PS 6-24-22 Harrison

This 25-minute video (from 6/20/22) is by Researcher and Contactee, Lisa Harrison.
Here are a few highlights:
  • Lisa says the Energy of this Construct must be “burned through” and this is happening now with the “lack of” or “limit” in Fuel, the Stock Market’s behavior, the Financial Systems, etc.
  • She says that, around last year or so Source “stopped” and is just now being felt by various people around this planet. LeeLoo, one of Lisa’s Contactees, stated (several months ago) that Source did something it never did before… it maintained all the Data of this Construct but, at the same Time, wiped its memory and reset itself, in order to purge the massive negativity that was inside this Realm.
  • “We are disconnecting from the Mainframe of this place itself.” We’re switching from the old Realm to the new one. “We power the new Creation with the frequency Love and Creativity.” So when you start feeling that switch, you’ll know that you’re no longer feeding the “old” but are now feeding the “new”.
  • Blue Energy… Blue Sun, etc.
  • (That’s interesting…) Around the 16-minute mark, Lisa states that she believes we are our own Ancestors because we Reincarnate along the same line.
  • The “2nd Wave” will be personal memories returning. The “3rd Wave” will be all Universal memories.
Question everything.
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PS 6-13-22 Harrison

This 53-minute video is by Researcher and Contactee, Lisa Harrison. Here are a few highlights:
  • As bad as things “appear”, Lisa doesn’t believe the “Dark Side” is winning.
  • “Any minute now, we’re going to see where we really are and how much of what we’re seeing is an illusion.”
  • Lisa did a quick Survey, asking… “If you know what I’m talking about” (the truth about the vaccinations, the television and government lies, the “virus”, etc.) “Those of you listening live, If you know what I’m talking about, enter “Yes” in the Comments. If you know of others who know what I’m talking about put “Yes” in the second space. [So, “yes, yes”, if both you and others know… or “yes, no” if “you” know but those around you don’t.] Almost everyone entered “yes, yes”. Lisa then explains that, most people keep this information to themselves but when asked by someone, they open up and say “me too”.
My comments: This is why I’ve mentioned previously that we all need to be alert to the immediate world around you. Look for any opportunity to make an “ice breaker comment” to anyone who may be ready to listen to your Open Mind:
  • “Thank you for wearing your Trump hat”… or
  • “I see you have a Trump bumper sticker on your car, I like President Trump also.”
There are also comments you can make about the “masks”, the “virus” and the “vaccines” but this can be a very touchy subject, especially when talking to a stranger. Just play it by ear.
The more we all reach out with a friendly piece of information, the more we may help those around us be more at-ease with their own Open Mind about what is really going on.
As each of us Awakens, the overall consciousness of this planet will be raised proportionately and the sooner the “Veil” will be removed.
  • Lisa talks about visiting the Blue Sun. She suggests that everyone do a Meditation, with the Intention of visiting the Blue Sun. When Lisa visited, she was given a gift. It was a Doorknob. She knew this meant “the keys had been used and the doors are actually unlocked. They just need to be opened… and that there are many doors, which means Opportunities ready to be opened..”
Question everything.
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PS 8-18-18 *Odd, Harrison, Cobra

*First a comment:
There’s something to this… some connection between these pieces of the puzzle but I don’t know what it is… It’s just Odd but I feel that these 3 pieces: a bridge collapse, the crossing-over of a Secret Service Agent and a 1969 Movie are intertwined in some way.
Here are the pieces:
  • The name of the Secret Service Agent is: Nole Edward Remagen
  • The name of the 1969 Movie is: “The Bridge At Remagen”
  • Last week, a portion of a bridge in Italy “just collapsed”, during a rainstorm
  • According to the following article, the bridge was built in 1967
Because I grew-up when that Movie was released, it’s the 1st thing I thought of when I heard the Agent’s unusual last name.
This all seems too Odd to be connected together and I almost didn’t include this but there’s something about these particular pieces… Maybe it’s all just a coincidence or maybe it’s part of the “Master Program’s” “pattern replication” / “sustaining pattern” aspect that I noticed many, many months ago… or maybe these current “happenings” are really software “subroutines”  or “holograms” and the Master Program used the name “Remagen” and collapsed that particular bridge because they were the closest match to some other facet that I haven’t realized is involved yet. Only Time will tell.
As always, YOUR mileage may vary.
Here’s the link to the article:
Here’s the link to the movie’s information page:
Here’s the link to the bridge collapse:
This video suggests the bridge was actually destroyed by advanced weapons:
In this 2-hour video, Lisa Harrison provides an update on the energies of this planet and answers some Viewer questions. Here are a few highlights:
  • Around the 22-minute mark, a Caller states that he’s been feeling “not here”… “not a part of this reality”. Lisa says there have been a lot of people feeling the same way lately.
My comments: I’ve felt this also but only for a few seconds here and there. I feel this is feedback which tells us that the Beings on this planet ARE now phasing into the next Level… the “new Earth”.
  • Around the 35-minute mark, Lisa explains the “Blue Suns”.
  • “We’ve been told the Earthquakes and Volcanic activity is the lead-up… to the Flash. It’s all part of it.”
  • Around the 56:15-mark, she very briefly explains the other side of the “Veil”.
  • “On the 8th of August, I do believe there was another attempt at a Reset… but it didn’t work.”
  • A Caller had a Dream where her Father (who crossed-over in 2004) and her Mother (who crossed-over this year) said: “All will be revealed soon.”
  • Since July 31st, something has shifted, which allows us to “navigate” / “manipulate” Time a little better.
  • At the 1:53:40-mark, someone asked Lisa if there was an “Affirmation”. Lisa then explains what she’s discovered recently and how it’s had a big impact on her.
Question everything.
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Cobra Posted this today for the “Resistance Movement”:
  • “Drastic HVBN/systems security breach at 504”
  • “Security breach  deflected”
Question everything.

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