PS 12-30-19 *Negatives, *GlobalWarming, SpaceNavigation, Parkes, Ascension

*First a comment:
On Christmas day, someone used our Debit Card. Somehow, they determined that our Card Number was a real Card and burned that information onto a Blank and then used it in a restaurant to buy something for $6.30. The Credit Union Sylvia and I use denied the transaction, because it was in another State, and then contacted us immediately.

Because our Card was now “compromised”, we had to cut-up our Debit Card and wait for them to send another one.
  • So we cut-up that Debit Card and used one from another Bank that we already had. However, we only use that Card to pay the Rent and to buy gas for Sylvia’s car. We hadn’t gone grocery shopping so we went to Target but we over-spent by about $50… and the Rent is due in a couple days. I was beginning to get stressed when I noticed that our Credit Union allows its customers to transfer funds “to” and “from” an external Bank. It took a bit to set this up but, last night, we transferred $100 from our Credit Union Account to our “other” Bank Account. Now we can pay the Rent. There was a $3 “Transfer Fee” but it was worth it because I was going to have to leave work an hour early today, in order to go to “one” or “both” of those Banks, in order to accomplish this same task. (Sometimes “technology” does work.)
I’ve mentioned “the Earth is warming-up” in previous Posts but it wasn’t until this morning, talking to Sylvia, that I realized why the cabal put their “spin” on it…
  • For “Decades”, the cabal has been telling us that the Earth is experiencing a “Global Warming”. They also told us that it’s OUR fault… too many people on the planet… too many cars and machines generating a lot of heat, etc.
In MY world (MY opinion… MY perspective), what they are hiding is the fact that the Earth is “waking-up”. After tens-of-thoursands (or is it HUNDREDS-of-thousands) of years of being “locked-down” / “controlled” / “gridded”, the Earth is finally being resuscitated, brought back to her true self and, just as Humans become cooler when they sleep and warm-up when they awake, the Earth is now beginning to generate its own heat — its TRUE temperatures… and this is also what I’ve been saying lately… That this is a “temperate” planet. It’s not supposed to have “ice shelves”, glaciers, etc. It’s not supposed to have such extreme temperatures throughout its surface area.
Question everything.
This 23-minute video presents information from a Pleiadian source. The video’s Narrator states that this “connection” is not “Channeling”. Instead, she states, it’s from direct, informational-contact with an Extra Terrestrial.
I’m including this because video explains how highly-advanced Space Travel actually works… “IF”, of course, the information presented is true.
The explanation of “Time” is very insightful:
  • “Time is only an energetic – frequency variant of a place. In itself, in isolation, time is stopped. It is only with the presence of a consciousness from that instant, which is a freqeuency in itself, that the scene begins to be animated with a sequence of events.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:
This 1-hour video is by Experiencer Simon Parkes. He provides updates on what is “supposedly” happening to the energies “on” and “surrounding” this planet.
I’m including this because, around the 30-minute mark, he’s asked a question about the Sun causing severe damage to the various planets in this Solar System in the year 3037. Simon replies with: “It will be much sooner than that.” and then uses the word “imminent”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:
This 4-minute video is an energy update from “Neo Glimmer”. I don’t know if he’s a “Seer”. I don’t think he’s a “Channeler” but, somehow, he’s in-touch with various energies and he shares his Findings.
I’m including this because, in this video, he states something that I’ve been saying for a while now… Once “the Event” happens, we will all remember who we really are. At that point, we’ll know what to do, what is happening and why we came here. In other words, with “the Event” comes the knowledge of how to get through it.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 5-15-16 *Music+, Dream, Financial

*First a few comments:

Sylvia and I now have 11-hours invested in this new song, “Lighthouse” (not its real title). We worked on it for 8-hours today and, although it’s a simple song, it’s difficult for “me” to assemble.

  • Sylvia would have had this entire song scribbled-out on a piece of paper, off the top of her head. Then she would have switched-on her music keyboard and GarageBand and recorded it. In less than an hour, she would have handed me the completed song to either add drums to or just listen to.

Because I don’t have Sylvia’s many musical skills, I had to:

  • print out the lyrics,
  • carefully play each line of Vocals on our Korg Krome (keyboard) — tuning into Sylvia to find the notes as I went along,
  • tell GarageBand to print-out the Sheet Music,
  • write the lyrics under the notes (GarageBand doesn’t allow you to insert lyrics into your songs),
  • write the Chord names over the Measures,
  • play each Chord, 1 at a Time, into GarageBand, in order to make separate “Chord objects” that I could move around,
  • carefully place each of those Chord objects along the Chord Track — matching the Vocal notes previously recorded.

Because it’s a “work day” tomorrow, Sylvia and I switched from being “Musicians” and “Composers” to having supper and doing tonight’s research. While I was unplugging and covering our music gear (and still focused on that song), I heard Sylvia, in my mind, say:

  • “Veil. What do you think about the Veil? What does it mean to you? What goes through your mind when you think about the Veil.”

With these words came an energy of “understanding” and an energy that I don’t remember receiving before.

As I was figuring out what was going on, Sylvia continued:

  • “Think about the Veil. You can see through it now.”

Now that I was tuned-in to this, I did my best to grab that unknown energy but it either quickly faded or part of me pushed it away. Looking back on that energy, I’m sensing it was something Sylvia was sending to me, in order to help me pierce the “Veil”. I then said:

  • “That feeling I just had… it was helping me. With it, I almost figured it out… I almost knew how to get through the “Veil”… but I’m either too STUPID or something is blocking me.”

That happened about an hour before I read the following information. I’m including the following here because “I” feel it’s connected to what I just experienced with Sylvia.

  • Also… I find it very “coincidental” that, just after receiving the following, E.R. (who’s on this list) sent me some notes from a recent, local Macintosh computer club meeting. In this particular meeting, they focused on… “iCloud”.

The last 2-lines are what “I” find to be very important.

Here’s the information:

  • “The white cloud coming through the portals is the CC”
  • “Like the iCloud”
  • “Stores all”
  • “Also contains videos of happenings”
  • “They are videotaped memories”
  • “From the observer point of view”
  • “It’s THE STORY”
  • “The only truth as FACT”
  • “Let people decide for themselves”
  • “It IS. IS”
  • “The gods (controllers) cut that off too”
  • “They wanted people to be fed lies”
  • “They now cannot hide from what is. IS”
  • “The dragon Queen has these stored and made available to all”
  • “Hence like a library”
  • “When the Divine Feminine was cut from this planet because of the male domination, not only was Source cut out but all the collective memories of everyone who have lived here on the planet”
  • “During the past 12,000 years or so everything became distorted.”
  • “There was a huge hole of missing info in the collective conscious”
  • “It was like nothing happened. There was no dragon queen here on this planet for a collective conscious to exist.”
  • “The gods made sure that it was blocked and not available to be used for any human information (hence the Ma net was created-an electromagnetic mind wipe placed between dimensions)”
  • “The CC has been repaired. The missing chapters are there now”
  • “The CC will be available to be accessed by all in the near future”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to that information:


This is a dream by someone on the “5D” website. It’s a bit long but he does his own analysis of it and I feel this dream is important:

  • “Posted 5/15/16 – Gregg Prescott”
  • “I recently had a dream where I saw three tidal waves. For most people, dreaming about a tidal wave can be very traumatic but in this cream, I saw it quite differently!”
  • “In my dream, I was at the beach and I saw this huge tidal wave coming my way. I turned around to seek shelter in a beach house when I noticed another tidal wave 10x bigger than the first one coming up over a mountain in the opposite direction. I went into the beach house as the waves converged over me. At no point in this dream was I ever scared or frightened. While the waves converged above me in this beach house, I could stick my hand through the window and touch the water.”
  • “Eventually, the waves resided, so I went outside only to see another tidal wave coming over the mountain, so I go back inside the beach house until it resided again.”
  • “As I got out of the beach house, I remembered that my truck was parked up on the mountain, so I went up there to find it. Once I got to the top of the mountain, there were a number of people milling around, but the energy there had changed to something quite peaceful and relaxing. The energy felt completely new as well. At this point, I woke up.”
  • “In typical dream analysis, a tidal wave may mean that there is something very overwhelming going on in your life but because there was no trauma or feelings of fear, I looked at this dream from a metaphysical standpoint.”
  • “Water is a mutable energy. It can be solid, liquid, or gas. If you think of a tidal “wave”, the wave can be viewed as a wave of energy This is what I feel the dream is portraying to me.”
  • “There is a huge wave of energy arriving that all of us will be focused on. In the meanwhile, another wave of energy will be coming from the opposite direction and will converge with the initial energy wave. At that point, something magical will happen! Whether that’s moving into the next stage of spirituality, becoming a lightbody, or something else is unknown, but it will be MAGICAL!”
  • “The initial wave may be something similar to what Paul LaViolette calls the Galactic Superwave or it might be one of the cosmic wildcards that I mention in the In5D article, Beyond Imagination! The Cosmic Wildcard.”
  • “In dream analysis, a house or a car is you, even if you are in that house or car. When these waves came, I “went within” the beach house or in simpler terms, I went within myself when the wave of energy arrived.”
  • “Related article: Top 40 Dream Symbols, Interpretations, And Their Meanings”
  • “I often get visions before I fall asleep. A few months ago, I had a vision where I saw a person standing in front of me. It could have been myself or someone else. In an instant, a huge flash of light engulfs the planet and all you can feel is unconditional love for everyone and everything. AT that point in time, NOTHING else matters. If you have any fears, worries, or issues, they’re GONE!”
  • “I get the feeling that the tidal wave dream and this vision are related to one another. Perhaps at the point of convergence, the white light will engulf the planet?”
  • “I wish I had a time frame for this but it all feels like this will happen in this current lifetime. The sooner, the better!”

My comments: I’ve mentioned dream analysis before. This is why I would like you to send me or tell me your dreams… “IF” they are not personal.

For “most” people, their initial reaction to hearing that dream would be very “negative” but as you can see by Greg’s own analysis, this is instead a very “positive” dream.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Many thanks to the “Out Of This WorldX” Blogsite for Posting that dream. I wouldn’t have found it otherwise. Here’s that original link:


Even the website I found this on can’t confirm this information. I’m including it “in case” it’s real. “IF” it is, then it matches what a lot of us have been waiting for and also confirms what Neil Keenan said about a week ago…

  • “Phillip Tilton Notes”
  • “No more stops. This is conclusion. At end is the exchange.”
  • “Banking system up-grading. When up-grade complete will start in Austraila and go around world. Will take 17 hours, then Gen64 starts.”
  • “Funds received from China last night, finishing up today.”
  • “4 codes per country being entered starting with the first 20 countries.”
  • “Tons of gold received in US last night to allow USD gold backed.”
  • “20 countries in first basket per BlueWold.”
  • “All done by the 15th.”
  • “Dunford back from China. Release time unknown.”
  • “Cottrell said bank wireing stuff fixed. He expects to be paid tonight.”
  • “Grandfather said to release gold ASAP with 15th as back wall.”
  • “Goal is to have 800# out by Sunday night and to have PP delivered by then. That is the GOAL. If that goal is not met, it will be met shortly.”
  • “Final steps in progress right now. Keep watching emails.”
  • “Sent: Saturday, May 14, 2016 9:55 AM”
  • “Subject: Fw: Urgent Flash: + Life Changing !!!!!”
  • “: Major break through politically in last 2 days for USA (after the Beijing meeting). . . . “
  • “. . Codes for the 150 most important Advanced Pay, Humanitarian Projects, are being entered today. This task needed to be done by 2 PT yesterday but they didn’t make it in time for Australian banks. Now moving rates from back to front screens. Money should flow sometime in next 48 hours with Monday start on the new system. (Admiral knows this…looks like finish line is in sight)! Miscellaneous things we’re still trying to confirm: – first basket now contains 20 currencies each with their own code to input World Bank/IMF has to enter their codes next to move this forward today!”
  • “. . . FLASH . . . “
  • “Just got word that Hillary will b indicted by FBI. Biden and Elizabeth Warren will take over. She will take down others with her.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: