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*First a few comments:

At one point on Thursday, while at work, I was working near the back area of the Loading Dock (where the trucks “load” and “unload”). I was fixing Vacuum Cleaners. About 10-feet from where I was sits a Cardboard Compactor.

Although I was intensely doing my work, for 1 moment, I looked up and about 2-feet on the other side of that Compactor, I saw a guy walk through the wall, in front of the Compactor and disappear as he continued walking about 10-feet further. (So he walked from my right to my left.)

I remember what he looked like because I remember hearing myself tell him:

  • “I saw you! Male. About 6-foot tall. Wearing a medium-blue dress shirt.”

There was no one buy me and Sylvia in that entire room. I know it wasn’t “Sylvia”.

I’m mentioning this because these types of “bleedthroughs” are going to increase exponentially from this point out.

I just watched an earlier video from “Harvey”. He makes a good point about “Social Security Benefits”. So he made a 12-minute video explaining that the “Social Security Retirement Money” does not come out of our “Private Trust”, which is held by the “Federal Reserve”.

  • In yesterday’s Posting, the Narrator of those videos (Harvey), said the Federal Reserve “Private Trust” is really called the: “Treasury Direct Account”. This tells “me” that the Lightworkers have done a lot of work behind-the-scenes, in order to wrestle those accounts away from the “Federal Reserve” and place them under the control of the proper Agency… and THAT tells “me” that we are all getting a LOT closer to everything… every-thing being revealed.

Here’s the link to his video explaining “Social Security Benefits”. It’s very encouraging. (Yes, all of his videos have “language”):

This morning, while having Breakfast, I was thinking about the $2,300 electronic drumset I’ve been wanting to buy and how we can now afford it. Sylvia then showed me a piece of electronic-drumset gear that’s recently been released. (This is the “Mimic Pro” made by Pearl drums and retails for $2,200. Here’s the link to it:)

I immediately realized what Sylvia was telling me… As long as we can put a “purchase” on a Credit Card, there IS NO LIMIT on how much something costs. So we can now afford that cutting-edge technology… Plus, we can now afford the recently-released, top-of-the-line electronic drumset (by a different company) and it retails for $7,500!!! Here’s the link to it:

  • Although how we all tap-into our “Private Trust” accounts may change (for the better), right now it looks like having a “Credit Card” is the key. If you have a Credit Card, pay it off before beginning your “buying binge”. In this way, you’ll be assured that you’re accessing your Trust account correctly and that it DOES work. If you want to buy something that costs more than your Credit Card limit, contact that Credit Card company and ask them to extend your Limit. If they say you’ll have to fill out a form or just “tell them” what your income is (how much money you make), tell them they don’t need that information, in order to extend a Credit Card Limit. They may then say: “We’re require by law to have this information updated before we change a Credit Card Limit.” Tell them that’s not true and if they don’t raise your Limit, you’ll simply use 1 of your other cards from a different company.
  • (We have 2 Credit Card companies that are constantly asking us (when we log-in to our account) to fill out a form, updating our Income situation. They state they cannot issue a Credit Card Limit increase without this information… and yet, we have another Credit Card, from a different company that’s already given us 3 Credit Card Limit INCREASES [over the years] without EVER asking us to give them an update on our Income situation!) Their lies stop here. Don’t put up with it. Watch “Harvey’s” videos. He says some of the Banks and financial institutions will tell you: “We can’t talk to you about that account. We only deal with “Banks”. He explains that WE are the “Bank” for that account.)
  • If you don’t have a Credit Card because of the Cabal’s “bad credit rating” System, simply sign-up for a “pre-paid” card. Open it with the minimum amount they allow. You’ll have to use your own “paper” money to do this… BUT, once you have that card, go buy something with it. Anything. Then use your “Private Trust” to pay it off… completely. Repeat this process a few times and then contact that company and tell them to look-into your pre-paid account. Tell them to notice that you’ve been using it AND have been paying it off. Then ask them to raise your Limit. To get into the Cabal’s System, you may have to start very small but continue to pay it off, “daily” if you have the Time (you already HAVE the money). The more transactions you make with that card AND the quicker you resolve that Debt, the quicker you can get them to raise your Limit. (These are just “my” opinions. I’m NOT a financial expert. You MUST do your own homework.)

Our “Mac Mini” is about 9-years old. So I was also think about us buying a newly announced iMac ($1,500) but, today, I quickly realized that we can now buy Apple’s most powerful Mac — arriving in December — the “iMac Pro” (over $5,000). Here’s it’s link:

  • Sylvia and I received a Tracking Number for a “Modular Synthesizer Case” we purchased on June 10th. It was backordered. On that same order, I added a pair of Drumsticks. So I phoned the local Guitar Center today, to see if our Drumsticks had arrived. (We have everything we buy there shipped directly to that store. Then we go there and pick it up. In this way, those items won’t sit on our doorstep if we’re not home when they’re delivered.) The Drumsticks are on backorder.
  • After hanging up the phone, my mind drifted to the “weight” (“depth” and “seriousness”) of what Sylvia and I had recently tapped-into. I thought about the different “efforts” Sylvia and I made, over the years, in order to buy what we “needed”… AND, sometimes, just to buy “food”. I thought about the hardships my Mom went through to raise her only child (me) after my Father crossed-over (when I was 3). This was a Time when women “typically” stayed home while their Husbands went to work and made the money. So a lot of women weren’t encouraged to get an extended education or learn a Trade. My Mom didn’t even know how to Drive a car. After my Father crossed, my Mom knew she had to do something to bring-in some money. I remember her putting me in the backseat of the car and saying I’m going to teach myself how to Drive. (There were no “Seatbelts”, “Airbags” “Power Steering”, etc.) She knew she’d get a ticket if she was caught. So she only drove through the backroads of the small town we lived in. She eventually got her license and got a job as a Salad Prep Manager in a very fancy restaurant.
  • All of that flooded my mind this morning. It was just too much for me. I started crying. I couldn’t move. (I’m crying again now.) I began thinking about all the extreme living conditions… the many, many sacrifices a LOT of people made, just to put food on the table. So I cried even more.
  • The Cabal has hijacked our lives and this very “Reality” for a VERY long Time. They “eliminated” those Bankers in the early 1900s by luring them onto the “Titanic” (which was really the “Olympic”) and then sunk it. All so they could hijack the world’s financial system, create the illegal “Federal Reserve”, turn us into “Property” by manipulating our “Birth Certificates” and create those “Private Trust” accounts for everyone.
  • I cried even more when I told Sylvia: “It’s done. The Cabal are now defeated. It’s over!” Hearing myself say that, I cried more.
  • It’s done. I feel that Humanity and this planet have just… either jumped Timelines or gone through a few layers of the “Veil”.
  • We are almost home!

Please think hard about all of this “MoneyChalk” information I’ve been including, over these last few days. Think about it… If the Cabal was still in-charge of anything significant on this planet, they would simply lock-down those “Private Trust” accounts or make an example of someone who used theirs by sending the IRS after them. The Cabal are finished. It’s Time for everyone to stand-up and breathe. The days of every Human being enslaved, “financially” and “mentally” are over.

Please do your own homework and get yourself out of Debt. Be sure to “Question Everything”.

I watched a Clif High video last night. It was Posted about a week ago and, so far, he hasn’t mentioned ANY of this “Private Trust” / “Prosperity Package” information.

  • His computer software scours the Social realms of the Internet for keywords and the “emotions” attached to them. He then puts together 1-month to about 1-year predictions as to which way Society will move. These include Social Trends and any large-scale and high-emotional events.

With LOTS and LOTS of people, in the last week or so, paying-off their Debts and LOTS of people trying to buy “Teslas”, there should be a TON of information for Clif High to harvest.

(It’s been several hours since I wrote all of the above information.)

Sylvia and I just received an eMail from 1 of our Credit Card companies and it showed “Thank you for your $100 payment”. I immediately logged into our account on their website, to verify this, and it showed “$100 PAID”.

  • I’m crying… It DOES work! It’s only been less than 24-hours and we now have 1 Confirmation of payment through our “Private Trust” account! THIS IS HUGE!!!

So, I told Sylvia, we’re now going to just pay it off! So I did… all $1,869.

Initially, I told Sylvia we’ll get rid of 2 of our 4 Credit Cards but we talked it over and she showed me that having those 4 Cards means… if we can’t pay for something, because we reached that Card’s “Limit”, we can simply use a 2nd or 3rd Card to pay the remainder. So we’re going to keep all 4 Cards. In a few days, I’ll go into each of them and set them all to “Autopay”. If they allow “Daily” Autopay, that’s what I’ll use. In that way, we can just “spend” without the hassle of “paying”. What a great feeling THAT is!… To finally be able to buy something that you “want” or “need” without the hassle of “compromise”… Buying a lower-quality product because you can’t afford “the good stuff”. Think about it. Now, when you shop online, you can Sort the options by “HIGH price to low price” instead of always choosing “LOW price to high price”. It’s empowering.


This 1-hour, 32-minute video, from July4th, is of Lisa Harrison providing her weekly update on the energies she’s sensing around this planet. Here are some highlights:

  • At the start of this video, she explains something she’s talked about before… She provides a few more details on how “we” (“Humanity as a whole” or “the Lightworkers”) created a “Copy” of this Timeline, at the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013 and how 5-waves of “Volunteers” jumped onto this new Timeline, in order to help us all move forward. Once everyone was here, they destroyed the old Timeline and closed this one. This trapped the Cabal here with us, so they could be dealt with. (It sounds better when Lisa explains it.)
  • She says it feels like… The Cabal has lost the ability to “repeat things” / “control this Timeline”. “As things are being cleared, they’re cleared. They’re not coming back.”
  • Before arriving here, the “Volunteers” have encrypted some important information that they need and placed it, energetically, into “locked boxes” within their Field. These are not only “Event Driven” but can only be activated by someone else… the person who “they are intended for” or “who needs to work with that “Volunteer” for some purpose. So the more we all get out there and interact with others, the easier it will be to release that information.
  • Around the 1:10-mark, she explains that there are aspects of this, which, once deleted, will never have happened.

My comment: That’s similar to what some have said about the “bad guys” being sent to the “Galactic Central Sun”… It will be as though they never existed.

  • There’s also a lot of talk about “Time”, “Time Jumps”, “Timelines”,etc.
  • She says we do a LOT of work in “DreamTime” and some people are actually meeting their “DreamTime” co-workers, here, in this “reality”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

The following article, by healer, empath, and intuitive, Michelle Walling, explains the different things you can do for the energy-adjustments entering the Solar System at this Time.

I’m including this because some people, especially our co-workers, are continuing to develop “health changes”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 12-9-16 *Veil, Ascension

*First a few comments:

I haven’t been this happy since Sylvia and I “physically” held each others hand…

I now have a “sample” / “facet’ of the Bleedthrough energy, FROM AN ALTERNATIVE REALITY, “by the throat” / “in my possession”… and this provides “me” with a TREMENDOUS amount of PROOF that THE VEILS HAVE THINNED AGAIN and that Sylvia and I will be together soon. (I still hate that “soon” word but I can’t find another way to describe this right now.)

Here’s what happened:

  • I didn’t realize it at the Time but the woman I’m about to describe is somehow a key piece to this part of the “puzzle” I’ve been working on since My Sylvia crossed-over (over 295-weeks ago).
  • I’ve been on “Hello, how are you” terms with everyone at this new job since Sylvia and I started working there (about 38-Days ago). Either last Tuesday or last week, one of these employees steered a short conversation onto the “Religious” Track.
  • (Sylvia and I Graduated from all “Religions” on the day we got Married in 1987. (We have been on a “Spiritual” Path ever since.) We never want to step on someone else’s “Truth” or bash their beliefs but hearing someone “deeply Preaching” their “Religion” is like a child who just learned how to color telling Rembrandt or Picasso how to paint. It’s annoying, very negative and hinders the energies of the person being “talked to”.)
  • So for the last several days, this woman has been shoveling “her truth” onto my shoes. It’s been a very long Time since Sylvia and I have heard anyone churn-out that much “Religious hype”… and if she knew how to drive a Dump Truck, I would still be completely covered in it.
  • This morning, while getting ready for work, I heard that woman’s distinct voice in the center of my mind. I can see her standing within about 20-feet from me and Sylvia while she’s casually saying something about: “… Well you and Sylvia should go and see it…”
  • So far, at work, only a very few employees know that I’m Married. (Of course, all they have to do is look at the Wedding Ring on my finger… but I’ve only told 2 or 3 people.) No one at work knows Sylvia’s name. It’s just the way things have unfolded. In this case, though, that’s a VERY good thing.
  • Because my “Reasoning” is still not what it should be, and because I’m still sometimes pre-occupied with the pinched nerve in my arm, I needed to be absolutely certain that this woman did not know Sylvia’s name. So when she came to work today, I asked her:
  • (me) “What is my wife’s name?”
  • (woman) “I didn’t even know you were married… Your “wife’s” name?”
  • (me) “Yes”
  • (woman) “Don’t YOU know?”
  • (me) “Yes but I need to know if YOU know her name.”
  • (woman) “It’s not Doris is it?”
  • Right then, I became VERY happy.
  • When I 1st received this “bleedthrough fragment” this morning, the phrase I received which describes it is: “Memory Imprint”. It seems like a strange name to put on this but that’s what came through, when I noticed it.
  • Even now, when I look at this, I see its “package”… A round, medium-gray “container” about the size of a Quarter. It’s just floating within my mind. My guess is that it doesn’t have “home”… a “Pigeon Hole” to rest in. This is not from a “Dream” and it’s not part of any real Memory that I have.
  • Also… I am 100-percent sure of what I just described. I also have a few details which I am only 30-percent sure of, regarding this woman… In THIS Reality, she told me she has a “Dog”. In that “Alternative” Reality she has 3 “Cats”. The 1st is called something like “Rabisharr”. The 2nd I’ve forgotten and the 3rd’s name is “Peaches”. The woman in “that” Reality isn’t involved in “Religions”. Instead, she has embraced “Nature” but she doesn’t practice “Wicca”. (That’s all I can pull-through right now.)
  • So, in this “Memory Imprint” this very same woman, looks and sounds exactly like she does in “this” Reality but casually knows me and Sylvia. However, I can’t place “where” we know each other from.
  • That “Memory Imprint” is so incredibly real and clear but, at the same Time, it doesn’t feel like a “Dream” and it’s detached from my current Memories. It’s not something I’m confusing with another person’s voice. If there’s one thing I know, about as much as I know My Sylvia, and that is “sound”. Remember, I’m a “Drummer” but also a “Synthesist” — someone who creates “sounds”. The “Sound Bite” within that “Bleedthrough Container” is an exact match to the Voiceprint of that woman I spoke with today at work.

So, in “my” mind, the “Veil” has now thinned so much that this “Alternative TimeLine” sample (or “facet”) has drifted-through to THIS side. As I mentioned, this is VERY good news!

Question everything.


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I included a video, in yesterday’s Posting, by the same Hypnotist: Alba Weinman. When I set that video-link aside, so I could watch it when I had Time, I actually set THIS video aside with it. Tonight, I finally had a chance to watch it.

In this video 43-minute, a different “Subject” goes under Hypnosis and (“IF” this is true) reveals a little information about Humanity’s Ascension and the process that the Earth is currently going through.

Question everything.

Here’s the link: