PS 8-8-17 *Eclipse, *Frequencies, Channel

*First a few comments:

That’s strange… I just found a “Draft” eMail I had created and it’s Dated “8/7/17”. I created it yesterday afternoon and had forgotten about it when I started last night’s research. So I changed the Date and have included it below.

Although the upcoming August 21st “Eclipse” has been on my mind for several weeks, “today” I was “nudged” to gather a little more information on it.

Sylvia and I also want to take some photos of it. So we went to the “B&H Photo” website and found some helpful information here:

Everyone keeps saying “don’t look directly at the Sun”. I’ve been looking “directly at the Sun” since I was a child. I even looked directly at a Total Solar Eclipse in the late 60s. My eyesight has been perfect until about 10-years ago, when my vision started getting a bit blurry.

According to this NASA page…
…because of my physical location on this planet, at that Time, the Eclipse I saw was either in 1963 or 1970. Because of what I feel my “age” was at the Time of Viewing, I think it was the 1963 Eclipse that I actually watched.

  • So I had only been through 9 Solar Cycles on this planet when I not only looked directly at the Sun but actually saw a Solar Eclipse. (According to that web page, my location, during that Eclipse, wasn’t “Total”.)

I’m mentioning all this because Sylvia and I want to remind everyone that a North American “Eclipse” is supposed to take place on August 21st. So you might want to get some Time off from work for that Day and buy yourself some “Sun-viewing glasses”.

  • That NASA page “supposedly” lists every Eclipse from 1851 to 2100.

Question everything.

Last Friday, after work, Sylvia and I drove to the local “Guitar Center” store and bought our next Synthesizer Module. Today, we picked it up.

It’s the “MIDI 3” by Pittsburgh Modular. It allows us to control this “Analog” Synthesizer with 1 of our “Digital” (MIDI) keyboards.

After supper, I added it to the Synthesizer’s Case and connected the cable. We went through its various features, in order to make sure everything works properly and to see what it’s possibilities are for “us”.

At one point, I turned on a 2nd Synthesizer (the “Korg Volca FM”) and turned-up the volume on the keyboard’s built-in Synthesizer. I Tuned the “Double Helix Oscillator” (that we bought last week) to a Note within the Harmony of the Digital Synths. I then played the keyboard, testing single Notes, Chords, etc.

While I was doing this, Sylvia must have reached through me or “nudged” me to play a certain Chord combination. I say this was My “Sylvia’s” doing because as soon as I played these 2 Chords, I saw a “Planet” in my mind and felt the color “Blue”. These 2 Chords triggered it:

  • G and D (a Perfect Fifth), then
  • G and B (a Major 3rd)
  • Those Chords by themselves are not that memorable but because we were listening to 3 different Synthesizers, creating a thick sonic texture, this must have allowed those Chords to unlock something within me.

However, it must have been an accumulation of sonic energies because I could not “recreate” / “re-establish” the Planet or that color simply by playing those Chords again. I even tried to remember which other Chords and Notes I had played before those “magic Chords” but could not.

I don’t know if Sylvia opened a “Portal” or “Memory” by playing those Notes and Chords or if she is showing me that “Frequencies” are “the key” (or “A” key) to unlocking our Memories and our Collective destiny. Only Time will tell.

Here’s the link to the Module we purchased:


This 49-minute video is an Interview with Channel Maria Jacobi. She mostly Channels the “Council Of Nine”. Here are some highlights:

Around the 15-minute mark, she states that the Earth has spoken with her and said her name is no longer “Gaia”. It is now “Aria”.

My comment: This isn’t the 1st Time I’ve heard that the Earth’s new name is “Aria”. So as I was half-listening to this video, that Comment caught my attention and felt as though I needed to include this information in this Posting.

  • Around the 17-minute mark, she explains where some information comes from… especially when that information is negatively-based. She also explains that we’re really speaking with aspects of ourselves, whenever we’re talking with someone else.
  • We’re going through (“Ascension”) Shifts all the Time but they’re very subtle. If the energies jumped, our bodies would not be able to handle it.
  • Around the 36:30-mark, she explains how to manifest a better Reality.

My comments: It’s interesting that she uses “rain” as an example of how she changed a heavily-clouded and rainy sky into a sunny day. This is the same thing I’ve mentioned before when I explained how I “tell” a storm to dissipate.

  • She made a good point that many of us have heard before… If Extraterrestrials wanted to take us over, they would have done so by now. We are a part of them. Some of them participated in creating the Human Race. So why would they want to destroy us? Instead, they are here to “help” us.
  • Around the 44-minute mark, she make another good point… She says that each of us project our own Reality. If we encounter someone who is negative towards us or who is fighting in a war somewhere, don’t try to change that person. You can’t because you are basically arguing with yourself. You put that aspect  of Reality in place. So how can you argue against it? Instead, you must change your Consciousness and then project THAT out into Reality.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


PS 10-8-15 *Music, Hoffman, Salusa, Sun

*First a few comments:

I can only describe this as “conscious out-of-body”…
I’ve experienced this a few decades ago and it was fairly dramatic. I’ve noticed this again in the last few days, and it happened again just now, but this Time, it’s been very slight…

  • I’m conscious of “me”… this Unit (my body and all its Systems) but I’ve had a few gentle moments when I’m seeing my arms and hands and the rest of me from another vantage point which seems to be from “outside” this Unit.
  • This was much stronger decades ago. Maybe I’ve since been “blocked” / “controlled” by the Cabal, so I can’t experience that but now their energies are failing and the Light is pouring in and lifting everything up… restoring all properties to their original condition. (I placed a “period” (.) after “up” and then those other words were suggested.)

Question everything.

Today, right when Sylvia and I woke-up, I was determined to stay focused on working on our music. Although there were a few things I had to look up in the manual and a few side-tracking ideas kept entering my mind, I did manage to remain on track.

I thought about working on an easier song but, since the “Time Machine” song is still front-most in my mind, we decided to stay with that one.

We forged away for 6-hours. Only stopping for a quick lunch. I just got tired… I was bent-over, looking into a half-inch-high, 8-inch-wide screen with 2 pairs of eyeglasses for most of those 6-hours.

“Time Machine” still has a long way to go but a few more of its pieces are now in place.

Besides the “whispered phrase”, this song also needs a female voice to “talk”. It’s 1 word in 2 different places. Initially, this word was going to be: “lifetime” but yesterday, while at work, Sylvia suggested we change it to: “infinity”. She said this would cover a much longer span of Time and it would tie-in with our band name… which is “Infinity”.

A side note…
Although Sylvia and I have just purchased the upgraded “BeatStep Pro” from Arturia, we still have a small, but expensive, list of music gear that we would like to have. The 1st item is for this album and the others are for albums to follow:

  • We currently have a “SampleRack” ($200) made by Alesis. We need this to play “Sampled Sounds”… sounds that I record. After working with it for a while, we discovered that it doesn’t Track well… when playing my electronic drums (Roland mesh-head drum), this device cannot play all of the “fast” or “subtle” drumstick strikes that I make. Plus, the reverb is not pro-level quality. Because of this, we are now saving-up for either a Yamaha “DTX Multi-12” pad ($600) or a Yamaha “DTX 700” Sound Module ($800). Sylvia says it’s smarter to wait and buy this on “Black Friday” in November and trade-in the SampleRack. (When you trade-in music gear at the local Guitar Center store, they give you 10-percent off whatever you’re buying. We don’t know if that will still be the case with Black Friday.)
  • Here’s the link to the SampleRack:
  • Here’s the link to the Yamaha Multi-12:
  • Here’s the link to the DTX 700 Sound Module:
  • • The “Komplex Sequencer” by Koma Electronik ($1,625). When I studied analog synthesizers, I was in college in Florida and about a mile from my parent’s house was a University which had a “Studio Moog” synthesizer. It was a modified “System 35”, I believe. My favorite component was the analog sequencer. Yes, the “BeatStep” and “BeatStep Pro” are “sequencers” but they are “digital” and don’t have the same Human-to-device interaction.
  • Here’s the link:
  • The keyboard on our “ARP 2600” synthesizer doesn’t completely work as it should. If the rest of this amazing music tool develops problems, we’ll need to replace it. Right now, this “Dominion 1” synthesizer (about $1,625) by MFB looks very promising.
  • Here’s the link:


I almost considered this “insignificant” but then realized just how important this statement is. (I underlined it below).

  • “How are you today? After all of the energy clearing of yesterday, I am tired, feeling bloated, and slightly overwhelmed. But it will pass. I’m more excited about Mercury and Venus going direct today and Venus is conjunct Regulus, the ‘royal’ star, which is now in Virgo. More spiritual awakening and Regulus went into Leo over 2000 years ago, at the start of the patriarchy paradigm, now it’s in Virgo, and we can start moving the social paradigm to a more balanced position, equality within the masculine/feminine energies. Everything that we have been talking about in the past 24 hours points us in that direction, wouldn’t you? And today I meet with my homeowner’s association board to argue against their roofing materials policies for me and for the community, so I can get the roof of my house replaced. I think change is happening all around us, transforming our world by turning it inside out so we can see the ‘seamy underside’ to know exactly where to focus our energy in the other direction.”

My comment: This is feedback which matches what many other sources have been saying for a while now… that we have been under the “Rule” of “masculine” energy and now we are bathed in the gentle rays of the “feminine” aspects of all the energies “in”, “around” and “through” this wonderful planet.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:


This channeled message is from “SaLuSa”. Here are some excerpts:

  • “So much is occurring on Earth that it is difficult for you to determine exactly what is happening. Karma is being played out whilst at the same time the Light is progressing to bring through more of the higher energies. More and more people are beginning to understand how they have been manipulated by the Illuminati, and rightly feel angry that they have been misled for so long… Consequently you have been able to withstand their actions, so much so that they can no longer be sure of fulfilling their own agenda. So we can say that the Light has won the fight against them and although they will fight to the bitter end, they cannot win.”
  • “We are unable to determine the exact manner in which events will turn out, and cannot therefore predict when Ascension will take place. However, progress should now move even faster and we are helping you on your way.”

My comment: Again, just as in the “Hoffman” Section above, this is very subtle but there’s something about that underlined statement (above) that are important… beyond what is understood by the meaning of those words. There’s just something about that statement that’s out-of-place for “SaLuSa” to say. I’m thinking this is a very good thing but that’s just my “logical” mind talking. Only Time will tell.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


According to this 2-minute video, there are 2 huge Coronal Holes in the Sun. The top one is “the largest observed in a few decades”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

Here are 2 NASA links, which may help in doing your own research on this: