PS 2-9-21 Psychic

This 35-minute video is an Energy update from Psychic, Louise Jones.
Here are a few highlights:
  • She says the next 2-weeks will be energetic.
  • There may be a new Social Media Platform which will rival or bring-down the current big players.
  • Her Sense is that February 13th or March 13th will be very, very significant with “huge news coming out”.
  • Military and Speeches in the news.
  • “I see a huge scandal with world banks.”
  • Huge news for President Trump.
  • Louise says she normally “sees” no more than 2-years out but, right now, she feels that everything she’s seeing will happen this year.
  • “By the Summer, there will be Trials.”
  • “Huge news with France.”
  • A Scandal with Canada to come out within 2-to-3 days or 2-3 weeks.
  • “The Swamp is going to take all year to drain.”
  • Space Force
  • “April’s huge for the U.K.”
  • “We’re about to witness BOOM week… but we’ll be ok.”
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

PS 2-23-20 Channeling

The information within this 11-minute video was Channeled. The title is: “The Event, Planetary Liberation Moves into High Gear! Pleiadian Light Forces“.
Recently, I have been hearing “some” say that something special will happen during “May, 2020”. The information in this video, states something will happen this “April”. Regardless of the timeframe, “I” have to consider every possible “puzzle piece”. So I’m including this, in case others want to examine this information for themselves.
While reading the Comments, below this video, I found this, which I feel is very interesting:
  • “Emily W”
  • “I had a chaotic dream a month ago or so and a person told me look to the sky on April 20th. Something beyond comprehension will be happening. I have never had a vision or anything before. It may be nothing. But I felt I should share it here after hearing that message.”
My comments: The basic information here is that the “Solar Flash” will happen at the end of 2020. However, “some” of the information provided in this video contains facets of information previously mentioned somewhere on the Internet. For example… The video uses the term “Compression Breakthrough”. The first Time I heard this was almost 400-weeks ago by Cobra, who claims that the word “cobra” is a combination of the words “COmpression BRAkethrough”. Then there’s a brief mention of the Schumann Resonance Chart, from a couple of days ago, which contains a blacked-out section.
So is the person behind this video really “Channeling” or simply stating things we all want to hear? I truly want to believe this information but I’ve been burned before by false information. So I’ll be sifting through it over the next week or so and cautiously watching to see if any of these “puzzle pieces” match-up with any others that I’m carrying (in my mind).
So maybe the “May, 2020” timeframe, stated by Lisa Harrison and others, has been moved forward. Only Time will tell.
Question everything.
Here’s the link (yes, the “Narrator” is a computer voice):