acknowledge that they were facing this issue in different aspects of their lives and were struggling with it. How was your day? Mine went by very quickly, I cannot believe it’s the end of the day already.”

My comments: For “me”, her information is talking directly to the Section above. Interesting “synchronicity”.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 6-13-17 Veil, Cabal

This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This video is a 2-hour session with “Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist” Alba Weinman.

  • This was Posted in January. I’m pretty sure I included it around that Time. However, I went back and quickly read-through the text version of the dialog and… it sparked something in my mind… I’m referring to this part of their dialog:
  • “Alba: Now when we started out you were saying that you were going to … were waiting for the evolution of the earth.”
  • “Gary: It’s happening now.”
  • “Alba: It’s happening now.”
  • “Gary: I can see it.”
  • “Alba: Tell me about it. What’s happening?”
  • “Gary: The auras around the earth. Many are focusing on the new earth.”
  • “Alba: Can you tell me about this new earth.”
  • “Gary: It’s … it’s already … it’s already here.”
  • “Alba: Is this new earth something that’s physical or vibrational?”
  • “Gary: It’s our creation.”
  • “Alba: Does it look any different than the other earth?”
  • “Gary: It’s another dimension.”
  • “Alba: Another dimension. What dimension is it?”
  • “Gary: A new one.”
  • “Alba: It doesn’t exist now?”
  • “Gary: It does.”
  • “Alba: It does?”
  • “Gary: It’s here now.”

My comments: When I read that part of their dialog, today, it hit me…

  • It sounds as though “Nibiru” / “Planet X” is really “the new Earth”!… and since the Cabal’s “puppets” refer to it as “the destroyer” and keep associating negative Earth-changes with this planet’s appearance, I’m even-more convinced that this “brown dwarf star” MIGHT actually be the new stepping-off point most of us have been waiting for. As always, only Time will tell.


A few more excerpts:

  • “Alba: Infinite. How do you determine which earth you’re on?”
  • “Gary: You learn this … we all have the veil. It’s being lifted. And you will decide which earth to shift your focus to. Many will fear. Many will not notice. Some will feel as if they are going insane. And some recognize the new earth for what it is and evolve there.”
  • —–
  • “Alba: What’s happening right now besides the incarnation of the new generation of souls to move this forward? To push the evolution forward?”
  • “Gary: There is longer count just as there are seasons here on earth. There is a longer count in the universe.”
  • “Alba: Tell me about that.”
  • “Gary: Man forgets. There is changing of the seasons on a much greater time scale that man forgets and this changing, lifting of the veil, is upon mankind again. And whether man is ready to evolve or not, this evolution of the planet will take place.”
  • —–
  • “Alba: So are you saying there will be massive floods? Spilling of oceans onto the land?”
  • “Gary: No. When the veil is lifted, all perception of what is reality will change. Man will perceive what he has been kept shielded from seeing, perceiving. He will, he will be spilled out from his comfortable ocean. And many have not yet evolved.”
  • —–
  • “Gary: That … there is nothing to fear even in the face of danger. Fear holds you back. There is no death as you perceive it to be.”
  • “Alba: What does happen to us when we lose our body?”
  • “Gary: You make an amazing discovery.”
  • “Alba: What’s that?”
  • “Gary: That your soul survives. You will fall into your expectations when you pass. Some whose beliefs are of nothingness will meet nothingness. Most will seek out the light.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m not sure what to make of this. The title of this article is: “Ultimatum: This Ends Now, One Way Or The Other“. Basically, the Author of the following article gives the Cabal a final warning:

  • Allow the GCR (Global Currency Reset) to continue without delays and you live. Interfere with world’s new monetary system and you will be crossed-over. No debate. No excuses.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 7-9-16 *Echoes, *Music, Cobra

*First a few comments:

This morning, while at home getting ready for work, for a very quick moment I saw what I would call “Time Echoes”. The image was very faint. The majority of this image was dark blue and had several vertical, black lines, which I understood to be “Time Ripples” or “Alternative Realities”. I’m not entirely sure. It almost looked like the images you see when placing 2 large mirrors a few feet apart but facing each other.

It disappeared too quickly for me to analyze it in that moment but I pulled it back up within my mind and talked to Sylvia about it as I looked at it. My Sense was that Humanity is so very close now to the “Event” (the removal of the “Veil”) that I felt those last echoes of Time for a split second. I remember telling Sylvia that I felt as though I could walk right into that energy and follow it (for less than 100-feet) and actually be at the point in Time when Sylvia and I have been reunited with each other. So if it happens agin, I’ll have to be much faster at jumping into it.

Sylvia and I finally got around to signing up with “Spotify”, 1 of the online music-streaming services where our song, “Calling All Humans”, is being distributed.

Even though we paid to “run with the big dogs”, it’s still a bit surreal to see a song that Sylvia wrote being distributed worldwide with major-name Artists.

So if you haven’t heard that song yet, you can either download it free from our website or listen to it on Spotify.
In the Distribution Package we selected, our band, “Infinity”, also became registered with a “Performing Rights Organization” (PRO), which listens to everything in the public domain and collects fees any Time a registered song is played. I don’t remember but I think we make 1 or 2 cents each Time someone listens to our song on a Streaming Service like “Spotify”.
So please go there and play our song a lot. Then, in about 1,200-years, we will make about $5. See “Musicians” really ARE appreciated on this planet.

I mentioned before that our upcoming album is finished. We just need to raise at least $1,800 to get it Manufactured and Distributed. In order to do that, we have to do crowd-funding. In order to do that, we have to have a few items which will hopefully provide an incentive for our future Fans to contribute a little more but we can’t get Posters or T-shirts made until the CD case and booklet have been designed. So Sylvia and I have been dealing with a small stack of dominoes lately.

I was going to design everything in my favorite Graphics program, “Adobe Fireworks”, but the manufacturing company wants everyone to work in the “CYMK” Colorspace and most Graphics programs, such as “Fireworks”, work in the “RGB” Colorspace.
Basically, (and if I understand all this correctly), in the computer world “RGB” is a method of producing colors based on the Monitor’s light shining through them and “CYMK” is based on pigments (ink, paint, toner, etc.)

So, in order to work in “CMYK”, I had to install “Adobe InDesign” — a high-end page-layout and publishing program used by lots of newspapers and magazine Publishers.
Sylvia and I offered “Desktop Publishing” services for many years and learned a tiny bit about page-design and layout. Right now, those experiences are helping a lot.

Sylvia and I have been working on this for the last 7-days and already have 23-hours invested in the design, layout and artwork for the Jewel Case and included 12-page booklet.

If you think about it, “crowd-funding” can be a bit counter-productive… In order to raise money, some people want to receive something special — T-shirt, Poster, etc. but those items cost money. So we’d need a “pre-crowd-funding” campaign to raise the money to buy THOSE products.
The good news to all this is that the Musicians have complete control of their musical work and their band’s image. The downside is… WE’RE MUSICIANS! We just want to play music!

Here’s the link to “Spotify”:


I missed this on July 6th. I’m including it now because it seems to be a second part to a message Cobra released over a week ago:
“EXMOSS primary sequence complete”

My comments: Although I don’t understand what it means, the word “complete” places this in the “the Lightworkers are making progress” box… which would make this a very GOOD thing.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: