PS 9-8-17 *Random, *Dream, NewEarth, Icke

*First a few comments:

(Although I did a lot of research last night, Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything.)


  • I don’t know “exactly why” but, for some reason, Sylvia and I were meant to stay home all day today. We normally work on Fridays but, yesterday when we Clocked in from Lunch, we saw that we had too many hours for this week. We talked to the Manager about it and were told that the company gave us a “paid day off” because of Labor Day. We didn’t work that day but we automatically get 1-day off with pay. However, because it’s based on a “quarterly-average of hours”, we don’t  get any extra Pay. Those “average” hours (5-hours in our case) were automatically added to this week’s total hours. So we either had to work for 1-hour today or work an extra hour yesterday. We worked the extra hour. So we’re home today. (Sylvia and I have never worked for [or heard about] any company that did this. In “our” case, it’s really more trouble than it’s worth.)
  • The “front door” to our home contains 2-doors — a wood-metal door on the inside and an aluminum Storm Door on the outside with a gap between them. Several days ago, I opened the inside door and saw a stink bug sitting on the doorframe, in the gap between the 2-doors. I looked around the frame and noticed an uneven gap along part of the top of the Storm Door. Today, I “thought” about fixing that gap, somehow, but really didn’t want to deal with it. I was just about to ignore that “project” when Sylvia “nudged” me… “You may just want to do it now and get it out of the way.” So I did… I opened the Storm Door and stepped outside. I turned to look at that gap from that new perspective and saw a different stink bug about 2-inches from the top of the door. It was as if it knew where it was going and had a goal of getting inside our home. Of course, I “dealt” with that “bug”. After several thoughts of “what to use” and “how to attach it”, Sylvia had an easy-to-do suggestion. Problem solved. My point here is that I need to continually reinforce that very subtle energy “nudge” sensation that Sylvia provides me with. I know everyone can do this. It just takes awareness, practice and Trust in yourself.

Here’s last night’s Dream…

  • I was working in a fairly large building and was walking with the Manager — going over various things that needed to be done. (This is the real-life Manager who hired us but is no longer working for the company.)
  • At one point, we walk into the building next door. I don’t remember going “outside” and there’s something about the Manager and maybe a few employees being allowed to freely go into that building to get something that they no longer need or to use something THAT company makes.) This building seems to be older and the floor we were on was all “wood”.
  • In the Dream, I remember a small project I’ve been wanting to accomplish in real-life. (Where Sylvia and I work, we do a lot of different things. We’ve noticed that there’s some very old, and black, “gum” that’s been ground into the carpet in at least 2 areas in the building. I saw, online, where you could take a piece of “ice”, place it on the gum and it would harden it — allowing it to be easily lifted away.) So I told the Manager: “Oh, if we can find some ice, I can use it to remove the gum on the carpet.”
  • After walking through this large room, with no other people, I look to my left and, about 15-feet away, is a clear, medium-sized “Crystal” lying on the floor. The Manager remains where she was but I walk over to get a closer look. I pick-up the Crystal and see that it’s a bit longer than the Crystal Sylvia has been carrying and using for a few Decades. I then notice that there’s some printed words on it. The letters are all light-blue in color and in different sizes… Sort of like the company name in larger letters and some information on what that Crystal is for or how to use it. I don’t remember any of the words.
  • I think I placed that Crystal back on the floor where I found it. I then walked back to where the Manager is still standing. As I’m commenting on that Crystal, I point to where I left it and now notice that there are 5 to 7 more of them, casually scattered within a 5-foot area of the 1st one. “Oh, now there’s more” (or something like that). I don’t think I picked-up any more Crystals.
  • We continued walking through this floor and, just before we finished, I saw a “counter” / “ice maker” with random shapes of ice on top of it. I grabbed an irregular, but fairly thick, piece. It almost slipped out of my hands but I did manage to hold onto it.
  • I guess we left at that point but that’s all I can remember.

I found these Dream Interpretations of “Crystals” online:

  • “To see a crystal in your dream signifies wholeness, purity, healing, development and unity. It represents your higher Self. The dream may be a metaphor for something in your life that is crystallizing or taking shape.”
  • “To dream that you are looking into a crystal represents how you are looking within yourself to find your true destiny. Alternatively, it indicates your outlook of the future.”
  • “Crystals in dreams can indicate that you have a special healing ability that works through channeling energy through crystals. This is not a common ability and should not be taken lightly. Crystals have a natural resonance and greatly affect the energy around us and flowing through us. Using them the wrong way will not help a client.  However, if you dream of crystals you are being asked to use them for healing purposes. Crystal is often used to mean something is crystal clear.”


This 32-minute video (from September 4th) is mostly a Trance-Channeled session, from the Being “Andronis of Sirius”. Here are some highlights:

  • When the Time is close for the change to the new Earth, we will see the Aurora Borealis cover most of the Earth.
  • Around the 21-minute mark Adronis states that there will be a “sky-based event” and a “flash of light” will move some of us from the “old density” (the current Earth) to the new Earth.
  • At one point, Adronis states that “Disclosure” will happen around the year “2050”.

My comments: Even 2 Commenters noticed this. Many people, myself included, are sensing that “Disclosure” will take place in 2018. So either there was a “hiccup” in what Adronis was sending or Adronis was tuned into the “old” Earth. Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

In this 30-minute David Icke video, he explains the “random events” that have been happing for the last several Decades are really part of a long-term “Script”.

The information he covers in this video are a part of the Cabal’s “Social” layer and not something I Track. I’m including this because a high percentage of those of you reading this already understand that we need to look beyond this layer to see what is really happening on this planet… BUT those people we all talk to, who don’t know what about the “big picture” / “hidden agenda” may be very caught-up in this particular layer. So presenting this video to them will resonate with them at that level and allow you to start a conversation which can help bring them to a higher level of understanding.

  • I probably didn’t explain that well. Basically, it comes down to “resonance”… With any conversation, we have to present a few key informational markers, to see if the person you’re talking to at least understands THAT much. Then you start speaking and bring them up to the level of your information.
  • In other words, in order to explain a “car” to a Caveman, you have to 1st explain what a “wheel” is.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


PS 8-8-17 *Eclipse, *Frequencies, Channel

*First a few comments:

That’s strange… I just found a “Draft” eMail I had created and it’s Dated “8/7/17”. I created it yesterday afternoon and had forgotten about it when I started last night’s research. So I changed the Date and have included it below.

Although the upcoming August 21st “Eclipse” has been on my mind for several weeks, “today” I was “nudged” to gather a little more information on it.

Sylvia and I also want to take some photos of it. So we went to the “B&H Photo” website and found some helpful information here:

Everyone keeps saying “don’t look directly at the Sun”. I’ve been looking “directly at the Sun” since I was a child. I even looked directly at a Total Solar Eclipse in the late 60s. My eyesight has been perfect until about 10-years ago, when my vision started getting a bit blurry.

According to this NASA page…
…because of my physical location on this planet, at that Time, the Eclipse I saw was either in 1963 or 1970. Because of what I feel my “age” was at the Time of Viewing, I think it was the 1963 Eclipse that I actually watched.

  • So I had only been through 9 Solar Cycles on this planet when I not only looked directly at the Sun but actually saw a Solar Eclipse. (According to that web page, my location, during that Eclipse, wasn’t “Total”.)

I’m mentioning all this because Sylvia and I want to remind everyone that a North American “Eclipse” is supposed to take place on August 21st. So you might want to get some Time off from work for that Day and buy yourself some “Sun-viewing glasses”.

  • That NASA page “supposedly” lists every Eclipse from 1851 to 2100.

Question everything.

Last Friday, after work, Sylvia and I drove to the local “Guitar Center” store and bought our next Synthesizer Module. Today, we picked it up.

It’s the “MIDI 3” by Pittsburgh Modular. It allows us to control this “Analog” Synthesizer with 1 of our “Digital” (MIDI) keyboards.

After supper, I added it to the Synthesizer’s Case and connected the cable. We went through its various features, in order to make sure everything works properly and to see what it’s possibilities are for “us”.

At one point, I turned on a 2nd Synthesizer (the “Korg Volca FM”) and turned-up the volume on the keyboard’s built-in Synthesizer. I Tuned the “Double Helix Oscillator” (that we bought last week) to a Note within the Harmony of the Digital Synths. I then played the keyboard, testing single Notes, Chords, etc.

While I was doing this, Sylvia must have reached through me or “nudged” me to play a certain Chord combination. I say this was My “Sylvia’s” doing because as soon as I played these 2 Chords, I saw a “Planet” in my mind and felt the color “Blue”. These 2 Chords triggered it:

  • G and D (a Perfect Fifth), then
  • G and B (a Major 3rd)
  • Those Chords by themselves are not that memorable but because we were listening to 3 different Synthesizers, creating a thick sonic texture, this must have allowed those Chords to unlock something within me.

However, it must have been an accumulation of sonic energies because I could not “recreate” / “re-establish” the Planet or that color simply by playing those Chords again. I even tried to remember which other Chords and Notes I had played before those “magic Chords” but could not.

I don’t know if Sylvia opened a “Portal” or “Memory” by playing those Notes and Chords or if she is showing me that “Frequencies” are “the key” (or “A” key) to unlocking our Memories and our Collective destiny. Only Time will tell.

Here’s the link to the Module we purchased:


This 49-minute video is an Interview with Channel Maria Jacobi. She mostly Channels the “Council Of Nine”. Here are some highlights:

Around the 15-minute mark, she states that the Earth has spoken with her and said her name is no longer “Gaia”. It is now “Aria”.

My comment: This isn’t the 1st Time I’ve heard that the Earth’s new name is “Aria”. So as I was half-listening to this video, that Comment caught my attention and felt as though I needed to include this information in this Posting.

  • Around the 17-minute mark, she explains where some information comes from… especially when that information is negatively-based. She also explains that we’re really speaking with aspects of ourselves, whenever we’re talking with someone else.
  • We’re going through (“Ascension”) Shifts all the Time but they’re very subtle. If the energies jumped, our bodies would not be able to handle it.
  • Around the 36:30-mark, she explains how to manifest a better Reality.

My comments: It’s interesting that she uses “rain” as an example of how she changed a heavily-clouded and rainy sky into a sunny day. This is the same thing I’ve mentioned before when I explained how I “tell” a storm to dissipate.

  • She made a good point that many of us have heard before… If Extraterrestrials wanted to take us over, they would have done so by now. We are a part of them. Some of them participated in creating the Human Race. So why would they want to destroy us? Instead, they are here to “help” us.
  • Around the 44-minute mark, she make another good point… She says that each of us project our own Reality. If we encounter someone who is negative towards us or who is fighting in a war somewhere, don’t try to change that person. You can’t because you are basically arguing with yourself. You put that aspect  of Reality in place. So how can you argue against it? Instead, you must change your Consciousness and then project THAT out into Reality.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 7-25-17 *MoneyChalk, *MicroChips, TimeLine

*First a comment:

Well, this is a surprise to many of us… According to the following web page, Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf (HATJ) has been arrested, while in Washington, D.C. I don’t know if it was the “FBI” or “Secret Service”.

  • She seems to be in-charge of a group of people who are trying to get everyone complete access to their “Private Trust Accounts”. Her approach is to have everyone fill-out “UCC” (Uniform Commercial Code) documents. This is something “Harvey Dent” and others have suggested “not” to do.

Here’s the link:

I’ve been thinking about this today and have some questions…

  • If the Cabal simply wanted to arrest her, why didn’t they just go to her home? (I don’t know where she lives.)
  • If the Lightworkers, behind-the-scenes, simply wanted to meet with her to plan their strategy of “officially” announcing the release of those Accounts, then why didn’t they simply contact her while she was home and arranged a secret meeting somewhere? (In other words, “maybe” the “arrest” is nothing more than the Lightworkers keeping the Cabal in the dark as long as possible by pretending to arrest her. Then they hold meetings with her and plan their announcements. In this way, the Cabal see that she’s been “arrested” and don’t see the real Plan.)

Neither scenario makes sense.

Here’s the link to her page explaining the “UCC”:

I just saw another “title” of the Cabal trying to “micro chip” everyone. I thought about this a few days ago and tonight’s title reminded me to mention my thoughts on this.

  • I didn’t read any of those articles because it’s not the type of “Rabbit Hole” I Track.

If the Cabal was going to mentally dumb everyone down, they would just put a chemical, like “fluoride” in our water System… oh, wait. They’ve been doing that for DECADES!

…and if they wanted to manipulate what we see in the sky and / or give certain people health problems, they would simply spray chemicals from airplanes… oh, wait. They’ve been doing that for several YEARS!

There was no “leaking of the information”… no “whispers of fear”… no television announcement to ANY of this. The Cabal JUST DID IT!

So, if the Cabal wanted to “Chip us”, so they can know where each person is at all times, they would have done it without anyone knowing it… and, guess what? They “may” have already accomplished this. How? By “allowing” everyone to buy “Cellphones”. Sylvia and I see SO MANY PEOPLE who are talking on their “phones” while:

  • Walking,
  • Shopping,
  • Eating,
  • Working

…it’s incredible. Yes, it’s nice to stay in-touch with family and friends but there are 2 things wrong with the “Cabal’s” Cellphones:

  • The Cellphone’s wireless technology disrupts various Human energies.
  • When someone is talking on the phone, they are dividing themselves. Although their physical body is, maybe, shopping for groceries, the rest of their energies are at the cookout with their friend. Which “Now” are they in?

Although Sylvia and I enjoy various technologies, we’ve never owned a Cellphone. We did rent 1 for 2-weeks, when we traveled across 4-States, to visit Sylvia’s daughter, many years ago. When we finished with that trip, we simply turned-in the phone.

Sylvia and I communicate with each other through various energies. Although we still only have a home phone (a “Land Line”), the only person we want to take to is each other and we do that throughout the day. I’d rather not talk to anyone on the phone. So we rarely get ANY Calls. When we do, we ALWAYS let Sylvia’s voice on our Answering Machine answer the Call. This consistency has weeded-out a LOT of telephone nonsense.

My point to this Section is… The stories of the Cabal trying to “micro chip” everyone are just fear tactics. They already HAVE a way to Track almost everyone. (All “current-technology”) Cellphones contain “GPS” (Global Positioning Systems) in them. If they Track your “phone”, they Track “you”. You don’t think so? Would you “pay” to have someone put a “micro chip” in you? Of course not. Would you “pay” to use a Cellphone that has a type of “micro chip” inside it? Yes! “Most” people do!

The Cabal have made “Society” so dependent on their Cellphones that those Cellphone-users would probably have a panic attack if they had to do without their phones for 30-days. (Did I say “30” days? Let’s start with “baby steps”… In “my” opinion, “most” Cellphone users would probably be stressed if they were told to not use ANY type of telephone, text messaging device, eMail or other electronic communicator for 24-hours.

The “Cabal’s” technologies have too many “hidden agendas” and “harmful-to-Humans Systems”.


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen articles on the TimeLine “Split”. Many months ago, other articles referred to this as the “energy-splitting of the current Earth and the new Earth”. I’m including “this” article because it’s either “Timing” (“now is the Time for it”) or because I’m, somehow, resonating with something within it.

Basically, this is “Channeled” information and provides an overview of what “may” happen between now and the end of August 2017. Here is an excerpt (“Team” represents the Channeled Source of information):

  • “Me: What is taking place this August with all the huge energy events?”
  • “Team: These are choice points if you will. Each event an opportunity for all of one’s lower timelines to collapse within. This is so that all of one’s energy will be focused on moving themselves and the collective as a whole forward.  It is a space where all the higher frequencies will converge helping to create new potential realities of each person.”
  • “This convergence will not bring about an instant utopia as there is still much work to be done to clear the disharmony within the collective, but it is a stepping stone where greater assistance will be given. Many layers of the veil will fall away for those who are ready.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 6-19-17 *Words, Unfoldings, Connections, Fulford, SocietyNews

*First a comment:

In previous Posts, I’ve mentioned that don’t usually understand “college” / “$2” words. Sylvia is is the book-reader in our family. She’s more “grounded” / “this side of the Veil” than I am. She knows geographical elements (“North” from “South” and “East” from “West”) — where “I” would simply get lost… “out doors”.

When it comes to “words” I always turn to Sylvia, when someone pumps-out a $2 word, and she knows I don’t know its meaning. So she will instantly explain it to me.

…and, in thinking about “words” today (1 word in particular), I thought of the word “static”. It’s no wonder why “I” and many other people on this planet (immersed in this “Society”) don’t know the meaning of various words… It’s because some words have opposite meanings. I’m guessing that the “Cabal” did this, simply to confuse the “Masses”.

So let’s look at “Static”:

  • “Society” says it implies something is “not moving” and “bodies at rest”… but in “real life” “Static” is a high-energy (quickly-moving) charge of particles that you receive when you’ve shuffled your feet across the carpet in the Winter and then touched something metal. There’s nothing “at rest” in that experience. So why does “Society” put-up with the Cabal’s definition of this particular word?

So every Time someone uses the word “Static” in a casual conversation, my 1st thought is of “confusion”… because “I’m” thinking “high-energy exchange” but they’re explaining a situation where everything’s “at rest”.

As always, YOUR mileage may vary.

Question everything.


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This seems to be Channeled information from “Saint Germaine” and “Arch Angel Michael”. The title is: “How Have the Rules Changed? “.

It explains how the “knowledge” and Human “consciousness” has changed since ancient times… how it wasn’t possible to comprehend “Ascension” and “Dimensions” when the conscious level was thinking about “the Pearly Gates”.

Here’s the link to Part 1:

Here’s the link: to Part 2:

When I visited the above website, I wanted to know a little more about the Author. I then found this article and felt it would also be helpful for everyone. It provides some information on what happens when someone “crosses-over”.

My comments: I’ve been explaining this for the last 323-weeks. Sometimes I include this type of information, in order to expose everyone to a different point of view on the same subject.

Here’s the article:

  • You Only Live Once” June 19, 2017 by Steve Beckow
  • “There was a time, when I first poked my head into spirituality, when it was considered that a person had to be “saved” or “resurrected” – by which they meant what we mean by “ascended” – to achieve immortality.”
  • “God knows what happened if you died before you achieved salvation.”
  • “It put a terrific premium on accepting Jesus as your savior. Otherwise you might lie mouldering in the ground…. etc.”
  • “But the truth of the matter is we always were eternal. There’s no place to “get to” on that one. We’re already there. We only live once, forever.”
  • “Mortality as the end of life is one of the many myths (another is no reincarnation) that we’re now starting to withdraw from.”
  • “Krishna said:”
  • ““There never was a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor any of these kings. Nor is there any future in which we shall cease to be.”
  • ““Just as the dweller in this body passes through childhood, youth and old age, so at death he merely passes into another kind of body. The wise are not deceived by that.””
  • “What salvation, or resurrection, or ascension brings to an end is the need to be reborn into … you could say, Third Dimensionality … you could say, the physical plane …. you could say a world of birth and death, whatever you wish to call it.”
  • “Hindus call ascension mukti or liberation from birth and rebirth.  Certainly on the Fifth Dimension, we’ll never have to die again. We simply change the features of our body. We’re freed at last from the need to go through the death of the body to allow us to take on a new one.”
  • “Having said that, I also hear that all has changed. We’re not leaving things behind. We’re taking the best of it all with us.  And the rest we can easily replace or duplicate in the Fifth Dimension. It’s add on, add on, add on.”
  • “There’s so much in the old-time religion that needs to be refined, to match the truth or describe the new reality.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m also including this as “extra credit” information…

This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s also on this list) thank you.

The title of this article is: “Urgent Energy Update – Souls Going Off The Charts – Breaking Down To Break Through” By Anastacia @ In5D. This is also helpful information and feedback of the energies this planet is bathed-in right now. It talks about making connections, within yourself, to Spirit and those close to you.

I’m including this because:

  1. It may provide some insights on how to deal with the immediate world around each of us.
  2. …and… It’s rare that 2 different people on this eMail list send us similar information on the same Day. So there must be something happening that “I’m” not aware of. (I take this as a “message” / “sign” that I need to pay attention to this type of information and to include it.)

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s “full” weekly report. The title is: “Petrodollar doomed as Qatar breaks ranks and sells its oil in Yuan“. Here are some excerpts:

  • “The crisis in Qatar marks a major turning point in the battle against the Khazarian mafia. Ostensibly Saudi Arabia and other oil exporting states decided to try to blockade Qatar “because it was supporting terrorism.” In reaction to this move, US President Donald Trump showed the world he was not in charge of the US by first supporting the blockade and then being forced by the Pentagon to change his stance 180 degrees the next day. What is really going on here is that Qatar reached a deal with Iran to export gas from its massive gas fields not West in exchange for worthless Euros or US dollars but rather East to places like India and China in exchange for their currencies.”
  • “The US military, for its part, showed it was against the Khazarian mafia by staging joint military drills with Qatar last week even as China staged drills with Iran. Pentagon sources explain “The US military needs Qatar because of the Al Udeid airbase.” The Pentagon sources did not mention the fact Qatar also offered to buy $12 billion worth of US military jets to help keep the Pentagon financed. In any case, the airbase also functions to ensure that madman Satanist Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and his fellow Khazarian mobsters do not get any chance start World War 3, the sources say. A more direct message would be “SURRENDER OR DIE.””
  • “Pentagon sources say the next stage in the battle against the Khazarian mafia hold-outs in DC will begin with the arrest of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, special counsel Robert Mueller as well as Hillary Clinton (although CIA sources say she died last year), Barack Obama, former attorney general] Loretta Lynch, former National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, former CIA head John Brennan, former NSA director Michael Hayden and others “at the 2nd stage to decapitate the deep state,””
  • “The power elite in Washington DC is also in a deadlock because of MAB or mutually assured blackmail preventing the long awaited mass arrests of known criminals like Senator John McCain. The answer will probably have to be to remove the 70% or so of Washington DC politicians, both Republican and Democrat, who have been corrupted by drugs, pedophilia, bribes etc.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


The title of this 17-minute video is: “Pedogate Arrests, Leaked UFO Docs, Mainstream Media Layoffs & Navy Collision“.

I’m including this because the Narrator, Jordan Sather, presents level-headed information and shows how all of us can “think outside the box” and not fall for the Cabal’s “news propaganda”.

  • I don’t usually include “Society”-based Rabbit Holes but because some of the people Sylvia and I interact with on a daily basis seem to be sucked-into the many newspaper and televised “Scripts”, which follow the Cabal’s long-term agenda.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 6-7-17 SaintGermain

*First a comment:

(Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday.)


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

This 45-minute (total Time) is a “Trance Channeling” of “Saint Germain”. He speaks through Azena Ramanda.

Although this is from 2013, I’m including it because, to “me”, it seems more authentic than most “Channelings” AND because there are several Insights and LOTS of wisdom.

Here are a few highlights:

  • “Abundance is always with you.”
  • “Simplicity is always the ultimate unlimitedness.”
  • Masculine and Feminine energies are within each of us. They are 2-parts of a whole.
  • “Every single moment of an Entity’s life, they are fervently seeking themselves. That is what relationships are all about — experience with themselves. They go-forth, in utter desire, and yet they have a very straight-forward way of dodging themselves, from time-to-time… and they truly understand not that it is themselves they are gazing upon and so they feel unfulfilled. Ever searching. Ever seeking for the perfect relationship. Now, the shift in consciousness, the changes, will allow an Entity to understand that every thing they gaze upon is part of themselves. Every consciousness. Every atom upon the Plain is a relationship with their own Being for they share the same energy and in this understanding, of course it is global, intergalactic to be sure.”
  • “You have upon that, which is your Plain, a Grand Tide of Cosmic Light coming forward — a planetary light (or “life”) wave. It is a shift in the energy bands that are encircling your Earth that will allow every thing to be Super Conductive. Even you. So when you have “fear”, it is automatically magnified. When you have “calm”, it is automatically magnified and mirrored to the rest of the Earth. So, indeed, it will be of wisdom and alignment to be a calm within the storm. Likened to a Teapot… Singing, truly, even when it’s up to its neck in hot water.”
  • “You are the power-source — the key to your own creation. You created this epic drama. You can re-create it if you wish.”
  • “Constant NOWness”
  • “Truly, there are many of you that so frustrates yourselfs about your past and what is to be feared about your future that you do not even consider your life. It is a direct avoidance of your “Now” You indefinitely postpone living because of that which is the uncertainty of your “Now”.
  • “You’re all the same Essence viewed from different mirrors… and your prophecies are all different… and your Universes are all different. You know this? For you exist in your Universe and your neighbor exists in their own Universe. Their own world.”
  • “As you create it through your imagination, your imagination is the dimension of which you exist.”
  • “Live not in your Past-tense. Live not in your Future-tense. Live rather in your “Pleasant-tense”. Always “pleasant” is life, if you wish.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to part 1:

Here’s the link to part 2:

Here’s the link to part 3:

Here’s the link to part 4:

This seems like it’s the complete video:

PS 5-3-17 *Sylvia, *99-Percent, Veil

*First a few comments:

I mentioned this when Sylvia and I 1st started working at our current job but, yesterday (for “me”) I confirmed this…

  • Around the end of October 2016, I explained how Sylvia finally opened the door (of opportunity) for me to leave the grocery store and start working for a different company. All the “Signs” were there and they were all from My Sylvia.
  • At that Time, I also mentioned, during the 2-days of training, I had to watch some company “DOs and DON’Ts” videos. Once I watched them all, I had to sign a sheet of paper stating this. On that piece of paper, just above the line I needed to put my name, was the name “Sylvia”. No last name. Just “Sylvia”.
  • Yesterday, I spoke with an employee who’s been working there for several years and knows every employee who’s worked there since. I explained that sheet of paper and mentioned the “Sylvia” name and date “Sylvia” signed it (which was August 2016). The employee told me she had never heard of anyone named “Sylvia” working for that company.

For “me”, that was even MORE of a “Sign” that My Sylvia setup this current job.

In yesterday’s Posting, I mentioned a Navy SEAL who setup an organization which he and those like him are dedicated to bringing the “elite” pedophiles” to justice.

His website address Posted to our Blogsite with no problem but when I sent that same Blogged information to our mailing list, it was returned because of a “non-deliverable error”.

After doing some tests, I discovered the reason. The Cabal had added his website address to its eMail-policing software. So when my eMail went through that watchdog system, it was stopped and returned. So, in order to get around this, I’m going to break his web address into pieces. Just put these pieces together without any spaces and you’ll have his web address:


I’m beginning to feel, more and more, that “2017” is the year Humanity “puts it’s house in order” / “cleans-up its act” and, because we’re flying through these major changes exponentially, “2018” will be known as the year Humanity “goes home” / “is freed from the illusion”.

  • This is what Sylvia and I are waiting for because it means the “Veil” will finally be removed and Sylvia and I will be physically together again.


This article seems to be a “message from” or “Channeled through” Alexandra Meadors. Here are some excerpts:

  • “As of Monday morning May 1st, 2017 THE VEIL HAS OFFICIALLY DROPPED. THIS IS ABSOLUTE. Everyone will now see the truth in everything and everyone and those that are masking their true intentions and identity will be revealed. Do NOT get lured into internet drama or taking sides. Just observe and be in peace that all is coming to completion as Prime Creator intended.”

My comment: It seems as though she’s not talking about the “Veil” which temporarily separates me and Sylvia but, instead, the “Veil of deception”, which clouds our minds and causes us to remain in this illusion.

  • “These Divine Actions along with many others as of late will accelerate movement drastically on the 3rd dimensional stage.  Do not be surprised by fluke events, bizarre accidents, and an increased number of deaths, as people begin to fulfill their exit plans.”
  • “In these final days, do as much clearing work as you possibly can. Do not hang onto anything where it justifies or keeps you interacting with pain and trauma. Flu like symptoms can be typical if you resist these clearings and hang onto false light and false activation encodements. Many may not realize that personal resistance is directly correlated with false ascension programming! Clearing makes it easier for you on the other side where all density is extremely magnified.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

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*First a comment:

(Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday.)

Yesterday, 4/27/17, Sylvia and I went to a cafeteria-style restaurant for Lunch while at work. The guy behind the counter loaded-up my plate, placed it on a tray and gave it to me. I placed it on the part of the counter which is used to slide those trays along the length of the food-selection area. When we were near the condiments section, for some strange reason, I moved my tray diagonally on that sliding part AND, when I reached for the mustard packets, I moved my hand “downwards” towards the floor instead of “upwards” toward the condiments. When I did, the tray tipped, my plate slid and ALL of the food “plopped” onto the floor. The tray and plate were still on the sliding part.

That experience was almost surreal. We had just finished paying but the restaurant owner saw what happened and quickly replaced my now-empty plate with a full one. Even in the middle of that, I noticed that I wasn’t embarrassed. I don’t know why I wasn’t. I just wasn’t. (Although I didn’t look around at the Time, I could feel that several people in the Dining Room behind us had seen what had happened.)

I’m still not sure what exactly happened or why I reached “down” or the “Lesson” (or “Symbology”) I’m supposed to take from this.

Today, while at work, I almost fell but Sylvia caught me…

  • Sylvia and I were doing some work on the Loading Dock when this happened. There was no one else there.
  • I was using 1 of the steel, rolling carts at the Time. At one point, my foot caught its front corner while I was walking near it. I lost my balance and was leaning forward so much there was no way I could have remained upright without quickly putting my other foot out in front of me but the front part of that shoe was now skipping across the concrete floor and wasn’t going to get out there in Time. I was just about to fall onto another steel cart when I felt a “very subtle” / “very gentle” comforting “wrap” (like a soft blanket) around my mid-section (just above my belt) and, somehow, I “magically” was able to stand without falling.
  • I acknowledged Sylvia’s help by instantly telling her: “I KNOW that was you helping me. Without your help I would have fallen onto that cart. Thank you.”

Was all of this simply my over-active imagination? In “my” tiny world, “Sylvia” kept me from falling.

Question everything.


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is Carl Boudeau’s Astrology information for May 2017.

I wasn’t sure this information wanted to be included here and then I read this and decided to add it to this Posting:

  • “When personal and community relationships change, social, economic and political relationships change. Societies get shaken up at a fundamental level.”
  • “Hence, global society should change dramatically during this 18 month transit. I think the world will look very different when this 18 month transit is over.”

Here are a few more excerpts:

  • “To my eye, this Venus persona chart indicates a time of intense, continuous, irresistible and radical social, economic, political and cultural change.  Sweeping change. And not necessarily peaceful change. I think it also looks like irreversible change. Let me explain these claims.”
  • “This Venus placement is not your typical, fluid, soft-edged Venus  placement. It has numerous, sharp teeth and volatile, explosive components. Venus is conjunct bitterly combative Eris and explosively transformative Uranus.”
  • “This alone points to a time of intense, social, cultural, political and economic change, at the individual and collective levels and in every area of society, on a global scale.”

My comments: To “me” it seems as though this Astrology Reading is showing what has been building, behind-the-scenes, for many, many months. Carl’s choice of words paints the same picture many of us have been Tracking for a very long Time… changes in “politics” (Carl’s word “political”), “the Global Currency Reset” (“economic”), “the release of Antarctica’s exotic technology” (“cultural”), etc… and all of that leads us to “Disclosure” (the “official” release of information which tells the general public that Star Visitors are “real” and have been living on Earth for a VERY long Time).

These next paragraphs are very encouraging…

  • “Judging by the Venus persona chart, the Nodes on the Leo/Aquarius axis will bring a dynamic that breaks all defective, unfair, unjust, loveless, fear- and greed- based personal and interpersonal patterns right down to their tiniest powdery bits. In that condition they cannot remain in place. From there, as a practical matter, the defective patterns cannot be easily recreated, let alone reimposed.”
  • “Nor will they function as before. Their patterns will be thoroughly shattered. Their power will be effectively destroyed.”
  • “The only realistic option will be to assemble new and, ideally, improved patterns, patterns that fulfill the standards represented in this chart. I believe all this is all very apparent from the Venus persona chart for the North Node’s Leo ingress on May 9, 2017, UT.”
  • “The placement of Venus in the North Node’s Leo ingress chart clearly and very strongly suggests that Venus and the human heart will be responsible for these deep changes. Venus which normally moves with the subtlety and quiet grace of a cat, is set to strut and charge and roar like a lion. It will rattle the window panes of our lives.”
  • “Taken individually, each of these asteroid placements is socially transformative. Taken together, their placements suggest a revolutionary social upheaval.”
  • “With Pluto and Saturn involved, more definitive, winner-take-all outcomes more than subtle compromises are suggested. The forces at play in this chart could and almost certainly will bring a major historical turning point.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


The Narrator in this 14-minute video brings up some current-news points which, he states, are really “Soft Disclosure”.

I’m including this because “IF” he’s “connected the dots” correctly, it means Humanity is now being spoon-fed the vital information we need to unlock the collective consciousness. Leading us through the door and on to our true homes… in the Stars. Whether it’s the “Cabal” or the “Light Workers” doing this “Soft Disclosure”, I don’t know and really don’t care. This information simply needs to be fully digested by the general public… and the sooner the better.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I found these 2 Posts by Jennifer Hoffman to be helpful and good feedback as to where Humanity currently stands on this TimeLine.

  • “In response to your questions regarding ‘when will we see the aliens’ I’ll do a video tomorrow that explains how they ‘hide in plain sight’ and how we are already seeing them, we just don’t know they are there. Disclosure is a slippery slope because the entire foundation of our reality is built on lies, half truths, and untruths. So as soon as full disclosure happens everything we know about our reality, our world, and ourselves will be 100% false. Some of you may be ready for that or already know it, I know I do, but I don’t know too many people who could handle that kind of info with grace and ease. Fun times, it’s all rolling along now so remember to shine on, you may be the brightest light in neighborhood because you are holding light for your neighborhood. Remember we inspire others by being a light beacon they can see; we irritate others by shining our light in their faces and hoping they’ll wake up and ‘see the light’. Be a joyful source of inspiration by being in your own energy of joy.”
  • “We are putting the final touches of the 3D/5D integration in place and shoring up our new paradigms so we can become more comfortable in them. I know that because I can see it in what is happening around us as people are doing more conspiring (sharing the same beliefs) and speaking about topics they would have shunned or laughed at even 3 years ago. The outpouring of sympathy and connection that we have seen for victims this month, the refusal to vilify a victim, the demand for change in all areas of life and society for everyone so we are equal and have a level playing field is all a testimonial to that.”
  • “If you’re starting to feel your long denied dreams rising to the surface, you are feeling more motivated, more eager to be happy, in joy, and to enjoy your life, that’s your confirmation. May is just around the corner and we have some big activity happening this weekend with the Nodes changing signs, which happens every 2.5 years so this ends a cycle that started November 2015 and a longer one that ran from January 1997 to April 2000. Expect a busy weekend with release and relief which can also be accompanied by realizations and regrets. Give any grief time to process and then push it through the revolving door so the joy and light enter as the rest is leaving.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

  • Note: The following web page is on an Italian website. So even “translated to English” sentences can be a bit difficult to understand.
  • Also… I 1st heard of “Yaldabaoth” from “Cobra’s” Postings. Cobra has indicated… Once the “octopus” has been completely dissolved, the “Event” could be triggered soon after.

I’ve included the following link in a previous Posting. I’m including this today because I just checked that page to see if there’s been any progress and I learned something interesting.

  • According to the following web page… “Yaldabaoth is a plasma parasite that feeds upon the healthy solar plasma that is emanating all the time from the Sun and distributed throughout the Solar system by solar wind”

At the top of the following web page, there’s an animated image which shows how much of the “octopus” has been dissolved so far.

The interesting part that I learned today is that the information which shows how much of the octopus animations to remove (with green overlay) is Channeled by someone in Brazil.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


The title of this article is: “Georgi Stankov: The Earth Split Into Two Halves In A Massive And Dramatic Id Rift On April 26, 2017“. The part I particularly liked is where “a huge wave of new walk-ins” is mentioned…

  • “While she was describing her vision of Gaia splitting into two halves, I got the information from my HS that we have now severed that portion of Gaia that contains all the lower catastrophic timelines from this uppermost reality we dwell in. This concerns in the first place the entire energetic structure of the old 3D holographic matrix to which all service-to-self entities pertain. Then I received additional information that was later confirmed by a concrete event that with this split of Gaia into two halves all soul fragments in service-to-self incarnates were removed to the dissipating half of Gaia and their bodies on the ascending half were entered by a huge wave of new walk-ins of advanced transliminal souls.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: