PS 2-21-17 *Dream, *Frequencies, *Health, Hoffman

*First a few comments:

This morning’s Dream…

  • Sylvia and I were working on the inner-workings of an old-fashioned Clock. I could see all the gears and components that make it work.
  • (I think we were either adjusting Sylvia’s sense of Time, so she can wake me up each morning at the right point, or we were Calibrating “her” Time with “mine”.)
  • Just before the Dream ended, Sylvia triggered a recent soundbite (memory of a sound) within my mind. Although this was the voice of a (female) Manager at work, saying my name, I know Sylvia caused that sound to activate inside my mind. I heard my name being called 1.5-seconds (that’s 1 and a half seconds) before our Alarm Clock sounded this morning. (I know it was 1.5-seconds. I’m a “Drummer”. It’s what Drummers do — keep track of “Time”.

My “sense” is that Sylvia “couldn’t” or “wasn’t allow to” actually speak to me but she wanted me to not be jarred by our bedside Alarm Clock. So she, somehow, knew she could simply set-off a very similar sound from a memory that I have stored within my Field.

I’m not sure I can explain this properly, without it sounding the wrong way…

It’s been said that Apple co-Founder, Steve Jobs, almost always wore blue jeans and a black turtle neck shirt and has a closet full of these. Although I haven’t worn “blue” jeans in decades, I do wear “black” jeans all the Time. Unlike Steve Jobs, I do wear different styles and colors of “shirts”.

When Sylvia crossed-over, 306-weeks ago, several things in our life became “locked in stone”. Not wanting to change any of the energies or frequencies that Sylvia and I have created together, I stopped buying clothes. However, this Dimension has a strange entanglement of “frequency rules”. One of them states:

  • If you wear, operate or, otherwise, continually “use” or “energize” any manifested item, it will provide an interaction and longevity based on a gradual slope of decay (or deterioration). However, if no Being is energizing that item, the rate of decay will “naturally” (automatically) decrease exponentially.

In other words, everything everyone owns is fine but when they’re left without any attention from a Human, animal, etc., those items will breakdown and create mold (when possible) faster than we can imagine.

Anyway… The black jeans Sylvia and I had bought together had become more and more deteriorated and even developed holes from normal wearing — knees, pockets, etc. One by one, I had to throw most of them out. Finally, I had no choice but to go looking for another pair but styles had changed and I just couldn’t find ANY jeans that “would fit” and that “I like”. I searched the Internet and various clothing manufacturer sites.

I finally found “loose fit”, black jeans and bought 2-pairs online. They’re black and they fit but they pulled my frequencies down. I didn’t like myself when I was wearing them. I felt like I was wearing balloon-type, Ali Baba pants.

  • During my “growing-up” years, I started becoming aware of the Social world around me in the 60s but I really am part of the 70s. The 60s had loose-fitting clothes and bell-bottom jeans. Although the 70s kept the bell-bottoms, they switched to more tight-fitting shirts and pants… for both males and females. These were the frequencies I was after.

That was at least 4-months ago and I’ve been wearing them ever since.

In the last few weeks or so, I’ve mentioned all this to Sylvia several times. I checked the Internet again but the closest I could find were “design your own jeans” companies. However, even these didn’t allow me to completely customize what I wanted… AND the prices were $60 to $200… for ONE PAIR OF JEANS!

Last Friday, Sylvia and I had to run several errands after work. One of them took us to Target (Department Store). At this point, I had completely forgotten about my search for jeans and was beginning to just give up.

Right after we entered the store, Sylvia suggested I look at their jeans. I said: “We can but this will probably be a waste of Time.” Without going into more details that no one needs… We looked the jeans in the “Men’s” department but found nothing. Then Sylvia mentioned that I always buy my pants in the “Boy’s” department. I didn’t think I was going to “fit into” or “like” a “slim-fitting” pair of jeans but these pants are perfect! They’re 99-percent cotton and 1-percent flexible material. They’er tight, black and they are warmer than the loose-fitting jeans I was wearing. We bought 2-pairs and may go back for more. As for “cost”… The closest “Men’s” jeans were $40. These were $20.

Here’s my point…
This is not about “buying jeans”. Yes, I understand that a new shirt, shoes, pants, etc. can make us “feel good” but ever since we bought these jeans, I feel as though… I don’t want to use the word “Ascended” because it’s too strong for what I’m sensing… but I almost feel as though I’ve Ascended… and not just when I’m wearing those jeans. I’ve been wearing these new jeans since last Saturday and I just feel as though all of my frequencies have increased a noticeable amount.

Another point here is that I was looking for “perfect”. I had a number of “jean attributes” that I wanted and I refused to settle for anything else.

  • This type of “Spiritual Journey” Lesson has been taught many times for probably more Centuries than anyone knows… When we’er in the process of Manifesting something, if we get trapped in the “details”, the Manifestation will either never appear OR it will come with “baggage” — chaotic, going-against-the-flow energies.
  • Instead, if we fill our Heart with the “basics” of what we want or need, and allow “The Universe” / “Spirit”, etc. to fill that request, the result will almost always be MUCH better than WE could have EVER imagined.

So I put it out there and let it go, mostly because I was getting discouraged. Then Sylvia helped me, on some level, to Manifest the “best” jeans for “me” in “this” Now.

  • Yes, that’s what many people would call “New Age Talk” but this is the process and the mechanism that we are currently operating within. I have a feeling that the principles will be the same in the 4th, 5th and higher Dimensions but we may be a LOT more aware of the surrounding energies and will be able to Manifest things much easier. Right now, some of us are still dealing with the “Cabal’s whisperings” in our collective ears.

As always, your mileage may vary.

For those of you “keeping notes” (in other words, if anyone cares)… For at least a month now, Sylvia’s had me eating a “pack” (maybe 4 or 6-ounces) of packaged, keep-it-cold, Guacamolé, non-GMO tortilla chips, Iceland Spring water and a granola bar for Lunch every day when we go to work.

For almost a week now, she’s been asking me to switch to mostly “Salad” for Lunch. Tomorrow, we’ll be starting that routine.

Also… My energy has been fairly high for the last few days. I’ve also played my Drums twice in the last 5-days.

  • In the last 306-weeks, I have probably played my Drums (not counting working on our album) probably 8-times. So twice within a week is a pretty big deal for me.

You may be thinking: “He’s just coming out of his “loss of Sylvia” shell.” You can “think” that but it wouldn’t be correct… and the new jeans has nothing to do with it. Instead, my “sense” is that, I can feel My Sylvia closer than ever. On some level, I know that the “Breakthrough” (to the other side of the “Veil”) has already happened and is about to happen to the “me” here. THAT’S why my energy has skyrocketed.

  • When I played my Drums yesterday, that age-old problem of the Drumsticks slipping out of my hands came up again. I’ve looked into this many times over the years with no satisfying results. For decades, Drummers have used wax, special drumstick-wrapping tape, gloves, drumstick “glue”, etc.
  • About a week ago, I thought about using the “finger moistener” that Secretaries use, when handling a lot of papers. So I did some research and then more research on “drumstick glue” and then Sylvia mentioned: “You know that partial tube of lip balm that’s on your desk? What about using that?” So I tried it. It works! I need to test it more but, aside from your hands becoming a bit tacky, it does seem to keep the sticks from slipping.

I’m sharing this because, again, it shows that Sylvia and I are not only very near each other (her on THAT side and me on THIS side) and that we can still communicate very precisely… especially when I’m not stressed.


I just read Jennifer Hoffman’s Posting for today and, to “me”, it reads like she was looking over my shoulder when I wrote the Sections above — especially “Frequencies”. Her mention of “Ascension” seems like she’s talking about “me” and what I’ve been feeling lately:

  • “Big things are happening, I am so excited today. My message about ‘the unveiling’ from earlier this week (one of those messages that arrive at 4AM when I’m doing energy work with all of you and can’t sleep) is happening now. If you’re feeling in between dimensions today it’s because that 5D portal is now wide open. No turning back now, the very narrow 3D window is closing and everyone is choosing where they are going to be. Focus on what is happening to you right now, don’t worry about anyone else. You can’t spread your energy that thin and what happens with you and your ascension path is supporting the overall ascension path. Stay in your own energy space and bring that higher frequency into your life, that’s how you shine more brightly.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:

PS 5-18-16 *TimeReset?, *Transgender, Nidle, Nibiru

*First a few comments:

It was a strange beginning of our day today…

  • I woke-up and saw that the Alarm Clock was about to go off. So I pulled the Clock under the covers, so I could instantly turn it off, once it sounds… but it never did.
  • I looked at it and saw that it was within seconds of going off. So I turned it off, put it back and went back to sleep for a minute, as I’ve done many times before.
  • Later, I looked at the Clock again and saw that it was showing 25-minutes BEFORE going off! So I went back to sleep.
  • I woke-up again, just seconds before the Alarm was about to go off and grabbed the Clock AGAIN. Same routine as before but it never went off.
  • Once all that was over with, I did see that the Clock showed a few minutes AFTER it was supposed to go off. So Sylvia and I just got up.

I’m mentioning this because, even though this may “seem” insignificant, this piece in Humanity’s current puzzle may be helpful to someone.

While getting ready for work this morning, it hit me… this current examination of ideas, regarding “Transgender” people, is not about anyone’s sexual identity… It’s not about the “Social” part of this equation. In “my” opinion, it’s “feedback” for Humanity that we are now bringing the Masculine and Feminine together… We have finally balanced our Collective energies and can now heal and move on to the next stage in our Collective development.

I just didn’t “get it” until today.

This morning, when we were getting ready for work, I remembered that a Customer, where Sylvia and I work, brought the “Transgender” topic up in a conversation she was having with 3 other employees. That was “my” Sign that I should think about this.

As always, your mileage may vary.


This Channeled message is through Sheldon Nidle. Here is an excerpt:

  • “The numerous attempts by the dark to falsely proclaim such a regime are doomed and will ultimately fail. Meanwhile, the dark’s ability to lie and plant these falsehoods is being cast aside by the Light. This, among other things, has temporarily slowed the progress of the Light’s many forces. We, with our many liaisons, are sorting out this final nonsense. This is permitting the Light to get back on track. Hence, the Light’s many sections are again able to easily communicate with each other.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’ve been thinking about this, over the last few days, and was going to talk about it tonight but then it got late. So I decided not to… and maybe talk about it another Time. Then I found the following video on 1 of the Sites I check each night and felt a “nudge” to include this afterall…

In the following 7-minute video, the Narrator explains his skepticism and then his “dream” about “Nibiru”.

I’m including this because of his open-mindedness and questioning about the idea of there being more to our Solar System than we’ve been told. I’m hoping it will help others understand that we must all be open-minded about whatever is about to unfold.

My comments: These are my thoughts on this (that I’ve been thinking about lately)…

  • I’m still feeling that we are all on a “positive” TimeLine. So I want to start with that, so everyone will know where I’m going with this…
  • Through “my” “Rose-Colored Glasses”, this is what “I” see is happening, regarding “Nibiru”…
  • Background 1
  • In this Solar System’s ancient past, there was a great battle. At one point, a planet was destroyed. This is now what we call the “Asteroid Belt”.
  • Background 2
  • The “Planet” or “Planet System” referred to as “Nibiru” is either a very large Ship (with smaller Ships surrounding it) or a a Planet which can be “driven” like a Ship. Either way, these “Planets” are made-up of highly advanced technologies, which allow them to maneuver near other Planets without affecting them.
  • Background 3
  • I’ve said this before… In “my” opinion, the Cabal does not want to reduce the Human population because they need us for various reasons. Remember, we’ve all been lied to and with those lies, the Truth is sometimes packaged in “opposites”. So I THAT is true, then all this talk of the “Cabal” / “Reptilians” wanting to reduce the population by 75-percent means they really want to KEEP us alive.
  • Background 4
  • Some say the Cabal has been spraying “Chemtrails” in the sky, in order to make everyone sick. Again, if they wanted to eliminate the surface population, they could do this much faster and costing a lot less money by using other means.
  • Putting it all together
  • So, my thoughts are this…  Nibiru has been slowly approaching the Earth (or the Earth approaching Nibiru) for a long Time and is now visible to the naked eye. Because the Cabal want to keep us controlled for as long as possible, they spray chemicals into the sky, in order to refract the light, so we can’t see these new planetary objects directly. Because these “Planets” or large “Ships” don’t have any affect on the Earth, we can’t point to a grouping of disasters and say Nibiru is closest to that part of the Earth right now. The planetary changes we ARE experiencing are because 1) the Earth is “waking-up”. She is expanding, causing sinkholes and raising her overall temperature because her chains are being broken and it’s Time for her to awaken… and 2) some of the dislodgings of “space rocks”, from the Asteroid Belt, are entering the Earth’s atmosphere and causing “volcanic” and “Earthquake” happenings.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: