PS 1-29-19 *Sylvia, Earth, Cobra

*First a comment:
(It looks like Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since 1/21/19. As with every night, I do LOTS of Research, looking for feedback of “when” the “Veil” will be removed. I’m simply looking for feedback on something I know deep inside… something that Sylvia “showed” and “told” me after she “crossed”. I KNOW it will happen. I KNOW it will be in “my” lifetime. I’m just waiting… existing until it does.)
I added these 3 Subjects on 1/27/19 but it was too late at night for me to take more Time to send that Post.
Many, many months ago, before Sylvia and I finished our album, “Perfectionately Yours”, we bought a case of heart-shaped, glass Candle Holders. We then paid a local Candlemaker to fill them with a few colored-layers of wax and we paid a local print shop to “3D print” our Band’s logo in plastic and glue one to the side of each Candle Holder. Because I’m not much of a salesperson, the album isn’t selling and these Candle Holders have just been sitting here in our home with no purpose.
I recently noticed that the colors of the wax has changed. So each Candle has “slightly” or “greatly” different colored layers from the others. So Sylvia and I decided to simply give them away to co-workers. Before doing that, we wanted to be sure they would burn properly. So, this afternoon, I lit one. That was about 10-hours ago and it’s still burning. I’ve mostly had that Candle sitting next to my desk while I’m working on the computer. At one point, I turned to make sure it was burning ok and I instantly noticed that the Flame was in the shape of a “Heart”. I watched it for about a minute and it kept the same soft, bright shape the entire Time. To “me”, it was My Sylvia saying:
  • “I Love you. I’m right here beside you.”
You can listen to our album, “Perfectionately Yours”, for free at our BandCamp page:
The title of this short article is: “Our Planet Rang Like A Bell For 20 Minutes On November 11, 2018, And Scientists Don’t Know Why“. Here’s the article:
  • “November 11 was marked by a strange an inexplicable phenomenon, scientific instruments picked up seismic waves more than 10,000 miles away but strangely no one actually felt them.”
  • “It wasn’t an earthquake. In fact, no one knows what it was.”
  • “Meteorite? Submarine volcano? Nuclear test? Aliens? We don’t know.”
  • “The mysterious seismic signals recorded coming from near an island between Africa and Madigascar on November 11. Image Credit: Anthony Lomax”
  • “The mysterious seismic signals recorded coming from near an island between Africa and Madagascar on November 11. Image Credit: Anthony Lomax”
  • “According to reports, the seismic waves appeared some 15 miles off the shores of a French island between Africa and Madagascar.”
  • “As the waves rippled away from the shores of Mayotte, the seismic sensors began ringing in Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia.”
  • “But they did not stop there, as they continued transversing vast oceans and eventually being picked up by scientists in Chile, New Zealand, Canada, and even Hawaii nearly 11,000 miles away.”
  • “Strangely, the waves caused our planet to ring like a bell for more than 20 minutes, and as everything happened, no one even noticed it as not a single human being felt the strange phenomena.”
  • “According to Colombia University seismologist Göran Ekström, it was as though our planet rang like a bell, maintaining a low-frequency monotone as it spread.”
  • “All of this is extremely weird.”
  • “By their very nature, Earthquakes usually are registered as short-sharp ‘crack’.”
  • “Due to the tensions in the Earth’s crust being released, pulses of identifiable seismic waves radiate outwards from where the quake occurs.”
  • “Scientists say that the first signal is referred to as a Primary wave: the P wave or primary wave is the fastest kind of seismic wave, and, consequently, the first to ‘arrive’ at a seismic station. The P wave can move through solid rock and fluids, like water or the liquid layers of the earth. It pushes and pulls the rock it moves through just like sound waves push and pull the air.”
  • “After the P wave, we see have the so-called secondary wave: these high-frequency waves tend to ‘wiggle’ somewhat more. S waves move rock particles up and down.”
  • “Then come the surface waves which are slow, deep rumbles that tend to linger, and can circle the Earth several times.”
  • “The strange thing about the November 11 event is that no Primary or Secondary waves were detected.”
  • “All that was registered were deep, resonate surface waves, and that caught experts completely by surprise.”
  • “What’s even weirder is that the surface waves did not ‘rumble’ as an earthquake’s surface wave tends to.”
  • “Instead, it maintained a much cleaner — almost musical — frequency.”
My comment: To “me”, this is feedback that the Earth is waking up. With Humans, Star Visitors and the Earth herself helping to release her “physical” and “energy” bonds, it will just be a short Time before the Soul of this planet regains complete control of all of her functions.
Be sure to visit the following web page, in order to view the images provided.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


Cobra Posted this on 1/26/19:
  • “ANNABELLA rootkit removal in progress”
According to this website:
  • “A rootkit is a collection of computer software, typically malicious, designed to enable access to a computer or areas of its software that is not otherwise allowed (for example, to an unauthorized user) and often masks its existence or the existence of other software.[1] The term rootkit is a concatenation of “root” (the traditional name of the privileged account on Unix-like operating systems) and the word “kit” (which refers to the software components that implement the tool). The term “rootkit” has negative connotations through its association with malware.[1]”
My comments: Once this rootkit is removed will it unlock the world’s financial systems or will it remove the cabal’s control of the Grid and, in turn, remove the “Veil”? Only Time will tell.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 8-19-16 *Veil, *Music

*First a few comments:

I wrote the following 2 Sections (*Veil and *Music) earlier today. After supper, while doing my typical research, I just couldn’t find anything, which “I” thought needed to be included.

In yesterday’s Posting, I forgot to mention this (for some strange reason)…

  • When Sylvia and I got home after lunch, we were putting our things away and when I stepped into our Bedroom, I called Sylvia’s name, as I always do. This Time, however, I felt a different type of energy and I found myself INTENSELY calling her name… about 5 or 6 times… one after the other. I almost couldn’t stop. Part of me felt as though “I had stepped through” or “there was a noticeable crack in” the “Veil” and if I projected enough energy, Sylvia would know which “crack” I was near and could find a way to shout through it… put her arm through it… toss a message through it, etc.

Once again, I use the Internet and the information of those I speak with locally, as “feedback” but it’s “Sylvia”… her “energy”… her “everything” that I base my current existence on.

…and as I’ve mentioned here a few times before… If I find a crack in that “Veil”, I’m going through it. My only focus… my only goal is to find My Sylvia. If I have to re-order the planets, in order to clear the way, I’ll do it. In a HEARTBEAT… I WILL DO IT.

Sylvia and I are still doing software tests, to see if we can create a 3D character (to represent “Sylvia”) and have her “move” and “pose” in front of a “Green Screen”. Then we’ll overlay that video on top of a video of me… playing the drums, pacing the floor, interacting with this “Sylvia”, etc.

However, there must be an incompatibility between the older Macintosh model we have and the current Operating System because we can’t get the 3D “character” software to work like it’s supposed to. Even after a few eMail exchanges with their Tech Support department has not solved this problem.

Last night, I remembered a possible alternative program which “might” be able to do what we need. It’s free but, so far we’ve spent almost 6-hours downloading it and it looks like it will take another 2 or 3. THEN we can begin testing our ideas in THAT software.

  • Did I mentioned that Sylvia and I are “Musicians”… and all we want to do is PLAY MUSIC!

Sylvia and I still want to keep as much of this upcoming album as secret as possible but there are a few aspects to the crowd-funding “Incentives” that we don’t mind sharing at this Time.

  • • We already mentioned that we’re going to have a Candle made. For those people who donate that little bit extra will receive a Candle. A couple of weeks ago, Sylvia and I thought of a “Thank You” for them… They will receive our next album free as a download. There will be a cryptic message in with the Candle. Once they decipher this “Pirate’s Treasure” type of message, they will discover this bonus.
  • • Although we don’t expect the next album to be released until next year, we needed to come-up with a name for it, in order to setup the Candle “bonus”. So, even though we still haven’t released the name of the “upcoming” album, we’ll share the name of the “next” one… Sylvia and I talked about this yesterday and as I began to sift through my mind for a possible name, Sylvia indicated: “Since that next album will be those songs that we’ve finished but never found a home for… so we’ll be clearing-out our creations, why don’t we just call it: “Inside Out”?” When she said that, I saw the outside wall of a house with its front door open and an arrow pointing to the outside. Later, I suggested we spell it (print it) like this: “Inside > Out”. Last night, I had the idea to use a “triple” Mobius Strip instead of the house with the door and arrow. I mentioned to Sylvia that our logo is a, what “we” call, a “triple helix”. So a 3-loop Mobius Strip would tie-in with that. She thought it was good and I felt that she’s thinking: “Let’s see what we can come up with, when we get to that part.”
  • • Another “Incentive” idea that I had this afternoon, which I’m not sure we will actually follow-through with, is to but a few 10-inch, drum heads and have a local t-shirt shop screen-print our logo on them.