PS 3-9-19 Sun

  • I was going to place this under “bonus” information but it is “current” information and as soon as more people from Earth see the “2nd Sun”, especially with the naked eye, it will be a game changer.
In this 1-hour video (audio only), “Crrow777” explains the filming he did in 2016 of the “2nd Sun”. This video is more like a factual, almost scientific, description of what he filmed and how he filmed it. He also provides information from ancient Cultures, which “mention” or “have images of” a 2nd Sun.
They also talk about ancient writings which mention: “two Suns which are really one Sun”.
Question everything.
Here’s the link:

Here’s the direct link to the “Crrow777” website:

PS 8-4-16 *Days, *Vision, NASA

*First a few comments:

Since Wednesday, I’ve been 1-day off. On Wednesday, it felt like it should be “Thursday”. Today it not only felt like “Friday” but I’ve been telling Sylvia today was August “5th” all day. (Today is August “4th”.)

While at work today, I had a bit of an “Intrusive Thought”… I “symbolically” saw Sylvia about 100-feet away. There were LOTS of other people around. Sylvia saw me, called my name and began walking fast towards me.

  • I saw “symbolically” because, although I saw those images, they appeared in my Aura and not in my “visual”, “feelings”, “hearing”, “Heart” or “smell” circuits.

Question everything.


Recently, the following was released by NASA:

  • “July 29, 2016”
  • “MEDIA ADVISORY M16-090”
  • “NASA Announces Changes to International Space Station Coverage”
  • “In September, NASA will bring its online audience inside the world of human spaceflight as never before, from its Johnson Space Center in Houston — home to NASA’s astronaut corps, the storied mission control and several human spaceflight programs.”
  • “New and unique stories from the International Space Station, Orion spacecraft program, and other human spaceflight projects, will take viewers behind the scenes of the groundbreaking science taking place off the Earth, for the Earth, and the technology NASA is developing to prepare for its journey to Mars. This programming will be available to a worldwide audience on various NASA social media accounts, including YouTube.”
  • “NASA Television’s Space Station Live program will be phased out in August and discontinued Sept. 1. However, NASA TV will continue to air live coverage of dynamic space station operations, including launches, dockings, landings, spacewalks and briefings. NASA TV also will continue to air weekly highlights of life onboard station in the short-format Space to Ground program, also available on YouTube and via podcast.”
  • “Daily updates on space station research and operations will continue to be posted to the International Space Station blog, as will more detailed daily rundowns of crew activities on the in-orbit status report blog.”
  • “Digital audiences also have the option of receiving weekly video highlights by subscribing to Johnson’s news release email list. To receive this weekly highlights email, and other news and updates from Johnson, email with “subscribe” in the subject line. Or, check out the hundreds of hours of raw video from the station that is available for download from Johnson’s video collection archive, with additional video added daily.”

My comments: They didn’t say the Space Station was being abandoned. They’re simply not going to provide us with a “live view” from those cameras.

My best “guesses” as to why they are doing this are:

  • Whatever NASA doesn’t want Humanity to see, is now too big, too many or simply uncontrollable by NASA. or
  • NASA’s funding is drying-up and they can’t afford to keep that army of “Photoshoppers” on duty, in order to examine and erase all the things they don’t want us to see.

Only Time will tell.


Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 8-2-16 Icke, Defeated?, Questions

This 1-hour video was Posted today (8/2/16). It’s a conversation with David Icke while he’s in Australia. I don’t have Time to “excerpt” this right now but Sylvia and I did watch the 1st 17-minutes. He talks with 2 of the Aborigines’ Wisdom Keepers and they explain (according to them) the true history of this planet and Humanity.

Question everything.
Here’s the link:


This seems to be a “Psychic” or “Channeled” message. It explains that the very top layer of Cabal have been removed and that their underlings are about to be arrested.

Yes, this is fairly long but I’ve included the entire message because it was a slow “alternative-news” day.

My comments: “IF” any of this is true, then it’s VERY good news. Only Time will tell.

  • “M U S H A B A”
  • “Update on the Post Regarding the Removal of the Cabal: 7-30-2016.
  • The Latest from Bob T:”
  • “FYI!”
  • “I knew that this question was going to come up after I put together the original post but I didn’t think of that until that post was released. I guess my brain took a small vacation.”
  • “I am getting folks asking questions like the following from a very dear friend.”
  • “Hey Bob, Hope you’re enjoying your chocolate ice cream!!!”
  • “How does this news piece collaborate with Nancy’s channeling that the dark is kaput???””
  • “——————————————————————————“
  • “Here is what I believe and has been confirmed from upstairs.”
  • “The cabal that has been removed from this planet are the very top echelon cabal members. These are the real (I am calling them the top of the pyramid of control bosses) who’s names have never been revealed in public, by their own design, and ones we will never know by name. These Top of the Cabal are the ones who send down the orders to the their more public lower minions to carry out their dastardly deeds.  These public lower minions are the ones we all know by name and are in the news quite often.”
  • “Now what I feel is it is these lower minions who will be arrested soon, and we, the public, will see them appear on mainstream media so that we can all see justice is being carried out.  What that justice might be will, I am sure, vary with each of them individually as to what their crimes against humanity have been. Whatever justice that comes to them will be of their own making.”
  • “All we can do for now is just wait to see the proof of all this which I believe will happen this year. Anyway that’s my truth for this moment in time.”
  • “—————————————————————————————–“”This is Nancy: As I finished reading this from Bob, I saw the ones of the cabal who were never public, the top echelon, standing in their communication with the lower minions completely covered with robes and head/face hoods, from their head down to their toes, and that their voices were not their own, but created through their ability to bring forth an altered voice.”
  • “——————————————————————————–“
  • “Bob T – After Nancy got the above information the image of Darth Vader, a fictional character in the Star Wars universe, came to me.___”
  • “_________________________________________________”
  • “Blessings! I am Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba,”
  • “I would like to add to the above, which I completely agree with. I have asked that same question more times than I can remember. I have been disillusioned in the past because of hearing that the Cabal has been removed and yet I look around in the world and see the same “Business as Usual” taking place. I was looking for change and didn’t recognize any change. So for anyone to ask this question, it makes perfect sense that you do. So I will share with you what my thoughts are about this and I share this only because I truly believe this to be the truth, at least my truth, for that is all I can share with you.”
  • “It is the top master controllers of the Cabal that have been removed in full 100% from earth. They cannot and will not be able to have any more influence, or control not only over humanity but also their minions that they left behind. The minion’s source of communication and guidance has been cut off, permanently! Because of this it has thrown them in disarray, and they are easy pickings as opposed to the master controllers. They know that they are done, and many of them are scrambling to make deals to do anything to save them from certain doom.”
  • “What is going on in the world can be likened to a high speed train moving at incredible speeds, then once the foot is off the gas, once the juice/gas or energy that was feeding the train is cut off, stopped, the train begins to slow, but not immediately. It takes time for something moving at that speed to slow and finally come to a stop, the stop for the minions is arrest and removal.”
  • “The slowing down of the minions is what can be seen as you look at the news from around the world. Many people and corporations and government leaders are being challenged. Many Bankers and executives of these multi national corporations are being arrested, murdered, or committing suicide. It will soon take a front row seat right in your life where it will affect you directly. When something is happening at high speeds you can’t see anything until it starts to slow down so your consciousness can process it, and then you are able to see it, at first as a blur, then you see it as it is.”
  • “I understand the question of not seeing ANY CHANGE BUT CHANGE IS THERE AND IF YOU CAN LOOK AT IN THE WAY I HAVE SUGGESTED, YOU WILL SEE CHANGE. (Caps came up so I left them). As you pay attention to the smaller changes, you will begin to see more and more of this change as it grows bigger and bigger.”
  • “Pretty soon the corporate owned media will no longer be able to block out the truth and continue to perpetuate the lies. Much of what is being reported is rehashed, old, or purposely instigated to keep the minds of the people in turmoil and lack of hope for things to become better. You can find more truth on the internet and independent news sources than you can in mainstream media. Its there, you just have to look with a different set of eyes and a different mindset of understanding and awareness.”
  • “We are now in a period of adjustment, a pause of life where all systems are being checked and to ensure that all systems are go for humanity to finally, and without hindrance or interference of any kind, to move forward into our wonderful new world that we have created without the fear, the lack and control. We are the master’s of all that we survey and we will begin to live that reality in the coming times ahead.”
  • “I am not one for predicting any time frames and we are all tired of hearing all these time frame predictions. However, know that one of these times it will be so. Not because someone guessed it and got it right, it will be because it is simply divine timing. I say give it a little period to adjust and one day suddenly you will think you’re living in a dream because all will be so wonderful in your life!”
  • “With the Ultimate Love of Mushaba,”
  • “Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba”


I’m beginning to smell a rat…

I’m a big follower of Neil Keenan. He “seems” to speak the Truth. I also thought “Zap” spoke the Truth until the website Posting his messages also began Posting his messages from the year before. They are almost identical — “We’re almost there. The funds will be released this week.”

So when I read an update from Neil Keenan today, I was sucked-in… until I read that very last part… where we “needs some money”. This is what “Zap’s” doing… very casually but he IS doing it.

Earlier today, I was thinking about the latest “Flat Earth” information I saw in a video and brought-up (in my mind) the “puzzle pieces” of the various Youtubers who have come-and-gone over these last 277-weeks. Each made a name from “him” or “herself” and then quietly just faded-out… only to be replaced by a “faded-in” person, who simply continued doing what was previously being done — promoting the same “look over here, while my Masters pick your pocket” scenario.

  • Think of “Humans” as “animals”… When Humanity 1st dipped its toe in the 3rd Dimension, there was no “money”. (The animals don’t use “money”.) …but the Cabal had to figure out a way to control us. So they not only created money but made us believe WE also want it… “NO. You can’t have any. You’ll have to get something called a “job”. Then you’ll have lots of money. Of course, you could take the shortcut and just STEAL some money.”
  • So, while most of us settled into a “Work-Family-Spend” cycle, some Humans actually stole money from others. All of this made the Cabal VERY happy… because more and more people were believing that they needed “money”.
  • In order to keep us all focused on the “value” of money, the Cabal created several “Slight-of-hand” / “look over HERE” aspects in this reality… “Inflation”, “Gambling”, immediate bills, such as for “food” and long-term bills, such as “mortgages”, etc.
  • So I think it’s a bit odd, after all these decades and centuries, for the “Flat Earth Theory” to surge into modern times right now. Whether this model or the “Spherical Earth” model is correct, I don’t know. Of course, there could even be a 3rd aspect which IS the Truth. Either way, by have both sides flare-up, most of Humanity will take 1 side or the other, completely turning off our own internal Discernment System (which “may” lead us to the 3rd aspect). (This is just an example.)
  • So when more people come forward to shine a light on “Nibiru”… and more people step forward to show-off the photos they took of 2-Suns, an orbiting mini Solar System or a huge, single planet, etc., I have to question this… “Is this the “distraction” or the “Truth”?

I don’t have any real answers to this. I’m simply saying “question everything”. I have a feeling that… because Humanity is continually “waking-up”, more and more of us will also be “smelling that rat”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the Neil Keenan article:

Here’s a link to some articles by “Zap”:

PS 7-20-16 Neumayer

It’s been quite a while since the webcam at Neumayer Station has appeared in the various alternative-news “digests” that I check each night.

“IF” the images we are seeing, from the last 24-hours, are real, it means a 2nd “Sun” or “object” can be seen again from the South Pole.

My comments: To “me”, there seems to be a problem with “when” the “2nd Sun” appears… At the 16:50 UTC mark  (frame 102 out of 144), the “2nd Sun” suddenly appears. I don’t see it anywhere in the previous image. Plus, this object seems to have its own “cloud” and as it moves from left-to-right across the screen, it looks as though it’s “disappearing” / “cloaking”.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the Neumayer Station web page. (The video is near the bottom.):

Here’s the link were I 1st found this:

PS 5-10-16 Gaia, Nidle, 2ndSun?

*First a comment:

Maybe Sylvia and I are just “on a roll”… or maybe the planets have aligned in our favor… or maybe the “Veil” is so close to being dissolved that Sylvia is making an extra effort to complete this album as fast as possible.

Of what looks to be “3” songs left to “Stream” and “assemble”, I asked Sylvia if we could work on: “Solitude”. She agreed.

  • This is just a “reference” title for this song. It took us about 40-minutes today to select this song’s “real” title. We’re not releasing those words just yet because 1 of them is a word I made-up over a decade ago.
  • Strange words and phrases just come to me sometimes. So I write them down. Some of them are simply slightly modified real words, such as the 1 in this title… some of them are very off-worldly.
  • Sylvia doesn’t care too much for this particular title but, because this song is about “me” going within and doing my best to figure out why Sylvia and I are currently, temporarily separated, she said this title is part of my character (part of who “I” am). So it makes sense to use this for this song.

Ever since Sylvia showed me the idea for this song, several months ago, I knew it would have a Nature theme. However, unless something changes, this song begins with metal-machinery sounds — almost “industrial”.

Sylvia moved the order of the songs a bit and “Solitude” now follows “Time Machine”. So after I’m heard banging on metal, in Time Machine, those sounds continue in this song but fade into a few strange sounds before revealing a Nature setting.

Today, we put in 7-hours on this song and have added 7-Tracks (most are in Stereo) but have barely reached the “Nature” section.

For some reason that I don’t understand yet, I’ve been wanting to listen to “Shining Armor”… a LOT. Although there are other songs on this album that are more powerful and have a more memorable melody, there’s something about “Shining Armor” that keeps drawing me in. It’s not like I’m hearing a melody and want more. It’s more of an obsession of just wanting to listen to that song.

Because I need to clear my mind of previous songs, so I can concentrate on the current one, I have resisted listening to that song.

Anyway, this is a very interesting journey that Sylvia and I are currently on.

Sylvia and I were having trouble with our “Novation UltraNova” synthesizer lately. It works fine. It just wouldn’t communicate with our Mac like it should.

So after receiving a phone call from Novation Tech Support, trying a few things and all of us scratching our heads with no answer, the Novation people checked on some things and got back to us a short Time later.

It turned to be a problem with the Mac’s “USB Driver”. Since this is part of the Mac’s core duties, I would have thought Apple would have discovered and fixed this issue months ago.

Novation sent us a link to a newer USB Driver. We installed it and our powerful and very flexible synth is now working perfectly again.

  • I’m mentioning this for several reasons. One of them is… Sometimes the problem is not where you think it is.


Today’s message from “Gaia Portal”:

  • “Storms of compliance erupt, then fade.”
  • “Collective fears are viewed, then released.”
  • “Emanations of Inner Greatness of Spirit come to the fore.”
  • “Posthumous ramblings comply.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


This Channeled message is through Sheldon Nidle. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Much is now happening behind the scenes. The dark’s main henchmen are dying. The former arrogance of this group of humanity is quickly fading and being replaced by a feeling that their long rule is truly over.”
  • “Be aware of the increasing signs that point to your new time of growing power. Hidden across your globe are monuments that speak of a different past than you now think of as true. The dark told its minions to hide this evidence and use its numerous abilities to make you believe in another set of gross lies to cover up these essential truths.”
  • “On this day, our magnificent associates have released a tremendous amount of funds. Let these funds easily pass through all of the potential barriers, which must surely await them.”
  • “Together, some incredible events are to move in great joy across this reality. You hold in your hands an array of countless abilities. These are at present to be drawn upon and a wondrous promise is at last to be envisioned! This is to bring you in union with your wondrous cousins, the Agarthans!”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


2nd SUN
As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t include too many images, videos or articles about “Nibiru”, “the 2nd Sun”, etc. because I haven’t seen very many of those pieces which “I” feel are actually real. I believe these things are out there. I just feel the real information is very rare.

With that said, I found the following 5-minute video very interesting. The Narrator shows a very short video clip of a a Reporter (or Astronomer, I don’t remember) who openly states (and shows us) a “2nd Sun” sitting next to our normal Sun.

The Narrator drops several names and well-known websites, in explaining this the 2nd Sun is real but NASA covers it up. This doesn’t make the 2nd Sun “real”. I’m simply including this because I’m seeing more and more people come forward and provide yet another tiny piece of this puzzle. “IF” the person the Narrator is talking about is a real “Reporter” or “Astronomer”, then it tells “me” that the Cabal are now in the process of revealing “Disclosure”. (The “official” releasing of information about our Star Families being real.)

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 5-2-16 *Psychic?, *Bear, Nibiru, Sun, Fulford, Happenings

*First a few comments:

I didn’t realize this a few days ago but now I’m really starting to sense it… A few days ago, I felt as though ideas, energies and happenings are now unfolding “exponentially” across this planet and maybe even throughout our Solar System.

I’m mentioning this because “I” feel it shows that the “Veil” is again getting much thinner and is now either allowing us to wake-up to who we truly are (with superhero-like abilities) or the energies of “thought” and “manifestation” are now more-easily transmitted “to” and “from” their intended destinations.

  • Ever since I was very young, I knew I wasn’t from this planet. I don’t know “how” I know. I just “know”.
  • Ever since I can remember, most of my “mental processes” and / or “energies” have been “somewhere else”. Yes, we all “Daydream” from Time-to-Time but I, like MANY others on this planet, seem to be somehow “attached” / “attracted” to energies beyond the world of the “seen”.
  • Up ’til now, though, my “Psychic” abilities almost always are the opposite of what they should be sensing… “I sense that your favorite color is red.” “No, my favorite color is green.” “I feel that you live in a rooftop apartment.” “No, I live in the basement.” etc.
  • I don’t usually “tune-in” to people, in order to learn more about them. Things just come to me and usually when I least expect it. In other words, I’m usually occupied with some other “physical” or “mental” task and not thinking about that “person” or “idea”.
  • Last week, while mopping the floor where Sylvia and I work, I heard 2 employees talking while walking across the large grocery store room. I looked up and saw that they were at least 50-feet away. In that split second, I saw the energy surrounding the female employee as “Baking, Baker, Bakery”. I thought it was a bit odd but that’s all I received.
  • A few minutes later, I mentioned all this to her. As I go to the “Bakery” part, her face grew a very big smile and there was energy in her eyes. She then said: “I love to bake.” That’s the 1st Time I knew my insights were actually correct. (I still feel that our “Psychic” abilities are like an “energy muscle” that needs to be used. With “Right” or “Wrong” results, the main thing is to keep practicing.)
  • This happened again today… I was talking to another employee about stocking shelves or something and, during our conversation, I felt as though I was pulled slightly out of “Time” (out of the “TimeStream”). It was almost surreal. I kept receiving Sensor information which held these words in my mind: “Model”, Beauty”, “Radio”, “Public”. I then explained what I sensed and interpreted what “I” thought they meant… I asked if she had ever thought about becoming a model. She told us she loves working with Fashion and, especially, working as a Hair Dresser. Next I explained the “Radio”, “Public” part by asking if she thought about starting her own, free, Internet radio station and getting her voice out there to the public. She then told me her and her boyfriend go out Busking (playing in public for tips) fairly often. He plays guitar and she “sings”.

I was almost stunned that I was actually correct with both situations. This alone adds to my feedback that “the “Veils” ARE getting thinner”, just as Sylvia told me, within hours after crossing-over.

Again, I’m mentioning these things to help others understand how the world of “Energy” can sometimes work AND to encourage everyone to do this for themselves.

Each day, as we get closer to “Enlightenment”, is another opportunity to test what we have. At some point, we WILL break-through the wall of forgetfulness and remember who we truly are.

I’ve mentioned before that the only immediate family Sylvia and I have is a (stuffed) Bear. (I’m still not giving out his name.) He’s part of our family, he loves nature, especially small animals, loves “fun” and only sees the “Positives” in the world around him. He goes with us everywhere. (He’s been to Disney World and Epcot Center.) He even has a few words of his own that he uses to describe the people, objects and ideas around him. Two of these words describe “me” and “Sylvia” to him. It’s his “label” for us, in relation to him.

For decades, Sylvia and I have had an Answering Machine connected to our home phone. Sylvia recorded the “Outgoing Message” many years ago. It’s about 15-seconds in length. We never answer the phone unless we know who it is. This means “Telemarketers” don’t stand a chance. We can always tell when a new Telemarketer employee gets our phone number. They always listen to the entire message. Then, as the days roll-on, they hang-up earlier and earlier during that Outgoing Message.

  • Normally, our Bear sits near our Living Room window, when we’re home, so he can watch the animals outside. When Sylvia and I are home making Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, he sits on the counter near us. So he can see what we’re doing and everyone can interact with each other.
  • Today, while making Lunch, the phone rang. Somehow the situation lined-up a certain way or I just don’t remember the phone ringing while preparing a meal… but when the phone rang, we both heard Sylvia’s voice. I stopped what I was doing, so I could hear her golden voice. I never get tired of her voice. While we were listening to Sylvia talk, I glanced at our Bear and saw him use his word for “Sylvia”. (I’m starting to cry again.) As soon as he said it, I just began to cry. Yes, now it’s been over 264-weeks since Sylvia crossed-over… and, “no”, it STILL isn’t any easier!


I’d like to thank the Blogsite: “Out Of This WorldX” (OOTWX) for Posting the following, very helpful, information…

Note: Please keep an open mind. “IF” the following information is NOT true, then we can still use it as a mind-opening exercise… something to think about in the land of “all things ARE possible”.

I’ve mentioned, in previous Posts, although I do Track “Nibiru”, I don’t include many photos because I haven’t seen very many which “I” consider to be not Photoshopped.

For the last few weeks, I have been checking the information presented by the “WSO” (Wormwood Systems Operation) YouTube Channel. They present LOTS of Nibiru photos during each video but, again, I don’t include those videos.

With that said, the “Out Of This WorldX” Blogsite Posted the latest video from “WSO” today. Since Sylvia and I are “Following” OOTWX, I thought I’d briefly look over this May 1st video. It’s 46-minutes long and features an interview with Samuel Hofman  — a former Cabal scientist who is now a whistleblower.

“IF”… and some of his statements break several laws of physics… So we have to keep an open mind… but “IF” his information is correct, then this places some very different puzzle pieces into the game.

After just watching the following video, off the top of my head… hear are just some of the nuggets he presents:

  • Yes, there is a “Nibiru”.
  • “OUR” Solar System has entered the “Nibiru” Solar System and not the other way around.
  • A giant planet named “Hercolubus” is traveling through Space and pulling the Nibiru System with it. OUR Solar System then follows those planets with all of these Space objects spiraling through Space.
  • The reason some people can’t see “something” in the sky is because we’re looking for a pea-sized planet. Hercolubus is just beyond our Moon and is so large, it sometimes fills our entire sky.
  • The reason all the planets in our Solar System haven’t been thrown off by the closeness of Hercolubus is because we’ve been lied to… He states that there is no such thing as “Gravity”. Instead, there is an electrical “attraction” by 1 object and a “repelling” by another object, which keeps things together.
  • He states that the half-truth, Physics model provides 1 set of rules for planetary bodies and a different set of rules for subatomic bodies but there has to be 1 rule for all of this. So when we apply the subatomic laws to the planetary bodies it makes more sense and we don’t have Einstein’s “Gravity Wells”.

My comment: Most everything he stated made sense to me or at least gave me a few new facets to think about.

As for a planet filling our entire sky… I HAD thought of this a few months ago but, so far, still have not been able to see ANYTHING odd in the sky.

In this video, he does mention that people should be prepared for some type of “Earth Changes”. As Ive mentioned many times, I still feel that we are on a “Positive” TimeLine… AND, as I’ve mentioned many times, Sylvia would not have left me on THIS side of the “Veil”, in order to experience a violent change in the “Earth” or my “existence”. I do know that Sylvia and I, “together”, agreed to do whatever we are currently doing… With her on THAT side of the “Veil” and me on THIS side. So Sylvia and I don’t blame each other for our current situation.

So as far as a huge “disaster” happening… I’m not feeling it. Plus, let’s think about this for a second… “IF” there really was a great “crossing-over” of many Souls, due to massive “Earth Changes”, where would those Souls go? They would go to the other side of the “Veil”… but what happens to those Beings, like My Sylvia, who are already ON the other side of the “Veil” when “Earth Changes” happen? They can’t “cross-over” again. They won’t… because their vibrations have been raised. I believe THIS is why we can’t “see” or “hear” them. This is why they are not affected by “Earth Changes”… and this, I believe, is 1-reason why those of us on THIS side of the “Veil” won’t be affected by “Earth Changes” “IF” they happen. Another reason “may” be because Humanity and the Earth is becoming “Enlightened” and about to “Ascend”. “IF” this is what is currently unfolding, it “may” be like walking off of a sinking ship before it sinks… just in Time to place both feet on solid ground.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the video:

Here’s the link where I 1st saw the above information:

My comments: I watched that video early this afternoon and have been thinking about it ever since. Here are a few puzzle pieces, which “I” sense “may” be connected to the above information:

  • In the video, the “linking” / “interacting” between the planets are electrical connections Samuel calls “Tethers”. What if our “Higher Self” is “located on” / “living on” 1 of the planets in the Nibiru System and we “can more-easily” / “are allowed to” send our Soul to a planet in our current Solar System (such as “Earth”), when the Nibiru System is very close by (every 3,600-years or so)?
  • What if the “Rapture” (in some religions) is simply the returning of our Soul to our Higher Self, through that “electrical Tether” between the planets?
  • In the “Coral Castle” (in Florida), it’s been said that 1 man carved-out EXTREMELY HEAVY coral blocks, lifted them out, transported them to his nearby land and placed them precisely where he wanted… all by himself. Its been said that the person who did all that work studied electricity and magnetism. Did he use these to overcome the massive weight of those coral blocks?

There’s more but I can’t remember all the pieces to this puzzle that my mind worked on today.


Although I’ve included NASA Satellite photos in previous Posting, I haven’t done this for quite a while because I haven’t felt that the information provide was strong enough. Today’s Posting by 1 YouTube Channel seems to be worth examining.

In the 5-minute video, at the link below, you’ll see an image containing 2, very straight beams of light touching the Sun. To recreate this for yourself, do these Steps:

  1. Visit the NASA page below.
  2. For “Image Type” select “LASCO C3”
  3. For “Resolution” I used 512
  4. For Start Date I entered: “2016-05-01”
  5. For End Date I entered: “2016-05-02”
  6. Click the “Search” button.

The strange image only appears on 1 frame: “2016/05/01 17:18”

Question everything.

Here’s the direct link to the 5-minute video which explains this “Sun anomaly”:

Here’s the link to NASA’s “SOHO” Satellite page:

Here’s the link to the “Out Of This WorldX” Blogsite where I 1st saw this information:


This is Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report. Here are a few excerpts:

  • “The gnostic illuminati and the US military have both told the White Dragon Society that Pope Francis must resign because of his friendship with former Argentine dictator Jorge Videla and his involvement in Argentina’s dirty war. The resignation will be the trigger for a series of dramatic changes in how this planet is run, the sources agree. “They will be writing about this thousands of years from now,” predicts gnostic illuminati grandmaster “Alexander Romanov.””
  • “Romanov also said that Khazarian top Mafiosi Heinz (Henry) Kissinger had died and that there was nobody to replace him in the Khazarian power structure. We been told many times in the past that “Kisssinger is dead” only to have him appear in public shortly after we published the information. So, Mr. Kissinger, if you are still alive, please appear somewhere in public to be photographed and filmed. If he really is dead though, this would be a huge breakthrough because Kissinger has been the man behind the 60-year Khazarian mafia hijack of funds meant to be used for the benefit of this planet.”
  • “This could also be why veteran career CIA and State Department officials are now handling the gold negotiations with the Dragon family in Asia, WDS sources say. The gold is already available so, the delay comes from the people controlling the dollar printing (or inputting) facility. There are multiple meetings going on about this issue, especially in Washington DC, and these in turn are connected with the talk about having the Pope resign and Kissinger removed from the scene. More meetings on this issue continue this week.”
  • “There will be an Asian Secret Society and WDS meeting this week where this will be a major topic of discussion. The WDS will propose issuing an ultimatum to the dollar controllers to either accept the future planning agency and gold deal or else be hit with financial Armageddon. Of course, in order to prevent world war 3, the US armed forces and agencies will continue to be financed in such an event. However, they will be asked to clean out the criminal filth infesting Washington DC and New York.”
  • “In fact, Pentagon sources tell us that the White House was under lock-down April 26 and 27th “as special forces led by [General Joseph] Dunford entered via tunnel to demand resignations.” We can confirm there was a lockdown of the White House those days, officially because of a “fence jumper,” but President Barack Obama has been in public since that time so we are not quite what resignations were demanded. Since Obama is just a house slave, this possibly this ties into the Kissinger information above. Time will tell.”
  • “In any case, there are signs financial Armageddon is coming anyway. On May 2nd (today) the US de facto state of Puerto Rico is about to default on a bond payment, which will trigger a systemic breakdown if it is allowed to happen. No doubt there will be some last minute kick the can down the road maneuvers on this. However, Atlantic City is lined up to be the next to default. After that will come others until the dyke can no longer be plugged.”
  • “It also appears the Khazarians have already stolen whatever they could from Saudi Arabia. That is why workers from the Saudi Binladen construction company torched buses last week in frustration over not being paid wages for over 6 months.”
  • “There has also been a 90% drop in the number of foreign mercenaries working for ISIS for the same reason, lack of pay.”
  • “If this is true then the next big Panama Papers data dump may expose many senior Germans as well as the Bush clan. Perhaps even the general public will finally be told that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter. This exposure by the Americans may be one reason why the Germans are looking East to Russia and away from the US.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link:


In the following 6-minute video the Narrator explains what’s been happening in the United States, what “Jade Helm” really was about and various pieces of the “corporate” government. So “IF” this information is real, it ties-together several pieces of the puzzle.

Question everything.

Here’s the link:

PS 3-25-16 *Disoriented, *Music, Cobra, Quinsey

*First a few comments:

I really don’t understand why but on “work nights”, Sylvia and I seem to only get 5-hours or less of sleep. Last night was no different. Maybe it’s because of this that I either came back into this Unit (the body and its Systems) Disoriented (not properly connected to it) or maybe I slipped through an “Anomaly”…

  • I re-entered this Unit about a half-hour before our alarm was set to go-off. Not wanting to completely wake-up at that point, I peeked at the clock and noticed the Time. I also noticed that there was WAY too much sunlight coming into our bedroom at that 5a Time-Point. My mind instantly connected this to the “2nd Sun” that some people have been talking about for the last several months.
  • Thinking I might be wrong about that, I figured I should think about an alternate reason for why there’s so much sunlight in our bedroom. So my mind pulled-up something I’ve been pleading with Sylvia about lately… to find a way for us to stay home and work on OUR projects all the Time. So I thought: “I see you figured out a way for us to not work for anyone else. We just stay home? You must have run the battery down in this clock because it shows 5a but the amount of sunlight tells me it’s about 10a.”
  • After a few minutes of fading in and out of sleep and partially thinking about all this… I realized that the ambient / indirect light I was seeing was simply coming from the light in the bathroom that I’ve kept on ever since those 3 horrible weeks in hospice.

I don’t understand why my mind slipped into that Disorientation state this morning. That’s the 1st Time I can remember running-through those thoughts in that way.

Although we worked today, Sylvia and I did manage to work on our “Time Machine” song for a few hours. I guess I was really determined to lock-in the drum part. It’s fairly complicated. Especially for a “rock song”.

  • It starts out at 134bpm (beats per minute) in 4/4/ Triplets but feels like 6/8
  • then moves to a standard hard-rock, 4/4 beat
  • then it slows to half-speed (67bpm) for just a few bars
  • then back to 134bpm and that hard-rock 4/4 beat
  • then it hits a 3/4 Section
  • then back to the hard-rock, 4/4 beat
  • then it jumps directly into a 5/4 March (still running at 134bpm)
  • it then finishes in that hard-rock, 4/4 style.

Right now, that song runs 5-minutes and 33-seconds in length. So, although it’s long for a “pop-rock” song, it has a LOT of “tempo” and “style” changes.

I’m still interpreting what Sylvia has provided me with. So I’m still in the middle of learning the parts, which means I’m not really hearing the song as its own “entity” / “personality” yet. So I don’t know if I turned Sylvia’s song into a “franken-song”. In other words, with that many style and tempo changes in a 5-minute TimeFrame, there’s a chance those changes will overwhelm the Listener and not allow the song’s identity to come-through as its own Spirit.

I won’t know the answer to that question until I put more of the pieces of this song together.

When I recorded the drum part today, at one point, I noticed the skin on 1 of my hands starting to crack. I haven’t played drums in quite a while. So my skin seems to want to “crack” before it “callouses”.

  • Typically, Musicians who play instruments which cause repeated vibration / friction against the skin, those areas of skin will form a callous. These are Percussionists, Guitar and Violin Players, etc.
  • Callouses are what you want. They provide a “tolerance”, a “protective shield” on that part of the skin which is constantly making purposeful contact with the musical instrument.
  • I just have to practice more, in order to get my callouses back.

The last Time this happened, 1 drumstick tore a hole through the skin on 1 of my fingers. Even a bandage didn’t allow me to continue drumming for at least a week. Today, though, I caught the sensation in Time and saw that my skin had just started to crack.

At that point, I told Sylvia how unfair this was. I almost broke-down and let that crushing, negative energy wrap itself around me but  I was determined to keep going. So I put-on a band-aid and continued playing.

Maybe this was a “Lesson”. Maybe this was “feedback” for “me”… that the energies have now changed and it’s much easier to push-through any negative envelope.

With that said, I later smashed the tips of 3-fingers of my hand with the drumstick in the other hand. Part of this is because we could really use more space (a larger home). My drumset isn’t setup exactly as I need it. So, once in a while, the slightly cramped conditions of my setup causes me to hit myself with a drumstick.

  • My fingers are fine. I immediately used an energy-healing technique that Sylvia taught me years ago.


Today, Cobra Posted 2 messages. This 1st one is cryptic:

  • “Alpha line stabilization in progress”

Here’s Cobra’s 2nd message:

  • Situation Update
  • “Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The vast majority of plasma strangelet bombs have been removed and now the Light forces are focusing on removal of plasma toplet bombs, successfully using the same approach.”
  • “This has triggered a strong reaction of the Chimera group and they have ordered the Archons to turn up the volume of their technologies to attack and suppress the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors because the Lightworkers / Lightwarriors are the key to the Shift of the Ages. They use infrasound and plasma scalar waves:”
  • “The removal of plasma strangelet and toplet bombs is easing the tension inside our Solar System, opening up Quarantine Earth and speeding up Disclosure process for the surface population.”
  • “Many companies will soon offer relatively affordable trips to space:”
  • “There are serious plans to create a lunar base that will also accept tourists:”
  • “New Russian technology brings a manned trip to Mars much closer to reality:”
  • “And there is serious talk of asteroid mining:”
  • “The Cabal wants to control all those attempts by creating rules and regulations through their global vehicle, the United Nations:”
  • “Here I need to state again that partial Disclosure in NOT an option:”
  • “As you probably know, the Cabal is sabotaging the Full Disclosure petition:”
  • “This will not stop us. Sources close to Putin have communicated that in the last few years, Russia is supporting Disclosure by allowing Russian press full freedom in releasing intel about Disclosure. The only problem is that most of this is published in Russian and when Russian journalists try to approach Western media with the English translation of their articles, they are turned down. State-sponsored Russian institutes are researching and investigating UFO phenomena and are actively searching for working overunity technologies, but are stating that only about 5% of intel about free energy from Western sources is usable. Putin had a deep spiritual contact experience with the Pleiadians years ago that transformed him and this is the occult reason behind his steadfast fight against the Cabal.”
  • “The Illumninazi faction of the Cabal is beginning to realize that the game is over and that they will not be able to escape deeply underground or into the Solar System. Their plan is to avoid mass arrests at the time of the Event by leaving their strongholds in Texas, crossing the Mexican border, flying from Mexico to Argentina and from there go with submarines to Antarctica into shallow underground bases, using old connections from the time when Nazis did the same thing in 1945:”
  • “Their plans are leaking all over the intelligence community, as the latest Fulford’s report shows clearly:”
  • “The other escape route to Antarctica goes through New Zealand and this is why the Cabal is buying real estate there fanatically:”
  • “To counteract those plans energetically we need to get a piece of Cintamani stone to Antarctica as soon as possible, and that needs to be done by the surface population. If someone is willing to do that and is also able to cover the costs of his trip, he can contact for detailed instructions.”
  • “Speaking of New Zealand more positively, they have plans to introduce unconditional basic income:”
  • “The same is happening in Ontario:”
  • “And finally economists are starting to talk about a 4 hour workday and its beneficial effect on economy:”
  • “Those who would like to vote for Trump will be disappointed, because he is a Jesuit agent:”
  • “The Cabal wants to weaken the BRICS by destabilizing Brazil:”
  • “It is interesting to note that Erdogan has predicted the Brussels attacks a few days before they happened:”
  • “Of course he knew, because he is one of the masterminds behind the attacks:”
  • “Dragon sources have communicated that in the near future, Turkey may be the trigger for a short but intense military escalation just before the planetary breakthrough. If that happens, a mass meditation will be announced on this blog to counteract that.”
  • “Victory of the Light!”

My comments: For MANY months now, there’s been talk about a shorter work-week as well as “some” or “all” countries providing a standard income for its citizens. So “IF” Cobra’s information is correct, and New Zealand and Ontario are now thinking about doing this, it means the Cabal have lost their control on Humanity AND it means Humanity is waking-up.

Of course, your mileage may vary.

Be sure to visit the link to this information, in order to see Cobra’s images and access the links.

Question everything.

Here’s the link to the 1st message:

Here’s the link to the 2nd message:


This Channeled message is through Mike Quinsey. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Whether you are aware of it or not, matters are progressing well in spite of the many delays. However they will be unable to influence the outcome, as all has been well planned. The Forces of Light approach nearer to you as time passes, and are ready to carry out their tasks at very short notice. The dark Ones and their minions are but a small force compared to the Light, but never the less can cause delays in your work as you have experienced. “Re-valuation” is ready to commence and will do so once those in control are satisfied that by proceeding, they are not putting the whole scheme at risk. It involves many countries that are now ready to go ahead at very short notice. Be assured that matters are so advanced now that nothing will stop the eventual changes from taking place.”
  • “There is a time approaching when all people shall have sufficient to live a life of comfort, and no one will go without.”
  • “The changes may seem far away, but in reality they are near to being announced. It is a matter of simply waiting for the safe and appropriate time to do it. Having successfully come this far there is no panic or concern about the timing, as you may be sure all factors will be considered before proceeding. It is so advanced that from time to time only minor changes are necessary as everything is in a state of readiness. The dark Ones are in retreat having lost considerable power and the ability to alter the outcome. They will hit out at anything to continue causing fear and commotion, but it will not achieve anything for them that will now alter the outcome.”
  • “There will shortly come a time when confusion will seem to have no end, but be assured the Forces of Light will take a hand in bringing about a speedy conclusion. They work according to instructions from higher Beings that oversee the destiny of Man. You already know that your future is assured and you need have no worries about a successful outcome.”

Question everything.

Here’s the link: