PS 7-11-17 MoneyChalk, Hoffman

This link was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you!

That page contains a LOT of information, as well as a nearly 3-hour video (audio only) of several people, including the “Harvey Dent” that I 1st learned all this from. Most of the information in that video is written-out on the page above.

Since the important information from that video is on the above page, I won’t “excerpt” it here. However, there are 2 quotes which I find particularly EMPOWERING:

  • “The boundaries are imaginary. The rules are made up. The limits don’t exist.”
  • “Your Social Security Card is an ATM Card without the magnetic strip.”

They are saying… The amount of money in each person’s Account is… ENDLESS!!!

One of the things the above site is stating is not true in every situation… They are telling people… if you don’t have a “letter” and a “number” on the BACK of your Social Security Card then you need to apply for a new one. “I” don’t have any letter-number combination on the back of “my” Social Security Card and our Bills are completely paid.

Ok. Just so this information is leaning heavily towards one side, here’s a better look at the “big picture”. This is what someone sent us today:

  • “Even though the account says 0 balance…it can still reverse up to 14 days. I have so far today…seen proof of this online from 3 reliable people showing their results. They are abandoning the method.
  • “Many asleep trying this…to get money from these accounts to buy stuff when this is to eliminate debt only…it is causing systems to ALERT these accounts…also”
  • “Many are paying off massive debts at once…and this also sends these special ALERTS
  • “We are right on this tipping edge of expansion, to eliminate the old matrix methods of commerce…yet…”
  • “This so called “test”…in public…shows…too many asleep to actually bring this method into actual form and standard.”
  • “There will be another “test” of this…yet…it will be released much differently.”
  • “My accounts, the 2that I paid, say 0 balance, yet..I am watching for the 10 days before progressing.”
  • “This is our money yet…its like it’s the REAL money ON OUR HEADS…”
  • “Its an energy that must be elevated and aligned to this higher elevation. It is still vibrating in the lower density in the hands still of the Cabal…Draconian indeed….more light…more patience…more intentions…and above all LOVE AND UNITY…
  • “Peace Out”

We also received this today:

  • “Today…both account payments were blocked.”
  • “So…indeed…I am seeing this much today..where those that bought CD’S through Barclays…have federal eyes on them and this “test”.”
  • “This was indeed a very dense energy  “test” release. TOO MANY mad for money…”
  • “Patience will bring us much farther. There are many looking at this from the Higher elevations…much has been learned. This entire month is immensely “OPEN” and yes…even some Lightworkers, are navigating in a much higher observance of the “results” of this…shall I say..small “leak”…..”
  • “Much intel, is being communicated.”
  • “Observance as this unfolds, is wise from a “CLEAR VIEW””
  • “I called and reported the fraud on my accounts this evening and they happily accommodated me, reversed return check fees and issued me new cards…due to, they said, possible banking errors or fraud..but either way..They assured me…they were there to help…”
  • “I was and am Grateful….that I called……one had JUST denied the payment..and the other would have tomorrow….and then extra fees on the card due to the return check….and since it was a bank error or fraud…we are protected…..but not if you do not call in time…..”
  • “Stepping out into an opened energy of movement….in complete faith..of our sovergn rights….indeed breaks through much “red tape” and the response is freedom and UPLIFTING …yet…see who over-filled the testing grounds the most????…NOT LIGHTWORKERS…this test was not revealed from a higher ELEVATION of HUman Being….”
  • “Blessings dear friends…”
  • “Namaste’”

With all of the feedback that “I” have now “read” or “heard”, it seems like no one has accessed their “Private Trust” Account before the middle of June 2017. Although Sylvia and I HAVE heard about 1 or 2 people, a few decades ago, discover their Account I believe those stories were the ones used as examples in that 3-hour video.

  • They state that a few people had discovered how to tap into their Account but were confronted by the Cabal and told… “Sign this document, take your $300-million and never access this Account again.” So they did. They were bullied into believing they had struck it rich but, what really happened is that they left “billions” (or an “unlimited” amount) of dollars behind.

So, from everything I’m hearing about the “Lightworkers” and “Star Visitors” now having control of this Solar System, “I” feel it’s them who have “allowed” these “Private Trust” Accounts to be accessed.

Question everything.

Here’s the direct link to that 3-hour video:


This was Posted by Jennifer Hoffman today. For “me”, it’s current feedback that we need to pay attention to and seems to tie-in with the current “MoneyChalk” information:

  • “I was doing great until about 20 minutes ago, when I suddenly got hit by a wave of energy that made me so tired I had to lie down. Feeling better now but there is a big energy shift happening right now, some of it from the full moon we just had. It’s a big timeline shift too, a 3D re-set and there is a lot of re-arranging going on with those who have decide they are going to interfere with the 3D/5D integration or who do not want to shift at all. Look for news over the next few days and more people deciding that their journey is done and they’re leaving. Did anyone else feel this shift? It was so strong it made me feel quite nauseous?”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 6-17-17 *ShelvingUnit, Hoffman, Eclipse

*First a comment:

(Sylvia and I didn’t Post anything yesterday.)

Sylvia and I finally finished designing and building the Plexiglass shelving unit we made for our Synthesizers. I wrote-out some information about how we did it and how we use it, as well as several photos and placed all of this on our “music” Blogsite. Here’s the link:

(We didn’t want to bore anyone here with those types of details in “this” Blog.)


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

I feel that this Jennifer Hoffman message might be of some, whenever we find ourselves walking through the thick-mud of some of the energies we have to deal with:

  • “We are approaching the Solstice next week and that’s when I believe we will see another turning point in the world. Notice how many people are waking up now? And how much is being uncovered? I have been saying, since 2012, which was another turning point, that it would take a while but the secrets would eventually come out, and they are coming out now. It is all part of the 3D/5D integration, everything works together. We have had quite a few years now where the second half of the year is different than the first half and that starts with the June 21 Solstice. Don’t hold your breath for an immediate shift but I think it will be noticeable and continue through the rest of the year.
  • I know it’s tiring to do all of this energy work but we are on the right path, this was never going to be a process with instant results and immediate shifts. That can happen but we can’t pin our hopes on it. What is important is that where once we were the only voices with this message there are now millions of people opening to the light and to higher frequencies and that grows exponentially every day. So shine on and stay positive, focused on your outcomes for peace, joy, love, and abundance in your life and you create a spark of light for others to see and embrace.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m also including this as “bonus” information.

The following web page provides some helpful “eclipse” information, as well as a video-map of “where” the “total” Eclipse can be seen.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 4-5-17 Awakenings, 3D, Money

This 15-minute video states that something is affecting this Solar System. It states that the planets are shows signs of change, including some color change, Magnetic Field strength, atmospheric conditions, etc. This video claims that our own Moon is creating an atmosphere.

My comments: I’ve previously mentioned that “I” feel the “Earth” is waking-up. Just as Humans awake from several hours of sleeping, the Earth is re-gaining her physical energies, which re-connect her many Systems (air, water, magnetic, etc.) and this will create a stronger Magnetic Field and increase her overall temperatures.

Let’s say the information in this video is true… Then citing the Saying “As above, so below”, it means ALL the planets in this Solar System are waking-up.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


In this 15-minute video, Jennifer Hoffman states that she believes the Queen of England crossed-over many months ago and Prince Phillip crossed-over recently.

So goes on to explain that the current “Pope” is a jesuit and “jesuits” cannot be Popes. She also says… If the Queen crossed-over the Cabal loses its control over Humanity.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

The title of this long article is: “Creation Of The Birth Certificate Trust”. It explains the creation of the “federal reserve board” and the many ways the Cabal has used to keep Humanity under their control.

I’m including this for those who want this information in a single place and for those who don’t understand the scope of this particular “Rabbit Hole”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 3-8-17 Hoffman

Today, Jennifer Hoffman Posted the following text and a short video explaining it:

  • “We had a big timeline shift today, that dis-integrated even more of 3D and opened new 5D pathways. The more we find 3D uncomfortable, the closer we move to considering new timelines and options for our reality. There’s still a gap but now 3D is getting so uncomfortable that we’re ready to take the leap of faith. This is happening individually and collectively, which is why the energy shifts feel so big now.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link to her facebook page:

PS 1-29-17 *Album, *Drawings, GoingHome, Astrology, Gaia, Cobra

*First a comment:

A free Internet Radio service, Radio AirPlay, that Sylvia and I have been using for a while, sent us a free, promotional offer the other day. Today, we took advantage of it. For a few months now, we had been using this to get our Song, “Calling All Humans”, into the Ears of more people.

With this promotion, we’re able to add a few Songs from our album, “Perfectionately Yours”. As I was double-checking which Songs to upload, I knew I had to listen, again, to the one Song that always makes me cry: “Shining Armor”.

  • Lately, I’ve been feeling as though my Heart has built a wall around it, in order to protect it from being Soul-level damaged, whenever certain things about My Sylvia appear within my tiny world. So, I thought: “It’s been over 303-weeks now. I’m sure I can listen to that Song without completely falling apart.”… Nope. I cried and I cried hard, all through it. It’s ironic because “I” feel that “Shining Armor” is the best Song on that album.

Here’s the link to “Radio AirPlay”:

Here’s the link to “Perfectionately Yours”, where you can listen to the entire album for free. (Be sure to scroll down, on that page, in order to read the background about that album):

Ok. We did it. We just finished tearing down our “Patreon”, crowd-funding page, for our album, and created our new “Monthly Music-Gear Drawing”, crowd-funding page.

  • We’re asking for $5 contributions, in order to reach that month’s Goal. When it’s reached, we’ll purchase that piece of Music Gear, examine it, review it and then hold a Drawing of those who contributed and give it away.

For March, we’ve selected the “Korg Volca FM” synthesizer. Although we already own this $159 product, we thought we’d start off small and with something we’re already a bit familiar with.

Keep in mind that Sylvia and I, and our Band (“Infinity”), are currently unknown. This means “getting the word” out is an uphill job for us. So if you or someone you know is interested in Music Gear, and would like a chance to win one, please give them the following link.

More details can be found at the link below.

Here’s the link to our Music-Gear Drawing page:

Here’s the link to the Korg Volca FM page:


I’m not marking this as “bonus” or “extra credit” information because I’m sensing that it’s “current” information and something I’m placing on my radar (to be aware of and watch for).

This was sent to me by M.R. (who’s on this list) thank you. I would have never seen this otherwise.

This is a Channeled message, from January 26th, through Suzanne Lie…

As I was reading this fairly long article, I found it interesting (and something Sylvia and I can relate to) but wasn’t sure if it was something I needed to include in tonight’s Posting. Then I read the 3rd paragraph below. When M.R. sent it, there must have been a “Copy / Paste” glitch because that 3rd paragraph came through to me as text, which was so small, it looked like a “line” across the page. I almost skipped over it but I focused myself on it and when I read it, I just started crying… hard. I couldn’t see anymore, because of the tears. So I got up and wiped-off my face. Before I returned to my computer, I just started crying again. Here’s what I read that caused such a deep “knowing” about the life Sylvia and I had before incarnating during this part of our Time on Earth:

  • “For a flash of a moment, I WAS the Ship, and the Ship was I. Within that moment of the NOW, I experienced a Life Review of every life I ever had on planet Earth. I almost fainted from the rush of information that filled my Soul, but my “new/old” friends surrounded me and sent me Unconditional Love.”
  • “When I recovered, which was quickly because of my friend’s assistance, I asked, “What was that?””
  • “My friends all smiled and said, “You just recalibrated your self because this time you are staying on the Ship to assist with the Landings.””

My comments: During these last 303-weeks, since My Sylvia has crossed-over, I have had more than a handful of times when I have been flooded with so much energy, thoughts, images, feelings and more that I was “physically” pushed back in the chair. If I was “standing”, I would simply stop during those several seconds of it happening. I just couldn’t move.

I never connected that experience with a “Calibration” but it does make sense. I always assumed those moments were parts of “me” resonating with something on the other side of the “Veil”, because another hole was created in it and I had to “equalize” my energies to these new Streams. I also felt that some of those moments were “Sylvia” sending me some new energies or healing some of them I was already using.

It looks like that was “Part 1”. I’m looking forward to Part “2”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to “Part 1”:

I just did some quick checking and discovered “Part 2”, from January 28th…

Here are some excerpts:

  • “…as the teens who are at all awake to their true SELF will be called on to awaken others as soon as possible.”
  • “By “awaken others,” I mean that they seek out those who are aware of their galactic heritage. Once they are aware of their true, galactic self, they will likely begin their process of transmutation into Lightbody. This process begins with knowing about the innate “Lightbody” that lies within the Kundalini waiting within the base of your spine.”
  • “Once your Lightbody begins its activation process, your innate knowledge of Light Language will steadily come “online” within your consciousness. Eventually, Light Language will be your primary means of communication.”
  • “Gaia has indeed gone into Her “darkest night before the dawn,” and this is especially true for the Unites States, which was assigned to be the “flashpoint” for ascension. Please remember that in order to “jump high,” one must first bend down low to gain the momentum for change.”
  • “…But do not despair because within your third dimensional reality, there must be an ending of the old in order to have the beginning of the new.”
  • “This activation of our Light Language is much like the activation of 3D language that occurs when babies become toddlers on Earth. However, on Earth you must learn/remember how to speak human language. Conversely, on the Ship, our Light Language is “just there,” in a similar manner in which your ability to hear is “just there.””
  • “Now that statement leads me into a description of how we “hear” via Light Language. How can you hear light? Well, you don’t really “hear” it. Instead, you FEEL it within your aura. On Earth, your Aura is largely forgotten, but on the Multidimensional Starships, your fourth dimensional aura is a natural component of your body, as is your fifth dimensional Light Body.”

My comments: Maybe this is what I experience when Sylvia sends me “information”. (I wrote about this a lot, while Sylvia and I were working on our album.) Sometimes her “information” would enter through different “Sensors” within my Field and some of those times, the energies would cross-connect. I would receive “words” through “pictures” or “feelings” through “sounds”, etc. This is partly why it took us almost 2-years to complete that album. Even now, I’m still working on understanding whether the “input” I sometimes receive is from Sylvia or if it’s coming from within “me”. Maybe Sylvia and I just haven’t Calibrated our personal “Message System” yet.

  • “Another concept that will disappear in the fifth dimension is the concept that the strips of paper, most of which are NOT backed by gold, give you power within your life, as well as over your life.”
  • “Money will be one of the very first illusions that will be released as Gaia expands into Her innate fifth dimensional resonance. Also, those who can expand their consciousness to remain in alignment with Gaia’s ascension will resonate far beyond the reach of those who wish to control or have “power over others.””

Question everything.

Here’s the link to “Part 2”:


This was sent to me by K.K. (who’s on this list) thank you.

This is Carl Boudreau’s Astrology outlook for February 2017. It wasn’t until he mentioned a “turning point” in this excerpt that really caught my attention:

  • “February’s two eclipses will mark a low point, I believe, and constitute something like a turning point. Even so, there’ll be many reverberations and repercussions rumbling through our lives and plenty to clean up afterward. So we shouldn’t expect a sudden rapid increase in our fortunes.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This is from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Streamliners command the planetary roadways.”
  • “Keleg-miners create the paths.”
  • “Fires of celebration inspire the masses.”
  • “Heavens are opened to the common beings.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


I’m including this as ‘extra credit’. It doesn’t apply to my quest of “when” My Sylvia and I will be together again and it isn’t necessarily what I would consider “bonus” information (which is something “I” feel you may want to know about, in regard to the current world we live in)

This was Posted by Cobra today:

  • Mysteries of Isis
  • “Mysteries of Isis are the remnant of the original Goddess mysteries that were brought to Atlantis by the Central Race many hundreds of thousands of years ago.”
  • “These mysteries were practiced uninterrupted for countless millennia on the surface of the planet in sacred temples dedicated to the Goddess. Living contact with the Goddess presence, the clear divine feminine archetype originating directly from the Source, was the basis of stability and harmony of the society.”
  • “After the interferences of the dark forces started on the planet, and especially after the Archon invasion 26,000 years ago, that perfect connection with the feminine aspect of the Source got interrupted.”
  • “Astara was a being from Sirius star system that took upon herself the task of preserving the Goddesss presence on the surface of the planet in the last 26,000 year cycle.”
  • “She was known as Aset to the Egyptians, Isis to the Greek and that is the name that is most widely used now.”
  • “Egyptian mystery schools tried to preserve the legacy of Atlantean mystery schools as pure as possible. Isis mysteries, as taught in the Egyptian and later Greco-Roman mystery schools, included the following:”
  • “The existence of divine plane of creation of pure Love and Light where no darkness can exist, and techniques to access that plane in your consciousness”
  • “The immortality of the Soul and the path to become that Soul”
  • “The protocol to avoid Archons and reach the realms of Light after death”
  • “The protocol to embody the Goddess presence and to become a living embodiment of that Goddess presence in all daily actions”
  • “The mysteries of the underground kingdom”
  • “The mysteries of the sacred union (hieros gamos).”
  • “Mysteries were taught only to the initiates, whereas the masses worshiped Isis as a personified deity, a protector that can help in times of trouble:”
  • “In the ancient world two millennia ago, Isis worship was the most popular and widespread religion across the Mediterranean:”
  • “Because of its tremendous impact on dissolving the Veil at that time, the Archons have devised a plan to hijack the evolving Christianity, turn it into a mind programming cult, suppress all Goddess worship and enforce the Nicene creed:”
  • “The mysteries of Isis had to go sub rosa (undercover).”
  • “Rosicrucian alchemists tried to revive them more that 1000 years later, but their real comeback only came in the 18th century, when Comte de Saint Germain initiated Cagliostro into the mysteries and gave him the task to spread those mysteries across Europe:”
  • “Cagliostro initiated many women of the French high society as instructed by Saint Germain, to reform and enlighten the society from within. These women were transmitting coded messages with sign language, as you can see in the following pictures (pay attention to the hand mudras):”
  • “Princess de Lamballe was the high priestess of Isis at that time, initiated by Cagliostro and in frequent contact with Saint Germain.”
  • “Mozart was a disciple of Cagliostro that spread the mysteries of Isis through his music, especially through his famous opera, the Magic Flute:”
  • “Christian Jacq has written a series of books about Mozart and his connection to the mysteries of Isis, that are much closer to the truth than it might appear:”
  • “Now it is time to revive the mysteries of Isis again.”
  • “You can do so by listening to the music:”
  • “By nurturing your sexual energy:”
  • “By connecting to the Goddess art from the past:”
  • “By connecting to the natural rhythms of time through the 13 moon calendar.”
  • “And by preparing for the Event by connecting to the Galactic Goddess:”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Be sure to visit the following link, in order to access the images and links provided.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 10-13-16 *Moon, Hoffman, Cobra

*First a few comments:

This was sent to me by C.Y. (who’s on this list) thank you. This is in response to the information I included in my “Prana” Section on  10/11/16.

He mentions the information provided by the “Crow777” channel on YouTube, which I have also found to be very eye-opening and extremely helpful. His last link, however, caught me by surprise… I had never thought to question the fact that the angle of the Sunlight on the Moon doesn’t always match. This is something I’m going to have to pay more attention to.

I also had never thought to question the “temperature” of Moonlight. According to some videos, “Moonlight” is actually a bit “cooler” than a shaded area right next to it. Here’s 1 such video (2-minutes in length):

  • I was just now looking for another video that I watched earlier but found this one instead. It’s on a different, but still “Moon-related”, subject and “IF” I understand this 4-minute video correctly, this is a very big eye-opener for “me”. Basically, it’s “showing” that… if we believe “NASA”, then they’re telling us that we can see the Moon’s crater, “Tycho” (54-miles in diameter) from the Earth with the naked-eye (Moon to Earth distance is 238,900-miles. Watch this video and think about it:

So it seems that “I” haven’t been “questioning EVERY thing”, like I’ve been asking everyone to do.

Right now, there are 2 aspects to this which I don’t understand:

  1. “IF”, according to “some”, the Moon isn’t reflecting “Sunlight”, then what light IS it reflecting? or
  2. “IF” the Moon is actually generating its own light, then why doesn’t it glow equally all the Time?… Why are there still Moon “phases”?

So please keep an open mind and if everyone, including “me”, is not constantly being a “nagging 2-year old… but why?… buy why?… why?”, then we’re not doing our job. So, please, “question everything, every where”.

Here’s what C.Y. sent:

  • “Hi Paul,
  • > “Some” say the Moon is artificial. Even NASA has stated that the Moon “rings like a bell”.
  • > “Some” say the Moon was brought here and positioned “just so”.
  • > “Some” say the Moon is larger than it should be and rotates, almost unnaturally, “on its side”… from “Earth’s perspective.
  • “About this very topic, I’ve been noticing some things over the past 10 days:”
  • “1) LOOK UP THIS AFTERNOON and EVENING from about 4:00 pm until sunset. Do it; really, do it! The sky has been clear for about 4 days so it’s very easy to see these things.”
  • “Every evening since Sunday (Oct 9), I have noticed the Half-Moon and Sun in sky together, dramatically!”
  • “On Sunday night, the sky was clear. Around 4:00 to 5:30pm, I could see the half-moon in the sky. BUT the sun was in the sky at the same time. How could there be a half-moon visible while the sun was still up?”
  • “Additionally, I could definitely also see the rest of the sky behind where the other half of the moon should have been. Transparency?”
  • “Another question that came to mind on Sunday was how can the half-moon have a vertical line dividing the dark half from the light half? If the dark part of the moon is produced by the earth getting in the way of the light from the sun hitting the moon, then the line should be curved, shouldn’t it?”
  • “I was rushing around on and off the freeway, so I didn’t get a chance to take a video until about 5 pm. I took video from Long Shoals halfway between Ingles and the lake. In the video, the moon (half-moon) is 40 to 45 degrees vertically above the horizon, and the sun is 30 to 35 degrees vertically above the horizon. The problem is that they are only 80 degrees apart horizontally. I panned between them in the video. Not even a full 90 degrees!”
  • “A full moon is possible only when both the sun and moon are in the sky at the same time, right? At least, that’s what we’ve been taught, and that’s what most people believe.”
  • “Last night (Tuesday), I was showing this to someone else at around 6pm from the Haywood street bridge over the French Broad. Last night, the moon was almost 3 quarters.”
  • “On Sunday, October 2, I was driving down off the Virginia plateau as I approached the route 77 cut-off and even after taking that turn for a total of 25 minutes. “
  • “The moon was a crescent. This was the third night after the night that contained the “black moon” (2nd “new moon” in one month) on September 30.”
  • “I was noticed that wispy clouds were passing both in front of the moon AND behind the moon. This should not be possible if the moon is truly 238,000 miles away (I don’t believe it is that far away).
  • Moreover, later on, I could definitely see a star THROUGH the dark part of the moon… It was as if that dark part didn’t exist, or was transparent.”
  • “3) I’ve recently been viewing the videos of Croww777 on YouTube, and he has photographed the “hologrammic” moon being “reset” on the equinox a dozen times: 10 Lunar Waves Filmed To Date & What We Now Know – YouTube He has urged others to aim their cameras at the moon on the equinox, too, and other videos have come in from other countries. Lunar Wave (Hologram?) Confirmed By Two Additional Videos! – YouTube His entire Lunar Wave playlist is quite interesting (he has other interesting playlists, too).”
  • “Apparently, the moon hologram becomes slightly out of alignment and must be reset periodically.”
  • “4) And these 45,000 videos claim that the moon does not reflect light from the sun. moon not reflecting – YouTube

I was just thinking about whether or not the Cabal left us a clue to just how far away the Moon really is. “Some” say the Cabal sometimes leaves out-in-the-open clues to what they are doing. So “maybe” they left a clue in the actual number of miles. On this NASA web page…
…NASA states that the Moon is in a non-circular orbit. At its closest, it’s 252,088-miles away and at it’s farthest, it’s 225,623. If we add the number together, in each group, without reducing them (as they do in “Numerology”), we get: 252,088, which totals-up to: “20” and 225,623, which totals-up to: “25”. So, “IF” my thinking is correct on this, the Cabal is telling us that the Moon is really between 20 and 25-miles away from the surface of the Earth. I would have guessed it would be closer to 100-miles away.

So what I’m understanding from all this (“IF” any of it is true) is that the Moon is either MUCH larger than we are being told or is MUCH CLOSER than we are being told, which is what Sylvia and I have always felt. Of course, there may also be a 3rd explanation but I can’t think of it right now.


This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

Here’s another piece of insight into the current energies which are flowing through us at this Time:

  • “This full moon is participating in the ongoing unraveling of 3D paradigms as we integrate higher 5D energies. The illusion of 3D only exists when we believe it and support it; when we remove our support we create holes that can be filled with higher vibe energy. That’s what we are doing now, and remember that it’s an integration, not a takeover. Here is how you can make this a positive experience for you and for the world.”

Be sure to visit the following page, in order to view her short video explaining this.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This seems just a bit strange for “Cobra” to be Posting this:

  • “Breakaway!”
  • “The first public breakaway civilization initiative has been announced yesterday at a press conference in Paris:”
  • “If you feel guided to be one of the 100,000 people that are guaranteed to become citizens of Asgardia, you can register here:”
  • “As the applications are coming in very fast, it is expected that the 100,00 mark will be reached within 6-12 hours.”
  • “According to my sources  this initiative is NOT connected to the Cabal, and the Eye of Horus symbol in their logo was added for the purpose of energetic protection of the project against the dark forces by the suggestion of a certain positive secret occult society.”
  • “If enough Lightwarriors and Lightworkers join the project, their group consciousness can ensure that this breakaway initiative will lead in the right direction, away from technological dystopia and more into spiritually aware society.”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

Question everything.

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PS 3-28-16 *Surge, *Telepathy, Fulford, Hoffman

*First a few comments:

This morning, while working near the Cash Registers at work, I felt a medium-strong, positive-energy “Surge” fill me. I had to immediately stop what I was doing and actually hang-on to something. Although I have experienced a stronger wave of energy doing this, several months ago, today’s Surge was very noticeable.

The energy in that Surge was clear, clean, positive and seemed to raise my overall vibration just a bit.

  • I mention this in case others have experienced the same situation.

I talk to Sylvia every day, all the Time. I tell her the “Time” and “Date” many times throughout the day. A few months ago, she asked me to provide her with more details of the situations I’m interacting with. So whenever the Heater in our home starts-up or our Washing Machine stops its cleaning cycle, for example, I tell her what just happened. I sense that Sylvia doesn’t receive the details of some energy changes. So my feedback helps.

As for Sylvia and I working on our “Telepathy”… As I said, I not only talk to Sylvia all day but I also include her in just about every decision that has to be made in our Life. I’m finding the more I do this, and the more I keep my “logic mind” out of the way (and lower my stress-level), the better our “across the Veil” communication becomes.

  • Also, all day today, I kept feeling Sylvia’s energy telling me: “Everything’s going to be fine.” “We’re almost there.”… and other uplifting comments.
  • She does this a lot anyway but today, they seemed a little more concentrated.

After work today, Sylvia and I went to Ingles (grocery store) to buy a few food items.

  • Although we’ve been eating Nachos for supper for the last 2 or 3-weeks, we needed cheese and the grocery store where we work didn’t have what we wanted.

As we go through our grocery list, and find it on the aisle, I always ask Sylvia: “How many should we get?” I can usually “feel” her “show” me “how many” she’s suggesting we buy.

I do my best to keep my “logical mind” out of that energy but when we got to the cheese, I told Sylvia we could probably wait and not buy any…

  • “Maybe where we work will have some in a couple of day and if we get it there, it will be less expensive.”

Sylvia still suggested that we buy some cheese.

The cheese I selected is an Irish Cheddar from Ireland. Each package had a price sticker of $5.99. I picked 1 up and we headed for the Registers.

I very rarely look at the computer screen, showing the Item Totals as they’re rung-up but, “for some reason”, today I did just that. The 2nd item rung-up was the cheese but the price on the screen was $6.99. I picked-up the cheese and, as I was showing the price-sticker to the Cashier, said: “Is that 2nd item for this cheese?” She said: “Yes”.

Before I could say anything more, she stopped working, paused for a second or 2 and said: “We’re just waiting on someone to do a price-check.” I was thinking: “A price-check? There’s a sticker right on the package.”

When the employee returned, the Cashier told us we were correct…

  • “…and you get the item for free because you pointed-out a price discrepancy.”

I’m including this information because it not only provides a few details on how Sylvia and I are communicating with each other but to also explain that we all must follow our Heart and be sure to listen to your “Significant Other”… No matter WHICH side of the “Veil” he or she is on (right now).


This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Are you starting to see a pattern here? Either these powerful leaders have gone collectively insane or a systematic campaign to expose them for what they really are is fully under way. My guess is that it is the latter and the NSA and other agency white hats are exposing these people in order to help overthrow them.”
  • “In fact, in a clear sign the white hats are on the move, US top general Joseph Dunford last week summoned Google Chief Eric Schmidt to the Pentagon, according to US military intelligence sources. At this meeting Dunford told Schmidt that Silicon Valley was being put under Pentagon control. As if to underline this, Intel founder, Hungarian Jew and Silicon Valley elder statesman Andrew Grove died “of undisclosed causes,” at around the time this meeting was taking place. Grove was responsible for putting a back door in all Intel computer chips to allow full access to what is in everybody’s computers, sources at Oracle say. Pentagon control of Silicon Valley will almost certainly drastically cut off the flow of information to the Khazarian mafia.”
  • “Also in the US presidential campaign, Donald Trump disappointed many people with what appeared to be a groveling speech to the Jewish AIPAC lobby. At this speech Trump, who always just speaks his mind, read a pre-vetted speech from a teleprompter, several US based sources note. The aim of Trump’s kowtowing to the Jewish lobby was to prevent his assassination and also to help the Jews free themselves from Khazarian mafia mind control, the sources say.”
  • “So here we have the CIA partially confirming what Russian sources are saying and that is that Pope Francis is going to make some sort of big announcement and retire soon.”
  • “We are hoping the announcement will be of a jubilee (world debt write-off), asset redistribution and a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.”
  • “There are also a lot of people who want to hear disclosures about UFOs and off world life. The people at the P2 lodge, who sit above the Vatican, claim they have been in regular touch with off world entities for thousands of years. If so, then let us all have a chance to see them, hear about them and possibly even meet them. We can also reveal here that the Chinese, through the Dragon families, also claim extra-terrestrial contact going back thousands of years. Perhaps they will also start telling the world public more on that subject.”

Question everything.
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This next one’s a ‘bonus’ (something you should know but it doesn’t directly provide “me” with any feedback of “when” me and My Sylvia will be together).

Today, I found 2 interesting entries by Jennifer Hoffman:

  • “There is no limit to what can become our reality unless we limit what our reality can become. Energy needs a container to flow into and bigger, more expansive containers can receive bigger, more expansive energy. Our fears and judgment block energy flow so if we don’t limit what our reality can become then we allow all potentials to become possible. Engage your miracle energy and your reality will become truly unlimited.”


  • “This video explains how 3D and 5D timelines converge, the energy gap you experience, especially if you are sensitive to energy, why everyone seems to have a good time in 3D but you (it feels that way sometimes), and how we arrive at the point of 3D to 5D convergence. I included props too! Yes, those are my kitchen tongs.’

Be sure to visit her facebook page (below), in order to view that video. She provides an easy-to-understand explanation of our current 3D / 5D situation.

Question everything.

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