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This was Posted today by Cobra:
  • 2020
  • “On the cosmic scale, the shift into the next cosmic cycle continues. Areas completely free of quantum fluctuations primary anomaly that exist mostly in intergalactic space (called Islands of Paradise) are still not stabilized, but interstellar intel sources report vast positive changes happening throughout the universe that are indicators of the cosmic phase transition.”
  • “Surface population of this planet is finally beginning to taste true Galactic consciousness, as it is becoming aware that there are far better places than planet Earth:”
  • “As we are getting closer to the transition, the Light Forces are still asking everybody to meditate as often as they can and as often as they feel guided, until the moment of the Compression Breakthrough, to assist in stabilizing the energy grid around the planet utilizing Flower of Life meditation:”
  • “At this moment, the surface of the planet is still 85% under the control of the dark forces, and the Jesuit plan to infiltrate the Eastern Alliance was quite successful. All BRICS countries (except Russia to a degree) have been infiltrated by Jesuit agents in the last 5 years, and the BRICS today is not the same BRICS as when Lula was the president of Brazil:”
  • “The Jesuit-backed bankers are now openly advocating their own version of the financial Reset:”
  • “Mark Carney was educated by the Jesuits at St. Francis Xavier College in Edmonton, Alberta:”
  • “The Jesuit plan is to engineer a worldwide financial collapse in January 2020, and then introduce a cashless global financial system where Libra or similar globalist cryptocurrencies would replace US dollar, everybody would pay with their smartphones and global social score would determine their solvency.”
  • “Most likely, the financial collapse would be triggered via cascading events that would put a critical mass of central banks into bankruptcy:”
  • “The only thing I can say about the Jesuit plan is that there are certain things Jesuits are not aware of.”
  • “My only other comment about January 2020 situation is the following picture, as I did not yet receive clearance to say more:”
  • “Jesuit agents have infiltrated also at least 80% of the alternative media. This situation will be addressed when the time is right.”
  • “The awareness that 2020-2025 era is a period when there might be an irreversible collapse of the old system, is slowly going mainstream:”
  • “The following intel about the hit contract on Epstein by Koch brothers has been confirmed by reliable sources:”
  • “The Archon invasion of 1996 is in its final phases. It is darkest just before the dawn, and now the Draco/Reptilian elements of the surface society are openly promoting cannibalism:”
  • “The reason for those excesses is that Reptilians are being cleared out from the surface of the planet and therefore they are freaking out. Independent surface intel sources are claiming that many of the fires in Brazil and central Africa are in fact Light Forces clearing out the remaining Reptilians:”
  • “In the next few months, there will be drastic increase of activity in sublunar space, and the military is taking notice:”
  • “In the next few months, if things go according to the plan, I will be able to release much more intel than I could in the last 18 months, and hopefully I will be able to be much less cryptic in my intel releases.”
  • “Recently I have noticed an increase of negative, disrespectful, stupid and meaningless comments on my blog. Two courses of action remain open. One, to approve strictly and only comments that are meaningful and bring value to community and two, to disable comments section altogether. The choice is yours.”
  • “Victory of the Light!”
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Question everything.
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PS 4-17-16 *Discoveries, Gaia, FinancialReset, Happenings

*First a few comments:

This became MUCH longer than I realized it was going to be. I’m mentioning all this in case someone reading this has had similar experiences and wants to know that there are others following similar energy-strings… and also to show how the energies around us have changed a bit.

  • There’s a saying: “You can’t cross the same river twice.”
  • Think about it. Giant river or small, flowing stream… Get close-enough to it and look at all the aspects and happenings just under the surface of that liquid highway. Each second that passes, different facets of life and Nature move in and out of your perspective. Within no 2 slices of Time are all the elements exactly the same. So if you cross that river right now and turn around the walk right back through it, it will be a different river.

It must have been “Discoveries” day today because I “discovered” 2 of them…


  • After MANY, many hours of Streaming, deciphering, learning, changing, practicing and practicing the drum part for our “Time Machine” song, I was FINALLY able to play it all the way through without any “real” errors. There were only 2 slightly rough spots and those were optional “hit this drum or that drum” choices while playing. I “may” redo it later but it can also stand as a finished part.
  • So once that was done, I suggested to Sylvia that we work on the Streamed “bass” / “chordal” part that she sent-through to me a couple of weeks ago.
  • So I covered my electronic drums and uncovered my Roland SH-201 keyboard and our 2 fairly new Roland synths (the JP-08 and System-1m). (When I previously Steamed Sylvia’s notes for this part, because the JP-08 and System-1m don’t have keyboards, I used the SH-201’s keyboard to control the other 2.)
  • Before getting started, I wanted to be sure I had setup the SH-201 to use the “A=432Hz” tuning. So I opened the Owner’s Manual to find out how to check this. I never made it that far because I went back to that keyboard and played something while listening to it and had forgotten the great sounds this keyboard can produce. (For this particular Track, I’ve been listening to the other 2 synths through our Mac… through Apple’s “GarageBand” software. So I hadn’t heard the SH-201 on its own for quite a while.) I played the Patches (sounds) that “I” had created (and stored in that keyboard) and forgot how good they sound. Not wanting to lose them, I wanted to find another way to get them into the computer. (Many months ago, this capability was removed because we upgraded to a newer version of Apple’s Operating System and Roland had discontinued this keyboard model.)
  • (Sylvia’s suggesting I bring this back to the Topic I started with.) Anyway, I discovered 1 aspect of this keyboard that I either had forgotten about or didn’t fully realize at the Time… There’s a “D-Beam” (infrared) sensor on this keyboard and it’s setup to control the “Pitch” or “Filter”. What I discovered today is that under the “Filter” button it also has the word: “Assign”. I checked the manual and learned that I can hold that button and turn ANY knob and THAT parameter will now be controlled by me moving my hand higher or lower above the D-Beam. This opened-up a whole new layer of sound-control on this entry-level, but powerful and misunderstood synthesizer.

So that was today’s 1st discovery for me.

In case anyone’s interested in exploring our music gear, here are the links for the ones I mentioned above:

Roland SH-201:

Roland JP-08:

Roland System-1m (yes, those red, blue or green “circles” are actually lights):

Hard Drive:
This can probably be applied to any aspect of a “follow your Heart” dream but I’ll talk about the “Musician”…

  • You know you’re a true, deeply-committed Musician when you have thoughts such as: “Let’s see now. We have lots of potato chips and crackers but we’re out of real food and only have 50-bucks left ’til payday. We did want to get that new guitar amp but it’s $900. What are we going to do?… I got it! We’ll put $40 down on the amp, eat potato chips and crackers for the next 2-weeks and not do laundry until our clothes wear out. Oh. That’s right. We DO have a lot of crackers… We’d better put $45 down on that amp.”
  • In other words, when someone is truly following their Heart, like a real Musician, they will put their life on hold, just to be able to bring-forth the “sound”.
  • So, a few months ago, Sylvia and I realized that our hard drive doesn’t have the capacity we need to store multiple versions of the songs on our upcoming album… and, Apple’s latest Operating System, “El Capitan” is taxing this 2009 Mac mini. So we’ve been talking about buying a new iMac. They’re much more powerful than a Mac mini but also more expensive.
  • We have also been talking about buying 2 MORE pieces of music gear: the not-yet-released “MatrixBrute” ($2,000) by “Arturia” and 1 of the Yamaha DTX 700-series electronic drumsets (around $2,400). (I’ve mentioned this drumset before and was only considering the “Sound Module” [brain] from that series and 1 of its drum pads but, in the last few days, I’ve been noticing that the electronic cymbals on my Roland set seem to be losing their responsiveness. So extra cymbals would be good.)
  • (ok. I should get back on-track here…) Because Sylvia and I have been working on “Time Machine”, we’ve put those other pieces of research on the back-burner. Today, however, E.R. (who’s on this list) sent me a link to an article on SSD (Solid State Drives). We’ve had a small-capacity SSD (no moving parts) drive for many months now and really appreciate its small size and very fast speed. When we saw that article, Sylvia and I talked again about just buying a larger-capacity SSD drive. So I did more research.
  • I was in the middle of “internal” or “external”… buy an “Enclosure” or a “cable converter” or… When I kept sensing something about the SSD drive that’s sitting here on my desk (attached to the Mac mini). I went back to reading more product pages. I was almost instantly drawn back to that drive. I just kept feeling “something” about that drive. Then I realized it was Sylvia wanting me to look carefully at that particular drive… “Ok. It’s an external, Solid State drive. There’s nothing special about… what?” Somehow, I got the message to turn it around and look at the connectors on the back: “Ok. So it’s got FireWire and USB. We knew that. Wait. That’s not USB, is it? It’s USB 3! It’s USB 3!”
  • This means we could buy an “external” USB 3 SSD drive, connect it to that Port on our current drive and keep this drive connected to the Mac mini through the FireWire Port (because the Mac mini doesn’t have “USB 3”). This not only opens-up more options for us, because FireWire products are harder to find) but USB 3 choices are a bit less expensive.
  • So, now the problem is… Do we buy something for the “computer” or another piece of music gear? “Food?” What about food? Musicians can’t think about “food” when they can smell music gear close-by.

I’m still not sure what Sylvia is suggesting that we do but we did seem to break-through some sort of “energy-wall” today with these “discoveries”.


From “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Salvage operations have completed.”
  • “Selections are made, and levels assigned.”
  • “Gaia’s choices are clear to all with ears to hear.”
  • “Falterings are left behind.”
  • “Upward intentions are realized.”
  • Question everything.

Here’s the link:


Of course, we won’t know if the following information is real until things unfold (or not) as they are outlined below. So, “IF” this is true, here are some excerpts:

  • ” On Tuesday, 19th April 2016, the Chinese will launch the new gold- backed Yuan (the new Chinese currency).”
  • “They will simultaneously launch a new Chinese electronic payment system so the current western banking system, called “SWIFT electronic payment system”, will not be able to access and exchange the new gold-backed Yuan. The SWIFT system will not be able to exchange gold-backed Yuan for any other currency in the SWIFT system; it will only be convertible on the new Chinese payment system. That is why the chairperson of the Federal Reserve in the USA, Janet Yellen, met with Barack Obama this week. You might think that they meet regularly, but the chairperson of the Federal Reserve only meets with the president on issues on national security.”
  • “This development which has been several years in the making, and which is now coming to pass, has many implications for everyone on this planet, but especially the people of the United States of America.
  • This new gold-backed currency is likely to be a far more attractive currency exchange and payment system option, as there is an underlying asset backing the currency, whereas the US Dollar is based on debt owed to the banks that is highly leveraged, with little real asset backing. Already there are 188 countries that have agreed to use the new Chinese electronic payment system that comes online on Tuesday. What this means is that the fiat US Dollar will be replaced as the world’s reserve currency by the gold-backed Yuan.”
  • “Further, what this means is that countries that have “bought” and held US dollars to facilitate trade will repatriate their US dollars back to the Federal Reserve and demand exchange for their own currencies. This will hold dire consequences for the Federal Reserve because they don’t hold sufficient reserves to repay all these countries, and the value of the US Dollar will come crashing down. Printing more US Dollars will not assist the US in a US economic recovery, as they did in 2008.”
  • “This act by the Chinese may be viewed  by the USA as an “act of aggression and war” so the US is considering its options in this regard. Its only real options are a nuclear war with the Chinese, or to accept an “olive branch” from the Chinese to accept the situation and accept the offer from China to back a new treasury issued US Dollar with gold.”
  • “If the US opts for option 1, it would place the entire US population at grave risk, as well as its allies, and the entire world. If it opts for option 2 it would mean the end of the Federal Reserve System and the old US Dollar.”
  • “If option 2 is accepted, then there will be an evaluation and revaluation (RV) of the world’s currency system. This will require a shutdown of all banks for a few days, or even weeks. It would also usher in the release of the wealth in the Collateral Accounts, and the World Trust accounts, which will mean a basic income for every man woman and child on the planet, and a forgiveness of all debt (a debt jubilee).”
  • “I thought I should explain this, although it might seem a little complicated to understand, for it is best you to know and do not panic. It is transpiring (“trance spriraling”) soon.”

My comments: Again, “IF” this information is real then it matches with a few of the other reports I’ve seen in the last week or so.

Also, “IF” this is real, then Benjamin Fulford should have something to say about it in his weekly report, which is due-out tomorrow (4/18/16).

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

After finishing the Section below, I found the following link, which provides more details and a different insight into what these “financial happenings” MAY be all about. It’s late and because Sylvia and I have to work tomorrow, I don’t have Time to “excerpt” this article but, in “my” opinion, it’s well-worth reading.

Here’s the link:


Although these 3 happenings are for different reasons, they are in different parts of the world and show “me” that “something” IS happening, which leads to the bigger pieces of this puzzle coming together.

  • Brazil wants to impeach its Leader.
  • Jamaica wants to get rid of the British Queen as its Leader.
  • England wants British Prime Minister David Cameron to resign.

My comment: As I mentioned, the reasons behind each happening are a bit different but it doesn’t really matter to “me” because it’s what these puzzle pieces are doing that matters. The people are now awake and they are taking back this planet!

For the last few months or so, I’ve been feeling that the energies leading up to the new financial system, new governments, the Prosperity Programs, Disclosure and Enlightenment… and, then the removal of the “Veil” are now happening “exponentially”. (It’s the dissolving of the “Veil” that Sylvia and I are waiting for.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the Brazil situation:

Here’s the link to the Jamaican situation:

Here’s the link: