PS 12-25-16 *Christ Mass, Meadors

*First a comment:

(Every day is pretty much the same for me, since My Sylvia crossed-over. Did you really think I would take today off (from doing my nightly research)?)

All I wanted to do was explain why I switch the holiday names during the year. However, when I looked-up the 1st stepping-stone to that, just now, I discovered a twisted definition… “IF” the information I found is true.

So, in order to wash away this negative information, I’m going to present the “negative” part 1st and then the more-soothing, “positive” information will follow…

  • As I was reading the article on the definition of the word: “Christ Mass”, I was remembering just how much the Cabal has lied to everyone… for eons. I then saw the multitudes of Humanity (me included) blindly go about their daily existence. Each holding a tree branch with both hands. One end is near the Stomach the other end is projected straight ahead. The branch curves downwards a bit but is still strong-enough to hold a type of Viewing Screen where our very “Reality” is projected. Many eons ago, the Cabal convinced us that holding this branch and studying the moving images being displayed will increase our “experience points” within this 3D realm.
  • Over the eons, the Cabal has carefully reinforced the importance of the Viewing Screen… “If you want to turn-away from that “Reality”, simply ponder the Sundial and other “Time Pieces” we have created for you. You can also look into the Heavens and study the Sun and the Moon… No. No. Not up there. You must look at these Celestial Objects through the Viewing Screen. Anyone who speaks of another reality should be laughed-at because only those Viewing Screens provide the truth.”
  • As those early “planet settlers” began to question the “Viewing Screen” idea, the Cabal were right there, spoon-feeding their lies and twisting the truth…
  • (Traveler) “I’m a traveler to these parts and have noticed these citizens carrying tree branches and staring at moving images suspended from them. I am a follower of “Nature’s truth” and this is blasphemous. We are all connected to Nature and “Nature” IS the Earth.”
  • (Cabal) “What could be more connected to the Earth than to actually carry a part of it in your very hands?”
  • (Traveler) “…but…”
  • (Cabal) “These branches have already given of themselves so that the people can become One with them. Each tree has been Sacrificed… I mean “issued” in the name of each Holder. Would you deny the death of this tree or the resurrection of its branches by the Holders rejoicing at their connections to them?”
  • (Traveler) “Well… Since the trees have already given of themselves, I… guess… it’s ok.”
  • (Cabal) “Here. Now don’t you feel even MORE connected to Nature?”
  • So here we collectively stand, at the doorway to the Great Year of 2017. The Cabal’s control and influence has diminished tremendously but, some of us are still holding onto that branch and absorbing everything being broadcast through that Viewing Screen. Some, however, are waking-up and realizing that the control over us is now gone and that we must simply release the branch.

For the last several Solar Cycles, I’ve been changing my “holiday greetings” to these:

  • Merry Christmas becomes “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Why? Because this is the Point in the Solar Cycle when people everywhere go to an extra effort to be helpful, kind and giving to everyone around them. This Point in the Season is a Time of  great sharing and cooperation with Beings of all kinds, everywhere. This is the Season of “Love”.
  • Valentine’s Day becomes “Happy Halloween”. Why? Because “Magic” is in the air. Not the scary, Cabal-made-up version of “Halloween” but the back-to-Nature, in-touch with those energies which interconnect all Beings, everywhere. “Cupid” uses “Magic” to bring people together but, in Truth, he only brings-out what is already in our Hearts. So this is a Point in the Solar Cycle of great “Magic”.
  • Halloween becomes “Earth Day”. Why? Because we must hold our Love of the Earth in our Hearts each day and, at least once a Solar Cycle, we should all… animal, vegetable and mineral, should bow our heads and give many thanks to our Mother Earth.
  • There is no “Christmas” on my Solar Cycle markings. Why? Because the sharing of Love should be spread each and every day. There is no need for a single marking of “when” everyone should be kind and helpful to others. To set a single day aside and say: “I’m going to help the homeless today.” is almost an insult to the energy of “Love” itself. Why? What about the other 364-days in the Solar Cycle? I’m sure each homeless person would say: “Hey, it’s ok. I’ll be fine. People come around once a year and give us some food and maybe a few dollars. That will hold us until this Cycle comes around again. We really only eat once a Cycle anyway.” Helping people once a Cycle is fine but we must not forget all of those other days. If you do, you might as well drive by some homeless people and throw some money out the window at them. In that way, you won’t have to “get your hands dirty”… you won’t have to “open your Heart”. Are some people so incredibly out of touch with themselves that they couldn’t stand the massive amount of pure Love pouring out of their own Heart by “truly” helping someone in need? (I’m crying… I guess it’s because most of Humanity is almost home and I’m sensing a few people, very few who still have closed minds and frozen Hearts.) It’s Time people! To those inconsiderate few… It’s Time to open your car door… open your mind and open your Hearts and genuinely help those less fortunate than you. GAMES AND EXCUSES ASIDE! It is Time!

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the “supposed” definition of “Christmas”:


This 1-hour video, from December 24th, is a message to the LightWorkers by Alexandra Meadors. The title is: “Urgent Message: Historical Unstoppable Defeat Of The Dark Is Underway…But The Defeated Are Having A Challenge Accepting The Inevitable“. Here are some highlights:

  • The “Dark” had all kinds of “Plan A”, “B”, “C”, etc… for them to hide or get off this planet if something went wrong for them and Antarctica was 1 of those escape routes. Now, however, all of their “escape Plans” have been shut down by the Light.
  • Any plans for the destruction of the Earth and Humanity have been shut down. Please ask your Guides and go into your own Heart to discern what is really happening, whenever you hear about wars or other very negative events happening.

This is the message she received from “Prime Creator”.She’s been aware of it but has been holding onto it. She received a message on December 23rd that “this is truly the time of the Revelation, Revealing” (This begins at the 36-minute mark)…

  • “…you are all going through the last phases of Ascension… physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”
  • I have created a new Crystalline structure, never experienced before, that you will have and that you are changing into.”
  • There is a history given, by “Prime Creator”, of how the “Dark” have infiltrated “this”, and other, “Sectors” and how they have stolen the books from “Prime Creator”. However, in their using the knowledge within those books, they did not understand what they were reading and so made their “creations” imperfect. In order to not give them any more of your power, you must refrain from the following: incantations… and ceremonial magic, which includes some sort of ceremonial “religion”. For example, the “sign of the cross” literally shatters your energy and gives your power away to another, giving that Service. Even a “blessing” is stronger than a curse.”
  • “I want you to stop looking outside yourself for truth. It has been within you all along.”
  • “Time does not exist. Time and all of its wheels and all of its connections have now been uncreated. Time keeps you on the wheel of perpetual motion, with no exit-point, once again. It keeps everything repeating in cycles of 1-millennia, which equals 25,000-years. Repeating the same process from the beginning of this illusion with an infinity symbol.”
  • There is also some information on the purging of the old energies right now and how some people are experiencing this through headaches, nausea, dizziness and more. She states… the more we resist the current changes of energy, the more we will experience these pains.

My comments: I’ve noticed this in a few people at work. Last week, 1 employee was out for a couple of days with “material-removal” problems and the other said she had the “flu”. When I heard about these I thought it was odd for these people to be sick right now. It just didn’t make sense to me. I felt as though extremely cold weather brings these problems to some Humans but it hasn’t been that cold. So why were these Humans this sick? So the information presented about this makes sense… at least to “me”.

Question everything.
Here’s the link: