PS 5-21-20 *Jobs, States, MainStreamMedia, Banned?

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I think it was yesterday, when I first noticed this…
While looking through Job Listings, I saw that the restaurants are going to make their Employees wear “masks”, “gloves” and will take their Temperature before they can enter the building! Can you imagine having to wear a “mask” for an entire 8-hour Shift?
This nonsense has to stop and the “Sheeple” really need to WAKE-UP!
In this 20-minute video, the Narrator provides an alternative news update for today. Here are a few highlights:
  • At the 11:04-mark, the Narrator talks about some States wanting to keep their Citizens under “Lockdown” for many more months. He also says that some States have sent out millions of “Vote By Mail” Ballots. President Trump is now telling those States that “Vote By Mail” is illegal and if they go through with it, he will withhold Funding to that State.
  • At 13:25, he reads an article where more than 600 Doctors are telling President Trump to end the “Quarantine”, because it’s causing more harm than good.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


This 40-minute video is from the “X22 Report”, where the Narrator explains the alternative news of the day.
I was almost all the way through this and thought there was nothing worth including then, at the 37-minute mark, something was said that made me stop and need to include this…
  • The Narrator shows information about the “CDC” (Center for Disease Control) changing its mind and now saying that the “virus” doesn’t spread very well on surfaces.
  • This actually starts at the 36:19-mark… The Narrator plays a very short video clip where members of the cabal’s Main Stream Media are talking. One of the “News People” talks about (Trump, I think) and says He may even try to control what people thing. “That is our job.”

You can’t make this stuff up. Go watch this for yourself.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 16-minute video is an interview between former CIA Agent, Robert David Steele, and an alternative news Researcher.
The Researcher had been banned from YouTube, PayPal, etc. and decided to fight back. His efforts have developed into a “Movement” where more and more people who have also been Banned have now joined him. Even businesses are standing behind him.
He has setup a way for “White Hat” content creators to not only get their messages out but also get paid for doing it.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
I’ve been thinking about this yesterday, after watching a Jordan Sather video where he talked about being sensored and now being careful about what he “can” and “can’t” say on his YouTube Channel. Hopefully, he’ll find out about the above organization.
What I want to mention here is this…
I’m going to call this: “How to say whatever you talk about whatever you want on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and not get sensored”. There are 2 versions of this idea…
If you “have” your own website:
  • Figure out which “terms” or “keywords” you might be sensored on and place them on your website.
  • Figure out a “codeword” or “abbreviation” for each of those and place that information next to each of those sensored terms.
  • > For example: If you think you might get Banned for talking about HydroChloroquine, simply tell your audience (on your personal website) that you’ll be using the word “birdseed” instead. So, now, your message will look like this: “Birdseed is the best cure we have right now and it’s very cheap to make.”
  • Now, when you “talk” in a YouTube video or “type” in a Facebook or Twitter Post, simply use the “codeword”.
  • Of course, you’ll need to always make a note in your videos or in any Post that Readers should first visit your website.
If you “don’t” have your own website:
  • This is similar to what I outlined above but “instead of” or “in addition to” listing the “codewords” on your “website”, you can simply add them to your video or Post.
  • In a video, you do this by holding up a piece of paper or showing a Whiteboard with all of your “terms” and associated “codewords” for each. You might be able to use a Video Editing program to place these words on top of your video. However, you must be sure they cannot be “Highlighted” or clicked-on.
  • In a “typed” Post, you do this by first typing your “terms” and “codewords” in a Word Processor and then taking a Screenshot of them or saving them as a “Graphics” File (if your Word Processing program allows this). The main thing here is to convert all “text” into “Graphics”.
Right now, the cabal has software which can identify any “person”, “location” or “product”. Don’t believe me? Here are 2 links to website which do this now… for free:
However, from what “I’ve” determined, the cabal cannot “currently” identify text when it’s embedded in “Graphics” — especially if it’s a “Script” Font, turned sideways, flipped, etc.
So if anyone out there knows of any alternative news sources, such as Jordan Sather, Red Pill 78, Deception Bytes, etc., please contact them and make sure they know about this. I don’t need to take credit for this. We all need to help each other. Especially against the “cabal”.

PS 3-31-19 *Banning, TheEvent?, Cobra

*First a comment:
(It looks like Sylvia and I haven’t Posted anything since 3/25/19)
Over the past few months, I’ve seen “YouTubers” talk about others in the “alternative news” community getting their YouTube Channel de-monitized or banned (canceled).
  • This is the same problem Humanity is having when the Light Workers tell us “things have been delayed… again”. They keep playing in the cabal’s sandbox, using the cabal’s toys and playing by the cabal’s rules. WHY!? You can’t play someone else’s game and expect to win. It’s THEIR game. THEY designed it so they CAN’T lose! So why do the Light Workers continuously go back to the same methods when they set-out to pull us out of this mess?
In the realm of “YouTube”… Stop crying about getting de-monitized and canceled. It’s owned by the cabal!!! Find another company… another outlet for those videos. There ARE other options!
I’ve also heard a few stories about YouTube deleting someone’s videos… “and now they’re gone forever”. Why didn’t they have a backup? Always keep a backup!
If someone’s efforts are important, I would strongly suggest they pay for their own website, or start a WordPress or Weebly Blog, AND find another video-hosting company. Then, you always link each of your videos and websites and blogsites to each other. In that way, if ANY of those articles or videos is compromised, that person’s Audience will instantly know to check the other Sites for new content. IT’S VERY SIMPLE!
We have to take personal responsibility and stop complaining that the cabal took our toys!
It’s WAY past Time to start waking up!
This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.
I saw this 40-minute video a few days ago. It’s an interview with Author Linda Moulton Howe. However, I didn’t include it because she was basically talking about older pieces of information regarding “Antarctica” and a few other subjects. This morning when Sylvia and I woke-up, the 1st thing in my mind was to find this video and include it here.
The reason I wanted to include this is because of one thing Linda said in this video:
  • “By the Time we reach New Year’s Eve 2020, if nothing has happened, I will be surprised.”
I skipped-through this video, just now, but could not find the point where she says that. This IS the video. I just can’t “quickly” find where she says those words.
My comments: Note: I referred to Linda’s “Antarctic” information as “older pieces of information” only because David Wilcock talked a lot about Linda’s information in one of HIS recent videos.
This video will still be helpful to those people who haven’t yet heard about the “Basalt” Findings in Antarctica and the other topics Linda covers.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:


This was Posted today by Cobra:
  • A Short Notice to the Surface Population
  • “There are many things happening behind the scenes and if everything goes according to the plan, an update for the surface population will be posted on this blog in a few days.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: