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*First a few comments:

Here’s the link to the “Harvey Dent” video that I started with. It was pulled by YouTube but, today I found it during some other Research. Someone saved that video (from YouTube) and Posted it to “Vimeo” (another Video Hosting site). Here’s the link (There is always “language” in Harvey’s videos):

  • From what I understand, after watching several of Harvey’s videos, he had already “Declared His Sovereignty”, by filling-out some papers which told the Cabal that his “Birth Certificate” is now owned by “HIM” and not “THEM”. This action on his part “may” have made the difference in him being able to pay his Debts with his “Private Trust Account”. I’ve read many Comments where others have also been successful in having their payments stick (not be “Reversed”) and they never mentioned “becoming Sovereign” or “filing papers on their Birth Certificate”.

This is where I found that video:

Besides a Forum (where you have to Register), this is the where “I” have been finding the most people sharing information on what they did:

Every few hours, there are more people leaving Comments. This Commenter actually provides the details of how to use the latest “Bureau Of Public Debt” Routing Number:

  • ElaB says : REPLY
  • July 16, 2017 at 9:55 am
  • Hey guys, anyone can clear something for me please…I have listened to the RTS.EARTH Live Stream Skype (youtube link) chat with Dani, Heather, and others July 12th 2017. And then Sonia was sharing her success story,
  • As she mentioned we have to use the numbers in the back of our SS
  • All US accounts are listed as ( Bureau of Public Debt or US Treasury).
  • TreasuryDirect’s Routing Number 051736158; Your ten-digit TreasuryDirect primary account number, without hyphens, followed by the letter “P” (Example: A123456789P); The amount of your allotment; and. Your TreasuryDirect account can be marked as a type 22 (checking) or 32 (savings).
  • Therefore, the (letter with number) on the back of your card is what you use…example B12345678 is shown on the back of an card. To link account for banking, remove the letter B……and use 1234567822 for checking and 1234567832 for savings. Just that simple! The bank name will automatically populate as (US Treasury or Bureau of Public Debt)!
  • My question is: When i attempted to fill out info on the TIme WArner Cable site to pay my internet bill, they asking to fill out the name on the account, besides other bank account info. What name do i type in?
  • I want to try to test the TWC,
  • thank you for anyone who will be able to clear it for me?

I’m just now checking our Credit Card Accounts, which I haven’t done since July 12th:

  • Chase Bank: Paid this off with our “Private Trust” Account. Reversed payment. Shows the amount we owed before the payment… plus, they recently charged us $27 for “Return payment fee”
  • Discover Card: Paid this off with our “Private Trust” Account. Reversed payment: Show the amount we owed before the payment. Shows no extra fees (for “Returned Payment”).
  • Capital One: Paid $100 (this is more than our typical $62 fee) from our “Private Trust” Account and, 2-days later, paid it off. Both payments Reversed. Shows the same amount we owed before the payment (plus a few other things we used this Card for). Shows no extra fees (for “Returned Payment”).
  • Synchrony Financial: Paid $26 (our typical monthly fee) from our “Private Trust” Account and, 2-days later, paid it off. Both payments Reversed. Shows the amount we owed before the payment. Shows no extra fees (for “Returned Payment”).

I still don’t understand why Clif High, Benjamin Fulford and the Farsight Institute didn’t see this in their “Data Sets”, “Whistleblowers” and “Psychic Energies”.

What I’d like to know is… Has anyone gotten their “Private Trust Account” payments to stick for more than 10 business days?… WITHOUT:


This is Lisa Harrison’s weekly video update on the energies of the planet and feedback on what Humanity is currently dealing with. This is from 7/11/17 and is almost 2-hours long. Here are some highlights:

  • Right near the beginning, she talks about the financial situation this planet has now stirred-up. She even mentions the “OPPT” (One People’s Public Trust).
  • When she mentioned… the message now being received by some people (over the last 10-days) is to “hurry up”, I knew this information needed to be included here.
  • Many people have been receiving information that there’s “some type of shift in the middle of August”.
  • Lisa says someone, who doesn’t follow her talks, told her that he recently had a “Dream” or a “feeling” that there’s a “pink overlay coming in. It’s “code” and will be placed over the current “code” by August 23rd”.
  • Some people are experiencing 2 or more “Memories” for the same event.
  • This is all pointing to the closing-out of the “copy” of this Timeline.
  • Lisa says a lot of “clearing” energy, in relationships, has been coming up lately and for people not to take it personally because you may be clearing that energy for the whole. She also says this “relationship clearing” will be the hardest for “Twin Flames”. She says this “clearing” ability between you may be 1 of the reasons why you came together. She says it’s hardest for Twin Flames because your connection is THAT strong… that “not being together” is unthinkable. So no matter how big and painful and explosive that situation becomes, when it’s over, there’s no walking away from each other.
  • In the last week or 2, someone had an Insight that the “negatives” controlling this have rewired our relationships and connections to each other. He saw it as a computer circuitboard and that the “negatives” had removed all the wires and connected them to different spots. We are now in the process of reconnecting those wire back where they belong.
  • “Time” was moving exponentially but now “Time” is gone.

My comments: They talk about Humanity raising its vibration and all of us moving to higher layers of consciousness. Is the recent “Tidal Wave” of energy surrounding our new “Private Trust Accounts” really just a Cabal trick to keep us all “grounded” / “attached” to their illusion?
Question everything.

Here’s the link: